MutantTurkeyflyers game was awesome03:18
ChinnoDogmorning peeps13:58
andrewmorning dogs14:03
teddy-dbearmornin' all you silly humans ;-)14:09
andrewteddy-dbear: what about goats? http://i.imgur.com/IERh4.jpg14:09
teddy-dbearno goats here14:10
teddy-dbearjust a few bots14:11
ChinnoDogyou callin me a dog?15:15
ssweenyit's right there in your name15:18
ssweenyyou could clear up the confusion by going by ChinnoDawg15:18
* teddy-dbear votes for ChinnoBunny :-[15:44
andrewIt's nearly that time of year15:44
teddy-dbearhow does teddy-dbunny sound?15:47
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!  I'm engaged!15:50
ssweenycongratulations SamuraiAlba!15:52
ssweenythat is good bacon indeed15:52
SamuraiAlbamet my GF in second grade.  Been a long time coming :)15:52
ssweenymy sister recently married a man she met in pre-school (they hadn't been dating that whole time of course)15:53
SamuraiAlbaI haven't been dating the whole time LOL15:53
EvilPhoenixgreetings, everyone.  i trust you are all well?16:00
ChinnoDogssweeny: that is pretty cool. Did they re-meet by accident?16:00
ssweenyChinnoDog, sort of. they knew each other through high school, then parted ways when he joined the air force and she went to college16:00
ssweenyi believe they reconnected via facebook or some such thing16:00
ssweenythen one thing led to another16:01

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