thafreakMorning Ohio14:57
thafreakhow many have installed firefox 4 so far?14:57
thafreakThere's a stable ppa for lucid and maverick folks14:57
Unit193thafreak: I take it you have FF4? how do you like it?17:14
thafreakSo far, firefox4 is nice...very fast17:21
Unit193I think it's mostly better then FF3.6 (where it's better, it's much better)17:22
Unit193I also get xkcd emailed to me :D17:22
Unit193Dilbert for today is so good...http://www.arcamax.com/newspics/17/1731/173177.gif17:30
thafreakSo what's all this noise about bitcoin18:26
paultagthafreak: no clue, just got internets back :)18:35
Unit193Can anyone say tornado?19:12
paultagUnit193: yup19:15
paultagIt's rainy as shit right now19:15
paultagBBL, walkign to class19:15
thafreakThere's this whole trading market trading bitcoins for USD...21:40
thafreakthey're currently trading for like $0.8621:40
thafreakstarted out around $0.1221:40
thafreakpaultag: bitcoin sounds like something you'd be interested in...crypto money...21:41
paultagthafreak: sounds like a scam to me :)21:41
paultagthafreak: I'll pop that open at work21:41
paultagI'll BRB21:41
paultagI'm rather tired21:41
thafreakwell, the bitcoin doesn't seem to be a scam...but not sure about these "markets" though21:42
thafreaklet me know what you think once you look at it...21:42

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