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b-rock_greetings ustudio heads:  I have an issue with qjackctl, midi controller and qsynth.  In the alsa tab of qjackctl, I cannot connect my controller output to the qsynth input.  the message bus says "...control change" but the line does not show like normal.  anybody run into this?17:32
holsteinb-rock_: im not sure exactly what you mean19:15
holsteinBUT, i routinely use a2jmidid in that scenario19:16
b-rock_hi holstein: I am trying to connect the midi controller output to the qsynth input within the alsa tab of qjackctl.  usually there is the line betwn the two showing they are connected, but for me no line appears and qsynth doesn't see that its connected19:18
holsteinb-rock_: i assume you've restarted everything?19:19
holsteinb-rock_: check #opensourcemusicians too19:19
holsteinb-rock_: you have tried to make the line appear?19:19
holsteinmanually connecting?19:19
b-rock_oh ok. yeah I did restart and I'm working with the arch distro.  I tried to manually connect and will bring this over to the #opensourcemusicians irc as well.19:20
b-rock_I need to check this evening at home to see if the midi driver for qjackctl (set to raw) matches the driver in qsynth (maybe set to alsa_seq).  maybe that makes a difference.19:22
holsteinb-rock_: lots more MIDI folk over in that channel19:22
holsteini dabble in MIDI19:22
b-rock_cool I'll check over there. thanks holstein.19:22
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