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nhainesjhanafrog: hello!20:49
kdub_SD ubuntu hour was a lil weak :)21:01
iheartubuntuhow many did you have kdub21:06
kdub_need a better marketing team21:28
nhaineskdub_: that's all I get in Lake Forest sometimes.  :)21:34
iheartubuntu2 is better than none!21:50
pleia2yeah I've had hours even in SF with just 2 of us21:57
jtatumMTV hour conflicts with bay area python UG this month. so … we'll see :)22:01
pleia2it usually conflicts with baylisa22:04
pleia2so maybe you'll see an improvement :)22:04
jtatumhehe maybe22:04
jtatumthis is the special pycon wrapup meeting though. i'm a little bummed to miss it22:04
jtatumheard pycon is here next year though so22:05
akkI hadn't heard that -- that's great!22:05
jtatumwow, the gent in their countdown timer has a full unix beard22:07
akkSanta Clara, yay!22:07
* akk starts thinking about topics for talk proposals22:07
nhainesjono: as preparation for expanding my 5-minute UpScale talk on effective Free Software advocacy into a full presentation, I'm thinking of writing a series of blog posts for Planet Ubuntu on each key point.23:06
nhainesjono: do you have any hints or tips on how to make that kind of series more effective?23:07
iheartubuntuuse hand gestures :)23:17
nhainesiheartubuntu: I always do while speaking... but I try to be a little more subdued while typing.  ;)23:18
iheartubuntusounds interesting23:20
nhainesHmm, I realized that SCaLE doesn't host slides for the UpScale talks and therefore my slides aren't hosted anywhere.  I shuold probably put them up somewhere.23:20
pleia2nhaines: btw, my slides are here: http://princessleia.com/presentations/FindingHelpInUbuntuScale9x.pdf (.odp too)23:21
pleia2if you need them for the site23:21
nhainespleia2: thanks!  I do and I need to gather them because SCaLE wants them too.  :)23:21
nhainesI really like the new LibreOffice icons.  http://ubuntuone.com/p/jAT/23:26
iheartubuntunot to boost the egos of nhaines and pleia2 but you both did a *very* excellent job on your speeches at SCaLE9x23:41
pleia2thanks iheartubuntu :)23:45
iheartubuntufor those of you with "guilty" pets... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8ISzf2pryI23:45
iheartubuntuwhen making a presentation, has anyone considered using URL shorteners like goo.gl for long URLs? Especially in print like in magazines it sure is nice to have a short URL to type in23:49
nhainesI never put URLs in presentations.  The only reason I had one in my UpScale talk was that it was the easiest way to credit Randall Munroe for the xkcd comic.23:53
pleia2I tend to assume people will download the slides later (it's what I do)23:54
nhainespleia2: I'd put a reference slide in the back, for the downloaded set.  But I don't put URLs in anything I'm talking over.23:55
nhainesBut I tend to make my slides pretty brief.23:56
nhainesEspecially for UpScale, when they were going to be 20 seconds a piece.  :)23:57
iheartubuntuHope one of my shots makes it into Natty... http://www.flickr.com/photos/iheartubuntu/23:57

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