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MTughan_webI recently updated my 10.10 laptop to 11.04 to get an idea what it'll be about, but I seem to have broken the Unity interface already. I was having trouble with it on an ATI discrete card, so I switched to an integrated Intel card.00:48
MTughan_webOnce there, I disabled OpenGL in CCSM. It said it would disable a number of plugins. I took down a list and said yes. After that, compiz crashed. I reenabled the plugins, but haven't gotten it working again yet.00:49
MTughan_webAny suggestions? Compiz is running again with window decorations and all the controls, and can launch programs from a TTY fine. But no Unity. Classic desktop works fine.00:49
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MTughan_webAnyone able to help me fix Unity?01:01
cgermanni am trying to figure out why the last updates made unity go poof as well01:02
MTughan_webI killed it by disabling the OpenGL plugin in CCSM.01:06
MTughan_webReenabling it and all the others disabled didn't fix it.01:06
MTughan_webHeh, and partial upgrade isn't working now either... "Can't install 'ubuntu-desktop'. It was impossible to install a required package. Please report this as a bug.01:48
stgraberthat's because of unity, should be fixed soon01:54
MTughan_webbrb, restarting.02:29
MTughan_webStill no Unity after partial upgrade. Perhaps because ubuntu-desktop wasn't able to be upgraded as related to Unity, as mentioned before... Anyway, will stick around here for a bit.02:33
primes2hHi jibel, even if Beta 1 is not yet released,  in 2 days at the latest I would like to announce the tracker, with Lucid 10.04.2 and Maverick available as well as the fake Natty milestone for tracker tests purpose11:29
primes2hOne of the milestone to add is "Lucid Final 10.04.2"11:29
primes2hThe other one is "Maverick Final"11:30
primes2hBTW, last patches are not present in the tracker yet.11:30
primes2hI must go now unfortunately, I won't be in the afternoon, send me an email for any questions.11:33
primes2h*be here11:33
primes2hjibel: ah, here are the updated pages https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SergioZanchetta/Laptop https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SergioZanchetta/Laptop/Procedures they should be ok, could you please have a quick glance just to be sure? Then I'll put them in the final place.11:36
primes2hThanks :-)11:36
jibelpatrickmw, I merged your tests for usc, chromium and users-admin. I'm still investigating the hang in policykit and I'm clueless11:55
mainerroris someone in here testing the nvidia proprietary driver?13:09
jibelmainerror, hi, I do and probably others as well.13:10
mainerrorok cool, maybe I'm just dumb but I just can't run the glxinfo command on the 3D Functionality test case13:11
mainerrorit is not there13:12
mainerrorhmm interesting mesa-utils wasn't installed by default, is that the way it is supposed to be?13:14
jibelmainerror, mesa-utils is not a required component of the desktop.13:28
jibelmainerror, which means that the testcase must be updated to add this information13:29
jibelmainerror, thanks, I'll do it.13:29
mainerroroh ok :)13:29
jibelmainerror, done, thanks again for noticing it!13:34
mainerrorhehe, my pleasure :)13:35
jibelmainerror, how is testing going btw ?13:38
mainerroroh well until now alls fine, so no issues so far, just installing OpenArena to finish that test case13:38
mainerrorright openarena works great13:45
mainerrorhmm only glxgears slows the system down quite a bit13:46
jibelmainerror, same here, but that seems to be a problem specific to glxgears, opengl games are running fine.13:48
* mainerror fears test case Fallback Testing13:53
* mainerror reboots into development natty14:02
patrickmwjibel: any update on the user admin authentication bug?16:23
jibelpatrickmw, no, I don't understand why the dbus call hangs.16:27
patrickmwjible, is there a bug number?16:27
jibelnot yet, I wanted to create a very simple test case. Just a basic python script to reproduce the problem. Can you do it and file a report ?16:30
patrickmwjibel, yes.  what package should I assign it to?16:35
jibelpatrickmw, $ dpkg -S $(which users-admin)16:37
jibelgnome-system-tools: /usr/bin/users-admin16:37
patrickmwjibel: just double checking, you mentioned something about policy-kit.  Thanks!16:37
jibeldon't worry if the problem is with polkit, devs are really fast at dropping the package on the right team's plate16:38
jibelwhat's important is a script to reproduce the problem in isolation.16:39
jibeli.e without mago around.16:39
patrickmwjibel, creating it now16:39
davmor2could some one try something on natty for me please,  open take a screenshot, take a screenshot and try to save it to a folder 2 deep  for example UbuntuOne/Screenshots,  mine won't let me save at all16:42
chadadavisdavmor2: 2 deeper than what? I saved it to a directory about 10 levels deep just fine.16:49
davmor2chadadavis: thanks16:50
patrickmwnagappan: jibel and I are trying to debug an issue we are seeing.  When LDTP trys to interact with gnome-system-tools user admin authentication dlg, ldtp hangs17:15
patrickmwnagappan, here is a test script you can run in Natty to replicate17:16
pedro_QA Team Meeting at #ubuntu-quality in ~10 mins17:50
nagappanpatrickmw, interesting, will replicate it after couple of meetings19:02
patrickmwnagappan, we think its an issue with users-admin. I am documenting a bug and I will at an ldtp task19:03
nagappanpatrickmw, sure :-)19:03
patrickmwbdmurray: I am going through the mago bugs you documented.  Which do you feel are most critical?19:39
patrickmwjibel ^19:39
bdmurraypatrickmw: none really but the eog crasher would be the highest19:41
patrickmwbdmurray: is there an easier way to install eog plugins than what's described on this wiki http://live.gnome.org/EyeOfGnome/Plugins20:01
patrickmwbdmurray: standby, trying something different20:05
patrickmwbdmurray: k, hit a wall with these plugins.  Ping me when you have a few minutes20:18
hakimsheriffHey Guys20:31
bdmurraypatrickmw: I think they are packaged as eog-plugins20:32
patrickmwbdmurray: good call20:46
jibelpatrickmw, have you seen the reply from milan about users-admin ? I think that the workaround he proposes is the way to go.20:53
patrickmwjibel, not yet, is it a comment on the bug?20:53
patrickmwCould any one running Natty confirm if the For Purchases list has no items in Ubuntu Software Center?20:58
jibelpatrickmw, about eog, i tried it, and it doesn't crash but it doesn't close either. So the test will fail with a timeout20:59
jibelpatrickmw, does it close successfully for you ?20:59
patrickmwjibel, it worked fine for me20:59
jibelpatrickmw, anyway, we can write a test for it. It will be a regression test.21:00
patrickmwjibel, ok. I can develop it quickly21:00
jibelpatrickmw, awesome! thanks21:01
patrickmwjibel: how do we handle installing dependencies like eog-plugins?21:01
jibelpatrickmw, theres no 'dependency management' in mago, just document it in the header of the test21:01
bdmurraypatrickmw: enable the plugin, close eog, open it again then close it21:05
patrickmwbdmurray: k trying now21:06
bdmurraypatrickmw: the plugin needs to be enabled when starting eog for it to crash21:06
patrickmwbdmurray: still working for me, but I am creating a regression test anyway.  maybe the test will fail in another env21:07
bdmurraypatrickmw: on i386 or amd64?21:10
jibelfor me it crashes the second time when I disable the plugin and close eog21:10
patrickmwbdmurray: i386. which I see you were running amd6421:11
patrickmwjibel, you on amd64?21:11
jibelpatrickmw, i386, trying on amd6421:11
jibelpatrickmw, on amd64 it crashes the appmenu :-)21:12
patrickmwjibel: geez ok.  accersicer and ldtp are having difficulty locating the frm21:13
jibelpatrickmw, and then it segfauls21:13
jibelpatrickmw, the window title is set when you open an image, by default it's frm#21:15
patrickmwjibel, when it first opens it's frmEyeofGnomeImageViewer then changes to frm021:16
patrickmwjibel, then frm#21:16
jibelpatrickmw, just open it with a sample image and it will use this name.21:16
patrickmwjibel, ok21:16
patrickmwjibel: have you noticed that setting launcher_args in the test is not passing to the mago launch() method?21:24
jibelpatrickmw, right, I fixed it yesterday21:27
patrickmwjibel: nice21:28
jibelI planned to commit that by the end of this week21:28
patrickmwok, because that would be really helpful for this test :)21:28
nagappanpatrickmw, are there any issues in today's 11.04 update ? couple of my team members had some issue with X, panel doesn't exist21:54
nagappanpatrickmw, so no way to launch any application21:54
nagappanpatrickmw, I'm going to dig more in next few minutes, but before that just want to see if there is any issue21:55
* nagappan updating my VM21:55
patrickmwnagappan, I've been having that issue off an on.  Are they selecting Classic Desktop or Desktop Edition?  Because there won't be a panel when selecting Desktop Edition anyway.21:56
patrickmwIf that's the case, Unity isn't loading properly21:56
nagappanpatrickmw, desktop edition21:56
nagappanpatrickmw, the icons aren't visible to launch the app21:57
nagappanpatrickmw, till before update it was working fine, after update then a reboot, things failed21:57
patrickmwnagappan, I haven't been able to run Unity in a VM for nearly a week21:58
nagappanpatrickmw, Unity doesn't work with VMware WS, I heard that it worked with parallels / virtualbox21:59
nagappanpatrickmw, I have filed an internal bug21:59
patrickmwI run vbox22:00
nagappanpatrickmw, this is my findings from the recent update (atleast yesterday night, PST)22:39
nagappanpatrickmw, after login, default it goes to classic edition, even though selected desktop edition22:39
patrickmwnagappan, I will take a look shortly :)22:43
jibelnagappan, on real hw ?22:54
patrickmwjibel: I believe he is referring to virtual envs22:56
patrickmwjibel: I haven't been able to run Unity in a VM or my physical machines22:57
jibelnagappan, it falls back to classic desktop is some opengl calls are not supported, if it's on real hw, it depends on your graphics card. but any recent card should work. On a VM it is a hit and miss.22:57
jibelpatrickmw, in vbox there's currently a bug in nux that causes compiz to segfault, it is fixed in bzr.22:58
jibelpatrickmw, what's your graphics card ?22:58
jibellcpci | grep VGA22:58
nagappanjibel, yes on real hardware23:00
patrickmwjibel, I am running updates on my phys and VMs. I'll let you know what the results are when they complete23:00
nagappanjibel, it worked till yesterday23:00
nagappanjibel, and broke after yesterday's update23:00
nagappanjibel, VGA NVidia and also ATI Radeon23:01
nagappanjibel, tried on two different hardware23:01
nagappanpatrickmw, sorry went to another 11.04 system to debug the issue, but I could not come to any conclusion, I'm unable to run X as regular user23:02
jibelnagappan, I'm running nvidia proprietary driver and radeon opensource driver here, and it runs fine. There has been an X transition last weekend but now all the mirror should be synced23:02
nagappanpatrickmw, on 11.04 it prints some invalid EEID etc23:03
nagappanjibel, interesting, here too the same environment, NVidia proprietary driver and radeon the default one with Ubuntu23:03
nagappanjibel, with radeon hardware, the update was directly from alpha3 image to today's update23:08
jibelnagappan, the machine is down right now, but I'll try tomorrow.23:08
nagappanjibel, and NVidia environment update was from yesterday morning (PST and worked fine) to yesterday evening (PST and not working since then)23:09
nagappanjibel, sure23:09
jibelnagappan, for nvidia the main problem we've seen so far is with the GeForce 8 series which needs a spefic option to boot correctly23:10
nagappanjibel, ah ! okay, let me check the exact details of hardware23:10
jibelnagappan, GeForce 860023:10
nagappanjibel, we have NVidia Quadro NVS 285, the interesting thing is, it worked since yesterday morning update !23:13

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