aztekHello s-fox15:26
aztekhow are you?15:26
s-foxHello aztek .15:26
s-foxI am fine thank you, how are you?15:27
azteknot so bad. what are you doing?15:27
s-foxaztek,  I am working on some scripts. What are you doing?15:33
st33medHe's gone when you talked :p15:38
s-foxYes, I noticed st33med :p15:40
s-foxHow are you st33med ?  It has been some time since we last spoke :)15:40
st33medYou're silverfox right?15:40
s-foxThat I am.15:41
steemedBack, stupid connection on wifi is killing me15:42
s-foxst33med,  Though HAL 9000 might be an option ;)  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10589904&postcount=9886 15:42
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Joeb454st33med: stop spamming join/quits >:(18:10
Joeb454st33med: er, I mean BLARG18:10
Joeb454not a lot, far too busy with assignments, how about you?18:11
st33medBusy as well. Not too busy. Though I don't come on here often enough18:11
s-foxMOAR SPAM?18:12
s-foxHammer time18:12
s-foxOr is it eject time ?18:12
st33meds-fox, you're silverfox, right?18:12
s-foxI can't let you do that dave....18:12
s-foxst33med,  http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=611656 18:13
st33medI do not remember you! Sorry :(18:13
s-foxAnd yes I am / was ;)18:13
st33medaH OK 18:13
s-foxst33med,   I was a member of member of the beginners team in 2008 18:15
st33medI know now :)18:15
Joeb454s-fox: if it's hammer time, you need to do a dance and stuff18:17
Joeb454with a mindless, repetitive beat18:18
* s-fox puts justin bieber on18:18
s-foxbecause that is music apparently18:18
Joeb454I'm sorry, we can't speak anymore18:21
s-foxDog's can't talk anyway...18:27
s-foxBye st33med :)18:27
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mmiller235Hey, I have a question. Is ubuntu going to make the switch to gnome 3 in the 11.04 release?23:25
Joeb454not that I know of mmiller235, no23:29
mmiller235Do you know when they are going to make the switch?23:30
Joeb454maybe for 11.10? I can't say for sure. But as it's only released on April 6th, I'd be surprised if it was the default in 11.0423:30
Joeb454mmiller235: I can, and have, been wrong about things like this before though :)23:30
mmiller235I see your point about the time frame23:31
mmiller235but, Gnome 3 is so good compared to gnome 223:31
mmiller235one thing is, ubuntu's art team is going to have to rework the theme for gnome 323:31
Joeb454most likely. They're working on Unity at the moment though23:31
mmiller235 Unity is a very nice environment23:32
mmiller235I wish they would use it for the desktop distro as well23:32
Joeb454they are, as of 11.0423:32
mmiller235but that being said, the design of gnome 3 sort of makes it unnecessary23:32
Joeb454ubuntu will use unity, in place of gnome-shell23:32
Joeb454though gnome-shell will still be available in the repo's23:32
Joeb454at least, that's my understanding23:32
mmiller235I see23:32
mmiller235sounds to me like someone realized that older software just isn't going to cut it anymore in the realm of GUIs23:33
mmiller235which is good23:33
Joeb454indeed. I quite like unity, from what I've managed to try so far23:34
mmiller235All I know is, old gnome, even with a compositor turned on just looks old and outdated compared to modern desktops like OSX and even winows 7. KDE puts up a much better show against these but for some reason, not a single linux istro that uses KDE4 bothers to use custom branding beyond just swapping out the background wall paper23:36
Joeb454I can't really comment, I don't like KDE ;)23:36
mmiller235so its good to see that the higher-ups of Ubuntu finally figured this out23:37
Joeb454saying that though, compiz and gnome look quite nice on my ubuntu install next to my macbook and my windows 7 install23:37
mmiller235Joeb454 were you using emrald?23:37
mmiller235Emerald is the only way to make Gnome look decent compared to OSX and even then Emerald has a lot of bugs23:39
mmiller235see, I remember back in the Berryl days23:39
mmiller235Anyone remember berryl23:39
Joeb454mmiller235: I remember emerald and beryl23:43
mmiller235The real problem with gnome's compositing is the lack of antialiasing and stuff like that23:44
mmiller235Berryl and Emerald atleast attempted to address that23:44
Bachstelzeberyl had only one "r"23:46
Bachstelzeand isn't compiz basically a fork of beryl?23:46
st33medIt's confusing23:47
mmiller235What i would like to know is why was Emerald dropped23:47
st33medCompiz was the original, then beryl was forked, then came compiz fusion. Beryl got stopped, then compiz fusion was renamed back to compiz.23:47
Joeb454st33med: that sounds about right23:47
mmiller235st33med what happened to Emerald?23:47
st33medmmiller235, It's still there, just that metacity is used by Ubuntu 23:48
st33medAnd metacity has really improved in design to allow transparent decorations23:48
mmiller235st33med I was under the impression Emerald was discontinued23:48
st33medI'm not sure. Maybe it was. You can still download and use it I believe23:49
mmiller235st33med if metacity is improved, why are they dropping it in gnome 3?23:49
st33medBecause gnome shell is replacing that23:49
st33medIt's more complex than that mmiller235 23:49
st33medGnome shell was just recently made23:50
mmiller235st33med well, you know me (even though I havn't been on a lot lately), i'm all ears23:50
mmiller235st33med also Joeb454 said that starting in 11.04, ubuntu is going to use Unity in its Desktop version as well as the netbook version. Is that true?23:50
mmiller235awesome :))23:50
mmiller235I can't wait23:51
st33medUnity + gnome shell I think 23:51
Joeb454st33med: I think it's just Unity23:51
st33medTalking about gui interfaces is complex23:51
Joeb454gnome-shell will be available, but not the default option23:51
st33medOh ok23:51
mmiller235st33med there is one simple fact about GUIs, very few open source projects manage to get them right23:51
st33medDo tell.23:51
mmiller235st33med Audacity 23:52
mmiller235Example of a poorly designed GUI23:52
st33medAudacity is a seperate program, not a gui designer23:52
mmiller235st33med, no, thats not what i am trying to say23:53
Bachstelzeanything that ends in *macs actually23:53
mmiller235st33med I am trying to say that there are a lot of great programs out there that don't have the best Interfaces23:53
mmiller235st33med but I was looking at the design of gnome 3, and as it stands the "activities" menu, when active looks almost like a carbon copy of Unity23:54
mmiller235http://www.gnome3.org/img/search-big.png <-- see23:55
mmiller235by the way, I like the design, so I am not complaining23:56
mmiller235I am just noticing23:56

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