Cosocould anyone help me? i'm wondering if i can burn xubuntu on a dvd instead of a cd00:00
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just_some_guestxubuntu 10.04, xfce 4.6 -- is there a graphical xfce menu editor yet?09:38
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mark76I have a grub failure19:14
mark76Can anyone tell me how to get from grub rescue> to a command line prompt?19:15
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:15
Sysithat sounds like grub command line19:16
mark76Please don't do that19:16
Sysii recommend reinstalling it from cd19:16
mark76Just tell me the command I need19:16
charlie-tcaThat is where the answer is. try it19:16
mark76It's too long and I'm too tired to read it all19:16
charlie-tcamark76: you can read it as easy as I can to find that answer19:16
mark76It's too long and I don't know what to look for19:19
mark76Ah there it is19:19
charlie-tcaOkay,. I will read it and see if I can find it then19:19
mark76Last boot failed or boot into recovery mode19:20
mark76Oh God. I'll never remember all that19:20
mark76I might as well just install a new OS19:20
mark76Ah. Reinstalling from a livecd19:21
mark76That's the one19:21
mark76grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot (is /dev mounted?).19:23
mark76I've deleted my root partition somehow19:25
Sysimark76: you read the instructions?19:26
mark76I'm going to have to reinstall19:26
mark76No point Sysi. I don't have a root partition anymore19:26
efpc2003partition deleted or unmounted?19:26
mark76No wait it's still there according to gparted19:27
mark76So why isn't it showing in Places?19:27
efpc2003hey some one else knows what to do in this case?19:27
efpc2003some.....recovery tool etc19:27
efpc2003I see19:28
mark76Okay. I can't mount /dev/sda119:30
efpc2003mark76: good luck19:31
efpc2003reinstall and don't format other partitions19:31
mark76This is weird19:36
mark76I put a debian live cd in and managed to boot into my normal session19:36
charlie-tcathen root must still be there19:36
mark76So now I should be able to fix grub from here19:36
efpc2003your root partition is there?19:37
efpc2003or your live-root19:37
mark76I'm in my normal Ubuntu session19:37
mark76So I must have root19:38
efpc2003what about grub?19:38
mark76I've just run sudo update-grub19:38
efpc2003if you delete grub don't forget to install another boot manager19:39
efpc2003as lilo19:39
mark76I'm definitely not running off the live CD19:39
efpc200310 min brb19:40
mark76I'll reboot when my tea's ready19:41
mark76See if it worked19:41
Sysisudo grub-install --root-directory=/ /dev/sdX should workif you are on your installation19:41
Sysiif update grub didn't work19:41
mark76Yay! :D19:46
mark76If only flash would work with bbc news19:48
knomeflash on bbc news? ;)19:48
Sysiif i could watch bbc tv programs here..19:49
Sysidoctor <319:49
mark76See this page? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/b/brighton/9432161.stm19:49
mark76The video plays for you, doesn't it19:50
mark76But not for me19:50
mark76I've tried unistalling flash and reinstalling it but nothing changes19:51
mark76I can watch videos on some sites. Like youtube and iplayer19:51
mark76But there are lots that just won't work19:51
mark76And I don't know why19:52
Sysicheck that you don't have gnash or swfdec installed19:52
mark76I don't19:52
mark76Though I do have a folder in my home directory from when I tried gnash out19:53
mark76I deleted it19:53
mark76Made no difference19:54
Dene_sorry, but could anyone help me? i just installed xubuntu but the sound doesn't work20:04
Dene_it was working earlier with the live cd20:04
mark76Can anyone think of a reason why I can't watch BBC streams?20:13
mark76And, no I'm not in the wrong country20:15
mark76And it doesn't affect IPlayer20:16
mark76Which is weird20:16
mark76Why doesn't it affect IPlayer?20:16
cfs_Hey. How do I change the login background image in Xubuntu? I was able to do it in FedoraSpin xfce by just putting a background image in /usr/share/backgrounds20:21
mark76It's not fair that I can't watch BBC streams20:52
mark76I want to watch BBC streams20:52
Sysitry turning off hardware acceleration21:03
mark76I did, Sysi, but it just turns itself back on again21:32
lrussellanyone here?21:38
lrussellI cant fin the features page for xbuntu21:39
knomewhat "features" are you thinking?21:39
lrusselllike web browser, office stuff, etc21:40
lrussellalso, is it compattibe with a wireless network card?21:40
knomeshould be as compatible as ubuntu21:41
knomefirefox is the default web browser21:41
knomeoffice: abiword for text and gnumeric for spreadsheets, but you can easily install libreoffice21:41
lrussellI've never really used ubuntu... not for my laptop21:41
Sysitrey from livecd/usb21:42
lrussellwill it work with a network card designed for windows?21:42
knomeas Sysi said, you should try with the livecd :)21:42
lrussellknome, r u using xbuntu right now?21:44
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lrussellgah, xbuntu torrent is slow.. not even making 100kb a sec21:45
knomelrussell, yeah, i am21:45
lrussellcould u give me a software page for xbuntu21:46
lrussellto get software not listed in the list on the os21:47
knomelrussell, you can use the ubuntu repositories21:47
lrusselli can?21:47
knomelrussell, when you install xubuntu, either run the ubuntu software center or synaptic21:47
knomeyes, ubuntu and xubuntu use the same repositories21:47
knomeand they are fully compatible21:48
lrussell_so everything compatiable with ubuntu is compatiable with xbuntu?21:52
lrussell_is this a good site to get software? http://www.getdeb.net/welcome/21:53
charlie-tcaThe best place to get software is either the Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager, as knome said.21:54
lrussell_can i connect to a windows file network the xbuntu? I kinda wanted to21:55
charlie-tcaUse Applications -> System -> Gigolo21:56
lrussell_so if i have files being shared on a network on windows xp i can connect to them through xbuntu?21:56
lrussell_torrent is finally going 700 kb/ps!21:59
Mastrius0713I have a problem for ya. I've installed ProFTPd and its shell program Gadmin-Proftpd, after putting in my user accounts and made modifications to the server interface for the default server, I get this error:22:21
Mastrius0713- notice: Unable to bind to Unix Domain socket at 'var/run/proftpd/test.sock': so such file or directory22:24
Mastrius0713- notice: unable to listen to local socket: Operation not permitted22:24
Mastrius0713- Fatal: TLSRSACertificateFile: '/ect/gadmin-proftpd/certs/certs.pem' does not exist on line 57 of 'ect/proftpd/proftpd.conf'22:24
charlie-tcaso, you looked in /etc/gadmin-proftpd/certs and the file certs.pem does exist?22:26
Mastrius0713I couldn't even get into the folder, said access denied22:26
charlie-tcaProbably have to be root to see it then22:26
Mastrius0713how do I get root access?22:27
charlie-tcaI do it with gksu thunar using Alt+F222:27
Mastrius0713I'm not sure what that is22:28
charlie-tcaon the keyboard, Alt+F2?22:28
charlie-tcaare you using Xubuntu?22:28
charlie-tcahold Alt and press F2 ?22:29
Mastrius0713I did that22:29
Mastrius0713I don't know what gksu is though22:29
charlie-tcaand you got a little window that you can type on one line of, so you type      gksu thunar22:29
charlie-tcait allows gui apps to run as root22:30
Mastrius0713There doesn't seem to be a folder called certs under GADMIN-ProFTPD folder22:35
Mastrius0713so I guess there is no certs.prm22:36
charlie-tcaSo, it needs to be configured correctly, might want to look at that guide Sysi gave for more help with the server part22:38
Mastrius0713I searched the system but didn't find the certs.pem22:57
Mastrius0713I don't know, but maybe I should skip back to Xubuntu 9 :\22:59
Mastrius0713I never had this kind of problem when setting up on it.22:59

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