Jordan_UGil: Yes, though I would move it rather than cp'ing it so that you are less likely to make the same mistake in the future :)00:00
GilJordan_U that was *my* mistake? Didn't it automagically get created? :)00:00
Jordan_Ujt13: Did you run grub-install / grub-mkconfig from within the chroot?00:01
pyropheliawhat command will force an IP change without restarting?  I've updated my interfaces file but ifconfig eth0 down|up keeps the old IP00:02
jt13Jordan_U,  I mounted my /dev/sda3 "the one that says linux" i mounted the /proc and /sys as instructed and sudo apt-get installe grub-pc when I attempt the mkconfig I get the error.00:03
Jordan_Ujt13: Did you run "sudo chroot /mnt/"?00:03
kunalhi all00:04
macrocatdoes anyone else have any ideas what might be wrong?00:04
jt13it never instructed on that so no00:04
kunalany one want to chat??00:04
phoenixsamprashow to install skype via ubuntu software center?? HELP!!!00:05
Jordan_Ujt13: What guide are you following?00:05
kunalany1 has made a linux web server??00:05
pyropheliai'm fairly certian most of the people in this room have made "web servers"00:05
Neroonhi everyone00:05
itaylor57phoenixsampras: enter skype in the search and install00:06
vladimirovHow I can get to a DDOS channel?00:06
Jordan_U!pm | jt1300:06
ubottujt13: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.00:06
kunalusing ubuntu or xubuntu00:06
ohzievladimirov: Well you can start by calling the FBI00:06
jt13see pm00:06
kunalhi pyrophelia00:06
jt13Jordan_U,  see pm it is the ne you sent00:06
bp0how long until firefox 4 update?00:07
jt13Jordan_U,  anyway. I am following the link you posted. and nowhere does it say to chroot00:07
itaylor57!ff4 | bp000:07
ubottubp0: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, add the PPA repository with the following command « sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade »00:07
Neroonanyone here could give some tips regarding a new wlan router (winxp works, ubuntu doesnt,)?00:07
Jordan_Ujt13: And if you read the link (and what you PMd me) you will see: Your system should be ready to be chroot'd into, sudo chroot /mnt00:07
vladimirovHow I can get to a DDOS channel?00:08
phoenixsamprasitaylor57: i did that, but its not showing up, what do i need to enable??00:08
vladimirovWell, thanks anyway00:08
pyropheliavladimirov: join #nambla00:08
macrocatha ha, what was that about00:08
pyropheliai'm sure they'll help yp00:08
pyropheliaso what's the command to update an IP in interfaces?  ifconfig eth1 down|up keeps the old one :/00:09
pyropheliaI keep forgetting00:09
phoenixsamprasitaylor57:  Help!!00:10
th0rpyrophelia: restart dhclient?00:10
jt13Jordan_U,  Ok i don't know how i missed that. HOWEVER. after chrooting i still get the error  "sudo: unable to reslove host ubuntu/usr/sbin/grub-prob: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?)00:11
pyropheliath0r it's not a dhcp ip00:11
pyropheliath0r: static, but I swtiched subnets00:11
kunalhow to manage remote web server, which can auto-start file-zilla client at start up??00:12
Jordan_Ujt13: The commands after "sudo chroot /mnt/" need to be run in the same terminal. Follow the guide carefully and it will work.00:12
phoenixsamprashow to install skype via ubuntu software center?? HELP!!! SOSSS00:12
th0rpyrophelia: well, you can use ifconfig to force the new ip. And if the interface is configured properly it should pick up the new ip at reboot00:12
aeon-ltdphoenixsampras: search and install it00:13
pyropheliath0r: I can't reboot this system.  and i've used ifconfig to try to change it but setting the interface down then brining it back up keeps the old information00:13
Neroonneed some ideas regarding a new wlan router (can't connect with ubuntu, winxp works)00:13
itaylor57phoenixsampras: what do you get when you type which skype in terminal?00:13
ActionParsnipphoenixsampras: did you think to check the skype website....00:14
clarezoeI have a problem with gimp, I hope anyone can help, there is no one in the gimp channel :(  I cannot set the color to white, instead it's greenish. Really annoying, I deleted the .gimp.2.7 folder to reset all the setting, still the same problem. I don't really know how to search for this problem.00:14
pyropheliath0r: ifconfig doesn't read /etc/network/interfaces.  there is another command that does but I can't remember it00:14
th0rpyrophelia: then the interface isn;t configured properly. Been a long time, but it used to be stored in /etc/network/ if I remember correctly00:14
pyropheliakunal: you mean ftp server?  filezilla would be pretty useless on port 8000:14
exutuxpyrophelia: ifup ifdown00:14
pyropheliaexutux: almost positive I tried that, but I got some weird message x "package is not installed"00:15
pyrophelialet me check again00:15
pyropheliath0r: it is, i've used this config many times00:15
th0rpyrophelia: ifconfig doesn't read that file, but you can use it to force an ip from the command line00:15
pyropheliaah I see what you mean00:15
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Neroonclarezoe: don't know if i might be able to help. but is "imeage -> mode -> rgp set?00:18
adimanhi...just want to ask..how to install free games to ubntu00:18
clarezoeNeroon, thanks but the mode is set to rgb00:18
th0radiman: either software centre or synaptic00:18
clarezoeand the drawing brush and eraser don't work either00:19
snozberry@adiman you can use the software center to browse by category in the later ubuntu editions and select games00:19
Neroonclarezoe: and any other color is just fine? is it a new image or do you edit an existing one?00:19
Neroonclarezoe: hm ...00:19
fishsceneIs there an Ubuntu LTSP channel?00:19
adimanwhre can i find the software centre or synaptic?00:20
clarezoeNeroon, I'm adding a white text with a black background, it is a new image00:20
=== maelstrom is now known as Guest25027
clarezoeNeroon, I tried also draw something on an existing image, nothing happens, but when I quit, it asks to save changes.00:21
ActionParsnipadiman: software centre is at the bottom of the applications menu00:21
ActionParsnipfishscene: this is the place for ALL ubuntu issues00:21
Neroonclarezoe: strange. so no matter what image you open and try to edit, it doesnt do anything but aks for a save due to changes?00:22
fishsceneActually, I just realized my question was better suited for ubuntu-server since my LTSP question is more server-related than single-client. Thank you though. :)00:22
YankDownUnderfishscene, #ubuntu-server00:23
adimanok.. i got it.thanks U..00:23
tripelbI have a question. So I switched user into my guest account to check that it worked, Ub10.04 - then I chose log out... and the screen went blank. I had to hardboot AFAIK to get a "living breathing system" up.  What did I do? I wanted to log that user out and go back to "me". Could I have recovered? I had no cursor, no anything. Please advise, sincerely, A_User00:23
clarezoeNeroon, exactly, but I do can add text to the image, but the color is strange, always has some green in it00:23
smiley7hey guys,how do you add the shutdown menu to the Main Gnome menu ?00:23
YankDownUndertripelb, Sounds like a graphics driver & GDM issue mate....00:24
icewatermanActionParsnip: i dont know what exactly changed, but my sound issue disappeared. its not any change to alsa-base.conf etc.00:24
fishscenesmiley7: system > Preferences > Main Menu. You can make a shut down command00:24
smiley7whats the command ?00:25
clarezoeNeroon, http://paste.ubuntu.com/584054/ this is the output from the console, but I don't think it's relevant to gimp00:25
=== SpitfireWP_ is now known as SpitfireWP
fishscenesmiley7: usually "sudo shutdown now" (For immediate shutting down)00:25
icewatermanActionParsnip: thx for help, sorry i cannot tell what really fixed the problem, since i've undone every change i made (and rebooted afterwards900:25
mickster04smiley7: remove the button from the top right of your panel?00:26
tripelbYankDownUnder, what's gdm?  I've been using this for months and months. This is the only problem I have, signing out of the guest account. I can leave it going (as I have) and it's fine. So that kind of doesnt sound like a graphics driver to me. If so tlel me how you figure it. Thanks00:26
smiley7no i am moveing the menu to the bottom00:26
* tripelb thinks GDM (gol darn machine)00:27
tripelbsmiley7, I like my menu on the top. (like so?)00:27
smiley7i need the shutdown menu on the Main Gnome menu...00:27
smiley7i have the menu at the top....00:27
mickster04smiley7: well if you remove it from the panel it will move itself to the main menu?00:27
smiley7i am moveing it00:27
meekhey everyone00:27
tripelbhey meek00:28
meeki have a smiple question00:28
meekhavent been here in a while00:28
Neroonclarezoe: really strange. and it worked before?00:28
smiley7i want a layout like the one in Linux Mint00:28
tripelbmeek just ask as your first statement, or someone will sic ubottu on you.00:28
mickster04smiley7: yeah? so move the menu tp the bottom? problem solved?00:28
clarezoeNeroon, I think so. I don't use it really often though.00:28
meekso here goes........just upgraded my PC, want to go to 64 bit,  i got 10.10 and win7 64 ready to go......00:28
meekbut my grub is all weird00:28
smiley7I want to put the Shutdown Buttion on the Main Menu00:29
mickster04smiley7: and at the moment where is it?00:29
ActionParsnipmeek: whats weird about it?00:29
meeki had problems before cuase i had ubuntu then xp on top..i forget exatly what i did, but now when i boot i have 10 sec to press esc or it boots to win00:29
smiley7its at the default place..00:29
meekand theres a win then linux and like 8 ubuntus to choose from in the grub00:29
mickster04smiley7: so top right?00:29
meekbut basicaly its not letting me boot from disk00:30
ActionParsnipmeek: can you pastebin /etc/default/grub    please00:30
mickster04smiley7: you can right click, remove, or just right click, move00:30
meekim in xp now00:30
meekshould i move to linux?00:30
meekand come back?00:30
ActionParsnipmeek: you can get rid of the kernel options by uninstalling the older kernel versions00:30
ActionParsnipmeek: sure00:30
smiley7Move is greyed Out00:30
tiago__i wanted to install my audio driven00:31
clarezoeNeroon, I reinstalled gimp, now I can draw and white color works, but not with white text00:31
giikerhi everyone, has anybody has any succes  running firefox in a ramdisk, otherwise any pointers?00:31
mickster04smiley7: uncheck lock to panel00:32
smiley7there is no way to put it on the Main Menu...00:33
_antantis it possible to dmesg straight to pastebin?00:33
ActionParsnip_antant: sure, run:  sudo apt-get install pastebinit; dmesg | pastebinit00:34
=== Arsin|2 is now known as m0r0n
_antantawesome, cheers00:34
_antantGot my card working!00:34
ActionParsnipgiiker: i have the cache of my chromium running to a ramdisk00:34
ActionParsnip_antant: sweet *bg*00:34
tbeharGood idea pastebinit00:34
_antantpastebinit is a great idea00:35
ferlicjlI'm having trouble connecting to the internet with Ubuntu if someone could help...00:35
ActionParsnip_antant: you can also grep / sed the output then finally pipe to pastebinit ;)00:36
meekso that didnt go to well, i just got a new graphics card and dont have the driver on ubuntu yet and cannot get a display00:36
netechsshd_config contains PermitRootLogin forced-commands-only and PermitTunnel pointopoint; however, I'm still prompted for the root password even though I've exchanged rsa keys and prepended the command to the beginning of the key in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys00:36
ActionParsnipmeek: what graphics chip?00:36
mickster04smiley7: when you mean main menu do you mean as part of it? because try right click > remove from panel00:36
meekati hd 575000:37
smiley7I want to have all shutdown Options in The Main Gnome Menu...like it has in linux Mint00:37
meeki know nivida is better with linux from what i heard, but thats why i dual boot xp00:37
mickster04smiley7: on the shutdown button that is00:37
francesc1nvidia is a lot better with linux00:37
mickster04smiley7: remove the shutdown button from the panel then00:37
Starminnsmiley7: Get GnoMenu00:38
francesc1if u use their drivers00:38
meekyea do i hear, hows ubuntu 10.10 with hdmi..any problems?00:38
francesc1meek: i have no problems00:38
coz_meek,  yes there have been reported issues,,,,ati card?00:38
meekyea ati card00:38
francesc1meek: oooo ati ?00:39
lashahello guys I need a little bit of help :\ I need to upgrade my firefox to the 4.0 version, they only offer compressed file as an installation resources but I dont know how to install it :\ can anyone help ?00:39
meekoh boy i cant wait, i knen what i was getting my slef in to00:39
ActionParsniplasha: use the mozilla ppa00:39
Jordan_U!fx4 | lasha00:39
ubottulasha: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, add the PPA repository with the following command « sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade »00:39
coz_meek,  ok  there are two ways of dealing with this however,, for a better explanation you might want to go to #radeon channel and ask that is where I got the info for my one client with the same issue,,,it is an overscan issue00:39
ActionParsnipmeek: what was the last chip you had (I believe you said you had upgraded)00:39
meekhow can i get rid of grub from xp, its not giveing me the option to boot from cd00:39
lashanice ubottu :D00:39
meekthanks coz_00:40
coz_meek,  it can be dealt with either with settings on the tv  or with xrandr command I believe00:40
lashathank you guys00:40
coz_meek,  probably better with tv settings but check with them for details :)00:40
meeki have a hdmi monit, it has pci aswell00:40
coz_meek,  ah00:40
=== jwkokc is now known as jk_
coz_meek,  mm well check there any way  #radeon00:41
meekty coz00:41
coz_meek,  no problem00:41
meekactionparsnip. i had some other ati card that was in my motherboard00:41
coz_meek,  you know to switch channels  ....yes?00:41
meekyea but i have bigger problems00:42
coz_meek,  ok ok :)00:42
meekneed to wipe my pc and install 64 bit, but i cant seem to get the optoin to boot00:42
meekfrom cd00:42
macrocatanyone know why my microphone isn't working? I tried alsamixer but everything seems to be on full blast00:42
coz_meek,  on the 64 bit live cd you mean?00:42
meekmy grub is very werid. and im just trying to fresh install with windows 7 first00:42
ActionParsnipmeek: did you disable the onboard ati in the bios?00:43
coz_meek,  are you going with a fresh install of windows7 as well?00:43
IdleOneActionParsnip: there is already a factoid for ff400:43
meekyea i have the 10 10 64 bit as well but i dont have the option to install from cd,00:43
meekyea fresh all around00:43
=== netizen1993 is now known as Netizen1993
lashaActionParsnip: will it delete old firefox by itself right ?00:43
ActionParsnipIdleOne: cool, just saw someone ask and nobody fired it so figured it was lacking00:43
meekno i dndt disable but im sure the new card diabled it00:43
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, add the PPA repository with the following command « sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade »00:43
coz_meek,   you could download Dban  for wiping the drive real clean00:43
ActionParsniplasha: it will upgrade the old to the new00:43
Netizen1993Hi all.. got a small situation...00:43
meekwould i have to install my bios again?00:44
lashaActionParsnip: ok thank you :)00:44
IdleOneActionParsnip: similar to your request if you feel it needs improving I'll edit it.00:44
coz_meek,   but if the cd is not showing boot from cd  when you see the little keyboard logo at the bottom of the live cd ,,, hit enter,,, it should give a choice00:44
Netizen1993Ubuntu is installing, on my system fine.. however it's detecting and using a software raid.. which I don't want it to do.00:44
Netizen1993is there anyway I can disable it?00:44
meeki cant boot into linux right now becuase of the grapihics issue, thats why im trying to reslove thru windows00:44
seviththrow it at the wall00:44
sevithteach it a lesson00:44
Netizen1993or pass some option during install not to activate it?00:44
ActionParsniplasha: or you can use the daily build and you will get a seperate browser, but remove the ppa after installing the browser or it will upgrade 3.6.whatever to the daily as well00:44
kad__heys!! if route is mark  as 16 in RIP it enter the: Invalid time!! the Holddown time will start from here so if it receive better metric route, it will be valid again before the flush time? am i right ... thanks00:45
coz_meek,  ah mmm  then you will have to set the tv  settings although I know in windows this may not be an issue00:45
lashaActionParsnip: ok I think it already installed successfully though00:45
ActionParsnipIdleOne: seems fine, possibly could add the daily build which installs a seperate firefox (I hate firefox)00:45
kad__sorry wrong channel00:45
IdleOneActionParsnip: daily build would be a little to buggy maybe to have new users install00:46
itaylor57ActionParsnip: I was wondering what the fuss today was about ff4, using chromium I forgot about ff00:46
meekcoz_ is there anyway to get rid of grub  from windows?00:46
coz_I hate firefox 400:46
smiley7ok,i installed Gnomenu ...but i dont see in on the menu...00:46
IdleOneActionParsnip: rather stick to stable but you can run it by other ops and see what they think00:46
francesc1meek: grub isnt part of windows00:47
ActionParsnipIdleOne: true but it has the advantage of leaving the old one. I guess its not hard to rmove the ppa then reinstall browser00:47
pcpowermeek: fixboot/fixmbr ?00:47
ActionParsnipitaylor57: same :D00:47
francesc1pcpower: u are right00:47
meekor is there a simple way to install from a cd00:47
coz_meek,   ah well possibly but not sure    you may get more info on the #grub channel  perhaps... I dual boot here as well... separate drives not separate partitions...00:47
ActionParsnipitaylor57: daily build ppa here. Its spiffy00:47
francesc1meek: you have to repair the mbr00:47
sevithi duel boot sep partitions00:47
coz_meek,  simple way to install grub from live cd you mean?00:47
sevithWhat did you do meek?00:47
giikerActionParsnip: can you tell me how can I do that in Chromiun 'cause I haven't found anything, only  found steps for Firefox...00:47
gorfex@meek: download easyBCD for windows, and write new windows MB00:48
meekim trying to fresh install everything to 64 bit, but grub doesnt give me the option to boot from cd or anything, and i cant get into unbutu right no00:48
sevithSo when you boot00:48
francesc1grub wont to that for you... you need to acess the bboot menu before grub00:48
sevithyour given a grub shell?00:48
coz_meek,  I am not sure I understand why the live cd is not giving option to boot from it00:48
coz_meek,  do you see a keyboard logo when you boot from cd?00:49
coz_meek,  at the bottom of the screen?00:49
meekit boots bios then grub ..well i have 10 sec to press esc to bring up grub otherwise it boots xp00:49
gorfexthe boot from cd option is usually given by your BIOS.. or am i wrong?00:49
francesc1gorfex: you are 100% correct00:49
coz_meek,  then check in the bios if the cdrom is first boot device00:49
meekcdrom is boot first00:50
meekjust not working00:50
coz_meek,   mmm00:50
francesc1meek: what type of computer is it00:50
coz_meek,  go back into the bios,,,switch around boot devices and then switch it back and save00:50
francesc1meek: so u want to install 64 bit on it... is it compatible00:51
coz_francesc1,  ah good thinking :)00:51
meekyea it is00:51
coz_meek,  are you on windows or linux right now00:51
meekim on windows00:51
meekbut i think im just a dumbass00:51
giikerActionParsnip: do you have any link on how to run Chromiun in ramdisk?00:51
francesc1meek: it be helpful if u could give us some specs00:51
meekive been haveing problems burning iso, and it seems the disc is just corrupt00:51
ActionParsnipgiiker: http://www.linuxreaders.com/2011/01/11/firefox-chrome-cache-on-ram-drive-fedora-ubuntu/    use the edit to /etc/default/grub00:52
meekill send my dxdiag00:52
francesc1meek: can u boot usb???00:52
meekyea i think im gonna try that next00:52
Neroonanyone here could got some tips regarding a new wlan router (winxp works, ubuntu doesnt)?00:52
francesc1use untebootin00:52
ActionParsnipNeroon: the router is moot00:52
ActionParsnipNeroon: its the wifi adapter you need to worry about00:52
fishsceneNeroon: The problem is most likely with the driver on your computer under Ubuntu00:52
giikerActionParsnip: thanx, I will read it now!00:53
NeroonActionParsnip: All i can you is, the thing worked with the old router00:53
NeroonActionParsnip: +tell00:53
meekthats my dxdaig if that helps atall00:53
meekdo you think i can run 6400:53
coz_meek,  I am concerned that the cdrom is not being picked up as first boot device... have you checked for bios updates for that motherboard now that you are on windows?00:53
Neroonfishscene: nope, can't be. worked with the old router (got exchanged)00:53
fishsceneNeroon: But it works when you boot to XP?00:54
smiley7i installed GnoMenu...but everything is still the same00:54
francesc1meek: i really think its just ur cd00:54
meekyea everything is up to date, just built this like 2 months ago00:54
francesc1meek: try booting from a usb00:54
meekyea me to francsec, im doing usb now00:54
Neroonfishscene: it did (not at that laptop, since it was 2 hours ago at a friend00:54
meekill let you guys know how it goes00:54
meekthanks for the help00:54
francesc1meek: i am sure that s the prob00:54
guedesavterry, I did apt-get upgrade00:54
coz_meek,   its apparenlty a 64 bit compatible system00:55
francesc1meek: i had the same prob with my live cd... now i just use usbs00:55
francesc1coz_: yea it is ...00:55
guedesavNow it's worse: it not only doesn't detect my input devices, it stopped working with my wireless card. Any further suggestions?00:55
ActionParsnipNeroon: then you need to associate with the new. Routers use strong standards set by the ISO foundation. If it doesn't then it isn't a router00:55
francesc1coz_: thats why i am thinking its the actual media00:55
fishsceneNeroon: Unless the router is configured wrong or somehow corrupted, the problem is still most likely on the computer-side.00:55
charlesnoHi, I am running 9.10, and today Rhythmbox stopped working. I click the icon and nothing happens. I've tried removing and re-installing to no avail.00:55
ozatomicon my hardy install apt installed php5.2 how can i get 5.3?00:55
ActionParsnipNeroon: maybe you need to configure the router some00:55
Neroonfishscene: and the weird thing is, 2 laptops didn't work anymore (both ubuntu, one kde, one xfce)00:55
coz_francesc1,  most likely00:55
ActionParsnipcharlesno: run it from a terminal, the output may give clues00:56
coz_meek,  you could also try the minimal install cd  only  megs  very little chance of download corruption or even burn coruption00:56
francesc1coz_:  weill i ll guess we will have to wait and see :p00:56
charlesnodo i just type "rhythmbox" in terminal?00:56
ActionParsnipcharlesno: i suggest you upgrade soon, Karmic support ends next month00:56
coz_meek,  only 12  megs rather00:56
ActionParsnipcharlesno: yes00:56
fishsceneNeroon: Are you able to access the router configuration page?00:56
NeroonActionParsnip: The prob is with 2 Ubuntu Laptops (one kde, one xfce)00:56
Neroonfishscene: well not now, but yes00:56
charlesnoone moment, testing00:56
coz_ok too many cooks... I think I will break here :)00:56
ActionParsnipNeroon: can you access the config page like fishscene asked? Can you ping the internal IP? Can you connect to the SSID? Can you ping Can you ping wwww.bbc.co.uk?00:57
pythoHi guys, I've been trying to install ubuntu on my old laptop for awhile now. I'm running on a IBM thinkpad a20m, a really old version. The thing is, I can't get into the bios menu without a password. The startup screen runs, then it flashes to a black screen that says time and date error, and then it flashes to another black screen with just a lock and a cursor in the upper lefthand corner.. It won't even let me into the biso menu. I t00:57
=== administrator is now known as Guest53670
pythoof mine told me to try), but I didn't see the silver coin that it's apparently supposed to look like. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this working? I'd really appreciate it!00:57
meekthanks coz, im gonna go the usb route, i think my cdrom is dieing on me anyways00:57
ActionParsnippytho: use F11 or F12 and you will then be able to choose the boot media00:57
charlesnoActionParsnip: After typing in terminal, the window pops up but it is frozen. Terminal tells me the following: ** (rhythmbox:3888): CRITICAL **: atk_object_set_name: assertion `name != NULL' failed00:58
charlesno** (rhythmbox:3888): CRITICAL **: atk_object_set_name: assertion `name != NULL' failed00:58
charlesnoWARNING: Unhandled message: interface=org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable, path=/, member=Introspect00:58
NeroonActionParsnip: i cant right now. I'll have a shot at it tomorrow again. But i doubt pinging works, since it doesn't even connect to the router (both laptops)00:58
pythoYes, I've tried all the f1-f12 keys but they all give the same result00:58
pythoIt never takes me to the bios menu00:58
NeroonActionParsnip: Just looking for some new ideas, since I'm out of it ....00:58
JoseeAntonioRDoes anyone knows how to track an CD order?00:59
b1llyis there a good online doc. or beginners guide for ubuntu00:59
ActionParsnippytho: I suggest you run Lubuntu on it, or something lighter like puppy or xpud00:59
guedesavSo, apparently the other person who tried to help me is ignoring me. Well, here's a question: if I do dist-upgrade using the repository of an older distro, will it downgrade my Ubuntu instead of upgrading? Right now I need to revert the upgrade I did in my system, and that'd help a lot00:59
ActionParsnip!manual | b1lly00:59
ubottub1lly: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:59
ActionParsnipNeroon: try those tests, see how you go01:00
b1llyActionParsnip: a little more advanced plz01:00
SpitfireWPThat's what she said01:00
ActionParsnipb1lly: have you read that one?01:00
ActionParsnipSpitfireWP: zing!01:00
pythoI'm afraid I'd get the same results.01:00
b1llyActionParsnip: is this gunna tell me about cmd line01:00
ActionParsnipb1lly: a little01:01
IdleOne!cli | b1lly01:01
ubottub1lly: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro01:01
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ActionParsnipb1lly: its easier if you think about what you want to achieve then search the web for that in mind, there will not likely be a single manual for all the command line commands in all of linux as it would be humungous, you can also read the man pages for your chosen command01:02
b1llywhat if i wanted to learn how it works cause im eventaully interested in hosting servers and shit01:02
itaylor57ActionParsnip: Well I added daily build ppa :>)01:02
ActionParsnipitaylor57: daily love01:02
NeroonActionParsnip: only thing i really found strange, was one of the laptops (xfce) kept asking the pwd for the router. And yes, I had the right pwd and it was the matching router01:02
IdleOneb1lly: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal will get you started01:02
JoseeAntonioRHey, does anyone knows how to track an free CD order>?01:03
guampaquestion: how do i lock a package *with apt-get* so it won't get updated? also: local pkgs (debs installed with dpkg -i) aren't automatically updated anymore don't they?01:03
ActionParsnipNeroon: are there any restrictions in place in the router (mac filters and such)01:03
IdleOne!pinning | guampa01:03
ubottuguampa: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto01:03
guampa*do they01:03
babytxinawho can speak korean here?01:03
The_Rufusdoing install of Ubuntu Server and I can't select bootable for a partition, any good reasons why?01:03
guampathanks IdleOne01:03
guampaas to the second q?01:03
NeroonActionParsnip: I thought about that as well, but then it wouldn't have worked on one of the laptops (booting into xp)01:04
th0rbabytxina: this channel is english only01:04
IdleOneguampa: umm not sure if packages installed with dpkg -i are auto updated01:04
at-buntThe_Rufus is it a primary partition?01:04
bsnh0xhey people01:05
The_Rufusit is primary01:05
NeroonActionParsnip: It didn't even change anything, whether i tried fixed ip, nor dhcp.01:05
Logan_!ko > babytxina01:05
NeroonActionParsnip: And one kept asking the pwd on and on (and i entered the same as in xp)01:06
giikerActionParsnip: thanx a lot for the help!!01:06
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ActionParsnipgiiker: np man01:07
sevithHow can i get the memory location of a binary file on my system?01:09
sevithsuchas? shell?01:09
The_Rufusok, I have SCSI11, Primary 4.1Gb ext4 mounted as /boot (but I can't mark the partition as active for some reason) then 5 drives with one partition each marked 2.0TB "K" "raid" which I want to set as one big / partition01:11
gorfexsevith: systemmonitor-> select your process -> rightclick on it -> select memoryfields01:11
KittenKoderAny devs in here?01:11
Logan_!anyone | KittenKoder01:12
ubottuKittenKoder: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:12
KittenKoder>.> Not a question.  A gripe.01:12
Logan_KittenKoder: Why not say your next gripe (the real one) and find out? ;)01:13
KittenKoderUbuntu is trying too hard to become "user friendly" and is looking too much like Windoze every new version.01:13
KittenKoderToo much is just too much.01:13
Logan_!ot | KittenKoder01:14
ubottuKittenKoder: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:14
KittenKoderThus why I asked and said it was a gripe. ;)01:15
NeroonActionParsnip: Thanks for trying to helü01:15
NeroonActionParsnip: help :-)01:15
sevithgorfex, You fucking rock.01:18
IdleOne!language | sevith01:18
ubottusevith: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:18
jrmcmI need some help getting the 9 key number pad to work. Num lock is on but im still getting the same actions as if it were off.01:21
macrocatjrmcm, is it moving the cursor when you hold one of the ones with an arrow key?01:22
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=== paissasd is now known as paissad
TommyCHiya. A while back I had to install sendmail on one of our servers. I tried using apt-get install sendmail to install it, but got a message saying couldn't find sendmail. So I downloaded the tar file from sendmail's website. Anyway, earlier my boss asked me to remove it completely, and so I tried apt-get remove sendmail (I forgot the apt-get install didn't work), and that didn't work. Is there01:22
TommyCanother way to uninstall applications from Ubuntu? Or do I have to "locate sendmail" and delete the files and folders it finds? Thanks in advance for all your help.01:22
macrocatjrmcm, system>preferences>mouse01:22
macrocati think01:23
pkHello, Im looking for help installing minecraft. Im having an issue with my drivers.01:23
ActionParsnipTommyC: if you used the tar file you will need to manually remove it01:23
chris_allenneed help with php 5.2.4 install01:23
chris_allencan anyone help?01:24
macrocatah no01:24
ActionParsnipchris_allen: what version is installed?01:24
macrocatjrmcm, system>preferences>keyboard01:24
TommyCActionParsnip: That is what I thought. Any particular way I should go about doing it?01:24
macrocatjrmcm, mouse keys tab01:24
chris_allenif id go sudo apt-get install it installs 5.3.301:24
chris_allenbut I need 5.2.401:24
macrocatjrmcm, deselect the option there01:24
ActionParsnipTommyC: I'd redownload the file and then you will know what to go at01:24
macrocatoh, sorry i kept beeping you :<01:24
TommyCAll right, thanks.01:24
jrmcmmacrocat: thx it seems to be working now. :)01:24
macrocatjrmcm, np01:25
macrocati had the same problem :D01:25
Starminnchris_allen: From the ##php channel on their topic, "PHP 5.2 is EOL" just be aware of that.01:25
macrocatwell, i've managed to get my microphone to work, kind of. instead of using the input from the mic in, say, audacity, it's playing the input through my speakers01:26
macrocatany ideas?01:26
ActionParsnipchris_allen: what is the output of:  lsb_release -d01:26
chris_allenthat is fine...I still need it...i tried sudo apt-get install php = 5.2.4 but this did not work01:26
chris_allenubuntu 10.1001:27
ActionParsnip!info php01:27
ubottuPackage php does not exist in maverick01:27
ActionParsnipchris_allen: what package name are you installing?01:27
ActionParsnipchris_allen: sure it's not php5 ?01:27
StarminnActionParsnip: php501:28
chris_alleni'll try that php5 one sec01:28
StarminnThat's the package name for plain old php. Not sure what version.01:28
chris_allen!info.php gives event not found..one sec01:28
ActionParsnip!info php501:28
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.3-1ubuntu9.3 (maverick), package size 1 kB, installed size 20 kB01:28
yssahello everybody, how can I install gnome 3 on Ubuntu 10.04 the day it is out?01:28
yssathrough the repos?01:29
chris_allenunable to locate package for php5 = 5.2.401:29
ActionParsnipchris_allen: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nginx/php5; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y install php501:29
chris_allenAction: what is that command for?01:30
chris_allenwill it get me 5.2.401:31
ActionParsnipchris_allen: it'll give a later version of php5 which should satisfy your dep01:31
ActionParsnipchris_allen: 5.3.501:31
chris_allenI need 5.2.401:32
macrocatanybody got any ideas?01:33
chris_allenAction: can you help me get 5.2.4?01:33
xanguachris_allen: download it and compile it¿01:34
gangaramhello peeps, i am getting "mcrypt which is a virtual package"01:34
chris_allenxangua:  it should have binaries available01:34
gangaramdoes anyone know what that means i can get to install into the build root01:34
arbir1how can i boot from sdc ? i added two more drives and they are now listed as sda and sdb01:34
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chris_allenI need help getting a specefic version of php 5, php 5.2.4.  Does any one know how to do this?01:35
gangaramchris_allen, join the club01:35
gangarami am building one and going mental so far01:35
gangaram5.2.17 is however availabile in karmic01:35
chris_allengangaram: so you think it is not available?01:36
chris_allenhow do you find this info out?01:36
chris_alleni.e. what is available in binary?01:36
chris_allenwhere is the list?01:36
chris_allenor do i have to google the rest of my life?01:36
lashajust tested firefox 4 and whoever doesnt have it should get it01:37
ActionParsnip!ppa | chris_allen01:37
ubottuchris_allen: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.01:37
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ActionParsniplasha: I'll stick with chromium daily with my tweaks, its faster here01:37
chris_allenAction: how do i find out what is available in the official ubuntu libs?01:38
macrocatcan anyone help me? when i unmute my mic/front mic in alsamixer, instead of the mic input going to, say, audacity, it plays through my speakers01:38
ActionParsnipchris_allen: the official ubuntu repos can be searched in software centre01:38
yofelchris_allen: the only release that had php5 5.2.4 was hardy heron, you could try to install that by adding the hardy sources. That's not supported though and I have no idea if those packages will install01:39
ActionParsnip!ot | andrezero01:39
ubottuandrezero: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:39
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pkIm looking for some help with my display drivers in relation to minecraft, can anyone help out ^^;?01:40
chris_allenthanks action and yofel!01:41
chris_alleni'll look in that direction for now01:41
andrezeroubottu: wrong window, sorry.. XChat Gnome defaults to freenode#ubuntu01:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:41
ac7ssdoes anyone know a good resource for learning POSIX pattern matching?01:43
itaylor57ac7ss: oreilly has an excellant book on regular expressions01:44
ac7ssitaylor57: looking for online. (I have some books in the attic.)01:44
Adam1213I was wondering if its possible to remove all software from a given repositery / restore things to the stock version (and replace it with the stnadard equivelent) - basically my graphics don't work with java 3d / systems testing atm but they work when I run the live version of ubunutu (eg without modifications)01:45
ozatomicIs it posible to get php5.3 on hardy?01:45
xanguaAdam1213: if you mean a ppa: sudo ppa-purge <ppa's name>01:46
xanguainstall ppa-purge if you don't have it01:46
xanguaozatomic: compile01:46
Adam1213xangua: I will try it01:46
tathagatadgj #chipy01:46
ozatomicxangua What if i have php5.2 installed already from apt?01:46
Adam1213xangua:  - sudo ppa-purge ppa:guido-iodice/best-intel     Warning:  Could not find package list for PPA: guido-iodice best-intel01:49
xanguaAdam1213: if you deleted the ppa. add it again01:50
litropyHi, peeps. Last night, I had two terminal tabs open. I then shut down my computer for the night, and now I'm looking for the input history of that window. E.g. - I tap "up" and only see the input lines of my first tab. Any ideas?01:51
Adam1213tried that - not working - how can i get a list of the currently installed ppas01:51
uofm49426little question if i run say a laptop runing with intel gma why does linux/ubuntu or any distro install upgrade nvidia x-server packages01:51
litropy*terminal history of the second tab01:51
uofm49426ati xserver packages01:52
uofm49426unused stuff like this01:52
ActionParsnipuofm49426: its part of a stock install to accommodate maximum video cards so that it "just works"01:53
at-bunt litropy: does the history command help?01:53
ActionParsnipuofm49426: you can remove them if you like, they save about 128k each or so01:53
ActionParsnipuofm49426: it also includes drivers for a tonne of hardware you will never own or use, as does windows. Its just more visible (and removable) in linux01:54
researcher1hello everybody01:54
Jordan_Ulitropy: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/08801:54
uofm49426why cant they just make a smarter install the checks first and cuts out the fat01:54
ActionParsnipuofm49426: you can suggest it on http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com01:55
researcher1is it possible using ubuntu customization kit or remastersys to creat a distro which has one and the only language which is my mother tongue?01:55
ActionParsnipresearcher1: sure, remaster the install media and you can do it easily01:55
litropyat-bunt, history only returns my first tab01:56
ActionParsnipuofm49426: you can remaster the ISO and remove what you don't need, or use minimal to build up01:56
litropyJordan_U, are you saying the second tab's history is lost?01:56
uofm49426if i brainstorm would cut much fat or only a few mgs01:57
Jordan_Ulitropy: Yes.01:57
ActionParsnipuofm49426: it would trim it but it's not a huge saving01:58
litropyJordan_U, thank you for your help.01:58
Jordan_Ulitropy: You're welcome.01:58
uofm49426maybe 100 mbs at most01:58
Adam1213if the command to add the ppa was  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:guido-iodice/best-intel   why doesn't  sudo ppa-purge ppa:guido-iodice/best-intel work01:58
vol7ronhello all, I'm an ubuntu noob and did "nvidia-xconfig" inside a VMware Player -- now I can't boot to the gui (only console)01:59
Jordan_Uuofm49426: I personally appreciate the fact that I can take my current hard drive and plop it into another machine and it will run just fine without any manual installing of drivers.01:59
ActionParsnipvol7ron: vmware will use a virtualized video adapter, not an nvidia one02:00
Jordan_Uvol7ron: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bad02:00
uofm49426i never figure how to get it to change video card like i got me a ati hd 435002:01
vol7ronActionParsnip: yeah I was just hoping that it would make Desktop Effects work.02:01
vol7ronJordan_U: thank you, I'll try that02:01
uofm49426my on board is a ati 3000 hd02:01
Jordan_Uvol7ron: You're welcome.02:01
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uofm49426i wasnt to impressed with it took it back went back to onboard what for a better card02:02
researcher1ActionParsnip: thanks02:02
x__anybody still at the space?02:03
ActionParsnipvol7ron: I suggest you ask in #vmware on how to enable 3D. The vmware video driver is already in a default install02:03
uofm49426not only did i reinstall putting the card in02:04
uofm49426but reinstalled when i came out02:04
uofm49426because x was broken02:04
vol7ronJordan_U: ahhh thank you!02:04
guedesavHi, I came here earlier because I updates my xserver-xorg packages, and then my Ubuntu stopped detecting my input devices unless I disconnected them and then reconnected them(or used modprobe to unload and reload evdev), so terry told me to do apt-get upgrade. As I feared, it didn't work and now my wireless card doesn't work and KDM also doesn't start the session(when I manage to input my password, it just goes back to the console). I did02:04
guedesavdist-upgrade to Lucid, but it still doesn't work. Can anyone help me?02:04
|Long|can someone help me with geforce 8400gs nivida update driver plz?02:04
Jordan_Uvol7ron: You're welcome.02:05
vol7ronI don't know why VMWare can't get Desktop Effects to work when VirtualBox can02:05
Jordan_Uguedesav: How exactly did you upgrade to lucid, and from what release?02:05
guedesavfrom Intrepid, I used the lucid repositories and did apt-get dist-upgrade02:06
vol7ronDo you guys recommend any backup software for Ubuntu... the plan is to go from this virtual disk to a physical one02:06
guedesavbut that's not the important part, I really need to fix this xserver-xorg error, and upgrading really isn't solving.02:06
vol7ronI would hate to have to install all my programs/settings again (esp Apache/Postgres)02:06
Jordan_Uguedesav: That isn't expected to work (in fact the documentation very explicitly states that attempting such a thing *will* cause severe breakage).02:07
digirakhey my indic onscreen keyboard doesnt show up02:07
guedesavwell, that's what terry kept telling me to do02:07
uofm49426when i go from ati 4000 hd or 6000 hd i have to edit xorg manual or go from 3000 to 435002:07
guedesavand since no one could give me an answer, I thought that'd be worth a try. Turns out it wasn't, and I can't revert the changes. Any suggestions?02:07
uofm49426or is there a easyer why02:08
khaleel5000hi, I am writting thesis on oil industry (financail and business perf of 1 specific company) Is there any good programm in which i can write my "notes" (may be has support for some 'corss-referencing' etc? ) [frankly its my first experience, any good program /app for writting thesis notes /stuff (keep track of all the data) ?02:08
guedesavJordan_U: that's all?02:10
Jordan_Uguedesav: Looking at the backlog terry never told you to change your repositories and apt-get dist-upgrade. At this point you pretty much have to re-install.02:11
guedesavbut he told me to upgrade02:11
Jordan_U!upgrade | guedesav02:11
ubottuguedesav: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:11
Jordan_U!eol | guedesav02:11
ubottuguedesav: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:11
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vol7ronJordan_U: if you I removed that xorg.conf, what does it default to? there's an xorg.conf.failsafe (my guess) and xorg.conf-backup-<dates>02:12
Jordan_Uvol7ron: It defaults to autoconfiguration.02:12
ghostswinwhat are you talking about?02:12
guedesavJordan_U: let me try this again. I don't need to upgrade. I never needed to upgrade. I had a problem after upgrading my xserver-xorg packages and was looking for help. In fact, what I really need is to downgrade back. I'd reinstall the 8.10 system, but my CD reader is busted, so I can't. Is there any other way I can do that?02:13
vol7ronJordan_U: do you know where that is? I'm trying to do a file comparison to see what I did that changed - the most I see is nVidia in the "Device" section, but I don't have a config to compare to02:13
ac7ssguedesav: you could download the iso and mount it directly.02:14
Jordan_Uguedesav: 1: You can't downgrade 2: 8.10 hasn't been supported for years now so 3: Your only real option is to install 10.04 or 10.1002:14
ActionParsnipguedesav: could use usb02:14
guedesavand how would I install it?02:14
guedesavfrom inside Ubuntu?02:14
Jordan_Uguedesav: Download the iso, burn it to a CD, boot from said CD.02:15
ActionParsnipguedesav: use the iso with unetbootin. You can use intrepid but there is zero support for it and zero updates02:15
uofm49426hey not really a ubuntu support question but were did shoutcase go to from the new vlc02:15
guedesavJordan_U: did you miss the part I said my CD reader is busted? I can't read from a CD, let alone burn into one!02:15
xanguauofm49426: shoutcast plugin was removed i believe, legal issues02:15
Jordan_Uguedesav: Do you have a flash drive?02:15
guedesavJordan_U: yes.02:16
ActionParsnipguedesav: you can use the CD with unetbootin in another system, or make an ISO of the CD and transfer it to another system to make the live usb02:16
uofm49426the channels are open urls why would they care02:16
Jordan_Uguedesav: Do you have an up to date Ubuntu or Windows install you can use to make a bootable USB containing Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10?02:16
neo_@ jordan_u...u can use wubi tooo02:17
guedesavJordan_U: yes I'll try unetbootin02:18
Jordan_Uguedesav: Note that the unetbootin from Ubuntu 8.10 will *not* work for making a bootable 10.04 or 10.10 USB.02:19
=== emperor is now known as Guest89862
guedesavJordan_U: again, 8.10 is the one that was working just fine here, and I'm not sure the newer versions will still use. I don't want to waste another week trying to get my wireless and tablet working fine with Ubuntu again, so I'll go with 8.1002:20
guedesavJordan_U: Am i clear?02:20
MarconMhow i can to export all my installed aplications on my ubuntu 10.10 and reload on other machine02:21
Jordan_Uguedesav: If you want to use 8.10 you will not get support here, and likely won't get support anywhere else either. Is that clear?02:21
chalcedonydoes anyone have a favorite ftp daemon for 10.04?02:21
Jordan_Uguedesav: 8.10 also has many known but unfixed security vulnerabilities.02:22
MarconMhow i can to export all my installed aplications on my ubuntu 10.10 and reload on other machine for me make a automatic instalation02:22
chalcedonyor better - what i need is an ident server for ubuntu 10.04?02:22
Jordan_Uguedesav: It's also likely that your wireless will work out of the box with 10.04 or 10.10.02:22
azamhmm so im trying to enter in my pass on sudo but it keeps saying incorrect02:23
jribazam: check caps lock02:23
azamyup caps lock is off so is num lock02:24
jribazam: you are entering your user's password?02:24
=== nzaw4 is now known as arknzaw4
azamits saying its incorrect for some reason02:24
azamis my sudo broken or something?02:24
jribazam: can you paste what it actually says?02:25
azamoh wow02:25
azamnvm i got it :/02:25
=== HELP is now known as Guest44802
azamSorry i was new to it02:26
azamdidnt realize I had to press enter....02:26
azamthanks  jrib for the help02:26
azamgot it!02:26
chalcedonythe ident server i found is: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man8/identd.8.html but it wants to be ftp'd02:26
Guest44802Hey guys. I am having alot of trouble with my grub. I've had a few people previouslly post links but nothing is working and frankly I don't know what I'm doing. Yes, I admit it but I need help. Real help. anyone up for it?02:26
chalcedonyazam, glad you got it02:26
jribGuest44802: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)02:26
azamfirst day using ubuntu just wanted to say its amazing ;)02:27
chalcedonyazam, it is02:27
Jordan_U!details | Guest4480202:27
ubottuGuest44802: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:27
Guest44802jrib I have no grub Jordan_U I'm jt13 you gave me a link and even following those directions to a t i get errors and can't get it right02:27
guedesavJordan_U: well, the ISO I have here is 8.10. I'm seriously too frustrated and impatient now to download a whole ISO(not to mention my system is in limited capability, and that'll make me even more frustrated), so I'll risk not having support until I decide to upgrade.02:28
guedesavAnd with that, I'm off to try yet another alternative. Thanks for all and good night.02:28
allan8904hey, i'm trying to unsquashfs a filesystem buts its using LZMA version 4, is there a binary for ubuntu that will do this for me? thanks02:28
phoenixsamprashow to share a simple folder by smb???!!02:30
jribphoenixsampras: right click on folder -> share02:31
phoenixsamprasjrib doesnt work, i cant access from win702:31
jribGuest44802: you're being too vague for anyone to know how to help you I suspect02:31
sarasi am tring to upgrade digikam to 1.8.0 and missing alot of stuff02:32
Jordan_UGuest44802: Boot a liveCD, open a terminal, run "script" to start logging everything that happens in that terminal, then follow the instructions at http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide and pastebin the log (name "typescript") when you're done.02:32
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Guest44802Jordan_U,  ok am starting now02:32
speedrunnerG55how do i repair bad sectors02:34
will_Hello everyone.02:35
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nbfis there a deb available for firefox 4?02:38
itaylor57!ff4 | nbf02:38
ubottunbf: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox02:38
Jordan_UspeedrunnerG55: The drive will repair what it can automatically. If you've gotten to the point that you're getting read errors then you probably want to get a new drive.02:38
nbfthanks itaylor5702:38
ActionParsnipspeedrunnerG55: +1 for new drive02:39
ActionParsnipspeedrunnerG55: i'd make sure your backups are super up to date asap02:39
will_Hi ActionParsnip. I have had trouble with Kubuntu lately. So i came back to Ubuntu. =)02:40
will_ActionParsnip: Is there an available program that can compile sources for me? If "Automake" is the suggested program, which version should i get?02:41
ActionParsnipwill_: if you install build-essential you will get what you need. I suggest you search for PPAs so the apps tie in with the package system02:43
speedrunnerG55oh boy02:44
speedrunnerG55its not my computer.02:44
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will_ActionParsnip: I usually use Alien for converting anything else that i do not have normal Debian access to, but there are a few packages that i have to compile myself.02:44
will_ActionParsnip: New Intel video drivers would be an example of something that i would want to get ahold of.02:45
will_ActionParsnip: My ability to compile manually... "Properly" is somewhat of a dream.02:45
ActionParsnipwill_: the xorg edgers compiles the latest intel drivers weekly as far as I recall, if not more often than that...02:46
Jordan_UspeedrunnerG55: Then tell whoever owns the computer to backup any important data as soon as possible and get a new hard drive. What problem / error message are you actually seeing?02:46
will_ActionParsnip: They have pre-made .deb packages?02:46
will_ActionParsnip: Or would it be a PPA that should be added to get the updates that are available.02:47
ActionParsnipwill_: yes it will download and install transparently, like your regular updates02:47
speedrunnerG55im seeing it in disc utility;;; there are....02:47
ActionParsnipwill_: yes its a ppa02:47
will_ActionParsnip: Look's like my job tonight is to find that PPA then.02:47
ActionParsnipwill_: its not hard:  ppa xorg-edgers02:47
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speedrunnerG55airflow tempature warning and current pendinf bad sector count 1 sector02:48
speedrunnerG55and everywere it shows worst = 100 normalised = 10002:49
mrdebsome bad sectors are ok02:49
mrdebas long as its under 3002:49
ActionParsnipspeedrunnerG55: i'd blow some compressed air through it to clear airways02:49
will_ActionParsnip: Wonderful. They will automatically update every driver aspect as well as the required Kernel.02:49
artistxany ideas how to get digikam 1.8.0 installed on ubuntu 10.402:50
speedrunnerG55the drive?02:50
ActionParsnipwill_: the kernel willl remain the same, the ppa will simply update the kernel module your video chip uses02:50
speedrunnerG55how do i do that02:50
ActionParsnipwill_: the ppa is VERY experimental and may cause issues02:50
ActionParsnipspeedrunnerG55: buy air, use it02:50
speedrunnerG55you mean around the hdd02:50
speedrunnerG55its a laptop02:51
will_ActionParsnip: Intel IGP's are unstable anyway. It's a swing and miss case for me in mostly every way at the moment.02:51
will_ActionParsnip: I only get around 15-20 FPS in FPS games and i am on an Intel 4500MHD.02:51
will_ActionParsnip: My old Intel 950 GMA had a bit more stability and performance. I got about 50-60 FPS constantly on it.02:52
CamarataspeedrunnerG55, find vent, point air, spray.  if its THAT bad get screw driver possibly?02:52
speedrunnerG55ok,ok thn02:53
ActionParsnipwill_: i guess, i try and avoid intel gpus. I only buy nvidia goodness :)02:54
will_ActionParsnip: They are not as bad asmost people think in some cases. But for some odd reason, they have better performance on newer games. They are horrible for classic gaming.02:55
tamara_buenas noches02:55
FlynsarmySo I take it this questions been asked alot today but: How do you install FF4 final in 10.10? I'm currently using hte mozilla daily ppa which installs 'minefield' instead of the officially branded FF4...02:55
tamara_i have a quiestion for u02:56
tamara_how can i change my bootsplash in ubuntu 10.10?02:56
ActionParsnip!ff4 | Flynsarmy02:56
ubottuFlynsarmy: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox02:56
ActionParsniptamara_: there are plymouth themes in the repo02:56
ohsixwill_: are you talking about with wine or in general, cuz wine is rather hamstrung with older versions of ddraw02:56
ActionParsniptamara_: I personally use this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/ubuntu-sunrise-plymouth-theme-adds-awe-to-boot-time/02:57
will_ohsix: In general. The performance for the Intel IGP's has been going downhill since 9.04 anyway though.02:57
will_ohsix: The change to UXA has made a massive performance impact on gaming/video performance for these specific IGP's.02:58
ohsixi've got 2 of them02:58
will_ohsix: If i had a way to revert to XAA i would do it. But i haven't checked into the new way to insert a xorg.conf into the installation yet.02:59
will_ohsix: Sure, i had some extremely intense artifacts at times, but i learned how to fix those issues and get it running properly.03:00
Jordan_UspeedrunnerG55: Does disk utility rate that there are too many damaged sectors? A few is normal.03:00
ohsixit's a hard problem, theres no strictly better over on or the other; as the expense of having the resources at the right place at the right time for acceleration isn't something you can do right all the time03:01
myk_robinsonquestion - In ubuntu 10.10, how do I set the default kernel I want to load? With the latest kernel update, my headphone jack doesn't work, but it works fine with the previous one, so I;d like to set it as the default03:02
ohsixtheres always degenerate cases, the one that minimizes them is the one to go with03:02
thatguy_iPod management with ubuntu?03:02
will_ohsix: I understand that, but they should have left the configuration to allow people to choose what they wanted.03:02
will_ohsix: Kind of like them forcing you to use Pulse-Audio.03:02
ohsixwill_: it's not an informed choice the user can make03:02
will_ohsix: Took me a bit to get that one removed.03:03
ohsixyea good job on that one03:03
will_ohsix: Lol. I have alot of issues with Pulse.03:03
ohsixyou should get them fixed03:03
Slix`Whenever I print anything on Ubuntu to a networked printer, my printer decides that life isn't worth living and starts blinking instead of doing anything else.03:04
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will_ohsix: I can't. Pulse keeps you from having audio output in 3 cases for me. Playing the game KQ, running a JACK server and output splicing from a T.V. to RCA input-output.03:05
karanI NEED HELP03:05
karanalright so i tried to uninstall firefox and apperntly it uninstalled a bunch of my programs03:05
karanand now the gnome panel is gone03:05
knightrageuh oh.03:05
ohsixwill_: pulse doesn't preclude all those things, you just have to set it up to account for your abnormal use-case03:05
karanhow to get back the gnome panel??!?!?03:06
ohsixfor one, you can have pulse use jack as a sink03:06
speedrunnerG55it says there is 103:06
KB1JWQkaran: Reinstall what was removed; it should be enumerated in your dpkg logs in /var/log03:06
will_ohsix: Pulse is new to me, i prefer the classic ALSA setup to be honest, so that is what i am using.03:06
ohsixit's dumb but you can do it, and jackdbus can also make pulse get out of the way when it is running03:06
speedrunnerG55its the first time ive seen a bad sector03:06
Slix`Should I destroy my printer?03:06
ohsixwell i'm sure you know enough to "prefer" one over the other ;]03:06
will_ohsix: I use qjackctl.03:06
gbear14275ok I just reinstalled grub to the hard disk but now I'm booting to a grub prompt... and when I type ls the entries are (hd0,msdosY)03:07
gbear14275i've never seen that before and it is not working with the howto's out there03:07
karank just someone tell me how to get the panel backk??03:07
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:07
nit-witgbear14275, where did you install grub03:07
gbear14275nit-wit: mbr03:07
nit-witgbear14275, what link or instructions03:08
ohsixhrm !panels probably needs to be updated with dconf in the picture; not sure about the interaction03:08
will_ohsix: I would like to get Pulse working to my advantage, but i prefer the classic setup from Hardy. I decided to regress to that point.03:08
Slix`I print something on Ubuntu to a networked printer -> printer's status button starts blinking. Is there something I can do to fix this? o_o03:08
gbear14275nit-wit: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows03:08
Jordan_Ugbear14275: Follow this guide: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide03:08
will_ohsix: So far it is completely stable, i haven't had a single issue yet, i am still testing on it to see if there are going to be any issues.03:08
nit-witthanks hold on03:08
KB1JWQkaran: You'll likely have limited success until you reinstall the stuff you pulled out of your OS.03:09
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karanhow do i reinstall everything?!?103:09
karani need step by step im a noob03:09
KB1JWQkaran: Then ask someone else, I don't have the time to handhold tonight unfortunately.03:09
nit-witgbear14275, you running grub203:09
ohsixwill_: unfortunately there are a lot of drawbacks, stuff you probably don't even care to notice, but drawbacks nonetheless03:09
will_ohsix: Oh i'm sure there are alot. But you're right, probably stuff i have never payed attention to in the first place, haha.03:10
nit-witgbear14275, lets make this easiest run this script and pastebin the text.http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/03:10
ohsixa lot of people care about latency and more than one fixed sample rate as an option03:10
Dice-Mani care about potatoes ohsix03:12
Ja23Yo, why does the "Shared" partition of my HD sometimes not show up?03:12
Ja23but then I go to "Places" -"That HD" and it shows up?03:12
Dice-ManJa23: you need to mount them03:13
Dice-Manman mount03:13
sphinxxxhey i'm trying to recover data off a mac hard drive, i loaded ubuntu off a usb stick, its showing the home folder as empty how is that possible?03:13
Ja23Why doesn't it do that automatically, it used to?03:13
Dice-ManJa23: cat /etc/fstab03:13
Dice-Manthen man mount03:13
Jordan_U!rtfm | Dice-Man03:13
ubottuDice-Man: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.03:13
Ja23I don't understand that answer, what do those commands do?03:14
ohsixsphinxxx: you might have to disable the journal to mount it, or have it ignore it; not sure, but at least it's a direction to go :P03:14
Jordan_Usphinxxx: OSX puts user's home directories in /Users/, not /home/.03:14
Dice-ManJa23: i think i'm tired and i just give half answer03:14
Dice-Man*answers instead of proper ones03:14
nit-witJa23, look at the partition with gparted for any flags as well03:14
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Ja23I just got woken up and am tired as fuck too03:14
sphinxxxJordan_U: there is no Users directory, something is strange03:14
Jordan_U!language | Ja2303:15
ubottuJa23: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:15
Jordan_Usphinxxx: How did you mount the drive?03:15
sphinxxxohsix: i got it mounted and i can see the library and applications folders and some other stuff, but cannot find any documents03:15
azamany luck getting ubuntu on hp slate? is it possible?03:15
sphinxxxJordan_U: i right clicked the drive and clicked mount03:15
ohsixsphinxxx: couldn't say; haven't had much opportunity to look at those filesystems in that scenario03:15
Jordan_Usphinxxx: Can you pastebin the output of "ls /path/to/OSX/mountpoint/"?03:15
Ja23What do i do with GParted?03:16
sphinxxxk one sec03:16
KB1JWQazam: Try it and see. :-)03:16
Ja23I refreshed devices, I see no "flags"..03:16
azamI will try it sometime03:16
azamif it goes well i will tell you guys03:17
azamCause frankly since Ubuntu is a very lightweight OS it shouldn't slow down the  slate03:17
ActionParsnipazam: if you use lxde+openbox instead of gnome+compiz it's even lighter03:18
azamActionParsnip, I hope I find out about that someday :P03:19
sphinxxxJordan_U: in file explorer when i hover over "macintosh hd" it shows "/media/Macintosh HD", if i ls that in terminal it says cannot find path03:19
azamright now im a noob03:19
allichei'm beginner in lunix03:19
azamfirst day using Ubuntu lol03:19
allichei use xubunto03:19
Ja23How possible is it that if I resize all my partitions that I will have to reformat my computer?03:19
ActionParsnipazam: look into lubuntu03:19
falloreei'm trying to update this 10.04 box and it's failed to fetch i think all of the updates when i use the update manager. i ahve internet, so why isn't it working?03:19
azamok Action03:19
nit-witfalloree, what happens when you run in the terminal sudo apt-get update03:21
sphinxxxJordan_U: i think i may need to some package to read the file system, i went into gparted and it has a red exclamation next to the partition03:21
sphinxxxbut its strange because i can see folders and files in it..03:21
falloreenit-wit, it says E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)03:21
falloreeE: Unable to lock the list directory03:21
sphinxxxit also has a key next to it03:22
nit-witfalloree, do you have any thing open but the terminal03:22
Ja23Hello everyone, I really need to expand both my linux and windows partitions on my dual boot computer and shrink my shared partition.  How possible is this?03:24
falloreenit-wit, i had a failed "distribution upgrade" window open, closed it and the update ran03:24
nit-witfalloree, you can only have one download device open at once03:25
falloreenit-wit, yeah, but it only downloaded 1.3mb of stuff, and the list that the update manager showed was much bigger (150mb)03:25
falloreewhen i open the update manager there's still a ton of stuff it wants to download, but it tells me only a partial upgrade can be done03:26
nit-witfalloree, they are loading the same stuff from the same place i would not even look at the size03:26
anonbootsHello. I am attempting to install Skype on 10.10, and the package has apparently hung up in the Software Center. How do I stop it from trying to install, and attempt to install again?03:26
kadapaguy_ubuntuhi friends03:27
ac7ssI know this is an easy thing to ask, I want to be able to have anything typed into the console dumped into a text file. (Just paste into a terminal and have it logged.)03:27
nit-witfalloree, how long ago did you run a update and upgrade03:27
falloreenit-wit, a while, months at least03:27
kadapaguy_ubuntuubuntu natty channel please03:27
xanguakadapaguy_ubuntu: #ubuntu+103:27
nit-witfalloree, your running maverick correct03:27
falloreelucid lynx, nit-wit03:28
Jordan_Usphinxxx: That just means that it's mounted (which would be a problem if you were trying to use gparted to resize it, but you're not).03:28
sphinxxxJordan_U: i unmounted everything03:28
kadapaguy_ubuntujoin /ubuntu+103:28
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Jordan_Usphinxxx: Please pastebin the output of this command: ls "/media/Macintosh HD/"03:28
Jordan_Usphinxxx: Don't. It needs to be mounted to view the files.03:29
sphinxxxi know im just starting over03:29
nit-witfalloree, not knowing what you have added and what or isn't ticked on as far as regular repos makes this kind of difficult. Having a partial this late in Lucid is rather strange03:29
ac7sswould cp /dev/ttyx file.txt work?03:29
sphinxxxjordan to mount use sudo mount /dev/sdb03:29
Jordan_Usphinxxx: No.03:30
kadapaguy_ubuntui am unable to join the channel /ubuntu+1?03:30
ac7ssit did, nevermind.03:30
kadapaguy_ubuntui am using gnome xchat irc03:31
anonbootsHello. I am attempting to install Skype on 10.10, and the package has apparently hung up in the Software Center. How do I stop it from trying to install, and attempt to install again?03:31
sphinxxxJordan_U: what command then?03:31
Ja23Jordan/nit-wit/ac7ss | I have been googling this and just want to make sure, it is possible to resize all the partitions of my one partitioned HD.03:31
Jordan_Usphinxxx: Most likely: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/03:32
critical_maxac7ss: bash history is your friend03:32
critical_maxac7ss: ~/.bash_history03:32
critical_maxac7ss: configurable in your bashrc, google has many details :)03:32
Jordan_UJa23: Yes. Are you having a particular problem?03:33
ac7ssja23: yes.03:33
Ja23I have no room on my windows or linux partitions!03:33
Ja23They both need to be BIGGER03:33
Guest89862you need to buy a new hd lol03:33
Ja23I have lots of space on my shared partition03:33
Guest89862or span it somehow?03:33
Guest89862you can use a cd to resize em03:34
ac7sscritical_max: I wanted a place to dump info to a SSH terminal.  'cat /dev/pts/4 >>Notes.txt' works great!03:34
Ja23Yeah, it's very confusing to me.  When I resize the large partition how do I move that free space over to the linux and windows partitions?03:34
critical_maxac7ss: i'm not sure that is what you are looking for but that's the way the bash shell logs. thing is, it should be actual shell commands or you'll get all kinds of noise. why not use a text editor like nano?03:35
Guest89862if you make it smaller you can add space to the other ones03:35
mrdebhow do you upgrade gnome 2 to 3 in 101003:35
Guest89862update manager?03:35
critical_maxac7ss: ahh, so just need periodic dumps of the whole contents? cool trick.03:35
Ja23Do I actually need to make it smaller in gparted, not just put a command on the stack in gparted?03:35
sphinxxxJordan_U:  i tried sudo mount /dev/sdb /mac/    and it said mount point /mac/ does not exists, isn't it supposed to create that mount point though?03:36
nit-witmrdeb, ther is a gnome stack ppa03:36
Guest89862idk bro sorry03:36
mrdebnit-wit: do you think it's safe03:36
anonbootsHello. I am attempting to install Skype on 10.10, and the package has apparently hung up in the Software Center. How do I stop it from trying to install, and attempt to install again?03:36
hohohi, anyone know the best file synchronization tool? is it rsync?03:36
Ja23anonboots: i have had things like that happen, I just kill it, restart, reinstall and it's ok03:37
ac7sscritical_max: I want something auto saved. the cat command works fine.03:37
Jordan_Usphinxxx: No, you need to create the directory yourself, and it's going to be sdb1 or sdb2. You can't mount just /dev/sdb.03:37
anonbootsJa23. So kill a PID?03:37
ActionParsniphoho: there is no single best app for any one task03:37
Ja23but I'm here asking for help, so I dunno03:37
sinisterstufhi, I'm trying to install an ident daemon in Ubuntu 10.10 but no success, which package should I install?03:37
critical_maxac7ss: ah, just put it in cron then03:37
at-buntanonboots: sudo top and then find the pid for dpkg and kill it with the "q" option03:37
Guest89862well kill pid03:37
critical_maxanonboots: kill `pgrep software-center`03:37
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ac7sscritical_max: !?!? no, the append from cat is perfect.03:38
Ja23anonboots: It can't be that bad, I think it'll be fine03:38
at-buntanonboots: then sudo dpkg -i skype.deb03:38
sphinxxxJordan_U: i just mounted it using the disk utility03:38
critical_maxac7ss: oh, it's continual that way? good deal03:38
Guest89862if the install messes with ubuntu ur gonna have to forcibly remove the package03:38
Guest89862this happened to me with frostwire03:38
Jordan_Usphinxxx: Please pastebin the output of this command: ls "/media/Macintosh HD/"03:38
nit-witmrdeb, I have it I don't like gnome3 in general, I have 3 or 4 desktops installed, regular,lxde, openbox03:38
hohoactionparsnip : I am looking for low cpu, memory, and I/O consumption03:38
ActionParsnipJordan_U: you'll need to escape the space03:38
ac7sscritical_max: just end the session with a CTRL-D.  :)03:38
Guest89862dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq webmin <- like that03:38
Jordan_UActionParsnip: Not when it's quoted :)03:39
critical_maxac7ss: i missed the second > ;)03:39
nit-witmrdeb, it is a seperate desktop not on top of another03:39
sphinxxxJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/skafiC2t03:39
ActionParsniphoho: rsync will do the job fine, its not best, nor is it worst. If you are comfortable with rsync then use it, there is also grsync to give a gui03:39
ActionParsnipJordan_U: didn't spoty that. nice ;)03:39
sphinxxxJordan_U: its showing the Users folder, but i dont see that in the file explorer, why?03:39
mrdebnit-wit: why03:40
ActionParsniphoho: you can cron rsync too which is dead handy03:40
critical_maxhoho: rsync is a good choice, you can do it over ssh, and should03:40
grendal-primehey guys i got this acer aspire d255 great machine so far but...the mic does funny stuff...as it turns out i have to disable disable one of the mics...03:40
nit-witmrdeb, variety03:40
Jordan_Usphinxxx: Probably because the filesystem is corrupted somehow. Please pastebin the output of "dmesg".03:40
critical_maxhoho: that is if it's server to server03:40
Guest89862how do you do that? "/rsync originalpath /backuplocation?"03:41
sl33k_How to install python packages after unpacking it?03:41
grendal-primeand then it works...this is done via that pulse audio mixer.  the problem is when i adjust the volume via the typical volumne control it linux the two mics together again...03:41
Guest89862how do you do that? "rsync /originalpath /backuplocation?"03:41
grendal-primeand then i get no sound in at all.03:41
critical_max!rsync | Guest8986203:41
ubottuGuest89862: rsync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync03:41
casaque pex03:41
casaque ay03:41
casaque hacen03:41
ActionParsnipGuest89862: look into grsync. It will give the rsync command of what is going on too, so you can copy it ;)03:41
hohoactionparsnip : I am worry about the cpu and memory consumption, is rsysnc use it low?03:42
casaque comentan03:42
anonbootsdpkg: status database area is locked by another process03:42
casasoy nuevo en esto03:42
hohocritical_max : I am worry about the cpu and memory consumption, is rsysnc use it low?03:42
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:42
sphinxxxJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/FNPqtBzY03:42
anonbootsI cant seem to kill software center and stop it from trying to install.03:42
sl33k_How to install python packages after unpacking it?03:42
critical_maxhoho: unless you have SSD your cpu/memory are not the limiting factor on rsync03:42
ActionParsniphoho: its a command like any other so it can be given a high nice value to keep it's impact low03:42
grendal-primehoho rsync is the bomb ther is nothing better... i move  240 gigs every 24 hours with it.03:42
casano les entiendo03:42
sphinxxxJordan_U: also disk utility says the disk has bad sectors03:42
casano mancennn03:42
grendal-primeand im not making that up...03:43
casaechenmela en español03:43
chaorainDoes anyone know of a writing program that uses a similar method of sorting files to OneNote? i.e. Sections and pages like this? http://blogs.office.com/b/crabby_office_lady/archive/2011/02/21/onenote-notebooks-sections-pages.aspx03:43
IdleOne!es | casa03:43
ubottucasa: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:43
critical_maxyep, that's a normal small business cycle appropriate for rsync03:43
FlynsarmyHey guys. I'm in FF4 final and i unchecked 'View - Toolbars - Menu Bar' but the firefox button didn't appear...so I'm left with nothing and need to use alt+f to make menu bar appear.....any ideas how to get the firefox button to appear?03:43
sl33k_How to install python packages after unpacking it?03:43
MrStrykerhow do i block a port03:43
th0rMrStryker: iptables03:44
Jordan_Usphinxxx: Do you have a drive with enough space to store a full disk image of the Mac drive?03:44
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MrStrykeroh yeah, duh03:44
sl33k_How to install python packages after unpacking it?03:44
sphinxxxJordan_U: yeah i think so, the EFI (first partition) too, or just the main one?03:44
critical_maxsl33k_: pip03:45
wizardkenwhat's the difference between a windows manager and a desktop environment03:45
casagnu/linux es prometedor03:45
hohocritical_max : what is SSD?03:45
Jordan_Usphinxxx: Might as well do the whole drive, the EFI partition should be very small anyway.03:45
ActionParsnipwizardken: the DE gives a suite of apps and libs for them to run in. The window manager draws the windows for those apps03:46
critical_max!ssd | hoho03:46
critical_maxhoho: hmm... google "solid state drive"03:46
sphinxxxJordan_U: is there anything else i could try before doing that?03:46
ohsixthe window manager draws decorations and lets you move windows, it doesn't draw them unless its a compositing wm03:46
sphinxxxJordan_U: it seems like the data is still there, just the mounting point is corrupted somehow03:46
hohogrendal-prime : what about the cpu and memory consumption on your server while using rsync?03:47
Jordan_Usphinxxx: No, the only problem is with the hard drive, it's mounted fine.03:47
digiraki cant seem to get the indic onscreen keyboard to work03:47
sphinxxxJordan_U: ok so after copying the entire drive what would i do?03:48
critical_maxhoho: cpu usage depends on cores, you might see a load of 1 per core under heavy load on a recent system03:48
critical_maxhoho: your bottleneck is hard drive speed03:48
ActionParsnipcritical_max: and network speed / load at time of rsync03:48
critical_maxactionparsnip: ooh yeah, can't forget network.03:48
Jordan_Usphinxxx: After copying the entire disk with a utility called GNU ddrescue you should be able to mount the disk image and hopefully see more files (GNU ddrescue is a tool for getting as much data as possible from a damaged disk).03:49
sphinxxxJordan_U: i grab that from the ubuntu software center?03:49
Jordan_Usphinxxx: Yes. Be sure to get GNU ddrescue and not the inferior but similarly named dd_rescue.03:50
sphinxxxJordan_U: i download the tar.lz file but can't seem to run it (i couldnt find it in ubuntu software center)03:51
hohocritical-max : I am just worried since I run a high traffic website on it03:52
mrdebhow do you install the latest unity on 10.1003:52
StepNjumpGuys I would need help to mount a Windows NTFS partition please in Ubuntu to transfer some files03:52
grendal-primehoho durring that time of transmit it uses 60-80% of the cpu it compress the data on the fly03:52
grendal-primetrust me when i say this is the best data moving tool you will find03:53
critical_maxStepNjump: Does the partition appear in your Places menu?03:53
grendal-primei move a lot of data in one day  with that thing..03:53
StepNjumpLet me check.. you mean in Nautilus Critical_max03:53
sphinxxxJordan_U: is there a way to disable journaling on the drive?03:53
Ribertywhen is the rc of 11.04 coming out?03:54
critical_maxNo, I mean the main Places menu at the top of the screen03:54
hohogrendal-prime : I am just worried since I run a high traffic website on it03:54
ohsixgrendal-prime: sometimes touching all the files in the set on both sides is undesirable, and you need lower latency between syncs, so it's not for everything03:54
Jordan_Usphinxxx: You do *NOT* want to disable journaling on that drive. Don't even think about it. You don't want to write anything to that drive.03:54
critical_maxStepNjump: if it appears there, selecting it for the first time will mount it. Then it should appear in Nautilus.03:55
sphinxxxoh ok03:55
StepNjumpcritical_max, no nothing under places in Nautilus. Well, not at the first level anyway03:55
chaorainDoes anyone know how to "Roll up" a window or how to configure it?03:55
critical_maxStepNjump: it would be somewhere between Computer and your optical drive in that menu03:55
Jordan_Usphinxxx: If you're running from a LiveCD you'll need to enable the universe repository to get GNU ddrescue. Edit > Software Sources... in Software Center.03:56
StepNjump desktop, filesystem, network, System reserved, acer, linux, trash, documents, music, pictures, video and download.. That's all I have critical_max03:56
critical_maxChaorain: System > Preferences > Windows > Titlebar Action03:56
th0rStepNjump: you looking in nautilus?03:56
StepNjumpcritical_max, I don't have an optical drive03:57
StepNjumpYes nautilus Th0r03:57
critical_maxStepNjump: Ahh, you're running an ASUS netbook preload. I don't know how those are set up. Have you checked their help files yet?03:57
th0rStepNjump: no...you need to look at the PLACES menu at the top of the screen, next to Applications03:57
StepNjumpcritical_max, it's an acer aspire one netbook03:57
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MrStryker how do i use screen03:58
StepNjumpcritical_max, which help files?03:58
critical_maxStepNjump: google for "acer ubuntu ntfs mount" yet?03:58
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=== Guest29435 is now known as Guest48150
chaoraincritical_max: ok, I need to be more specific, I was able to use my scroll wheel to control the "shade" function. I have Compiz if that makes a difference03:58
critical_maxStepNjump: that's where i'd start.03:58
MrStrykerhow do i use screen the program, it refers me to byobu03:58
critical_maxchaorain: last time I used compiz, those details were configured per engine03:59
critical_maxchaorain: you have the compiz-config whatsit app?03:59
StepNjumpOk critical_max, I will try that03:59
StepNjumpth0r, nothing there03:59
StepNjumpWhat am I looking for? NTFS label?03:59
chaoraincritical_max: yeah, havn't found it yet03:59
dwarderhow do i enable site for apache?04:00
babywho are you?04:00
dwardere2ensite ?04:00
dwarderi dont' have it04:00
sphinxxxJordan_U: i enabled the universe repository but still can't find ddrescue04:00
critical_maxStepNjump: they show in gnome's Places menu, labelled by their partition size, on a stock Ubuntu 10.0404:00
critical_maxStepNjump: I strongly suspect yours is configured differently from stock04:00
ActionParsniphi baby04:00
MrStrykerbaby, why are you asking who iopu8 is?04:00
digirakany idea what will have this package04:01
digirakNo package 'gtk+-2.0' found04:01
StepNjumpcritical_max, I'm not sure if this is gnome.. I think I'm running the other desktop, not gnome but I could be wrong04:01
critical_maxdigirak: libgtk probably04:01
sphinxxxJordan_U: nevermind, found it04:01
StepNjumpcritical_max I'm on 10.10 32 bits for netbooks04:01
critical_maxStepNjump: xfce?04:01
digirakcritical_max: ok thanks04:01
sphinxxxJordan_U: where is it located once i installed it?04:01
dwarderanyone uses apache?04:02
ac7ssI am using the command 'powersave-selector' and it just sits there, do I have to run it bg or just kill it.04:02
StepNjumpxfce? critical_max04:02
StepNjumpcritical_max, no it's stock04:02
Jordan_Usphinxxx: It's a terminal based application.04:03
StepNjumphow do I know which desktop I am running whether it's gnome or something else?04:03
sl33k_critical_max: thanks04:03
sphinxxxJordan_U: when i run ddrescue from terminal it says i need to sudo apt-get gddrescue, but i just installed it from software center??04:03
ohsixtheres ddrescue and gddrescue, one has a command called dd_rescue and the other has ddrescue, it's great!04:04
critical_maxsl33k_: you're welcome, there's a PyPI website too for a nicer browsing interface04:05
critical_maxStepNjump: xfce is a stock desktop for some ubuntu, I really don't know anything about the Acer setups so I'm afraid I can't be of much help04:05
dwarderi have apache2.2-common installed, why don't i have e2ensite?04:05
StepNjumpcritical_max should I download ntfs-3g? I think it suggests that on the web04:05
brophatis it possible for a printer driver to work with 32 bit ubuntu but not work for 64 bit ubuntu?04:05
critical_maxStepNjump: because it should "just work" on most ubuntu, I think you have something else going on and you should refer to the acer docs or forum04:06
StepNjumpbut how can I know what desktop I run and get the version in terminal?04:06
critical_maxstepnjump: you have whatever acer preloads04:06
evan_hey folks, working on a friends computer and having some driver issues i think04:06
StepNjumpI know, I used to have it in my previous ubuntu desktop available critical_max04:06
critical_maxstepnjump: their docs/forum should have your question as a FAQ04:07
grendal-primeohsix...how much data do you move in one day...04:07
sphinxxxwhy won't the command fsck.hfsplus work04:07
* dwarder thinks that he has an invisible cloak on him04:07
evan_can't get his wireless up and running. he's got an internal card and a usb card and i can't get either one to work04:07
digirakany idea where I would find unique-1.004:07
critical_maxstepnjump: good luck, and indeed maybe you need to install ntfs3g, i just don't want to tell you that when I don't know the system04:07
Jordan_Usphinxxx: As I said you need *GNU* ddrescue.04:07
MrStrykerStepNjump, under the system menu, does it say 'About GNOME'04:07
grendal-primei literally move 240 GIGS a day with it.Thats text..over 6000 files per min..wich when it comes to offloading fillers becomes very important.04:08
grendal-primeand that is only one data feed i have to maitain.04:08
ohsixgood job04:08
MrStrykerdwarder, you are cloaked04:08
grendal-primeits going to the customer via a 280 mbs connection.04:08
grendal-primeso about 3 megs a second.04:09
sphinxxxJordan_U: i got it and it won't run from command line, even though i installed it already04:09
grendal-primedurring peek hours it enumerates in 10 min and then starts again.04:09
StepNjumpcritical_max, yes it's gnome04:09
ActionParsnipgrendal-prime: we do that, its a great backup method04:09
grendal-primeand hoho..if your server is hi demand..get a second box and run rsync from that.04:09
BlackadderHi I am more than happy with my Ubuntu servers. I wish to build a control server with gnome installed any ideas on howto after base server installed04:10
ohsixor dont04:10
StepNjumpSorry MrStryker, where is the system menu? This is a different setup for netbooks04:10
ohsixrun varnish on a frontend instead04:10
grendal-primeyou can tunnel it right thorugh ssh..literally 4 lines of bash and you are done..point cron to the script and fagetaboutit.04:10
Jordan_Usphinxxx: No, you did not install GNU ddrescue, you installed non-GNU ddrescue which is an inferior program.04:10
StepNjumpOk thanks critical_max, if you think of anything, please kindly let me know. Thanks for your help04:10
ActionParsnipBlackadder: i'd install webmin or similar to give a web interface04:10
MrStrykerStepNjump, you may be using unity04:10
critical_maxstepnjump: If it is gnome then it is DEFINITELY customized and you should check Acer and find out where they have hidden the feature you want.04:11
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
critical_maxstepnjump: you're quite welcome04:11
sphinxxxJordan_U: i installed the only one that showed up in  software center04:11
grendal-primeActionParsnip, i use it to move a crapload of data every second..i mean we are not even syncing it..although we could but we are just offloading data with it..it works better than cp because we can compress the data ad it goes out.04:11
ohsixJordan_U: inferior eh?04:11
dwarderMrStryker: it was a metaphor that nobody answers my question, though it that was easy one as i figured out, command is not e2ensite but a2ensite04:11
Blackaddercool thanks m8. I hate having a web interface but some guys are not so great on code especially when initializing  openvpn04:11
grendal-primeits part of the rsync protocol..04:11
grendal-primei would marry the develops ugly sister if he asked me to04:12
grendal-primeerrr..or she?04:12
ohsixgrendal-prime: you keep going on like nobody knows what rsync was, and as if it wasn't boring as any other tool that everyone knows about04:12
=== MrStryker is now known as Bawn
sysop3ok I got a wierd issue.  when I try a apt-get build-dep vlc I get :"E: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_dists_https_ppa_ubuntu_maverick_source_Sources - open (2: No such file"04:12
critical_maxQuestion, what's a screen recorder that plays nice with Gnome/Ubuntu?04:12
ActionParsnipgrendal-prime: we use a windows app and it just moves, just gotta spot check it, if a job stops, just kill it and the next data chunk kicks off the job monitoring again.04:13
StepNjumpcritical_max: I don't understand when you say to check acer because this netbook came with windows7 built in. I dual boot partitionned it in order to have ubuntu installed... There is something I miss there04:13
grendal-primelook im just saying..alot of people know about it ohsix but honestly i dont know many people that have the situation i have where they have to move as much data as i do..im just letting everyone know..."hey..ive put it through the pases and you can even use it for stuff that yo wouldnt normally consider)04:13
Jordan_Uohsix: According to their website it appears that they switch to a smaller block size on the first pass, which will cause additional wear on the drive before getting all of the data that can be read with a larger block size first.04:13
grendal-primeand im trying to let hoho know..its probably were he is going to wind up so he should start there.04:13
critical_maxstepnjump: no i was missing that info... well... hmm04:14
critical_max!ntfs | stepnjump04:14
ubottustepnjump: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE04:14
dwarderBawn: and thank you for noticing me, now i know i exist ;)04:14
Bawnyup, dwarder04:14
ubottustepnjump: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions04:14
Jordan_Usphinxxx: Run "sudo apt-get remove ddrescue; sudo apt-get install gddrescue".04:14
critical_maxstepnjump, i would go ahead and follow the ubuntu ntfs-3g docs at this point04:14
grendal-primeActionParsnip, ya the entire reason we wound up using it from a linux box was cause the windows machine in charge of moving our data backups...borked..at a very bad time.04:14
StepNjumpoh yes, it does mention NTFS-3g... excellent thanks critical_max. That will help a lot. I like your nick btw!04:15
KingPrawnanyone have issues installing nvidia drivers? I can't get them to install04:15
grendal-primesince then...2 years.. 4 line script  and guess what...not a single prolem.04:15
chenwlhow to set "delete style" vim highlight04:15
chenwlI want some word show as "deleted"04:15
critical_maxstepnjump: hehe thanks, glad we got that sorted...04:15
sphinxxxJordan_U: ok i've got it installed, now what?04:15
chenwljust like "<del>some word</del>"04:15
ActionParsnipKingPrawn: never had an issue with them in 10 years04:15
ohsixJordan_U: the only aditional wear it could be is in the servo mechanism; the larger block sizes are just for speed, and you truly have a contrived scenario if you are running the clock out on the servo mechanism04:16
StepNjumpcritical_max, it's true that the netbook version of Ubuntu is limited version because of limited space on the HDD and limited RAM. So they try to keep it light04:16
grendal-primeand ohsix  your right...i know windows users that will actually build a linux box just to use rsync to move data.04:16
critical_maxstepnjump: yeah, that explains it... you're going to find a LOT of things are different no doubt... be sure to mention you're running the netbook version in future :)04:16
grendal-primeand they for the most part to not tell anyone about it..but...it is there..hidding in a closet somewhere.04:16
chenwlhow to set vim highlight like "<del>some word</del>"04:17
grendal-primelurking if you will04:17
=== skullgame is now known as pRrp
chenwlhow to set vim highlight like "<del>some word</del>"?04:17
grendal-primelurk lurk...WHAMMO move data..lurk lurk.04:17
ohsixindirect disk access, a great way to do things when you have to scan all the sources04:17
crusgrendal-prime: why not just use rsync on windows?04:17
grendal-primecause it blows04:17
StepNjumpcritical_max this netbook is really nice with Ubuntu. WOrks great and can be carried anywhere.. Really nice little mobile system04:18
grendal-primeand sucks at the same time04:18
grendal-primeit blucks04:18
critical_maxstepnjump: how's the battery life compared to win7?04:18
cruswhat about it "blucks" exactly?04:18
grendal-primeok..ill start with just this04:18
cruscare to elaborate? or are you just spinning fud04:19
grendal-primeon windows...ooooohhhh....just now is it starting to work right..and guesss what cifs...blows...04:19
Jordan_Uohsix: If a drive is dying then you want to get anything you can with larger block sizes first. Even if you just consider speed it means that you will have a more complete image sooner than if you use smaller block sizes for everything.04:19
crusgrendal-prime: are you going to give any reasons or are you just going to keep defering and saying different things blow etc?04:19
grendal-primethere is no way in hell you are going to run a filler and run anything worth anything with cifs..you have to have nfs..as soon as you start looking into things like vmware guess what..you are going to need nfs.04:20
Glow_hi Sirkill04:20
SirkillHI GLOW04:20
grendal-primetry it on windows04:20
StepNjumpcritical_max, mmm it's a new toy I couldn't tell you for sure but ubuntu, it must last about 4 hours04:20
StepNjumpI would have to test it04:21
ohsixJordan_U: thats a different argument, one could also be made that a drive might heat up too much and not work reliably with faster reading04:21
Jordan_U!caps | Sirkill04:21
ubottuSirkill: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:21
crusgrendal-prime: we were talking about rsync on windows, not nfs.04:21
ohsixJordan_U: it's all about resumability04:21
grendal-primecrus, right04:21
StepNjumpcritical_max it's a new toy I couldn't tell you for sure but ubuntu, it must last about 4 hours. I should test it and let you know04:21
grendal-primewhat do you do when you reach 25000 inodes on a windows system?04:21
Xioni just install a app called tweetdeck and requires a keyring to open it04:21
grendal-primei would like to see you deal with that04:22
critical_maxstepnjump: yeah in the past ubuntu's battery life is less than win7, be nice to see it catch up ;)04:22
StepNjumpcritical_max: I'm going to get a second one at costco. I got mine for 300$. I presume they will spike up in price with the tsunami disaster. It's a good investment04:22
Xioncan i use keyring for any app i like to protect ?04:22
critical_maxI found a screen recorder in ubuntu that works great, it's called "istanbul"04:22
Jordan_Uohsix: And GNU ddrescu's logging is great.04:22
ohsixgrendal-prime: considering theres no concept of an inode to windows ...04:22
grendal-primecrus, you got a windows system that will deal with that?04:22
StepNjumpOk I went on battery now04:22
grendal-primeno shit?04:22
crusgrendal-prime: okay, so what was the problem with rsync on windows exactly? we seem to have gone a bit sideways with this one04:22
ohsixJordan_U: clever fellow! i knew my ruse wouldn't last for long04:22
StepNjumpIf you are still here, I will let you know04:22
critical_maxstepnjump: yeah, depending on what you're doing, on desktop replacement type laptops linux can be brutal on battery04:22
IdleOne!windows | grendal-prime04:22
ubottugrendal-prime: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents04:22
critical_maxeven moreso than windows04:23
StepNjumpdo you leave your computer on all night? I could leave you a message04:23
critical_maxyeah just message me here04:23
Jordan_Uohsix: Read the documentation for both GNU ddrescue and non-GNU ddrescue and I think you will agree that GNU ddrescue is superior.04:23
grendal-primeno crus  you misted the point earlyer,  we tried rsync on windows..it could not deal with the amount of files..or the amount of data...it died..several times.04:23
StepNjumpI can tell you that it heats up much less in ubuntu04:23
grendal-primeleft us hanging...04:23
grendal-primewith you know what in the wind...04:23
Jordan_Usphinxxx: Mount a partition that is large enough to hold a full disk image then tell me what the mountpoint is.04:24
ohsixJordan_U: i didn't disagree, i was just looking for something that wasn't a red herring04:24
Xioncan i add a app to keyring,,i mean password protected  ?04:24
grendal-primei dont know what you do for a living...but what i do is reliably move alot of data round ...and windows does not do it ..if it did i would not have a job04:24
GeForce88apport on 11.04 is buggy. can't file bug report because it faults out. any ideas how to report the fail ?04:24
lwizardlcan someone help me figure out why when i burn a disc using k3b windows can not mount the discs ? i use linux+windows, an no multi-session04:24
crusgrendal-prime: more then likely, rsync had a hard time dealing with too many files in a single directory, which is a more a problem to do with NTFS rather then rsync..04:24
StepNjumpcritical_max: What might help too is to do a sudo pm-powersave true04:25
crusgrendal-prime: and probably more to do with you not understanding the limitations of the file system you were using.04:25
ohsixGeForce88: "faults out", does apport crash or say that type of crash can't be reported? also, you might try #ubuntu+104:25
chelzis firefox 4 going to replace firefox 3.6 in lucid?04:25
StepNjumpcritical_max and configure the cache. I used to have a great article on that somewhere..04:25
StepNjumpIt sped up the netbook quite a bit04:25
xangua!fx4 | chelz04:25
ubottuchelz: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox04:25
critical_maxstepnjump: ssd would also help a ton i bet04:25
critical_maxstepnjump: i always burned through battery by taxing the video card and/or the hard drive04:26
ohsixlwizardl: did k3b end up creating a udf disk? possibly because of the size of the files you burned? windows generally doesn't do well with udf04:26
chelzxangua: that tells me how to install it, but not if fx3.6 will be unavailable. i would like to keep fx3.6 if i could.04:26
grendal-primecruse..ok..your missing the point..04:26
GeForce88ohsix, windows pops up says sorry, apport has unexpectantly closed. do you wish to file a bug report blah blah, click to report and system freeses04:26
grendal-primeyou run rsync on a windows machine..what can you conect it to with a large number of files in one dir?04:26
StepNjumpcritical_max, yeah04:26
ohsixGeForce88: peculiar, afaik apport is mostly python, if it were crashing something would be seriously amiss04:27
StepNjumpcritical_max, is there a way that you know I could leave you an offline message whilst you are gone so that you can read it when you connect?04:27
StepNjumpon irc04:27
crusgrendal-prime: no, you're missing the point.. rsync is not at fault..04:27
ohsixgrendal-prime: you've been pretty offtopic for a while with this rsync talk04:27
GeForce88stepnjump send your self a memo via memoserv04:27
critical_maxstepnjump: this channel doesn't disconnect me, should be ok04:27
ActionParsnipchelz: use the daily ppa, install firefox-4.0 then remove the ppa04:27
crusohsix: that's probably my fault as i've been fueling the fire on that one04:28
grendal-primecrus...i said rsync on windows blows04:28
StepNjumpThanks GeForce8804:28
grendal-primeyou asked me to give yo ureasons why04:28
grendal-primei did that04:28
=== h3r0 is now known as Guest88322
ohsixno harm no foul, he's been at it since before you said anything04:28
IdleOnegrendal-prime: drop the windows talk and get on topic. Now please.04:28
StepNjumpOk Critical_max, I shall let you know (battery life)04:28
=== Guest88322 is now known as momoko
crusgrendal-prime: No, you told me how everything else sucks/blows, whatever.04:29
chelzActionParsnip: oh i mean i'm wondering if the official repos are going to make the choice for users to switch to fx4 from fx3.6, since i don't really care for fx4 atm04:29
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents04:29
grendal-primeok...sorry guys...04:29
zakwilsonIs a Firefox 4 .deb out yet? I googled, but mostly found old info about the beta.04:29
xangua!fx4 | zakwilson04:29
ubottuzakwilson: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox04:29
grendal-primehows this...cruse....i have a dir with 250000 files in it..how would you sugges it move it?04:29
ohsixi pinned ff4 from natty; that was the awesome04:29
grendal-primei move it ...sorry...04:29
zakwilsonThanks, xangua.04:29
ActionParsnipchelz: 4 is default in natty04:30
lwizardlohsix, nope. settings where write mode auto, verify written data, filesystem linux/unix + windows, not udf04:30
critical_maxxangua: ooh thanks, I didn't know it got released today yet.04:30
chelzActionParsnip: is 3.6 available in natty?04:30
lwizardlwhats a level 3 iso level ?04:30
critical_maxstepnjump: thanks, be curious to know the difference if any these days04:30
grendal-primenext cruse...it needs to go through the internet two another machine..no established tunnel?04:30
lwizardlohsix, and generate rock ridge extensions, generate joliet extentions04:31
ActionParsnipchelz: not sure, I don't use firefox these days04:31
ohsixlwizardl: well "filesystem linux/unix + windows" sounds like its trying to hide the information you need from you; if you can read it in linux, check the output of dmesg in a terminal to see what the volume is04:31
crusgrendal-prime: 250000 files in 1 folder is poor management to begin with imo.04:31
ohsixchelz: it isn't available04:31
chelzthat's interesting04:31
grendal-primeyour not asnwering the question and these files are stacking up as we speek04:31
grendal-primealso they are on a netapps filer04:32
lwizardlohsix, ok it reads fine under linux what do i need to do to read the info you was asking about dmesg04:32
ruanis it normal for a fsck to take 5 seconds?04:32
ActionParsnipchelz: i guess you could use the archived file from the mozilla page and integrate it04:32
ActionParsnipruan: depends on options and size of filesystem being scanned04:32
grendal-primebzzzzzt...crus your fired04:32
ruanbecause it seemed to do a file check on startup and it took 5 seconds04:33
ohsixlwizardl: you need not do anything, it just tells you what format the disk is, which might indicate what problems windows would have with it04:33
ruani dont know why it did a filecheck though04:33
crusyou want a solution to a problem.. yet the problem is very vague..04:33
chris_osxshould i wait for ubuntu 10.10 coming up with firefox 4 or should i install it manually?04:33
ActionParsnipchris_osx: up to you04:33
crusgrendal-prime: sorry, im not devoting 100% of my attention to you're stupidity ;)04:33
ActionParsnip!ff4 | chris_osx04:33
critical_maxoh dear lord, FF4 is just as fast in linux as it is in windows :)04:33
ubottuchris_osx: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox04:34
StepNjumpGeForce88, thanks for letting me about memoserv. Didn't know that one. That's awsome04:34
lwizardlsays filesystem isofs04:34
ohsixnetapp is probably a canard; you're totally divulging how sorry the scenario is, but you're totally buying into rsync essentially marginalizing a job that wouldn't exist if not for bad management04:34
ActionParsnipcrus: smooth :)04:34
chris_osxActionParsnip: thanks a lot04:34
grendal-primei already have the answer because thats what i do..tell people without a clue how to move there 5 metric tone of garbage data from one place to another because there app sucks and as you so put it is poorly planed...but i dont sit on my thumb..i do something about it'04:34
StepNjumpcritical_max, yes I shall let you know04:34
crusActionParsnip: even with the major spelling issue ;)04:34
StepNjumpI will msg you and if you are not here, I will memoserv you04:34
critical_maxstepnjump: ok thanks04:35
ActionParsnipcrus: i thought it was gramer not speeling ;);)04:35
IdleOnegrendal-prime: Drop this off topic discussion now or I will remove you from the channel.04:35
StepNjumpI will msg you and if you are not here, I will memoserv you critical_max04:35
StepNjumpcritical_max. Thanks to u204:35
IdleOnecrus: you too please. get back on topic.04:35
primeHi all - If I want to convince my school IT guys to look at ubuntu, is there a list of reasons somewhere?04:35
crusActionParsnip: lets not get technical ;)04:35
crusIdleOne: no worries04:35
glitchdok so i have a script to lauch a server for a game, it works fine if i run it in terminal but i want to assign it to a shortcut on my top panel, but it doesnt launch when i click it?? what am i missing??04:35
ActionParsnipcrus: you just made my night :)04:35
primelike IT guy advantages?04:35
xanguaprime: prime: ubuntu.com google ¿¿04:36
grendal-primeIdleOne,  yes sir04:36
grendal-primehoho. hows it going?04:36
ohsixprime: most of the points in ubuntus favor are linux ones04:36
grendal-primeyou want to talk in a private channel i will gladly explain to you how to move very large amounts of data with very minimal equipment.04:37
critical_maxprime: check SuSE too for school advocacy, SuSE is huge in education04:37
grendal-primesometimes these public chats are not good for discussion of details.04:37
primeok - so general linux / suse have the same points in favor04:37
primeas ubuntu04:37
soreauglitchd: could be an environment issue. alos make sure it is executable04:37
critical_maxglitchd: yeah, likely environment. pastebin the script?04:38
superman097anyone know about mrtg here?04:38
ohsixsuperman097: no04:38
glitchdsoreau, i believe it is, when i double click it i get the options on how to run it04:38
glitchdcritical_max, it works if i double click it, i want to put it to a icon shortcut on my top panel04:38
critical_maxprime: suse is a linux distro that targets the educational market (among others) - i've personally seen labs full of SuSE machines at a major university - you are more likely to find advocacy documents in their community IMHO04:39
superman097mrtg = multi router traffic grapher04:39
critical_maxglitchd: put it in a pastebin04:39
ubottuglitchd: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:39
ruanglitchd: it needs to run in its working directory, i had the same issue04:39
soreauglitchd: So you made the shortcut on the panel, did you specify the full path to the script?04:39
ruanglitchd: a shortcut on the panel could work though04:39
soreauglitchd: Might need to make the script cd into the proper directory as ruan suggests04:40
glitchdsoreau, yes the full run path is "/home/glitchd/games/minecraft-server/start" and thats in the shortcut also04:40
StrykerWelcome back glitchd04:40
glitchdStryker, thx!04:40
glitchdbeen a while since ive been here04:40
glitchdsoreau, ok it all of a sudden decided to work04:41
glitchdthx anyways guys!!04:41
StrykerYeah, I have forgot what I was helping u with b404:41
grendal-primesoooo on topic of pulse audio04:41
critical_maxglitchd: good deal04:41
grendal-primeanyone have an acer?04:41
glitchdStryker, yea so did i04:41
ActionParsnipgrendal-prime: did but the wind blew and it fell aprt in my hands04:41
glitchdadios room!!!04:42
ohsixi don't follow, pulseaudio -> polling on who owns an acer?04:42
Strykercya glitchd04:42
soreauglitchd: cool04:42
ruangrendal-prime: my sister used to have one. acer aspire one, the linux that came with it wasn't so usable04:42
grendal-primeActionParsnip, you know thats werid allot of people have said they are sort of physically crap but this is the first NON dell machine (because of the contracts i have) that i have bought in 10 years.04:42
grendal-primeand ive been really happy with it...as far as a mid goes...its the fkn bomb.04:43
superman097can i ask something about mrtg with ipv6 support here?04:43
grendal-primething runs for 6 hours on a charge....well i mean you know running around and whatnot..thing is the mic is werid..because pulse audio things it is a sterio mic04:44
critical_maxsuperman097: go ahead, i used mrtg in a former life..04:44
grendal-primei have to silence one of the mics for my ipphone apps to work..04:44
ActionParsnipgrendal-prime: its cheap and you get what you pay for, is how I see it04:45
grendal-primebut when i adjust the volume on the taskbar..it couples them togerther again..04:45
Strykermrtg doesn't come up in google, isn't that odd?04:45
grendal-primei dont know ActionParsnip has a 4 core atom ...the video is full accelerted, wif..networ...vidoe out..everything workd (cept for the mic) right out of the box..04:46
ohsixgrendal-prime: thats a well known problem, alsa doesn't provide the information to automatically do that for clients, or provide the noise reduction it is intended for04:46
ruan4 core atom? lol04:46
grendal-primeya werid i know..but its a netbook...with 4 core..04:46
critical_maxstryker: multi router traffic grapher, isn't it04:46
grendal-primeand ddr304:46
ruangrendal-prime: what model?04:46
grendal-primeits nice i can run 3 vms on it..04:46
grendal-primeand a 250 gig hd04:47
superman097mrtg = multi router trafic grapher04:47
ohsixruan: 2 core, and ht04:47
Strykerhey, critical_max did u know u can press tab to autocomplete names?04:47
grendal-primei liked it so much i bought a second one...like i say the only thing i cant get to work on it is like...google voice.. cause of the mic.04:48
grendal-primeand its runnign 10.0404:48
critical_maxStryker, if I ever knew I'd forgotten.04:48
grendal-primebeats the hell of of the 3 or 4 dell min 10's we got here.04:48
critical_maxStryker, I just tab completed in apt-get which makes that funny :)04:49
=== _evilpleasure is now known as evilpleasure
critical_maxtabbing arguments took me a while to catch on to04:49
grendal-primein fact i would ditch my hero phone for this thing if the mic worked decent04:49
ohsixthe mini10 wasn't exactly a show piece04:49
grendal-primeya but dude..for 200 bucks it was pretty cool for a mid04:50
ActionParsnipgrendal-prime: grab a usb mic ;)04:50
grendal-primeand i dont care what anyone says it beats the hell out of a fkn ipunk any day.04:50
ohsixthe mic does work; its just that the 2 channels are out of phase & no software involved knows, or uses it for noise reduction04:50
DrkCodemanis it possible to run exchange on *nix?04:50
grendal-primeActionParsnip, does the same thing04:50
grendal-primesomething about pulse audio..werid04:50
DrkCodemanpulse audio is crap...04:51
ohsixit's not just pulseaudio, andything that mixes the streams will do it04:51
grendal-primeanyway..i dont have to have it working it just makes conf calling allot easyer if i can do it on the same machine i do dev work on.04:51
ohsixDrkCodeman: qualify your assertions04:51
DrkCodemanthat was the first thing i removed with ubuntu read online threads about pulse audio04:51
ohsixDrkCodeman: qualify your assertions04:52
grendal-primeoff to work with more kvm stuff.. he ActionParsnip you do any work with kvm and virt-manager?04:52
ohsixDrkCodeman: so you read something that said it was bad and removed it; and now carry the flag for it, having not even seen for yourself, ok04:52
harovalihow can I ensure the boot process runs /etc/init.d/console-setup ?04:52
critical_maxDrkCodeman: those problems with pulseaudio were in like, 2008 :(04:53
DrkCodemanOpen-Xchange weee04:53
ohsixgrendal-prime: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.alsa.devel/7948904:53
ohsixcritical_max: that is to say, if he were even reading about real problems, people are funny04:53
critical_maxohsix: well, I definitely had a horrible time with the first distribution upgrade that included pulseaudio, was doing multimedia work with alsa+jack, and got taken for a ride... but it's been fine for years now04:54
grendal-primeduuuuude...you are the MAN....ok ok...ill mary YOUR UGLY sister for that find!04:54
grendal-primei mean..you know...if you still need to marry her off and all...04:54
DrkCodemani had a hell of a time with my usb headset with pulse audio04:54
DrkCodemanin addition to using apps like wine04:55
ohsixgrendal-prime: are you vision or otherwise impaired? it's the first hit on google, these things aren't this amazing04:55
DrkCodemanmy usb headset would cut in some instances very fuzzy (playing wow) through wine04:55
DrkCodemanchanged to alsa worked great04:55
ohsixDrkCodeman: would you believe all the wine sound output drivers are broken? forsooth, it only shows up when you do nonblocking sound i/o04:55
critical_maxDrkCodeman: if you were running Ventrilo, that's always flaky to the extreme, been there04:56
critical_maxDrkCodeman: there was a Ventrilo-compatible open source project that launched over a year ago, I wonder how far they are04:56
ohsixthat's a wine problem, not a pulse one :\04:56
ohsixpasuspender is great for that though04:56
grindcrusherget mangler04:56
critical_maxmangler, that's it04:56
ruanalso, gksudo gstreamer-properties04:56
grindcrusherit works pretty good04:57
ohsixruan: what would that do04:57
ruanohsix: changes default plugin for stuff, not sure what exactly04:57
DrkCodemani also had problems in native unreal tournament 200304:57
grindcrusherconnect to ventrillo servers04:57
DrkCodemanso it wasn't a wine issue04:57
DrkCodemanbtw native ut2k3 was a major pain to install04:57
critical_maxDrkCodeman: probably not worth ripping out stable subsystems like pulseaudio to get 8 year old apps running. :)04:58
ohsixruan: it just sets some stuff for gconfsink, if you're not using playbin or something that does, OR gstreamer, it wouldn't do anything04:58
ruanohsix: i use gstreamer04:58
grendal-primeohsix, well not really...as if i was they would not let me fly the plane anymore...but i will say i was probably being a little to literal in my search criteria..i was looking for this machine specifically04:59
ohsixDrkCodeman: you wouldn't believe it but lots of software is broken! they assume blocking audio output to rate limit sample delivery; this is not how pulse works (though properly written realtime software will clock its own sample rate and work in both cases)04:59
grendal-primei do thank you for the link though..04:59
grendal-primeeven though..it does not support a solution.05:00
DrkCodemanand is landscape open source?05:00
ohsixgrendal-prime: i was being a little facetious, i searched for alsa stereo mic phase ... which could be inferred from what i had already said, but uses terms of art :[05:00
ohsixgrendal-prime: the solution for a user is ugly manual configuration in cryptic configuration files, alsa should really be handling it05:01
DrkCodemanAnyone here know about landscape?05:02
ubottuLandscape makes the management and monitoring of Ubuntu systems simple and effective by combining world-class support with easy to use online management tools. https://landscape.canonical.com/05:03
DrkCodemanis it open source?05:03
ruanwell, its on canonical. might as well check05:03
ohsixi bet that link might have something to say05:03
DrkCodemandoesnt say much realy05:04
ohsixafaik not all components are, they run it as a paid service05:04
ruanyeah it requires an ubuntu advantage account05:05
DrkCodemanso much for OSI05:05
ohsixDrkCodeman: lawl05:05
DrkCodeman<3 marketing05:05
ruanthere seems to be a free trial though05:06
DrkCodemanyeah its a pitty its just another gimmick to get money its a community project yet they are marketing this as a company05:08
ohsixgrendal-prime: theres already some stuff in pulse to work around this apparently, i don't know where to get a new enough version though. ppas or anything05:08
ruanwell they've got to get money somehow05:08
ohsixDrkCodeman: its a community project insofat as mark shuttleworth started it and the company monetizes it, and has paid contributors05:08
ohsixyou can, shockingly, be paid to work on ubuntu05:09
b0tzHi, I just got a dell st2220t multitouch touchscreen monitor. It isnt even registering one\two touch input at the moment - just acting as a dual monitor. ive never had a touch screen monitor before so is there anything i should know or do to get this working05:09
DrkCodemanso ubuntu does not have a OSI license then05:09
ruanb0tz: there is a driver you need to install for touch screen i believe05:10
b0tzAny idea what it is05:10
ohsixDrkCodeman: this isn't really on topic for this channel, "ubuntu" is a trademark, it is also what they call the distro, on install media, and as an assembly of the constituent parts, which all have separate licenses05:11
b0tzW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/chasedouglas/multitouch/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/source/Sources.gz  404  Not Found05:11
b0tzW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/chasedouglas/multitouch/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404  Not Found05:11
ohsixDrkCodeman: they do not distribute parts of their commercial infrastructure, but the  parts they do, have a license05:11
b0tzthe repo nto wo rking or what05:11
ruangot to find a newer one then05:11
ohsixDrkCodeman: but that still isn't talking about "ubuntu"05:12
chalcedonyhow do i find out where 'rbash' is in ubuntu 10.04?05:13
=== Blackadder is now known as PeterPan
ohsixchalcedony: dpkg -S rbash, or `which rbash` (latter is faster)05:14
=== PeterPan is now known as Blackuhuru
chalcedonyohsix, ty05:15
b0tzgrr hate working with drivers05:16
b0tzi figured multitouch\touch support was built in..05:16
ruanb0tz: drivers are actually built in05:17
b0tzthen why isnt even basic mouse functionality with touchscreen working05:17
evan_trying to get a texas instruments wifi card to work... i think i found the driver but i can't get it to go05:17
b0tzthere is lik eno documentation on getting this montior to work cause its so new05:17
ohsixb0tz: is it usb?05:18
ohsixrandom google hits aren't documentation :D05:18
b0tzhttp://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?sku=320-1819&cs=19&c=us&l=en&dgc=CJ&cid=24471&lid=566643&acd=10550055-1727683- this is the link to it05:18
ruanyeah i tried google and failed05:18
b0tzits got 1 upstream 3 downstream usb ports05:18
MuhammadTahirhi every one i got a prob any body will help me ?05:18
MuhammadTahiri can not update my ubuntu 10.10 which i install yesterday05:19
ohsixb0tz: lsusb will tell you what the device is, as will dmesg if a driver attaches to it05:19
MuhammadTahirthrough update manager it states that i hv to download abt 290 mb of updates when i click yes it just slowly download it :(05:20
b0tz23.554046] Synaptics Touchpad, model: 1, fw: 6.5, id: 0x1c0b1, caps: 0xa04751/0xa00000/0x005:20
b0tz[   23.636941] input: SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad as /devices/platform/i8042/serio1/input/input1505:20
b0tzthats in dmesg..05:20
MuhammadTahirin about 6 hours it downloaded about 22 mb05:21
StepNjumpcritical_max FYI: it says I still have 3h35m left (I doubt it). Started at 22:20 here MST05:21
ohsixb0tz: those are internal controllers, not the one in the monitor05:22
b0tzah ok figured so, as im connected to a laptop05:22
ohsixMuhammadTahir: software properties has a thing that will pick faster mirrors for you05:22
MuhammadTahiri m anew user can u guide me ?05:23
ruanMuhammadTahir: system> administration> software sources05:23
MuhammadTahiri searched from google for terminal comands too05:23
MuhammadTahirbut they dnt work05:23
MuhammadTahirthx let me check05:23
ohsixif you want to run it from a terminal: sudo software-properties-gtk05:23
Jordan_U!gksudo | ohsix05:24
ubottuohsix: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:24
ohsixruan: thats gone in newer versions btw, software center has the extra/multiverse/what have you in it now05:24
ohsixJordan_U: caring not, though i've read it before05:24
ruannewer versions? like 11.04?05:25
ohsixi use sudo -s and run stuff from there05:25
ruanbecause im on the latest 10.1005:25
ohsixruan: yep05:25
b0tzjust tried hdmi and vga, both same problem05:25
Jordan_Uohsix: You should care about it, especially when helping others. It's not nice to knowingly give advice that could cause a user to no longer be able to login.05:25
ohsixruan: it might not even be there in 10.10 if it's not an upgrade05:25
b0tzshould I try hooking it up via usb too, or what05:26
ohsixJordan_U: when that happens i'll make a note of it05:26
ohsixb0tz: usb would be how the touch controller connects, yes05:26
Xionguys i want to add an aplication to keyring,05:26
Jordan_U!language | nickals05:27
ubottunickals: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:27
Jordan_U!topic | nickals05:27
ubottunickals: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:27
Jordan_U!ot | nickals05:27
ubottunickals: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:27
grendal-primeActionParsnip, amazon has an apps store now05:27
nickalshaha sorry guys05:27
nickalsjust expressing my love <305:28
Xioni will like to block apps with password05:28
grendal-primemy chinese mid can get apps now..well i mean for longer than the hour before google realizes its a non approved device05:28
ohsixJordan_U: without ssh involved, which tries to handle your credentials; you won't have a problem05:28
MuhammadTahirthx it worked05:28
MuhammadTahirone more thing \05:29
ohsixJordan_U: it goes without saying that as root, any file can be changed to be owned by root; so ones that deal with your users credentials is bad news05:29
Jordan_Uohsix: It is something I have to help users with often, and I am sure that there are many more that can't even ask for help as they can't ask for help when they can't login to GNOME. Please don't suggest that people use sudo with graphical apps.05:29
pinoyoragonIt seems my swap is not mounted, "The disk drive for /dev/mapper/ubuntu10-swap_1 is not ready yet or not present". What shld i do?05:29
nickalsJordan_U, sorry bout that, im just in an un-deniably good mood. that was an AMSG to a bunch of gaming channels, sometimes i forget about freenode.05:29
MuhammadTahirwhenever and whatever i try to install through ubuntu software centre it installs too slowly05:29
bazhangnickals, chat elsewhere05:29
ohsixJordan_U: give me one scenario05:29
MuhammadTahiras from the last 20 minutes i m installing Vlc05:29
nickalsbazhang, read my last message to Jordan_U05:30
Xionis there any aplication that block my apps with password ?05:30
ohsixJordan_U: not forgetting that i, myself; have some idea about which files are touched by what i'm running, whereas a user may not05:30
sacarlsonXion: just move the app to the /usr/sbin dir05:30
pinoyoragonSWAP Problem (maverick): It seems my swap is not mounted, "The disk drive for /dev/mapper/ubuntu10-swap_1 is not ready yet or not present". What shld i do?05:31
Jordan_Uohsix: Do you at least agree that users that do not know which apps are going to touch ~/.Xauthority should as a rule use gksudo with graphical apps?05:31
ohsixJordan_U: yes, but not as instructions from myself, and ssh isn't unique in that regard, but it's close05:32
ohsixsudo chown root:root ~/.ICEauthority is also ill advised05:33
Xionsacarlson:) what u mean move the app ?  installed there ?05:33
myrmidettecan anyone walk me through setting up video streaming from ushare to xbox 360?05:33
sacarlsonXion: just mv /usr/bin/app /usr/sbin/app   then it will require a sudo and password to run05:34
wizardkenmyrmidette, it's in slackbook05:34
ohsixJordan_U: software-properties-gtk is basically just an applet for synaptic to handle software sources, it doesn't touch any credentials05:34
myrmidettewizardken, link?05:34
ohsixpoint taken however05:34
ohsix(for the third time :)05:35
sacarlsonXion: if you are creating an app deb then install it in /usr/sbin in your deb control file05:35
MuhammadTahirohsix i m waiting05:35
Xionsacarlson:) im not creating apps,,i want to password protect come apps05:36
Jordan_Uohsix: Please then either add a note explaining that users should only use sudo with the specific graphical application you are mentioning, or use gksudo in your examples to other users. People do what they see, and what is recommended to them, and unless told otherwise it's perfectly reasonable for them to (mistakenly) expect that if sudo can be used with some graphical apps it can be used with others safely as well.05:36
dualcorei need help with postfix05:36
wizardkeni686 true 64 bit and i86_64 just an addon to 34 bit ?05:36
DrkCodemanubuntu going to run smooth with socket r in a addition to the new 8 core amd bulldozer?05:36
sacarlsonxion: well that would be one method I'm sure there are 100 more ways to do it05:36
ohsixJordan_U: it wouldn't be a whitelist, but a blacklist, there are few scenarios where your credentials are replaced05:36
ferlicjlCan someone help me with Wireless Connections?05:37
ohsixwizardken: i686 is the p6, the first pentiums & pentium pros ;] no 64bit there05:37
MuhammadTahirubuntu software centre is taking much longer is it normal ?05:37
Jordan_Uohsix: Then please include said blacklist in any comments to users where you suggest using sudo with a graphical app. Or, more reasonably, suggest the use of gksudo instead.05:37
MuhammadTahiri m installing vlc and it is too much slow05:38
dualcoreMuhammadTahir: do you have any other downloads going?05:38
MuhammadTahirno nothning else05:38
wizardkenohsix, oic thanks05:38
ohsixJordan_U: i make no suggestions, if it comes to be something that is likely to modify a file that will make logging in, or anything like it; difficult, i'll defer to gksudo or find a better way to do it05:39
ajinhey guys05:39
sacarlsonxion: and here is another way http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49111105:39
Xionsacarlson:) i just moved acetone iso to try and it did not promt me for password when i execute05:39
Jordan_Uohsix: This is an official policy of #ubuntu, if you'd like to discuss it further please join #ubuntu-ops.05:39
MuhammadTahirjust played a song from youtube and nothing else05:39
dualcorehow large is the application you're installing and what is your bandwidth?05:39
sacarlsonxion: if that user is sudo and you have accessed sudo in the last pretimeout then that would be the case05:40
MuhammadTahirits 20.7 mb and my conection is 1 mb05:40
MuhammadTahirbut usually i can download much faster than that05:40
=== dhodgkin_ is now known as Guest4848
sacarlsonxion: and iso is not an application it is a file that is read by an app so ?05:41
MuhammadTahirin abt 30 to 35 minutes its about 20 % done05:41
Xionsacarlson:) yes i use sudo to open nautilus,i mean gksu05:41
dualcoreMuhammadTahir: are there other computers on the network downloading?05:41
ohsixJordan_U: one contrived and avoidable situation doesn't really convince, and practically speaking i can almost assure you that it will never come up in a scenario where i am assisting someone05:41
sacarlsonxion: so you want even a sudo user to have to add a password?05:42
MuhammadTahiri have my own line05:42
Jordan_Uohsix: This is an official policy of #ubuntu, if you'd like to discuss it further please join #ubuntu-ops.05:42
Xionsacarlson:) acetoneiso is a app05:42
Xionsacarlson:) i dont have user on my computer,but i share it sometimes05:42
sacarlsonxion: then you should modify your sudoer file so that this sudo user must add a password or not access at all05:42
MuhammadTahirif i try to download directly or through torent any thing i can download 20 mb in about 1 to 2 minutes05:42
sacarlsonxion: if it's ubuntu it must have a user to operate05:43
Xionsacarlson:) yes just me,05:44
MuhammadTahirthe same problem with update manager yesterday in 6 hours it downloaded only about 22 or some mb05:44
dualcoreMuhammadTahir: whats your bandwidth http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/05:44
sacarlsonxion: but you run as sudo all the time?05:44
ohsixJordan_U: this is a "what i will ever say in the future" policy, it's none of your business, you can tell people the perils of messing with your credentialss as root, not me; i don't suspect anyone but the strictest of cargo cult to just run everything with sudo either, the ssh thing is as contrived as it gets, and ssh could/should see who owns those credentials before it copies them05:44
playlastest ubuntu 11.04 alpha stable enough to use? itching to upgrade. (thanks for any feedback)05:45
Xionsacarlson:) i think so,i just use sudo at terminal05:45
MuhammadTahirits .81 mbps05:45
ohsixJordan_U: note: you'd need to do "sudo ssh -X" for this to happen05:45
sacarlsonxion: well if you don't need sudo don't use it05:45
ohsixJordan_U: not ssh root@ -X05:45
bazhangplay, #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support05:45
playah, thanks for the tip @ bazhang05:45
ActionParsnipplay: works ok here, i'd ask in #ubuntu+105:45
ohsixJordan_U: its up to the reader to decide of sudo ssh is more correct than ssh root@05:46
StarminnHow do I change the icon of a file?05:46
Jordan_Uohsix: This channel has guidelines, If you refuse to follow them I will have to remove you from the channel. I really don't want or expect it to come to that.05:46
ActionParsnipStarminn: right click it -> properties then then click the icon and change it05:46
bazhangStarminn, right click choose a new one or get a new theme set05:46
Xionsacarlson:) so theres nothing i can change in users and groups to block myself from som apps ?05:46
sacarlsonxion: maybe you should just move all the stuf you normaly run out of /usr/sbin and put them in /usr/bin so that you almost never need sudo?  then it will ask for a password when you really want it to05:46
ohsixJordan_U: i suspect you'll be informing me every time i make a faux pa, i'm confident even. as this isn't the first time, so all is well05:47
StarminnActionParsnip: Wow. Did not know that the image was actually a clickable button. :) Thanks.05:47
sacarlsonxion: sure there is but you keep bypassing it so what's the point05:47
DrkCodemanohsix: is ubuntu going to be able to handle 128bit architecture?05:47
ohsixDrkCodeman: that wont be ubuntu, and it won't be for 20 years, it's useless to speculate05:48
ActionParsnipStarminn: yeah man, works all over the place (really good for removable devices appearing on the deskto ;))05:48
ohsixlinux already has some targets with vliw, but not with huge address spaces05:48
DrkCodemanohsix: its already here... look up the new amd bulldozer...05:48
sacarlsonxion: you can make add another user called superduperuser and give him full rights and make your present user only access without a password what you want to normaly run without a password05:48
StarminnActionParsnip: Good idea. :) Although my removables don't appear on my Desktop, but duely noted. :) Never would have thought to click on the image.05:48
ActionParsnipDrkCodeman: as long as the kernel is compiled to use the addressing and any features in the CPU then sure05:48
ohsixDrkCodeman: i have a bridge for sale05:48
ohsixits best not to conflate the instruction size with the possible address space size05:49
Xionsacarlson:) so i need to open a gksu nautilus and move all from /usr/sbin  to usr/bin and notjing happend to the system?05:49
ActionParsnipStarminn: when I connect my phone, my phone appears on my desktop. I also got a pic of an my exact SD card which appears when I plug it in05:49
ohsixeven 32bit processors can have 40+ bits of address space05:49
sacarlsonxion: all?  I thought it was just one app?05:49
Jordan_Uohsix: Please join #ubuntu-ops.05:49
StarminnActionParsnip: Nice. Good idea. :)05:50
sacarlsonxion: no you only need to change your /etc/sudoer file05:50
DrkCodemanmemory limitation05:50
MuhammadTahirsualcore any ideas ?05:50
MuhammadTahirdualcore ***05:51
sacarlsonxion: I assume the apps you want to limit are aleady in /usr/sbin05:51
ohsixcrap, you can't drag things onto icons in the panel anymore in natty05:51
ViciousPlantjoin ##politics05:52
Andy-at-homeguys, how to compress everything in the current directory (and sub directories) in to a tar?05:52
ohsixLOL if you drag it over an app in the taskbar it doesn't switch either, it adds a button next to it05:52
Andy-at-hometar cvfz mytarfile.tgz *?05:52
Starminnohhsix: Offtopic and/or #ubuntu+105:52
DrkCodemanohsix: one last thing is there a chance i can market ubuntu as a free alternative to windows to my customers at my local computers store?05:52
ActionParsnipAndy-at-home: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-compress-a-whole-linux-or-unix-directory/05:52
sacarlsonxion: in sudo you can limit a user to only be able to run a single app or a group of apps with or without a password05:52
ohsixDrkCodeman: is there? i have no idea05:53
playandy, you can up up a level and right click the folder -> in menu select compress -> select your options -> all set05:53
DrkCodemanohsix: dont you personaly work for ubuntu?05:53
playah nm, you wanted the terminal command05:53
eamonWHat kind of RAM should I get? http://dpaste.de/tq5w/05:53
ActionParsnipeamon: ask in ##hardware  this is ubuntu support only05:54
eamonDDR or something is it?05:54
Andy-at-homefile paths seems to be kept when I try05:54
eamonok ty ActionParsnip05:54
Xionsacarlson:) maby i want to blocl all aps thet use internet like browsers etc,i have a young boy here looking for action online,,if u know what i mean :)05:55
ohsixDrkCodeman: no, and i don't work with/for your business either; so i can't say05:55
ActionParsnipeamon: its offtopic here05:55
eamonActionParsnip: ok ty05:56
ac7ssXion: you can make a hosts file to block all web to those sites.05:56
ohsixyou can use a proxy & whitelisting too05:56
sacarlsonxion: just read the link then and it gives a good example of how to create a group http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49111105:57
Xionac7ss:) i whant to block the internet app like mozilla,opera,chonium etc05:57
ohsixbut if you just want to block the internet, lock down networkmanager & have no profiles to connect with05:57
ac7ssXion: or you could make a WEB group and make the browser programs group WEB and permission 550.05:57
sacarlsonxion: and give the boy his own user name and password05:57
ac7ssXion: and make sure he is not in the WEB group05:58
sacarlsonac7ss: xion: that sounds like it would work to me05:58
ActionParsnipXion: you can setup a proxy and setup filters for selected content05:58
sacarlsonActionParsnip: xion: true you wouldn't want to totaly cut off internet access so this might be better05:59
ohsixlets not forget that gnome has its own restrictions management05:59
=== ron is now known as rbetzen
ac7ssIs there an easy way to tell if a program is the only copy of itself running?06:02
ohsixnot really06:02
Flynnac7ss: what do you mean exactly??06:02
ohsixtheres pgrep and other tools that do something like it, that'll search all processes to see if they're running, but most apps that want to run only once have exclusive pid files06:03
DrkCodemanps aux?06:03
Jordan_Uac7ss: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/04506:03
ac7ssFlynn: I have a script that I want to make sure it is the only copy running. If it finds another copy, it exits.06:03
sacarlsonac7ss: I wrote a script that checked if a program was already running before it ran, is that what you want?06:03
Flynnac7ss: sudo ps -eF          sudo top -c          sudo gnome-system-monitor06:03
DrkCodemantop is good :)\06:03
Flynnac7ss: sudo ps -eF | grep -i "File Name"06:03
sevith*** stack smashing detected ***: ./a.out terminated06:04
sevithUbuntu 10.1006:04
ac7sssacarlson: Yes, I currently use ps -A|grep SCRIPTNAME| wc -l06:04
glitchdok so i need some help again please06:04
ohsixac7ss: touch a file that exists only when it's running, and remove it when it's killed; then trying to start it again will find the file there and not start06:04
Flynnsevith: what's the a.out file?06:04
ohsixand put the pid in that file so you can check and see if it's really actually still running (so you can clean up if it isn't)06:05
sevithFlynn, Its just a simple overflow but ubuntu wont let me run it....:/06:05
sacarlsonac7ss: I think I use this if [ "$(pidof openvpn)" ]06:05
ac7ssohsix: I want it to be foolproof. (Don't want to loose it on a bad reboot.)06:05
glitchdi lost color on my desktop, the top panel icons are in color but anything on the desktop is in black and white-monochrome06:05
ohsixthat's what the pid is for06:05
sevithFlynn, You know whats stopping it?06:05
Flynnsevith: chmod +x the file??06:05
ohsixif you want it to start as its own user and only once like a regular service, it's more involved but you can do that too06:06
Flynnsevith: secondly how are you trying to run it?  sh ./File name   or    ./filename   ...after chmod'ing it?06:06
Andy-at-homehow do I compress everything in the current directory without taking the full filepath? when I extract the tar i get the structure from the old /var/www/currentdirectory/subdirectories instead of allfile/subdirectories06:06
sacarlsonac7ss: yes that's what I wanted also since for some reason the app didn't always start so I had a cron check it every hour and at boot06:06
sevithFlynn, chmod didnt help ./filename is how i am running it06:06
ohsixAndy-at-home: cd /thatdirectory tar cf file.tar .06:06
Loshkiac7ss: locking code is full of gotchas for the unwary. Follow Jordan_U's link above...06:07
sevithFlynn, Its a c application06:07
Flynnsevith: hmm i'm not to experienced in C06:07
sevithFlynn, Do you know if ubuntu has stack protection06:07
Flynnsevith: I'm usually on Arch but I try to help Ubuntu'ers but I'm not too sure06:08
Dannydhi, im trying to add an icon to the panel, but the application only works well when run as root, I tried "command : sudo <appname>", but now it dosent launch....can someone tell me how I can do that?06:08
ohsixsevith: that's up to the loader/c library and NX support, which i believe is all in place, including address layout randomization06:08
glitchdanyone have any clue how to get my desktop back in color??06:08
FlynnDannyd: use the command if it's a gui app:   gksudo file-name06:09
Andy-at-hometar cf myfile.tar not working06:09
Jordan_Uac7ss: You can also use run-one and run-only one as explained here: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/02/introducing-run-one-and-run-this-one.html06:09
FlynnDannyd: gksudo program-name06:09
Andy-at-homeor tar cf myfile.tar .06:09
ohsixAndy-at-home: that trailing dot is important, it's the directory to archive, and it means "this directory"06:09
ac7ssI was trying to do it within the script.06:09
ohsixAndy-at-home: you might want to make it cvf, so it shows progress06:09
dbmany1 know how to get 'Mask' like this ubuntu/member/06:09
Loshkisevith: http://cboard.cprogramming.com/c-programming/88842-***-stack-smashing-detected-***.html06:10
sacarlsonAndy-at-home: taring a tar file?  try man tar   I think it's tar -x  or just use nautilus with fileroller06:10
Andy-at-homeweird, the cvf was it06:10
FlynnUbuntu-related:  Just saw Ubuntu being used in Tron Legacy...awesome06:10
sevithLoshki, thx06:10
sevithohsix, thx06:10
Dannydwow Flynn: you are a genious..thats exactly what I was trying to do..thanks a lot..06:10
sevithFlynn, thx06:10
sevithi got it ;)06:10
FlynnDannyd: no problem06:11
ac7ssFlynn: Did you notice the Ubuntu logo on the character's forehead?06:11
FlynnDannyd: gksudo is using admin permissions on gui's.  sudo program-name   isn't right06:11
BesogonAndy-at-home: HOw have you done it?06:11
Flynnac7ss: i don't think that's ubuntu's logo, it looks sortof like it but it's not it06:12
Andy-at-homeit was tar cvf myfile.tar .06:12
Flynnac7ss: but yes i thought the same06:12
sacarlsonAndy-at-home: that creates  a tar of a tar file06:12
ac7ssFlynn: looks close enough.06:12
Andy-at-home6am here06:12
ActionParsnipAndy-at-home: same here (UK)06:12
Andy-at-homenow imagine you cant do the simplest of task06:13
sacarlsonAndy-at-home: I'm still fresh just had my coffee after just waking up 2 hours ago06:13
ActionParsnipAndy-at-home: I'm at work so I gotta do some fairly taxing stuff ;)06:13
Andy-at-homeno coffee and the smokes arent helping keep my rage down06:13
Andy-at-homeso how do I compress a directory with all its files and subdirectories and so it doesnt keep its file structure?06:14
boomtnthey, can anyone help me with patching chipset ipw2200 for injecting with aircrack?06:14
Flynnhere's a weird question I've always had...why is Ubuntu-er's often talk about coffee or beans?06:14
ac7ssAndy-at-home: Keep files and loose file structure?06:15
Flynnboomtnt: your going to want to go to backtrack06:15
Flynnboomtnt: your going to want to go to backtrack's irc channel06:15
Andy-at-homei need to go before I say something we will all regret06:15
ActionParsnipFlynn: coffee keeps you awake when you REALLY wanna crack something and its late06:17
ActionParsnip!patch | boomtnt06:17
ubottuboomtnt: Patches are files describing the changes in code to achieve some results.  There are a number of ways these can be produced, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems may provide some useful guidelines.06:17
glitchdanyone know of a setting in ubuntu 10.04 that would make my only my desktop display in b/w??06:17
FlynnActionParsnip: I've never had a problem when I am in a shell.  I often have to force myself away.06:17
playglitchd, does the error persist on system restart?06:18
=== blaize0 is now known as blaize
glitchdplay, yes06:18
ActionParsnipFlynn: its like coffee in an office environment I guess06:18
glitchdplay, i have had this problem before, i just dont remember how i fixed it last time06:18
ac7ssAndy-at-home: to keep everything 'tar -c /DIRECTORY |gz >archive.gz' Does that sound right?06:18
FlynnActionParsnip: i guess06:18
sacarlsonAndy-at-home:  cd /path/to/dir/to/compress; tar cvf filename.tar .06:18
ActionParsnipglitchd: press CTRL+ALT+F2 and run: metacity --replace06:19
sacarlsonAndy-at-home: don't forget the "." at the end06:19
BesogonAndy-at-home: Found it06:19
Andy-at-homeI done that and someone said that was wrong06:19
glitchdActionParsnip, bam, brand new. thank you.06:19
BesogonAndy-at-home: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/71622606:19
ac7ssAndy-at-home  sacarlson: that's right.06:19
FlynnAndy-at-home: metacity replace will be for your window decorator06:19
Andy-at-home[06:12] sacarlson: Andy-at-home: that creates  a tar of a tar file06:19
Andy-at-homeare you trying to screw with me?06:20
BesogonAndy-at-home: you can use '--wildcards' option with 'exclude' options too06:20
FlynnAndy-at-home: wrong person sorry06:20
Andy-at-homedunno how its take more than 5 seconds to find this06:20
ac7ssandy-at-home: to compress the tar file you can use gz06:21
FlynnI got to say I'm loving emacs -nw in ubuntu just a little06:21
ohsixyou can also add z olol06:21
sacarlsonAndy-at-home: yes that might cause recusion so maybe beter to be one dir back of where you start.  tar cvf tarfile.tar ./path/to/compress06:21
ohsixbut by the time you're throwing this many letters around, it's probably best to read the manual06:21
ac7ssandy-at-home: add a z to the cvf 'czvf'06:21
=== administrator is now known as Guest34829
wizardkenany books guides on hardware?06:22
wizardkenlike how they work etc06:22
ohsixwikipedia :D06:22
ac7ssscarlson: I don't think tar compresses without the z option.06:22
FlynnAndy-at-home: your trying to extract a compressed file??  if you have a gui running, why not a little good oh' right clicking?06:22
boomtntis there a different between cvf and czvf?06:22
ohsixboota2: it compresses the output with gzip when z is in there06:22
BesogonAndy-at-home: tar don't compress files actually. It make only a 'container' for them/ No compress files you should use filters gnuzip for example06:22
Flynnboomtnt: z is another argument added to the equation06:23
Andy-at-homethanks all, ill figure it out06:23
* ac7ss loves pipes ||06:23
natetI'm having a problem setting up dual booting on my computer.06:26
ActionParsnipwizardken: i'd ask in ##hardware06:26
natetI had a windows 7 install on /dev/sdb, and installed ubuntu on /dev/sda06:26
natetGrub doesn't see the windows partition.06:26
sacarlsonac7ss: true I like z that's what I normally use, and I tested it just now and I can do it with tar cvzf backup.gz .  from within the dir seems to still work with the "." at the end06:27
ActionParsnipnatet: try: sudo apt-get -y install os-prober; sudo os-prober; sudo update-grub06:27
dpn`howdy, anyone know why commands like <super>s wouldn't be working for me in compiz?06:27
ActionParsnipdpn`: its not defined as a shortcut in any of your active plugins06:27
dpn`ActionParsnip, well actually super-s does something weird with the shutdown button in lynx... so i changed it to super-x in my plugin and it still isn't working :(06:28
Flynnnatet: gparted is great for partitioning while dualbooting in my experience the easy way.  grub will have to be fixed if installing windows on a already linux machine06:28
Besogondpn`: you can tune compize for your taste06:28
natetNo love.06:28
dpn`Well i've set up the keyboard shortcut and it's not working :)06:28
natetFlynn: Windows was installed first.06:28
natetos-prober was already installed.06:28
ActionParsnipnatet: does it show windows in the final output?06:28
ActionParsnipnatet: thats why I used ; instead of &&06:29
Besogonnatet: May be you just haven't got Windows bootloader now06:29
natetBootloader should still exist on /dev/sdb06:29
ac7ssis there an easy way to loop a command on the shell? (without writing a script that is.)06:31
nikkiiif i install micro-httpd then i don't need apache?\06:31
=== koolhead17|afk is now known as koolhead17
MurphantHi, I'm having trouble setting my default screen resolution in ubuntu 10.4 x64, I tried using nvidia x-server settings with sudo but it still won't work06:31
nimrod[A]anyone home?06:32
ac7ssNimrod[a]: no06:32
sacarlsonac7ss: depends maybe with find -exec06:32
bazhangnimrod[A], ubuntu support question?06:32
nimrod[A]i have this pretty old computer06:32
Flynnac7ss: what was the question??06:32
nimrod[A]and it refuses to boot any distro of ubuntu06:33
bazhangnimrod[A], on a single line please06:33
Flynnac7ss: i'm good with find06:33
nimrod[A]wont even go to grub06:33
ActionParsnipnatet: is the windows partition currently mounted?06:33
nimrod[A]sorry :s06:33
bazhangnimrod[A], what are the specs of said computer06:33
critical_maxac7ss, you can do a "1-liner"06:33
ac7ssFlynn sacarlson: just trying to command line a loop 'echo Ping; sleep 30'06:33
natetActionParsnip: it wasn't, but I mounted it and re-ran the os-prober and update-grub and still no dice.06:34
critical_maxac7ss:   for i in `cat myfile.txt`; do echo $i; done06:34
critical_maxno script file needed06:34
sacarlsonac7ss: ping will loop and you can provide the time interval06:34
critical_maxac7ss: tell us more about what kind of loop you need though06:34
ActionParsnipnatet: worth a shot06:35
ac7sscritical_max. thats pretty much it. I just want to repeat a command.06:35
sacarlsonac7ss: ping -i 30 google.com06:35
natetActionParsnip: Yeah.  I've been trying every half baked thing I could find in the forums.06:35
ActionParsnipnatet: thats all I know about gub (I don't dual boot so have zero issues with grub). Maybe others can contribute06:35
nimrod[A](bazhang): would it be ok if i pasted a link to the specifications?06:35
samuel__hey everyone , i would like to delete an nfts partition from my hdd and reformat it to ext. i have downloaded gparted, but unsure in how to do this ?06:35
ActionParsnipsacarlson: could add:  -c 4     to that too ;)06:36
bazhangnimrod[A], paste.ubuntu.com please if more than a single line06:36
ActionParsnipsamuel__: ubuntu can do that on its own06:36
critical_maxac7ss: knowing more about what you're repeating would help specifically. There's also "watch [command]" to play with06:36
ac7sssacarlson: not actually pinging.06:36
sacarlsonac7ss: ActionParsnip: yes you can have it time out after a count -c06:36
natetActionParsnip: this is the first time I've had a problem dual booting.06:36
ActionParsnipsamuel__: you don't need to download anything special06:36
critical_maxac7ss: the use cases do vary a bit based on what you're running, not all apps will accept the same jiggery06:36
samuel__actionparsnip: Then how do i do this ?06:36
sacarlsonac7ss: not actually pinging?  be more specific06:37
ActionParsnipsamuel__: under system you will see gparted. As long as the ntfs partition is unmounted, you can do what you like with it06:37
mungo-metacity --replace doesn't work for me06:37
ac7ss'cpufreq-info -c1|grep 'governor"'|sed 's/.* "//;s/".*//06:37
critical_maxac7ss: try "watch 10 'yourbigstringofcommands' "06:38
ac7ssis that more specific?06:38
critical_maxac7ss: yes that helps :)06:38
critical_maxac7ss: watch should probably cover that06:38
samuel__actionparsnip: alright , gparted is open , selected the hdd, now do i just right click and unmount my nfts partition ?06:38
sacarlsonac7ss: closer and you want to loop on what value?06:38
ac7ssI just want to repeat it after a ';sleep'06:39
ActionParsnipsamuel__: yes, when you delete the partition it will destroy the data so make sure you have copied off all you need06:39
Besogonnatet: Something that may help06:39
hid3Hello everyone. Any ideas how can I get my soundcard working? I lspci show this: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller06:39
natetBesogon: Yes?06:39
Kimmenhid3: what does aplay -l give?06:40
critical_maxac7ss: while 1; do sleep 5s; watch [command]; done06:40
sacarlsonac7ss: in the time it took to ask you could have wrote the script06:40
samuel__Actionparsnip: ok , i have unmounted , should i delete it , or just "format to"06:40
ActionParsnipsamuel__: indeed06:40
critical_maxac7ss, i couldn't get your pipe chain to run but try fleshing it out inside a 1-liner like the one I just pasted06:40
ActionParsniphid3: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh06:40
hid3Kimmen: it gives this: aplay: device_list:207: no soundcards found...06:41
critical_maxac7ss: wait a second, i've got mixed up :P just put your command in... or just run it with "watch" without the loop surrounding, watch automatically sleeps06:41
nimrod[A]the pc is kind of outdated which is why i want to put ubuntu on it06:41
dpn`ActionParsnip, FWIW i needed to restart compiz after installing plugins06:41
hid3ActionParsnip: here's the output: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a4fac105c4c158727de03997ce2dcaf1408a040a06:41
critical_maxso either "while 1; do sleep 5s; [command]; done"   OR   "watch [command]"06:41
samuel__actionparsnip: alright .. formatting now :) thanks :)06:42
critical_maxac7ss: ^06:42
ac7ssGot it with a while : ;do ..... ;done06:42
ActionParsnipdpn`: not something I use, causes too many headaches06:42
critical_maxif you need to step through a text file to control a loop like that, use "for i in `cat textfile`; do stuff; done"06:42
ActionParsniphid3: debian isn't supported here06:42
critical_maxac7ss: those few bits of glue will get you FAR :)06:43
ac7sssacarlson: the point was to learn how. (I need monitors often for different things. just one shots.)06:43
hid3ActionParsnip: actually I have three identical PCs, two with Maverick and one with Debian/Squeeze. All have same problem... :(06:43
=== Rabbitbu1ny is now known as Rabbitbunny
ActionParsniphid3: can you run the script on the ubuntu systems and give the link generated please06:43
the_5th_wheelHowdy. I just upgraded from 8.04 to 10.04 By means of a fresh install. I use LTSP. And the upgraded terminals seem much slower. I noticed that my ltsp images arelike 600mb. Is that normal? It seems overly large06:44
samuel__actionparsnip: ok i have formatted it , now do i have to mount it again to see it in "my computer" ?06:44
critical_maxac7ss: one more caution: you should usually build your loop with "echo" to show your intended command strings, before letting it loose06:44
ActionParsnipsamuel__: it should appear in the places menu, if you add it in /etc/fstab it will mount at boot06:44
hid3ActionParsnip: just a minute06:44
critical_maxac7ss: ex. while 1; do echo "rm -rf allmystuff"; done     will keep you safer before running the actual command...06:45
critical_maxac7ss: kind of a debugging method i guess06:45
ohsixtheres also saferm, which will change rm to an alternative that will do extra checking of paths06:45
critical_maxohsix: i think he's just parsing cpufreq-info output06:46
ac7sscritical_max: too many quotes nested in there to escape easily. and it was just a grep/sed.06:46
critical_maxac7ss: yeah, not so critical with that sort of thing, but you'll want to use it for potentially destructive commands eventually down the road.06:46
ohsixcritical_max: i never miss an opportunity to mention safe-rm :]06:46
bazhangnimrod[A], looks good, more ram would be better obviously; could you boot the live cd and run lspci for the network cards?06:46
critical_maxohsix: absolutely, i'm checking it out now :)06:46
ActionParsnipohsix: and not using force06:46
* ac7ss never scripts any rm with wildcards!06:46
definitywhat theame/ windows manager is this?06:47
ohsixActionParsnip: that's a good practice too06:47
FloodBot1definity: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:47
ohsixActionParsnip: as is rm path -options06:47
bazhangdefinity, its the top command06:47
nimrod[A](bazhang): i used an ubuntu server disc, ill burn a desktop disc.06:47
definitythe window manager?06:47
definityor theame?06:48
nimrod[A]but i could use the server disc and it did install fine06:48
sacarlsonac7ss: I did find this but I can't find a way for a infinite loop http://penguinpetes.com/b2evo/index.php?title=how_the_one_liner_for_loop_in_bash_goes&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1.06:48
bazhangdefinity, no, its a command you run to see processes in the terminal06:48
sacarlsonac7ss: I tried while [1]; do sleep 1; done but fails06:48
definityyeah but i asked what is the theam/ window manager running? do u know?06:49
grindcrushertry while true; etc.06:49
critical_maxsacarlson: you have to use spaces in the conditionals if you use that syntax06:49
critical_maxsacarlson:  like [ 1 ]06:49
ac7sssacarlson: try 'while : ;do echo 1;sleep;done06:49
sacarlsoncritical_max: cool I'll try that06:49
critical_maxsacarlson: I like "while 1" myself for a 1-liner, less typing06:51
ac7ssok, easy one now: how do you echo a line up on the screen?06:51
sacarlsonac7ss: critical_max; yes this works while [ 1 ] ; do echo test; sleep 2 ; done06:51
critical_maxac7ss: by line up do you mean repeat the last commadn entered?06:51
ac7ssLike Critical_Max: while :06:51
critical_maxac7ss: i don't get your question i'm afraid.06:52
ac7ssCritical_Max: no I want to move the cursor point up the screen by 106:53
critical_maxac7ss, you want to print an empty line? "echo"06:53
critical_maxac7ss, still not following you properly06:54
critical_maxac7ss, the cursor in bash is just a text entry point, if you're trying to do something like select text you need to specify that.06:54
sacarlsoncritical_max: I just tested with while 1; do echo test; sleep 2 ; done  and it fails06:55
ac7ssCritical_Max: I want to move the cursor up. so the next echo is on top of the last line.06:55
gusgI'd like to make my display dimmer. Where can I adjust things like gamma, brightness, and contrast?06:55
critical_maxsacarlson: oops, use :   or [ 1 ] i guess06:55
cosmohow long you guys think till FF4 64 bit is available in the repositories?06:55
critical_maxor while true06:55
ac7ssI can do it with clear, but not really what I wanted06:55
critical_maxi forget ><06:55
charloshello all06:55
charloscan to help me ?06:56
critical_maxac7ss: you want to print a line on top of a line that's already printed?06:56
charlosos[Linux 2.6.35-28-generic i686] distro[Ubuntu "maverick" 10.10] cpu[2 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  T3200  @ 2.00GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 2.00GHz] mem[Physical: 2.9GB, 88.4% free] disk[Total: 177.5GB, 72.8% free] video[Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA Intel]06:56
critical_maxac7ss: in overlay fashion?06:56
ac7ssCritical_Max: THATS It!06:56
sacarlsonac7ss: critical_max: I think it would just require a arrow up or some control caricter to echo to move up one line before the next loop06:56
ActionParsnipcharlos: try stating your issue instead of spamming the channel06:56
critical_maxac7ss: any reason you can't just print them both at once?06:56
charloshow to make install for on webcam  ?06:56
Tm_Tcosmo: it is available in PPA of Mozilla team, "/msg ubottu ff4" for more information06:56
ActionParsnipcharlos: then all that is of zero value if you just want help with your webcam06:57
ac7ssscarlson: Thats the idea, I need to know the /n equivilant for that.06:57
ActionParsnipcharlos: if you install and run cheese, do you see yourself06:57
charloswait i see now06:57
cosmoTm_T, the 64 bit version?06:57
charlosyes work cheesee on webcam is okey06:58
Tm_Tcosmo: yes06:58
critical_maxac7ss, looks like the emacs mode controls are only within the line...still looking for ya06:58
charlosbut why not work for pidgin  ?06:58
critical_maxac7ss, i still think you should be printing both at once as a more proper solution06:58
ActionParsnipcharlos: cool, then all is well06:58
* ac7ss doesn't ask the easy questions.06:58
Jordan_Usacarlson: critical_max: ac7ss: "while true; do foo; done" is clearest IMHO06:58
ac7ssCritical_Max: I want to overwrite the old info.06:59
critical_maxJordan_U, i agree. i was confusing "while 1" and "while true" syntax06:59
critical_maxac7ss: use clear06:59
critical_maxac7ss: or say why it doesn't work so we can suggest something more useful :)06:59
charlosoh thanks06:59
critical_maxac7ss: watch has built in "clear" type functionality, too06:59
nimrod[A](bazhang): it wont boot a live desktop cd, but it will boot and install using an ubuntu server disc06:59
Jordan_Uac7ss: What is your end goal?06:59
charlosnow I see pidgin for on webcam if work ... I will tell u, ok07:00
sacarlsonJordan_U: yes that also works while true; do echo test; sleep 2 ; done , and I have writen code that did that move cusor up one and overwrite before and forget the control code07:00
charlosbut how to call webcam on pidgin  ?07:00
nimrod[A]it showed the purple screen for a second then went black and is doing nothing now07:00
ac7ssJordan_U: I want to have an updating status on the screen.07:00
nimrod[A]except spinning the dc07:00
bazhangnimrod[A], did you md5 the iso? burn at low speed, and do the disk integrity check? the alternate cd might work if you  have done all those things and still have issues07:00
charlosmy friend want see me but I dont know where is click on call webcam in pidgin  ?07:00
nimrod[A]ive done the alt cd before07:01
ac7ssI think I will stay with clear07:01
ActionParsnipcharlos: maybe there is a setting in pidgin to configure video before it will work...07:01
nimrod[A]the alt cd will install but it wont boot at all07:01
Besogoncharlos: I think Pidgin don't support webcam07:01
sacarlsonac7ss: well it will be the only thing running in that term so I guess the clear should work as good as any07:01
charlosyes ?07:01
ActionParsnipcharlos: not sure, look in the options / preferences07:01
nimrod[A]i used an iso from the ubuntu site bruned and did a disc verify using imgburn at 4x write speed07:01
charlosI must reinstaller in Pidgin again install and after work on webcam , really ?07:01
ActionParsnipBesogon: the new one does07:01
ActionParsnipcharlos: what protocol are you using  to chat?07:02
charlosi dont know07:02
charlosi am never trined07:02
ActionParsnipcharlos: msn? yahoo? Aol?07:02
charloshelp me how to command see for you ?07:02
critical_maxac7ss, I installed cpufreq-info but your grep + sed isn't working so well for me. I really think "watch" is the best solution given the info we have.07:02
charlospidgin for yahoo  and msn07:02
bazhangnimrod[A], well you could always install ubuntu-desktop package on top of the server install, but its odd that none of the other options are working07:02
ActionParsnipcharlos: you may need to use gyache then.07:02
nimrod[A]the server wont even boot for me to be able to do so07:02
critical_maxac7ss, can you tell me what info you're trying to pull out of the complete cpufreq-info -c1 output?07:02
charlosActionParsnip> privat me07:03
nimrod[A]ivedone this with Debian5, kubuntu, and others, all do the same thing, i just figured i'd rekindle the flame lol07:04
critical_maxac7ss, i will build a 'watch' command that does what you want in the simplest fashion07:04
ac7sscritical_max: it grabs the governor from the full text. try the command without the grep.07:04
critical_maxok, so for example "The governor "ondemand" ..." you're looking for "ondemand" in that case?07:04
charlosActionParsnip> not work apt-cache search gyache07:05
charlosnothing see07:05
charlosno have07:05
definityanybody have any experience with Solar Os07:05
bazhang!ot | definity07:06
ubottudefinity: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:06
ac7sscritical_max: I did it with wait. just had to escape some of the "s07:06
critical_maxac7ss, watch 'cpufreq-info -p | cut -f 3 -d " "'07:06
critical_maxac7ss, that's all it takes07:06
Besogondefinity: Ypu are at wrong place :)07:06
critical_maxa combination of watch (whose entire job is to sleep and clear and rerun) and cut07:06
definitycant find an irc for it07:06
critical_maxalso i used the -p switch to just spit out the current governor07:06
charlosgyachi  ?07:07
critical_maxac7ss, and cut is just going to the third field given a delimiter of a space07:07
ac7sscritical_max: Ok, that cleaned it up. THX07:07
bazhangdefinity, that does not make this the solar os support channel; try #ubuntu-offtopic07:07
critical_maxac7ss, my pleasure07:07
bazhang!alis > definity07:07
ubottudefinity, please see my private message07:07
SyriaHey, after editing a php file using nano what should i do to save the changes?07:07
Kimmenor ctrl+o07:07
Syrianimrod Kimmen thnx guys07:08
BesogonSyria: ;D07:08
critical_maxac7ss, watch -n 10    to make it 10 seconds instead of default 2, or w/e you want07:08
charlosActionParsnip> hey how to command for gyachi-1.2.7.tar.gz   ?07:09
critical_maxbasically i only go to "while true" loops if I can't get "watch" to do the job.07:09
ohsixSyria: there are some instructions for common commands at the bottom, ^ = ctrl07:09
charlosActionParsnip> say me please07:10
ac7sscritical_max: I was having trouble with a trailing ; and having to escape many of the quotes.07:10
nimrod[A]but, i have no idea why my old ass computer wont boot ubuntu, i guess its technilogically impaired07:10
arvutnimrod[A]: find another distro that will =)07:11
critical_maxac7ss, yeah sed gets unreadable in a hurry07:11
Kimmencharlos: this will extract the file: tar -xzvf gyachi-1.2.7.tar.gz07:11
nimrod[A]ive tried others and none work lol07:11
critical_maxnimrod[A], try Damn Small Linux, it will run on almost anything07:11
arvutis is a 386 or something?07:11
charlosand after ?07:11
* nimrod[A] installs slackware07:11
Kimmencharlos: look for a README file07:11
arvutcritical_max: wont run on my old 386 :P07:12
ActionParsnipcharlos: there may be a ppa with it too07:12
arvutmade for msdos5.007:12
critical_maxarvut, i knew someone was going to say that haha07:12
ac7sscritical_max: sed 's/\/\.\\//'07:12
ActionParsnipcharlos: or (easier) use msn messenger and install amsn using standard ubuntu repos07:12
arvutcritical_max: I knew that would be me ^_^07:12
charlosi have amsn07:12
alkisgWhat packages do I have to remove to *disable* NTFS volume mounting?07:12
alkisg$ dpkg -l '*ntfs*' | grep ^ii07:12
alkisg$ mount | grep /dev/sda107:12
alkisg/dev/sda1 on /media/Vista type ntfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks,uid=1010,gid=1010,dmask=0077)07:12
FloodBot1alkisg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:12
charlosbut pidgin want work on webcam07:12
nimrod[A]thanks for the help guys, i guess ill figure it out or scrap the junker :P07:12
charlosim dont tar -xzvf gyachi-1.2.7.tar.gz07:12
charlosand after what command ?07:13
ActionParsnipcharlos: i know it does for some protocols, not all07:13
critical_maxarvut, i had edgy on a pentium ii for years07:13
charloshow to see protocol  ?  command  ifconfig  ?07:13
* ac7ss has an old laptop he cannot load linux onto.07:13
critical_maxarvut, 128 mb ram + icewm + firefox = surprisingly usable07:13
ac7ssmy laptop has no usb, cd, only a 50meg hdd.07:14
arvutcritical_max: now that I can understand. but try to find a linux distro that will run on a machine with 2mb ram, 20mb hdd & a "superfast cpu" (speed not specified in bios)07:14
critical_maxarvut, hmm... PC/M? :)07:15
Kimmenthen it is a 8-20MHz 386 ;)07:15
Kimmenpossibly :P07:15
critical_maxi'd rock the LOGO Turtle all over that box.07:15
ac7ssThinking of scrapping the machine and using the monitor as an aux screen.07:15
lolcatarvut: How can you get 2MB ram on a Sandy Bridge mobo?07:15
ac7ssarvut: that sounds like my laptop!07:16
=== hrezaei is now known as hosein
arvutits a UniŦron machine, they made copies of old macs in the 80's, Apple II for example.07:16
* critical_max put a mid 90s thinkpad online with ubuntu, working wireless, never again though07:16
arvutlolcat: who said anything about a sandy bridge mobo? =P07:17
critical_maxarvut, woah, rare bear... 68000?  and now we are well off topic :)07:17
ac7sscritical_max: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.07:17
lolcatarvut: It is the only fast cpu out there07:17
arvutcritical_max: #offtopic made no sense so I came here, looks like no help is needed so lets continue ;)07:18
arvutlolcat, you missed the "not specified in bios" part, did ya?07:18
critical_maxwell if it's a mac clone, it doesn't have BIOS07:19
critical_maxarvut, hell it doesn't even have OpenFirmware yet...07:19
arvutbios actually says "superfast cpu" or something like that..07:19
arvutso I can't be sure its a 38607:19
lolcatarvut: Bios doesnt specify how fast the sandy is07:20
critical_maxarvut, if it's a mac clone it's definitely a motorola 68k family, and at 2mb likely the 6800007:20
ac7ssThere are so many commands in linux, it is very helpful to ask around here.07:20
arvutlolcat, you make me l0l >.> its in the bios of a machine from the 80's!07:20
critical_maxarvut, if it's an apple II clone it depends on what model they are cloning, i don't remember the main apple II chip family07:20
lolcatarvut: Sandy Bridge isn't that old07:21
arvutI think its more of a pc clone, since it came with M$Ð0$ 5.007:21
critical_maxac7ss, there sure are, but you can take all this bash trix right to Redhat now if you need to and most of it to Mac OS X :) that's the beauty of it07:21
Kimmenlolcat: that's why he had to mod it to be able to run 2MB RAM07:21
critical_maxarvut, gotcha, "PC compatible"... does it have a Turbo Button?!07:22
lolcatarvut: There is NO fast cpu's from '8007:22
Kimmenoh, those are cool07:22
arvutcritical_max: I wish..07:22
ohsixthey were in the 80s07:22
arvuthad one on my first pc tho, from 40mhz to 80mhz with a shiny lcd display ^.^07:23
ac7sscritical_max: True there.07:23
Adam1213the video tests in systems testing don't work + java 3d won't work on my current installation of ubuntu but it works when i run the live version of ubuntu - how can I find out the difference between the two and use it to fix my graphics / can I get ubunutu to fix itself07:23
arvutthis one is.. slim07:23
jmirrawhy was there a turbo button on old pc's?07:23
Kimmento get them into turbo mode07:24
Nalkemmoin moin07:24
jmirraKimmen:  was there ever a need to not be in turbo mode?07:24
Jordan_U!ot | jmirra07:24
ubottujmirra: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:24
ac7ssjmirra: I just wrote a script to drop out of turbo mode.07:24
ohsixpeople didn't know if it was safe to run them at full speed the whole time07:25
Kimmenyou could disable turbo mode because some programs ran too fast in rubo mode07:25
ohsixplus a lot of old games would break in turbo mode07:25
arvut40x40x5cm, two floppies a harddrive and room for two external cards. currently I have an ethernet and a vga card installed =)07:25
arvutUniTron N°26 System07:26
arvutthats what its called07:26
ac7sstry /quit07:27
the_fileis there anything I can use other than paypal to send money?.07:27
Kimmenyour bank07:28
silv3r_m00nhi there , I have a non-english pdf , but when I copy text from it , it becomes garbage07:28
alkisgIf I manually delete ntfs.ko, then I can disable access to ntfs volumes. But blacklisting it won't work. Why?07:28
the_filekimmen: an online service cause I don't got a bank07:28
silv3r_m00nhow to copy text from non-english pdf files ?07:28
maxillusionistac7ss are you charging somebody $$$07:28
maxillusionistdon't do it07:28
the_filesilv3r_m00n: just copy the ascii.....07:29
Besogonsilv3r_m00n: Install official PDF reader. From abode07:29
maxillusionistlinux is free07:29
ac7ssmaxillusionist: I was giving someone an alternative to paypal.07:29
maxillusionisti thought otherwise07:29
silv3r_m00nBesogon: yes I am using adobe acrobat reader07:29
silv3r_m00nit can open it fine , but when copy pasted elsewhere , it gets ruined07:30
maxillusionistwell how many here like open source07:30
ac7ssmaxillusionist: I only charge for my time. I am on the clock at work now.07:30
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: some PDF files don't contain the maps required for copy to work. You can't do anything about it other than using some ORC or hex-editing the pdf to fix the winansiencoding of the font.07:30
maxillusionistso you are a freelancer07:30
maxillusionistyou must be developing open source softwares07:30
ac7ssmaxillusionist: no, I am a rail controller, killing the slow time on my shift.07:30
ActionParsnipmaxillusionist: in what sense do you mean?07:31
ac7ssmaxillusionist: I am a linux hobbiest.07:31
hellslingeranyone here use the faenza icon ppa?07:31
maxillusionistnot a linux developer07:31
maxillusioniststill fine07:31
sacarlsonac7ss: but what about the derailments if your not watching?07:31
maxillusionistbut i am alinux programmer07:31
maxillusionisti love it07:31
ejvcan you guys take it to #ubuntu-offtopic please? thanks :)07:32
ActionParsnip!anyone | hellslinger07:32
ubottuhellslinger: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.07:32
maxillusionistActionParnship it means freelancing works for making softwares07:32
maxillusionistor you have clients and they give you $$ for making softwares for them07:33
ac7sssacarlson: they de-rail on their own. I just have to fix it after.07:33
cosmohmmm I'm thinking I need to do a fresh install but I need to figure out how to back up the important stuff, I really dont want to have to re-download all this non-repository stuff07:33
ejvwas there a question in there cosmo ?07:33
* ac7ss works in a control center, the operators on the trains have to avoid the crashes.07:33
maxillusionistubottu have you ever made linux from scratch07:33
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:33
ActionParsnipmaxillusionist: cool, much better to be specific like that07:33
=== Shvonder is now known as Besogon
maxillusionistit was just something i meant07:34
nikkii"The output directory 'logs' has to be set world-writable to allow the07:34
maxillusionistwell i love c/c++07:34
nikkiiweb-server to dump log files and traces in there." how do i do this?07:34
maxillusionistpresently working at java07:34
ejvmaxillusionist: please move any non-ubuntu support chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic please07:34
arvutejv: forcemove would be rude.07:35
critical_maxnikkii, best way is to find out what user/group your webserver is running as. Set ownership of that directory to match, then allow user to write to it07:35
Andy-at-homeguys, I receiving the error 'Your defined data root directory, /var/webappdata1/, is not writable. Please make the directory if it does not exist, or give ownership of the directory to the web server user if it does.'07:35
Andy-at-homein the top program I have two users (root and apache) that run httpd07:35
ejvarvut: pardon?07:35
Andy-at-homei used chmod -R 777 webappdata1 and chown -R apache webappdata1 but I'm still receiving the error07:35
cosmoejv, yeah anyone know any guides for backing up your important stuff, as well as one for the correct way to set up things like a home partition, I tend to be lost on manually setting gparted07:35
Karen_mi created a thumbdrive persistent install of Ubuntu, however when the machine is booting up, I get the Ubuntu screen and it just rotates the red/white dots forever... (at least it's been 5 minutes)07:36
nikkiicritical_max, how do i find out what user/group my webserver is running as?07:36
maxillusionistejv i was just telling that it is  good idea to develop free softwares07:36
critical_maxnikkii, is it apache?07:36
maxillusionistan dit is good all the time07:36
StarminnHow can I set an executable to just automatically "Run" instead of prompting me every time?07:36
nikkiicritical_max, it's micro-httpd07:36
ejvcosmo: typically stuff in /home and /etc are *most* important to people, I would look into backing those up, as for partitioning: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition07:36
sacarlsonAndy-at-home: strange I thought the default apache install was user www-data07:37
critical_maxnikkii, something like "ps -ef|grep micro-httpd"07:37
ejvmaxillusionist: that's fine, just do it in the offtopic channel.07:37
wizardkencan logical partitions have a mount point?07:37
ActionParsnipStarminn: make a launcher for it, may help07:37
Karen_mdoes anyone know?07:37
hellslingeris there an irc channel for ubuntu themes and artwork?07:37
Andy-at-homelol, ;)07:37
ejv!patience | Karen_m07:38
ubottuKaren_m: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:38
critical_maxnikkii, first word in that line is the user it's running under07:38
maxillusionistok ejv  but when you will have your own hardware and linux drivers will not support it then you will find me07:38
critical_maxKaren_m, if it's an old machine with slow/little RAM, it can take aaaages07:38
shirokkoHi, is it possible to find out the ip of a windows smb share?07:38
maxillusionistthen i will help you out to make a driver for you07:38
hellslingerKaren_m, getting it to show boot output and not the splash screen07:39
bazhang!ot | maxillusionist07:39
ubottumaxillusionist: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:39
hellslingermight be helpful07:39
ejvnot to be rude maxillusionist, but i don't really care, please move along. :)07:39
StarminnActionParsnip: Ah, perfect.07:39
Karen_mcritical_max, it is a fast machine.. I just wanted a persistent USB install.. :(07:39
maxillusionistshirokko what is the port used for smb07:39
Karen_mwith the live usb iso, it loads in seconds07:39
maxillusionistthe port no07:40
Karen_mhellslinger, how do you see it?07:40
shirokkomaxillusionist: I used the default one07:40
maxillusionistthen make a bash script to search for live hosts07:40
ActionParsnipshirokko: shares don't have IPs. The host does and the shares are managed by samba which runs on a port07:40
sacarlsonshirokko: there must be easier ways but for one to monitor with wireshark to see what trafic it comes from if you can't just get the ip from the windows box itself07:40
critical_maxKaren_m, ok, it's probably some sort of driver issue. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the persistent installations. perhaps someone who is can be of assistance.07:40
maxillusionistthen it might show live hosts isn't it07:40
shirokkoActionParsnip: yeah, I need the hosts ip07:41
Jordan_UKaren_m: How large is the USB drive?07:41
hellslingerKaren_m, I forget, does the grub bootmenu appear when you attempt to boot?07:41
Karen_mhellslinger, it auto-boots .. I think it does display but very quick07:41
maxillusionistsacarlson you use wireshark07:42
maxillusionisthacker boy07:42
sacarlsonmaxillusionist: yes07:42
Jordan_UKaren_m: That's enough for a normal install, which I prefer to a persistant Live install.07:42
critical_maxshirokko, if you want to find the port use "sudo netstat -plutn|grep smb"07:42
ActionParsnipshirokko: if you are connected to a share you can run: mount  a07:42
Karen_mJordan_U, how do you install to the USB drive?07:42
critical_maxshirokko, that command will also show you what IP smbd is bound to (Likely binding to ALL on the interface, indicated by :::[port])07:43
hellslingerKaren_m, if you can get it to pause when the boot options appear, press ctrl-x (if I'm not mistaken) on the line of boot and remove the "quiet" and "splash" options from the kernel line07:43
JeeM0edErrI wanne Suck All Boys07:43
ActionParsnipSorry: mount     and see the hostname, dig the hostname to see the IP07:43
sacarlsonmaxillusionist: in this case maybe sudo netstat -pant would be better for shirokko ?07:43
critical_maxsacarlson, ahh i missed that shirokko is on the client side...whoops!07:44
Jordan_UKaren_m: Easiest way is to boot from a LiveCD or another LiveUSB and do a normal install. If you have enough RAM (> 1GiB) you can also install from the same USB you booted from, but that's more difficult.07:44
Karen_mJordan_U, I would need to install from the USB i'm running on.  I do not have a cdrom in the machine07:45
Karen_mand I only have 1 thumbdrive07:45
shirokkomaxillusionist: got it, thanks07:45
Jordan_UKaren_m: How much RAM do you have?07:45
StarminnActionParsnip: I almost wish you had never told me how to customize the icons... :( lol.07:46
* Starminn is spending a little too much time customizing icons in GIMP... :)07:47
critical_maxStarminn, there's about 1000 open source projects that would LOVE icon help :)07:47
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
Starminncritical_max: Only 1,000? :D07:48
cosmoI have yet to really see an icon set that blows me away07:48
critical_maxThe BeOS icon set was very delicious07:49
Jordan_UKaren_m: You need to pass the parameter "toram" to the kernel at boot, I'm not sure how to do that with a LiveUSB created by Startup Disk Creator / Unetbootin.07:50
abhijainhow can i check cashe images in firefox which i browsed in past time07:50
ActionParsnipStarminn: haha well, the OS is very customizable so go nuts buddy  ;-)07:50
StarminnActionParsnip: I know. I keep finding more and more (let's be honest) crap I can customize. Haha.07:51
mofaphhi, all. what's that /boot/abi-*-generic use for?07:52
StarminnIn Windows I used hacky stuff for customizations. In this, there's too much stuff I go, "Ooo, shiny" about. Almost too easy.07:52
Karen_mthat toram gives me something to search on google, thank you!07:52
Jordan_UKaren_m: You're welcome.07:52
ActionParsnipstarcoder: welcome to "choice"07:53
hemzaI need to add swap partition07:55
ajinhemza: ok, just do it07:55
ajingo ahead07:55
critical_maxabhijain, ~/.mozilla/firefox/vkuuxfit.default/Cache/07:56
critical_maxabhijain, your exact profile directory will vary of course07:57
ajinwhois ajin07:57
abhijaincritical_max: i dont know how to acess this directory07:58
critical_maxabhijain, ~ is your home folder, make sure nautilus is showing hidden files07:59
critical_maxabhijain, .mozilla in your home folder, then /firefox/[your profile]/Cache07:59
abhijaincritical_max: ok07:59
critical_maxabhijain, Edit > Preferences > Show hidden and backup files in nautilus file browser08:00
critical_maxthat will let you into .mozilla through the file browser08:00
hemzais it possible to upgrade to mozilla firefox408:01
hoseinhi people! I tried to install ZendStudio and Zend Server CE on ubuntu. Now I am running Studio and Server seem's to be installed. but I and Studio can  not create any dir or file on www root directory with this error: "Parent of resource: /var/www/index.html is marked as read-only./var/www/index.html (Permission denied)"08:01
Tm_T!fx4 | hemza08:02
ubottuhemza: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox08:02
ActionParsnipcritical_max: or press CTRL+H life goes faster if you unglue your hand from the mouse08:02
Karen_m!toram | Karen_m08:02
BesogonPeople. How to pronunciate 'WiMAX' correct?08:02
critical_max!sudo |hosein08:02
ubottuhosein: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:02
puck1I am having problems printing large PDFs to a Xerox Phaser 6280DN Printer.  I keep getting this msg "/usr/lib/cups/filter/cpdftocps failed"   I am using the ppd file from Xerox and am sure it is the correct one.  Everything else prints fine just not large pdfs.  I don't have much experience diagnosing problems with printing please help.08:02
ejvhosein: also, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions08:02
critical_maxhosein, gksudo to launch your studio app might do it08:03
critical_maxexcuse me, gksu08:03
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox08:03
ActionParsnipcritical_max: same difference08:03
critical_maxpuck1, check out /var/log/cups/error_log yet?08:04
hemzai need to add a swop partition08:04
critical_maxActionParsnip, oh, good08:04
critical_max!partitioning hemza08:04
ActionParsnipcritical_max: i believe one is a sy08:04
critical_maxhah. short answer: use a Live CD to repartition and make swap larger08:05
Andy-at-homehow can I find the username that is running apache?08:05
ActionParsnipSymlink but i could be wrong08:05
critical_maxAndy-at-home, "ps -ef" and look for httpd08:05
critical_maxAndy-at-home, user is in first column08:06
critical_maxhemza, you can repartition non destructively. how much RAM do you have? swap doesn't need to be much more than 2x RAM or so08:06
hemzacritical_max, 2 GB08:07
critical_maxhemza, and what size is your swap at the moment?08:07
hemzacritical_max, no swap at this moment08:07
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)08:08
critical_maxhemza, is there a swap partition sitting unused on the drive? if so "sudo swapon" will turn it on08:08
critical_maxhemza, otherwise use a current Ubuntu installer CD to resize a partition that  has free space, then create a swap partition of 4GB08:08
hemzacritical_max, No08:09
Andy-at-homethanks, it was what I thought08:09
critical_maxhemza, ok, installer has you covered then.08:09
critical_maxhemza, just take 4gb from your other partition and make a new one of type swap, the kernel will recognize it on next booth08:09
abhijaincritical_max: there is no such directory /.mozilla in /home folder08:10
critical_maxyour home folder, not the /home folder08:10
Andy-at-homewhen I visit my web app site I get the error... 'Your defined data root directory, /var/webappdata/, is not writable.' I can see it has 777 and the apache user is owner, what else could it be?08:10
critical_max/home/abhijain or whatnot08:10
hemzacritical_max, I can use gparted to create new partition and formatted to swap. but how to recognize it?08:10
critical_maxAndy-at-home, it could be php permissions, php by default is very restrictive08:11
critical_maxAndy-at-home, check your php config08:11
abhijaincritical_max: yes /home/abhishek/ ???08:11
abhijaincritical_max: i dont have such folder08:11
critical_maxhemza, it should just be recognized. look up swapon if it's not.08:11
critical_maxabhijain, if you don't have /home/abhishek/.mozilla i don't know where it is. sorry.08:12
nikkiihas anyone tried deploying glasnost?08:12
bullgard4What is the opposite to "established connection"? '~$ sudo netstat -tap' outputs: "Active Internet connections (servers and established)'."08:12
Andy-at-homecritical_max, what should I be looking for?08:12
critical_maxAndy-at-home, "php apache write permissions" would be a good google. It's been a while and I don't have the answer in my head.08:13
critical_maxit's a dirt common problem though for new installs08:13
[deXter]hey all08:13
critical_maxsolved through the php config as i recall08:13
[deXter]does anyone know where exactly are the gnome menu items stored08:13
abhijaincritical_max: dont have08:14
abhijaincritical_max: thanku08:14
Besogon[deXter]: It has a lot of locations08:14
critical_max[deXter], System > Preferences > Main Menu lets you edit them08:14
critical_maxin detail08:14
[deXter]critical_max: Well not really08:14
Besogon[deXter]: It has local config and global one08:14
bullgard4[deXter]: Please read about 'gconf'.08:14
[deXter]critical_max: It doesn't allow (me) to rename and delete folders08:14
[deXter]bullgard4: I don't want to use gconf, I want to browse the folder using the terminal or nautilus08:15
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
samuel__Hey everyone, I have formatted a partition of my harddrive to ext4 with gparted, but now i cant use it, as it belongs to root, how can i change this ?08:15
critical_max[deXter], I don't think you can, I think it's all in the gconf registry.08:16
Karen_mJordan_U, how do I know if it successfully loaded TO RAM?08:16
critical_max[deXter], most people's least favorite gnome feature, yeah, i know08:16
[deXter]critical_max: Well the shortcut files must be stored *somewhere*08:16
ohsix[deXter]: changes are cached in your user directory, the .desktop files for individual entries are in /usr/share/applications/08:16
hosein critical_max: Ok thx. And now ZStudio can create files but I can not!08:16
Besogon[deXter]: listen. Local files are located in ~/.config/menus and ~/.local/icons08:17
Jordan_UKaren_m: You'll be able to unmount (and even remove) the flash drive.08:17
[deXter]ohsix: Thanks :)08:17
MurphantI'm having trouble setting my default screen resolution in ubuntu 10.4 x64, I tried using nvidia x-server settings with sudo but it still won't work08:17
[deXter]Besogon: Thanks, that's what I needed :)08:17
Jordan_UKaren_m: What is the output of "cat /proc/cmdline"?08:17
Murphantis there a way to check what config file is read at startup?08:17
critical_maxoh wow, .config is still used? I had just checked all through all of .gconf and .gnome2..08:17
ohsix[deXter]: you can ask the package manager for all sorts of things, dpkg -L package will list all the files, if it's something in the menu it'll have a .desktop file with it08:17
critical_maxmy bad.08:17
[deXter]ohsix: Cool, thanks. :)08:18
bullgard4Murphant: Difficult. You can consult dmesg for a partial answer.08:18
critical_maxMurphant, indeed, here be dragons. Is there something not working with System > Preferences > Monitors?08:19
adamkexSo if I have RAID 1 on a computer, and one out of two of the hard drives fail, what happens to the second one?08:19
Besogon[deXter]: look more for menu managing http://standards.freedesktop.org/menu-spec/latest/08:19
Murphantcritical_max, my monitor never seems to be recognized08:19
[deXter]Besogon: Oh, forgot about freedesktop.org. Thanks.08:20
critical_maxMurphant, that's not normally a blocker. mine shows up unrecognized but 'just works'. as do most all LCDs08:20
Murphantbut I can change the config manually on each boot, no problem08:20
Murphantcritical_max but I tried "save to x configuration file" even with sudo and it doesn't seem to care08:21
critical_maxMurphant, that sort of thing is a nightmare from the past. Have you tried just removing the Nvidia driver, using the Ubuntu "Restricted hardware driver" manager to install its choice of Nvidia driver and go from there?08:22
Murphantcritical_max, apparently saves to /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:22
bullgard4What is the opposite to "established connection"? '~$ sudo netstat -tap' outputs: "Active Internet connections (servers and established)'."08:23
ac7ssI cannot change my desktop wallpaper!?!? I am using gnome, but gconftool is pointing at something other than the wallpaper I want to use. How can I find out where it is being set from?08:23
Murphantcritical_max, no, I haven't tried that, I just might08:23
critical_maxMurphant, I would highly suggest doing that. That way you have a known state to work from08:23
bazZ666moin, ist es möglich ein ubuntu auf einem usb stick zu installieren über eine virtual box?08:24
bullgard4bazZ666: Ja.08:24
bazZ666hab jetzt das image ubuntu 10.10 ne virtual box08:24
bazZ666das ist der us chan hier oder?08:25
critical_maxac7ss, open with Image Viewer, right click, Set as Desktop Background not working?08:25
bullgard4bazZ666: Ja.08:25
ac7ssSorry that should say that gconftool points at the one I want, but not the one on the screen.08:25
Karen_mJordan_U, <tab>, added toram on the line, now it's installing to the usb.. very nice! thank you08:26
bazZ666im de chan antwortet keiner08:26
Murphantcritical_max, I disabled the Nvidia driver, how do I get Ubuntu to use the "restricted hardware driver"?08:26
critical_maxMurphant, normally it pops up when you log in if you aren't running the nvidia binary driver it will suggest it. Try relogging08:26
ac7sscritical_max: I have tried setting it from every tool I use and I cannot change it. (maybe changed from Googlechrome or firefox, havn't tried that.)08:27
bullgard4bazZ666: Weil es dort ein ppar halbstarke gibt, die die meisten gutwilligen Benutzer vergraulen.08:27
Murphantalright, thanks, brb08:27
critical_maxmurphant, Takes a few seconds for the process to get its act together, give it a bit after login08:27
bazZ666das ist mal interessant bullgard408:27
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE08:27
critical_maxac7ss: yikes. never gotten myself into that.08:27
bazZ666ist ein angespanntes klima im de chan hab ich gemerkt08:27
ac7sscritical_max: where else would the manager be getting it from?08:27
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions08:28
critical_maxac7ss: Never had to solve that problem myself.  I suppose depending on how many hacky applets you've been playing with, a running process could be handling it08:28
critical_maxand overriding08:28
ubottuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems08:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:29
critical_maxac7ss: Last time I played with anything like that was xscreensaver -root :)08:29
=== a is now known as Guest61734
critical_maxanimated desktop!08:29
ac7sscritical_max: I am gonna make a cron dependant wallpaper. I guess I will just use the filename already set.08:30
critical_maxac7ss: look for an app that does that, I bet that's been done08:30
ac7sscritical_max: I run the swarm screensaver as background sometimes. :)08:30
ActionParsnipHa andChat can block the motd08:30
ac7sscritical_max: very simple script. many online.08:31
critical_maxi'm one of those who thinks a desktop is for hiding with active windows, i tend to ignore it08:31
ActionParsnipac7ss: i've seen one or two as well08:31
ac7ssactionparsnip: I just can't get the background to match what is in gconf.08:32
Murphantcritical_max: alright, I asked it to take the default config, and now I have no hardware drivers that are offered08:33
ActionParsnipac7ss: there is a gconf command to set wallpaper at cli08:33
Murphantcritical_max: btw I can't even get it into widescreen now, I definitely need another driver than whatever I am using now08:34
ac7ssactionparsnip: it reads the one that I want, but not the one that is really there.08:34
critical_maxmurphant, actually, that's good08:34
critical_maxMurphant, try manually starting the restricted driver manager08:34
critical_maxMurphant, System > Administration >  Hardware Drivers08:35
ActionParsnipac7ss: http://joeamined.wordpress.com/2008/02/15/automatically-changing-wallpaper-relatively-to-daytime-in-ubuntu/08:35
critical_maxI'm running ATI so for me it offers ATI Fire GL, last time I was on Nvidia it offered me a choice of 2 official Nvidia binaries, one old, one fairly bleeding edge08:36
ac7ssactionparsnip: I am looking at that one, my problem is more fundamental. I cannot change the wallpaper using gconftool.08:36
ActionParsnipac7ss: in gconf-editior does the key exist?08:37
Murphantcritical_max: No restricted drivers are recommended at the moment, I will try rebooting and see08:38
critical_maxMurphant: That sounds good.08:38
SoftdroidWhen I check my primary diskparition in Admin -> Disk tools it says: "The disk contains a few broken sectors". How can I fix it?08:40
ubottuLa comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe08:40
ac7ssactionparsnip: the key exists, points to the image I want, but thats not the one on the screen.08:40
ubottuFor the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية08:41
ubottuSvensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se08:41
ActionParsnipac7ss: interesting. I'll have a play later i gotta sleep08:41
Murphantcritical_max: nop, still no suggestions in Hardware Drivers08:42
critical_maxMurphant, what nvidia card is it08:42
SyriaHi, i can't make any changes in phpmyadmin, the page keeps loading after clicking on go. please help08:42
ubottuTo change the importance of a bug, you need to be part of the Ubuntu QA team.  see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuQA08:43
bazhangazizLIGHTS, /msg ubottu08:43
azizLIGHTSoh sorry08:43
hoseinIs ubuntu software center downloads resumable?08:43
Murphantcritical_max: GTX46008:43
Syriahosein:  Yes.08:43
[Lemmy]i could use soe help installing ubuntu netbook remix on an asus eeepc 701 (4G)08:44
Murphantcritical_max: I used to have the driver I got on the nvidia website for it08:44
critical_maxMurphant, a thread from july 2010 says it's not supported in linux. i'm wondering if it still only has partial support (read: not usable)08:44
azizLIGHTSwhat should i use to go back to how my ubuntu was , 2 months ago,?08:44
[Lemmy]i made a bootable usb stick from the iso image, netbook boots fine, ubuntu starts, and after the second dialog in the installer nothing happens08:44
Murphantcritical_max: huh, I thought they would have fixed it by now, I'l look into it, thx08:44
=== syn-ack_ is now known as syn-ack
ac7ssazizLIGHTS: restore from a backup?08:44
critical_maxmURPHANT: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9678269&postcount=1408:45
azizLIGHTSok yes? which one how? ac7ss08:45
critical_maxMurphant: looks like you just have to get a newer driver than is packaged with your ubuntu release by default08:45
=== The is now known as Guest53140
SyriaGuys can you help me with phpmyadmin please! I can't make any changes08:45
critical_maxmurphant: thread linked has details08:45
ac7ssazizLIGHTS: did you back up 2 months ago?08:45
Guest53140can i have it back..08:46
Guest53140new to xchat08:46
hoseinsyria: oh no! I just clicked on the red button of its progress bar, and it has removed from list! where can I resume it?08:46
azizLIGHTSac7ss: no, i want to do backups starting now, and ooking for utility suggestion08:46
Syriahosein:  Just try installing it once again.08:46
azizLIGHTSac7ss: do i need fol backup of hdd or just save some files and have rolack ability08:46
ac7ssazizLIGHTS: I use backup2l, completely automated to a second drive.08:47
azizLIGHTSdoes any backup utliity integrates into the gui and lets you see "previous version" of files08:47
critical_maxsyria, often your Apache logs have the answer for that kind of problem. access.log and error.log both.08:47
hoseinsyria: it will continue?08:47
ac7ssazizLIGHTS: backup2l is good for regular incremental backups.08:47
Murphantcritical_max: ty, I will download a driver that apparently works well08:47
Syriahosein:  Yeah.08:47
azizLIGHTSok im cehcking it ac7ss08:47
* ac7ss doesn't depend on GUI for much. sorry.08:47
critical_maxMurphant, good luck, you ahead-of-thehardware-curve guy!08:47
Syriacritical_max:  Where are those files located?08:48
critical_maxSyria, /var/log/apache2 on ubuntu08:48
hoseinok. nice! thanks to linux and you08:48
Syriacritical_max:  Thnx, I will see whats going on there.08:48
critical_maxSyria, "sudo tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log" then reproduce the problem and watch the log in realtime :)08:48
ecolitandoes anyone know if firefox 4 will be available in 11.4 ?08:49
critical_max!ff4 | ecolitan08:49
ubottuecolitan: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox08:49
critical_maxoops, i guess that doesn't cover the question08:49
bazhangecolitan, yes it will, #ubuntu+1 for more08:49
critical_maxsomeone knows :)08:49
stimpieAnyone knows how to route all ssh traffic via a remote ssh server?08:50
ecolitani was meaning if it will come in the standard repository08:50
critical_maxstimpie: the keyword you are looking for is "ssh tunnelling"08:50
Murphantcritical_max: well I mostly use the power of the card on windows, and it's not exactly bleeding edge anymore, it's almost a year old08:50
ac7ssazizLIGHTS: there is no "restore point" program for ubuntu that I know of (as a simple setup.) Likely it could be done with a script.08:50
bullgard4What is the opposite to "established connection"? '~$ sudo netstat -tap' outputs: "Active Internet connections (servers and established)'."08:50
bazhangecolitan, it will be default installed. #ubuntu+1 is the natty support channel08:50
azizLIGHTSac7ss: its enogh to tarball /home ?08:51
azizLIGHTSperiodically with cron08:51
ac7ssbullgard4: "Not connected"?08:51
bullgard4ac7ss: How does netstat lis not connected connections=08:51
mickster04hey guys, can anyone tell me how to find out if i can install ubuntu happily onto a hp mini 5103?08:52
ac7ssazizLIGHTS: you will want to use incremental backups. (that is what backu2l is really good at.) otherwise you get large echos of what you now have.08:52
azizLIGHTSi see yes you are right08:52
critical_maxMurphant, the important thing is to get the system to the "known good", albeit non-accelerated state, then you can easily follow any directions to install the proper driver once identified. All those third party nvidia command line apps are relics nowadays. At most the package installation should handle all the running of that config08:52
critical_maxYou're there, so you should be good to go once you identify the driver08:53
critical_maxMurphant, also check into "envy" perhaps08:53
bazhangcritical_max, envy has not been around for a long time now08:53
critical_maxoh? shows how long since I had these problems ><08:54
ac7ssbullgard4: I do not believe it does. you could use the logs to check for prior connections.08:54
critical_maxDo not check into envy in that case :)08:54
Syriacritical_max:  Is this normal? http://paste.ubuntu.com/584185/08:54
critical_maxSyria, nothing scary in there, you might have to dig in the access log to figure out what's going on08:55
critical_maxaccess.log in the same directory08:55
critical_maxagain, running tail -f on the access log while reproducing the problem is usually best08:56
Murphantcritical_max: I'm afraid that Envy is not supported for 10.408:56
critical_maxSyria, I also see an "other_vhosts_access.log" which your webserver might be writing too, I'm not sure of your config08:56
critical_maxMurphant, Yeah, I'm blushing, someone told me it was outdated right after I mentioned it08:57
The_RufusI'm installing Ubuntu Server and I have 5 2tb drives in software RAID5, but how do I mount them as /?08:57
critical_maxSyria, check both of those if they exist, tail -f while reproducing the problem to make the correlation if possible08:57
Guest53140any web guru's familliar with epiphany?08:57
The_Rufusif I change the type from  "physical volume for RAID", it will break the raid right?08:57
critical_maxGuest53140, isn't that the old Gnome browser?08:57
Murphantcritical_max: oh, yeah, just saw it08:58
Guest53140well, maybe08:58
=== brian is now known as Guest37588
ecolitanThe_Rufus: raid with mdadm?08:58
Guest53140but still an issue08:58
Syriacritical_max:  is this one helpful http://paste.ubuntu.com/584186/ ? this the access.log08:58
The_Rufuswhatever the installer uses08:58
Guest53140i can't seem to force a cache disable08:58
Guest53140nor clear forms08:59
critical_maxSyria, I can't troubleshoot your php app for you, but I bet the info you need might be in that access log, since it's showing your pages loading. Good luck.08:59
Syriacritical_max:  Thank you. :)08:59
Guest53140code works on IE and FF, still checking others08:59
critical_maxyou're welcome08:59
bpri just installed an 11.04 build and "alt-f" doesn't skip forward one word.  Does anyone have any ideas why this would be?09:00
Syriacritical_max:  Just one more question please. removing phpmyadmin and re-installing it can solve the problem?09:00
bazhangbpr #ubuntu+1 for natty09:00
bprah ok09:00
ragixHi guys, my rtl8192se seems to be giving me kernel panics09:00
bprsry bazhang09:00
The_Rufusdamnit, i've been trying to get this server working since November last year09:00
The_Rufusnobody knows how to get RAID working09:01
critical_maxSyria: try it and find out, I guess. One more tip: don't be root in the terminal. Use sudo for things that require root privileges in the terminal.09:01
critical_max!sudo | syria09:01
ubottusyria: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:01
bars0Hi all, I need to install latex but I do not want to install documentation. What is the option in aptitude?09:01
The_Rufusor should I just hang myself09:03
[Lemmy]nah, hang the server instead09:03
ac7ssThe_Rufus: I would suggests a small boot drive and then mount the raid.09:03
The_Rufusi have a 4gb flash drive mounted as /boot09:03
critical_maxThe_Rufus, i find it  hard to believe that there are no walkthroughs for RAID5 installation via the Ubuntu installer. Is that really true?09:04
Murphantcritical_max: I seem to only be able to install the nvidia driver out of X but the terminals that appear when I press ctrl-alt-f2 and the like are all blurred and unreadable09:04
Murphantcritical_max: should I try to login blindly and do the operations?09:04
The_Rufusi want the 10Tb RAID5 as /09:04
The_RufusI've searched google for every howto, and nothing works09:04
critical_maxMurphant: my gut reaction is no, that way leads to trouble more often than not. A good solution will be cleaner09:04
The_Rufusbelieve me, I wouldn't be here if I could find the answer09:04
mickster04 alternatively, can anyone point me to where it might state if the gma3105 chip is supported?09:05
[Lemmy]i could use some help here... installing ubuntu netbook remix on an asus eeepc 701 (4G)09:05
critical_maxMurphant, you're saying you have problems displaying alt-F2, etc terminals with the default non-accelerated driver?09:05
[Lemmy]i made a bootable usb stick from the iso image, netbook boots fine, ubuntu starts, and after the second dialog in the installer, the one where you pick to download upgrades during install, nothing happens at all.09:05
critical_maxThe_Rufus, I see. :(09:05
Murphantcritical_max: yep, have had them since I installed09:05
Murphantcritical_max: what's weird is that I have the same problem on my laptop, which has an ATI card09:06
Murphantcritical_max: thought that maybe installing the driver would fix that09:06
critical_maxMurphant: Might try dist-upgrading to 11.0409:06
critical_maxMurphant: based on what I read on the ubuntu forums, that card just wasn't supported at all until quite recently09:07
leagrishello, I have a snd-pcm symbol unknown and no sound since kernel upgrade to 2.6.35-28-generic, is there a fix/patch or way to revert to latest working kernel?09:07
critical_maxMurphant, driver support often lags about a year when the card vendors have an architecture change09:07
critical_maxmurphant, which is what we're seeing, basically09:08
hoseinhow can run a menu item as root with sudo? what must change in its command?09:08
Murphantcritical_max: yeah, I can see that09:08
scarleoleagris: you can boot earlier kernels at grub if you haven't removed them09:08
xardas008hosein, try starting it from console09:08
critical_maxmurphant, I know it's not what you want to hear but i've lost weeks of my life trying to get badly supported video cards working well, and it really isn't worth it if you can a) dist-upgrade to a release that supports it b) use an operating system that supports it (windows)09:09
=== mohammad is now known as Guest79961
hoseinxardas008: no I want to run it from menu. Is it possible?09:09
xardas008not with sudo rights i think09:10
critical_maxMurphant: 11.10 alpha is available for testing June 209:10
Murphantcritical_max: alpha might be a bit intense for my inexperience with linux, but I will probably try 10.0409:11
critical_maxif you can wait that long, i'd highly advise working on upgrading to that rather than pooching your current install repeatedly09:11
critical_maxyes, try 11.04 in the interim09:11
StepNjumpGuys, I'm trying to download timevault backup app but when I try to execute the .deb package, I get the following error message: Dependency is not satisfiable: python2.5-dev09:12
wizardkenis the root directory suppose to be bootable?09:12
Murphantcritical_max: for now I'm just gonna install old versions with synaptics and hope for the best09:12
critical_maxmurphant, you should be able to upgrade to 11.04 right now09:12
critical_maxone sec, i'll find the directions09:12
ubottuTimeVault is a graphical backup tool for GNOME. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeVault and http://launchpad.net/TimeVault09:12
The_RufusI'm following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=Convert+to+software+raid&titlesearch=Titles09:13
Murphantcritical_max: lemme reboot, brb09:13
The_Rufusdoes that mean I need to create 5 "/" mount points?09:13
The_Rufusone on each drive?09:13
Guest53140looking for a bored web guru.... any takers?09:13
The_RufusI'm specifically referring to step 609:14
leagrisscarleo, currently reinstall linux-image-2.6.35-27 because I had flushed old kernels. Too bad I revert to unpatched security issues because of the snd-pcm havoc in newer kernel09:14
critical_maxStepNjump, i bet there is a PPA for timevault, check the urls the bot sent, it's not packaged in main ubuntu09:14
mickster04can anyone point me to where it might state if the gma3105 chip is supported?09:14
The_RufusI'm dying here09:14
oCeanThe_Rufus: I think you assume correctly. It states to repeat the steps 2-5 for the other disk09:15
StepNjumpHi critical_max again... I'm new to all this. Does it mean I need to add a new repository ?09:15
maxillusionistThe_Rufus what it is actually09:16
critical_maxStepNjump, yes, but the help page should spell out exactly what to do09:16
maxillusionisti was off for sometime09:16
The_Rufusok, so I have 5 "/"'s across 5 2Tb HDD's09:17
The_Rufusis that right?09:17
The_Rufusnow according to the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=Convert+to+software+raid&titlesearch=Titles (howto), I should go to "Configure Software RAID" right?09:17
oCeanThe_Rufus: I *think* so, according to that guide.09:17
StepNjumpcritical_max ok let me check09:17
ssnhi guys09:17
oCeanThe_Rufus: also, in #ubuntu-server there might be more help available on such (server) topics09:18
ssnhow can i install the software (default ubuntu gnome desktop has it) that allows me to configure multiple monitors?09:18
ssni mean, how is it called09:18
=== _Drule is now known as Drule
oCean!xinerama | ssn09:19
ubottussn: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead09:19
ssnubottu: i know xinerama, i just need the "gnome frontend" to configure it09:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:19
Andy-at-homehow can I search all the files in the current directory for 'open_basedir'?09:20
critical_maxssn: gnome-display-properties is what the process calls itself09:20
ac7ssandy-at-home: 'grep open_basedir *'09:20
ssncritical_max: thx!09:20
leagrisrebooting to older kernel, will see09:21
critical_maxMurphant, use alt-F2 to bring up the gnome app launcher, then start "update-manager -d"   the -d switch will offer distribution upgrades09:21
Murphantcritical_max: well that seemed to work on getting me back to how I was before09:21
Andy-at-homegrep open_basedir *09:22
Andy-at-homeon its own09:22
critical_maxMurphant, you're on 10.04 right now?09:22
Murphantcritical_max: and as a minor improvement, I now boot at a 1024x768 resolution compared to my old 600x400 resolution, so it is less painfull on the eyes09:22
Murphantcritical_max: yes I am09:23
hoseinIf I remove an installed package from ubuntu software center, should I download it again? can I keep its deb for later use?09:23
Murphantcritical_max: my xconf still won't save properly though, I guess I will live with it until I upgrade to 11.0409:23
ahoxHi, my dkms_autobuild fails with a make.log error of /var/lib/dkms/virtualbox-ose/3.2.8/build/include/iprt/types.h:97: fatal error: linux/autoconf.h: No such file or directory. How do I install this file?09:23
xardas008hosein, i think that he will keep the dep in some temp folder09:23
critical_maxMurphant: see above for directions for upgrading to 10.10, and subsequently for 11.04 if the problem isn't fixed09:24
xardas008sudo apt-get install autoconf09:24
critical_maxmurphant, you'll want to have that ready for the 11.04 release anyway, since you can't skip releases when upgrading09:24
ahoxI am running maverick, but with a 2.6.38 kernel from the ppa09:24
mickster04can anyone point me to where it might state if the gma3105 chip is supported?09:24
critical_maxmurphant, and since your goal is to get this newfangled hardware running smoothly :)09:25
xardas008ahox, that could be the problem. I tried the same with another kernel then the one previously installed. It has something to do with dkms09:25
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=== eitch0000_ is now known as eitch0000__
bluumhosein: find /var -name \*.deb09:25
=== eitch0000__ is now known as eitch0000
critical_maxhosein, all your debs are cached in /var/cache/apt/archives if you are curious to see what's there09:26
bullgard4Why does '~$ sudo netstat -tunap' output the name of the process #985 as "0", while '~ps aux' outputs "dictd" for it?09:27
ahoxI assume that the autoconf.h is part of the linux kernel. It actually exist in the header package, in he directory /usr/src/linux-headers-<version>/include/generated09:27
ac7ssandy-at-home: was that what you needed?09:27
critical_maxhosein, so if the deb is still there, and still current, the next time you install the package Ubuntu will not get it from the net, but from the cache locally09:28
bluumhosein: do this experiment. install some package, uninstall it, pull the network plug, try to install again09:28
critical_maxbluum, i guarantee following that sequence will take it from the cache for the 2nd install09:29
Andy-at-homewho knows lol09:29
Andy-at-homephp is loading a open_ basedir value from somewhere and I'm trying figure out where09:29
critical_maxbluum, if update-manager doesn't choke at not being able to check for current listings hehehe09:29
critical_maxbullgard4, pastebin would help a lot09:30
icerootAndy-at-home: normally /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini09:30
Andy-at-homesorry, I'm getting lost in my channels09:32
Andy-at-homewait for it09:32
Andy-at-homeI'm on CentOS09:32
hoseinbluum,: I tested it. It installed locally from cache. but the configuration wizard I saw at the first installation, did not appear. why?09:32
critical_maxhosein, that's because you still had the config from last time (probably in ~/.someapp-config09:32
bullgard4critical_max: '~$ sudo netstat -tunap' output the name of the process #985 as "0", while '~ps aux' outputs "dictd" for it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/584198/09:33
bluumhosein: you might have the option to either "uninstall" or to "prune" a package. pruning deletes the configuration.09:34
hoseincritical_max: It is  zend server wrapper for phpMyAdmin, I dont know where it is installed?09:34
critical_maxhosein: neither do I, sorry.09:35
critical_maxbullgard4, and the ps output?09:35
critical_maxI mean the netstat output09:35
critical_maxhosein: you can use "apt-get purge somepackage" instead of apt-get remove , to remove config09:37
critical_maxhosein: that should offer the config wizard next time you install it.09:37
puck1Sorry I had to teach a class.  critical_max, I have looked at the error log but don't really know what to look for.  Any clues?09:38
Murphantcritical_max: thanks for the tip (and your help in general), but I'm working on a project, I'l upgrade when I'm done09:39
critical_maxpuck1, what were we looking at again?09:39
hoseincritical_max: without removing its .deb from chache?09:39
critical_maxMurphant, yeah it's something to leave overnight :)09:39
critical_maxhosein: correct09:39
critical_maxhosein: you never have to touch that cache. you can clear it if you want to save drive space for some reason. apt-get clean, apt-get autoclean  are different ways to clean it, look at the docs for details.09:40
puck1We have ubuntu 10.04 and are having a problem with a Xerox Phaser 6280DN printer connected via port 9100.  Everything seems to print fine except large pdfs we keep getting messages like /usr/lib/cups/filter/cpdftocps failed"09:40
critical_maxpuck1, Oh. I don't know what to look for either, but anything you DO find should be googled :) and that's probably where the relevant errors would be - in the cups error log09:41
bullgard4critical_max: This was the output of '~$ ps aux | grep 985'. --09:41
critical_maxpuck1, I think I've had to go to that log exactly once in my life and it did give some kind of helpful clue. Good luck!09:41
bullgard4critical_max: '~$ sudo netstat -tunap' output the name of the process #985 as "0", while '~ps aux' outputs "dictd" for it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/584200/09:41
ac7ssnight all.09:41
=== ogra is now known as Guest42038
critical_maxbullgard4, I see what you mean now. And that is very strange, And I don't have an answer sorry :(09:42
=== Guest42038 is now known as ogra_
bullgard4critical_max: Thank you.09:42
critical_maxpuck1, that log again was /var/log/cups/error_log (possibly access_log as well)09:43
* critical_max teatime09:43
ahoxxardas008: I found two solutions, #1 is to upgrade to virtualbox 4.0.4 using a ppa, the second one is to fix the includes, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/virtualbox/+bug/705593 . (maybe use find/sed combo)09:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 705593 in virtualbox-ose (Ubuntu) "vboxdrv module fails to build with kernel 2.6.38" [Undecided,Fix released]09:47
desturrrhi, i was trying to install listen music player via ubuntu software center, but it is stuck on the stage saying applying changes for quite a time now09:49
desturrrdo you know how to cancel it ?09:49
Bipul`i can not able to  update my ubuntu 10.10  from update manager09:49
jonathandadedesturr: Can you check the process list and see if the process has crashed and how long is quite a long time?09:51
DrThoraxjoin #inf09:51
desturrrit is about 10 minutes09:51
desturrrwhen i do ps09:51
desturrrit is just 2 thing showing09:51
desturrrhow to see all processes09:51
jonathandadeBipul: You'll probably find a tutorial or two on google for that. What is the current version you are running?09:51
NCS_Onedesturrr: ps aux09:52
NCS_Onewhere do I "set -o vi" and how to make it go to normal mode after <ENTER>?09:52
jonathandadedesturr: in a shell do a ps aux to see all processes from all users09:52
desturrryes i did that09:52
desturrrshould i grep it as well09:52
desturrrthere is update-notifier  only shown09:53
jonathandadehave a look at the list for dpkg or apt and see what the process states are? Then you could check top to see if it is just running.09:53
desturrrdesturrr@desturrr-PC:~$ ps aux | grep dpkg09:54
desturrrroot      4655  0.0  1.8  82836 72240 pts/1    Ds+  11:30   0:00 /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 17 --unpack --auto-deconfigure /var/cache/apt/archives/gstreamer0.10-esd_0.10.25-4ubuntu2_amd64.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/libtunepimp5_0.5.3-7.3ubuntu2_amd64.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/python-mutagen_1.19-2_all.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/listen_0.6.5-5_amd64.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/python-daap_0.7.1-3_amd64.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/python-gpod_0.7.95-1_a09:54
desturrrmd64.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/python-musicbrainz2_0.7.2-0ubuntu1_all.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/python-tunepimp_0.5.3-7.3ubuntu2_all.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/python-xlib_0.14+20091101-1_all.deb09:54
FloodBot1desturrr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:54
StepNjumpcritical_max timevault is looking for me to install python 2.5 but the current version is 2.6, what should I do?09:55
critical_maxstepnjump, building from source if there's no more up-to-date package available.09:55
critical_maxstepnjump, or find an app that's not been abandoned09:55
desturrrbasically is there a way to stop the ubuntu software center09:56
critical_maxstepnjump, i recommend option #209:56
StepNjumpcritical_max ok thanks09:56
* charlos brb Im go to a bath one moment... ;)09:56
StepNjumpYes for sure.. I'm not that advanced09:56
jonathandadedesturr: You can kill the process for it, but interrupting it that way may cause other issues.09:56
desturrri did xkill it09:57
desturrrbut  when i open , the installing is still stuck09:57
critical_maxStepNjump, also tried googling "timevault 10.04" or whatever your release is? might be an easy workaround that someone has documented09:57
mikhi ppl09:57
mikcode break in 10 channel09:57
StepNjumpCan't find anything09:58
critical_maxStepNjump, roger that, i'd just find a different tool if i were you09:58
mikfind in line 332 at 609:58
mikinstall webkit in 10.1009:58
jonathandadedesturr: I am wary of telling you to force kill it and it's children in case it leaves your system in a broken state.09:58
StepNjumpWhat would you suggest as far as automated backup system for ubuntu 10.10 critical_max?09:58
desturrrforce kill ?09:58
desturrrok lets do that :D09:59
critical_maxStepNjump, I use the "prayer" system, your mileage may vary :O09:59
critical_maxSeriously though,  I'm not up to date on that.09:59
critical_maxOthers will have better suggestions.10:00
StepNjumpsudo apt-get install prayer?10:00
critical_maxNo, it was a joke. :D10:00
StepNjumpoh yeah10:01
jonathandadeNot a great idea. The state it was in was uninterruptible sleep (usually IO). That means it might be waiting on disk or memory, but if oyu understnad that this may leave your system irretrievably broken then the command in a shell would be kill -9 <PID of dpkg and any other processes you need to kill>. That will forceably remove it from memory if that can be done. You'll need to sudo it, but be warned this may well kill your w10:02
jonathandadeI'd use top first to see what its doing?10:02
critical_maxStepNjump, maybe "Back in Time" http://www.installing-linux.com/TB/?P=803 supposed to be a time machine inspired app10:02
critical_maxbut reported working in 10.10/10.0410:02
jonathandadedesturr: force kill should be a last resort always.10:03
critical_maxI got curious myself and had a look :)10:03
StepNjumpInspired by the movie critical_max... good idea. Thank you very much10:03
StepNjumplet me check it10:03
mintux I have problem with write cd/dvd in linux. it said some files has bad name. so how can I find the file's because it's a lot files . are there any software write cd or dvd and ignore each file has bad name. I destroyed many cd or dvd for this problem10:03
critical_maxI know Timevault was hyped to death a couple years ago so I'm surprised to see it languishing.10:03
k3kc0rpsudo apt-get install windoze ?10:03
critical_maxOh is there a movie?10:03
=== hugo is now known as Neddio
StepNjumpcritical_max, wasn't that a movie with Christopher Reeve?10:04
critical_maxI've used the nick for over a decade. I dunno.10:04
critical_max!ot | critical_max10:04
ubottucritical_max, please see my private message10:04
critical_maxmintux: Give us an example of a bad filename that you are talking about.10:05
mintuxcritical_max: it's log of barseo http://paste.ideaslabs.com/show/1EE5vukJLE10:05
mintuxif I know which file has problem I renamed it10:06
mintuxSession error : Some files have invalid filenames (brasero_burn_record brasero-burn.c:2839)10:06
serrghianyone here use openvpn+networkmanager for Giganews openvpn?10:06
critical_maxMintux: Maybe there is a script to rename all the mp3s to linux friendly characters. I can't see from that huge log which the problem file is.10:07
mintux critical_max: my problem is exactly this . I can not rename all file's or how can I sure the problem solved. the software must rename it or say it10:08
critical_maxmintux: yeah, I get that. have you seen https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/529696/+index?comments=all?10:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 529696 in brasero (Ubuntu Natty) "[SRU] brasero can't copy audio cd (useless error message)" [High,Fix released]10:08
critical_maxmintux: Huge problem bug, apparently10:09
critical_maxmintux: it's reported fixed in 10.04 and 10.10. What release are you running and is it updated? What version of Brasero?10:10
StepNjumpcritical_max, yes it's working! Thank you !10:11
critical_maxmintux: the fix is less than one month old so you might not have the update yet?10:11
critical_maxStepNjump, Excellent! Glad to help.10:11
StepNjumpcritical_max, you should be here more often!10:12
critical_maxStepNjump, If only this was a job.10:12
StepNjumpWould be nice to wake up to go to work eh?10:13
critical_maxDepending on the work, yeah. This is rather more rewarding than most real telecommuting jobs.10:13
m_how to enable sd card reader ?10:15
m_join #ubuntu10:15
NCS_Onewhere do I "set -o vi" and how to make it go to normal mode after <ENTER>?10:15
monish001hello everyone!!10:17
wildIn the terminal I want to configure Apache defaults. How do I save my configuration changes?10:18
xardas008wild, which editor do you use?10:18
ikoniawild: just exit the text editor your using to change them10:19
m_hi! my sd card reader doesn't work. when typing lspci i don't know which one is this. does any one know how to enable it?10:19
wildxardas008 ikonia I am using the terminal window and a sudo command10:19
critical_maxm_ is it usb? lsusb10:19
xardas008wild, vi?10:19
critical_maxm_ it should probably only show up when you have a card in it, too10:20
wildxardas008 yes10:20
xardas008ok with esc to the command prompt and then wq!10:20
critical_maxwild, sudo vi  if you want to save to default apache config locations10:20
twitchwild: sudo nano -w /etc/apache2/apache2.conf10:20
critical_maxtwitch: mmm nano, a crutch that i personally never want to put down. the aforementioned :wq! and movement are all i've learned in vi... for shame.10:21
m_critical_max: after lspci there's more there. would you know how to install it?10:21
critical_maxnano actually has a lot of undocumented shortcuts too10:22
critical_maxm_, all i've ever had to do is plug it in and it just works10:22
critical_maxm_, what model is the card?10:22
twitchcritical_max: yeah i know but nano is easier for beginners10:22
critical_maxtwitch: it sure is10:22
m_critical_max: lucky you. SDHC10:22
codemagicianhow to I switch my flash plugin with firefox?10:22
critical_maxm_ full model name if you can?10:22
wildxardas008 if I click Esc, nothing happens. should something?10:23
xardas008codemagician, which one do you have and which one do you want to have?10:23
k3kc0rpsudo kill adobe10:23
critical_maxm_ that's the memory card type right? we need the model of the card reader10:23
xardas008wild, on the bottom there should appear a : (if not already there)10:23
critical_max!flash | codemagician10:23
ubottucodemagician: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash10:23
codemagicianxardas008, currently I'm not sure. but its not working with speedtest.net10:23
xardas008codemagician, does it work on youtube?10:24
codemagicianxardas008, yes10:24
critical_maxcodemagician: ok, click the adobe "install this" that shows up in the gaping hole if you see that10:24
critical_maxcodemagician, don't follow the browser helper prompts, rather use the adobe ones10:24
m_critical_max: yes that was card model. reader i don't know. as looking up on hp.com  there are 3 drivers Intel Matrix Storage Technology Driver and  Realtek Card Reader Driver10:25
codemagiciancritical_max, there is no missing plugin. it currently uses an open source one. i want to switch between them to compare10:25
wildxardas008, the 'insert' vanishes after Esc but no a appears10:25
critical_maxok, go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer10:25
xardas008ok then try to insert a wq! when the insert vanished10:25
pauruHello all! i've just downloades firefox 4 rc and i want to install it, how do i do that? its a tar.bz2 file10:25
* xardas008 away for a short time10:25
critical_maxcodemagician: the offered package will work great, i am using it with ff4/10.04 release atm10:25
m_critical_max: would you know how to check card reader model?10:25
critical_maxm_ so it is built in with your PC?10:26
m_critical_max: yes10:26
codemagiciancritical_max, before the adobe flash player kept crashing my browser10:26
critical_max!ff4 | pauru10:26
ubottupauru: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox10:26
critical_maxpauru: don't use the tarball, follow the ubottu directions10:26
paurucritical_max, thanks, but why not?10:27
critical_maxm_, pastebin the output of "sudo lspci -vv" and "sudo lsusb -vv" for us please10:27
critical_maxpauru, because the OS will manage it for you and it's the same version right now as what's in the tarball10:27
critical_maxm_, that will let us spot it if it's there10:28
jorisHi. How do I make sure I don't lose access to my server when I reinstall openssh ?10:28
ikoniajoris: you dont10:28
paurucritical_max, Oh, thanks ;)10:28
jorisikonia: howcome?10:28
m_critical_max: you want me to paste it in here?10:28
ikoniajoris: you're re-installing it, it will need to remove the package and replace it, however the daemon you are using should stay running in memory10:28
codemagiciancritical_max, well i download adobe plugin using the ubuntu package manager10:29
ikoniajoris: it's a risk you'll have to accept10:29
codemagiciancritical_max, but i still don't know how to switch between my existing one and this10:29
jorisikonia: so the daemon is personal?10:29
wildxardas008, if I type "w" I heard a the snare sound but see nothing, then the q and "recording" appears q again and it goes away10:29
critical_maxcodemagician, should be in Tools > Addons > Plugins in FF10:29
ikoniajoris: no10:29
critical_maxcodemagician as I recall they will sit side by side in FF and only one will be active, you pick10:30
bullgard4What package is the Disk Mounter applet associated with (in order to report a bug)?10:30
v_vwild: input :wq10:30
v_vwild: including the :10:30
v_vwild: or you just shit+zz10:30
v_vwild: two Z10:30
critical_maxjoris, if you want more confidence in the remote update, there are few ways short of just having performed it on a staging machine of some sort (a VM sandbox configured like your remote server perhaps)10:30
codemagiciancritical_max, aha. i found that but the adobe one isn't in the list10:31
critical_maxjoris, perhaps something like Webmin10:31
m_critical_max: you want me to paste it in here? that's like 30 lines10:31
critical_maxm_ no10:31
ubottum_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:31
Pumpkin-joris: sshd has a main parent process that spawns a child process when you connect. That child should keep running, even if the parent is shutdown/reinstalled.10:31
codemagiciancritical_max, it offers the "Download it from Adobe" link10:31
critical_maxpumpkin: Ahh, nice.10:31
wildv_v now I am at the command prompt again, thanks (does the wq save my changes?)10:31
critical_maxcodemagician, did you go to the Adobe url and run its installer?10:32
v_vwild: yes, 'w' --> write  'q' -->quit10:32
codemagiciancritical_max, the Ubuntu software center shows the Abode Flash Plugin is installed10:32
Pumpkin-depending on your paranoia level about the upgrade, I'd just have a few spare windows open10:32
jorisErrors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/openssh-server_1%3a4.7p1-8ubuntu1.2_amd64.deb10:32
jorishow do I fix this? ssh now refuses connection.10:32
ikonia!info openssh-server10:32
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.5p1-4ubuntu5 (maverick), package size 294 kB, installed size 800 kB10:32
wildv_v cool, thanks!10:32
v_vcodemagician: why not get a google chrome, and everything is already done10:32
v_vwild: np10:32
ikoniajoris: what version of ubuntu is that ?10:32
codemagicianv_v, because im a developer and I use FF for development10:33
v_vcodemagician: oh, i see10:33
critical_maxcodemagician, I don't know why it wouldn't be in the list. I just installed it but I did not have the open source plugin installed prior to the Adobe one, so my situation is different.10:33
codemagicianv_v,  but i still want to find a way to switch between them10:33
ikoniajoris: I would remove the file from the cache directory, re-run apt-get update, then re-reun the install10:33
v_vcodemagician: the ff plugin firebug is awesome.10:34
critical_maxFor me, the Adobe flash plugin shows as "Shockwave Flash 10.0 r22"10:34
jorisdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/openssh-server_1%3a4.7p1-8ubuntu1.2_amd64.deb (--unpack): unable to make backup link of `./usr/sbin/sshd' before installing new version: Operation not permitted10:34
codemagicianv_v, yeah i would miss it if i went to chrome10:34
v_vcodemagician: chrome also has a debugger, which im not familiar with10:34
codemagiciancritical_max, i shutdown FF and re-installed the Adobe Flash plugin but it didn't get put into the Add-ons list within FF. hmm10:34
Syriacritical_max:  i have removed phpmyadmin using this command apt-get purge-- remove phpmyadmin and after installing it again i couldn't login. :(10:34
reliabilityIs there a useful pdf viewer which I allows me to make annotations?10:35
m_critical_max: lspci http://paste.ubuntu.com/584215/10:35
critical_maxSyria: the phpmyadmin docs are going to be your best resource10:35
Magic_SamHi everyone :)10:35
xardas008hi Magic_Sam10:35
critical_maxSyria: or someone else that is running it.10:35
Magic_SamHi xardas008 :)10:35
v_vcodemagician: what's the version of ff ?10:35
Dannydwhen I watch a youtube video using firefox, it gets stored in /tmp/, does anyone know where it is stored when I use chrome?10:35
dbugger_Can someone help me please? Im trying to connect to the XMPP of my office but it sazs that I cant connect because the certificate Hostname is "john Doe" and thats not expected...10:36
agrabHi, I'd like to make a usb with several live distros to select from. Is this possible?10:36
codemagicianv_v, 3.6.1510:36
reliabilityI've been looking for pdf viewers on the web, but haven't been successful so far...10:36
v_vcodemagician: can you visit flash web sites ?10:36
critical_maxm_, and lsusb -vv?10:36
dbugger_reliability, try google docs10:36
critical_max(sudo lsusb -vv)10:36
m_critical_max: lsusb http://paste.ubuntu.com/584217/10:36
Magic_SamI'd like some help setting up a Canon USB scanner...10:36
codemagicianv_v, yeah but those aren't ubuntu specific10:36
critical_maxthanks, checking10:36
reliabilitydbugger_: needs to be offline... :-/10:36
codemagicianv_v, i  like to install packages from Ubuntu center preferably10:37
m_critical_max: cheers!10:37
codemagicianv_v, stick to the beaten track10:37
maxillusionistpdf readers for ubuntu10:37
v_vcodemagician: that's ok, why should it be ubuntu-specific10:37
dbugger_reliability, doesnt it have appcache?10:37
codemagicianv_v, i mean in terms of packaging10:37
agrabis it possible to install several distros on one usb?10:37
m_critical_max: card inserted when run those commands10:37
v_vcodemagician: it doesn't matter10:37
erUSULmaxillusionist: the default document viewer does not work for you ?10:37
codemagicianv_v, when I click youtube im offered a link to "downed it from adobe"10:37
reliabilitydbugger_: appcache means i can run google apps offline?10:38
paurunow how can i install the previous firefox that i had?10:38
critical_maxm_, darn, i don't see your gadget at ALL. Oh. Try this: "tail -f /var/log/dmesg" and take the card in and out.10:38
codemagicianv_v, but remember it 'should' already be installed10:38
maxillusionistnop erUSUL i read that reliability was saying something like that10:38
erUSULcodemagician: install ubuntu-restricted-extras package? it incudes flahs an many other usefull things10:38
v_vcodemagician: put the flash plugin file to .mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so10:38
codemagicianv_v, so it must be an issue with referencing it10:38
v_vcodemagician: put the flash plugin file to ~/.mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so10:38
dbugger_reliability, if I can access Gmail offline, maybe you can access also google docs offline10:38
critical_maxm_ one thing i have done to troubleshoot that kind of problem is google for "HP 2510 card reader linux" or whatever my EXACT model of PC is. Other people with the same problem are usually found. If your PC is not a custom build, that might help./10:38
Magic_SamI can't get a Canon LiDE 110 to work on Ubuntu 9.04...I've read the sane man pages and it seems I need libusb 0.1.16 installed, but there's only libusb 0.1.14 in Ubuntu 9.04... What should I do ? Thanks !10:39
codemagicianerUSUL, shall I do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?10:39
m_critical_max: what does thjis command?10:39
critical_maxm_ looking at dmesg is a good way to see if ANYTHING happens and what devices it happens to10:39
sl33k_this error was encountered when i download eclipse? dpkg: failed to write status record about `libslf4j-java' to `/var/lib/dpkg/status': No space left on device10:39
maxillusionistdbugger what does that mean??10:39
critical_maxsl33k_, lol your drive is full10:39
erUSULcodemagician: that should work. or you can use ubuntu software center10:39
critical_maxsl33k_, your machine still works because it reserves a few % for the system for just this case10:40
critical_maxsl33k_, just delete some files before continuing the install10:40
charloshello again10:40
v_vsl33k_: you can sudo apt-get autoclean to remove the old packages10:40
charlosthat name channel for ircd-ircu help  ?10:41
codemagicianerUSUL, it says its downloading .exe files?10:41
paurucritical_max, Hey max, how can i install my previous ff?10:41
antoine__join #osp10:41
critical_maxm_ you can also just run "dmesg" for a display of all the recent messages, but tailing the log allows you realtime10:41
v_vcodemagician: does it work ?10:41
erUSULcodemagician: just wait for it to finish10:41
critical_maxpauru: by removing the PPA repository in software center, but why on earth would you want to go back? addons?10:41
codemagicianerUSUL, i guess those are like zip files?10:41
erUSULcodemagician: yes10:41
randy2009Hi, i have these permissions set: -r-sr-xr-x  1 nagios nagios 104K Jul  9  2009 check_icmp, i can't execute the binary because i need to be root, but i set the setuid flag, but it's not working, what am i missing?10:41
bullgard4What package is the Disk Mounter applet associated with (in order to report a bug)?10:42
v_vrandy2009: because the ownser is not root10:42
codemagicianerUSUL, it made no different to FF plugins10:42
v_vrandy2009: when you run it, the effective user is nagios10:42
critical_maxv_v yeah that one usually frees up a ton of space if a machine is THAT crufty..10:42
sl33k_critical_max, v_v: dpkg was interrupted during autoclean. What could i do now?10:42
v_vrandy2009: not root as you expected10:42
critical_maxsl33k_, you just have to delete one of your own user files, like a movie or music *cough*10:42
v_vcritical_max: :)10:42
v_vsl33k_: any error messages ?10:43
critical_maxsl33k_, the apt-get autoclean process was trying to clear up the same thing that led to the previous error, is why that didn't work10:43
m_critical_max: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584218/10:43
paurucritical_max, Yeah...10:43
erUSULcodemagician: flash is not listed?10:43
jorisWhat's going on when I can't remove /usr/sbin/sshd ? (Operation not permitted)10:43
jorisIt's stopping me from reinstalling opensshd10:43
sl33k_v_v: dpkg: failed to write status record about `libslf4j-java' to `/var/lib/dpkg/status': No space left on device10:44
m_critical_max: is there anyway to run win driver for it?10:44
randy2009v_v: ok, so i need to set owner to root10:44
charlosthat name channel for ircd-ircu help  ?10:44
v_vsl33k_: can you give me a message of 'df -h'10:44
charloshey again10:44
v_vrandy2009: np10:44
critical_max m_ so that is counting the period of time that you inserted a flash card into the reader, correct?10:44
charloswhat do u say me ?10:44
critical_maxm_ not for flash readers typically; there is "ndiswrapper" for Windows wireless drivers, from the bad old days when native Linux support was rarer10:45
critical_maxm_ the next step is really to identify the card reader physically, get inside the case if you have to10:45
m_critical_max: card was inside when run it10:45
codemagicianerUSUL, only shockwave flash from Gnash10:45
v_vsl33k_: if the autoclean doesn't work, you can just cd '/var/cache/apt/archives' and remove the deb files10:45
randy2009v_v: hehe, i need to set setuid agian if i change owner, nice (good security)10:45
v_vrandy2009: yeah,10:45
critical_maxm_ you need to run tail -f /var/log/dmesg *while* removing and then inserting your flash card, please10:45
erUSULcodemagician: uninstall gnash10:45
vietredhi, how to make mail (in indicator applet) recognize thunderbird?10:46
critical_maxm_ that will show us any related messages that are generated10:46
sl33k_v_v: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/358212/10:46
m_critical_max: ok. doing it now10:46
critical_maxm_ also we still don't know what your model of PC is, often you can google the card reader model from there10:46
critical_maxand then google "linux card reader [my model of PC]" and find other people with same problem and the solution if it exists.10:47
v_vsl33k_: are you working on a live cd ?10:47
critical_maxor "linux [my model of card reader]"10:47
codemagicianerUSUL, it now shows Shockwave Flash 10.2 r15210:47
erUSULcodemagician: good10:47
codemagicianerUSUL, its working10:47
erUSUL!yay | codemagician10:47
ubottucodemagician: Glad you made it! :-)10:47
sl33k_v_v: no, wubi installed10:47
littlegreenHey guys! I'm having trouble sharing my HP printer with windows users.... it's pretty much already set-up and shared, they just don't see it...10:47
critical_maxsl33k_, it looks like your wubi partition is full, is it that 6.5G loopback correct?10:48
jorisrm: cannot remove `/usr/sbin/sshd': Operation not permitted10:48
joris-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 290K 2008-05-14 16:39 /usr/sbin/sshd10:48
codemagicianerUSUL, so I guess you can't have gnash and adobe side by side?10:48
m_critical_max: same thing.  it's hp mini 110-3030nr10:48
v_vsl33k_: the root partition is full. can you release some space ?10:48
critical_maxsl33k_, resizing wubi partition is not practical, i have looked into that extensively. you need to uninstall wubi and reinstall with a larger partition size, it is much much faster than resizing10:48
erUSULcodemagician: no10:48
critical_maxbeen there, done that10:48
critical_maxm_ ok now we're getting somewhere :) one sec10:48
m_critical_max: it seems that it's only for win10:49
codemagicianerUSUL, I switched before because Adobe kept crashing10:49
v_vjoris: do you have a proper permission ?10:49
v_vjoris: like, are you root ?10:49
jorisi am root yes.10:49
critical_maxsl33k_, but you should still be able to remove something from your home directory under wubi for right now... to fix it10:49
sl33k_critical_max: yea10:49
v_vjoris: if you just want to reinstall sshd , try apt-get purge openssh-server10:50
littlegreenany ideas anybody?10:50
critical_maxm_ OK according to softpedia, you have a Realtek USB 2.0 brand card reader10:50
jorisv_v: Package openssh-server is not installed, so not removed10:50
sl33k_v_v: i am in archives directory now, how could i remove deb packages from here?10:50
v_vjoris: did you try the 'purge' ?10:50
jorisv_v: Yes, it gives me the said output10:50
v_vsl33k_: a simple way. sudo rm *deb10:50
v_vsl33k_: :)10:50
critical_maxm_ the latest windows driver is "6.1.7600.48"10:50
m_critical_max: correct10:51
v_vjoris: ps -ef | grep sshd10:51
erUSULsl33k_: sudo apt-get clean10:51
jorisv_v: nussing10:51
erUSULsl33k_: do not go around doing "sudo rm" in system directories10:51
paurucritical_max, i removed the ppas and reloaded, but i can still see firefox 4 in synaptic10:51
v_vjoris: wierd, anything of   dmesg | tail10:52
dydhi all10:52
littlegreencould anything go wrong when upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 LTS?10:52
sl33k_v_v: unable to resolve host ubuntu10:52
jorisv_v: Nothing in particular that makes any sense to me10:52
sl33k_erUSUL: unable to resolve host ubuntu10:52
erUSULlittlegreen: yes it could. nothing is 100% safe in this life :)10:52
charloshelp me please10:53
charlosStarting irc server daemon: ircd-ircu.10:53
critical_maxm_ see http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1519294.html last post10:53
FloodBot2charlos: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:53
erUSULsl33k_: "sudo ls" fails the same way ?10:53
v_vjoris: do you have selinux enabled ?10:53
charloshow to command cd ircd-ircu  ?10:53
critical_maxm_ someone else with your same problem this month. I would start looking hard at Launchpad and find out if your problem is listed as an Ubuntu bug yet.10:53
sl33k_critical_max, v_v: is it 6gb because i selected 5 gb install for wubi?10:53
jorisv_v: How do I find out?10:53
littlegreenerUSUL, do you think upgrading my system might resolve my printer-sharing related problem in any way?10:53
critical_maxsl33k_, yeah, that's tiny, you want at least 10-15GB even for a decent test installation10:53
v_vjoris: ok, i guess you don'y10:53
v_vjoris: ok, i guess you don't10:53
critical_maxsl33k_, just to make SURE you won't run out of room like you just did10:54
dydi'm a ubuntu newbie: i'd like to put some of "places" icon in the panel to a open them quickly, but right-clicking over the voice in places menu won't show any menu, it just opens... any hint?10:54
jorisv_v: I have a /var/lib/dpkg/info/libselinux1.list10:54
sl33k_erUSUL: yea, with one more error: `lock partial` shown10:54
erUSULlittlegreen: how would i know? i do not know anything about the problem :)10:54
v_vjoris: when does it happen when you try to install openssh-server ?10:54
littlegreenwell I have a HP printer set-up and shared but win users don't see it...10:54
erUSULsl33k_: you changed your hostnane?10:54
sl33k_critical_max: what could be possible now without installing it again10:55
jorisv_v: When I try to install openssh_server, it gets operation not permitted removing /usr/sbin/sshd10:55
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91010:55
critical_maxdyd: just drag what you want to link, from the File Manager, to the menu bar10:55
critical_maxdyd: folders etc10:55
critical_maxsl33k_, if you can't think of any files to delete I don't know what to tell you10:55
m_critical_max: OK, thanks!!!10:55
critical_maxsl33k_, there has to be something you can remove10:56
sl33k_erUSUL: no i suppose10:56
v_vjoris: 'getenforce', any output ?10:56
joriscommand not found10:56
critical_maxm_ You're welcome, and I really mean it about looking for the bug on Launchpad. You can follow the bug, and get an email when the status changes. Very helpful.10:56
v_vjoris: ls -Z10:56
critical_maxm_ Or if you don't find it you can report it and it will get fixed (eventually (probably) ) :)10:56
dydcritical_max: with file manager you mean nautilus?10:56
DJones!ff4 > DJones10:57
ubottuDJones, please see my private message10:57
jorisv_v: What should I look for?10:57
critical_maxdyd: yes10:57
critical_maxFile Browser it shows as, pardon me10:57
v_vjoris: if you see some more information than '?' that means selinux is enabled, anywhere10:57
sl33k_critical_max: my music n stuff is in different partition, so how could i manually delete from the full partition?10:57
m_critical_max: thanks. appreciate it honestly:)10:57
ikoniaselinux is not installed by default on ubuntu10:57
jorisv_v: I get ? for every binary in there10:57
dydok, if i drag from the left icon list the icon i want to move it justs don't drop the icon in the panel10:57
dydthose are some network links10:57
dyddoes that make difference?10:57
v_vikonia: he got a file sshd cannot be removed even if he is root10:58
dydthey are like \\ipaddress\c$10:58
ikoniav_v: that doesn't mean it's ssh]10:58
ikoniahe probably can't remove it as it's in use10:58
v_vikonia: and dmesg show nothing, any idea ?10:58
jorisv_v: I can execute /usr/bin/sshd just fine. It says /etc/sshd_config is missing, which it is.10:58
ikoniaprobabably the file is in use10:58
jorisv_v: I just can't rename or delete it10:58
critical_maxsl33k_, you don't have a wubi-specific home folder?10:58
ikonia!info openssh-server hardy10:58
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell server, an rshd replacement. In component main, is optional. Version 1:4.7p1-8ubuntu1.2 (hardy), package size 248 kB, installed size 660 kB10:58
critical_max/home/sl33k or whatever10:58
v_vikonia: linux allows you to remove even if it's in use10:59
ikoniav_v: not if it's open10:59
v_vikonia: oh, yes, im sure about that10:59
ikoniav_v: sure about what /10:59
v_vikonia: ok. never mind11:00
jorisI'm no longer using sshd11:00
ikoniajoris: run fuser against it11:00
jorisroot@sol:/usr/sbin# fuser sshd11:00
critical_maxsl33k_, in /home/sleek/Downloads or /home/sleek/Desktop are likely places to find something you could delete for now. But really. You will just run into this problem again tomorrow, and the next day, etc, and you should really  just uninstall wubi and reinstall it. Takes a matter of 10 minutes.11:00
ikoniajoris: use the full path, fuser /usr/sbin/sshd11:00
ikoniajoris: also why is your update not going to the current hardy version11:00
jorisno output11:00
sl33k_critical_max: in the file system, i see usr, bin, var. those kind of directories11:00
jorisI've done numerous apt-get updates11:01
ikoniajoris: why is it not updating to the current openssh-server version11:01
Us3r_Unfriendlyi remember using wubi...what a horrible experience11:01
critical_maxsl33k_, /home/youruser  not there i take it?11:01
Us3r_Unfriendlysl33k_: ~/11:01
jorisikonia: how do you know?11:01
v_vjoris: take a look at 'mount'11:01
sl33k_critical_max: ya found it11:01
jorisv_v: securityfs on /sys/kernel/security type securityfs (rw)11:02
critical_maxsl33k_, desktop / downloads / documents check for stuff you can remove11:02
ikoniajoris: you showed me the package version it was going to update to, and I know the current version11:02
critical_maxsl33k_, and get used to the idea of reinstalling. take notes on what you installed first if you like.11:02
EClaessonI accidentaly removed the shut down menu from the top panel (gnome). The menu with Shut down, restart, hibernate, log out/change user and such. How can i get it back? I can't find it in the Add To Panel window11:02
jorisikonia: ic11:02
v_vjoris: the /usr/sbin partition  , is it mount readonly ?11:02
critical_maxsl33k_, so extra apps can be restored quickly with the new install11:02
ikoniav_v: excellent call11:02
jorisv_v: I don't have such a partition afaik11:02
ikoniayou must have a partition it's mounted off11:03
v_vjoris: if you don't have a partition for /usr , just the /11:03
sl33k_critical_max: i am on low bandwith 256k from third world country, reinstalling wubi is a pain in the ass. only deleting option remains with me?11:03
critical_maxUs3r_Unfriendly, it actually had its strong points to me (easy installation and did not destabilize Windows at all) but this particular pain point of not being able to resize its partition (wth) really hurt me too11:03
jorisroot@sol:/# touch /foo.txt11:03
jorisnot r/o11:03
ikoniajoris: what does ps -ef | grep ssh show11:04
scarleoEClaesson: Add to panel -> Shut down...11:04
critical_maxUs3r_Unfriendly, All the virtual machine controllers can do it, and my impression was they were doing loopback too. I could be wrong on that...11:04
jorisikonia: just the grep11:04
ikoniaand what happens if you manually rm -rf /usr/sbin/sshd11:04
jorisrm: cannot remove `/usr/sbin/sshd': Operation not permitted11:04
critical_maxsl33k_, I see, you deleted the wubi installer already?11:04
Us3r_Unfriendlycritical_max: yeah, I haven't used wubi in years and years, couldn't tell you...I just always used gparted and installed on the freespace that was created11:04
ikoniajoris: show me the output of "id"11:04
sl33k_critical_max: and what would happen to my packages if i reinstall?11:04
jorisikonia: uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)11:04
Us3r_Unfriendlyjoris: sudo rm -fr /usr/sbin/sshd11:05
ikoniajoris: why are you root ?11:05
critical_maxsl33k_, it would ALL be gone from wubi when you uninstall. you would need to take notes on what you did if you've been working on it a while.11:05
EClaessonscarleo: That's not the same drop down menu that were there at when i installed11:05
Donnerlandwhen ist the release date for 11.04?11:05
ikoniaDonnerland: think it through 04 200111:05
jorisikonia: because I'm getting Operation not permitted11:05
v_vjoris: whatis the output of 'df' ?11:05
jorisUs3r_Unfriendly: Same , operation not permitted11:05
Fleckwhere is firefox-4 in repos?11:05
jorisv_v: http://pastie.org/170346211:06
jrib!firefox4 | Fleck11:06
ubottuFleck: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox11:06
Us3r_Unfriendlyjoris: are you logged in as root?11:06
jorisUs3r_Unfriendly: I'm sudo su'ed11:06
ikoniajoris: can you show me the output of ls -la /usr/sbin/sshd please in a pastebin11:06
Us3r_Unfriendlyjoris: su -              and then          rm -fr /usr/sbin/sshd11:06
scarleoEClaesson: Try Add to panel -> Indicator applet session then11:06
jribUs3r_Unfriendly, joris: wait, why are you deleting sshd?11:07
jorisikonia: -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 290K 2008-05-14 16:39 /usr/sbin/sshd . still want it in a paste bin?11:07
critical_maxsl33k_, i would say just plan to re download the wubi installer when you can. Did you find anything in /home/youruser to delete yet? to solve the updater problem?11:07
ikoniajoris: why is that file 77711:07
jorisjrib: Trying to reinstall it. remove succeeded, install fails11:07
jorisikonia: no idea11:07
Us3r_Unfriendlyjrib: perhaps he's trying to remove it11:07
jribUs3r_Unfriendly: use APT11:07
ikoniajoris: someone has been playing with your system then as that file should not be 77711:07
Us3r_Unfriendlyjrib: unless it's unsuccessful11:08
critical_maxjoris: yeah, unless that was you that changed the permissions, giant red flag11:08
jorisstill, I'd like to reinstall openssh.11:08
ikoniajoris: are you listening, your system may have been compromised11:08
v_vikonia: interesting11:08
sl33k_critical_max: not bigger items11:08
ikoniajoris: that file should not be 77711:08
lucid_jHi, how could I use a transparent theme on Ubuntu 10.04? I have nto made any changes on WM, so I am using just compiz.11:08
EClaessonscarleo: That's the one. Thank you. One more question. The notification area in the panel, the one with battery, network and such. How do i move it? I can't right click and select move as it get a context menu for the icon in the notification applet i click11:09
v_vjoris: is this a server ?11:09
jorisv_v: yes11:09
jjpjoris: can you give us the md5sum of /usr/sbin/sshd ?11:10
sl33k_critical_max: 1 25 mb directory deleted11:10
jjpjoris: along with pkg version11:10
v_vjoris: if you didn't change the attr of the sshd, you'd better backup your files and install a new system11:10
jorisce8b877f9956bb75ad4de5014c7e5cf0  /usr/sbin/sshd11:10
jorisv_v: I might11:10
critical_maxsl33k_, also check /var/cache/apt/archives and manually remove .deb files in there11:10
jjpjoris: which pg version ?11:11
sl33k_critical_max: ok11:11
jjppkg ?11:11
jorisjjp: how do I check?11:11
critical_maxjoris: sshd -v11:11
EClaessonscarleo, nevermind, i solved it :)11:11
EClaessonThanks by the way :)11:11
jorissshd version OpenSSH_4.7p1 Debian-8ubuntu1.211:11
scarleoEClaesson: I think that's a matter of finding the right spot to click, not sure xactly what you mean. Make sure Lock to panel is unticked, then select move. Or move the other applets and that one will adjust automatically11:11
scarleoEClaesson: Ok, good11:11
jjpjoris: dpkg -l |grep openssh-server11:11
jorisjjp: no output11:12
dydi'm trying to add this remote folder icon to my panel... but won't work!! i added a custom application launcher with this app: nautilus ../../\d$11:12
jjpjoris: what spit dpkg -l |grep ssh ?11:12
=== adrian is now known as Guest72794
jorisjjp: http://pastie.org/170348211:12
lucid_jHi, how could I use a transparent theme on Ubuntu 10.04? I have nto made any changes on WM, so I am using just compiz.11:13
critical_maxjoris: that is a 3 year old version of sshd and might have been one of the ones vulnerable to a serious exploit.11:13
joriscritical_max: I would gladly update it, if I could install it11:13
arand_dyd I think you might get a problem using relative paths in a launcher...11:13
jjpjoris: that's really weird: your ssh server version appears to be compiled for debian / ubuntu, but the pkg is not recorded as installed in your database11:14
jorisjjp: I've removed the apt package an hour ago, and did a apt-get clean too11:14
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHg5E3nh6Rs&hd=111:14
jorisjjp: just the sshd binary sticks11:14
critical_maxjoris: your situation reeks of compromised11:15
arand_dyd: Also shouldn't that be just //IP/$d11:15
critical_maxjoris: i'm still looking for the proper md5sum for that version11:15
critical_maxjoris: the fact it doesn't show in the package manger as jjp said, is really sketchy11:15
critical_max777 is REALLY sketchy11:15
lucid_jUs3r_Unfiendly: That's not transparent. It's  just transparency on terminal backgound..11:15
dydarand_: if i do that it gives an error of path not found cause it tries to go /home/user/\\ip\d$11:16
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: ccsm11:16
critical_maxjoris: you might want to start looking at things like ~/.bash_history for all your users. sloppy hackers don't cover their traces well. might find quick evidence of compromise. might not.11:16
joriscritical_max: How does one circumvent Operation not permitted even when they are root?11:16
jjpjoris: what's the output ot lsattr /usr/sbin/sshd11:16
joriscritical_max: Right now I just want a clean sshd.11:16
lucid_jI use just compiz11:16
jorisjjp: ----i------------- /usr/sbin/sshd11:17
critical_maxjoris: recovering from a compromised system is well beyond the context of this channel's help and you need to do some research11:17
Kimmenlucid_j: take a look at: http://gnome-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=102&PHPSESSID=81a0ba7850b00097c15adf58e6d7cd2611:17
critical_maxjoris: let me keep looking for that md5sum, sec11:17
quiescensmm, immutable11:17
jjpjoris: for fresh install then thus apt-get install openssh-server11:17
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compizconfig-settings-manager11:17
lucid_jKimmen: I downloaded all of them but I cannot install them11:17
jjpjoris: you're rooted, I think11:17
jorisapt-get install openssh-server doesn't work11:17
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: that'll help you.  then alt + F2 and type ccsm11:18
=== k2s[A is now known as _k2s_
jjpjoris: yeah, won't run correctly at least for sshd being immutable11:18
jorishow do I fix sshd being immutable?11:18
ikoniajoris: re-install11:18
jorisikonia: the system?11:18
critical_maxjoris: the problem is it's not just sshd11:18
jjpjoris: you should disconnect this server now11:19
ikoniajoris: it looks like you ahve been compromised11:19
jorisI know what it looks like11:19
=== iflema is now known as Guest95526
lucid_jI have not compizconfig-settings-manager installed11:19
ikoniajoris: ok , so then you'll need to re-install11:19
lucid_jjust compiz11:19
critical_maxjoris: its deadly serious, you could have criminals passing stolen stuff over your lines right now. I found http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/openssh-server but I don't see md5sum links...11:19
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: then go ahead and use that command.  your going to need ccsm to atleast configure compiz's settings11:19
=== Guest95526 is now known as iflema
critical_maxjoris: there is NO way to be sure you have recovered without a reformat and reinstall.11:20
lucid_jUs3r_Unfriendly: Could I do that without configure?11:20
jjpjoris: can you find a way to share the sshd binary you have ?11:20
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: ccsm stands for compizconfig-settings-manager11:20
jorisjjp: sure, no problem11:20
sl33k_critical_max: sorry to ask, but the "no disk space" problem still there?11:20
dydshieeet, i did it ;)11:20
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: I don't believe so11:21
lucid_jUs3r_Unfriendly: I know what it is11:21
jorisjjp: http://hoorayforinternet.com/sshd11:21
critical_maxjoris: not trying to be alarmist at all. but at the LEAST you need to disconnect the machine from the internet to further analyze it.11:21
dyddon't know why but it had to be nautilus "/media/E25C67D55C67A351/Documents and Settings/user.domain/Desktop/"11:21
lucid_jAnd what should I coonfigure if I install ccsm?11:21
joriscritical_max: I only have access to the machine over the internets.11:21
dydfail this is to local hd :||11:21
critical_maxjoris: from everything you said it's been rooted, and I bet you can confirm that, but you need to reduce your liability by disconnecting it so the organized criminals that owned it don't get to use it11:21
critical_maxjoris: do you have hands on site or no11:21
joriscritical_max: no, the server is in a different country11:22
critical_maxjoris: or is it a vhost?11:22
jorisit's a dedicated machine11:22
critical_maxjoris: normal thing to do is configure and ship a new hard drive then11:22
sl33k_is there a method to repartition wubi?11:22
ikoniajoris: it's up to you what you do, and how you proceed11:22
jorissure. I just don't want to lose my dns and mailserver before I'm sure I can get them up just as quickly11:22
critical_maxjoris: thats all I can say, take it serious, because you have enough evidence to suspect being rooted, and that's criminal liability in some places if you let it go. i dont want to say more, really.11:23
ikoniajoris: again - that's up to you how you proceed11:23
MrGoodkatis it possible to copy thunderbird settings and emails from ubuntu to windows?11:23
jorisI have a remote emergency boot system, I'm pretty sure I can use that to reinstall the system11:23
sl33k_ is there a method to repartition wubi?11:23
ikoniaMrGoodkat: I think there is an export option11:23
=== k2s[A is now known as _k2s_
critical_maxjoris: that would be good. :)11:23
jorisJust getting named and postfix back up won't be easy for me11:23
jorisdon't really care about anything else11:23
critical_maxjoris: be extremely sure that you do not expose any service to the internet before it is fully configured and strong password11:24
sl33k_ is there a method to repartition wubi?11:24
ikoniajoris: can't really progress this any more11:24
critical_maxjoris: on the next time11:24
ikoniasl33k_: please stop asking and wait for a response11:24
sl33k_my bad11:24
critical_maxsl33k_, I answered that question in detail. You cannot resize the partition without MUCH more work than to simply uninstall and reinstall. It is a major flaw in WUBI.11:24
MrGoodkatikonia: there is only an import function11:24
ikoniaMrGoodkat: how odd, if there is an import option, you'd suspect an export option too11:25
sl33k_critical_max: i dont know how to mount the partitions after a reinstall11:26
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: http://img84.imageshack.us/i/screenshot1qi.png/ http://img833.imageshack.us/i/screenshotmlm.png/11:26
critical_maxsl33k_, it lets you choose the install size for WUBI when you install11:26
critical_maxsl33k_, just pick something like 15 or 20 gigs :)11:26
jjpjoris: what's output of ldd /usr/sbin/sshd ?11:27
lucid_jUs3r_Unfriendly: That's also not transparent!11:27
sl33k_critical_max: and the after install mounting?11:28
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: I believe your wrong sir11:28
jjpjoris: currently found nothing unusual in ur version of sshd; could someone find md5sum for sshd compiled for 64 bits ?11:28
lucid_jIt is black11:28
critical_maxsl33k_, huh? exactly as it is now11:28
lucid_jthe taskbar also is black..11:28
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: look closer11:28
sl33k_critical_max: but i am a newbie, will it be non-trivial11:28
critical_maxsl33k_, you already did it once11:29
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: your talking about the panel??  I thought you were talking about the windows that were open11:29
sl33k_critical_max: i took help11:29
jorisjjp: http://pastie.org/170352211:29
s3r3n1t7jjp, you mean the one from the repo?11:29
lucid_jUs3r_Unfriendly: I am talking about a complete trasparent theme11:29
Kimmenlucid_j: you need emerald to be able to use compiz themes11:30
sl33k_critical_max: does wubi have to download ubuntu over the interwebs?11:30
lucid_jOk, so let's forget about it!11:30
lucid_jthanks anyway11:30
critical_maxsl33k_, i'd check the website. I don't know these days.11:30
Kimmenlucid_j: you got your answer11:30
Kimmeninstall emerald, which is a theme manager to use with compiz11:30
Kimmenit supports transparent themes11:31
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: right click the panel "taskbar?" and go to the Properties then to the background tab and then click solid color and there's a switch for transparency there.  then to ccsm for everything else11:31
lucid_jKimmen: I have installes emerald and ccms previously, on  a previous ubuntu instalation and I messed it up11:31
critical_maxjjp: remember it reports as a 2008 version of sshd, OpenSSH_4.7p1 Debian-8ubuntu1.211:32
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: metacity --replace11:32
lucid_jI ended up without any WM11:32
jorisgotta attend to some customers but will monitor your questions to me. thank you all so far for your time and attention.11:32
lucid_jSo I want to leave it as it is by default11:32
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: if your going to troll i can't help you.  you live and learn in the linux community.  if your afraid, then you shouldn't do it.11:32
lucid_jBut, it would be great if I could install a trasparent theme as I can do with normal gnome themes..11:33
cyphasei just got an epson stylus cx4600. when i plugged it in, i was immediately able to scan a document with simple-scan. however, after the first scan, simple-scan says there's no device. anyone know what the problem might be?11:33
Us3r_Unfriendlylucid_j: emerald, ccsm, panel properties or some docks properties11:34
phoenixsamprascyphase: you need to buy a linux compatible scanner11:34
lucid_jwithout emerald isn;t possible?11:34
wildcyphase is it still plugged in?11:34
Kimmenlucid_j: it's possible to set transparency to everything using compiz11:34
cyphasewild, yea11:34
Kimmenbut not with a metacity theme11:34
lucid_jKimmen: Using ccms?11:34
Us3r_Unfriendlymetacity is your grandma's wm11:35
PaddezWhat's the current javac package? sun-java6 can't be found.11:35
critical_maxJoris: Your SSH version (assuming it's reporting accurately) Predates a serious vulnerability in ssh package. Please read: http://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2008/msg00152.html and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=793517. It is extremely likely that your server was compromised as the vulnerability was serious.11:35
wildcyphase shut it all downn and try again11:35
Us3r_Unfriendlyemerald/compiz is usually for the cool kids11:35
lucid_jI looked up on running processes and is running just compiz, there is no metacity11:35
joriscritical_max: ty11:35
lucid_jI'll install ccms11:35
critical_maxJoris: I just found the vulnerability I referred to earlier, and yes, your system (why was it not updated) was vulnerable11:35
joriscritical_max: afaik I was up to date with hardy heron11:36
s3r3n1t7joris, if i may jump in ... i recommend you set up your firewall to only allow you to access it, block any other access and proceed after that.11:36
terryPaddez: sun-java6-jre  is probably what you are looking for.11:36
cyphasewild, if i just disconnect it from the computer and plug back in, it works11:36
joriss3r3n1t7: thanks, except right now I don't know how static my IP address is. but good idea.11:37
critical_maxJoris: http://rackerhacker.com/2011/03/09/strategies-for-detecting-a-compromised-linux-server/ may give you more tools for figuring out what's going on.11:37
joriscritical_max: thank11:37
ikoniajoris: if you don't have a static IP then you should not be running mail or dns on it11:37
jorisikonia: I mean my workstation's IP.11:37
wildcyphase I guess it is working now then?11:37
ikoniajoris: ah11:37
terryPaddez: apt-cache search sun-java  will reveal what we have in repos11:37
s3r3n1t7!java | Paddez11:38
ubottuPaddez: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.11:38
NielsMknwhy doesn't flash player work in ubuntu 10.10 :S11:38
Paddezterry: Thanks.11:38
terryPaddez: NP11:38
terryNielsMkn: It should.  What seems to be the problem?11:38
charlosroot@ubuntu:/home/charlos# tar -zxf ircu2.10.12.10.tar11:38
charlosgzip: stdin: not in gzip format11:38
charlostar: Child returned status 111:38
charlostar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now11:38
FloodBot2charlos: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:38
charloswhat man ?11:38
rzyuaHi everyone. Does any of you happen to know how to downmix all channels to mono in Ubuntu 10.10?11:38
cyphasewild, i tried that before. it seems to be working for more than one scan now, but i don't know if it'll last11:39
NielsMknI did but now I get 'an error occured while trying to play the video' on all the youtube videos11:39
wildcyphase It might have been a loose or not so good cable11:39
NielsMknwell I was playing a video in firefox and the plugin finder service told me to install three plugins11:40
cyphasewild, yea, maybe11:40
terryNielsMkn: apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound11:40
lucid_jUs3r_Unfriendly: I installed ccsm, is it simple to set transparency on?11:40
terryNielsMkn: apt-cache search flashplugin    #Will reveal what there is in the repos11:41
terryNielsMkn: What three plugins did it say?11:41
NielsMkna non free plugin and a installer11:42
rcmaehlff4 is working it's way up the charts right next to chrome. A large amount of FF 4 users are linux users. Why is this?11:42
NielsMkngot two results from the search11:42
lucid_jKimmen: I installed ccsm, but I cannot find any option for trasparency, any help?11:42
=== Rabbitbu1ny is now known as Rabbitbunny
terryNielsMkn: Sorry... Correction:  adobe-flashplugin - Adobe Flash Player plugin version 1011:44
terryNielsMkn: apt-get install adobe-flashplugin11:44
arand_rcmaehl: Not really a support question... I would guess GNU/Linux users are more technical and more likely to adopt early... Anyway, #ubuntu-offtopic is likely more relevant for that question.11:45
terryNielsMkn: Do you see adobe-flashplugin  ?11:45
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox11:45
NielsMknhmm I'm using 64 bit os. Will it work?11:46
arand_NielsMkn: -installer and -nonfree are the same (-non-free is just a transitional package to -install)11:47
EClaessonI installed firefox 4 via sudo apt-get install firefox-4.0 after adding the needed repos. It installs fine but "About Firefox" gives me 3.6.1511:49
EClaessonIs this normal?11:49
ikoniaEClaesson: contact the PPA owner, we don't support it11:49
the_germanEClaesson: You now have probably installed both version...just start the correct one11:50
laserbeam3guys... I got a small problem with ubuntu keyrings... I got (for some insane reason) 2 password folders (or whatever they are called) in the keyring - one is "default", the other is "login"11:50
laserbeam3the problem - every time I login... I have to insert my default keyring password for about 4 times (because of the default programs that come on)11:51
laserbeam3moreover... new passwords are added to the default keyring, not the login one11:51
laserbeam3any solutions?11:51
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blackguard-anyone can help a newby with a dual boot installation ?11:57
blackguard-anyone can give me some information about swap partition ?11:59
rodrigo__blackguard-: what kind of information?11:59
soreau! swap | blackguard-12:00
ubottublackguard-: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info12:00
kmanzooris Hardy Heron still supported ? i checked this on wikipedia. On kubuntu page it said it is not spported but on the ubuntu page it is mentioned that it is still supported.  I want to install the restricted extra - meaning i want to have the adobe flash. Should i upgrade all the way to 9.10 or i can keep on running Hardy Heron ?12:03
jribkmanzoor: you should upgrade to at least 10.04 as ubuntu 8.04 is only supported until april of this year12:04
xardas008kmanzoor, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/12:04
xardas008there is a list12:04
jribkmanzoor: since 8.04 and 10.04 are both LTS you can upgrade directly 8.04 -> 10.0412:04
xardas008at the bottom of the page is a list of the current releases and how long they are supported (8.04 until april 2011, server until 2013)12:05
Picikmanzoor, jrib: 8.04 is only supported on the desktop up until April, but the server packages have another 2 years of support.  Additionally, I don't think Kubuntu was granted LTS status for that release, I could be wrong though,.12:05
icerootkmanzoor: kubuntu is not supported (only packages which doesnt belong to kde), ubuntu is supported until 2011, the server edition is supported until 2013, kubuntu was only supported until 201012:05
icerootkmanzoor: kubuntu is not supported because its containing kde3, which is long time out of support12:06
magnetsI have a windows PC and a ubuntu pc, two monitors. I want to have my windows desktop "stretch" across both devices so I can use the ubuntu machine as a secondary monitor, is that possible?12:06
kmanzoorok. the thing i am running now is kubuntu 8.4 (Hardy). Should i do a step by step upgrade or i can skip some versions12:07
icerootmagnets: yes, its called "synergy"12:07
icerootkmanzoor: make an upgrade to 10.04 directly, but think of you will lost kde3 and will get kde412:08
jrib!upgrade | kmanzoor12:08
ubottukmanzoor: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:08
xardas008magical, normally ubuntu does that by default. But he will duplicate them. You can go over Preferences -> Monitors and change it12:08
rocktopHello I have deleted  some important files how to undelete it please help12:08
magnetsiceroot: I am using synergy, but what I want is more like VNC with a windows virtual desktop12:08
=== _Akkan is now known as Akkan
magnetsi.e. the ubuntu machine remotely displays some sort of windows virtual desktop extension12:09
icerootyou dont want vnc, you want rdp (for windows) and nx (for linux)12:09
blackguard-how can i create a swap partition, do i need another partition for dual booting? i havent started the ubuntu installation yet, i am stuck at the beginning12:09
rocktopanyidea ?12:10
kmanzoorok i am reading the upgrade notes12:10
xardas008rocktop, you can look in the trash12:11
wildHow do I move a folder from my root folder to the opt folder?12:11
rocktopxardas008 : has been deleted by rm -rf12:11
mcb_1wild: $mv  /rott/folder  /opt12:12
wildI get a permission denied error when I try to move my folder to the opt folder12:12
mcb_1Wild, you must be loged as root for this....12:12
Linuxpwnssudo mv /root/foldername /opt12:13
mcb_1You can "sudo mv ..... "12:13
wildmcb_1 Do I have to do this in the terminal, can I not just drag and drop?12:13
xardas008rocktop, ok then there won't be a trash. You can use the following: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/newbie/69673-not-possible-recover-files-deleted-using-rm.html12:13
xardas008maybe that helps in the future12:13
blackguard-i am getting this error message : No root file system is defined, Please correct this from the partitioning menu. Anyone can help ?12:14
mcb_1Use the term, it is much simpler. Just type "sudo mv /root/folder /opt" That is it....12:14
kmanzoorOn this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades it is mentioned that Direct upgrades to Kubuntu 10.04 LTS are supported from Kubuntu 9.10 (but not Kubuntu 8.04)." I am using 8.04 (Hardy) and i am confused.12:16
blackguard-i am getting this error message on the beginning of ubuntu installation : No root file system is defined, Please correct this from the partitioning menu. Anyone can help ?12:16
LetsGo67Hello people!  How do I find out what other computers are on my network?12:16
rcmaehlYou guys still getting the "How do I get FF4?" question?12:16
rcmaehlLetsGo67: What OS are they running?12:17
LetsGo67rcmaehl: Various OSes.  Isn't there a command to find out what the IP and Mac are?12:17
SyriaHi, how can i update my firefox browser to the latest version?12:17
_antanthey guys. I've just switched from and ATI card to a GT210 and I'm now getting 'no screens found'. Any idea how I go about sorting it?12:17
Syriarcmaehl:  Yes?12:18
rcmaehlSyria: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade12:18
ohsixLetsGo67: they're in the arp table, but only if th ecomputer has recently seen arp queries for those machines12:18
ohsixLetsGo67: try arp -an12:18
soreaublackguard-: You need to define a partition for the system install. Its mount point is /12:18
blackguard-i cant continue on the installation12:19
Syriarcmaehl:  Thank you.12:19
rcmaehlLetsGo67: you can try a network probe by pinging the ip range of the network12:19
soreau! who | blackguard-12:19
ubottublackguard-: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:19
blackguard-i am chossing the partition i want to install ubuntu and i am getting this error message12:19
kmanzoordoes this mean i will have to move from 8.4 to 9.10. does anybody know the instruction page for this ?12:19
rcmaehl!ff4 | rcmaehl12:20
ubotturcmaehl, please see my private message12:20
blackguard-i am not speaking to someone particular, i am asking anyone :)12:20
soreaublackguard-: sounds like youre doing it wrong12:20
rcmaehl:D yay they made my command line a factiod for ff412:20
[TK]D-Fenderkmanzoor: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KarmicUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.0412:21
blackguard-soreau: i am at the window to allocate drive space and i looking at the hdd's and partitions12:21
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: "Mount as" <-12:22
soreaublackguard-: The partition you create for ubuntu root file system must have / as mount point12:22
LetsGo67Ohsix: thanks!12:22
Syriarcmaehl:  Something went wrong! http://paste.ubuntu.com/584249/12:22
kmanzoor[TK]D-Fender : thanks for providing that needed link12:23
[TK]D-Fenderkmanzoor: It was ont he page you gave us12:23
mcb_1LetsGo67 - The is also arp-scan that can get you an mac address from an ip address.12:24
ohsixand arping12:24
ohsixbut if you can ping an ip address, it'll show up in the arp table12:24
rcmaehlSyria: it's just a minor error it should be automatically fixed with the next sudo apt-get update12:24
[TK]D-Fenderkmanzoor: Upgrade from 8.04 LTS to 10.04 LTS ----> "Because Kubuntu 8.04 was not an LTS release and has passed its end of life, direct upgrades to Kubuntu 10.04 LTS from Kubuntu 8.04 are not supported. Please follow the directions for upgrading Kubuntu 8.04 to 9.10 first, then follow the directions above for upgrades from Kubuntu 9.10."12:24
blackguard-soreau: i am trying to install ubuntu on a hdd that already has a 30bg partition of windows and 200gb of allocated space12:24
[TK]D-Fenderkmanzoor: it was right there in the middle12:24
rcmaehlSyria: just do sudo apt-get upgrade12:24
rcmaehlSyria: and firefox should be upgraded to ff412:25
andybeHi, does anyone know if there's a way to force the "connect to server..." connection to disconnect and reconnect without closing all the open files first?12:25
soreaublackguard-: That has no bearing on the fact that you must define a root mount point as /12:25
blackguard-soreau: what i want to do is manualy create the partitions i need and procced with the installation12:25
soreaublackguard-: fine go ahead12:25
kmanzoor[TK]D-Fender : ok12:25
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: go back into the partition edit screen and choose the mount point12:25
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: You seem to have skipped this step12:26
nathan42100Hi gues, I have an urgent problem. We have a bash script that mounts an nfs share, rsyncs some files, then unmounts the script (simplified). Originally, the mount point was backup.rrc.neu.edu:/share/customer_data/active12:27
dean[w]I just uninstalled compiz on ubuntu 10.10 x64 and was left with no window manager. I installed xfwm4 but now in google chrome  my button layout icons (close, minimize etc.) are in the top left instead of right. Chrome is the only program exhibiting this behaviour. Suggestions?12:27
nathan42100after a firmware upgrade to the QNAP nas, the mount point was somehow changed so the correct point is backup.rrc.neu.edu:/customer_data/active12:27
blackguard-[TK]D-Fender : i made a partition as ext4 from the partition program witch i cant recall the name, its on the live cd12:28
blackguard-[TK]D-Fender then i reentered the installation and i am getting the same message12:28
nathan42100backup.rrc.neu.edu:/share.... now mounts the wrong point, but if you unmount and remount, it works fine (I had put a symlink in there for compatibility reasons)12:28
nathan42100I  need it to work on the first time12:28
nathan42100not the second12:28
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: Yes, and in the same dialog box that you tell it the File System type is a box to enter the MOUNT POINT12:28
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: This is essential.  Go back and fill it in12:28
r0fs3ck5can anyone recommend a way to monitor which processes are communicating on which ports in ubuntu?12:29
Freeway92look in the confi files in /etc12:29
blackguard-[TK]D-Fender: whats the mount point?12:29
High_Priestr0fs3ck5, lsof12:29
r0fs3ck5preferably gui12:29
kmanzoorI have Adept 2.1 Cruiser 3.5.10. The instructions say that i must have adept-manager 2.1.3ubuntu25.2 installed. How to solve this issue ?12:29
ohsixnetstat will show that information too12:30
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: "/"12:30
Syriarcmaehl:  It works! thank you. :)12:30
rcmaehlno problem12:30
r0fs3ck5thanks High_Priest12:30
High_Priestr0fs3ck5, np.. do you need an example?12:30
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/ubuntu1010installation-large_003.jpg12:31
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: It's right there12:31
blackguard-[TK]D-Fender : oh i see, so i need to add a "/"12:31
nathan42100anyone have any ideas?12:32
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: You need to tell Ubuntu to USE it and at what point in the filesystem to mount it.12:32
jorisIf I backup /etc/bind/, do I have everything that configs my nameserver?12:32
High_Priestjoris, not necessarily12:33
wildI rebooted Ubuntu and I got this error: could not update ICEauthority file /home/en/.ICEauthority   Now what?12:33
kmanzoor[TK]D-Fender : I have Adept 2.1 Cruiser 3.5.10. The instructions say that i must have adept-manager 2.1.3ubuntu25.2 installed. How to solve this issue ?12:33
brontosaurusrexfrom cli, how to copy (clone) a directory in such a way that all the timedata gets preserved?12:34
jorisHigh_Priest: My zonefiles are in there. That's pretty much it, no?12:34
[TK]D-Fenderkmanzoor: Not sure, have you done all of the standard updates for your platform?12:34
ohsixwild: the permissions are probably wrong on that file, some usages of sudo can cause that if the program  being ran works with credentials; you'll need to delete it or change its owner back to your user12:34
High_Priestjoris, if you have your zone files there and bind config as well I think you should be fine12:35
r0fs3ck5Again, thank you High_Priest, lsof is much more convenient than tcpdump for what I'm doing.12:35
wildThere is a problem with the configuration server. (/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256)  obsix12:35
mcb_1brontosaurusrex: use "cp" with  --preserve[=ATTR_LIST]12:35
ohsixr0fs3ck5: you can use netstat too, and you don't need special privileges12:36
kmanzoor[TK]D-Fender : i upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy today using the Adept. I havent performed any updates separately.12:36
High_Priestr0fs3ck5, joris, np, cheers12:36
r0fs3ck5thanks ohsix, i'll give it a go12:36
_antantright, I'm out of ideas. I switched my ATI card out for an nvidia one and now I'm getting a 'no screens found' error. I installed nvidia-96, I installed nvidia-current, no luck. Anyone?12:36
mcb_1r0fs3ck5: netstat will only give you wich IP binds to each port, not the process.....12:36
ubottuOpera is an advanced, fast and free (as in beer) web browser. It is packaged for easy installation into Ubuntu. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser12:37
Seppozcan ubuntu 10.10 mount ubifs partitions?12:37
Seppozand is there somthing like mkfs.ubifs?12:37
[TK]D-Fenderkmanzoor: Sorry, I cannot advise from this point12:37
wildobsix, how do I change anything if I can not get ubuntu to lanch now?12:37
High_Priestwild, try booting to recovery mode and chown and chmod ( 644) that .Iceauthority file12:38
brontosaurusrexmcb_1: mkay, thanks12:38
mcb_1np brontosaurusrex12:38
r0fs3ck5Seppoz, virtualize and share the fs12:38
ohsixwild: i'd just boot into single user mode if it happened, or log in remotely, or switch to a tty12:38
brontosaurusrexmcb_1: cp -dpr /src /dst <- did the trick12:39
mcb_1Good to know. Thanks12:39
_antantanyone got any idea how I get my new gt210 card to work? swapped in for an ati12:39
kmanzoorhow can one update  Adept 2.1 Cruiser 3.5.10 to adept-manager 2.1.3ubuntu25.2 ?12:39
wildHigh_Priest obsix, I am attempting to reboot... stay tuned :O12:40
kmanzoor[TK]D-Fender : thats alright12:40
High_Priestwild, gl :)12:40
pkkmWhen I try to open web browser as another user with "sudo -Hu user epiphany-browser --display :0", I get "Cannot open display :0" unless the user is me or root. What causes the problem?12:42
wildHigh_Priest obsix, now Ubuntu wants to reinstall from scratch?? :(12:43
Speedlewhats up whats up fellow ubuntu users?12:43
ohsixpkkm: "user" probably doesn't have credentials to connect to your display12:43
kmanzoorI went to Adept and used the About feature in the Help tab to find my version it said: Adept 2.1 Cruiser 3.5.10. Is my version older than adept-manager 2.1.3ubuntu25.2 ?12:44
High_Priestwild, what do you mean by that?12:44
version32how to find deb file for package? Specifically xulrunner- ?12:44
brontosaurusrexanother q: how to use df to get only freespace like : 100G free ?12:44
Speedleubuntu rocks!....im new at this12:44
=== iflema is now known as Guest30228
High_Priestbrontosaurusrex, df -h will show you size/used/available12:45
r0fs3ck5Hi Speedle12:45
High_Priestversion32, have you tried aptitude search ?12:45
brontosaurusrexHigh_Priest: i know, i just need the ###G part12:46
ohsixbrontosaurusrex: use "cut"12:46
pkkmohsix, How to give credentials to the user?12:46
wildHigh_Priest I mean, I closed ubuntu. Then from my virtual box I started it again. then the install ubuntu screen appeared. I quit that and now it is running but as ubuntu@ubuntu12:47
ohsixpkkm: with xauth iirc12:47
High_Priestwild, did you have installation media inserted?12:47
r0fs3ck5wild, detach the ubuntu ISO from virtualbox devices12:48
pkkmohsix, Thanks12:48
_antantGuys, what's the name of the nvidia driver I should have in my xorg.conf?12:48
High_Priestwild, anywayz, you just need to boot to runlevel 1 (maintenance mode) to fix the permissions on .Iceauthority12:48
wildHigh_Priest no media12:48
blackguard-[TK]D-Fender: on the gparted i want to create a swap partition, am i creating a partition and then changing its file system to linux-swap?12:48
High_Priestwild, hm.. that's rather strange..12:49
mcb_1brontosaurusrex: This shold you what you want... $df -hT | awk '{print$5}'12:49
kmanzoormy version problem is solved. i was look at the wrong place. the correct place to check the version is the adept packages manager - packages list and not the About menu.12:49
wildrofs3ck5 how do I detach the ISO?12:49
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: When you create the partition you tell it the type.  Yuo don't do it as A and then change it to B after12:49
ohsixpkkm: er, xhost, not xauth12:49
r0fs3ck5wild, when you installed your vm, did you choose 'create usb install' by any chance?12:50
wildHigh_Priest I powered down, how do I boot to runlevel 112:50
r0fs3ck5or whatever it is?12:50
wildrofs3ck5 yes12:50
amuriiwazzup wild12:50
dydhey is there any way to move the show desktop icon from bottom left corner? i want it also up in the panel12:51
wildamurii wazzup12:51
_antantSo nobody knows what the nvidia driver name is that I have to put in xorg.conf?12:51
dnivrahello. I am trying to compile amarok and I run into this error. http://pastebin.com/nQ45gDiM. i asked in #amarok and was suggested to look for libgcrypt compiled -fPIC. where can I get such a package? another alternative was to check for a shared library for libgcrypt. which package provides this?12:51
nishantwhy compile from scratch dnivra12:51
DarsVaedahi how can i give ftp username and password as parameter?12:52
amuriihow the fuck shouldi know12:52
jjp 12:52
Picilarsta, amurii: This is a support channel, please stop that.12:52
dnivranishant, i agree it is there pre-packaged but I am doing it because I want to.12:52
upphello, i have ubuntu 10.04 and i can't join this machine any more via ssh, und that's the error messages "server unexpectedly closed network connection" can any one help me?12:52
dnivra!language | amurii12:52
ubottuamurii: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:52
version32High_Priest yes, and looking in the repository itself shows and
ohsixdyd: that bottom one is a panel as well; you can right click and add it to any other panel as well12:52
dnivranishant, i would like to amarok development and as a first step was asked to compile it :).12:53
dydohsix: thank you!12:53
amuriiwaz happenin home boy12:53
High_Priestwild, you edit grub menu and add single at the and of the kernel line which you need to edit12:53
nishantyes then you have to compile it and try it :)12:53
Pici!ot | amurii12:53
ubottuamurii: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:53
wildrofs3ck5 how did you guess that I used the usb?12:53
r0fs3ck5because it booted to the install screen12:54
dnivranishant, so any idea how to obtain a shared library for libgcrypt?12:54
r0fs3ck5as you said12:54
wildHigh_Priest is the grub menu in the virtual box? I am really new at this.12:54
upphello, i have ubuntu 10.04 and i can't join this machine any more via ssh, und that's the error messages "server unexpectedly closed network connection" can any one help me?12:54
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lokusim trying to get my linux desktop session available via vnc right now.. anyone know what method gnome natively uses? it used to start by default with my default ubuntu config then i switched to a tiling WM and i lost its startup :-(12:55
willy_1977_antant, what version of ubuntu are you trying to get nvidia drivers installed on?12:55
wildrofs3ck5 but I do not have the usb stick in my machine.12:55
r0fs3ck5wild, what you have done is created a vm that is actually set up as an installer12:55
sipiorDarsVaeda: you could set up a .netrc file including the relevant information. have a look at "man netrc".12:56
nishantdnivra, did you try http://directory.fsf.org/project/libgcrypt/12:56
r0fs3ck5wild, the .vdi is detected as a flash drive.12:56
pkkmohsix, Seems like xhost manages permissions only for hosts.12:56
coz_hey all12:56
dydnow the hardest question: i have different remote folders, i've linked those in my "Places" menu; i want to put a link to those folders also in the panel, how can i do that?12:56
wizardkeneveryday ubuntu gets better and better12:56
dnivranishant, is there a package in the repository?12:57
ohsixpkkm:        [+]name The given name (the plus sign is optional) is added to the list allowed to connect to the X server.  The name can be a host name or a user name.12:57
kroshHi everyone. I think Empathy Ubuntu version has a stupid bug. Empathy is closed whenever I click on nick of user to start a talk. Does anyone know something about that bug?12:57
wildrofs3ck5 this sounds like a nightmare. How do I "fix" it to be as I would expect a normal system to run?12:57
wizardkenempathy has always been flucked,krosh12:57
wizardkenkrosh, why don't you go report it12:58
wizardken!bugs | krosh12:58
ubottukrosh: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:58
wizardkeni just guessed that one... haha12:58
r0fs3ck5wild, if you want to run your vm as a standalone desktop, I suggest a reinstall from the ubuntu ISO onto a new .vdi.  it's quite easy12:58
pkkmohsix, # xhost + user : xhost:  bad hostname "user"12:58
dnivranishant, is it libgcrypt11-dev by any chance? if I have it installed already :(12:58
ohsixpkkm: no space after the +12:59
pkkmohsix, The same error.12:59
willy_1977dnivra, are you compiling as you've made alterations or you just want to go through the process? if you just want to install amarok and get it to play MP3 etc. you could try something like this http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/07/03/how-to-install-amarok-in-ubuntu-and-get-it-to-play-mp3s/13:00
wildrofs3ck5 I have been trying to get a system up that can serve as a drupal development area for 3 days. It does not feel easy.13:00
nishantask in amarok dnivra , I am not very sure about compiling from scratch13:00
blackguard-[TK]D-Fender : something last, what's the "/" i added and does the partition i created as linux-swap gonna be for the purpose of swap or i did something wrong?13:00
dnivrawilly_1977, actually I was asked to do the compiling process since I would like to work on amarok i.e. do amarok development. that is why. sure I know how install it otherwise :).13:01
pkkmohsix, Just found out that the command should be: xhost +SI:localuser:user13:01
nishant#amarok is official channel for  amarok related discussion13:01
dnivranishant, i did. they said I need to find the distro package. that isn't what they'd be able to help with right?13:01
willy_1977dnivra, ok, just wanted to make sure ;)13:01
kroshwizardken, empathy hasn't worked fine for me in Fedora and Ubuntu. I think there must be a lot of corrections to be done13:01
ohsixpkkm: xhost +si:localuser:user13:01
ohsixyea that13:01
dnivrawilly_1977, sure thing! thanks :).13:01
lokusim trying to start up a vnc session via ssh from an already opened desktop. anyone know which route/vnc package to use?13:02
r0fs3ck5wild, it is easy. you simply picked the wrong install option. just go through it again.  not too hard.13:02
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: "/" means that partition is the base of your OS install, and there is no mount point for linux-swap.13:02
[TK]D-FenderBlackYou define it as such and it "just works"13:02
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xarinatanI'm having trouble with committing large amounts of files to my BZR server, can someone help me out? Here's the error i get: http://pastebin.com/XMtwzW0r13:05
blackguard-[TK]D-Fender thanks alot man13:05
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-: You're welcome, keep at it...13:05
BluesKajHiyas folks13:05
=== alessio_alexAFK is now known as alessio_alex
blackguard-[TK]D-Fender i just had an error at the installation. ubi-console-setup crashed, what that means ?13:06
[TK]D-Fenderblackguard-No idea....13:07
brontosaurusrexmcb_1: cool (df -hT | awk '{print$5}')13:07
zvacet!md5sum |Blackguard:13:07
ubottuBlackguard:: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:07
zvacetBlackguard: maybe iso is corrupted check it eith above link13:09
willy_1977Blackguard, can't stress enough the need to check that iso sum I've lost an hour or two trying to work with crappy iso's... (not the distro's fault got mashed up when downloading)13:09
willy_1977in the past13:09
ohsixthe zsync files are gr8 for fixing that13:10
guidshi, I have a hp laptop, and gobi wireless modem, I have the device loaded correctly, but Im unable to use it13:10
guidswhen i do a lsusb, I see HP gobi 2000 wireless modem13:10
guidsdo i need to do something extra to get th nm-applet to recognize it?13:10
ohsixguids: it needs special firmware loaded, i'm not sure how that's done on ubuntu however13:11
guidsya, special firmware is loaded13:11
guidsit shows the device and correct device id13:11
wildrofs3ck5 If I select the installation media from the Media Source : " ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso " Will I be ok?13:12
_antantHi guys, please can I get some help here. I've tried asking for the last 30 mins but got no response. I'm trying to install an nvidia card after having an ati one in my machine and I get an error saying the nvidia module doesn't exist, no drivers available and no screens found. I've tried searching online but nothing's helped. Any assistance would be great!13:12
ruan_antant: what model?13:12
_antanthad an ati 5450 in the box about 50 mins ago13:13
ohsix_antant: delete your xorg.conf, sounds like static configuration is trying to load it unconditionally13:13
willy_1977_antant, hummm I asked what version of ubuntu you were working on...13:13
_antantoh sorry, willy_1977, I must have missed it while I was searching for solutions13:13
willy_1977_antant,  ;) no worries looks like you've got some interest now...13:14
_antantxorg.conf deleted13:14
ruan_antant: did it worK?13:14
_antantwe'll see in a few seconds13:15
jorisabout sshd being immutable in my system ealier (and still), is this something that selinux or similar security layers may have set?13:15
joris/usr/sbin/sshd is immutable13:15
joris------i---- so to speak13:15
dydwhat's the command for "Connecto to Server..."?13:16
dydthe shell command13:16
ruandyd: which server?13:16
Ja23Hello everyone13:16
ruandyd: ssh server?13:16
dydit's a windows share13:16
ruandyd: samba?13:16
lokusi backgrounded a task with &, can i redirect its 1 and 2 to /dev/null while running? im sick of it spamming me13:16
dydhave no idea, i'm new to this ;D13:16
jorisI'm trying to remember the name of something that was installed before, something similar to selinux. xshield? xarms?13:16
ohsixdyd: there really isn't one, that's just ui to wrap gio/gvfs, and to work with your keyring13:16
Bhavesh_A_P Linux type like ubuntu,kununtu,redhat,..... has same kernal ?13:16
Ja23I am working on expanding two partitions and shrinking a third, I can't seem to expand my Windows partition, does anyone know why?13:16
_antantwell I've got a desktop now13:17
dydi have to connect to a remote HD on windows with admin privileges, something like c$13:17
ruanBhavesh_A_P: they all use the linux kernel, yes13:17
sipiorjoris: apparmor, perhaps?13:17
ohsix_antant: now you can remove the nvidia driver :D13:17
Ja23The linux one worked fine, but the windows one doesn't give me the option13:17
dydbut i want to script that so i can put the code on the panel13:17
jorissipior: thanks, that's it. is apparmor something that could set immutable on /usr/sbin/sshd ?13:17
An_Ony_MooseI want to set up a second session as the same user on my computer that I can then access via VNC. The problem is that I need it to run at a lower resolution and with some panel options changed so I can use it on a mobile device, while retaining my normal options in the main session and the configuration files. Is this possible, and if yes, how?13:17
_antantremove the nvidia driver??13:17
dydso should be something like "smb ip share user password", i guess13:18
ruanBhavesh_A_P: note that linux is a kernel, and those are operating systems _based_ on the linux kernel13:18
_antantohsix: Why would I remove the nvidia driver?13:18
ohsixoh, nevermind; other way around13:18
ruanJa23: what tool are you using to do this?13:18
ruanhmm. so you can't resize the ntfs partition?13:19
_antantdo I have to install the vdpau drivers seperately?13:19
ohsixno clue13:19
Ja23The unallocated space is at the beginning of /dev/sda313:19
Ja23the one i want to expand is /dev/sda213:20
ruanJa23: is the partition currently mounted?13:20
brontosaurusrex_antant: what drivers? no13:20
Ja23ohh, hm, how do i check?13:20
Ja23I'm running a live CD btw13:20
ruanJa23: if the partition has key symbols next to its name13:21
ruani believe13:21
user1_can we use a remote computer processor to run a native application?13:21
Ja23Yes, sda3 does13:21
ruanuser1_: yes, depends though13:21
user1_ruan : like?13:21
zvacetJa23: and sda2?13:22
Ja23Does not13:22
r0fs3ck5user1_, it's called clustering.13:22
edbianuser1_, You can x forward which would only appear to make that happen, or a NFS, or yes, clustering13:22
zvacetJa23:  strange you should be able to resize it13:22
kmanzoori started the upgrade from Hardy to Karmic.13:23
Ja23What does the key symbol mean?13:23
Bhavesh_A_P<ruan>:means Linux is not operating system ?13:23
ruanJa23: it means that the partition is currently mounted13:23
ruanBhavesh_A_P: no, linux is not an operating system13:23
ubottuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux13:23
Ja23Should I mount sda213:23
zvacetJa23:  it means it is loked (mounted I think)13:23
ruanthe core of all linux-based operating systems13:23
NielsMknany tortoisesvn equivalent for ubuntu?13:24
kmanzoorDistribution upgrade is running. I am running Kopete alongside. Would it cause any install issues ?13:24
jribkmanzoor: nope13:24
user1_r0fsck5 edbian : how do i cluster two laptops13:24
ruanNielsMkn: there are svn applications for ubuntu13:24
Ja23zvacet want me to upload a picture for you?13:24
ruanNielsMkn: such as rapidsvn13:24
edbianuser1_, IDK, never done it before.  I suggest network filesystem for only 2 machines though.  Clustering is more for high performance computing with many machines13:24
ruan!info rapidsvn13:25
ubotturapidsvn (source: rapidsvn): A GUI client for subversion. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.0dfsg-2 (maverick), package size 399 kB, installed size 1296 kB13:25
sipiorjoris: sorry, i was called away. i don't know if apparmor would set that immutable flag, but it might as part of its policy script. if it bothers you, you can of course remove the flag.13:25
NielsMknwith a good gui interface?13:25
Bhavesh_A_P<ruan>:linux provider can use his own kernal ! ?13:25
jorissipior: how?13:25
ruanNielsMkn: yep, i havent tried it yet13:25
sipiorjoris: have a look at "chattr"13:25
zvacetJa23:  ok but not expect too much from me  :)13:25
user1_is there any command line tool in ubuntu for clustering13:25
sagi_how to join a channel a channel in x-chat wich is not mentioned in the list .13:25
NielsMknhmm ok13:25
ruanBhavesh_A_P: i dont completely understand the question13:26
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
edbianuser1_, Clustering is not a simple thing to set up:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MpichCluster13:26
decameronhi everyone13:26
r0fs3ck5user1_, you could use a dedicated cluster distro.  There are many examples on youtube etc.13:26
sl33k_Where can I find about mounting partitions?13:26
willy_1977sl33k_, in what way?13:27
r0fs3ck5can be done with ubuntu, but I haven't tried.13:27
ruan!mount | sl33k_13:27
ubottusl33k_: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount13:27
decameroncan anyone help with a wpa2 problem?13:27
Bhavesh_A_P<ruan>: i.e. Ubuntu linux provider built own kernal and use in it. and say we are Linux provider..13:27
zvacetBhavesh_A_P:  they don't use their own kernel but they can adjust existing one13:27
willy_1977sl33k_, or man mount from a terminal may help13:27
sl33k_willy_1977: for a new install13:27
sl33k_willy_1977: is it trivial for a newbie to mount13:27
willy_1977sl33k_, you want to mount a new drive to install too?13:28
arand_decameron: Describe the details, if someone knows they will answer.13:28
ruansl33k_: its not that hard to mount partitions13:28
willy_1977sl33k_, yeah I managed it :p13:28
ruansl33k_: i had to do it on my first day of using ubuntu, lol13:28
Bhavesh_A_P<sagi_>: Menu, Server/Join Channel13:28
=== dhodgkin_ is now known as Guest31414
decameronthe prob is, i can see the wlan router, but it won't connect (associated, disassociated) and keeps asking for the password over and over13:29
Ja23zvacet http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=0b168f313:30
Ja23That is a screenshot of GPARTED13:30
Ja23so maybe that can help you13:30
willy_1977sl33k_, so are you trying to install ubuntu onto a new drive?13:30
sl33k_ruan, willy_1977: i have a newly installed ubuntu, what will i need? there are some options on help.ubuntu, mount windows and auto mount? what do i have to know?13:31
Ja23The yellow one second in is the Windows partition that doesn't have a key and won't grow13:31
willy_1977sl33k_, ok so you're on ubuntu and you want to mount a windows partition?13:31
ruansl33k_: the mount command is built in, and it should work by default13:31
sl33k_willy_1977: its wubi install, i already selected a windows drive13:31
SystemDefault0MadCarburetor: Hi.13:31
MadCarburetorI want to use the clearlooks theme, But the window controls get flipped to the wrong side!13:31
zvacetJa23: do you run gparted from live cd?13:31
SystemDefault0MadCarburetor: Explain.13:32
MadCarburetorHow do i get them back on the left13:32
MadCarburetorthe - [] and X13:32
sl33k_willy_1977: yea13:32
tjaderI got a problem: I just installed 10.10 on an ideapad, the installation went fine. But after rebooting X doesn't start, and after logging in on the console I notice aptitude isn't installed13:32
ruanMadCarburetor: customise the theme13:32
MadCarburetorThey're on the left in the default theme13:32
willy_1977sl33k_, right with you now :)13:32
SystemDefault0i am sam13:32
ruanMadCarburetor: customise the "window border" of clearlooks13:32
zvacetJa23:  try to shrink sda3 because it is extended partition and your unallocated space is inside of it13:32
alesanhow do I install firefox 4?13:33
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox13:33
willy_1977sl33k_, do you know what partition you are trying to mount? e.g. /dev/sda313:33
zvacetJa23: shrink from left to right to get unallocated space outside of sda313:33
alesanruan, will that also work if I had minefield installed before?13:33
Ja23When I select sda3 the resize button is not an option13:33
ruanalesan: yes13:33
SystemDefault0alesan: Check in the repositories13:34
ruani suggested part of that factoid :D13:34
BluesKajhmm, FF4 currently stable eh? Heh I beg to differ...13:34
Ja23I can only choose each individual partition13:34
ruanBluesKaj: mozilla believes its stable :P13:34
MadCarburetorruan, i can change the window borders but how do i flip the window  controls back to the left?13:34
sl33k_willy_1977: there are like 3 windows partition13:34
asfjiohello, guys! how ubuntu people can install firefox 4 final? is there a package?13:34
alesanBluesKaj, maybe you do not know FF4 has been released13:34
alesanwhere do you live in a tunnel?13:35
elFidelMadCarburetor: ubuntu-tweak is one tool which allows easy window-decoration changes (if that helps)13:35
SystemDefault0Back! I apologize another user took my place.13:35
MadCarburetorefidel, thanks i'll try that13:35
edbianasfjio, There is not a package.  You can download the linux version from their website.13:35
elFidelasfjio: install from ppa13:35
sipior!ff4 > asfjio13:35
ubottuasfjio, please see my private message13:35
r0fs3ck5MadCarburetor, are you using Emerald?13:36
elFidelor install it fmanually from the mozilla page13:36
BluesKajmozilla says it's stable ...don't think they beleive it tho13:36
ruanMadCarburetor: change to a theme that uses left side controls, then change back to the custom one with the window border that has default left13:36
* sipior votes that we add the ff4 factoid to the channel topic for a couple weeks...13:36
alesanBluesKaj, I have been using minefield for a while and surely it's more stable than FF313:36
Ja23zvacet thanks for trying to help, my gf wants me to watch the movie with her, I'll be back later!13:36
ruanFF3 is just as stable as FF4 in my experience13:37
BluesKajalesan, judt for your info , I use FF4 and it's not stable in my experience13:37
alesansipior, it would be so much easier if FF4 came automatically with the ubuntu upgrades13:37
SystemDefault0alesan: I use Firefox 3.5 and it works fine.13:37
asfjioelFidel: by manually you mean download the bz and run ./firefox inside there, right?13:37
ruanalesan: FF4 is very different from FF313:37
ruanthus the non-default upgrade13:37
elFidelasfjio: yes - but i would go for the ppa13:37
SystemDefault0alesan: If you wanna use Frefox 4 you should install it from Terminal.13:37
sipioralesan: they're not going to jump browser version outside of the release cycle. if that bothers you, use the ppa.13:38
ruanthough im confused.13:38
willy_1977sl33k_, what do you get if you just run the mount command in a terminal?13:38
alesanruan, I thought ubuntu wanted to mimic windows and mac in terms of functionality13:38
ruanwill they ever include ff4 in default updates?13:38
alesanso why not make just the upgrade and that's it13:38
ruanbecause ff3 wont afaik13:38
zvacetJa23:  it is smart decision  8-)13:38
ruanget any more updates13:38
asfjioelFidel: what is the benefit?13:38
uczenhi @ll13:38
elFidelasfjio: of your question?13:38
elFidelasfjio: you were asking for a way to install ff4 right?13:39
sipioralesan: neither windows of apple ship firefox either. you have to do exactly the same amount of work under ubuntu.13:39
SystemDefault0alesan: Do not upgrade. Do fresh installs.13:39
ruanapple and windows never shipped firefox by default. you're lucky13:39
elFidelasfjio: so install it manually or via ppa. or wait until it comes to your distro on the official way13:39
alesanSystemDefault0, why would I want to do that13:39
sipiorSystemDefault0: this isn't 1998.13:39
sl33k_willy_1977: actually my os is just about to get wubi installed and i dont understand what mount means?13:39
bullgard4What package is the Disk Mounter applet associated with (in order to report a bug)?13:39
_antantok, I have one more problem. The resolution of my splash screens is ridiculously low. I've tried setting it as 1920x1080 in the plymouth manager but no luck13:40
asfjioelFidel: i was jus curious, because i didn't use PPA. anyway thank you very much for the help!13:40
ruan_antant: there is a gui app that can configure grub13:40
ruan_antant: startup-manager13:41
ruan!info startupmanager13:41
ubottustartupmanager (source: startupmanager): Grub, Usplash and Splash screen configuration. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.13-5 (maverick), package size 114 kB, installed size 1360 kB13:41
_antantinstalling now13:41
alesanhey can I install linux-2.6.38 from some PPA thing?13:41
elFidelalesan: in case you arent used to work with ppa's - you should most likely not mess around with kernel in general13:42
elFideljust my feeling13:43
SystemDefault0Well, gotta go. Take care and have a nice day/night people.13:43
zvacetalesan: I don't think so ,but you can try http://www.ubuntugeek.com/automatically-compile-and-install-the-latest-kernel-using-kernelcheck-in-ubuntu.html13:43
alesanelFidel, but do you know if it's possible?13:43
tjaderalesan: very likely to be13:43
alesanvery different opignions13:44
_antanthmm. Couldn't tell it to use 1920x108013:44
willy_1977sl33k_, ok, so mount basically allows linux to view the directory of a device/partition13:44
_antantmax it would do is 1600x120013:44
ruan_antant: it might not load nvidia drivers along with grub. idk13:44
tjaderalesan: how are our opinions different?