mhall119itnet7: pong00:12
itnet7mhall119: I was just going to ask you a couple fo questions about the LD00:20
itnet7I have a user that registered for Melbourne's UGJ and all it shows is the openid-xxxxx00:21
mhall119itnet7: that's a known bug, waiting on someone to review my patches to the openid<->django bridge00:49
itnet7Sweet, thanks, I thought I remembered that from a while back, but wasn't sure if it had ben fixed then re-appeared recently00:56
mhall119itnet7: hopefully the fix will be ready to deploy soon00:57
reya276Morning Everyone12:39
mhall119RoAkSoAx: slap him again14:31
* andreserl slaps itnet7 14:32
* RoAkSoAx slaps itnet7 14:33
reya276hey does anyone know if 11.04 will have a new Icon set like Faenza or something of the sort16:18
mhall119reya276: not Ubuntu, no16:24
mhall119Xubuntu is getting Elementary icons, IIRC16:24
reya276oh that sucks, I just don't understand why can't they use the Faenza Icons, much more of a slick theme compared to them huge nasty orange arrows they have on Nautilus16:27
reya276I mean don't get me wrong so far they have done great Job with Unity and all of that but that is what breaks the whole thing in terms of design boy that is an UGLY icon theme16:28
mhall119reya276: faenza doesn't conform to their style and branding16:34
mhall119also, I think faenza has some accessibility concerns16:35
reya276oh ok there are those things to worry about, true16:36
reya276but the whole style and branding? is not like what they have now goes with their nee style and branding. UGLY16:37
mhall119the orange is still part of the brand16:38
reya276oh I don't think you understand what I mean, is not a color issue per say is the styles of the icons, they are dated16:42
reya276the new version has a slick new modern look yet the arrows and icons have a bubble look and feel to them16:43
reya276that does not seem like 2+2=4 to me16:44
reya276they need to fix that and some other ones too such ad the folders, hone, etc...16:44
reya276do they have an art cycle for this one as well or did they do away with it16:45
mhall119I think the design team has been more focused on the Unity changes than anything else this cycle16:45
mhall119you should file a bug about it though16:45
reya276nah its cool, they'll just ignore it16:47
reya276aside from that I've been using 11.04 at home now just to see how it would feel and is not that bad, it will take some getting use to but over all is ok16:49
reya276they are killing me with that global menu thing, even when you select Gnome session16:50
crashsystemsI upgraded to 11.04 last night, and really like it so far.16:56
itnet7Not sure if everyone had to check out Woot.com today, but they have a really good deal ont he Viewsonic 10.1 Tablet17:00
itnet7s/ont he/on the/17:01
jck77hello everyone17:54
itnet7Hey there jck77 !17:58
mhall119reya276: you should try Xubuntu, you might like it18:06
reya276I have is ok18:08
mhall119reya276: jono has a videocast going on right now, he said he thinks the icons stick out like a sore thumb right now, but he hopes they'll be improved soon18:10
jck77hey itnet7 hows everything18:41
jck77hey crashsystems you did the upgrade manually or via de update manager?18:49
crashsystemsjck77: update manager19:04
crashsystemsby "manually," am I correct in assuming you mean a fresh install?19:05
jck77yeap. so with the update manager you just update the source code list?19:09
crashsystemsrun update-manager -d19:11
crashsystemsit will make the nessesary updates to your source files19:11
jck77ohh thanks19:12
crashsystemskeep in mind, it is still alpha, so there will be bugs19:13
jck77I know, im gonna do it on my vm 19:13
jck77thanks for the advise anyways19:14
jck77anyone here use or tried blackbuntu?19:14
reya276mhall119, sorry dude had to run to a meeting19:27
reya276mhall119, cool stuff I'm going to check that out now19:28
maxolasersquadAnyone here know why Canonical dropped aptitude in support for apt-get?19:38
maxolasersquadI'm finding aptitude to be superior.19:39
maxolasersquadI've had two time where apt-get update would leave some packages not upgraded, while aptitude came through no problem.19:39
maxolasersquadAs of Maverick, aptitude is not longer installed by default.19:41
itnet7not too shabby jck77 and you?19:44
jck77kind of bored at work, trying new things here, testing etc... 19:52
jck77sometimes the owner and boss wont let me do it because they beleive is a waste of time19:52
mhall119maxolasersquad: I didn't think aptitude was ever installed by default20:00
maxolasersquadmhall119: It was until Maverick.20:00
mhall119I think apt-get is the minimal amount necessary20:01
mhall119well, maybe not20:02
mhall119well I don't know why then20:02
mhall119maybe it just took up more space than apt-get20:02
dantalizingmaxolasersquad: you around?20:04
maxolasersquaddantalizing: indeed20:06
maxolasersquadmhall119: I can appreciate that it doesn't make sense to include two tools that mostly accomplish the same task.  I just found aptitude to be superior in many cases.20:07

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