RollingForwardwould like to know why i am banned and how to get unbanned at this point in time?00:05
Jordan_URollingForward: I think you know exactly why you have been banned, Hoober.00:10
elkyAnd also the chance (really, the non-existance thereof) of getting unbanned.00:13
RollingForwardare you telling me hoober is responsible for this00:13
RollingForwardi think i submitted an email which has a extremely reasonable probability of being read by at least one of you00:13
RollingForwardwho do have roles in the standard ops and council00:13
RollingForwardif you tell me only 1 person should deal with this, then it probably is not jordan00:14
RollingForwardcan you provide the group decision or do we only have the collective bias of many lonely single people00:14
RollingForwardwho are no doubt wronging a single anonymous guy like me00:14
RollingForwardif you don't believe so, then would you lend your ears00:15
RollingForwardi thought so. you are all idle. you are part of the freenode conspiracy. you just are deepily evil and have no problem with cognitive dissonance if most the time you can wank your friends off with pretty sayings00:16
RollingForwardi am trying to real hard to reach you00:16
RollingForwardyou have freenode00:16
RollingForwardubuntu is a large donator00:16
RollingForwardthe ops are riding the ubuntu wave of fame, and are on the council00:16
RollingForwardthey obviously don't have the time to do the role in ops and council at the same time00:17
RollingForwardi know from experience00:17
RollingForwardbut was shouted down everytime00:17
RollingForwardsymbolic in your efforts00:17
RollingForwardnone of this should be interpreted as a evidence that i am banned currently for the crimes of people you know are me00:18
RollingForwardbut that you think are me00:18
RollingForwardi can understand how that reasoning works. but when you squelch me with your converging interests, that is a problem00:18
RollingForwardi cannot drop00:18
ubottuIn ubottu, RollingForward said: if yes yes is then cool00:33
ubottuIn ubottu, RollingForward said: if yes yes is then poop00:33
ubottuIn ubottu, RollingForward said: if yes yes is then what elky says at my wedding00:34
IdleOneRollingForward: seriously?00:34
IdleOneplease stop that00:34
RollingForwardmy bad. i am new around here.00:34
RollingForwardhas everyone forgotten about me? i would hope so. it wasn't hard for me to disappear00:36
ubottuIn ubottu, ActionParsnip said: !ff4 is If you want to install Firefox 4 then if you open a !terminal and run: << sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install firefox >> (without the <<s) You will install the browser.00:42
Jordan_UI think it's clearer in general to just have 'some sentence explaining that you need to run a command, and here it is: sudo foo-bar -baz'00:45
Jordan_UI've never had someone mistake the ':' for part of the command, and then you don't need any note about (without quotes) or similar.00:46
PiciAgreed.  I'd also make the suggestion to turn the ; into && though.00:46
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, add the PPA repository with the following command « sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade »00:47
IdleOneedit if it needs it :)00:47
PiciIs the package name for ff4 firefox, or does it need to be installed explicitly?00:48
IdleOnethe package name is firefox and you can go either with upgrade or install firefox00:48
IdleOnethe command in the factoid worked for me00:49
Jordan_U!no ff4 is <reply> Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:50
ubottuI'll remember that Jordan_U00:50
IdleOneyou removed my «  »00:53
* nhandler notes that the command will only work if they already have firefox installed00:55
IdleOnenhandler: they will because firefox is installed by default on ubuntu00:55
IdleOneunless that got changed also00:56
knomeIdleOne, one can also remove firefox :P00:56
IdleOneknome: one who removed it should know how to install it00:56
knomeand, you are saying "to INSTALL"00:56
knomeyou maybe should say "to UPGRADE" then00:56
IdleOneyou people and your understanding of the English language :P00:57
knomeare you sure we aren't just bots00:57
IdleOne!ff4 =~ s/upgrade/install firefox/00:57
ubottuI'll remember that IdleOne00:57
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox00:57
IdleOneappreciate the info/comments :)00:58
knomenp. glad we can help.00:58
RollingForwardff4 is RC01:14
RollingForwarda release candidate isn't too convincing.01:14
RollingForwardthink of how long ff4 has been in development.01:14
RollingForwardby 11.04 it would be released we hope. so then it is safe to consider stable01:15
RollingForwardmany of my addons did not work when i tried their ff401:16
IdleOneThank you for the update. We will take it into consideration and have a vote at our yearly meeting on factoid updating.01:16
RollingForwardyep. just got to wait and all will be good01:17
nhandlerRollingForward: Is there anything else we can help you with?01:17
RollingForwardi want to fit in with the ubuntu community01:21
RollingForwardi don't have friends in real life. been about 9 yeras01:21
RollingForwardso i really would like to be a part of a legit e-community01:21
RollingForwardlike ubuntu01:21
ubottuIn ubottu, RollingForward said: if yes yes is then "RollingForward has skills. we could use them. we be friends with him. he use skill. we rejoice with profit. "01:22
RollingForwardi graduated highschool. standard diploma too01:23
nhandlerRollingForward: That is great, but we don't require a diploma to use #ubuntu. Instead, we require people abide by the IRC Guidelines and the Code of Conduct01:24
RollingForwardi can download it. i will even encrypt it01:25
RollingForwardi could also program my own encrypter01:26
nhandlerRollingForward: Signing the Code of Conduct is definitely a start, but you also need to actually follow it.01:27
RollingForwardi am very good at breaking down concepts and logically deducing through each stage of cumulative evolution01:28
RollingForwardlike the description. i can take a lot of time reading ti01:28
nhandlerRollingForward: Why don't you apply those skills to reading through the Code of Conduct and IRC Guidelines. You might be able to learn some things from them. It is also a necessary first step if you hope to be able to participate in #ubuntu again in the future.01:29
RollingForwardi will do that. i will even use my PGP keys to send it to my email for when i get home . ttyl01:30
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bazhangis donator even a word?05:04
tonyyarussono - donor05:38
Jordan_UAny advice on what to do about ohsix in #ubuntu? (adamently refusing to use gksudo instead of sudo when instructing other users to run GUI apps as root)05:48
bazhangStarminn, hi05:50
bazhangJordan_U, I'll PM him if you wish05:51
Jordan_Ubazhang: Please do.05:51
StarminnHey. Never been to this channel. Knew it was here, just never came. So this is pretty much just where, if you have a serious issue with someone, you express the opinion here?05:51
bazhanghe says he's too busy to discuss. if he continues then I'll follow up via PM, and warn again. hopefully that will do the trick05:53
Jordan_Ubazhang: Do you happen to know in what situations problems will arise with sudo and graphical apps? I admit I don't know the precise cause of the problem but I've dealt with enough users that can't login due to a root owned ~/.ICEauthority (less in recent years though) that I find it hard to believe it's restricted to ssh -X.05:53
bazhangJordan_U, I've heard actionparsnip explain it a ton of times, the exactitude slips my mind at the moment05:54
StarminnAlright, well see ya guys. Thank you for all your fine work. I admire you all for so capably handling so many users all at once, with just the right amount of authority soa s to not scare off others. :) See ya05:54
bazhanghttp://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo Jordan_U this seems to explain with some more clarity than I can muster at the moment06:10
Jordan_Ubazhang: I've already read that, I'm more curious about the specific problem of root owned ~/.ICEauthority though.06:13
bazhangoddly enough Flynn is discussing it now in #ubuntu06:13
bazhangwhoa lag06:17
bazhangthanks for joining ohsix06:18
bazhangJordan_U, you around ? ^^06:18
bazhangtonyyarusso, heh yeah06:19
bazhanghttp://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo at any rate, ohsix was asked to join here by Jordan_U ; there seemed to be some debate on the validity of said link contents06:25
Jordan_Ubazhang: I am now.06:25
bazhangah just in the nick of time06:26
Jordan_UNo, also in the nick of Jordan_U ;)06:26
Jordan_Uohsix: If you'd like to argue whether a policy of always recommending gksudo for graphical applications is reasonable, this is the channel to do it. I don't think it will though. While I don't know exactly what circumstances cause ~/.ICEauthority to become owned by root it is a common enough problem that it does not seem those circumstances are as rare as you've stated.06:36
ohsixi wasn't arguing anything06:37
tonyyarussoI don't know if it was .ICEauthority, but I remember messing something up that way.  Probably nautilus.06:37
ohsixanything that'll change stuff in $HOME is a risk06:37
ohsixssh just happens to touch your credentials if you use X forwarding06:37
Jordan_Uohsix: Well it is a policy in #ubuntu so I'll have to insist that you don't recommend the use of any graphical application with sudo instead of gksudo.06:38
ohsixyou'd need to do "sudo ssh -X" to get it to do it though06:38
ohsixJordan_U: you're free to tell them the possible issues whenever you like06:38
Tm_Tsudo and ssh? how pervert06:38
Tm_Tsorry the strong expression06:38
Jordan_Uohsix: It doesn't work that way. I won't always be there (though it is likely that I will be there some of the times when users complain about not logging in due to a root owned ~/.ICEauthority).06:40
ohsixi suspect that's the only way they knew how to do something like ssh root@ -X06:40
Jordan_Uohsix: Why do you refuse to use gksudo in your examples to other users? What harm does it cause to you or them?06:41
ohsixi don't refuse06:41
ohsixi just won't remember, since it's so silly and i know the exceptions already06:42
ohsixthats why i welcome you reminding me every time i do it, as you have already06:42
ohsixit doesn't enter my thinking to even consider not knowingly executing sudo knowing why you do it06:43
ohsixit's incompatible with people that use sudo for everything not knowing what it really does, aside from them needing to do it for some things occasionally06:44
Jordan_Uohsix: Sorry, I misinterpreted your comments.06:44
ohsixit's alright, there's a lot of scroll & it's hard to follow06:44
Tm_Thmm, we still don't have disclaimer in !fx4 cactoid08:02
bazhangaprilhare is turning into smallfoot-08:49
tsimpsonohsix: if there's nothing you want to discuss with us (any more), could you please /part this channel09:18
elkytsimpson, necreo too?09:31
tsimpsonoh right09:32
tsimpsonis there any reason for them to be here that I don't know about?09:32
elkynot that i'm aware of09:32
elkyi believe they've got us on auto-join09:33
elkyand have been told several times but conveniently not around at those times09:33
tsimpsonnecreo: please don't auto-join this channel09:33
Tm_Twho was/is necreo?09:35
elkya bshellz user who managed to catch an unaware op and get an exempt in contradiction of the blanket ban on bshellz09:36
Tm_Tfor a moment I lived in a hope that they had some admin being active with us09:37
elkyyeah :(09:37
elkybacta in -marketing10:55
ikoniawhat a surprise10:55
ikoniaooh, I thought I autojoined that channel10:55
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, LetsGo67 said: !LetsGo67 =~ Hello.14:28
ikoniaspeaking to trench in pm16:54
ubottuIn #kubuntu-devel, apachelogger said: ubottu: being a bot is no excuse for not seeing semantics, in fact it makes it all the more expectable16:59
ikoniacalling me a fucking peice of shit in pm17:07
ikoniawise choice17:07
IdleOnewho did? dagni?17:08
KB1JWQSomething in the water today?17:11
KB1JWQLot of rude folks on the network. :-/17:11
* IdleOne drinks coffee17:11
KB1JWQOoh, good call IdleOne.17:11
* genii-around drinks coffee17:11
IdleOnealways boil your water first17:11
KB1JWQIdleOne: For coffee?!17:12
IdleOnewell yeah but also to remove whatever they put in the water today17:12
charlie-tcaDoes it remove the radiation, too?17:13
IdleOneonly 2ppm17:15
charlie-tcaWell, at least that helps ;-)17:17
PiciLots of random semi-helpful advice lately :(17:29
ikoniaGeekyAdam just wanted an excuse to have a moan17:39
* LjL raises an eyebrow at kerneloops_ use of factoids18:25
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox19:27
rww!ff4 =~ s/To install it, use the PPA by/Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by/19:27
ubottuI'll remember that rww19:27
Tm_Trww: well worded, thanks19:29
rwwI like how certain people in #ubuntu-offtopic automatically assume that any modechanges are related to them. Guilty conscience much?19:31
tsimpsonhow come -ot is not +c?20:12
LjLblame arrwawah20:13
LjLalso where did mahen come from :(20:14
Tm_Thi MUILTFN_20:19

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