cyberangerwrst: btw, I'm glad your considering heading further into CLI02:04
robertzaccourhey yall04:16
Xpistosmorning everybody13:05
Xpistosbaby wrst13:05
wrsthey Xpistos13:05
wrsthow are you doing?13:05
XpistosTired. Late nights13:06
Xpistosearly mornings13:06
wrstyes that i know :)13:26
wrstoh Xpistos i'm trying out Linux Mint DE13:32
Xpistoshow do you like it13:33
wrstits pretty good, i'm updating still13:33
wrstsince the disk was spun in DEC13:33
cyberangerwrst: if you like that, you should really try CB13:47
wrstcyberanger: ^13:47
wrsti have thought about it13:52
wrsti think the next distro i will try will be debian cut when there are some releases of it13:52
chris4585wrst, have you tried sidux?14:00
wrsti did at one time but been a while chris458514:01
wrsti was hoping that Mint DE would have my broadcom wireless easy to get going but that was not the case so i will have to mess with that some it appears14:01
chris4585I haven't heard much from them in a while, although I'm a little out of the loop14:01
wrstme either14:10
netritiousgood morning locotn14:33
wrstmorning netritious hows it going out west?14:44
netritiousgoing well...supposed to get some rain today but it *is* spring after all14:45
netritioushow about yourself wrst?14:45
wrstpretty good netritious just getting some work done14:46
wrsthello pace_t_zulu15:55
pace_t_zulusup wrst15:55
pace_t_zuluhow's it going15:55
wrstits going well pace_t_zulu how about with you?15:55
pace_t_zului see netritious is stepping down... haven't had a chance to really respond to that... i can't really do the hosting... but i can help with the management and programming for sure15:55
pace_t_zuluit's going well here too wrst, ty15:56
pace_t_zuluwrst: how far along is you wife?15:56
wrstshe has delivered pace_t_zulu, one week old baby girl15:57
pace_t_zulucongratulations to you both wrst!15:57
pace_t_zuluwhat's her name?15:58
pace_t_zuluyou can pm me that if you want15:58
wrstBrianna Kate pace_t_zulu15:58
pace_t_zululovely name wrst15:59
wrstthere is nothing secret in the world any way pace_t_zulu :)15:59
netritioushow's it going pace_t_zulu16:02
netritioushosting is taken care of... Svpernova09 has it covered16:02
pace_t_zuluhey netritious sorry to hear you're stepping down... no worries though16:03
pace_t_zulunetritious: i can help with the programming side of things16:03
netritiousit's already been moved, just waiting for cyberanger (or someone with domain control access) to update the name server entries16:03
netritiouspace_t_zulu: just not enough time in the day :/16:03
pace_t_zului hear ya netritious16:03
netritiousthis past sun realized I had completely forgotten to organize the meetup for this past sat, and subsequently realized I just didn't have time anymore16:04
netritiousand since W TN had two POC I figured it would be covered16:05
Svpernova09DNS is already updated for me, but that could just be your A records since I was poking at it.16:14
netritiousSvpernova09: the NS entries have been updated?16:17
Svpernova09hmm, whois still shows old dns.16:17
Svpernova09not according to godaddy's whois. whois.org is flagging a weird error.16:17
netritiousI think that's just whois.org...16:19
netritious"whois ubuntu-tennessee.org" shows correctly16:19
Svpernova09Could be16:19
netritiousat least it looks correct16:19
netritiousyeah A records working great, just got to update those NS and transfer will be complete, but has to be someone with domain control, and I know cyberanger has access not sure who else does though16:20
=== netritious1 is now known as netritious
cyberangernetritious: that someone should be you and pace too, but I don't mind doing it19:07
cyberangernetritious: so just let me know19:09
netritiousi think at some point in time you sent me an email cyberanger, and I looked for it but not found...so please do by all means go ahead and upadte20:12
cyberangerupdate to what20:12
netritiousthat was kinda the reason for spreading it around in the first place I thought, you know, someone host the site, some get the domain, someone get the cert, etc20:13
netritiousget my post to the list from yesterday?20:13
cyberangeryeah, right as I asked that (that list has been once a month, I check it once a day, realized it's probally there)20:15
netritiousns3.secure-trans.net and ns4.secure-trans.net20:15
cyberangerit's in the email20:15
cyberangerwell, was the site ever spread out, if you just shut the box off, who had a copy to bring it back up20:16
netritioussorry Svpernova09 was answering cyberanger20:17
netritiouscyberanger: the site was backed up nightly around 1 am20:18
netritiousremotely until the problems a few weeks ago20:18
cyberangerhe had a copy of it before this email, and never was on that admin team, shoot20:18
netritiousbut working on integration with S3 when I have time20:18
cyberangerand I guess I gotta resend the dns info, and figure out where things sit20:19
netritiousthere is a plugin in the install to backup the site cyberanger20:19
netritioushas been there from day 120:19
netritiousbacks up the files, config, and mysql, prompts for d/l20:19
cyberangerdidn't know that, ok, and only the admin team and Poc's have that?20:20
netritiousso I guess the better question is, since you have admin access to WP, why don't you have a backup? :D20:20
netritiousyes cyberanger20:20
netritiousit was never my intention to "control" the site or anything of that nature20:21
netritiousI know there are at least five admins atm20:21
netritiousPOCs and Svpernova0920:21
cyberangerI had PoCs and wrst, that's no good20:21
netritiouswrst is admin too20:22
* wrst resents being called no good20:22
netritious+1 wrst20:22
cyberangerso PoCs, wrst and Svpernova09 have at least have a peice20:22
wrstwell netritious more than likely true it just hurts :)20:22
cyberangerwrst: it's no good that not all of our site admins had full access20:23
netritious"You can't handle the truth!"20:23
wrstha ha netritious very true20:23
netritiousthey did20:23
netritiouscyberanger: they did from the beginning20:23
cyberangerhow did Svpernova09 get DNS info, I never sent it to him afaik20:24
netritiousericG, w4ett, and pace_t_zulu, mac9416 (worked on the design) and myself20:24
cyberangersince he isn't on my list20:24
netritiousnot sure I understand the question20:24
cyberangerand ericG never got DNS info (he was already gone)20:24
netritiousSvpernova09 does not have access to the DNS cyberanger20:24
netritiousand if I ever did I don't now20:25
netritiousI think I logged in once when you first sent it20:25
cyberangerI GPG'd it to all PoC's, plus wrst20:25
cyberangerwhich at the time, was you, jfenn2199, pace_t_zulu, wrst, and myself (linuxman410 at the time did not have GPG info, that I think is fixed now)20:26
netritiousI'm sure you did cyberanger, like I said I think I logged in once when you first set it up, or maybe a few weeks after20:26
cyberangersounds like you had more admins I wasn't aware of, that also needed this info20:27
netritiousWP admins do not necessarily need DNS admin access20:27
netritiousbut that's up to whom ever would need to make that decision20:29
cyberangerwe already did, same vote you and I +1'd20:29
cyberangerand that vote was forming a team to have that all20:29
netritiousyeah sounds right20:30
cyberangerit's no big, it's working as it should20:30
cyberangerno single point20:30
cyberangeris failing20:30
wrstyou know i'm not so wild about voting we need a benevolent dictator ! :)20:30
netritiousyep, I'm of the same opinion cyberanger :)20:30
netritiouswhoops, I meant wrst :P20:30
wrstha ha20:31
wrsti think libya may have a dictator they need to trade off20:31
cyberangerwrst: ok, The Beatings will stop when Moral improves, my first decree20:31
* wrst screams ouch20:31
* cyberanger grabs his kicking boots and whip20:31
wrstcyberanger: i know what the website needs20:32
cyberangerpremature pain, 10 more lashes20:32
wrstclipart... lots of clipart20:32
wrstand .gif dancing images20:32
wrstand music that starts playing on loading20:32
netritiousthat would totally rock wrst20:32
cyberangerwrst: in other words, you want geocities to host it20:32
wrstyes... netritious, cyberanger here you go one i would model it after: http://www.amazinggracebaptistchurchkjv.com/20:33
wrstthe content is of a bunch of crazy people  but still the site...w ell i guess it well reflects that actually :)20:33
netritiousI created a page or two for an old lady that wanted it for a home page to easily click to get to Oprah and some cooking show web sites back in 98? 99? something like that20:34
wrstand combine that site with this one: http://www.psalm118.org/20:34
wrstsorry but nutty churches have the worse sites for some reason20:34
wrstha ha netritious :)20:34
netritiousand I think for search I linked Ask Jeeves20:36
wrstha ha wow20:36
netritiousyeah the web was terrible mostly back then, design wise anyway20:37
wrstyes but really no one knew what to do it was just getting going20:37
wrstin 98 what 3 years?20:38
netritiouswell longer than that actually20:38
netritious93 was when it was opened for commerce20:38
wrstdidn't the www get going in 95?20:38
wrstahh ok netritious20:38
netritiousbut the internet was around before 93...i think it started in 79? maybe even 6920:39
cyberangerok, changed, needs time to push out20:39
netritiousty cyberanger20:39
cyberanger(usually we see it in less than a half hour, could be up to 48 hours)20:39
wrsti think 60's netritious with darpanet20:40
wrstwhile algore was still to young to create it i think :D20:40
netritious"...the first two nodes of what would become the ARPANET were interconnected between Kleinrock's Network Measurement Center at the UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science and Douglas Engelbart's NLS system at SRI International (SRI) in Menlo Park, California, on 29 October 1969."20:40
wrstcool netritious :)20:41
wrsti bet the connection speed wish lightning fast20:41
netritiousyeah you had a lot of ram if you had 512K20:42
netritiousheck 64k depending on what decade I guess20:42
wrstcommodore 64 was my first computer netritious20:44
netritiousanyway the first time I accessed arpanet was through CCI BBS in Memphis20:44
netritiousit was boring as hell compared to the BBS though20:45
netritiousthat is an awesome computer wrst20:45
wrstits amazing how things have changed netritious20:45
wrsti started college in 1996, we accessed email through an old VAX system graduated in 2000 webmail etc etc etc20:45
wrstyeah netritious great for games that were acquired through questionable means20:46
netritiousha ha20:46
netritiousno when you went to webmail20:46
netritiousthe webmail was on unix too?20:47
wrstyes but still hosted on that same UNIX system just provided a web interface actually i think it is still that way20:47
wrstyeah just a web interface to access the UNIX system20:47
netritiouswell enough of all this reminiscing...making feel like I'm 60 already20:47
wrsti remember having a crazy old professor for a class that had 2nd year acccounting majors trying to program cobol20:47
wrstthat was a joy20:48
netritiousomg cobol no thx20:48
wrst2nd year accounting majors for the most part arent' CLI UNIX type folks luckily i was20:48
netritiousfortran was my introduction to programming in HS20:48
netritiousbut believe it or not I didn't do so well lol20:48
netritiousit wasn't BASIC enough20:49
wrsti have never been a programmer but did have to do that an a little of VB for another class I took, I took a lot of MIS classes20:49
wrstBASIC oh yes i had to do some of that also :)20:49
netritiousI was still writing BASIC in 2002 for MS-DOS programs with qbasic lol20:50
wrstha ha20:51
netritiousyou know how it is in the accounting biz wrst...20:51
wrstbut the good ol commodore 64 was a lot of fun i run an emulator on occasion just for fun20:51
netritiousthere are still today companies that use an MS-DOS program to run there inventory lol20:51
wrstyes netritious change is a dirty word20:51
netritiousok, maybe not, but maybe20:52
wrstyes for sure netritious i know a place that was atleast last year still using an old dos deal for their costing system20:52
netritiousIn 2005 I helped a company in Memphis move form a "CMS 2000" machine, which was an 8088/8087 with a 20M HDD lol20:53
netritiouswow wrst, it still amazes me lol20:53
wrstwow :)20:53
wrstthat is soemthign else20:53
netritiousit was networked though...an old ISA 1 Mbps? I think that was it, but used the old MS peer-to-peer networking protocol20:55
netritiousnow they use MS Access database20:55
wrstugh... that's not really better is it?20:57
netritiousfor them it was20:57
wrsti have a great hatred for access20:57
wrstmaybe undeserved but just always hated it :)20:58
netritiousand I got to brush up on my BASIC20:58
wrstha ha20:58
netritiousI am almost positive it was MS-DOS 3.3, which I upgraded to MS-DOS 6, which the software refused to run then (idk why) so tried MS-DOS 5 and worked, which meant I could run QBASIC apps20:59
netritiousso wrote an app that just ran a looped request to the DB via command.com and wrote out to CSV21:01
netritioustook about a week to finish since it kept filling up the poor 20 MB hdd21:02
wrstnetritious: i can't imagine trying to use a 20 MB HDD21:03
netritiousthe bounty was $1000 and I was pretty sure I could figure it out21:04
wrstwell that could motivate someone to use a 20MB HDD money=great motivator for me21:05
netritiouswrst: exactly21:05
netritiouswrst: I tried an old IBM micro channel card in an ISA slot connected to a 80 MB hdd but couldn't get the system to recognize it so added a free space check to the loop which really slowed it down, but it did the trick21:07
wrstwell if you are using a 20MB HDD is speed really a factor? :)21:08
netritiousfrom there just imported the CSV into Access, wrote a few VBA forms, done21:08
netritiousyes, when the company is using the DB at the same time it is a factor :)21:08
wrstahh :)21:08
netritiousbut they promised not to add inventory until it was done, so it worked out21:09
netritiousI'm pretty sure BASIC is dead now though lol21:10
netritiousin the past decade I have taught myself ASP, PHP, and Delphi turbo pascal and became pretty  proficient in each, some Cold Fusion (::gag::), a little perl, a tiny smidgen of python, etc etc...whatever comes my way that pays I'm game usually21:13
netritiousa little C++/.Net too21:13
netritiousmy latest is BASH and I'm loving it21:14
chris4585bash <321:22
netritiouschris4585: BASH is about as close to BASIC as it gets I think lol21:36
cyberangernetritious: well, good news, OpenDNS has the new record22:05
cyberangerI have the old record cached in my server (gotta do a purge tonight anyhow) and it's also cached on Google's Public DNS22:06
cyberangerso it is propagating22:06
cyberangerlooks like your records are for 3600, so tomorow it'll be taken care of for everybody22:07
cyberangerlooks like Svpernova09 has a higher record, double at least22:07
chibihogoshinoi worship his shadow22:08
cyberangeroh, and if that's true netritious, I'm a fan to the closest thing to BASIC ;-)22:09
cyberangerchibihogoshino: I don't follow22:09
chibihogoshinolexx reference22:10

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