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evmight I pester someone to process the overrides and review https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-clone/+bug/739808 today? I'd like to get a new ubiquity in to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/ubiquity/+bug/73836613:08
ubot4`Launchpad bug 739808 in apt-clone (Ubuntu) "[MIR] apt-clone (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]13:08
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skaetall,  buildd turnaround for the next couple of hours may be a bit delayed as a fix for a security vulnerability is pushed through.   Please contact me directly if this is causing you problems.15:02
ScottKskaet: What's the difference between armel server and headless images?15:31
skaetogra_, ^^15:36
ogra_ScottK, the list of packages that are available15:38
ogra_headless only ships ubuntu-standard15:38
ogra_they might turn into the base for server images in oneric15:38
ogra_with pre-├╝populated apt cache or some such15:38
ScottKogra_: Would it make sense to swap the Kubuntu mx51 image that I'm currently volunteered to test for a headless image instead?  Should be easier to test and more generally useful (sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop after install isn't very hard).15:40
ogra_up to you, you own it :)15:40
ScottKOK.  I think it makes sense.15:40
ogra_installing packages on headless definitely requires a working net connection15:41
ogra_thats the only thing to regard15:41
ogra_and it defaults to serial all over for oem-config15:41
ScottKThat causes me to have second thoughts.15:41
ScottKLet me consider it.15:41
ogra_well, you can disable serial by dropping the preseed option from cmdline15:42
ogra_and indeed oem-config offers netcfg ... but you still need a network to attach to15:42
ogra_(on headless we also default to offering tasksel btw, so installing kubuntu-desktop should be very easy ... you could even preseed it)15:43
ScottKogra_: As it is now, if you install you don't have working video?15:43
ScottKI'm trying to understand what defaulting to serial means.15:43
ogra_you do, but oem-config does run on the serial tty by default15:43
ScottKI see.15:43
ScottKSo if I drop that, it's like a server oem install, but fewer packages.15:44
ogra_we preseed debian-installer/framebuffer=false and set console=ttyO2,115200n815:44
ogra_no packages15:44
ScottKNot even the packages in ubuntu-standard?15:45
ogra_they are installed but not shipped as debs15:45
ScottKSo it's a pre-installed image with ubuntu-standard, so after an install I have a bare ubuntu-standard system.15:45
ogra_imagine a live image with only ubuntu-standard and defaulting to oem-config ... no archive or anything15:45
ogra_yeah, right15:46
ScottKSo worst case with no network at install time, I get a network, reboot, and add stuff, right?15:46
ogra_you have a fully working cmdline system in any case15:46
ScottKWhy do you default oem-config to serial?15:47
ogra_and we have tasksel so you could preselect kubuntu-desktop in a preseed cmdline option15:47
ogra_because it is mainly designed as developer image15:47
ScottKWould you be willing to help me get this set up?  I can test it, but it's been ~a year and a half since I did anything with getting images set up and what little I knew about then is long forgotten.15:48
ScottKI'm actually not that concerned about preseeding taskself for Kubuntu.15:49
ogra_well, we need a flavour based hack for the image builder so your cmdline options are different15:49
ScottKIt would be just the standard headless less the serial preseed.15:49
ogra_hmm, tricky15:50
ScottKENOCLUE on what needs to be done to the image builder.15:50
ogra_well, looking at the code the imx51 images are 100% babbage board images15:51
ogra_do you plan to use babbage ?15:51
ScottKWhat I have is Efika MX Smarttop.15:52
ogra_do you have a kernel and bootloader for that in the archive =15:52
ScottKI think we do.15:53
ScottKI've been procrastinating investigating this.15:53
ogra_i know the linaor one doesnt work for one of the efikas15:53
ScottKWe have a kernel.15:53
ogra_i think the netbook though15:53
ScottKI'm told the linaro one should work now.15:53
ScottKI think it's the netbook that doesn't work.15:53
ScottKThe smarttop, I think, works.15:54
ogra_i was told yesterday that it only works on one of the models15:54
ogra_i think someone said efikasb doesnt work15:54
ogra_who was supposed to implement that on the builder15:55
ScottKIf you'd look into what it would take to get the headless image while I verify we have something that works on my hardware, I'd appreciate it.15:55
ogra_it's several days of work to implement a new subarch15:55
ScottKIs it a new subarch?15:56
ogra_and especially harder if you dont have the HW to test on while developing15:56
ScottKLet me go investigate a bit and see where we are.15:56
ogra_we cant drop imx51 i think15:56
ogra_so it would likely be a new subarch15:56
ogra_(the builder needs to be able to roll images for older releases still so i wouldnt like to drop imx51)15:57
ScottKDoes it?15:57
ogra_(not that we usually do that for armel)15:57
ScottKI thought Karmic was the last mx51 release?15:58
ScottKIt's about to go away.15:58
ogra_i thought it was lucid15:58
* ScottK looks15:58
ogra_lucid should be dove and imx51 plus an unsupported omap3 image15:59
ScottKYou're right.15:59
ogra_anyway, we can probably drop it if nobody complains ... its just not the usual habit16:00
ScottKIt would be nice to have something going forward.  I think that's more important than the last 6 months of support on Lucid (since it's non-LTS)16:01
ogra_but still, someone needs to implement it, the arm team is swamped in pre beta work atm :(16:01
ScottKLet me see what I can figure out.16:01
ogra_we should have identified someone from the cdimage team to implement it during UDS16:02
ogra_lets note that for next time :)16:02
ScottKI shouldn't have assumed someone had been.16:03
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ogasawaraskaet: just a heads up, I'm likely going to need a beta freeze exception to do a no-change kernel upload to force a rebuild due to the recent gcc upload.17:32
skaetogasawara, when do you expect the rebuild to happen?17:32
skaetogasawara, thanks for the heads up,  btw.  ;)17:33
ogasawaraskaet: gcc should finish building by tomorrow and I'll plan to upload the kernel after that.  The arm build takes the longest for the kernel (~19hrs) so it should finish by fri morning your time.17:34
ogasawaraskaet: but that's a day past beta freeze17:35
skaetogasawara, thanks for letting me know.   Should all work out ok.17:35
micahgskaet: I might need a beta freeze exception for gmusicbrowser (it's really small) for xubuntu (default music player), latest it would be ready would be midday tomorrow17:35
skaetmicahg, betafreeze goes into effect at 2300 UTC.    Let me know if you can't make that deadline tomorrow.17:36
micahgskaet: 2300UTC tomorrow?17:37
micahgskaet: shouldn't be a problem then, thanks :)17:37
slangasekogasawara: do you need to wait for gcc to finish on arm before uploading, in fact?  Are there any out-of-tree modules that we need to worry about building for arm?18:07
slangasekcould I get an archive admin to poke at the linux-linaro-* kernels in binary NEW?18:08
slangasekwould like to get that metapackage uploaded today18:08
ogasawaraslangasek: I was talking with tgardner and we really don't have any out of tree modules we really care about in Natty that isn't handled by a DKMS package.18:09
slangasekogasawara: well, AIUI dkms doesn't protect anyone from the issue with checking compiler versions, as that's in the upstream kernel build rules18:10
slangasekI guess my question is, do we care if dkms works on armel18:10
slangasekfor beta anyway18:10
ogasawaraslangasek: I don't think we really care, but since skaet said it should all work out ok to upload the kernel a day late, I'll just do it.18:14
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kirklandScottK: I'd like to get a FFe to upload the latest version of bikeshed into Natty universe;  it adds small/useful shell script and manpage;  the changes are visible at: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bikeshed/bikeshed/trunk/revision/8419:50
ScottKkirkland: If the only feature change is a new script (I consider the manpage a bug fix), please go ahead.19:51
kirklandScottK: that's all;  thanks.19:54
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