superflyyo sakhi06:28
Kilosmorning superfly and all of ya06:53
superflyhi Kilos06:53
sakhiyo Kilos howdy?07:05
Kiloshi sakhi 07:05
nuvolarilo oom Kilos08:22
Kiloslo nuvolari 08:23
Kilosgaan dit goed08:23
nuvolarigoed dankie en met oom?08:23
Kilosgoed dankie seun08:24
nuvolaridis goed oom09:09
nuvolaridis nie asof ek baie hier is nie :P09:16
nuvolaribut then again, one needs a roof 09:17
Kilostough in africa09:27
Kiloshi all is our rpo down?18:00
Kilosthat thing with all the packages18:01
MorganvdKilos: what repo18:39
Morganvdthere is is about 10 around sa18:39
Morganvdsiax archive18:39
Kilosi let software centre look for one in in sa butr it came up with best one  as twigger or something in uk and none here18:40
Kiloshiya Morganvd 18:43
Morganvdhey Kilos 18:43
Morganvdi use saix one18:45
Morganvdit seems to be up more18:45
Kiloshow do i connect with it Morganvd 18:46
Kilosi only know the software centre search method18:47
Morganvdi opened the sources.list with sudo nautles18:47
Morganvdit opened the software sources gui18:47
Morganvdi set it to use South African server18:48
Morganvdand it listed three18:48
Kilosi trying that18:48
Kilossudo nautles18:49
Kiloscommand not found?18:49
Morganvd sudo nautilus /etc/apt/18:49
Morganvdmiss spell like me back side18:50
Morganvdmiss my spell checker18:50
Kilosok. you forget i need careful guidance18:50
Morganvdright click sources.list18:50
Morganvdopen with software sources18:51
linuxboyopen update mager18:51
linuxboyUbuntu Software -> Download from: Other...18:51
Morganvdor you can do that18:51
linuxboythey have leg, sun, tenet and saix18:51
Kilosyeah i had sun before but its crashed i think18:52
Morganvdi use saix18:52
Symmetriaseacom failed again earlier18:54
* Morganvd hides frm Symmetria18:54
Symmetriaheh, mirror.ac.za has been perfectly stable since the upgrade18:55
Symmetriano outages since we put in the new system at all18:55
linuxboy(I use za.archive.ubuntu.com and let ubuntu decide where I go)18:55
Symmetriayeah, thats mirror.ac.za18:56
linuxboy(for now, yes)18:56
linuxboydo they point it else where when mirror.ac.za breaks?18:56
Kilosif i go other then it wants to searcd and comes up with trigger as the best one and nothing in south africa18:56
Kiloswhat am i doing wrong18:56
Symmetrialinuxboy if it looks like mirror is going to be down for a lengthy period we ask them to move it18:57
Symmetriabut as I said, I don't see that happening any time soon :P we've done some *HUGE* upgrades on that system, and relocated it as well to a location that has *FAR* more redundancy18:57
Symmetriaheh, mirror.ac.za's new location has 3 geographically diverse 10G backbone paths into it 18:58
MorganvdKilos: you should just go settings18:58
Symmetriathe disk arrays have been heavily upgraded and we have dual eSAS paths to each array18:58
Kilosin update manager?18:58
Symmetriathe RAM in the system has been heavily upgraded (we were hitting major ram issues because of window sizes)18:58
Kilosi am there18:58
MorganvdUbuntu Software tab18:58
MorganvdDownload from18:58
Symmetriaand the total storage capacity has been heavily upgraded as well to allow duplication of certain software mirrors18:58
Morganvddownload from18:59
Morganvdthen look for South Africa and expand it18:59
Morganvdall the options are there18:59
Symmetrialinuxboy lol, if you see issues though please let me know, after spending half a million bux sorting out issues, Im gonna get a fright if it breaks again 18:59
Symmetriabtw, heh, did you guys hear what the height of irony is? :)19:00
SymmetriaThe fish are now eating raw japanese :P 19:00
Kilosah ty Morganvd  i didnt know you gotta tick that tiny arrow not the south africa19:00
* Symmetria runs19:00
Morganvdmp Kilos 19:00
Kilosthanks for your hard work Symmetria  i am sure we all appreciate it19:03
KilosMaaz, coffee on19:10
* Maaz washes some mugs19:10
Kilosaw what happened to maaz19:10
Morganvdtaking a break19:11
KilosMaaz, slowcoach19:11
MaazKilos: Huh?19:11
MorganvdMaaz: coffee on19:11
MaazMorganvd: There's already a pot on. If you ask nicely, maybe you can have a cup19:11
Kiloshee hee19:11
Kilosask him , coffee please19:11
MorganvdMaaz: coffee now19:12
MaazMorganvd: Huh?19:12
MorganvdMaaz: coffee please19:12
MaazMorganvd: Yessir19:12
MorganvdMaaz: make it snappy19:12
MaazMorganvd: Huh?19:12
Kilosthats same as19:13
KilosMaaz, move it19:13
MaazDon't rush me Kilos . Making decent coffee is an art19:13
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and Morganvd!19:14
MorganvdMaaz: hurry19:15
MaazMorganvd: What?19:15
KilosMaaz, ty19:15
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure19:15
MorganvdMaaz: ty19:15
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure19:15
Kilosi think i will go sleep with my cyber coffee19:15
Kilosnight all19:15
nuvolariKilos: nag oom19:16
Morganvdnigh Kilos 19:16
nuvolarigeez, it's brutally hot in kzn19:16
* Symmetria opens some insanely strong belgium beer to try and forget his worries19:22
marcogSymmetria: share some!19:23
Symmetriamarcog only have 4 of these left19:24
Symmetriaand I dont know where to buy more :(19:24
marcogwhere did you get them from originally?19:24
Symmetriaat the i love beer festival19:24
marcogi brought back some amazing beer from america end of last year19:24
Symmetriaheh, this shit is.... crazy strong 19:24
Symmetriaits 10% !19:25
marcogthis canadian bottle was awesome19:25
marcogyeah this was 9%19:25
Symmetrianot quite as strong as the honey mead I have in the fridge 19:25
Symmetriaheh, I have some 12% honey mead in the fridge19:25
Symmetrialol, and if I get real desperate, I can always switch to chilli mampoer :P19:25
Symmetriathough lol, chilli mampoer isnt designed as something you drink other than to make sure you are in a comma in a few minutes :P that stuff is crazy19:26
Symmetriaits 69% alcohol brewed from habeneros 19:26
marcogi think i've heard of that stuff19:26
marcogbut not the name19:26
Symmetriaheh, its not as strong as stroh, but it comes close19:27
marcoggoogle sre's hold onto it for their interns :)19:27
Symmetriastroh rum is 80%, I think I have a bottle of it somewhere as well :P19:27
SymmetriaDell just adviced me all the new disks of Array 1 in mirror.ac.za have finally landed in the country, yay!19:27
Symmetriamore space, faster disks on that array, finally19:28
Symmetrianow all I need is for seacom to stop dying :P19:28
Tonberrythat what happended?19:32
SymmetriaTonberry seacom died earlier again today for 48 minutes yeah19:36
Tonberrya thousand voices cried out in unison: ' where is my internet'19:36
Tonberrywell ok 3 voices19:36
SymmetriaTonberry did you see my joke about the height of irony?19:40
* Tonberry scrolls up19:41
* Tonberry found it19:41
* Symmetria thought that was pretty funny :P19:42
Tonberryand rather twisted19:46

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