rick_h_I've got no patience for it00:00
snap-lNo, I mean patience to let the damn repos populate00:01
rick_h_right, and I was taking your phrase and using it back at you00:01
rick_h_no patience for morons that don't have one button clicks for any single thing they might want to do with a computer00:01
brouschthank you for not including good11:36
wolfgerI came very close to typing "mrnng"11:42
wolfgertoday isn't worth vowels11:42
rick_h_party, time to go drive the ice11:51
wolfgeryou got ice?11:53
wolfgerJust a driving misty rain here11:53
tjagodaNo ice here11:59
tjagodajust really heavy slush11:59
tjagodaI want a tank12:03
tjagodaTo drive to work12:03
tjagodalike a German King Tiger tank12:03
tjagodathat would be good12:03
wolfgerYes, that would do nicely12:03
wolfgertraffic jam? Get out of your cars before I crush them!12:04
tjagodaI would sell tickets to seats along the expressway12:04
tjagodaso people could watch me drive over all the other motorists.12:04
tjagoda"Pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge!"12:05
tjagodaI bet HR would complain about it though12:06
tjagoda"You can't drive a weapon to work"12:06
wolfgerThat's not a gun, it's an exhaust pipe,.12:07
tjagodaSo are we still logged?12:07
tjagodaBecause now I'm going to get fired when they google my name and see me talking about tanks and work12:08
wolfgerdon't kid yourself12:08
wolfgeryou were going to get fired anyway.12:08
tjagodaPoint conceded12:09
tjagodaMmm firefox 412:09
tjagodafast fast12:09
wolfgerWhat, you just now got on that?12:09
tjagodaI got it yesterday12:09
tjagodaused the beta for a while until it borked12:09
wolfgerYou should be running Natty Alpha. You'd have had it for a while now12:09
tjagodaI had a right click menu which included every possible right click option12:10
tjagodaI had to page through it to find things12:10
tjagodaon this 22" monitor12:10
tjagodaDo not want unity12:10
tjagodaDO NOT WANT12:10
tjagodaLinux mint looks interesting though =P12:11
wolfgerDon't want Unity? Fine. Don't use it. That's an option from the login screen, you know....12:21
wolfgerAlso, can load other WMs :-p12:21
rick_h_come to the rick side12:22
rick_h_sudo apt-get install awesome12:22
tjagodaI swapped into classic gnome mode12:22
tjagodaI still dont have my file menus12:22
tjagoda /rage12:22
snap-lI <3 my iPhone12:22
snap-lHad a meeting get canceled around 2am12:22
snap-lso the thing went "bleep" and vibrated.12:23
rick_h_yay for waking me up at 2am12:23
tjagodaIn stuff like firefox, where they've removed/customized the menu bars for Unity, it still shows the same in Gnome classic mode12:23
snap-lNot really12:23
snap-lGot my whole sleep schedule off, so I was awake, and able to get into dream sleep about 40 minutes before the alarm went off12:24
snap-lneedless to say, that was not ideal to get up12:24
wolfgertjagoda: you mean the whole "menu bar is moved to the top of the screen" thing? Yeah, that sucks12:24
wolfgerJust go Kubuntu12:25
wolfgeryou can still install all your favorite apps12:25
wolfgeror Xubuntu is probably a better fit for you12:26
tjagodaI like the menu bar at the top12:26
tjagodaIn firefox, for unity, they removed file/edit/view12:26
wolfgerso drag it up there12:26
tjagodawhen I switch into classic gnome12:26
tjagodait still does not come back12:26
tjagoda /rage12:26
wolfgerIt's not removed, it's moved12:26
tjagodaAre you using it in classic gnome mode?12:27
tjagodaI did this literally on Saturday with the daily build12:27
wolfgerfun stuff, really. The menu bar moved to the top of the screen instead of the actual app window (lame!) and auto-hides (lamer!)12:27
tjagodaAre you using it in classic gnome mode?12:28
wolfgerand possibly you need to file a bug report if it's broken in non-Unity Gnome12:28
tjagodaIt might do that in unity12:28
wolfgerI use Unity12:28
tjagodabut in non-unity it's all just gone12:28
wolfgerbug, bug, bug report12:28
wolfgerquickly, before they stop fixing things12:28
tjagodaDidn't even know it was a bug12:28
tjagodaAssumed it was intentional12:29
wolfgeronce it hits beta, you're screwed XD12:29
wolfgerI'll try classic Gnome tonight and see if I can see your issue12:29
tjagodaI'll turn into rick12:30
tjagodausing crack window managers that nobody supports12:30
wolfgersudo apt-get install xmonad12:32
wolfgeror e1712:32
wolfgeror awesome12:33
* wolfger wonders if rick_h_ has his chat client notify him when the word "awesome" is typed....12:34
jrwrene17 is the bomb12:34
wolfgerI need to give e17 on Natty a try12:35
rick_h_heh, no notice for that12:35
rick_h_but I'll look at adding it12:35
brouschwell i put together a crackerjack CAD and 3D station for $1100. I feel good about that12:39
brouschit's been so long since i bought something for someone else, i forgot to add on the windows license12:42
brouschGigabyte MB with SATA III and USB 3; Phenom II x4 840 3.2GHz CPU; 8GB Kingston DDR3 1333 RAM; OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD; Nvidia Quadro 600 1GB graphics card12:46
brouschoh, and 24" HD samsung lcd12:46
brouscha quad-core cpu running at 3.2ghz for $110 blows my mind12:55
rick_h_woot, verizone LTE rollout hitting more of MI: Flint, Mich., Grand Rapids, Mich., Lansing, Mich., Saginaw-Bay City, Mich.13:06
rick_h_the detroit rollout hit my house13:07
rick_h_so man I can't wait for an LTE phone/mifi13:07
tjagodaWhat speeds can you pull with LTE?13:07
rick_h_with 2-3M up in my test at work13:07
rick_h_in other words, about the same as my 18M down, 1.5M up uverse13:08
brouschi suspect verizon will hop on att's new charge unauthorized tetherers campaign13:11
rick_h_that's fine, I'll pay for it13:11
rick_h_I wanted to when I signed up and couldn't because they didn't have the plan option13:11
rick_h_they've added it now, but I've not gone and signed up since I don't use it a ton13:11
rick_h_but yea, an email arrival would have me on the site upgrading asap13:12
rick_h_especially after I hammered it at pycon for a week13:12
rick_h_doing 1gb uploads over night to snap-l13:12
rick_h_though I do miss my att tethered speeds, noticably slower on verizon, but LTE will fix that13:12
brouschum, very nice guys (i'm upgrading from samba 3.0 to 3.5) "Please read this chapter carefully before update or upgrading Samba. You should expect to find only critical or very important information here. Comprehensive change notes and guidance information can be found in the section http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/upgrading-to-3.0.html.13:14
brouschImportant Samba-3.2.x Change Notes13:14
brousch!!!!!!!!!!!!Add all critical update notes here!!!!!!!!!!!!!"13:14
snap-lie: published before they put in all of the critical update notes13:24
brouschyeah, but samba3.5 is in 10.04, so it's been sitting like that for a long time13:26
brouschmaybe there weren't any critical update notes13:26
jrwren3.5 eh?13:27
jrwrenwow, i never noticed.13:27
snap-lHm, I've never checked out cchits.net13:28
jrwreni do hate it when defaults for smb.conf global values change.13:28
brouschi actually have to do this in 2 steps. move everything off of my samba2 server to a server running samba 3.0, then from there onto a new samba 3.5 server13:28
snap-linteresting stuff.13:28
jrwrenyou have a samba2 server?13:28
jrwrenhow old is that?13:28
brouschubuntu 6.06 baby13:28
jrwrenwow. impressive13:28
jrwreni'm super surprised samba4 with AD compat has never come out.13:29
jrwrenif you would have told me that 8 yrs ago that it wouldn't be out in 8 years, i would not have believed.13:29
brouschthey've been working on samba4 forever13:29
jrwreni guess some things you just can't do open source.13:29
brouschstill in alpha :(13:29
snap-lAny interest in organizing a room party at Penguicon for the loco?13:36
wolfgersnap-l: organizing, or attending? ;-)13:49
snap-lAny interest in organizing a room party at Penguicon for the  loco?13:49
snap-las in making one happen. :)13:49
wolfgerI'll make one happen by showing up at your room :)13:50
wolfgerBut it would have to be Friday night for me13:50
wolfgerOr really, really early Sunday morning. :-D13:51
wolfgerwhat do you need in the way of assitance in making it happen.13:52
jrwrenlol, he iddn't ask for assistance, he said "someone go do this please"13:52
jrwrenbut its awesome how you volonteered him like that.13:52
snap-lWell, I'm figuring out the release party that is supposed to happen on the same weekend13:53
snap-lAnd room parties entail having the use of something called a "room"13:53
snap-lWhich the Hotel will gladly rent to us13:53
wolfgerexcept I believe the hotel is booked13:56
wolfgerI do not think13:56
wolfgerAllison would appreciate me using our room for this13:56
snap-lwould or would not?13:56
wolfgerThat should have been one line13:57
wolfger"I do not think she would"13:57
wolfgeri.e. "she would not"13:57
snap-lYeah, that's what I thought13:57
snap-lJoDee would have my head as well13:57
snap-land we're decidedly not in the party block13:57
wolfgerI think the question boils down to: "anybody got a room they're willing to use for this?13:57
snap-lso unless someone has a room to donate to the cause, that would be a definite "no"13:57
wolfgeryeah, we also get the quiet block, for Allison :-p13:58
snap-lwe got the quiet block for both of us, because while I can sleep through hell, I'd rather not try. ;)13:58
wolfgerI like to stay up and party, and her opinion is "fine... you can *walk* to your parties, I'd like to sleep"13:59
wolfgerhow inconvenient for me13:59
wolfgerbut she doesn't see it that way14:00
ColonelPanic001I actually bothered to get a room at the hotel this year. No idea if it's a quiet one or not, I told them I preferred it, but if it was getting filled up, I didn't mind a "regular" one14:00
rick_h_oh, thanks snap-l14:00
rick_h_reminding me to do the reminder14:00
rick_h_ok, so this is kind of funny14:02
snap-lrick_h_: ?14:02
rick_h_boss sends email: "I've moved the url of site xxxx.com to blahblahblahlong.company.com"14:03
rick_h_reply email "Thank you, I assume you meant blahblahblahlong@company.com"14:03
* snap-l checks to see if either of those urls resolve. ;)14:03
rick_h_so I read it first thing this morning and they matched14:03
rick_h_wtf, whatever14:03
rick_h_then boss caught it and replied "No, your address is an email address, I did not move the site to an email"14:04
snap-lIsn't that like cloud computing?14:05
rick_h_I swear I read it three times and didn't notice the @14:05
snap-lI've moved our site to the email14:05
rick_h_just auto converted14:05
snap-lI'm telnetting to they keyboard14:05
rick_h_I mean, did he try to load up @company.com in his browser? "Hmm, the site appears to be down"14:05
rick_h_it just keeps launching outlook14:05
snap-lIt sounds so mystical in my head14:05
snap-lrick_h_: It's the brain trying to make sense of the world.14:06
snap-land your boss knows that you wouldn't want to move the site to the e-mail14:06
snap-lso he likely read it correctly14:06
snap-land you read it correctly14:06
rick_h_my brain "it can't possibly be this stupid, eyes...just alter that up a bit"14:07
snap-land it was correct. Eventually, we shall all be moved to the e-mail14:07
wolfgerI love the way the brain routes around stupid14:07
snap-lI shall now be forever known as craig@decafbad.net14:07
wolfgerunfortunately, it also routes around "correct, but unexpected"14:08
rick_h_heh, we need an email api for bookie14:08
snap-las long as I keep the domain registered.14:08
rick_h_recent@rick.bmark.us will reply with recent bookmarks14:08
rick_h_tags@, this is genius!14:08
snap-lI will hunt you down and kill you if you implement that.14:08
rick_h_come on, auto replies to you, with links in the email14:09
snap-lyou think implementing solr is hard? try munging e-mail addresses14:09
wolfgersnap-l: this channel is logged. That idea is in the wild. Somebody somewhere will implement it now14:09
rick_h_we could be the kind of bookmark services in the 3rd world14:10
rick_h_"to save this web page to your bookmarks, text xxxx"14:10
rick_h_operate entirely over text messages, email14:11
wolfger"You've reached Google. To search the web, text "1"; to search images, text "2"; to search....."14:12
rick_h_paste.mitechie.com ?14:14
snap-lI need to make a subdomain for that on my site14:14
snap-la pastebin called ieatpaste.decafbad.net14:15
jrwrenpastebin.com wanted me to enable cookies. pfff14:15
rick_h_meh, I think lodgeit will as well, at least if you do it alerts you to replies/etc14:15
binbrainneed.... coffee....14:27
rick_h_yay, we got lococast feedback, and from randall scwartz14:32
rick_h_to complain about our pronounciation14:32
rick_h_yea, forwarded you the email snap-l14:33
rick_h_and a quick google pulled up: http://danielmiessler.com/blog/how-to-pronounce-os-x-proof-from-apple14:33
snap-lPlease stop saying "snap EL", it's clearly pronounced "Your grace"14:35
snap-lI'll start saying H T T P colon backslash14:36
snap-lThat's my nails-on-chalkboard14:37
snap-lI think we should lead off the show with that e-mail. ;)14:38
snap-lthough I fear it'll get bitchy way too quickly.14:38
rick_h_ok, bcc'd you on the reply14:40
rick_h_naw, that's ok. hey, it's feedback and that's cool. Never really thought about it14:40
rick_h_I know I hear oh-ess-ex a lot, now I'll have to pay attention where I hear which ones14:40
rick_h_but still, means he's listened to a show or two14:40
snap-lI'm trying to remember when we've said osx14:41
snap-lMac Oh-Sex14:41
snap-lI could have way too much fun with this14:42
rick_h_heh, calm down14:42
snap-lDOS, Dose14:42
rick_h_ugh, had the password vs ssh-key debate with a guy14:43
rick_h_doesn't help when he doesn't know/understand how to use ssh-keys14:43
snap-lssh keys seem realy complicated until you understand the beauty of them14:43
snap-lthen they become your preferred method14:43
rick_h_yea, he's all "well one attach and suddenly they can access my whole network"14:43
snap-lwhich is why you use a pass-phrase14:44
snap-land you don't use screen at a level where it matters.14:44
snap-lie: screen after you've authed,not before14:44
_stink_wait, i don't understand what that means14:44
snap-lwhich is just bad practice anyway14:44
_stink_his quote14:44
snap-l_stink_: which, keys, or screen?14:45
jrwrenhey... i want to hear about the pronounciation... pastebin that email14:45
_stink_"well one attach and suddenly they can access my whole network"14:45
snap-ljrwren: Basically, he was correcting our O S X pronounciation as "OS Ten"14:45
jrwrenif you odn't understand SSH keys, then you don't understand SSL14:46
jrwrenits a damn shame client side SSL Certs were never used more widely, more people would understand.14:46
snap-l_stink_: I read it that if you have screen running locally on your machine, someone could attach to that running procees and acccess the network via your auth14:46
snap-l_stink_: Which is not a best practice by any stretch14:46
jrwrenonly if you leave ssh sessions open. don't leave 'em open in scren.14:47
_stink_i see.14:47
jrwreni know you do.14:47
jrwrenbash his head in until he does ;P14:47
_stink_physical security always trumps anyway.14:47
jrwrenof course.14:47
_stink_don't let people sit down at an unlocked machine. :)14:47
jrwrenbut its a lot easier to call local police for breaking and entering.14:48
snap-lAnd don't leave sensitive screen sessions open on an unlocked machine14:48
_stink_for sure.14:48
_stink_or just use a really obscure window manager and switch to a different display group!14:48
snap-lAnd if you use a passphrase, you get the security of both passwords and ssh keys.14:48
snap-l_stink_: Security by obscurity is never good. ;)14:49
_stink_snap-l: it's "something you know" :P14:49
_stink_my prefix key14:49
_stink_a one key password.14:49
snap-lxterm and a vi of your config, and I'm in. ;)14:50
_stink_i guess i shouldn't go to the bathroom at work14:50
* _stink_ buys diapers14:50
jrwreni lock my windows desktop mostly because of my ssh agent running, not much because of hte desktop itself.14:50
jrwrenwhat are you talking about "one key password" and "xterm and vi of config" what does that mean?14:51
_stink_jrwren: i was joking that i 'lock' my machine by switching to a blank group in my tiling wm.14:51
_stink_and no key will do anything until you find the prefix key.14:51
jrwreni get it now.14:52
rick_h__stink_: ++ I joke that's why I use awesome WM, no menus to click on14:52
_stink_tiling wms: confound the criminals and hackers!14:52
wolfgerYeah, using xmonad and switching to a blank workspace would utterly confound anybody who doesn't know tiling wm's14:53
wolfgerHeh. I filed a bug that xmonad wasn't working after I installed it, because I couldn't do anything and had to kill X to get out of it.14:54
wolfgerthen I read the manual....14:54
rick_h_lmao, awesome14:55
wolfgerwell, I had a bookmark for an xmonad walk-through14:56
binbrainanyone finds a tiling wm that doesn't have the aesthetic of twm, I'm all game14:56
wolfgerMy idea was, install xmonad, fire up Firefox, and do the walkthrough14:57
wolfgercouldn't figure out how to fire up Firefox, or anything else.14:57
rick_h_what's the "aesthetic of twm"?14:57
rick_h_wolfger: actually, been there14:57
rick_h_didn't get so far as filing a bug though14:57
snap-lrick_h_: Have you use twm?14:57
wolfgerwell, I *am* on Natty...14:57
wolfgerso I assumed it was a bug14:57
snap-lIt was the window manager that was the prevursor of fvwm14:58
rick_h_oh, no. I thought twm was short for tiling window manager as a group14:58
binbrainahh, good guess, but no14:58
rick_h_so thought he was saying "if there was a tiling WM without being ugly, etc I'd use it"14:58
rick_h_but that's the thing, what's there to be ugly when you don't see anything but your apps?14:59
snap-ltwm in it's glory14:59
rick_h_hah, nice14:59
rick_h_well, pick a terminal that does pretty TTF and you're golden14:59
rick_h_ugh, wtf is with that top bar15:00
snap-lIt was hugely customizable, but it started off with some pretty god-awful defaults.15:00
snap-lThat's called a minimize bar. ;)15:00
rick_h_and no chrome allowed on windows/apps15:00
rick_h_you don't drag them aroudn, that's not tiling15:00
rick_h_heh, <315:01
binbrainI think I'm going to learn swig today15:02
rick_h_what's not to love15:02
_stink_i think <4 should be a new mem15:04
_stink_for extra love15:04
snap-lI think it already is15:04
snap-lrick_h_: What's not to love... Um....15:04
_stink_damn, thought i came up with a meme.15:05
rick_h__stink_: that's ok, works for me15:05
snap-lhttp://eclim.org/_images/screenshots/vim/gnu_screen_shell.png <- It looks a lot like this?15:05
rick_h_holy crap, what's with the bookie new peeps15:05
rick_h_snap-l: naw, I'm using gvim :P15:05
snap-lYou must've been mentioned somewhere15:05
rick_h_and tabs15:06
rick_h_(in my terminal that is)15:06
snap-lhttp://www.lartmaker.nl/gallery/vt220.jpg < Which feels a lot like this?15:06
rick_h_saw the potential to head there15:06
brouschdamn you guys are gabby today15:07
snap-lI blame the weather15:07
rick_h_yea, I'm waiting on an email reply15:07
rick_h_and I busted butt yesterday so less motivated today since I got 99% of the stuff done for today15:08
rick_h_here snap-l, this isn't my current space, but should feel a bit less like your last example photo: http://uploads.mitechie.com/awesome.png15:09
snap-l_much_ better15:10
snap-lnow it's a sea of grey and black instead of a sea of grey.15:10
snap-lI think that keyboard might have clicky keys.15:11
rick_h_for a bit more modern taste15:11
rick_h_ooh, clicky15:11
rick_h_actually moved to using that happy hacker today15:11
rick_h_I keep liking it when I use it, if only the clicky version was $30015:12
snap-lhttp://paulq.org/c64/C128.jpg <- Now you're a bit more modern15:12
rick_h_oh, external drive15:12
rick_h_more power!15:12
_stink_that a 128?15:12
_stink_oh, VIC15:12
snap-lNo, C12815:12
_stink_ah, ok15:12
snap-lI give rick_h_ some credit. He at least uses 80 col15:13
_stink_i'm still sad we gave away our C64.15:13
snap-lhttp://www.vintagecomputing.com/wp-content/images/interviews/bushnell/atari800_large.jpg <- this is more my speed.15:13
rick_h_well, today's screenshot, the first one is not my code so it's not 80 yet15:13
_stink_not like there are a billion of them out there.15:13
snap-l_stink_: I can get you one cheap15:13
rick_h_not done cleaning it up15:13
_stink_snap-l: what's cheap?15:13
snap-lI know people who have (or had) several15:13
snap-lLet me do some asking15:14
_stink_snap-l: <415:14
snap-lIf it's just the unit you want, that's easy15:14
snap-ldrives and software are a little harder to come by.15:14
rick_h_we need widox invovled, he's the example of 'modern tiling WM user'15:14
_stink_yeah, i think it'd still be worth it.15:14
rick_h_since he runs it inside gnome15:14
greg-goh hey! I'm in your screenshot (of tweetdeck)15:15
* greg-g is barely keeping up from clicking all those links ;)15:15
snap-lYeah, I suck. ;)15:16
jrwrenI prefer my 800XL15:18
jrwrenthe basic on atari 800XL was just so sexy.15:18
snap-ljrwren: Atari4Life15:18
jrwrenwell, yes and no.15:19
jrwrenI think I'm not interested in anything that doesn't have a tcp/ip stack and ethernet of some sort.15:19
snap-lNot a fan of the Atari ST, I take it?15:19
jrwrenI had and still have an Amiga100015:20
snap-ljrwren: You haven't been keeping up. ;)15:20
jrwrenoh, i know there are hacks, but its not interesting to me.15:20
snap-lI still miss the Atari computer15:21
jrwrenI don't.15:22
jrwreni like where we are going.15:22
snap-lIt was a nice computer15:22
snap-lOh, don't get me wrong15:22
snap-lI love the fact that I'm using a computer that is based on UNIX15:22
jrwrenI miss the fun and feeling of computing back then.15:22
jrwrenbut I think that is because I was young and it was young.15:22
jrwrenit was definitely a special time15:22
snap-lI miss the feeling of discovery15:22
snap-lnow it just feels like work15:22
jrwrenI think that is age.15:23
snap-lI can't just draw a circle on the screen, now I have to make it 3D15:23
jrwrenalthough I do get passionate about discovering things these days, its just not the same.15:23
jrwrenSphere(0,0,0) :)15:23
jrwrenwhen I was learning WPF, one of the first things I did was try to write my old standby atari line drawing routine.15:24
jrwrenI did it, and I learned a lot, but it was a bitch and performed for shit.15:24
jrwrenthe atari was actually faster, lol15:24
rick_h_jrwren: did you watch the superboard pycon talk?15:24
rick_h_you'd love it I think15:24
jrwreni mean, its comparing apples to donuts, but still15:24
jrwreni'll look it up15:25
greg-gmmm, apples and donuts15:25
jrwrenhttp://dabeaz.blogspot.com/2011/03/superboard-takes-pycon.html ?15:25
jrwrengreg-g: you have to wait until late August to get the good ones :)15:26
rick_h_jrwren: that's the one15:26
greg-gjrwren: yeah, out of season and all. Oranges are starting (heck, have been for a while) to suck.15:26
jrwrenah... reading the beginning of that superboard post is cool.. i respect that stuff, but its really not my thing.15:27
rick_h_wife says it's strawberry time? mmmm strawberry and cream15:27
jrwrenretro style computing for hobbyists is interesting, but I enjoy the more practicle applications of modern computing.15:27
jrwrenits damned early for MI strawberries.15:27
jrwrenbut if you pay top dollar you can get some hoop house strawberries :)15:28
snap-lI actually bought a copy of Steve Jackson's OGRE for the Atari ST so I could play it15:28
snap-lthey don't make games like that anymore15:28
snap-lpackaging and such15:29
snap-lComes with a manual explaining how the AI does it's thing15:29
snap-land a radiation badge15:29
jrwrenwhich is the superboard pycon video?15:29
rick_h_the link above, video/9015:30
jrwrenthat is just showing me all of videos15:30
jrwrenty snap-l15:30
snap-lthank Miro. ;)15:30
rick_h_the pycon.tv link is nice because search works vs the blip site which fails at search15:31
jrwrenweirdwhy does this superboard sound so familiar?15:31
jrwrenmaybe people were talking about it at codemash?15:31
jrwrenI know I read about it some a while back.15:32
rick_h_not sure15:32
snap-ljrwren: I think so15:32
snap-lI have one of the newer Ohio Scientific computers as one of my backgrounds15:33
jrwrenremember when we refered to things as "peripherals" ?15:37
jrwrennow we dont' call components that.15:38
snap-lNow we just call them by their name: USB Humping dog15:38
jrwrenhow did he get the superboard outputting to an LCD?15:39
jrwrenmust be a VGA LCD?15:39
snap-lMight be an old TV as well15:39
jrwreneven still, you'd have to break out the RGB from teh composite video to go to VGA15:39
jrwrenoh, could be an old LCD TV with composite video, good call.15:39
snap-lIt may have an RF adapter.15:39
jrwrenusually it was composite out and then to RF adapter15:40
jrwrenoh, but I see what you mean, if it is a TV that isn't digital only15:41
jrwrenoh! beautiful amiga monitor.15:41
jrwreni have that monitor15:41
jrwrenhis slide at 4:4415:41
snap-lYeah, I still have a goldstar 13" monitor  that I used for my Atari15:41
jrwrenthey were great displays15:42
snap-lthat was our TV when we first got married.15:42
jrwrenvery good dotpitch for the time.15:42
snap-l11:00 is awesome as hell15:44
snap-lMy old computer15:51
jrwreni don't see a computer.15:51
snap-lIt's in there somewhere15:52
jrwreni see a woman, part of a keyboard, a monitor, and a palm.15:52
snap-lThat's after we moved15:52
jrwrenoh, htere it is on the floor15:52
snap-lPriorities. ;)15:52
snap-lhttps://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/y4JbxuujDTqzQalGEBh3wKv_CiZ9cbYle6H_BpP-gDo?feat=directlink <- Entertainment center. ;)15:55
jrwrensnap-l: rofl.15:56
jrwrensnap-l: mine currently is not very different than that.15:56
jrwreni have an ikea cabinet with doors to hide the reciever, xbox1, and VCR, but on top of it sits a 13" CRT15:56
snap-lYeah, same here. Changed the DVD player, added some speaker stands, added a 32" LCD TV, and lost the VCR.15:57
jrwrenthe VCR only exists to do composite to RF conversion from the xbox to the 13" TV15:57
snap-ljrwren: I did that initially for the DVD player, but the stupid macrovision crap made it impossible to play a DVD video through the VCR15:59
jrwrenugh, lame.15:59
snap-lThis presentation is 10 ways of awesome.16:02
rick_h_snap-l: the superboard talk?16:04
snap-lYeah, I hadn't watched it yet.16:04
rick_h_it's one of those "have to watch just for fun" talks16:04
rick_h_it was all the rage at pycon16:04
rick_h_I still need to watch a few myself, zed shaw's is next on my list16:04
jrwrenzed was at pycon?16:08
rick_h_he gave a talk on 0mq16:09
wolfgerjrwren, snap-l: we now refer to "peripherals" as "usb devices". Because that's what almost everything is now.16:12
wolfgerno more "15 different ports for 12 different things"16:13
rick_h_DBO: hey howdy16:38
krondorSo doing PHP on n16:48
krondorWoops wrong window16:48
rick_h_on n?16:49
snap-lHe means the http://www.ncomputing.com/16:49
snap-lOffice in a box solution16:49
greg-gthin clients?16:52
DBOhowdy rick_h_ :)16:52
rick_h_DBO: you get the email on the google doc?16:53
rick_h_just wanted to make sure before thurs16:53
DBOyeah going to fill it out after tonights release :)16:53
DBOjust for my own reference16:54
rick_h_k, cool16:54
rick_h_yea, most people do16:54
rick_h_but not required by any means16:54
DBOhow many people are going to hear this?16:54
rick_h_well, bout 200+ rss feed subscribers, about 1k downloads of all material past month16:55
rick_h_so not a ton, but hopefully this will come out good and we can plug it a lot as some good required listening with natty coming16:55
DBOmostly just curious, Im not super used to talking about unity without a keyboard to filter it, so I'll do my best16:56
rick_h_yea, well we record/edit16:56
rick_h_so if anything doens't come out right as you speak just let us know and we'll tweak it16:57
rick_h_but sometimes lack of filter is good :)16:57
=== ninkendo is now known as ninkendo_
ColonelPanic001I do not like this Rick's Rant about part time developers17:31
ColonelPanic001It reminds me that I have to cut that out. I've been sliding to that17:32
ColonelPanic001stfu, you.17:32
_stink_i haven't heard it yet.17:33
ColonelPanic001ep. 417:34
ColonelPanic001although to be fair, since this new job, everything I do is stuff I'd never touched before. Ruby, mobile dev, etc17:36
ColonelPanic001I haven't written a line of Perl in ages, and that's my 'native language'17:37
widoxrick_h_: modern wm user?17:37
rick_h_using WM inside of gnome17:37
widoxnah, I run awesome proper17:38
rick_h_oh do you? I thought you ran it in gnome17:38
widoxI use some gnome bits17:38
widoxnm, battery stuff17:38
wolfgerColonelPanic001: I felt the same way when I heard that rant17:43
wolfgerexcept my reaction was less "stfu, you" and more "I need to get out to some meetings again"17:44
wolfger...and while more eyes are on the screen than last night... Anybody care to confirm my Gwibber bug on Natty?17:45
ColonelPanic001heh, no, the "stfu" was for _stink_ ;)17:46
ColonelPanic001but yeah, that too.17:46
ColonelPanic001the meetings thing too, I mena17:46
ColonelPanic001I use gwibber, but I'm on Maverick17:47
_stink_i accept the stfu17:47
ColonelPanic001_stink_: by saying so, you didn't.17:47
_stink_i can't win17:47
ColonelPanic001what's sad is that I've done that exact rant before, without the nicer name17:48
ColonelPanic001people that just learn what's in a basic "learn in 24 hours" book and are fine there. Never even just glance at a mailing list or an rss feed17:49
wolfgerColonelPanic001: Maybe you can verify it for Mav, too... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gwibber/+bug/74048617:51
ColonelPanic001I'll give it a shot.17:51
wolfgerI normally avoid Gwibber like the plague it is, but I figure I'll be a good Alpha user and try things out, report bugs17:51
ColonelPanic001trying it now. Removed both accounts, added identica account17:53
ColonelPanic001it's still showing the twirly refresh thing17:53
ColonelPanic001works fine for me17:55
ColonelPanic001removed both, added identica, loaded it fine17:55
greg-gyeah, not sure how I would test that without a fresh vm17:57
snap-lnew file cabinets are... big18:00
snap-lForgot to check letter sized vs. legal sized18:00
greg-gColonelPanic001: though, what you just did is a good data point, a comment might be worthwhile18:09
ColonelPanic001well, I've now given back to the FOSS community. I'm done.18:13
ColonelPanic001 /part18:13
greg-g /kick18:14
ColonelPanic001snap-l: OpenMetalCast is an awesome idea, thanks for doing it18:18
wolfgersomebody must die18:23
wolfgerI just tried to view a log file in vim. A rather large log file.18:24
* ColonelPanic001 prepares a list of suggestions18:24
wolfgerctrl-f didn't work18:24
wolfgershift-g didn't work18:24
wolfgerk didn't work18:24
wolfgerl and h worked....18:24
wolfgerI'm like, "wtf?"18:24
wolfgerThe entire log file is *ONE LINE*18:24
wolfgerhalf a meg of text on a single line18:25
wolfgerhelp me, vim guru rick_h_; Is there any sane way to handle this? ;-)18:26
rick_h_yea, so vim commands ootb treat a wrapped line as one line18:27
rick_h_if you want to support 'fake' lines that are wrapped you need a tweak18:27
rick_h_sec, let me get my .vimrc up18:27
rick_h_wolfger: ^^18:28
rick_h_so you can either map those18:28
rick_h_or what they're doing is using g* to move wrapped lines18:28
rick_h_so j/k move one real line, gj/gk will move a wrapped line18:29
wolfgerok, cool. Thanks!18:29
greg-gwithout even missing a beat, rick_h_ swoops in with the solution and a link to code18:31
rick_h_hey, hit me on a good day in a good subject and I can be useful, I promise :)18:31
wolfgerreminds me of http://xkcd.com/208/18:32
ColonelPanic001amusing that newspapers use a web comic as a scientific source18:39
rick_h_yea, but you have to give credit, it's backed by a real scientist and he did a great job with that18:39
_stink_for sure18:40
_stink_i think it's more a comment on newspapers :P18:40
_stink_it's an awesome chart.18:40
_stink_it should be posted everywhere18:40
ColonelPanic001it is - I meant amusing as in "my god, newspapers are uninformed"18:43
snap-lConsidering that folks hear "nuclear" and immediately think of three-mile-island and chernobyl, I think it's warranted18:46
snap-lsince it shows what happens18:46
DBOrick_h_, you go to reddit much?18:47
rick_h_DBO: yea18:47
rick_h_well, follow a few of the subs in rss18:47
* ColonelPanic001 reddits.18:48
DBOi was thinking I could post a thing to r/Ubuntu basically asking them for questions we could answer after the interview portion18:48
rick_h_ah, gotcha18:48
DBOfield a couple community questions, and drive you guys an additional audience18:48
rick_h_yea, we've posted stuff after we've got it up, but not done pre before18:48
DBOpre is the way to go18:49
DBOits like crack to redditors18:49
rick_h_yea, I'm cranking at work right now, but at CHC tonight we'll put out a blog post and twitter/reddit it18:49
snap-lHey, that would be great!18:49
DBOI did an AMA on there for unity dev18:49
rick_h_snap-l: don't let me forget to do a request for questions then tonight on the lococast blog18:49
DBOit went nuts18:49
rick_h_k, back to orm/sql fun18:50
DBOwhen you post to reddit, do a self post, it is seen as less "karma whorish"18:50
brouschquestion #1 WHY DO YOU HATE GNOME?18:52
brouschyou must yell when you ask18:52
snap-lbrousch: Man, don't take my question18:53
snap-lQuestion #2: Why do you hate freedom and apple pie?18:54
snap-lQuestion #3: When did you stop loving RMS?18:54
brouschon a scale of 1 to 1000 − 1 being hitler and 1000 being a crotch-kick from chuck norris - how awesome is unity?19:00
snap-lsomewhere between warm strawberry jello and liver and onions.19:00
brouschhm, both of those sound pretty good to me19:01
brouschi'm sold!19:01
_stink_hey, i like liver and onions.19:17
ColonelPanic001I liked liver and onions, before I gave up red meat19:36
ColonelPanic001I don't get people's revulsion to it19:36
snap-lI used to like it19:37
snap-lthen I had it once, and it make me sick as hell19:37
snap-land now I can't stand being in the same room with it19:37
* brousch knows what he's bringing to the bug jam19:37
snap-lbrousch: Only if you want a repeat of that episode19:45
snap-ltrust me, the only highlight was playing laser blast and getting the highest score I've ever gotten on that game19:45
brouschit could be amusing19:45
snap-lTracfone sucks20:05
rick_h_oh hell yea20:05
snap-lManaged to give someone 180 minutes because I put in the wrong phone number20:05
snap-lso, bully for them20:06
snap-lThat's two mistakes I've made. ;)20:06
rick_h_old: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/E1LcvMRHbsul9yDPtMjN/20:09
rick_h_new: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/NhB4Mu61BEqCbodFzDZF/20:10
rick_h_<3 python20:10
snap-lGod that first one is the stuff of nightmares20:10
rick_h_yea, welcome to my world20:11
rick_h_changes today caused this fragile to blow up in spades20:11
rick_h_that's just the counter part20:11
rick_h_even better20:15
Blazeixwow, that first link makes me unreasonably angry.20:17
rick_h_yea, you can see why it's come up for removall20:19
rick_h_worst is that all that was in a function call, with another loop like that to generate another count, sql query results, etc20:20
greg-gwhere was that quote from someone who said "Sony, don't mess with people who put linux on their playstations. You just can't win." (paraphrased badly)20:23
krondorThat was from the last chaos convention20:27
snap-lAnyone interested in doing a panel discussion for Natty at Penguicon?20:30
snap-lSome days it's not worth chewing out of the straps21:25
rick_h_Blazeix: so showed my boss the default dict trick/cleanup22:35
rick_h_"Now *THAT's* what I call a trick! Though I would say my original version is more "understandable"."22:36
snap-lbull fucking shit22:36
snap-lbull fucking shit22:36
snap-lHis was liable to be wrong at  some point and just fall through22:37
rick_h_that's what I said, as you add more types, mine handles it without code changes22:37
rick_h_his needs new rows for every single type22:38
rick_h_but whatever, at least the first part came across that it was "a good trick"22:38
BlazeixI do agree that the second link is probably what I would choose when working on a group project22:43
Blazeixthe third link is elegant, but I've seen people really freak out as soon as they lambdas enter the mix.22:43
gamerchick02Would anyone in Michigan be interested in an Ubuntu Hour in Saginaw in late April or early May?22:51
gamerchick02i'd really like to do one, but i don't know if there's anyone around here that'd help. or something.22:52
gamerchick02i don't think i have the chops to deal with that one person who'll come up and ask a bunch of uber technical questions.22:53
rick_h_Blazeix: yea, but once you see it you can understand it and see how deep it goes right away22:56
rick_h_the example I sent him was from a different section of code that was 5 dicts deep22:56
rick_h_so you'd have to add 5 levels if If xxx in dict: else dict[xxx] = defaultdict22:57
rick_h_now we can debate onthe 5 levels deep anyway, but it's the way it is for now22:57
rick_h_but anyway, lamdas throw me sometimes as well. I actually got that part from a online post23:01
rick_h_the second was where my brain stopped23:02
Blazeixyeah, the lambdas there are more of a hack because the inner defaultdict in defaultdict(defaultdict(int)) would be an object23:03
rick_h_interesting fun23:04

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