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az7wooo ubuntu chat night02:07
az7wait.. we still have 20 minutes right?02:07
startrekkerit would appear we have 23 minutes02:07
az7eh close enough02:10
az7were you at fslan kwadroke?02:17
az7Fort Smith LAN party02:24
az7everybody like firefox4?02:27
startrekkerhaven't tried it yet02:27
az7pretty slick02:29
zillahhello all02:38
zillahhow's it going?02:39
kwadrokegoing ok02:41
zillahgood, same here for the most part  :)02:41
zillahi don't think doubleb will be around tonight i think he's on vacation02:42
az7hey hey02:42
zillahhey az02:43
Ahmuck_tried ff4 on natty02:48
Ahmuck_liked it there02:48
kwadrokeapparently it updated on my box with the PPA02:48
kwadrokeI was running 3.6.x along side02:48
startrekkerseems a lot like chrome02:57
az7or opera02:57
zillahanybody ever played with the Archos tablets?02:59
az7i think i had a friend who installed xbmc on one.. thats about it03:01
zillahi got one from circuitcity for $100 but it will only run cupcake  :(03:01
az7le lame03:02
zillahand i can't find a way to get any apps whatsoever03:02
zillahthe ebook reader does work, and video playback is good03:02
az7that makes it somewhat usable?03:02
zillahso for $100 not a loss reallly, but it would be cool to be able to get new software03:02
kwadrokegot it rooted?03:03
zillahno, i'm ashamed to admit it, but i'm not sure how to go about it :P03:04
zillahi haven't had time to google that yet03:05
kwadrokeonce you get it rooted you can put an appstore and install programs03:11
zillahyay, i'll have to do that  :)03:13
kwadrokeit won't be an official market place, but you should be able to get some apps for it03:19
zillahcool, i wanna try that out03:20
kwadrokeanyone ever try to set up an IRC server before?03:23
zillahi have...a long time ago03:24
zillahme and a couple other people actually had a small network up and running with a couple servers03:25
kwadrokeI've been fighting with ircd-hybrid and hybserv all day03:25
kwadrokewith qwebirc03:25
kwadrokecould not for the life of me get hybserv to connect to the server03:26
kwadrokethe documentation is non existant03:26
az7sounds like a pain03:27
zillahi think we ran hybrid too, but i can't remember, it's been so long03:27
kwadrokeyeah, there was one setting that made no sense that I though was just an example, but it had to be some strange setting03:27
kwadroketrying to find some decent bots now03:30
kwadrokehad issues getting it to work03:31
zillahi have a couple eggdrops in #neacug03:32
zillahone is down at the moment though03:32
zillahit's on a freebsd box at home that i powered off and forgot to turn back on03:32
zillahthe other runs on ubuntu server03:32
kwadrokemine's on a ubuntu vps03:33
kwadrokeare they connected together or seperate?03:35
zillahseperate at the moment03:35
zillahone of these nights we will have time to network them together03:35
kwadrokefrom reading you can have a hub that has multiple servers, like freenode03:35
az7what vacation?03:42
zillahguess it didn't last long :P03:43
az7get back to work03:44
kwadrokeapparently everyone went back to work with that statement :P04:05

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