PoorNewb23hackeron: Thanks for answering. But can't you get the same with other 'server' versions of other distros?00:06
XATRIXhi guys, may a ask a newbie question ? 1) how should i configure my apache2 to be able to access the directory list on http://someipaddress/repo  2) how can i access my website index.php on http://someipaddress/web ?00:08
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hackeronruben23: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ekiga+asterisk00:10
hackeronPoorNewb23: sure, the rest is personal preference really - which community you like best, how bleeding edge you want to be, how security updates are handled, etc00:11
iggiI keep getting "2003 can't connect to mysql server on 'IP' (10061)" when trying to connect to my mysql server remotely even though I allowed the port through ufw00:12
hackeronPoorNewb23: many like centos because it's similar to redhat enterprise, I find it much easier to work with ubuntu personally and everything is a lot more up to date, yet still rock stable00:13
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fishsceneGreetings. I was wondering if CD/DVD burning was going to be included with LTSP. I found this page: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ltsp-cd-burning but it is quite old..00:23
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iggiCan anyone help me install the perl module ExtUtils::Embed, It says I need a version of perl newer than in apt?01:06
TommyCHiya. A while back I had to install sendmail on one of our servers. I tried using apt-get install sendmail to install it, but got a message saying couldn't find sendmail. So I downloaded the tar file from sendmail's website. Anyway, my boss asked me to remove it completely, and so I tried apt-get remove sendmail (I forgot the apt-get install didn't work), and that didn't work. Is there01:11
TommyCanother way to uninstall applications from Ubuntu? Or do I have to "locate sendmail" and delete the files and folders it finds? Thanks in advance for all your help.01:11
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qman__TommyC, you can only automate removal if you used a package manager to install01:30
TommyCYeah. The manual install needs to be done. Any particular way I can go about doing that?01:30
qman__for future reference, you should use checkinstall or similar to build packages from source, rather than just installing directly with 'make install'01:30
TommyCAll right.01:31
qman__that way they can be easily removed01:31
qman__but if you just ran a make install, you will have to manually locate and remove the files01:31
qman__it may have made it easy on you and installed to /usr/local/01:31
qman__but it depends on the compile options01:32
TommyCAll right, thanks.01:33
gtayloranyone ever tried aborting a fsck prematurely?01:42
gtaylorhow did that go for you?01:42
twbI didn't say it was me01:42
gtaylorhow did it go for whoever?01:42
twbBut it'll depend on the filesystem01:42
gtaylorforgot to run the damned thing on screen, and I need to close the SSH terminal01:43
twbFor ext3 you are probably OK01:43
gtaylorext4, late kernel01:43
twbI assume ext4 isn't much different01:43
Patrickdkext4 should be better01:43
gtaylorwe're on hour 8 of this stupid thing01:43
twbI mean, I wouldn't interrupt it unless you have a choice01:43
Patrickdksounds like mine :)01:43
twbgtaylor: is this after rebooting, because it hasn't been fscked for 30 days?01:43
Patrickdktwb, what is nice is when I do a bios reset, or have a bad bios battery, fs timestamp in future, fsck disk NOW01:44
twbOh yeah, I've seen that01:44
gtaylortwb: It's a secondary mount that corrupted independently of the root partition, so it's un-mounted and fsck'ing01:44
Patrickdkand 10tb and millions of files later :)01:44
gtaylortwb: So I'm not worried about the root partition. It's just got a lot of valuable media files in it.01:45
gtaylorand no, not porn01:45
Patrickdkwhat a waste of a server01:45
kirklandRoAkSoAx: if the fix is small, sure01:55
ScottKSpamapS: sommer appeared from within the server community, not the docs community.  I'd recommend someone go hunt him down and ask pretty please with a cherry on top what would it take to get you to come back ....01:56
ScottK(just read the backscroll from today's meeting)01:57
ScottKHeya kirkland.01:57
kirklandScottK: hi01:57
ScottKI appreciate all the work you're doing getting things sorted.01:57
kirklandScottK: sure, you're welcome01:58
RoAkSoAxScottK sommer said he was busy with his new job02:40
ScottKOh.  OK.02:41
RoAkSoAxyeah he said he was gonna be around by beta02:41
RoAkSoAxhopefully he will02:41
ScottKJust about time then.02:41
RoAkSoAxkirkland could u please upload new powernap? the fix os in the trunk02:42
RoAkSoAxScottK indeed :)02:43
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uvirtbotNew bug: #740666 in beautifulsoup (main) "package python-beautifulsoup failed to install/upgrade: error writing to '<standard output>': Success" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74066603:01
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twbideaman: what abou tit04:49
ideamanjust trying to get familiar with it when it comes to using it to back up IP phone configs04:52
ideamanjust out googling and looking for good articles relating specifically to that04:53
twbcurl tftp://phone1/config.txt ?04:53
ideamanso will that set it up so anytime the phone reboots, it'll pull that config file and overrite anything someone's tried to do?04:55
twbOh, the phone acts as a TFTP client?04:57
twbThen you just need a read-only TFTP server for the phones to be pointed at04:58
ideamanThe setup I have now was done before I came along and tftp was already installed on my server, so I only know how to edit it after the fact04:58
ideamanjust learning how to do it from nothing04:58
twbIf you also use DHCP, then dnsmasq is the easiest way to do it04:58
ideamanYea, that's what I've been told, so everytime they reboot, TFTP sees the DHCP request, then loads it's config if it isn't already loaded04:59
ideamanI don't know about dnsmasq though04:59
twbThat's not how it works04:59
ideamanYea, I know I'm missing pieces of it05:00
ideamanor even the whole process05:00
twbThe phone is a DHCP client.  It asks for a DHCP response.  The DHCP response will contain "next-server" and "filename" options, which are e.g. and /phone.conf respectively05:00
twbThen the phone makes a TFTP GET request to for file /phone.conf and then, presumably, applies it05:01
twb...at least, that's how it would normally work.  Your vendor may be silly in some way05:01
ideamanI am the vendor/IT guy so we're good05:01
ideamanThat makes alot more sense05:02
ideamanso once I've apt-get tftp, how do I set it up initially so those linksys/polycom phones are looking for that .conf file05:03
twbNo, tftp is the client05:03
ideamanoption in the phone intially where I need to point the phone to the IP of the TFTP server?05:03
twbYou need a tftp *server*05:03
twbEither dnsmasq or tftpd-hpa are good choices05:04
ideamanI guess I just need to put that tftpd-hpa on my box and get familiar with it05:05
twbIt is not very different from an FTP server05:06
twbIn terms of setup, I mean.  The protocol is quite differrent05:06
ideamanIt doesn't seem like there's to many parts05:06
ideamanAlright, thanks for your help, I'm outta here!05:08
zee313I was using itunes for my ipod classic. I there any software for syn. ipod with my ubuntu PC05:45
shauno zee313 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPod   is probably a good start; otherwise I'd suggest that -server's not the most obvious channel for that, and you may have more luck in #ubuntu proper05:47
twbFor an second- or fourth-gen iPod, they were just HFS+ filesystems with a single metadata file.  There is a simple tool to generate the metadata file.05:50
twbThose gens were around in, like, 2004, so new ones are probably completely different.05:51
shaunoI had an 'ipod photo', which was 4th or 5th.  it was happy with vfat, but same idea for metadata.  rhythmbox & co never had a problem with it tho05:54
twb4th was monochrome LCD05:56
twbOh, apparently there were 4G color units05:59
twbMaybe I had a third-gen05:59
twbAccording to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPod_Classic I had a 3G and a 4G.  I know my first one had a non-mechanical scroll wheel (which was awesome).06:01
shaunoI guess the good news is that they're still amongst the best supported on linux.  the 'classic' line has remained largely stable since they went heard first into 'iOS'06:04
* aliverius is going to rebuild a raid-0 array for the 1st time06:52
_rubenraid0 doesn't really exist06:54
SyriaHi, i have hired a vps with ubuntu -server installed on it and suddenly i can't connect to it using sftp and can't import Sql database.06:57
_rubencomplain to the vps provider?06:58
Syriais it something caused by me or them?06:59
laenYou expect us to know?07:00
twb_ruben: last time I looked, RAID0 existed07:01
twb_ruben: OK, it wasn't *R*edundant, so I guess it's better called "AID0"07:01
SyriaCan I upload files from my computer to the vps server using terminal? i am connected to it via ssh.07:16
twbIf you have shell access over SSH, then you almost certainly can use SFTP or scp.07:19
Syriatwb:  When I try connecting to it using sftp it just jeeps loading without showing me any files or folders.07:19
_rubentwb: exactly (wrt (R)AID0) :)07:22
_rubenSyria: do the logs show anything odd ?07:22
twbSyria: that is probably by design.  You need to talk to your VPS vendor.07:23
SyriaThank you very much guys.07:23
shaunoif they've given you a ssh account (on the host) that attaches to a tty (on the guest), it's probably locked down to do just that.  it's usually intended to give you a last-resort access in case you goof up, not a usable sftp session07:26
twbshauno: hum, fair enough07:28
_rubenthen either the vps provider changed something, or the initial problem description was misleading07:28
* _ruben points at "suddenly"07:28
shaunothe 'terminal' bit threw me off.  the ssh my vps provider offer, goes straight to a stty.  it's like having a serial console on a physical machine.07:30
shaunothe sshd on the guest itself is my job, and the provider doesn't touch it07:31
twbyeah right07:31
shaunowas a big "if" I guess, but the most sensible reason I can think of for a lack of sftp07:34
twbWhich monkey wrote lucid's /etc/init/squid.conf07:34
twbgrepconf2()?  I mean really07:35
sorentwb: It's from the init script, actually.08:14
sorentwb: It's been there since at least 2004.08:14
twbYeah, I guessed08:14
twbFWIW I replaced it all with a normal upstart job and I haven't had any problems08:14
twbWhat prompted me to do this was that I rebooted my LXC server, and the squid container was hanging around for minutes -- preventing the entire system from rebooting promptly.08:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #740777 in samba (main) "smbd.conf needs to wait for network up event" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74077708:22
BlackDexHello there,08:37
BlackDexhow can i disable the system information "motd" after an ssh login for specific users?08:38
BlackDexok.. i finally found it... just by adding .hushlogin08:42
twbBlackDex: that information is in the fortunes-ubuntu-server package, which provides helpful hints in the MOTD :-)08:46
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DavieyTalking of which fortunes-ubuntu-server needs some love...09:42
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Davieyanyone want to have a go with it? :)09:42
raphinkit's about adding new smart quotes to it? ;-)09:46
aliveriuswhen i installed ubuntu i chose a raid0 setup. i had one disk atm but it still accepted to do the raid0. now that i connected the 2nd hard disk, how easy will it be? is there an automated way?09:50
raphinkaliverius, I'm not sure if mdadm allows to add drives to a RAID009:58
raphink(Google seems to say it doesn't)09:58
raphinkwhat is your need, and have you considered using LVM striping instead?09:58
_rubenbecause raid0 isn't realy raid, it'll work with just one disk just fine .. as for adding extra disks, probably: sudo mdadm /dev/m0 --add /dev/sdX09:58
_rubenthen again, raid0 is useless especially when running lvm on top of it09:59
raphinkraid0 is pretty useless in a lot of situations09:59
raphinkand software raid0 is a waste of ressources in most cases (especially with one drive)10:00
SyriaHello, I can't edit anything in phpmyadmin, i have hired a vps with ubuntu 10.4 installed on it. the support team at the company told that i have to fix this.10:00
_rubeni wonder what the person whas smoking who "created" raid0 in the first place10:00
raphink_ruben, well, LVM didn't exist at the time I believe10:00
raphinkmaybe the guy who created raid0 was running Windows and couldn't attach partitions/drives to mount points...10:01
raphink_ruben, there is a point about raid0 though, which is performance10:02
_rubenraphink: that's not the point .. raid0 contradicts itself, it *can't* exist10:02
_rubenyou can stripe disks for performance, sure, but it's not raid10:02
raphinkyou have more writing heads on the same logical volume10:02
jkgI think calling it RAID Level 0 is exactly appropriate as a description of what it is -- the 0 matters :-) and it has to be part of the RAID family, for, e.g. RAID 10.10:03
raphinkthat said, you put the data of two (or more) disks at risk with raid010:03
raphinksince if one disk crashes, you destroy and array and lose the data on both disks afaik10:03
raphinkjkg, right10:04
raphinkit makes sense to use it in this context10:04
SyriaWhat should I do if I want to delete and re-install phpmyadmin and all the data bases please?10:07
raphinkapt-get remove --purge phpmyadmin10:08
SyriaBut this will not remove the data bases right? i want to remove and re-install everything.10:08
raphinknot sure if that removes the DB. If the DB is myisam, you can delete the files associated with it in /var/lib/mysql10:09
Syriaraphink:  I can't edit any value from phpmyadmin after clicking "Go" the page keeps loading so do you think that this might solve the problem?10:09
raphinkcertainly, bleaching the machine will not resolve the problem as far as clicking "Go"10:10
aliveriusheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did i say raid0???????!!! i meant raid 1 so let me repeat what i said10:10
raphinkyou won't have a "Go" button anymore if that helps ;-)10:10
raphinkaliverius, I think you did ;-)10:10
aliveriuswhen i installed ubuntu i chose a raid1 setup. i had one disk atm but it still accepted to do the raid1. now that i connected the 2nd hard disk, how easy will it be? is there an automated way?10:10
Syriaraphink:  and how am i supposed to save to changes?10:11
aliveriusthere you go, i corected it10:11
raphinkaliverius, _ruben answered you then10:11
raphinkSyria, I'm no phpmyadmin expert (I am more of a cli user)10:12
Syriaraphink:  Thnx anyway.10:12
raphinkremoving the database is probably not the best solution to your issue though10:13
jkgSyria: what error message, if any, do you get when it fails?10:14
Syriajkg:  The page keeps loading and i don't get any messages.10:15
raphinkSyria, is there anything in the apache logs?10:15
aliveriusok guys thanks10:15
aliveriusi will come back with more questions i am sure10:15
Syriaraphink:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/584185/  this is the error.log10:16
Syriaraphink:  And this is the access.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/584186/10:16
raphinkSyria, there's not much there ...10:19
Syriaraphink:  Is there anything that I can do?10:20
Syriaanything else?10:20
aliveriusif one drive fails and is removed will the other drive boot normally?10:21
aliveriusor is brub installed on only one drive10:21
aliveriusdoes ubuntu know how to setup both grubs at the same time?10:22
Syriaraphink:  I have removed and reinstalled phpmyadmin using apt-get --purge-- remove phpmyadmin $ apt-get install phpmyadmin10:28
Syriabut now i can't log in :(10:28
raphinkSyria, you mean you can't log in on phpmyadmin, right?10:41
Syriaraphink: Yes.10:43
raphinkSyria, have you configured it?10:43
Syriayes, sudo dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin is this correct?10:44
raphinkthat, or looking at the config.php or whatever else it uses10:44
jamespagejhunt: around for a quick upstart question?10:52
jhuntjamespage: hi10:52
jamespagejhunt - lemme just pastebin the config10:53
jamespagejhunt: http://pastebin.com/1W0HDbLS10:54
jamespageso this is the upstart config for jenkins10:55
jamespagecouple of things I wanted some guidance on10:55
jamespageI noticed that sometimes a restart fails - it looks like the java process running jenkins was not fully shutdown before the new process was started.10:56
jamespagedo I need to use any extra config as the java process gets run through su?10:56
jamespagesecond - also noticed odd stuff with overrides10:57
jamespageso I use AJP_PORT in JENKINS_ARGS  - however if I use an override file to set the AJP_PORT the value in JENKINS_ARGS is still -110:58
jamespagei.e. from the jenkins.conf file10:58
jamespagehelp much appreciated jhunt10:58
jhunthmm - not sure why the override isn't working. Are you sure you created it as jenkins.override (two "r"'s)?11:03
jhuntI've just tried a quick test and it works for me.11:03
jhuntto see the override file being applied, run, "sudo initctl log-priority debug". Then do, "touch /etc/init/jenkins.override" and look at the messages in /var/log/syslog11:05
jhuntalso, I'm a bit confused by the restart - how do you know the process wasn't fully shutdown out of interest?11:05
haagaHello. I was told ny my manager to look into cloud computing and I have questions. If I want to deploy a Apache server that is going to take some heavy loads, would it be wiser to load balance it in a more "traditional" way (several servers running apache) or put up a Ubuntu cloud and deploy it there?11:10
haagasorry for all the typos!11:11
raphinkusing cloud computing doesn't prefvent you from scaling "the traditional way"11:12
raphinkyou can choose one big instance or several small ones11:12
raphinkit's still up to you to choose your architecture11:12
haagaBut what would be easiest to scale when I need to expand?11:12
raphinkbut cloud computing will be more profitable with several small instances, since you will have more fine grain to scale up and down11:12
raphinkcloud computing will make it easier to scale up and down, using small instances11:13
raphinkbecause you can launch more instances when you need them, and shut them down when you don't11:13
raphinkif you choose one big instance, you can't scale down and then it's probably cheaper to get a dedicated server11:13
haagaCan I run one big instance and scale it by just adding more nodes?11:14
patdk-lapyou can't run an instance that is larger than one node11:14
raphinkyou can add more instances and load balance11:15
raphinkI think that's what haaga  means, no?11:15
patdk-laphe clearly said, one big instance and scale by node :)11:15
raphinkthat's what he said ;-)11:15
raphinkwhat do you mean haaga ?11:15
haagaohh, so the instances can never be bigger than one node?11:15
patdk-lapthe advantage of cloud computing, is the ability to divide and reconfigure things, without reinstalling hardware11:16
haagai meant that i'll put one apache instance in a cloud and then when the load increases, add nodes and let them be a rouserce to exisiting apache11:16
haaganot start new instances, just scale the exisisting one11:16
patdk-lapno, you would have to have more instances running apache11:17
patdk-lapand loadblaance them11:17
patdk-lapyou should think of an instance like a real computer11:17
patdk-lapand that instance can never grow beyond the capabilities of the node hardware it's running on11:17
patdk-lapnow, what it will make nice though11:18
haagahumm, it would be sweet just to being to scale the instance over several nodes11:18
patdk-lapif you need to make an instance more powerful, is installing a better node11:18
patdk-lapand moving the instance to that more powerful node11:18
patdk-lapwithout reinstalls11:18
haagaso, it's basiclly the same as vmware?11:19
raphinklike using an EBS, detaching it from the old instance and attaching it to the new one11:19
haagamoving from one host to a better host11:19
raphinkalthough adding instances is more of the spirit afaik11:20
patdk-lapraphink, depeds on the workload11:20
patdk-lapduplicating cache memory is extreemly wasteful11:20
raphinkdon't the load balancers on aws support sticky sessions?11:20
raphinkoh right, cache11:21
haagai would be sweet just to scale them over the nodes and when demand increases, just add more nodes and let the instance scale over them too?11:21
haagait would*11:21
patdk-laphaaga, not really11:21
patdk-lapnetworks can't keep up with that speed11:21
haagahumm, well.. it would be sweet in a perfect network world11:22
patdk-lapand in that perfect world, you have infinite amounts of cash :)11:22
patdk-lapthis is why, if your workload permits, you just have puppet auto-configure a new backend instance, and the loadbalancer adds it into the pool11:23
patdk-lapI know many places that do that11:23
haagaso, in my case, the only thing i would save on running in a private cloud would be power consumption?11:24
patdk-lapgoing as far as to turn nodes on and off dynamically throughout the day, based on load11:24
haagainstead of buying several servers and just load balance them11:24
haagaand in my case, when running vmware, i wouldn't save anything?11:25
raphinkif you run a private cloud, you still need to pay for the physical machines...11:26
raphinkso I don't see how you would save power11:26
raphinkunless you have several services to scale on it11:26
haagaWell, i was thinking that you proberly utilizes the machines more when using cloud/virtualization11:27
jamespagejhunt: well the override is working - as long as I use it outside of a env declaration i.e. the use of a env declaration in an override within a env declaration in the main conf file does not seem to work.11:29
patdk-lapwell, it all depends on the workload11:29
patdk-lapif you can balance cpu, ram, and disk usage11:29
patdk-lapyou can build one huge powerful node, and run it all11:29
patdk-lapand it would be more efficient11:29
jamespagejhunt: so with regards to the restart - I can still see messages being generated in the jenkins log from the old process while the new process is in the process table.11:29
jhuntjamespage: well, as you haven't specified the "instance" stanza, Upstart won't allow >1 of these jobs to run, so I'm not sure. Can java apps fork? If so, Upstart won't be following the fork as there is no "expect daemon" or "expect daemon".11:32
haagawould it be possible to move the instances to a minimal amount of nodes when the load decreases and power off the extra nodes, then power them on a spread the instances again when load increases?11:32
jhuntjamespage: you could convince yourself by maybe putting a "ps" in the pre-start and logging that to a file11:32
jamespagejhunt: ok lemme try that11:33
Patrickdkhaaga, yes, even vmware does that, and ubuntu11:33
aliverius$ sudo mdadm /dev/md0 --add /dev/sdb11:34
aliveriusand this is what i get http://pastebin.com/bMjMR1PQ . does this mean the array is being rebuilt?11:34
aliveriusraphink _ruben ^^11:34
aliveriusand isnt it a bit slow?11:35
jamespagejhunt: def still around - see http://paste.ubuntu.com/584235/11:37
_rubenaliverius: it's probably spitting all current blocks over the 2 disks, as for the speed, 38MB/s aint that bad for a single disk11:37
jamespagejhunt: and when running - http://paste.ubuntu.com/584236/11:38
aliverius_ruben: and how i sync and use the array?11:39
jhuntjamespage: so it's forked by the looks of it. Upstart doesn't know about that pid since no "expect" stanza11:40
_rubenaliverius: the syncing is what the progress"bar" indicates and how to use it, well, that's up to you :)11:40
jamespagejhunt: ok I'll try that11:40
aliverius_ruben: excuse me but doesnt it r/w on both disks automatically?11:42
_rubenit does11:43
aliveriusso what is up to me?11:45
aliveriusdo i have to do any extra configuration?11:46
aliveriusalso will both disks be bootable?11:47
aliveriusgrub info is inside the raid partition11:47
jamespagejhunt: hmmm - tried that out  - not so greart11:49
jamespageupstart seemed to lose track of things - start and stop just hung - tried expect daemon as well11:51
_rubenaliverius: how you gonna use the striped volume is what is up to you11:58
_rubenand they'll be bootable if you made 'em so11:58
_rubenalso, why would they both need to be bootable?11:59
_rubenyou'd boot from one, and if that one dies, you're screwed anyway, the 2nd disk would be pretty much useless11:59
jamespagejhunt: ignore me on that first issue - must have made a type or something as its working now...12:00
jamespagejhunt: still having trouble getting upstart to track the right process though.12:00
aliverius_ruben: raid 112:04
patdk-wkruben, no, normal is to have both disks bootable12:09
patdk-wkand if one disk fails, the system will boot from the second disk12:09
patdk-wkbut putting grub INSIDE the raid won't work, cause your bios doesn't understand the raid12:10
patdk-wkwhen grub detects you are installing into onto a raid, it normally installed itself into the mbr of each raid disk12:11
_rubenhadn't noticed the raid1 part in the pastebin, as all the discussions thusfar had been about raid012:19
patdk-wkI didn't see anyone talking about raid0, except you :)12:22
uvirtbotbinBASH: Error: "^" is not a valid command.12:22
_ruben10:50 < aliverius> when i installed ubuntu i chose a raid0 setup. i had one disk atm but it still accepted to do the raid0. now that i connected the 2nd hard disk, how easy will it be? is there an automated way?12:23
patdk-wkhmm, I must of missed that line :)12:23
aliverius_ruben: i corrected it a bit later12:23
binBASHI wonder if it's possible to let uvirtbot execute a forkbomb :D12:23
binBASHHi patdk-wk btw.12:24
aliverius<aliverius> heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did i say raid0???????!!! i meant raid 1 so let me repeat what i said12:24
aliverius[12:10:19] <aliverius> when i installed ubuntu i chose a raid1 setup. i had one disk atm but it still accepted to do the raid1. now that i connected the 2nd hard disk, how easy will it be? is there an automated way?12:24
aliverius^^ _ruben sorry for the misunderstanding12:24
uvirtbotaliverius: Error: "^" is not a valid command.12:24
aliverius_ruben sorry for the misunderstanding ^^12:25
patdk-wkuvirtbot, shush12:25
uvirtbotpatdk-wk: Error: "shush" is not a valid command.12:25
_rubenah, that line got lost between the lines of a discussion i wasnt following12:25
aliveriusi am sorry :)12:25
_rubenin that case, just configure grub to install itself in both mbrs and be done with it12:25
aliverius_ruben: now, lets say i remove one drive. will it boot? and when i reinstall it, will i have to sync by hand? and whatever has changed in the first disk will be applied to the second?12:28
_rubenaliverius: it will, *if* you installed grub properly on both drives, and if you add another disk again, you'd do the same as you just did: add it to the raid and it'll sync again12:28
jamespagehggdh: are you ok to move over to the new jenkins server this afternoon?12:42
jamespagehggdh: I will move the IP address but your slaves will need to be flushed of the offending slave.jar file12:43
hggdhjamespage, no prob, all we need is a moment of peace ;-)12:44
hggdhjamespage, actually, like now, if you want12:44
jamespagehggdh: OK - I'm just going to grab a sandwich - OK if I start in about 45 minutes?12:44
hggdhjamespage, certainly12:45
=== jjohansen is now known as jj-afk
aliveriusthanks a lot _ruben. i will test my setup to see how these happen :)12:51
iclebyte_workany managed to get cobbler working on ubuntu 10.04 ?12:53
=== jdstrand_ is now known as jdstrand
_rubenaliverius: also, if you configured the raid in the installer, the installer has asked you what to do in case of a degraded array, unless that question is suprressed when only 1 disk is avail13:25
aliveriusno the question was there and i said it should boot from the degraded array13:26
aliveriusi supposed it would automatically use the good disk13:26
RoAkSoAxmorning all13:28
anadonhey hey hey!13:28
kim0RoAkSoAx: Morning :)13:28
RoAkSoAxkim0: ready for clouds days huh? :)13:29
kim0RoAkSoAx: hehe indeed :)13:29
anadonI need some help fixing my server to re-allow ssh clients to connect.  I think the issue is elated to "ipkungfu" (a firewall).  I recently modified the settings to allow ssh (allowing incoming on port 22) and that didn't seem to help13:29
kim0anadon: iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT13:30
kim0would that help :)13:30
anadonif I knew what they were...this is my first time getting a server off the ground13:32
kim0anadon: use sudo that command .. and see if it helps you ssh13:33
raphinkipkungfu might mess it up again later though if it's badly configured13:34
anadoninvalid command--doesn't like the "-I"13:34
anadonok, now it's just outright refusing my connections13:36
kim0anadon: sudo restart ssh13:37
jamespagehggdh - I'm going to shutdown both instances now and re-sync the data.13:38
anadon"restart: unknown instances: "13:39
kim0anadon: can u try it now .. canit ssh ?13:40
hggdhjamespage, OK, and I will reboot the systems13:41
hggdhjamespage, ping me when the new instance comes up so that I can restart the slaves13:42
anadonkim0: still refused13:48
jamespagehggdh: all done - you can access on http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu-uk.org or http://hudson.qa.ubuntu-uk.org (thanks Daviey)13:52
jamespagehggdh: hold on that - something odd happened to the elastic ip - just re-doing13:55
hggdhjamespage, ok, bringing up the slaves13:55
thesheff17anadon: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584289/ try to flush all the iptables rules with these commands.13:55
hggdhjamespage, no problem, unbringing up the slaves13:55
marjojamespage: i can't access jenkins.q.u.o, but can access hudson.q.u.o13:58
anadonthesheff17: did it, connections still refused13:58
jamespagehmmm - something odd going on  - looking at it now.13:59
thesheff17anadon: is ssh running ps aux | grep ssh13:59
anadonthesheff17: wha???14:03
anadonthesheff17: newbie here, don't know about that or how to check, besides that in involves running "sevice"14:04
jamespagehggdh, marjo: I think its OK now; both slaves have re-connected14:05
hggdhjamespage, yay! Thank you dear sir, forever in your debt14:06
hggdhjamespage, which means you get a free beer in Budapest :-)14:06
jamespagehggdh: I will keep an eye on it this afternoon - the elastic IP kept dropping its association with the instance.14:06
hggdhthat was weird14:06
jamespageI will shutdown the old instance but leave around on disk for a few weeks.14:07
thesheff17anadon: was ssh working before? if it was you have a config problem.  If it was never working make sure it is installed.  apt-get install ssh.  Then make sure the service is running by using ps aux | grep ssh14:09
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
felimwhiteleythat option that has turned up in the installer in 10.04, install security updates automatically, is there a way to dpkg-reconfigure that to be enabled? I didn't select it on a new install and It's on a faily unimportant machine14:14
aliveriusi changed the settings in /etc/export. how do i restart the daemon?14:14
felimwhiteleywould prefer it to apply security updates automatically.. can't find anything about it anywhere (that being said my search skills are miserable ;)14:14
aliveriusfor nfs414:14
anadonthesheff17: it was working before and through my firewall install, but every connection after that hasn't worked.  the thing is, I stopped the firewall service and it's still not working.14:15
anadonthesheff17: it outputted, but I don't know how to read it.14:17
aliveriusfound the solution in the wiki14:18
thesheff17anadon: you should see  /usr/sbin/sshd -D14:18
jamespagehggdh: now I would really like to get some ec2 tests into that jenkins instance.....14:18
iclebyte_workif anyone has worked on cobbler can you look as this paste bin for me? It's just be installed from the fedorahosted git repo - the one the ubuntu team were commiting to in Jan. http://www.pastie.org/170402314:19
anadonthesheff17: ok, but what does it mean or what do I do with it?14:25
hggdhjamespage, good idea...14:25
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
iggiWhen compiling a project that uses the perl headers, I get EXTERN.h : No such file or directory, even with libperl-dev installed. the makefile also calls "perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e ccopts" in compilation. Can anyone help?14:27
thesheff17anadon: well if you see /usr/sbin/sshd -D that means the service is running correctly.  Why it is not accepting your connections I don't know.  I would check your networking stuff.  Especially your default gateway.14:27
aliveriushow do i let with '/etc/export' ,any host to connect to my nfsv4 server?14:29
upphi everyone, i have two problems, first one when i start apache2, i get this libcrypto.so.0.9.8 no version information available14:41
=== twister004_ is now known as twister004
uppthe second i can't connect to the server with ssh http://pastebin.com/7ysDq3M314:44
felimwhiteleyargh I taek it back I found! https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/automatic-updates.html14:44
uppfelimwhiteley: is that for me?14:44
felimwhiteleyupp: no sorry I was solving my own problem from earlier14:45
genii-aroundupp: Perhaps try sudo apt-get install --reinstall libssl0.9.814:45
genii-aroundupp: That's the package that library comes from14:45
uppgenii-around: the Problem is i have only access to webmin on the server14:47
uppand libssl0.9.8 is already installed14:48
genii-aroundupp: Since ssh also uses that lib, likely the two issues are related14:48
uppso how can i fix it now, do you know how?14:49
genii-aroundupp: I'm pretty sure you're going to need commandline access to do it.14:50
uppok i will try to do that , thanks alot14:50
anadonnew problem: where are ssh access logs kept?14:59
Picianadon: /var/log/auth.log14:59
uppbut nothing help here15:01
aliveriusCLIENT # mount -t nfs4 /mnt15:30
aliveriusmount.nfs4: access denied by server while mounting
aliveriusis it a client side or a server side problem? or could be both?15:30
patdk-wkboth :)15:31
patdk-wkclient not giving correct auth15:31
patdk-wkor server unable to verify auth15:31
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
wycksI don't suppose anyone knows a site that lists the most popular bad user-agents/bots or has any such crawl statistics15:48
patdk-wkthere are many of them15:50
=== KnowYourRights is now known as KnowYourRights|A
wycksI can't really find much through google, care to mention some15:51
wycksim not looking for a list, im looking for usage statistics15:52
aliveriuspatdk-wk: how does auth occure? i avoided using kerberos15:53
aliveriusi followed the wiki guide for the server15:53
patdk-wkaliverius, I dunno, I don't use nfs4, and the people I do use kerberos15:53
aliveriuswhy should i use kerberos on my lan?15:54
kim0Hi folks, just letting you know "Ubuntu Cloud Days" starting about now in #ubuntu-classroom .. Thanks15:59
iclebyte_workcan anyone tell me the status of cobbler for Natty?16:11
=== cmagina is now known as cmagina-lunch
RoAkSoAxiclebyte_work: works nicely for PXE booting16:41
iclebyte_workRoAkSoAx, I can't seem to get it to run on natty16:42
iclebyte_workwell.. using apt-get install cobbler hasn't created a /etc/apache/conf.d/cobbler_web.conf file - also I had to manually enable mod_proxy for apache16:42
RoAkSoAxiclebyte_work: cobbler web is not working just yet16:43
iclebyte_work(which isn't a problem but the installation fails at that point)16:43
iclebyte_workRoAkSoAx, have you got it to work on 10.04 LTS? I'm stuck with this issue http://www.pastie.org/170402316:43
RoAkSoAxiclebyte_work: i just tested it on natty16:44
iclebyte_workwhat's the offical team working on cobbler implementation on natty  ?16:44
iclebyte_workI've been scouring launch pad for the last hour trying to find any bug reports / pages regarding natty alpha 3 and cobbler16:44
RoAkSoAxiclebyte_work: launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cobbler16:45
RoAkSoAxyou can file/see bug reports there16:45
RoAkSoAxiclebyte_work: and that error sysms to be with sub_process python module as it might not have the check_output function16:45
iclebyte_workis that due to a python 2.6 vs 2.7 issue?16:47
RoAkSoAxiclebyte_work: most likely, yes16:49
RoAkSoAxyou'll have to dig through the code16:49
RoAkSoAxbut in ubuntu cobbler is not supported in 10.0416:49
=== jj-afk is now known as jjohansen
iclebyte_workoh my god, the captcha on launchpad is the hardest i've ever seen16:50
iclebyte_workokay. so this launchpad page you directed me to is purely for natty yes?16:51
=== cmagina-lunch is now known as cmagina
RoAkSoAxiclebyte_work: not purely for natty, but since cobbler is in natty only, it will only be relevant for natty17:02
iclebyte_workokay, and since there seem to be 0 bugs reported, who do I talk to about helping out?17:03
iclebyte_worki've never actually contributed to any opensource projects before - I'm on the ubuntu-server mailing list though17:03
RoAkSoAxiclebyte_work: you can do that in many ways, such as filing bug reports (and attaching fixes), then by posting on the ubuntu-server ML17:04
iclebyte_workand I have the resources at work to test natty - it fits in well with my current virtulization project17:04
RoAkSoAxand here through irc you can always find someone17:04
iclebyte_workokay, but what If I'm telling people what they already know?17:04
iclebyte_worki think what I'm trying to ask is where can I get upto speed on work that's already been done?17:05
Kyle__Is there a (relatively streightforward) way of switching a system back to using SLAB instead of SLUB?17:05
RoAkSoAxiclebyte_work: such as what? Filling bug reports and so?17:06
iclebyte_workyes - cobbler currently has no bugs listed17:06
iclebyte_workwait it does - it's under 'open bugs' =)17:07
RoAkSoAxiclebyte_work: there's two bugs listed17:19
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
NoqturnalXHello, I seem to be having a problem with this Ubuntu-Server box. When I came into work this morning it seemed kinda locked up, wouldn't respond to the keyboard other than being able to switch between tty's. So I rebooted it. Now it's been running for a few hours and wont let me log into another tty. I don't get a bash prompt18:04
NoqturnalXi'm too tired to figure this out on my own, can anyone push me in the right direction?18:04
NoqturnalXIt's Ubuntu Server 7.10, Gutsy18:05
EvilPhoenixNoqturnalX:  7.10 is past end of life.18:09
EvilPhoenixi think18:09
ubottuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was the seventh release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 18th, 2009. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.18:09
EvilPhoenixNoqturnalX:  support is limited at this point to upgrades.18:10
NoqturnalXwell is there any idea what would cause bash prompt to not show up?18:10
EvilPhoenixi can think of a billion reasons18:10
EvilPhoenixbut since 7.10 is dead, i can only help you with upgrading issues18:11
NoqturnalXmaybe a push in the right direction to find the answer myself, I'm hoping to replace this ancient P.o.S with a Ubuntu 10.10 box that i'm putting together18:11
EvilPhoenixNoqturnalX:  again, support is limited to helping you upgrade.  because there could be a billion reasons for bash to not show up18:12
ScottKEvilPhoenix: You can help him however you care to.18:12
NoqturnalXssh hangs, tty1 & tty2 both work fine, I logged into both of those as root when I rebooted. But when I noticed ssh wasn't working I went over to the machine and tried to login to tty3 and got nothing after it logged in18:12
EvilPhoenixNoqturnalX:  i'm going to say that it sounds like something is seriously broken, and debugging that could be a pain18:14
NoqturnalXah, so I have fun to look forward to then huh18:14
EvilPhoenixbut i'm not sure, since the oldest i've worked with is 9.04.  ScottK and others might be able to help you further.18:14
NoqturnalXyea, this thing is pre-historic it was here when I started working here back in September of last year18:15
NoqturnalXIt houses a nice family of Black Widows18:15
NoqturnalXthe school uses it as a samba server I believe. There are 3 shares on it18:15
jkgwould it be an idea to get the machine up to 8.04 anyway? that's got ages left to run, in terms of support life (on the server)18:15
NoqturnalXand one of which houses the files for the students Mavis Beacon typing tutor classes (I work at a private high school)18:15
ScottKNoqturnalX: As long as it's not exposed to the internet, you needn't panic about upgrading it, so I'd suggest hurring up on your new box.18:16
NoqturnalXwhat are the requirements for 8.04?18:16
ScottKNo more than 7.10, but not knowing what's wrong it's hard to know if upgrading would improve or worsen the situation.18:16
NoqturnalXit's on the same network as all the other computers, all online so it is on the internet18:16
ScottKYou don't have a router/firewall that everything local is behind?18:17
ScottKon/reachable from18:17
NoqturnalXour network is pretty damn hack n slap18:17
NoqturnalXwe have 5 router's that pretty much all act as wireless access points for the kids, 1 of which acts as a firewall. They're all cheap ass Linksys routers running dd-wrt too18:18
NoqturnalXWelcome to my tech nightmare18:18
loolEvilPhoenix: Hmm?18:18
ScottKIn that case I'd really get busy on the new server box, but I'd recommend using 10.04 unless you really need something in 10.10 since 10.04 is LTS.18:18
ScottKlool: I think he meant lol.18:18
EvilPhoenixlool:  lol, didnt realize your name is here.  "lool" comes from "lol" when my "o" is stickyish :P18:18
loolEh ok18:18
NoqturnalXwhat's LTS?18:19
EvilPhoenixLTS is "Long Term Support"18:19
EvilPhoenixLTS builds are supported for i think 3 years18:19
EvilPhoenixbefore EOL18:19
ScottKEvilPhoenix: 5 years for servers18:19
jkg5 on the server, for LTS18:19
NoqturnalXI'm sorry I'm sooo freaking tired right now you should treat me as if I were retarded at the moment, I haven't slept in a couple days lol18:19
EvilPhoenixScottK:  ah, right :P18:19
NoqturnalXand I'm not exactly a Linux Pro yet, I still think i'm a novice18:19
NoqturnalXwell i've been experimenting with the 10.10 server18:20
NoqturnalXtrying to figure out Radius and some other stuff18:20
NoqturnalXI suppose I should quit clowning around and just replace the dinosaur with it already18:20
ScottKThat would be my advice18:22
NoqturnalXI mainly want 1 server for network shares, a syslog server so the router's can dump their log files, and that's pretty much it as far as I can think. I'm still experimenting with Radius18:22
NoqturnalXmaybe a web server to play around with too18:23
NoqturnalXand mrtg18:23
NoqturnalXwhat exactly is nautalis or however you spell it18:25
NoqturnalXNautilus I think it's spelled18:26
Kyle__I have a system that is refusing to use it's swap.  Any ideas?18:28
genii-aroundNoqturnalX: It's a file browser for use in gnome desktop18:28
NoqturnalXthanks genii-around, I am guessing I don't need it for the file server :P18:29
genii-aroundNoqturnalX: No :)18:30
NoqturnalXI don't use X on the 10.10 box anyways lol. Hell I don't even use it on the 7.10 box but it's running18:31
TeTeTKyle__: what's in /proc/sys/vm/swappiness ? take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq18:31
Kyle__TeTeT: it's on it's default of 60, haven't touched it.18:31
Kyle__TeTeT: Swap is configured, but remains untouched.  My /var/log/syslog and kernlogs are full of SLUB call traces.18:33
Kyle__running badblocks on the partition used for swap returns nothing (means no badblocks).  Recreating swap doesn't seem to help, no matter what options.18:33
=== NoqturnalX is now known as Noqturnal|AFK
aliveriusany command to see the space a dir and its contents keep?18:41
Kyle__aliverius: du.  du -hsc /path/to/whatever/directory/you/are/interested/in18:42
Kyle__(strange that I have such a path, I know)18:42
=== Noqturnal|AFK is now known as NoqturnalX
NoqturnalXOk, I just issued a reboot & poweroff command and it broadcasts but doesn't do anything.......18:44
Kyle__NoqturnalX: What were expecting which to do?18:46
NoqturnalXi thought to return from away you just type /away again when you return lol. I'm stuck on stupid18:46
NoqturnalXI was expecting it to restart or shutdown one or the other18:46
Kyle__Don't sweat it.  We all have those days.18:46
NoqturnalXnormally when I throw a reboot command at it, it begins stopping services, etc and finally just restarts18:47
NoqturnalXbut nothing18:47
Kyle__NoqturnalX: Are you doing this as root?18:47
thekkidso im looking for some uses for my home server, any ideas18:47
Kyle__NoqturnalX: And is this is unbuntu or some other linux/unix, or some psudo OS?18:47
NoqturnalXalso looking in the /home folder I saw folders for administrator, teacher, student (those are expected) but also ws01-ws10 folders too18:48
NoqturnalXI am root and this is the Ubuntu 7.10 box18:48
NoqturnalXlet me double check that i'm root18:48
NoqturnalXI could be having a moment of epic tardedness18:48
NoqturnalXi'm root in tty1 & tty218:49
NoqturnalXwould be root in tty3 but eh, won't give me a prompt18:49
Kyle__Try um, telinit 0.  I think that should do.18:49
NoqturnalXor init18:49
Kyle__I think it's telinit.  It's been awhile since I've done it that way.18:50
NoqturnalXi tried init 6 but it didn't do anything lol18:50
NoqturnalXalrighty brb18:50
NoqturnalXno dice18:50
Kyle__How long has that thing been up?  Just curious...18:51
NoqturnalXgoing on 4 hours18:51
NoqturnalXit's been up for 200 days in the past18:51
NoqturnalXbut then someone unplugging the stupid power cable broke that record18:52
NoqturnalXtoday was the first time I had to reboot it in a few weeks18:52
NoqturnalXit refuses to die18:54
Kyle__Is this a matter of pride, or do you not have immidiate physical access to manually "reboot" it (yank power cord, plug in, hit power)18:54
* NoqturnalX looks for sludge hammer18:54
NoqturnalXI just dont want to lean all the way down and hit the power button......wait I can't do that anymore lol18:55
NoqturnalXI disconnected the power button a couple months ago when a student accidentally kicked it18:55
NoqturnalXSo i'd have to do what I did this morning and reach into the webfield of widow webs to yank the power18:55
Kyle__NoqturnalX: I know there's a place in /proc (or is it sys?  It's been so long...) where you can cat a 1 into a psudo-file and force a reboot18:55
NoqturnalXI should just kick the damn thing really hard18:57
NoqturnalXthat usually shocks a PC into rebooting18:57
Kyle__heh, sorry18:58
* NoqturnalX wonders where the coach keeps the baseball bats18:58
NoqturnalXAnger management, Workout, Wakeup call & fix my server problem all in one solution18:59
NoqturnalXok, what is [2011 Mar 23 11:58:46 FLHS-SERVER pam_smbpass(passwd:chauthtok): Failed to find entry for user teacher.] ???19:01
NoqturnalXi just added user teacher to the new server i'm working on and tried to give him a password lol19:02
NoqturnalXbrb maybe some food will help the brain gears turn a bit19:03
=== NoqturnalX is now known as Noqturnal|AFK
genii-aroundNoqturnal|AFK: Did you smbpasswd -e teacher   and restart smb?19:04
Noqturnal|AFKgenii-around: no just creating user for the new server, is there a difference between smbpasswd n passwd?19:08
genii-aroundNoqturnal|AFK: They are not always synched. Also you can have smb user names which have no correlation to system user names,19:09
Noqturnal|AFKi'm completely new to using Linux as a samba server, you got a fav article or tutorial I can read up on this with?\19:11
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/19:12
SpamapSNoqturnal|AFK: ^^19:12
Noqturnal|AFKk thx19:12
aliveriusty Kyle__19:22
Noqturnal|AFKchkrootkit & rkhunter turned up nothing lol19:59
Noqturnal|AFKinterestingly enough though it struggled to boot a couple times until I unplugged the ethernet cable19:59
RoAkSoAxkirkland: ping, when you have the time, could you take a look to the latest powernap branch and see the fix for bug #735452 can make it to natty please?20:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 735452 in powernap "IOMonitor Plugin does not use optimal /proc parameter to find process PID" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73545220:25
=== Jonny51 is now known as Jonny5
azertyuhi there20:46
laenHai thar.20:48
azertyuas i got a pc wich is directly expose to internet, where there is no router, ppl say that it is possible to create a route to secure the pc without needing a hardware router20:50
azertyuis that possible ?20:50
laenAre you on drugs?20:50
azertyuxhy ?20:50
azertyuwhy ?20:50
laenYou are.20:50
azertyuis it possible or not ?20:50
kirklandlaen: we try to be a little kinder than that, here :-)20:50
laenOw, okay.20:51
azertyuwell, is it easy to create route on a pc ?20:51
laenazertyu: what do you think a router is?20:52
thesheff17azertyu: I have used this gentoo router guide before.  Just uses iptables and works great http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/home-router-howto.xml20:53
Piciazertyu: It depends what expectations you have of the 'router.' At a minimum you'll need multiple network cards.20:54
azertyuwhy you use gentoo ?20:55
thesheff17azertyu: it uses iptables...which works on ubuntu...it is just on the gentoo site.20:55
RoyKazertyu: probably because he LOVES watching the system compile20:55
thesheff17lol I don't20:55
laenPici: wrong.20:56
azertyuwhy i need multiple network cards ? Pici20:56
thesheff17one will be the public network one will be the private network20:56
oneseventeenI'm using apache 2 and a newly created self signed SSL cert and I'm getting ssl connection errors.20:56
oneseventeenI know it is something I messed up20:56
azertyucorrect thesheff1720:56
thesheff17hence a router20:56
RoyKazertyu: it's somewhat possible to create a router with virtual nic's but it'll be a mess20:56
laenoneseventeen: see the Apache documentation20:56
Picilaen: could you clarify?20:56
laenPici: you're not required to have multiple interfaces. Well, i guess 2 would do.20:57
=== Noqturnal|AFK is now known as NoqturnalX
azertyutake a example of physical router on what he does Pici20:57
RoyKPici: it's possible with a single NIC using "virtual" NICs, but it'll be a true fscking messup20:57
azertyuworking with one network card20:57
laenRoyK: why is that a fscking messup? Are we talking the Ubuntu way now?20:57
NoqturnalXok, i'm having yet another moment of stupidity20:57
laenNoqturnalX: it's normal, we're in #ubuntu-server.20:58
RoyKa NIC costs, what, $10?20:58
oneseventeenlaen: They have thousands of pages and I'm not sure which one to look at.  did you have a particular one in mind?20:58
NoqturnalXI can't seem to login with the user I created on my Samba20:58
azertyugiving multiple virtualnetwork interfaces20:58
laenI had enough of this clueless talk, have fun all.20:58
oneseventeenI should mention I have 3 other ubuntu servers with self signed certs working just fine... not sure why it isn't working.20:58
RoyKwhat's the reason to try to fight the laws of nature (read TCP/IP and down) by leaving the system with just one?20:58
Piciazertyu: I'm more familiar with using multiple NICs, but if they say you can use one, then you can use one.20:58
azertyuif you are more familiar with multiple NIC"'s20:59
NoqturnalXi've been following the instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/samba-fileserver.html but I've hit some kind of wall somewhere20:59
azertyutell me the utility of using multiple NIC "s ?20:59
RoyKazertyu: just configure them in /etc/network/interfaces, and setup iptables or whatever to do the good stuff21:00
azertyuwhen we need multiple  NIC 's ?21:00
azertyuin which case ?21:00
Piciazertyu: I think theres probably someone more knowledgable here about actually setting this up than I am :/21:00
RoyKif you want the machine to be on several networks21:00
RoyKof course, with VLAN tagging, a single NIC will be more NICs, so problem solved, given the other end also understands VLAN tagging21:02
RoyKsuch as a somewhat switch21:02
RoyKs/somewhat/somewhat smart/21:02
azertyuRoyK>if you want the machine to be on several networks21:03
azertyuare you talking about cluster computer ?21:03
RoyKs/be on/connected locally to/21:03
RoyKazertyu: a simple router connects two networks, and should have a NIC for each of them, unless tagged VLAN is used21:04
NoqturnalXok so I used "adduser teacher" to add the teacher user and gave it a password, teacher is in the smbusers list & also in the valid users list for the share Install, When I browse to Install and enter in teacher as username & teacher's password it fails to let me in, what did I do wrong?21:04
RoyKazertyu: other cases include having a dedicated storage network for, say, iSCSI - you'd want jumboframes on that, and you'd want that separate21:04
NoqturnalXwhen I type 'passwd teacher' to change teacher's passwd (just to be sure) I am greeted with 'Enter new UNIX password: 2011 Mar 23 14:03:03 FLHS-SERVER pam_smbpass(passwd:chuthtok): Failed to find entry for user teacher.'21:06
NoqturnalXand so I enter in the password anyways and retype it to confirm it and I get the same message and then appended to it is 'passwd: passwd updated successfully'21:07
RoyKNoqturnalX: tried smbpasswd?21:07
NoqturnalXeven tried smbpasswd and restarting smbd & nmbd as well21:07
azertyuhow to create a tagged VLAN ?21:07
NoqturnalXno dice so far21:07
azertyui know that is possible on router such nortel etc ...21:08
RoyKazertyu: google for it - vlan tagging, 802.1q, is quite nice if you have the equipment supporting it21:08
RoyKazertyu: 802.1q is on L2, data link21:08
RoyKso not really what a router would need to know21:08
azertyubut my question  is it possible to tag VLAN on a pc ?21:08
RoyKa switch, on the other hand...21:09
RoyKazertyu: yes21:09
RoyKazertyu: google for it21:09
oneseventeendoes anyone know of a great reliable tutorial on how to self sign a cert for apache2 in ubuntu server?21:10
* oneseventeen inserts bad joke reminding everyone to P-LAN before they V-LAN21:10
RoyKazertyu: http://tinyurl.com/46j63d921:11
RoyKoneseventeen: I know this rather good place to find that - google.com iirc21:12
azertyuwhat is a bonding ?21:14
azertyuwhat is a "bonding" ?21:14
RoyKbonding is usually "link aggregation"21:15
azertyuchannel bonding on vlans.21:15
azertyuwhich means ?21:15
RoyKI guess using several physical links to carry several VLANs21:15
RoyKsay VLANs 1,10,20 are tagged on the link, then using LACP or similar to aggregate two or more links to get more bandwidth, and using that for the carrier of the tagged VLANs21:16
azertyuthe purpose is it for the maxmize the bandwith speed ?21:16
azertyui don't know if it is possible ?21:16
azertyuto maximize the bandwith speed21:16
RoyKin case of LACP, which is the most common protocol, yes, both get more speed, due to more aggregated links, and to allow one or more to fail21:17
RoyKif you have two 1Gbps links, why not use both? :)21:17
oneseventeenRoyK: funny, that site led me to tons of articles with the same methods, yet everytime I a2ensite default-ssl apache won't start.21:17
NoqturnalXRoyK: when i do smbpasswd teacher I put in the password twice and I get 'Failed to find entry for user teacher.'21:17
RoyKNoqturnalX: dunno then - sorry21:18
NoqturnalXRoyK: smbpasswd -a teacher ;) I think I may be in luck21:22
snapfractalpopdoes anyone here have experience with fatclients?21:24
azertyuso if i understand it correctly the best way to securing is to use the VLAN concept21:25
NoqturnalXI think i'm going to call it a day and go home n knock myself out, been up all week. And i know it's not Sunday anymore21:25
azertyuam i right ?21:26
oneseventeenssl solution: change second LCertificateFile that points to the key file to "SSLCertificateKeyFile"... doh!21:29
snapfractalpopis there an ubuntu-server metapackage that can be installed over ubuntu-desktop? every google search seems to talk about the oposite..21:31
oneseventeensnapfractalpop: I'd imagine it would be an apt-get remove metapackage... doesn't server just have the bare minimum?21:32
snapfractalpoponeseventeen: that's what i thought originally, especially since LAMP seems to be included (in Lucid, anyway).. but i'm trying to do a netboot with a "fatclient" and many of the server progs were not installed/configured (like dnsmasq, dhcp3-server, tftp-hpa, etc..21:35
snapfractalpopmany of the configurations ive read about seem to contradict eachother.. and i'm getting lost in the "spagetti" of it all..21:36
oneseventeenbummer, sorry I know very little of that.21:37
hallynSpamapS: assigning a few bugs to you :)21:37
hallynSpamapS: I'm assuming you in fact *want* them21:38
uvirtbotNew bug: #740815 in firefox "[FFe] Updates to enable us to drop xulrunner from main" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74081522:02
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EvilPhoenixi'm having issues using the command line sftp command, i'm trying to put a directory up to an sftp server recursively, and there's no -r flag (for recursive) in it.  how do i upload a directory recursively?22:49
hggdhEvilPhoenix, you don't, not right now on sftp22:57
hggdhEvilPhoenix, look at rsync, for example22:58
RoyKEvilPhoenix: what's wrong with rsync?22:58
EvilPhoenixRoyK: no rsync/ssh access, sftp only :/22:58
EvilPhoenixRoyK:  ikr?22:58
RoyKsftp runs over ssh22:58
RoyKso does rsync22:58
* EvilPhoenix shrugs22:58
RoyKthat is, you'll need the rsync binary on the server, but all traffic runs over ssh unless you force it otherwise22:58
EvilPhoenixis there a reason that the stock sftp command packaged on 10.10 includes a -r (recursive) flag for the sftp "put" command, then?23:00
RoyKif you have sftp access, scp will certainly work23:00
RoyKtry scp23:00
RoyKif rsync doesn't work23:00
Aisonis there are nice point to point network speed test tool? eg. I install it on a master and on a slave and then the tool tests the speed between the nodes?23:20
AisonI already heard about "bing" but I can't find it in ubuntu23:21
iceflatlineMay the force be with you :)23:28
Aisonit's cool, thx and it works nice23:30
Aisonnice, it works  938 Mbits/sec23:31
AisonI wounder now where my bottleneck is, copy files with samba is really slow sometimes23:32
v3ctordisk I/O ?23:36
SpamapShallyn2: Hah, I do in fact want those. I typically haven't assigned myself to bugs until I start working on them though.23:41
Aisonv3ctor, maybe ;)  I need also a tool to test the disk i/o :D23:52
Aisonhmm, Blk_read/s: 163.26, Blk_wrtn/s: 1104.2123:57
Aisonwhat does that mean23:57
Aisonit's a 6TB raid623:58

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