adorilsonhi, folks00:40
achiangshould i be seeing lots of "2011-03-22 18:46:10,676 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - DEBUG - Unlink" messages in syncdaemon.log if i have not actually deleted anything locally?00:47
adorilsonIf I have a public file, and changed it, still is valid the previous URL?00:47
karniGood morning ubuntuone!07:20
duanedesignhello karni07:30
karnihi duanedesign !07:30
duanedesignkarni: do you use git?07:31
karniduanedesign: only when I need, but 'basics' is even much said07:31
karniduanedesign: why? :)07:31
karniI mainly use bzr07:32
duanedesignI just signed up for a github account07:32
duanedesignI use bzr too07:32
karniwelcome fagan07:32
duanedesignwas just curious if anyone else had a github account07:32
duanedesignand if anyone had used bzr-git07:32
karniduanedesign: oh, I'm quite sure at least a few do. it's not just common to throw it around perhaps :)07:33
karniuuuu there's something such as bzr-git ?07:33
faganhey karni07:33
duanedesignmorning fagan07:33
* duanedesign needs to go make tea07:34
karniduanedesign: git (as you know), is very popular. quite often I pull/peek something on github for my android-needs07:34
* fagan was just setting up irssi since empathy doesnt allow password protected IRC servers 07:34
karnihah! irssi ftw!07:34
faganmorning duanedesign07:34
duanedesignkarni: I have only pulled from git, never used it to push to07:34
faganyeah im on canonical IRC now07:34
karniduanedesign: yea, same here :D07:34
karnifagan: as an intern? cool.. I've been contracting for previous two months, and I didn't have that pleasure back then :)07:35
karniall in all, they try to be very transparent (which I like!) and keep discussions public whenever possible07:35
fagankarni: yeah interns are internal I think (see what I did there)07:35
faganyeah I know thats really cool07:36
karnifagan: so anyway, how did you end up on internship at Canonical? did you apply for internship of some sort?07:36
* karni is curious07:36
* fagan wonders if this should be in a pm 07:37
karniwhy not, go ahead :)07:37
faganYeah it should be07:37
* fagan is running on like 10 hours sleep and fizzy cola harribo so is ready for work or bench pressing a car07:49
mandelmorning all!07:57
faganmandel: ok done what do you want me to work on today?08:30
mandelfagan: are you in the lp team already?08:31
faganmandel: nope need chipaca to add me08:31
faganor chipaca to give the go ahead to ralsina to do it08:32
fagan(I think)08:33
faganThis was before I had access to everything else08:33
mandelfagan: ok, lets start with the following, you will take care of the installer, that includes the full flow that the design team gave us08:34
faganOk cool ill work on implementing the screens today then08:34
faganthats ok by me08:35
mandelfagan: so the plan is the following, today you would be able to write a dialog, with no logic in it08:35
faganyep thats what I was thinking there :)08:35
mandelfagan: can we do a quick mumble of skype so I can explain some things, there are some screen that we will be reusing08:35
faganmandel: sure give me 5 mins and ill get mumble up08:36
mandelfagan: you have the canonical server set up?08:36
faganmandel: nope but shouldnt take 5 mins08:36
faganah skype would be quicker08:36
mandelfagan: so, skype then?08:37
* mandel connects08:37
faganmandel: who was it that I ask for updating the mockups again? /me doesnt think they are logged into IRC08:51
mandelfagan: clarita.. but she seems not to be here yet08:53
faganmandel: yeah figured08:53
faganill ping when she comes online08:53
faganI have enough just to work anyway08:54
karniaquarius: I've talked to beuno about wifi radio switching on and impact on the battery life. Do you think that the choice of: 15", 30", 1h, 0.5day, daily -- would be sufficient for the periodic sync? These values are from inexact alarms, which should have positive impact on the battery.09:07
aquariuskarni, this is for checking for and downloading new versions of starred files?09:08
karniaquarius: ATM it's 5", 30", 1h, 3h, 6h, daily (VS what I just wrote 15", 30", 1h, 0.5day, daily )09:08
karniaquarius: exactly09:08
aquariusis it possible to say "check and download for a new version of this particular starred file right now"?09:09
aquarius(that is: override the periodic thing for one go?)09:09
karniaquarius: the easiest way would be to unstarr and starr, so yes, but I can definitely make that more clear for the user (instead of unstar+star)09:09
karniwait, scratch that. starred element is downloaded immediately09:10
karniaquarius: anyway, yes, I can definitely do that override.09:10
karniaquarius: In such case inexact alarms would be fine then.09:11
karniaquarius: I was just thinking if the gratulity was sufficient. But that definitely will positively impact the battery.09:11
karniThe user doesn't mind if it's 13" or 16" as long as it's around 15" which he set, for instance.09:11
karniWe can later add something between 1h and 0.5 day if that'll be advisable, but it won't use the inexact alarms which are preferred.09:12
aquariusWhat I think is that if you can long-press and "check now" on a file, then there's no need to poll every 15 minutes. Hourly would be fine, in my opinion.09:13
aquariusbeuno may have other thoughts, though.09:13
karniaquarius: You're right. Since it's just one option more and no hassle, I'll add those inexact alarms and the "check now" option, and we'll go ahead form there.09:15
karnigood day rye09:26
faganmorning rye09:26
faganmandel: 2 screens done09:27
mandelfagan: nice :)09:27
* fagan feels like a visual designer pro right now :P09:27
faganactually mandel im onto the sign me in/dont have an account bit09:28
mandelfagan: ignore those unti later, we will sue the ubuntu_sso.qt.guy code :)09:29
faganyeah I know :)09:29
mandelhe, not guy but gui :P09:29
karniOk, this is retarded. For the n-th time I want a Java switch block with long, but it supports integer only. doh!09:35
JamesTaitAnother bright and sunny morning, good day everyone!09:51
karniJamesTait: Ineed it's a nice, sunny morning! Good day James09:52
claritaping fagan12:00
karniaquarius: my 'definitely' isn't so definitely any more. I've implemented the inexact alarms, which is cool. Now the thing about checking an update to the file12:02
karniaquarius: That was possible with NodeStates before. We're generations-only now, so what I could do is12:03
karni1) check the generation of the volume, 2) request the delta if it's new, and 3) possibly redownload the file, if there's a new version12:03
karniaquarius: question is, is it all worth it if we already have whole volume sync in place. on one hand, I know what you mean, on the other, we already have "Download" functionality on a per-file basis. however12:04
karniif we want to *sync* one file, what we would do at the moment is fire the sync for a whole volume, alternatively limiting it to this one file.12:05
karniaquarius: let me know what you think, because this looks a little heavy as for a single file operation. but there's no other way then request the listVolumes and optionally getDelta12:05
karniaquarius: I liked the Query method, which I could ask for a single file meta, but AFAIR it's being deprecated in favour of getDeta12:10
aquariuskarni, otp12:11
karniaquarius: sure np12:11
karni__lucio__: Hi Lucio, correct me if I'm wrong. Are we deprecating the Query command in favour of getDelta? (Query as in: ask for meta of a single file)12:12
faganoh clarita your on12:32
faganirssi didnt colour the window with the ping12:32
ralsinamandel: ping?12:32
ralsinafagan: *cough*use quassel*cough*12:32
mandelralsina: pong12:33
ralsinamandel: looks like we have a new designer!12:33
faganralsina: can you use quassel with screen? :P12:33
mandelralsina: although about to tae the beast out :)12:33
ralsinafagan: you don't *need* to use quassel with screen.12:33
mandelralsina: yes, looks like it :)12:34
claritafagan I'm here!12:34
mandelI'm trying to put something together that they can use to take a look of what we have atm12:34
ralsinamandel: ok, that's what I was about to ask you to do. Good! :-)12:34
mandelralsina: it it was that easy ;) right now ti would crashes telling you the service aint running hehe12:35
mandelwow, that is awful spelling right there :)12:35
ralsinafagan: if I give you an account on my quassel core, then you can have as many instances of quassel running as you want on all devices you want, and they all show the same stuff.12:35
ralsinamandel: yes, impressive spelling12:35
ralsinamandel: well, that will be a short meeting ;-)12:35
mandelralsina: good those are the ones I like, need to go to walk the beast, bbl12:36
* mandel walking beast12:36
faganclarita: cool so im stuck on a few screens or bits of screens. First of all the first two should be swapped on the mockup because windows doesnt let you do it the other way. The second bits are the sync windows that have folders that are populated by checking the window, we will have to use a widget for them.12:36
faganand I forget what mandel was saying specifically but something didnt make sense when we looked at them quickly earlier today12:37
* fagan has most of them done already roughly 12:38
mandelfagan, clarita: I need to go to walk the dog skype/mumble when I'm back?12:38
faganmandel: yep12:38
claritafagan: ok for the first point, for the second you mean the check boxes which select/deselect folders?12:38
faganim going on break at 1 UTC myself :)12:38
claritamandel: ok12:38
claritamandel fagan OK let's chat when you are both back12:39
ralsinamandel, fagan: I want to listen, ping me please12:39
faganralsina: is it for my hot accent :)12:39
karniivanka: hey ivanka! has it been somebody from you working on mockups/design related to the Android app I'm working on?12:39
karniivanka: *from your team12:40
ralsinafagan: ha! No, I am curious.12:40
mandelralsina: cotilla!12:40
ralsinamandel: yes!12:40
faganralsina: cool12:41
mandeltha one is a village one hehe12:41
ralsinamandel: I don't run that much. I just tell him on the phone ;-)12:41
mandelralsina: I'll ping you12:41
faganOh I only have 2 left12:43
faganother than the bits that I have to wait for help on12:44
* fagan thought it was going really slow but was wrong :)12:44
ralsinanessita: +1 with comment12:45
faganI might get it done before lunch and I thought the entire thing would take all day12:45
ralsinafagan: cool, so we terminate your contract for... next monday? ;-)12:45
ralsinafagan: qt's designer is that good, isn't it?12:46
nessitaralsina: good comments! I thought I had to fix something :-)12:46
faganralsina: yeah its awesome the only thing that I have to do after I get the layouts right is just reize everything12:46
ralsinanessita: well, the alignment of the buttons in the account page is my personal hate in the UI, but what the heck, I am not a designer.12:47
ralsinanessita: also, I did not measure that it has 12px padding all around ;)12:47
nessitaralsina: I concur. But you read Daniel yesterday12:47
ralsinanessita: yes, so if he wants it to look that way, we should add a tooltip that says "Daniel Foré aligned these" ;-)12:48
ralsinafagan: yeah, the old "stretch things around to see if they look too ugly" waggle12:49
nessitaralsina: hehehe12:49
* nessita proposes that branch12:49
faganralsina: well mockups are never exactly what the stuff looks like since something can be sized in the mockup but look really weird12:50
* fagan got a lot of that in his VB project in 2nd year 12:50
fagan(NOTE: never use VB its bad)12:50
* ralsina will start a new ubuntu derivative where every technical and design decision will be based on a single question: will it piss off enough people?12:51
ralsinafagan: have not used it since... VB 1.0 I think.12:51
faganralsina: I think my college like to use it as a form of torture12:52
ralsinaSo, close button on the left? Yes. No icons on desktop? yes. Qt everywhere but no KDE? yes. And so on.12:52
ralsinafagan: they use it becuse it's easy. It said so in the box, when software came in boxes.12:52
faganralsina: yeah id say glade is easier than VB since you dont have to handle the resizing of windows manually12:53
ralsinaall music stores and affiliate codes sendmoney to Khadaffi? Yes.12:53
ralsinafagan: latest VB.Net have layout managers of some kind12:54
nessitacan I have a second review for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/borders-and-some-other-yerbas/+merge/54431, please?12:54
faganralsina: yeah we werent exactly allowed to use that12:54
ralsinafagan: but it's different worlds really, on Windows it was considered BAD ui design to have resizable dialogs12:54
faganand its comparable to the java layout manager12:54
faganralsina: yeah well I like resizing things sometimes :)12:55
ralsinawell, it was not a smart policy but it was the policy :-)12:56
karniCardinalFang: hey there! how's it going?13:00
evanyone else getting stuck in a redirection loop to edge.u1?13:01
thisfrednessita, ralsina, alecu, dobey, others:  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/tune-notifications/+merge/5451013:01
nessitaev: yes, is a known issue is being taken care of13:01
evnessita: ah, thanks!13:02
nessitathisfred: on it! mayt I trade it for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/borders-and-some-other-yerbas/+merge/54431 ?13:02
thisfrednessita: sure thing!13:02
ralsinaif anyone else can do the second review on thisfred's branch, I appreciate it. If you don't, you are mean, but I will do it in about 30'13:03
nessitathisfred: I would increase the 5 second threshold to something bigger. Like 15 or 2013:04
thisfrednessita: test it first though: I have not been able to trigger the 513:05
nessitathisfred: oki13:05
thisfredand setting it to 20 means people will only get the notification 20 seconds after the queue is done, which makes the service seem slower than it is13:06
nessitaah, I missunderstood what the 5 seconds were for13:06
thisfrednessita: yeah, it does not mean notifications every 5 seconds. Unless it behaves very differently for slow connections13:07
thisfredIn which case I'm happy to increase it13:07
CardinalFangHi karni.  Okay.13:13
nessitathisfred: turning laptop on now...13:14
karniCardinalFang: b'euno told me you're working on the media-sync now, and I'm feeling like I left you all alone. do you need any help with that?13:15
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
CardinalFangkarni, actually, I'm trying to figure out specifics of how to make the Ubuntu One/Pictures directory now.  I have the parent node ID, and name, and I expect to do something like  eventQueue.push(Message.obtain(null, R.string.CMD_MAKEDIR, args))  where  MsgArgs args  has all the pieces to send to  MakeDir(RequestQueue, volumeId, parentId, name, marker, path) .  But, MsgArgs doesn't support most of those values yet, so I'm questioning13:19
karniCardinalFang: oh, no you're perfectly right. it's possible becase I've been filling up the MsgArgs class on the fly, whenever I needed to populate new fields13:21
karni1 sec13:21
CardinalFangkarni, okay.  I'll add what i need there then.13:22
karniCardinalFang: I see some "Marker" leftovers, you can safey ignore that. If you allow, I'll clean this up. Don't wanna intrude the code you're using, though.13:24
karniI'll happilly prepare the ground.13:24
karniCardinalFang: I implemented the sync as inexact alarms now. Should I push or propose?13:27
CardinalFangkarni, propose.13:27
nessitathisfred: I made a bzr branch within Ubuntu One and nothing happened! but is not you, is syncdaemon, the folder hasn't been detetced13:28
karniCardinalFang: by the way -- I'm trying to keep the android:versionCode equal to revision number. A versioning convention that I took on.13:29
thisfrednessita: that's strange, maybe the servers are flaking out again?13:36
nessitathisfred: is worse, syncdaemon hasn't detect the folder. Checking with chicharreros now13:40
thisfrednessita: that's not with my branch though, right?13:41
nessitathisfred: nopes, system syncdaemon inside just booted laptop13:41
karniCardinalFang: beuno: when you have a minute, this needs review. thanks lp:~karni/ubuntuone-android-files/sync-on-inexact-alarms13:43
karnior, should I say, https://code.launchpad.net/~karni/ubuntuone-android-files/sync-on-inexact-alarms/+merge/5452413:43
* beuno will let CardinalFang do the review13:44
karniI have just joined, although I'm already here O_o13:45
beunokarni, code looks good to me, though13:46
karnibeuno: thanks13:46
karniok. I accidentally run another instance of irssi heh.13:47
nessitathisfred: I will continue with the review as soon as I can restart this moody syncdaemon (awaiting instructions from chicharreros)13:47
thisfredsure, no real hurry as long as we get it in by tomorrow ;)13:47
ralsinaalecu dobey nessita thisfred mandel fagan standup in 10'!13:51
nessitathisfred: I'm getting tons of https://pastebin.canonical.com/45095/ and no bubble at all yet (syncdaemon is still working)13:57
thisfredoh that's bad, well and good, but the errors I'll fix13:57
mandelfagan, clarita, ralsina: installer call after the standup at 3?13:57
nessitathisfred: https://pastebin.canonical.com/45096/ (same errors, more specific)13:57
mandelfagan, clarita: you do not have mumble, do you?13:58
ralsinamandel: sure13:58
faganmandel: I cant seem to work out the login13:58
ralsinawe can use skype13:58
mandelskype sound the easiest one, and I have all of you added :)13:59
faganill work out mumble at the end of the day13:59
thisfrednessita: fix pushed rerunning tests here13:59
nessitathisfred: ack!14:00
nessitamandel: me14:00
karniCardinalFang: I see this is missing few more steps, i.e. a create dir event should be handled in SyncDaemon (calling onto the ActionQueue). I'm definitely helping you out with that. Let us decide what should be the command. I believe FS_DIR_CREATE14:00
mandelnessita: you?14:00
mandelsi yo soy yo y tu eres tu, quien es mas tonto de los dos? :P14:01
CardinalFangkarni, I really want a way to associate the configuration descriptions with the constant integers, so we don't have a list in one place and a if/else/else... chain elsewhere.14:01
* CardinalFang curses Android.14:01
nessitadobey, alecu?14:02
dobeyque sera sera14:02
karniCardinalFang: you're talking about the inexact intervals, aren't you :<14:02
nessitamandel: go!14:03
mandelDONE: Bug triagging. More sso work. Got the script to start the service. Added namedpipe server to let client know the TCP port used. Looked into how to pacakage this so that UX can take a look.14:03
mandelTODO: Package work so far for UX. Refactor compilation of qt code so that it generates code for tests. Call with fagan, clarita and ralsina about installer.14:03
mandelBLOCKED: no14:03
mandelnessita: tu!14:03
nessitaDONE: bug #735957, bug #739714, restore theming in control panel UI, answered tons of bug reports, triaged them all. Quick mumble with ralsina and Chipaca. Design team chase.14:03
nessitaTODO: Release u1cp, ussoc, try to have the latest theming fixes landed and packaged. Reviews.14:03
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes14:03
nessitaNEXT: fagan14:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 735957 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "Translations not being loaded in the Ubuntu One Control Panel (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73595714:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 739714 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Add service: com.ubuntuone.controlpanel.gui.service (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73971414:03
CardinalFangkarni, yes.  "12 hours" in XML, then AlarmManager.INTERVAL_HALF_DAY in another place, then an IF somewhere else to tie them together.14:03
fagan* Finshed the little prototype of the installer interface thing14:03
fagan* Sent in the signed contract to HR (after reading it for about an hour)14:03
fagan* Got wiki access14:03
fagan* Setup canonical IRC14:03
fagan* Got onto the deskop+ team on lp for reviews and the like14:04
fagan* started working on the screens for the installer14:04
fagan* Finish the screens14:04
fagan* work out my mumble settings or figure out why its not working14:04
fagan* nope14:04
thisfred* DONE https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/add-service/+merge/5427314:04
thisfred* DONE reviewed https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/borders-and-some-other-yerbas/+merge/5443114:04
thisfred* DONE http://pad.lv/740270 http://pad.lv/740268 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/more-plurals-fixes/+merge/5438814:04
thisfred* NEEDSREVIEW http://pad.lv/740377 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/tune-notifications/+merge/5451014:04
thisfred* INPROGRESS get ubuntuone-couch into natty [2/3]14:04
thisfred - [X] 0.2.0  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-couch/release-0.2.0/+merge/5331714:04
thisfred - [X] ubuntuone-couch FFE http://pad.lv/72911714:04
thisfred - [ ] wait for the package to get through the upload queue14:04
thisfred* INPROGRESS notifications/alerts of quota events http://pad.lv/702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications14:04
thisfred* TODO peer review James T.14:04
thisfredNEXT: ralsina14:04
CardinalFangkarni, It's not your fault.  Android Preferences are just ugly there.14:04
ralsinaDONE: reviews, talked with possible contractors, call with a 3rd party that I can't mention to you, misc stuff14:04
ralsinaTODO: send mail to invite testing, several calls, evaluations14:04
ralsinaBLOCKED: no14:04
karniCardinalFang: sorry to jump here and u1-internal. I see there are standups in both places14:04
dobeyλ DONE: installed Ubuntu on new laptop, research for codec installer code14:05
dobeyλ TODO: finish bug #733327, releases14:05
dobeyλ BLCK: None.14:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 354)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332714:05
ralsinakarni: we're almost done :-)14:05
* nessita screams "evaluations!"14:05
karniralsina: ack14:05
mandelnessita: if you need help, I can fail a couple of them :)14:05
* ralsina screams and I don't have the freaking password for allhands.canonical yet!14:05
nessitamandel: :-)14:06
ralsinamandel: never gives a hand when asked ;-)14:06
mandelthere is a perfect guide to do it http://www.concurringopinions.com/archives/2006/12/a_guide_to_grad.html14:07
ralsinaok, comments?14:08
mandelralsina, fagan, clarita: skype in 10 min?14:08
ralsinanessita: I would like a c-p release as soon as the UI is settled14:09
claritamandel fagan: yup suits me14:09
faganparty o/14:09
karniCardinalFang: I can't decide on good naming convetion for the events/eventQueue commands. in case of create dir, we have FS_DIR_CREATE (a directory has been created in the file system), SV_DIR_NEW (new directory has been created on the server). some time ago I started using CMD_ to denote 'this is what I want to do, not a signal that sth has happened'14:09
ralsinathisfred, dobey: I would love a client release when the notifs are not so spammy ;-)14:09
nessitaralsina: bien sur boss!14:09
dobeyralsina: doesn't the allhands site just use openid?14:09
thisfredralsina: yeah, that would be good to get in before UI freeze :)14:09
nessitathisfred: re testing your branch now14:10
CardinalFangkarni, right.  CMD_ sounds right.14:10
karniCardinalFang: and then I decided to stick to the conventions form u1 source, and drop the CMD_ gradually. but now I think the CMD_ is actually better..14:10
ralsinadobey: apparently not, it's a secret HR thing14:10
karniCardinalFang: thanks, noted.14:10
karnilet's stick to that then.14:10
nessitathisfred: so, how often shall I get notifications? syncdaemon (local) is bringing all the checkout from my laptop14:11
nessitathisfred: but I'm getting no notifs for now14:11
thisfrednessita: ideally 1 at the end14:11
thisfredso that's good14:11
karniCardinalFang: by the way - you know why I have decided to use the xml resources to list the events :) ?14:11
nessitaok, I'll let you know14:11
karniCardinalFang: comparing ints is faster than strings, plus we get an int+string for free :) (getString(R.string...))14:12
ralsinaok, eom?14:13
salgadoare there apks of ubuntuone-android-files available anywhere?  If not, is it at least in a usable state that I could build one myself and install on my phone?14:17
karnisalgado: PM me your e-mail14:17
ralsinamandel: you have my skype, right?14:17
Chipacakarni: ^14:18
mandelyes, but you are not connected :P14:18
salgadokarni, salgado at canonical.com14:18
karnisalgado: sending in 1"14:18
Chipacaugh, lag14:18
salgadokarni, welcome aboard, btw. :)14:18
karniChipaca: thanks :)14:18
karnisalgado: thank you! :)14:18
ralsinamandel: I am supposed to be. Let me jiggle the internet a bit14:18
faganyeah I just saw mandel is online so its ralsina's fault14:18
karnisalgado: done. please report if you have any problems.14:19
salgadokarni, will do, thanks!14:19
karnisalgado: you are most welcome!14:20
thisfrednessita: fixed one more (test) fix, should not impact normal operation14:22
nessitathisfred: re testing14:22
salgadokarni, wow, worked like a charm.  the only issue is that I tried to see a txt file but an html viewer was used, which means everything is shown in one line and I can't edit the file.  is there a bug open about that?14:29
ralsinaYes I am!14:29
karnisalgado: great :) Well, it probably means that you don't have any txt editor installed, do you know if you have one?14:30
ralsinamandel: I had it in mute but I listened to everything ;-)14:30
salgadoI used to14:30
karnisalgado: Normally it would show a listof apps that can do this, and you would be able to select it14:30
karnisalgado: If it opened the html viewer, it sounds like you don't have it. In the end -- we'll write our own simple text editor I think :) So it'll be bundled14:31
salgadokarni, oh, cool, so it's something I should fix by installing a text editor.  I think CM6 used to come with a text editor and maybe CM7 (which I flashed a week ago) doesn't have one14:31
karnisalgado: If you could confirm you have/don't have the text editor, I'd file a bug against U1F14:31
salgadoyep, doing that now14:31
karnisalgado: right. we might tell the user 'hey, you don't have a txt editor, would you like to install one?" or alternatively, provide our own :) nice catch salgado !14:32
salgadoyeah, I was just thinking about that.  it'd be nice indeed14:33
karniCardinalFang: this is what you need to add/merge lp:~karni/ubuntuone-android-files/handle-makedir-event (I've allowed myself to cleanup some bracketing as well..)14:34
nessitaralsina: is alecu on holiday today?14:34
karniCardinalFang: this will handle the CMD_MAKEDIR event in SyncDaemon and delegate to ActionQueue MakeDir command.14:34
ralsinanessita: not that I know14:35
nessitathisfred: so... both my syncdaemons are IDLE and I didn't get any notif :-/14:38
salgadokarni, so, I left the app to install the txt editor but when I tried to go back to the app (using the recent apps thing that you get by holding the home button for a few secs) I just got an error telling me it couldn't get the auth token14:38
thisfrednessita: in the console did you see a "queue finished event fired"14:38
salgadokarni, starting the app via the regular way worked, though14:39
nessitathisfred: nopes, nothing after PYTHONPATH=. bin/ubuntuone-syncdaemon. Shall I look in the logs?14:39
karnisalgado: hahaha oh man.. I knew that would come :) I'll file a bug about that, thanks :)14:39
thisfred"queue done callback fired"14:39
thisfrednessita: yes please14:39
faganoh crap forgot about 1 thing for the call mandel14:39
ralsinathisfred: you were the one that looked at bindwood before we shipped it to james, right?14:39
thisfredralsina: yes, briefly14:39
faganthe screen duplicate with the 1 extra button14:39
mandelfagan: shoot14:39
nessitathisfred: nothing there:14:39
nessitanessita@dali:~$ grep -r "queue done callback fired" /home/nessita/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log14:39
salgadokarni, but it's working great; nice work!14:40
karnisalgado: thank you :)14:40
faganclarita I forgot something from the call :)14:40
thisfrednessita: bizarre, when I run PYTHONPATH=. bin/ubuntuone-syncdaemon,  I get all the debug log statements in the console14:40
claritafagan: all ears14:40
salgadokarni, do you want a bug about warning users when opening a txt file and no txt editor is available?14:40
ralsinathisfred: ok, it's basically done and we are getting it back. It's between you and alecu. Since alecu is not here, he should get it, but I am going to be nice and let you guys talk about it14:40
nessitathisfred: I don't! :-)14:40
karnisalgado: I had a 10 day break and it's a shame to admit I don't even remember if it reuploads the edited file ;d14:40
karnisalgado: I'll file the two myself, no need to bother you, thanks a bundle! :)14:41
thisfrednessita: did you kill your existing syncdaemon first?14:41
faganthere is 2 screens that I have a question about14:41
nessitathisfred: of course, otherwise you can't start another from the terminal14:41
thisfredralsina: ok, so it's testing and packaging or are there features we need to do still?14:41
salgadokarni, cool, thank you! :)14:41
karnisalgado: thank you!14:41
thisfrednessita: I think I can14:42
fagan1 screen has an almost exact duplicate with 1 extra button its the syncing to the cloud bit14:42
ralsinathisfred: apparently testing and packaging. Maybe minor bugfixing/polishing.14:42
thisfredralsina: ok14:42
mandelfagan: oh, true14:42
nessitathisfred: that can't be right (unles you're doing wierd ssh's)14:42
faganthe extra button is just to change the name of the computer we could merge the two together14:42
nessitathisfred: https://pastebin.canonical.com/45107/14:43
thisfrednessita: no you're absolutely righjt14:43
nessitathisfred: it happens from time to time ;-)14:43
mandelfagan: I think all those are the same, I think clarita as used the smae title in the screen for all those that are the same14:44
thisfrednessita: so I don't know why it's logging for me and not for you14:44
thisfredI  don't think I have any ENV variables set14:44
faganoh and there is one other thing im just after thinking of and that is there is a screen for setting up the streaming but on the screen layout it happens before the screen about the u1 music store and I think it seems like you could save the space and merge both screens14:44
claritafagan mandel: let me go into the wireframes and do something radical, like number them....and OK I'll look at that music issue - hold the line! will be back....14:44
CardinalFangkarni, thanks for that branch.14:44
karniCardinalFang: it should have been there long gone, my bad, you're welcome14:45
faganill skip the second music screen14:45
nessitathisfred: can you please share with me your syncdaemon.conf?14:45
* fagan just realised after the skip I only have 1 left 14:46
thisfrednessita:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/584305/14:46
thisfrednothing in there either14:46
thisfredmaybe I broke something since I last tested, booting up laptop14:48
nessitathisfred: thanks14:48
thisfrednessita: nope, when I start it, I immediately see: DEBUG:ubuntuone.status:server connection made14:53
thisfredperhaps it's a natty vs maverick issue :S14:53
thisfredI'll try the other way around14:53
nessitathisfred: both machines here are natty up to date14:54
thisfred1 natty 1 maverick14:54
=== clarita_ is now known as clarita
faganmandel: I have something to send now14:57
faganbut am missing some of the disputed screens14:57
faganand they are pretty rough14:57
faganso they need me to go over them and fix pixels here and there and resize stuff14:58
faganbut I should do that after the text is added14:58
mandelfagan: ok, let me set a new branch in which we will be working so that you can propose a merge :)14:58
nessitacan I have a couple of trivial reviews for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-test/+merge/54538 ?15:00
nessitadobey: any idea how a control panel branch was landed with a failing test? ^15:00
fagannessita: I can give one15:00
nessitafagan: yey!15:00
* fagan got added to the team earlier so can 15:01
nessitafagan: I'll add test instructions to the merge proposal15:01
dobeynessita: which branch had the failing test?15:02
fagannessita: I looked at the code seemed to be harmless enough so just gave the +115:02
* fagan looked at the diff from the branch 15:03
faganOr do I need to run it and test?15:03
* fagan has 10 mins 15:03
* beuno does not run tests15:03
ralsinathat's what tarmac is there for.Ok, I run them on windows.15:04
ralsinaOk, I do run them.15:04
* ralsina is a chicken15:04
* fagan grabs the branch to be sure since its his first merge 15:05
nessitadobey: the last one, I would guess15:05
nessitafagan: yes! run the tests, in particular in this case where I'm fixing a failing test. Instructions are located at https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-test/+merge/5453815:05
nessitathisfred: any news/instructions for me?15:05
fagannessita: kk15:06
dobeynessita: it was https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-739538/+merge/5437815:07
nessitadobey: ok, so the one before the last one15:07
nessitadobey: any idea why it was landed?15:07
dobey3 ago15:07
dobeybecause the tests passed15:07
nessitadobey: I'm getting15:08
nessita    self.assert_image_equal(self.ui.image, 'overview.png')15:08
nessitaexceptions.AttributeError: 'OverviewPanel' object has no attribute 'image'15:08
nessitahow come it passed?15:08
nessitadobey: trunk is failing with that... I just ran the suite before releasing15:10
dobeybecause run-tests script is broken15:10
nessitadobey: let's fix it!15:10
dobeynessita: do "./run-tests --unittests" and see how few tests get run :)15:11
dobeybecause it is only passing ubuntuone/controlpanel/tests in that case15:11
nessitadobey: but for landing we should be using ./run-tests plain, without arguments15:12
nessitathat runs everything15:12
nessitaactually, we should remove the --unittest and --integration flags, we don't use them15:12
nessitathisfred: I'm performing more tests and I'm not getting any bubble15:13
* nessita wants bubbles15:13
thisfrednessita: yep, on natty the logger doesn't log to the console when manually starting syncdaemon15:13
thisfredunhelpful that15:13
dobeythisfred: --debug does15:14
thisfredah :)15:14
nessitabubbles! bubbles!15:14
thisfrednessita: can you retry with --debug?15:14
nessitathisfred: yes boss15:14
nessitathisfred: I'm getting the same output as the one in the log (nothing extra)15:15
nessitaso this is the same as having (like I had) tail -F /home/nessita/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log15:15
thisfrednessita: yeah it looks like this does not pick up the log statements in the aggregator15:16
dobeythisfred, CardinalFang: are you guys aware of bug #70732115:17
ubot4`dobey: Bug 707321 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/707321 is private15:17
faganmandel: have that branch up yet?15:17
thisfreddobey: I was not, really15:18
dobeythisfred, CardinalFang: there seem to be a LOT of duplicates happening over the past few days15:18
mandelfagan: nope, bzr is taking ages15:18
faganmandel: take your time im just installing bits of the ubuntu client15:19
CardinalFangdobey, Whoa!  That's crazy.15:19
thisfredCardinalFang: looks like the server now fails when we create a db that already exists15:19
thisfredCardinalFang: we should probably do this the other way around anyway: try to replicate, and when it fails create it15:20
thisfredI forget, there probably was a very good reason why we always call create. Or does couch itself do that?15:21
CardinalFangHmm.  python-couchdb 0.8-0ubuntu1  That looks normal.15:21
faganis there usually a load of red writing after you do a run-tests on the cp?15:21
faganit said everything passed btw15:21
dobeyok, i'm off to get lunch15:22
thisfrednessita: putting the branch back to work in progress. natty behaves differently from what's in maverick15:22
* fagan was just wondering about the red bit15:22
thisfredand I can't find where the logs go15:22
nessitathisfred: duly noted15:22
thisfredis alecu off today?15:22
CardinalFangthisfred, we have to catch that exception anyway. Damn.15:22
* nessita gets back to releasing u1cp15:22
nessitathisfred: as far as ralsina and me know, no15:22
nessitaI will text him15:23
* Chipaca looks around15:23
nessitathisfred: I left him a voice message15:25
mandelfagan: I just sorted the project, we have to branches, one is the beta which contains the already released code, and trunk which is well… trunk15:27
mandelfagan: lp:ubuntuone-windows-installer is set to be trunk so you can start asking for merge proposals15:28
faganmandel: ok so ill put my ui stuff into a folder in there and ask for a merge right?15:28
mandelfagan: yes, let me set the trunk structure for you, one sec15:29
mandelfagan: branch from lp:ubuntuone-windows-installer and place all the ui files in the data folder15:33
faganmandel: 10 seconds then15:33
mandelfagan: I'll give you a review, ralsina can you give him the second one?15:33
ralsinamandel: sure15:34
ralsinafagan: link to the branch?15:34
faganralsina: sec15:35
faganah crap stacked it against the wrong project15:36
faganralsina, mandel https://code.launchpad.net/~shanepatrickfagan/ubuntuone-windows-installer/inital-ui15:39
ralsinafagan: ok15:39
ralsinaI am probably going to take my lunch break now though15:39
faganits just adding ui files and is still rough so probably sucks15:39
mandelralsina: yeah! 2000 lines of xml \o/15:40
faganyeah its a sweet diff15:40
ralsinamandel: the good side is, we just open them with designer and say "pretty' or "icky", right? ;-)15:40
faganralsina: yeah15:40
faganralsina: they are icky15:40
faganno need to look at them in designer15:41
ralsinafagan: I don't inted to read XML today15:41
faganin terms of positioning, size and looks id give it a -1015:41
mandelfagan: can you do something for me, can you name the labels, fiedl etc in a reasonable manner, label is nt a great name etc..15:41
ralsinayes, needs fixing ;-)15:42
faganmandel: yeah I can that and propose a merge in an hour15:42
faganoh crap or maybe not since im finished at 4 UTC15:42
ralsinaOh, I forgot! I won' t be here the rest of the week!15:43
faganActually since there was a little bit of waiting around I can finish it today15:43
mandelfagan: I'd prefer to have then right on the first time, we can merge tom, I can simply branhc yours for today15:43
ralsinaI mean, I will probbaly be on IRC, but I won' t really be working15:43
* Chipaca hugs fagan15:43
ChipacaUbuntu One people don't really grok this idea of "holidays"15:43
faganChipaca: whats the hug for :)15:43
* fagan doesnt mind hugs but random ones are funny :P15:44
Chipacafagan: you working a bit more to get the branch landed before your EOD15:44
faganChipaca: yeah I did waste a little bit of time at the start of the day gettin some things set up so id say I can do it for time lost :)15:45
* fagan gets back to it 15:45
jo-erlendI'm writing an application that uses desktopcouch as storage. I thought it was possible to sync those with Ubuntu One, but I can't figure out how... Perhaps it isn't?15:55
beunojo-erlend, any couchdbs get automatically synced15:55
jo-erlendbeuno: automatically synced with ubuntu one without doing anything?15:56
jo-erlendin that case, I think I'd like to know how to _prevent_ it. There may be situations where I don't want to upload my data elsewhere.15:57
beunoaquarius, this one's for you ^15:57
thisfrednessita: can you add this on line 48 of status/aggregator.py so we see what's happening? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584347/ (I tested here on natty and I do see the bubbles.)15:57
thisfredI wonder if you waited long enough15:57
aquariusjo-erlend, heya15:58
jo-erlendhey aquarius :)15:58
nessitathisfred: in 5 minutes15:58
aquariusjo-erlend, you can stop a specific database from being synced, if you prefer to not have that data synced between your machines, by adding its name to the excluded_names key in the ubuntuone record in the management database in desktopcoucj15:58
aquariusjo-erlend, I'm not sure whether we've actually provided a more convenient API to do that: thisfred, CardinalFang, did we provide a function to call to put things in excluded_names?15:59
thisfrednope not yet AFAIK16:00
aquariusjo-erlend, so, there will be a paired_server record in the management DB (record_type = http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/desktopcouch/paired_server) with service_name "ubuntuone". Add a key excluded_names to that with value ["db1","db2","db3"] and then db1 db2 and db3 will not be replicated to Ubuntu One (or your other machines).16:02
jo-erlendthat's easy enough. That's a really cool feature, to be sure. Is it also possible to access those databases from the web?16:04
ryeaquarius, yes we do16:04
ryeaquarius, jo-erlend, http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/us/desktopcouch-admin.py16:05
aquariusjo-erlend, no -- if the data isn't synced to Ubuntu One then it isn't on the web? Perhaps I have misunderstood your question? :)16:05
jo-erlendaquarius: if it _is_ synced :)16:06
aquariusjo-erlend, ah! Yes, it's available from the web. :)16:08
aquariushttp://askubuntu.com/questions/25175/how-can-i-access-ubuntuone-contacts-and-notes-with-python/25184#25184 explains the basics16:08
jo-erlendthanks :)16:08
aquariusand we're going to have lots more documentation and examples on this in the next few months as part of the Ubuntu One app developer programme16:08
aquariusonce I've *written* all that documentation :)16:08
aquariusbut I am available as a documentation resource to you to talk about what you're doing and how best to do it :)16:09
aquariusjo-erlend, the basics are that couchdb.one.ubuntu.com/***/yourdbname is just a standard CouchDB which you can access as normal over HTTP, signed with OAuth16:09
jo-erlendfantastic. :)16:09
jo-erlendhmm. I started my laptop to test this, but I can't seem to get it syncing. It's running maverick and I run lucid on my desktop. That shouldn't be a problem? It sais it's being synced, but nothing seems to happen. I'm neither sending nor receiving much data and it's been like this for quite a while. Perhaps the first sync is very slow?16:12
aquariushm. rye knows a lot about syncing and debugging it16:13
ralsinafagan mandel: I forgot I had management call today, so no review soon, because after that is lunch, so it's two more hours16:14
faganralsina: well ill finish it and ask for another review but will be cool if you accept then anyway since I wont have to get it tomorrow16:19
faganmandel: ill have it finished in 10 mins16:19
ralsinafagan: I will try to take a look later then16:19
dobeyaquarius, thisfred, jo-erlend: There is python API in desktopcouch to add dbs to the exclusions list in desktopcouch16:20
mandelfagan: cool16:22
aquariusjo-erlend, aha, there is python API to add an excluded name. I didn't know we'd actually done that! dobey, where is it?16:24
dobeythisfred: what's with the status changes on your merge proposals16:25
thisfreddobey: I needed to fix some stuff and then I fixed some stuff16:25
dobeyaquarius: desktopcouch.application.replication_services.ubuntuone16:25
dobeyaquarius: we had to add it so that the u1 preferences app could disable bookmarks/contacts/gwibber :)16:26
aquariusgood work then :)16:26
aquariusjo-erlend, desktopcouch.application.replication_services.ubuntuone.ReplicationExclusion, although that may be natty-only16:26
aquariusdobey, is it natty-only?16:27
dobeyaquarius: no, but older versions have it as desktopcouch.replication_services.ubuntuone instead16:27
faganmandel: done16:28
aquariusdobey, we have replication_services in older releases, but do older releases hae the replicationexclusion stuff?16:28
dobeydesktopcouch 1.0.x has some API changes which deprecate that for the desktopcouch.application namespace though16:28
dobeyaquarius: yes16:28
faganmandel: pushed now too16:28
dobeyaquarius: maverick definitely does16:28
aquariuscool. so, jo-erlend, you can do it from code then as well as manually.16:29
dobeyaquarius: lucid, my brain is iffy, but i'm pretty sure it has too16:29
mandelfagan: ok, let me sort some issues with plain tickets etc and I'll take a look16:29
dobeyactually, yes, lucid must have it16:29
mandelfagan: I guess you should go for a pint now :)16:29
dobeybecause i wrote ubuntuone-preferences for lucid, and for maverick cycle i was on ops+ instead of desktop+ so i didn't do anything with it then :)16:30
alecuhello all!16:30
claritafagan; apols haven't made those wireframe changes just yet due to 'other issues' - on it now16:30
dobeyaquarius: so lucid has it with the now-deprecated namespace, and narwhal has the new namespace16:30
* alecu finally owns a car16:31
dobeyhola alecu of the late arrivals16:31
faganclarita: its cool it can be done tomorrow16:31
faganmandel: I pushed to the wrong branch sec16:31
faganmandel: done now :P16:31
faganmandel: pint now :)16:32
alecuhey there dobey16:34
dobeyalecu: what model did you get?16:35
alecua vintage Twingo :-)16:35
alecudobey, anyway, my wife will drive it. I still need to learn how to drive :P16:35
alecuI probably won't get to do it this lifetime. I will go for the limo+chafeur combo.16:37
thisfredalecu: works for me :)16:37
ralsinatwingos are cute!16:37
dobeyjust don't twit from the twingo16:39
jonohey all16:40
faganhey jono16:40
jonowhat is the bug tracking the problems wirh contact syncing in Evolution?16:40
jonohey fagan16:40
alecuralsina, "Since alecu is not here, he should get it" <- what should I get?16:40
ralsinaalecu: bindwood is coming back16:40
ralsinayou and thisfred enter thunderdome, only one leaves, with bindwood16:41
* alecu drops dead16:41
nessitathisfred: I'm starting with your stuff16:41
mandel.me hates travel agency16:41
thisfrednessita: pull the branch again then, some small fixes added16:41
ralsinaok, better idea, the one who leaves DOESN'T do bindwood16:41
* alecu slightly opens one eye, to see if people bought it16:42
nessitathisfred: shall I do the patching as well?16:42
* fagan should really stop looking at IRC when he is off the clock 16:42
thisfredalecu: not that bad, ralsina tells me it's done, just needs polishing and packaging16:42
thisfrednessita: yes please then we can see why it doesn't work if it doesn'16:42
* ralsina is only basing that on rumours and what aquarius told him16:43
alecuralsina, did you notice in my yesterday standup notes that I was doing a paperwork tour today?16:43
ralsinaalecu: I must have missed it, sorry16:43
ralsinaalecu: my mistake16:44
dobeyjono: which problem exactly?16:44
alecuralsina, no prob! I'll make sure to send some mails too next time.16:44
mandelwiat, bindwood what?16:44
nessitathisfred: aggregator.py pacthed, running SD and starting the laptop16:44
jonodobey, desktopcouch contacts not showing in Evo16:44
jonoI filed a bug a while back about it16:44
thisfredooh there's an idea, alecu, we can dump bindwood on mandel16:45
jonodobey, essentially U1 contacts are entirely broken in Evo16:45
* mandel hides16:45
jo-erlendit seems that syncing files and folders work well, but contacts and bookmarks do not sync at all. :|16:45
alecuthisfred, sounds like a plan! and we'll get bindwood for windows for free!16:45
* fagan hides since interns get the dumping of work if they are spotted 16:46
mandelthisfred, alecu: if you do that, I'll not only kill you with a spoon, I'll do it dress as a pineapple16:46
faganmandel: you love your spoons dont you16:47
thisfredhow very tropical16:47
dobeyjono: is your desktopcouch-service crashing?16:47
* fagan imagines mandel with an asortment of spoons labeled with our names ready for killing with16:47
jonodobey, I have no idea16:48
mandeland they are silver, and bend, everyone knows how dangerous ia a spoon that bends...16:48
jonodobey, all I know is that my contacts are in my desktopcouch but they don't show in Evo16:48
jonolet me dig up the bug16:48
dobeyjono: ok, well bug #707321 seems to have popped recently with a lot of duplicates; it might be a big part of the problem :-/16:49
ubot4`dobey: Bug 707321 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/707321 is private16:49
nessitathisfred: it worked great!16:50
ralsinajo-erlend: bookmarks are broken until the new version of bindwood arrives. Should be a few days.16:51
nessitathisfred: are you convinced about the change you made? or that was just a blind chot16:51
ralsinanessita: <blushing!>16:51
jo-erlendralsina: that's ok. But is there any good reason why my couchdb isn't being synced?16:52
nessitaralsina: did I say something inappropriate? :-)16:52
ralsinanessita: close!16:52
nessita(it wouldn't be the first time)16:52
ralsinajo-erlend: is it a couchdb done with an older bindwood?16:52
jonodobey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/evolution-couchdb/+bug/72737016:52
thisfrednessita: I did not change anything fundamental I think last time you just didn't wait long enough for the bubble to appear. 100s of small files can still take quite a while16:52
ubot4`jono: Error: Bug #727370 is private.16:53
faganmandel: did I say to you im doing blog posts about the work on my blog16:53
fagansince your a big part of that being my partner in crime I thought id say :P16:53
nessitathisfred: ok then, I'll review the code now16:53
* ralsina is subscribed to fagan's blog16:53
faganralsina: :)16:54
mandelfagan: I saw in twitter, I was about to read :P16:54
faganmandel: oh yeah you are following me forgot about that :)16:55
ralsinafagan: your posts about work need more ninjas and pirates.16:55
mandelI'm like a spy, I read most if not all the blogs of the team and tyr to follow as amny, is good to know the teammates :)16:55
faganralsina: yeah I was going to add in the part when I snunk into a bank to steal all of the money on my break but thought it was boring so left it out16:56
* ralsina quickly deletes theposts about spanish imperialism16:56
dobeyrye: ^^ can you follow up on jono's bug?16:56
* ralsina gets silly when he's tired. And boy is he tired today.16:57
faganralsina: I must have stole all the energy out of you since I could go 12 rounds with tyson at the moment16:57
* nessita -> brbs16:58
ralsinafagan: step 1: have a son. step 2: feed him empnadas. step 3: stay up with him until 4AM because his belly aches. Step 4: tired ;-)16:58
thisfredoh, alecu, I'd also very much like your review on this:  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/tune-notifications/+merge/5451016:59
faganralsina: yeah that sounds really tiring16:59
* fagan was up at 5 but that was because of too much sleep :)16:59
thisfredI just checked with the dog, and she agrees: there17:00
thisfreds no such thing as too much sleep17:00
faganhah thisfred yeah I was asleep from 9pm to 5am thats double what I get on a good day17:01
faganthis job is already correcting my sleep patterns17:01
thisfredhad some catching up to do? :)17:01
faganjust tired after the work17:01
thisfredyeah a new job can be exhausting17:02
thisfredor an old job too, really :)17:02
alecuthisfred, ok, I'm reviewing17:02
alecuralsina, get some rest boss. We need you to hack all the next four days!17:03
faganthisfred: yeah new job and I finished my tests like a week ago and only recovered today17:03
ralsinaalecu: I have a crazy idea to hack on tomorrow17:03
ralsinaalecu: and I men crazy by my standards17:04
alecuralsina, nice!!!!17:04
thisfredThe crazier the better17:04
dobeyralsina: so it's probably not all that crazy then.17:05
ralsinathisfred: tomorrow is the start of pycamp. 20 (or so) argentinian pythonistas locked up in a hotel for 4 days17:05
thisfredralsina: cool17:05
ralsinadobey: you are one of 5 people who can say that to mewith a straight face ;-)17:05
dobeyheh :)17:07
* fagan needs a new laptop 17:08
ryedobey, bug #673568 which i am constantly whining about is still there17:09
ubot4`Launchpad bug 673568 in evolution-couchdb (and 1 other project) "Error modifying contact, other error when saving contacts (affects: 42) (dups: 4) (heat: 210)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67356817:09
ryedobey, ah, and now in natty it does not work at all, evolution-couchdb is broken, as in completely broken17:09
jonorye, did you update the bug report?17:10
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
dobeyrye: ok. we should escalate this to fix right after freeze i think17:12
dobeyralsina: ^^ does that sound right?17:12
ralsinawe need to get a hold of rodrigo for a couple of days17:12
dobeywhy in the world does the system indicator icon turn red?17:17
dobey(iow why do i have a red power icon on my unity panel on my laptop?)17:17
ralsinanessita: ping17:18
ralsinadobey: your dell is called HAL?17:18
ryedobey, reboot required17:18
* mandel coffee brake, bbl17:19
dobeyralsina: no it's called kuro17:21
dobeyrye: how imperceptible17:21
ralsinadobey: ok, joke didn't work. I meant with the red eye and everything. Don't go near any airlocks.17:22
dobeyralsina: my house isn't a smart bunker (yet) :)17:22
nessitaralsina: pong17:44
ralsinanessita: on mgmt call I mentioned that I was not really happy about some of the UI details on the control panel, and cparrino wants a short summary of the reasons for the buttons on the account tab17:47
ralsinanessita: so, if you have the right IRC log, that would be great17:47
ralsinanessita: and maybe we'll have to talk a bit with him later on17:47
nessitaralsina: sure, I'll put that together17:47
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
nessitathisfred: I'm not sure I understand why you removed the ProgressBubble18:00
thisfrednessita: so we wouldn't get the progress messages anymore :)18:01
nessitathisfred: when we decided not to have those anymore?18:01
thisfrednessita: a message every 60 seconds is not very useful, since we have the launcher18:01
nessitathisfred: what about all the user that does not have (nor will have) the launcher?18:02
thisfredthey will get notified when the downloads/uploads are done. x% done is not super useful as a popup. If we had an indicator we could put it there, but notifications should be for events, not for '60 seconds have passed'18:03
nessitathisfred:  makes sense (I was digesting that)18:06
thisfrednessita: I discussed it here, it was not a solo decision ;)18:07
nessitathisfred: maybe I wasn't here :-)18:07
thisfredbut not everyone was here, so perhaps I should have thrown it on the list18:07
thisfredyeah I think so18:07
ralsinanessita: see, that's why you should never take vacations ;-)18:07
nessitathisfred: yes for future decisions, send it to the list :-)18:07
ralsinanessita: thx for the email with the history18:08
dobeyyou know18:09
dobeyday of deadline is a horrible time to try and figure out new APIs :(18:09
ralsinadobey: such as?18:09
ralsinaouch, looks bit gnarly18:10
dobeyi think we will need freeze exception due to that18:10
alecuthisfred, A bit sad to see so much tests go... but congrats on a great branch! :-)18:10
dobeywhere are we at on the u1client branches?18:11
alecuthisfred, running tests right now, will approve in a few minutes.18:11
thisfrednessita: mainly the idea was to seriously turn down the number of notifications we generate. We've had some complaints from certain dictators, and it wasn't khadaffi ;)18:11
ralsinaand joshua is not here to handle the FE18:11
dobeyralsina: i think we can survive without joshua for that :)18:11
ralsinadobey: it's always nice to have someone do it for us ;-)18:12
dobeyof course18:12
thisfredalecu: well the tests that were removed were for code that was removed. I agree it's painful to remove stuff that we spent quite a bit of effort on, but ^^ ;)18:12
nessitathisfred: did mark complain?18:12
ralsinadobey: in any case, if that's so, please ask for it as needed, because I am not here tomorrow18:12
dobeynessita: i think everyone except for you, complained :)18:12
thisfredhe was not the only one, mind you18:12
nessitadobey: and beuno, do not unfair :-)18:12
dobeyralsina: will do, just updating you :)18:12
dobeynessita: no, beuno complained18:12
thisfrednessita: I did check this with beuno18:12
ralsinathisfred alecu: we wouldn't know how annoying they were if you had not gone through implementing them ;-)18:12
alecuralsina, yeah, absolutely.18:13
nessitathisfred: WOW. Well, luckly I agreed with you about the removal before knowing that :-P18:13
dobeyralsina: they are approximately as annoying as they were when i implemented them :)18:13
alecuI even agree that some more bits should go as well :-)18:13
thisfredralsina: annyonce driven development!18:13
ralsinaI tested it with a fresh account and moving 1GB of small files into the folder... notificatiopalooza for HOURS18:13
dobeynessita: i take it you are testing thisfred's branch?18:13
ralsinadobey: well, we know now the annoyance is time-invariant ;-)18:14
nessitadobey: I have, about to approve18:14
dobeynessita: great!18:14
* beuno hugs thisfred 18:14
nessitaand is apoproved.18:14
nessitathisfred: also, approved18:14
nessitabeuno: so, you complained and let me alone in the battle field?18:14
nessitaI go away for two weeks and everything is upside down? :-)18:15
beunonessita, well, I complained that copying a few hundred files flooded my netbook with crazy notifications18:15
nessitabeuno: makes sense. I forgive you (?)18:15
beunothe proposed solution was to not do progress notification18:16
beunoand you know me, I'm not one to argue (?)18:16
thisfredbeuno: well those two are separate issues18:16
thisfredbeuno: the solution was to wait with the 'done' notification until no more files come in18:16
beunosi this is removing connect/disconnedt?18:17
thisfredthe progress notifications are just not that informative (as notifications, I would love to have them as say a progress bar. WHICH WE DO :)18:17
dobeythisfred: also +1 from me18:17
thisfredbeuno: no those are gone already18:17
thisfreddobey:  thx18:17
nessitaalecu, thisfred, ralsina: you know, we have a not trivial problem with notifications. If a file fail to upload, the user get the notification as it the upload was successful18:18
thisfrednessita: ah. That's not good18:18
nessitaalecu, thisfred, ralsina: seems like dequeueing does not know about success/failure18:18
alecuthisfred, I think that in StatusAggregator.reset you should call queue_done_timer.cleanup if queue_done_timer is not None18:18
ralsinanessita: why would a file fail to upload? It will just be retried18:18
thisfredalecu: let me look18:19
dobeynessita: is the green checkmark in cp at the top, an icon, or a character in the string?18:19
nessitaralsina: is not. For example, when the target node does not exist. Real use case: the user starts uploading files into a folder that he deleted in the web, but that notification hasn't reached the client yet18:19
nessitadobey: a character18:19
dobeynessita: ok, that explains why it is so small for me :)18:19
alecuthisfred, I believe that's needed for graceful shutdown18:20
nessitadobey: yes, it was the fastest solution yet cleanish solution18:20
dobeyoh, wow18:20
dobeyhas anyone else actually seen the progress bar on their unity?18:21
nessitaralsina: also, in my particular case, syncdaemon screwed up some metadata (locally) and it keeps trying to upload some files that fail with AQ_UPLOAD_ERROR (DOES_NOT_EXIST)18:21
nessitaralsina: but the notification keeps saying "notes.txt was successfully uploaded to your cloud."18:21
ralsinadobey: I have seen it. Not today (haven't looked)18:21
ralsinanessita: ouch18:22
dobeyralsina: did it look correct for you?18:22
thisfredalecu: I can do it in _queue_done, since that's what gets called by the timer. I thought I had18:22
ralsinanessita: OTOH I don't think we have enough information to fix that on our side, do we?18:22
nessitaalecu, thisfred: so, is there any way to detect if the unqueue was caused by a success or a failure?18:22
ralsinadobey: it looked very thin and tiny18:22
nessitaralsina: not sure, some commands are retry-able and some are not18:23
ralsinadobey: but I think that was intended18:23
thisfredalecu: I thought that was only for timers that hadn't fired yet though. the queue done timer will always fire18:23
dobeyralsina: ok. maybe unity2d works right then18:23
dobeyralsina: because that's not at all how it looks for me :)18:23
ralsinadobey: it did monday18:23
thisfrednessita: not sure, there may be different events or properties of the events18:23
alecuthisfred, yes, it will always fire. Except when syncdaemon is stopped while that timer is running! :-)18:24
thisfredalecu: right, but then the cleanup will also not be called? :)18:24
thisfredI'll add it though, can't hurt :)18:24
nessitaalecu, thisfred: I'll file a bug to tackle after UI freeze. We may require (or not) a string freeze exception18:24
alecuthisfred, no, it will be called if syncdaemon is doing a clean shutdown.18:25
alecuthisfred, that's started either with u1sdtool -q or ctrl-c18:25
thisfredalecu: from where though? reset is only called by the queue timer18:25
thisfredI thought18:25
alecuthisfred, I think you are right, and I'm mistaken :-)18:27
thisfredalecu: r934 pushed, now cleaner than ever18:27
thisfredalecu: maybe we do want to call reset from the shutdown event though, if there is one18:28
thisfredsounds like the right thing to do18:28
nessitathisfred, ralsina: bug #74116518:29
ubot4`Launchpad bug 741165 in eucalyptus (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Broken with v4 isc-dhcp-server in Natty (affects: 2) (heat: 20)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74116518:29
nessitabug #74116518:29
ralsinawhat' cha talkin'bout nessita?18:29
ubot4`Launchpad bug 741165 in ubuntuone-client "Bubble notification states "successful upload" even if the file upload failed (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed]18:29
nessitathe bot is drunk :-)18:30
nessitaubot4`: get sober!18:30
ubot4`Factoid 'get sober!' not found18:30
alecuthisfred, syncdaemon/status_listener.py, line 107: #TODO: hookup the shutdown of the listener to the cleanup in the aggregator18:30
nessitathat explains it18:30
ralsinaubot4`: rehab facility!18:31
ubot4`Factoid 'rehab facility!' not found18:31
ralsinaok, it's not a UI bug so it can wait a day ;-)18:31
thisfredalecu: nessita we should start enforcing the policy 'no TODO/XXX/FIXME comments without lp bug numbers'18:32
thisfredWhich I violate constantly :)18:32
jo-erlendwoops. I did something in Futon, and now my desktopcouch isn't working at all. That is, it requires a username and password which I don't have. Any good tips? :)18:34
nessitathisfred: I had already enforced that18:36
nessitabut no one listened to me ;_)18:37
thisfrednessita: that's not enforcing, enforcing is you shoot them if they don't ;)18:37
thisfredor alternatively, don't approve the branch :)18:37
nessitathisfred: someone told me I should pick my battles. I'm trying to follow that wise advice.18:38
nessita(imagine what it would be like if I wouldn't :-P)18:39
alecujo-erlend, did you try opening ~/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html with a browser?18:40
thisfrednessita:  fair enough, mainly it was a mental note to myself to do this in future comments ;)18:40
dobeythisfred: s/without lp bug numbers//g :)18:40
thisfreddobey: even better, if we have the bug we don't need the comment in the code either.18:40
dobeythisfred: we could also fix u1lint to check for "LP:[0-9]+"18:41
jo-erlendalecu: yes. It asks for a username and password18:41
dobeythisfred: indeed18:41
nessitaralsina: ubuntu-sso-client and control panel released18:41
ralsinanessita: \o/18:42
nessitaralsina: if cparrino wants to change something about the account tab, we should do it ASAP18:42
ralsinanessita: I'll forward him the email18:42
nessitaralsina: I put him as destinatary18:42
nessitadidn't I?18:42
alecujo-erlend, futon asks for user/pass here as well, but that page sets that user/pass before calling the futon page.18:42
ralsinanessita: yes you did18:42
ralsinanessita: then I'll ping him18:42
nessitaI'll make some mate in the mean time18:43
jo-erlendalecu: it does here as well. I then click Ok to login, and it asks for a username and password again, this time the fields are blank.18:43
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jo-erlendalecu: I think the problem is that I have removed the admin account. I'm reading a book about CouchDB and it told me to run tests in Futon. When I did, it said something about admin party mode, and it was after that I got these problems.18:48
dobeythisfred: why did you change it back to needs review?18:55
thisfreddobey: because alecu noticed something that needed fixing18:56
thisfreddobey: that's done now though, setting to approved18:56
dobeyoh ok18:56
thisfreddobey: also, the delay *is* 10s in the version you reviewed ;)18:58
dobeywell then, good on me :)18:58
dobeyIt is as I have willed it.18:59
thisfredyep, you called it, 5 was too short18:59
jo-erlendalecu: well. I deleted ~/.cache/desktopcouch and ~/.local/share/desktopcouch. It works well now, although that's not exactly a beautiful solution. :)19:02
alecujo-erlend, good19:03
mandelalecu: ping19:28
dobeywhy is ubuntuone-client tests logging EVERYTHING to console? :(19:33
alecumandel, pong19:37
mandelalecu: did you have the chance to get a look at the huge branch I dumped you :P19:37
mandelmno preasure19:37
alecumandel, no, I owe you that review, sorry.19:37
alecumandel, I better do it today, because I'm off THU and FRI19:38
mandelalecu: do it whenever you can, I'm no too blocked and I can ping someone else19:39
dobeythisfred: so apparently a test failing in your branch or something, has broken launchpad19:46
thisfredwow really?19:46
dobeyyeah, because of something screwing up the logs19:47
thisfredalecu: probably unrelated, but I meant to ask you: where do the aggregator logs go to?19:48
thisfreddobey: I found the error. weird.19:49
alecuthisfred, since they are "debug" level logs, they are only used if the DEBUG_STATUS env var is set.19:51
thisfreddobey: it's erroring on the wrong linenumber, so it looks like it's testing the old version with some of the new code. wtf19:51
alecuthisfred, in that case they go to stderr19:51
thisfredalecu: ok thx19:52
dobeythisfred: no idea, but i am thoroughly annoyed with the u1client tests :(19:53
thisfreddobey:  /var/cache/tarmac/ubuntuone-client/trunk/ubuntuone/status/aggregator.py seems to be out of date19:53
thisfredor maybe the line numbering algorithm is just wrong19:54
thisfreddobey,  nm I'm full of shit, found the bug19:56
thisfredyay for informative twisted feedback19:57
thisfredhang on, no I didn't19:57
dobeywell what's with all the AttributeErrors?19:58
thisfredyeah, I just found it19:59
thisfreddobey: fix pushed.20:00
nessitaDanRabbit: ping20:00
dobeythisfred: ok, i guess will have to wait a bit and set it to approved again then, because the lp page just times out for me now :(20:00
thisfredI'll keep an eye on it and re-set it20:01
thisfredI should have re-run the tests after that last trivial fix that didn't turn out to be trivial. This is why I don't like it when objects call methods in their __init__20:03
thisfredI'd rather live with the code duplication20:03
dobeywell i wish the client tests weren't being so dumb and spitting EVERYTHING to console :(20:05
thisfreddobey: yeah the logging needs to be turned off when running the tests20:06
dobeythisfred: plzmakeitso20:13
nessitaDanRabbit: hey there, did you see the theming merge proposal I emailed you?20:22
DanRabbitnessita: yes I did, I haven't had a chance to look at it though. I've been pushed onto another project >.<20:24
nessitaDanRabbit: oh, ok. Well, we should be carefull since tomorrow is UI freeze, so that should  be landed and packaged for then :-/20:25
thisfreddobey: merged20:28
nessitakenvandine: hey there, would you be able to sponsor a small release for the control panel? I was asked a last minute change to the UI20:39
nessita(main release was already sponsored and merged)20:39
kenvandinenessita, yes... quick please :)20:39
nessitakenvandine: ^20:39
nessitaquick enough? :-P20:40
dobeyoh blah it's almost 520:40
kenvandinenessita, indeed :)20:40
ralsinadobey: oh, you are on DST? No wonder you were early for standup lately :-)20:41
dobeyralsina: no, we are off DST now or something20:43
ralsinasince it doesn't actually save anything, it's the same thing ;-)20:44
dobeyor on, whatever20:44
kenvandinenessita, done20:44
dobeyadministrata gets me down20:44
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nessitakenvandine: thanks, a lot!20:45
nessitaralsina: latest u1cp (with account tab changes) is now released (not built yet)20:46
dobeyugh and now my sinuses/allergies are killing me20:47
ralsinanessita: cool20:52
ralsinaI am going to EOW now, but I will be on IRC most of the time, except tomorrow morning20:52
nessitaralsina: enjoy pycamp!!!20:53
ralsinaSo feel free to pretend I am working. Will even do reviews if asked nicely.20:53
nessitaI'm eoding soon, as well. But I'll be working tomorrow and Friday20:54
ralsinanessita: thx!20:55
nessitaok, I'm off. Bye crowd!20:59
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dobeylater all!21:41
=== cparrino1 is now known as cparrino
thisfredlater all22:34
karnibye thisfred !22:34
thisfredbye karni22:34

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