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ailoscott-work, I was a little tired yesterday. Don't what was up with my brain. Thought I'd make up today by trying to find out how all of that gconf stuff works. I'm sure someone here knows, but I just wanted to learn anyway. I haven't found any documentation yet that seems to cover everything. Did you get anywhere with it?13:28
scott-worksomewhat, i found the file that was installed, but it apparently didn't change when i added the indicator13:29
scott-workthe file appears to be a vehicle to import settings and then discarded13:30
scott-worki'm probably wrong but it will probably also require talking to someone else to make sure how things are done13:30
ailoscott-work, The file that changes is in home directory, ~/.gconf, but the files in /usr/share/gconf , at least the default files seem to be used to generate other files. Don't think the files in /usr/share/* change at all.13:31
ailoI'm not all clear about it. I don't like reading xml either :P13:31
scott-workokay, that helps13:32
scott-workmaybe if i can find what changes in the ~/.gconf maybe i can see about adding that to the one that is installed13:32
ailoscott-work, I suspect those files are different, but I'm not sure.13:33
scott-workme neither13:34
scott-workailo: do you remember if the guy who filed the bug mentioning the "network indicator" installed from DVD or "upgraded" from vanilla ubuntu?13:40
scott-worki'm wondering about this because my rather stock ubuntu studio install for testing natty already had a network icon in the top panel13:40
scott-workand when i pulled the network cable it added a red X to the icon after 15 seconds or so13:41
ailoscott-work, I have had strange experiences from installing so far. On the install I did on my PC yesterday, from usb stick, it was bound to be strange, and there I have the indicator-applet working, but network-manager has no icon.13:42
ailoHowever, on Virtualbox the icon shows fine, but the gtk theme is screwed up13:42
ailoWhich is unrelated, but only shows, I haven't had a clean install yet13:43
ailoscott-work: The network-manager icon should show in notification-tray, but when adding the indicator-applet it will move there.13:44
ailoI should do another install from DVD this time.13:44
ailoscott-work, I've been thinking about ram memory too. It quickly goes up these days. 2GB seems on 32bit seems like a minimum these days, even on Ubuntu Studio, though Ubuntustudio is a lot better with that. The indicator applet adds another 20MB, which is not the end of the world13:49
ailoOn regular Ubuntu, 2GB is barely enough for me, when using firefox and thunderbird. 13:50
aboganiPresent systems are more and more similar to vampires.14:16
aboganiScottL scott-work: ping14:17
scott-workabogani: pong14:20
aboganiscott-work: May I ask you a favor? It is a two minutes long activity.14:31
scott-workabogani: absolutely :)14:32
aboganiCould you check my just sent email and rid of the big mistakes?14:33
aboganiscott-work: ^14:36
aboganiscott-work:  By the way please let me know when (if ever) you'll feel comfortable with -lowlatency maintenance. When that time arrives I'll let you that kernel and I'll return to work on the -realtime one.14:37
aboganiscott-work: Are you still there?15:31
scott-worksorry, got pulled into an 1+ hour meeting16:12
scott-worki would be happy to assist you with the email16:12
scott-worki should have it back to you within the hour16:12
scott-workas to the maintenance, i would love to assume the responsibility of the -lowlatency kernel16:12
scott-workalthough i fear that i'm still very, very ignorant of all that will be entailed16:13
scott-workabogani: ^^^16:13
aboganiscott-work You shouldn't fear of it you aren't alone. I'll surely help you if needed and I suppose that persia'll do the same.16:15
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scott-workabogani: email sent back, let me know if you any changes i made do not make sense or they do not convey your original intent, i would be happy to revise anything you request16:49
scott-workalso, thank you for the offer of support for the -lowlatency as i expect to need it ;)16:49
paultaghey all17:51
paultagfinally have internet again17:51
paultagit's been a long 3 weeks :)17:51
paultaghow goes?17:51
scott-workhi paul!  we thought you disappeared ;)   what happened?18:41
scott-workwe all took bets on what had happened to you, i put $20 down on ruthless alien aduction18:48
scott-workpaultag: ^^^18:48
paultaghey scott-work :)18:49
paultagscott-work: hahahaha18:49
paultagscott-work: my roommate went to Germany, and time-warrner refused to transfer it18:49
paultagscott-work: so the cut the line, then had to come and remove the hardware, then after that let me set up an account, and had to wait another week for them to install it18:49
paultagscott-work: three fucking weeks18:49
scott-workwow, that's mad crazy18:50
scott-workand probably very, very frustrating18:50
paultagscott-work: yeah, it was really sucky18:50
paultagscott-work: was someone ready to kill off the work I had hanging?18:50
paultagor did we fail to hit our deadline?18:50
paultag(or do we still have time)18:51
scott-worki don't think ailo made any other significant progress while you were gone18:51
paultagscott-work: OK, it's on my todo list :)18:51
scott-worki don't know that we have time left to get it in18:52
paultagscott-work: are we beta yet?18:52
paultagI've not seen any notifications :(18:52
scott-worknot beta yet18:52
paultagscott-work: I think since it closes a RC bug we can get it into beta last minute18:52
paultagbut not mid-beta or rc18:52
paultagI think18:52
scott-workwe are at beta + a week18:53
paultagoh crap18:53
scott-worki.e. one week till beta 1 comes out18:53
scott-workpaultag: don't stress, if we dont' get it out it's okay18:53
paultagailo: is -controls stable enough to use?18:53
paultagscott-work: if I let this pass, it'll be the first deadline i've missed by a cycle :)18:53
scott-worki talked to luke about SRU'ing it into natty even if we pull it from the seeds18:53
paultagscott-work: oh, aye18:53
scott-workif you get it that would be great, but circumstances happen and considering it has been broken for several releases it's not going to make things fall down and blow up :P18:54
paultagscott-work: ACK :) -- I'm going to strap a natty image to test on, but if -controls is stable and it works, it'll just be a matter of fixing up the debian/ folder and getting it sponsored18:55
paultagit FTBFS right now, IIRC18:55
paultagI kicked it to a PPA hours before my net was cut18:55
paultagand I remember it failing18:55
scott-workoh yeah, i remember that too now18:55
paultagso hopefully it's just an error on my part in debian/18:56
paultagworst case is the code actually fails to install18:56
ailoscott-work, paultag: The -controls code will probably not need any work, while the glade-file needs to be polished with text. I'd like for us to test it and have some opinions before we decide on anything.19:19
ailoIt's hackish, because of the shell scripts I think, but I'm fairly sure it's not buggy by design, which of course remains to be seen.19:20
ailopaultag, Good to see you again, btw!19:23
paultagailo: <319:28
paultagailo: I'll be back in a few hours, in class now19:28
scott-workailo: i sent out the notice for macinnis being the new art lead20:21

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