DBORAOF, present?00:11
RAOFDBO: Yup.00:11
DBOare you technically a member of the Unity Team?00:12
RAOFI don't believe so.  How would I tell? :)00:12
DBOyou're not00:13
DBOwas going to steal you for a review00:13
DBOlast minute reviews are where the partay's at00:13
RAOFHeh.  What for?00:13
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njpatelseiflotfy, jcastro, http image loading support in the dash will land in tomorrows release :)01:03
nhainesnjpatel: ooh, how does that work?  :)01:09
njpatelnhaines, you can send though a icon_hint for a result of "http://" and we'll do the rest (through the magic of GIO)01:11
nhainesnjpatel: sounds good for developers.  :)  What would it be used for?01:12
njpatelbest example is a Youtube place, I think01:13
njpatelbut it's good for any web-related place tgh, saves a lot of code on the daemon side01:13
nhainesnjpatel: oh, I see... you could send an icon_hint that specifies a URL and it automagically appears.  :)01:17
nhainesMy first thought was that maybe if you specified a URL in the dash that it might load a thumbnail.01:19
njpatelurl as the uri? yeah that would work too but we try and not do too many automatic things, rather present the data as intended from the daemon01:28
njpatel(mostly as every daemon needs something different)01:29
jbichawhile trying to compile nux on Maverick, I get this error:01:33
jbicha../NuxCore/SystemGNU.h:37: fatal error: glib.h: No such file or directory01:33
jbichacompilation terminated.01:33
nhainesnjpatel: right, I agree.  :)01:37
kenvandinenjpatel, your up late02:07
kenvandinemust be beta freeze :)02:07
njpatelkenvandine, :)02:07
njpatelkenvandine, how are things?02:07
kenvandinecramming just like you are :)02:08
njpatelheh, nice02:08
njpatelhas ted broken *indica* ABI again?02:09
didrocksnjpatel: no, you are two weeks early02:10
kenvandinenjpatel, no... thankfully02:10
njpatelthat's called the "ted special"02:10
didrocks(and it should happen when the whole team is on vacation apart from me ;))02:10
didrocksthat was the ted's gift, right ;)02:10
kenvandinebut i found the indicator-me packaging branch is a disaster... looks like ages ago there was a partial import from a tarball02:11
kenvandineso we have been applying a reverse diff on some of the autotools stuff02:11
didrockskenvandine: see why I'm anal on the unity package :-)02:11
kenvandineand of course since the file ids match i can't just bzr rm them, because they get removed02:12
kenvandinedidrocks, indeed...02:12
kenvandinei guess this happened when we thought we would move everything to spb02:12
kenvandineted tried to import it02:12
didrocksoh yeah ;)02:12
didrocksthat's why I don't let dx touch my packages ;)02:12
kenvandinegotta watch out for the dx team02:13
didrocksthey just have crazy thoughts :)02:13
kenvandinewell, he thought that was what we wanted02:13
kenvandinewhich for about 2 days i think we did :)02:13
kenvandinebut now half of the dx packages i maintain are spb02:13
* kenvandine hates the inconsistency02:13
kenvandineanyway... time to go back to unwinding this02:14
kenvandinewhat a mess02:14
OmegaIs it possible to blacklist files from the dash?02:35
LLStarksdidrocks, you might like this one. the new dropbox icon never disappears. it's always present in fullscreened apps.02:51
didrocksLLStarks: yeah, restack issue of the systray, we'll get that after beta02:51
jcastro    - Launcher - Set Launcher 'Hide Animation' to 'Slide only' by default.04:09
jcastrowoo. hoo!04:09
LLStarksis there a way to cycle through the expo? i see an arrow moving, but not all entries get selected.04:20
LLStarksunity should be as friendly to power users as possible04:22
jcastroarrow keys work for me04:25
TheMusoI use control + alt + arrow keys to move between workspaces.04:28
jcastroI think he means in expo after you super-w04:29
TheMusoah ok04:29
jcastrolooks like it's selecting, just the effect doesn't do a good job highlighting which window you are on.04:30
* jcastro will just wait for 3.6.8 to publish and check again since the changelog of fixes is a mile long04:30
LLStarkssweet. it's like a birthday every week. watching the birth of a gui.04:32
jcastroI was just going to go to bed too, heh04:32
LLStarksdon't lose sleep over it04:33
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MacSlowmorning everybody08:00
oSoMoNgood morning08:06
zniavregood morning08:31
zniavrenow unity (3d) can run with nouveau driver thank you a lot devs friends08:31
didrocksgood morning08:33
zniavredidrocks, do you remember i was with nouveau driver and unity-2d , but today after update unity (3d) is working quite well08:35
zniavremerci à vous tous08:35
didrockszniavre: yeah, I remember! nice that it was fixed for your nouveau driver case :)08:35
didrocksKaleo: around?09:01
zniavrehttp://i.imgur.com/eXArN.png  > i got this with unity is that causes im using nouveau driver or i did wrong ?09:03
zniavrehovering button gives small translucid arrow totally normal09:04
didrockszniavre: yeah, probably the shader isn't impemented for your card in nouveau09:06
zniavreok :o)09:07
Kaleodidrocks: yep09:11
didrocksKaleo: I see that you are not using the same icon set directory than unity, should we planned something for OO?09:12
didrocksfor instance http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/i386/unity-2d-places/filelist09:12
didrocksbasically all /usr/share/unity-2d/places/artwork is a duplicate09:12
didrocksit prevents me right now to do a symlink from the place icons to our asset for consistency09:12
didrocksnot a big issue, but will be nice to sort that out for OO09:13
Kaleodidrocks: I don't understand09:18
Kaleodidrocks: /usr/share/unity-2d/places/artwork has a lot of files unique to Unity 2D09:18
Kaleodidrocks: what symlinks do you want to do?09:18
didrocksKaleo: yeah, but some are in common with /usr/share/unity/3/09:18
didrocksKaleo: look at bug #70499709:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 704997 in Ayatana Design "Launcher: workspace-switcher, files, applications icons need switching to lens/grayscale style" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70499709:19
didrocks(for files and applications)09:19
Kaleodidrocks: we don't ship workspace-switcher, files, applications icons in Unity 2D09:20
Kaleodidrocks: we use the ones from the theme and the places09:20
didrocksKaleo: right, the idea was to point the files and applications icons to finf_more_files and find_more_apps09:22
didrocksKaleo: and I can't do that as you don't use the same path09:22
Kaleodidrocks: I still don't get it :)09:28
Kaleodidrocks: the icons for place entries in the launcher are given by the place09:28
Kaleodidrocks: we use that09:28
kamstrupkenvandine: if you do a unity place that talks to libgwibber and let me tweet from the dash i'm gonna fly over and kiss you09:29
Kaleodidrocks: the icons in the dash result group headers as well09:29
Kaleodidrocks: the icons in the home screen of the dash are static09:29
Kaleodidrocks: is there any plan to change those?09:29
didrocksKaleo: the place icon is changing09:29
didrocksand design want that we use the same icon than the one in the dash09:29
didrocksit just makes sense to refer in the .place file the main asset icon09:30
kamstrupKaleo: with latest unity-place-files you can find your favorite folders from the dash as well as open urls; i tested it in u2d as well and it works like a charm. Awesome :-)09:30
didrocksKaleo: and it makes little sense that you are duplicating the whole icon asset for just few unity-2d changes09:31
didrocksKaleo: you should take those in unity-common so that we don't duplicate icons09:31
didrocksanyway, the current state is broken for me, so I have to duplicate the icon a third time in the user tree :/09:32
didrockswhich is suboptimal09:32
Kaleokamstrup: fantastic!09:37
Kaleodidrocks: again, we do not duplicate the whole icon asset09:37
Kaleodidrocks: at current I think we have 4 duplicate icons09:37
didrocksKaleo: /usr/share/unity-2d/places/artwork/find_files.png09:37
didrocksif we take that one09:37
Kaleodidrocks: yes09:37
didrockssomeone having unity 3D and unity 2D will have:09:38
Kaleodidrocks: which we do duplicate09:38
didrocksand now /usr/share/unity/themes/files.png09:38
didrocksall of 3 being the same icon09:39
didrocksso a refresh need 3 updates09:39
Kaleodidrocks: so, that is unfortunate09:39
didrocksKaleo: yeah, that's my point :)09:39
didrocksKaleo: can we plan working on that for OO?09:39
Kaleodidrocks: we definitely plan on getting rid of /usr/share/unity-2d/places/artwork/find_files.png at some point09:39
Kaleodidrocks: yes09:39
Kaleodidrocks: but for /usr/share/unity/themes/files.png09:39
didrocksKaleo: do you need a bug to track it?09:39
Kaleodidrocks: I believe it's a different resolution09:39
didrocksKaleo: my goal is just to point to the "common" file in the .place file09:39
Kaleodidrocks: I don't think it's possible because of the difference in resolution09:40
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Kaleodidrocks: you don't want a 128x128 to be loaded by the launcher09:40
didrocksKaleo: right now, the design team just provide this asset09:40
didrocksKaleo: they don't rescale it09:41
didrocksso we load a copy of the 128x128 icon09:41
Kaleodidrocks: so, we have to open gimp and rescale it09:41
didrocksbut I totally agree with you09:41
didrockswell, "we" beeing me again…09:41
Kaleodidrocks: it should be 48x4809:41
Kaleodidrocks: thanks :)09:42
didrocksvim applications.png09:42
didrocks-> bad start, just after a 4 horus of sleep ;)09:42
Kaleodidrocks: go sleep!09:42
didrocksKaleo: well, ui freeze is today at any time…09:43
didrocksKaleo: so we have to do that for the late change09:43
Kaleodidrocks: good luck09:45
kamstrupdidrocks: ! if I create stable branches of all my projects, and go bananas on trunk will that screw over your packaging workflow or can you easily adapt?10:04
didrockskamstrup: that should work with this, at least, can we try with one project first to ensure udd doesn't go crazy?10:04
kamstrupdidrocks: ok, so I create the branch, add do some trivial commit on trunk or something? And then you can do a dry run or something?10:06
didrockskamstrup: exactly, SF reference is a plus, of course :)10:06
kamstrupdidrocks: SF reference?10:08
didrockskamstrup: science fiction reference in commit messages :)10:09
kamstrupdidrocks: ohhh, right, no need to tell me that :-)10:09
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kamstrupdidrocks: ok, danger ahead. lp:libunity is now dev target (pushed rev53 with an updated README there) and lp:libunity/3.0 is the stable series for Natty10:22
didrockskamstrup: excellent, we'll do some tests with it then ;)10:22
kamstrupdidrocks: ok, I touch nothing until I hear from you again :-)10:23
didrockskamstrup: oh you can, we will get a way to sync it back :-)10:23
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didrockskamstrup: TBH, not sure I can play enough with it today, but tomorrow sounds fine10:23
kamstrupdidrocks: no changes pending anyway, so chill dude :-)10:24
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ogra_didrocks, i get poked since a while about https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/ubuntu/natty/metacity/metacity-fix-717216/+merge/52199 ... would you mind taking a quick look before i merge10:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 52199 in darcs (Ubuntu) "darcs-server cache dir" [Low,Fix released]10:29
DartGot a little problem: Tooltips on unity launcher does not respect font settings and text gets truncated if changed to bold/medium etc. (Terminal is Termina, Gedit is Gedi etc)10:29
didrocksogra_: hum, I didn't test it, did you? IIRC, I asked you to report it upstream as well and add the refer in the patch header before merging10:30
didrocksogra_: you're taking for of metacity now, I didn't touch it for a long time ;)10:31
njpatelkamstrup, dash supports loading html icons now :)10:35
DartAlso there is this thing in unity 3.6.8 http://i.imgur.com/p8wke.png10:35
njpatelDart, yeah, I'm not sure who broke that10:35
njpatelthey do it twice now10:37
njpatelI'll fix it in trunk10:37
Dartnjpatel, also should i report a bug for this problem:  Tooltips on unity launcher does not respect font settings and text gets truncated if changed to bold/medium etc. (Terminal is Termina, Gedit is Gedi etc10:38
njpatelDart, yes please! that's not acceptable10:38
didrocksnjpatel: how is it done twice?10:39
njpateldidrocks, LauncherIcon does it now too, before it didn't10:39
njpatelwhich is fine, but it needed to be tested :)10:39
njpatel(the tooltip)10:39
didrocksnjpatel: oh ok :)10:39
didrocksnjpatel: I'm fixing this10:40
didrocksthere is another markup fix to do10:40
njpateldidrocks, fixed in trunk :)10:40
didrocksnjpatel: argh, you're too fast :)10:40
didrocksfixing the other markup issue then :p10:40
didrocksnjpatel: btw, didn't look where you changed it (in middle of an upgrade), but I did it the right place, isn't it? it's just the PlaceLauncherIcon which don't need to do it?10:42
didrocks(we use "et" in the french translation, not & btw)10:43
njpateldidrocks, right10:43
coz_hey all10:45
kamstrupnjpatel: rock on dude :-D10:50
kamstrupnjpatel: do you think it's feasible for any of the community heroes to implement some custom renderers?10:52
kamstrupnjpatel: like ripping out the homescreen logic to a renderer, and maybe the "list" renderer based on the existing default renderer?10:52
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njpatelkamstrup, I'm going to try and add list, but I don't think it'll be super easy for community atm10:55
kamstrupnjpatel: ok, or maybe your prio should just be to make room for it, and then we take our chances some community all stars do the rest?10:56
kamstrupnjpatel: but of course I don't know the unity internals good enough to give you any good advice here :-D10:57
ogra_didrocks, i didnt test it and actually only look at it today for the first time10:57
njpatelkamstrup, yeaaaaaaah, it's just I'm worried about landing code which does things like close to release10:57
kamstrupnjpatel: no worries, you just write, then I merge it ;-O10:57
didrocks2011-03-17 13:15:14     ogra    didrocks, could you give a thumbs up on http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~om26er/ubuntu/natty/metacity/metacity-fix-717216/revision/105 ?10:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 105 in Baz (deprecated) "baz diff fails when unrelated revision inaccessible" [Medium,Won't fix]10:59
didrocksogra_: you did ^^10:59
didrockssame channel :)10:59
kamstrupnjpatel: but otherwise don't make too big a deal of it, seems that people are writing places anyway, and with a little nimbleness one can shoehorn most things into the current default. We are doing that ourselves anyway! :-)11:00
didrockssession to test compiz session handling11:00
njpatelkamstrup, yeah, I think this is going to be more of a fun thing for me as it's been a crazy week, but only if no other priorities show up, of course11:00
robtaylordidrocks: thanks for your help last night :)11:05
Davidc_3njpatel: html loading in dash rocks, thank you! http://ubuntuone.com/p/jDq/11:13
njpatelDavidc_3, hah, awesome!11:14
robtaylorsmspillaz: didrocks: so, I have to ask, why are we usingthe gconf backend for compiz? surely for our needs it would be best to have a flat file config for which plugins to load11:44
didrocksrobtaylor: because the backend is picking also the gnome keybindings11:45
robtaylorI also think it would be good to noticable fail and drop back to unity 2d if anything fails11:45
didrockslike switch to ws <num>11:45
didrocksso, we have to use what GNOME uses :) and in 2.32, it's gconf11:46
robtaylordidrocks: right,but that's not ccps, right11:46
robtaylordidrocks: ?11:46
didrocksrobtaylor: yeah, but ccp don't make the difference between gnome keybindings which are wrapped by compiz (like switch ws shortcut) and plugins settings11:46
robtaylordidrocks: that's fixable :)11:46
didrocksrobtaylor: not really worth it and not in this timeline11:47
didrocksrobtaylor: we will move to gsettings next cycle11:47
didrocksand create a gsettings backend then11:47
didrocks(a sane gsettings backend, not like the gconf one)11:47
robtaylordidrocks:*nod* perhaps, I think https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/729597 is a race condition on reading gconf11:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 729597 in unity (Ubuntu) "[natty-alpha3] [LiveCD] compiz crash on boot, unity fails to start, installation impossible" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:47
robtaylordidrocks: hard to show that though, just a gut feeling11:48
robtaylornot tha reading gconf should be racy11:48
robtaylorits some sort of weird start-of day bug11:48
didrocksrobtaylor: we fixed before alpha3 all gconf races we found though. Can be rather an opengl init issue as well11:49
robtaylordidrocks: one small fix that would make sense is to error sensibly is *any* of the configured plugins fail to load. at the moment it 'gracefully degrades' which mean we have an explosion of error cases11:50
didrocksrobtaylor: that's more something to discuss with the compiz dev. What we do right now is doing the check before11:51
didrocksto register right Required components11:51
robtaylordidrocks: and maybe one hacky short-termist fix is to just hardcode all the plugins we expect to load in main.cpp?11:51
robtaylordidrocks: hmm, where does that check happen?11:52
didrocksrobtaylor: that was something we discussed weeks ago but it didn't happen. It's too late right now for natty11:53
robtaylordidrocks: why? we're not in hard code freeze yet are we?11:53
didrocksrobtaylor: it's some kind of a feature11:53
didrockswe are in feature freeze for 2 weeks11:54
robtaylordidrocks: naa, its bel-and-braces workaround11:54
robtaylordidrocks: we can't go out with machines randomly failing to start a desktop11:54
robtaylordidrocks: there's a nasty bug in there somewhere which needs fixing for release. I can repro it here easily.11:55
didrocksrobtaylor: TBH, I prefer right now that we fix crashes :)11:55
robtaylordidrocks: the problem is reproing it reliably - its a heisenbug11:55
robtaylordidrocks: this is a crash11:56
didrocksrobtaylor: can you check that with dbarth? kind of pingomachine there11:56
robtaylordidrocks: well, as far as the user is concerned at least - its reported as a crash, compiz exits11:56
didrocksjust feels that change big and risky11:56
didrocksand don't integrate with profile handling11:56
didrocksand such11:56
robtaylordidrocks: profile handling?11:56
didrocksrobtaylor: we are using profile in compiz11:57
didrockssorry, I really don't have the time to explain that today :)11:57
robtaylordidrocks: np, later11:58
didrocksttyl :)11:58
robtaylordidrocks: lincompizconfig profiles, right?11:59
didrocksrobtaylor: yes12:00
robtaylordidrocks: ta. i'll try and get a deeper understanding. I think we do need to seriously consider some option - i'll keep trying to get a log for 72959712:01
didrocksrobtaylor: please, try to check with dbarth before and focus on the priority list :)12:02
robtaylordidrocks: *nod* will do, of course, just flagging it today12:02
robtaylordidrocks: testcases next up12:02
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alex3f!seen mvo12:38
ubot5I have no seen command12:38
njpatelkamstrup, I believe Davidc_3 is doing it, but he's offline right now12:42
kamstrupnjpatel: sure looks sweet12:42
njpatelyeah, it looks awesome12:42
robtaylordidrocks: so, managed to find the crasher for 729597 - its a Glibmm crash somewhere in plugin initialisation12:45
robtaylordidrocks: quick workaround is to move the session registration to before plugin load so gnome-session restarts us12:46
didrocksrobtaylor: check with sam and what we get that with, please. Changing the order added a lot of issues recently12:47
robtaylorsmspillaz: about?12:47
robtaylordidrocks: i'll test it out12:47
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didrocksrobtaylor: ensure you are using our package12:48
didrockswith our distro patches :)12:48
robtaylordidrocks: apt-get sourceing now ;)12:48
didrocksnice :)12:48
elricLHi,just updated my natty.Boom unity is gone.Any idea?12:48
robtaylorelricL: how does it look? you login in just get wallpaper?12:49
elricLrobtaylor, yup12:49
elricLI started up gnome-panel12:49
robtaylorelricL:if you right click, do you get anything?12:49
robtaylorah, ok, so compiz is running then, just no unity12:49
elricLyeah,the usual menu12:50
robtaylorelricL: ok, install compizconfig-settings-manager12:50
elricLeven compiz effects work.12:50
elricLIts ther12:50
kenvandinekamstrup, pucker up!12:50
robtaylorelricL: run ccsm, then make sure unity is switched on12:50
elricLUnity plugin is checked12:50
kenvandinekamstrup, i plan to :)12:50
kamstrupkenvandine: !?12:50
robtaylorelricL: i'm stcuk for advice then. it's a curious one12:51
kamstrupkenvandine: oh, about the gwibber place? :-)12:51
kenvandineyup :)12:51
robtaylorelricL: can you edit /usr/share/xsession/gnome.session and and --debug to the Exec line?12:51
kenvandineone of the things i hope to hack on before UDS12:51
robtaylorelricL: then restart gdm12:51
kenvandinekamstrup, i fixed dee... it was packaging12:52
kamstrupkenvandine: i also see you got to the bottom of the overrides issue with Dee.py. Just awesome. I see places cropping up left and right :-D12:52
robtaylorrofl, maybe he can't =)12:52
kenvandinekamstrup, :)12:52
kenvandinekamstrup, i need to figure out a few things about places though... but i should get something up and running quickly that displays your streams12:53
kenvandinekamstrup, i suppose i would need to create a new render if i want it to be less tile like right?12:53
robtaylorelricL: wb12:53
kamstrupkenvandine: although, that would probably require the "list" renderer I've been chatting with njpatel about12:53
kenvandinekamstrup, exactly12:53
elricLrobtaylor, tried a reboot. No help12:54
kenvandineso that doesn't exist yet right?12:54
kamstrupkenvandine: seems we think the same today :-)12:54
kamstrupkenvandine: right12:54
kenvandinekamstrup, well get on that :)12:54
kamstrupkenvandine: I think I can maybe free up a little time today to look into it12:54
kenvandinecan we add a renderer without altering the packages in main?12:54
robtaylorelricL: cool, so as i was saying, can you edit /usr/share/xsession/gnome.session and and --debug to the Exec line?12:54
kamstrupnjpatel: do you think it's realistic for me to take a stab at some place renderer footwork?12:55
robtaylorelricL: then sudo service gdm restart and log in again12:55
robtaylorelricL: then pastbein ~/.xsession-errors12:55
kamstrupkenvandine: sorry, no... That has been a long term plan, but time hasn't allowed for it12:55
elricLrobtaylor, just a sec.12:55
kenvandinebummer, so if we want it for natty users... we'll need to get it quickly and an exception :/12:55
njpatelkamstrup, I think leave it at least 'till Monday, as I do need to fix some things and th sizing/spacing algorithm will change slightly12:55
kamstrupkenvandine: njpatel and i have grandiose plans, but seems like an Oneiric feature at this point12:56
njpatelkamstrup, if I don't do it by then feel free to have a pop :)12:56
kamstrupnjpatel: okidoke. kenvandine ^^12:56
kenvandinei was hoping to get something in a ppa by the time natty releases12:56
robtaylorelricL: np12:56
njpatelkenvandine, kamstrup I'm sure it'll be okay to land right after beta, we just need to give didrocks a lot of beer first12:56
kamstrupnjpatel: he's french - vine and cheese12:57
njpateland bread12:57
njpatelalso the new workspace icon is not good12:57
* kamstrup feels suddenly hungry12:57
njpatellooks like a terminal12:57
didrocksnjpatel: I think we need to go to stronger alcohol seeing what's coming :)12:57
kenvandinethe french can drink beer, i've witnessed it :)12:57
kamstrupcan we stop talking about beer?!12:58
* kenvandine does his morning upgrade... crosses fingers12:58
* kamstrup is getting thirsty12:58
=== njpatel is now known as njpatel_
* kenvandine is just getting his first cup of coffee for the day12:58
didrockskamstrup: well, if you want to do an awesome commit, you need some help in b*** ? ;)12:58
elricLrobtaylor, no file gnome.session , have a gnome.desktop though12:59
robtaylorelricL: oh, sorry, my typo - gnome.desktop13:00
kamstrupdidrocks: i don't think i have a single line of code in bamf?13:01
kamstrupi mean b***13:01
didrockskamstrup: I was avoiding to pronounce bee* to not get your even more thirsty but yeah, you got confuse, just too dx-intoxicated ;)13:03
kamstrupdidrocks: doh! :-)13:03
didrockskenvandine: oh debhelper does the right think and not cdbs?13:06
didrockskenvandine: well, I think it's a python-support/central dh_python thing in fact13:06
elricLrobtaylor, http://pastebin.com/hVZb0bMe.13:07
elricLrobtaylor, I think I found the cause of the error.13:07
elricLlatest unity wont build13:08
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
robtaylorelricL: dunno. it certainly looks like compiz is just plain old not loading the unity plugin13:11
robtaylordidrocks: see ^^ :P13:11
elricLrobtaylor, the error when i try to make. http://pastebin.com/FdGrkWhD13:12
kenvandinedidrocks, right...13:12
kenvandineultimately if i had just switched to python-support it would have fixed it13:12
didrockselricL: some plugin won't load because there was an ABI break in compiz, have you done partial distr-upgrade?13:12
kenvandinebut i am coming to like debhelper more13:12
didrockselricL: not sure what the 'text' plugin is, but its package isn't refreshed with latest compiz13:13
kenvandinenjpatel_, fonts in places/dash are looking awesome now... thanks!13:13
elricLdidrocks, I did a full upgrade.13:13
elricLdidrocks, any idea how to fix it?13:13
didrockselricL: didn't it tells "will remove this package?"13:13
didrockselricL: ensure you have latest compiz-plugins-main, and latest compiz-plugins-extra (if latest installed)13:14
elricLdidrocks,  I just did apt-get upgrade and went to sleep.13:14
didrockselricL: weird, apt-cache policy compiz-plugins-main13:15
didrocksapt-cache policy compiz13:15
didrocksapt-cache policy compiz-plugins-extra13:15
didrocksand: apt-cache policy unity13:15
robtaylorelricL: and compiz-core, for good luck ;)13:16
kamstrupnjpatel_: PlacesResultsController::MakeThingsLookNice() Love that ;-)13:16
robtaylorcompiz should be 1:0.9.4-0ubuntu3, unity should be 3.6.0-0ubuntu113:16
didrocksrobtaylor: you are on the old compiz13:18
didrockselricL: looks good13:18
didrockselricL: apt-cache policy compiz-core13:19
robtaylordidrocks: oh, interesting, good catch. weird, i'm sure i updatated that13:19
didrocks1:0.9.4git20110322-0ubuntu3 ?13:19
elricLdidrocks, exactly13:19
didrockselricL: all looks good for that13:20
elricLWhat bugs me most is the fact i cant even seem to make unity13:20
didrockselricL: oh you try to build it from source13:20
didrockselricL: did you configure (cmake ..) just before?13:21
didrockselricL: as some requirement change, it seems that most of the time, it's better to remove the build directory13:21
didrockscreate one again13:21
didrocksand cmake && make13:21
elricLgood enought?13:22
robtaylorelricL: worth doing an apt-get build-dep unity as well13:22
smspillazwho doth ping me?13:22
robtaylorelricL: not sure, but your error was dues to a missing dependancy13:23
robtaylorsmspillaz: hey113:23
smspillazbug 72959713:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 729597 in unity (Ubuntu) "[natty-alpha3] [LiveCD] compiz crash on boot, unity fails to start, installation impossible" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72959713:23
robtaylorsmspillaz: so, wanted to pick you brains if you think moving the session management registration to before plugin registration would be risky13:23
smspillazrobtaylor: I'd like to know why glibmm is crashing13:23
smspillazrobtaylor: I don't think it is too risky no13:23
htorque__elricL, compiz will always pick the local unity first, so if you want to use the one from the repositories, delete (or move away) ~/.compiz-113:23
robtaylorsmspillaz: me too, me too. bad_alloc is somewhat worrying13:24
elricLdidrocks, error is at 18% mark instead of 11% now.13:24
robtaylorsmspillaz: ok, cool, thats a first-cut workaround then13:24
didrockselricL: same issue?13:24
elricLhtorque, I actually wanna use the local one13:24
smspillazrobtaylor: number #1 cause for that is new foo[bar + baz]13:24
smspillazg++ can't handle that13:24
robtaylordidrocks: i'll test this workaround and send you the patch13:24
robtaylorsmspillaz: *nod*13:24
smspillazrobtaylor: IMO session initialization should happen before plugin init anyways13:24
smspillazsince there are certain plugins that depend on that13:25
robtaylorsmspillaz: cool, we're of agreement then :)13:25
smspillaz(eg session)13:25
robtaylorsmspillaz: this is a tricky one to  catch abacktrace of, it takes a few tries to get it to repro13:25
robtaylorsmspillaz: yup, racy as hell13:26
smspillazyeah, well sticking session init there is a good idea anyways13:26
smspillazalthough its a bit s*** that it's crashing13:26
htorque__elricL, did you build nux? and export the paths (http://askubuntu.com/questions/28470/how-do-i-build-unity-from-source)?13:27
didrocksrobtaylor: I had to revert your latest patch, ensure you are using apt-get source to get what we have13:27
didrocksstill sounds dangerous to me13:27
=== htorque__ is now known as htorque
robtaylordidrocks: eh? oh, I though you'd rebase it13:28
robtaylordidrocks: you did ask for it plain from the git repo..13:28
htorqueelricL, i just built current nux and unity from trunk and it worked fine13:29
didrocksrobtaylor: yeah, but the registration part change broke13:29
robtaylordidrocks: i can see my change in the current source :/13:29
didrocksrobtaylor: right, I had to revert it, look at debian/changelog13:30
didrocksrobtaylor: the current version is working13:30
robtaylordidrocks: i'm well confused, what was the issue?13:33
didrocksrobtaylor: people just started to report that the latest version isn't respawning on crash13:36
didrocksthe previous one was13:36
didrockswith the order not changed13:36
elricLhtorque, didrocks robtaylor currently deleting every source,braching again and rebuilding.I'll see wat happens13:36
robtaylordidrocks: eh? i've not done any order changing. hence the confusion13:37
didrocksrobtaylor: not order, but you changed the call13:38
didrocksdo you have your patch handy?13:38
robtaylordidrocks: ah, i see i added some more initialisation into CompSession::init13:38
didrocksrobtaylor: we already had that as a distro patch13:38
robtaylordidrocks: and you've reverted that, but left in the DESKTOP_AUTOSTART_ID, cool13:39
didrocksseems you didn't look at the ubuntu package :)13:39
didrocksrobtaylor: yeah13:39
robtaylordidrocks: well, i'm producing my patches on git head at the moment. happy to produce them in a form suitable for debian/patches13:39
robtaylordidrocks: you just need to ask ;)13:39
didrocksrobtaylor: yeah, we have some noticeable difference. Things that smspillaz doesn't want as an upstream, hence the distro patch13:40
robtaylordidrocks: wierdly, though, the last change that added setRestartStyle was in the git release, not in debian/patches as i understood it13:41
robtaylordidrocks: just checked, it wasn't13:41
elricLNo use. I get the same error while making again and again.13:41
robtaylordidrocks: i'm well confused how my changes ended up in 060_move_checks_to_compiz.patch. that doesn't seem right13:45
kamstrupnjpatel_: just going over all your places code - that's some seriously nice work dude!13:45
robtaylordidrocks: just the easiest option?13:45
didrocksrobtaylor: with our distro patch yes13:46
didrocksrobtaylor: oh no13:46
didrocksrobtaylor: that's there for ages13:46
didrocksin ubuntu13:46
robtaylordidrocks:not in that form it hasn't13:46
didrocksbut smspillaz didn't want that upstream13:46
didrocksrobtaylor: hum?13:46
robtaylordidrocks: you somehow managed to add to it - that used to just add a single line13:46
didrocksrobtaylor: no, I didn't13:47
robtaylordidrocks: and somewho you managed to update it to include half of my patch13:47
didrocksrobtaylor: bzr branch lp:compiz13:47
didrocksthis is the packaging branch13:47
robtaylordidrocks: weird13:50
robtaylorsmspillaz: anyhow, that DESKTOP_AUTOSTART_ID stuff should be on master, thats a 'must happen' for gnome-session13:51
didrocksrobtaylor: as you can see I change the patch last time (the content) at rev 49113:52
robtaylordidrocks: *nod* my bad :)13:52
didrocks*timestamp: Thu 2011-01-13 20:23:38 +010013:52
lamalexdoes unity trunk as of today require compiz trunk?13:52
robtaylordidrocks: looks like i wasted a bunch of time13:52
didrocksrobtaylor: base on ubuntu first ;)13:52
didrocksbut yeah, it should be upstream13:52
didrocksconvince smspillaz :)13:52
robtaylordidrocks: i will ;)13:53
robtaylorsmspillaz: why don't we keep a git branch around with the ubuntu changes on? would make life a bit easier13:55
robtaylordidrocks: anyhow, current state of the package looks spot on to me.13:56
smspillazrobtaylor: +113:56
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elricLOk.Gonna disturb you guys for one last time,befor I call it a night. http://pastebin.com/Zt93PaX2 Error,when I am compiling unity13:58
elricLrobtaylor, ping?14:01
=== njpatel_ is now known as njpatel
njpatelkamstrup, thanks :)14:02
rickspencer3time to dist-upgrade!14:03
kamstrupnjpatel: i was worried how much work you where laying down for yourself for Monday, but it looks like the abstractions make the renderer concept straight forward to add - i'm definitely not scared at taking a shot if you end up without time :-)14:03
njpatelkamstrup, yep, I'm hoping that it would be easy enough to do, I guess I'm holding off as I know there are a few bugs in that code so I thought I'd fix them all at once14:04
njpatelkamstrup, my favourite part is PlaceEntry.h, it's just really nice to use through C++, I can say I was happy with myself there :)14:05
kamstrupnjpatel: yeah, that stack allocation thing works out really well in practice14:05
elricLnjpatel, free for a minute?14:06
njpatelelricL, give 10mins14:06
elricLnjpatel, sure.np14:06
=== daker_ is now known as daker
njpatelelricL, what's up dude?14:12
elricLnjpatel,  upgraded my natty.Now cant build unity. http://pastebin.com/Zt93PaX214:13
njpatelelricL, you need latest libnux-0.9-dev14:14
njpatelelricL, make sure you haven't got an old nux lying around (one you've built yourself)14:14
elricLnjpatel,  i used the latest nux from trunk14:15
elricLi built it again14:15
njpatelelricL, is unity picking up that nux?14:15
njpatelactually it should work with what's in /usr too14:15
elricLunity wont run14:16
njpatelelricL, remove the build directory and recreate it and cmake... again, maybe it's finding some old headers14:16
elricLnjpatel, tried that too.14:16
njpatelelricL, do this and tell me what happens:14:16
njpatelsudo apt-get build-dep unity14:16
njpatelmkdir /tmp/unity14:16
njpatelcd /tmp/unity14:17
njpatelbzr branch lp:unity14:17
njpatelcd unity14:17
njpatelmkdir build14:17
njpatel 14:17
njpatelthat should build Unity with the system libraries14:17
elricLI'll wait for it to pull the branch14:18
njpatelelricL, after mkdir build, it should be `cd build`14:19
elricLnjpatel, still the same error.14:25
njpatelelricL, apt-cache policy libnux-0.90-dev ?14:26
njpatelelricL, did you do my steps in a new terminal window or tab?14:26
elricL  Installed: 0.9.34-0ubuntu114:27
njpatelit should be 0.9.3614:27
elricLuh.a tab14:27
njpatelelricL, maybe your mirrors haven't caught up?14:27
elricLnjpatel, atleast the one from trunk shud work right?14:28
kamstrupelricL: I always configure the updater to use the main mirror because the local mirrors can be a little time to catch up during intense development14:29
njpatelelricL, it should, yes14:29
elricLand also i get my updates directly from main server14:30
jcastronjpatel: ok so this isn't so bad, people need to install CCSM by hand still though14:31
jcastrobut about:config ftw14:31
tedgkamstrup, Can I change the sorting of places so that applications are on top of files?14:36
kamstruptedg: that particular bug has a few dupes :-)14:36
kamstruptedg: currently it's decided by fair dice roll14:36
tedgkamstrup, So you're saying I need to override /dev/random ?14:37
kamstruptedg: yeah, i'm trying to get didrocks to do that from the places packages... but he's hesitating...14:37
kamstrupi know!14:38
didrocksnot sure why I'm not foudn of that idea :)14:38
njpateljcastro, didrocks is going to change it to allow you to install if it's not there14:38
tedgdidrocks I'm willing to negotiate.  I'll avoid making French jokes until at least tomorrow if you'll do it.14:38
didrockstedg: or should promess that over weekend, at least, I won't be there :)14:39
kamstruptedg: don't promise stuff you can't keep14:39
tedgdidrocks, well, I'm off tomorrow, so it's a deal.  Through the weekend.14:39
* tedg is happy, problem solved.14:40
rdale__i've just installed the natty iso in vmware on mac os x, and i'm wondering how you configure it to use the qt qml based desktop shell14:43
didrockstedg: I was there there were a trick ;)14:45
tedgrdale__, I haven't tried, but I think you just need to install unity-2d and then choose that on login.14:47
rdale__ok sounds good thanks - i'll try that14:47
rdale__is there a meta package for installing developer tools for unity-2d?14:55
jcastronjpatel: ok, dual works SO much better now14:57
jcastronjpatel: only one beef, you duplicate the indicators on the 2nd panel14:57
njpateljcastro, awesome :)14:57
jcastroare you aware or should I file a bug?14:57
njpateljcastro, yeah, by design14:58
njpatelwe duplicate them as mpt asked14:58
njpatelI like it like that too actually14:58
* jcastro looks skepticly at mpt14:58
jcastrook I'll try it14:58
robtaylordidrocks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584863/14:59
mptI know nothing!14:59
didrocksrobtaylor: look with sam for that, I won't upload compiz right now for beta :)14:59
robtaylordidrocks: tested here, works fine. still have yet to get the bug to show it's head aain14:59
didrocksrobtaylor: did you check with the ubuntu pacakge?15:00
robtaylordidrocks: check out the pastebin ;)15:00
didrocksrobtaylor: I mean, at startup, with our profile and such?15:00
didrockswell compiz-0.9.4git20110322.orig can be a tarball opening ;) doesn't mean that it's using our profiles15:01
robtaylordidrocks: built in package, etc ect, no other build of compiz on the system, clean, pure current natty today15:01
didrocksnice, should be pushed post-beta then15:02
didrocks(one week from now)15:02
robtaylordidrocks: cool15:02
robtaylordidrocks: should i stick it in the bug?15:02
didrocksrobtaylor: yeah please, ensure it's tagged unity-priority and set to fix committed15:02
robtaylorok :)15:02
didrocksthanks :)15:03
elricLnjpatel, any idea how to fix it or should I call it quits and try tomorrow?15:05
njpatelelricL, I'm not sure why it's broken if your building nux trunk too (lp:nux). I'd do what kamstrup said and change your mirror to the main mirror and grab nux and unity from there15:06
elricLmine is already the main mirror.15:06
robtaylordidrocks: stupid question: how do i tag a bug?15:07
njpatelelricL, SO you have the latest nux?15:07
didrocksrobtaylor: you have a + button with the tag, just enter unity-priority in the input15:09
zniavregood afternoon how to restart app-menu-indicator please ? randomly it displays only 'File' single menu15:09
didrocksrobtaylor: just below the first bug reporter content15:09
robtaylordidrocks: thanks, i was being blind :)15:10
lamalexDBO, smspillaz, do I need compiz trunk to build unity?15:30
lamalexerror: ‘class CompWindow’ has no member named ‘borderRect’15:31
DBOlamalex, yes15:31
lamalexis there a ppa?15:31
lamalexdidrocks, how would I get the bug status out of the lp header in .mailfilter?15:34
lamalexDBO, that probably should have lived in a branch and waited to be merged until compiz packages were pushed15:35
DBOlamalex, the compiz packages were up before it was merged15:35
lamalexhm really?15:35
lamalexwhy don't I have them..15:35
DBOyeah i just use natty compiz15:35
lamalexah, conflicts15:35
didrockslamalex: look at the X-Launchpad-Rationale example, you just need to do an if with a regexp15:36
lamalexyeah I don't understand the regexp at all15:36
didrockslamalex: local compiz install?15:36
lamalexno, it's from the dbgsym packages15:37
lamalexcompiz didn't upgrade15:37
=== API is now known as apinheiro
lamalexdidrocks, can I do if ( /^X-Launchpad-Bug: (product=[-a-zA-Z0-9 ]*)) (status=[-a-zA-Z0-9 ]*)/ )15:46
lamalexthen PRODUCT=$MATCH1 STATUS=$MATCH215:46
didrockslamalex: that should work, look at packaging bugs, they have generally different header though15:47
didrockslamalex: you have an application called kiki in universe15:47
didrockslamalex: it enables to test regexp quite easily15:47
lamalexoh cool15:49
lamalexdidrocks, yeah packaging are under something else15:49
lamalexbut that's as simple as swapping product15:49
nhaineslamalex: kiki's actually a pretty good one.  :)15:49
lamalexhmm my dash search isn't find applications15:50
lamalexwhat gives15:50
didrockslamalex: do you have a local unity install?15:50
didrocksdo you have the place icon in the launcher?15:50
lamalexif I click that its fine15:50
lamalexbut just tap super + search doesnt find things15:50
lamalexi just build new unity so lets see if that fixes it15:50
didrockslamalex: btw, the trunk build worked?15:51
didrocksas you got an error15:51
lamalexbuild worke15:51
lamalexbut running gives compiz (core) - Error: Plugin 'core' has ABI version '20110322', expected ABI version '20110224'15:51
didrockslamalex: you have some compiz package not updated15:52
lamalexthe dbg repos dont get updated fast enough15:52
didrocksit's weird though, the packaging shouldn't allow partial upgrade15:52
didrocksI would be interested to reproduce that15:52
didrocks(we create a virtual package that other plugins depends on)15:53
didrocksto avoid this to happen15:53
lamalexyeah i dont see any compiz packages waiting to be upgraded15:53
didrockslamalex: oh there are if you see that :)15:53
lamalexaptitude full-upgrade doesn't show them15:53
didrockscan you pastebin the full output15:54
didrockswhen you start compiz?15:54
didrockscompiz --debug or --verbose btw15:55
lamalexdidrocks, I got it15:59
lamalexit was from a partial build of unity with old compiz header15:59
didrocksI can bet you have a local compiz install15:59
lamalexdidrocks, ^X-Launchpad-Bug:(.*)(product|sourcepackage)=([a-zA-Z0-9 ]*)(.*)status=([a-zA-Z ]*)16:15
lamalexthe magic regex16:15
didrocksnice! :)16:15
lamalexthen $MATCH3 is always project, and 5 is always status16:17
lamalexmy .mailfilter just shrunk way down16:18
lamalexdidrocks, is there a safe way to test that this works?16:18
didrockslamalex: not that I know of16:18
lamalexhaha cool16:18
lamalexjust how I like it16:19
lamalexronoc, I saw godspeed last week16:21
ronoclamalex, alright what did you think ?16:21
ronoclong set ?16:21
ronoclondon was great b4 xmas16:21
lamalexronoc, no it was way too short16:28
lamalexthey played for like 2 1/2 hours16:29
lamalexbut it was soooo good16:29
lamalexDBO, didrocks I'm getting bad autohide behavior again16:29
ronoclamalex, wow in London they played i think it was at least two hours16:29
ronocfrom raise your skinny fists back to #!...16:30
DBOlamalex, explain it please16:30
lamalexronoc, yeah same here16:30
lamalexDBO, well, it was just sitting open over xchat16:30
stefano-palazzojcastro, do you think it's proper to mark Bug #741014 as "also affects Unity"?16:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 741014 in AskUbuntu Lens "icon view makes it hard to use, needs list or a custom view for the results" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74101416:30
lamalexthen when I went to mouse over i got no tooltips so it was sort of like it was actually hidden but not drawn hidden16:30
DBOlamalex, how up to date are you?16:31
lamalexDBO, rev 102316:31
DBOcan you try to discover steps to reproduce16:31
jcastrostefano-palazzo: yep16:32
jcastrostefano-palazzo: do also affects unity16:32
didrockslamalex: if you click on super16:32
jcastroand then I can just assign it to kamstrup since that's his deal16:32
didrockslamalex: does the dash appear?16:32
lamalexhm it just did it again16:33
lamalexit seems to happen when I cahnge windows maybe16:33
lamalexit's currently open but i can't interact with it16:33
didrocksthe dash?16:33
lamalexno the launcher16:33
lamalexdo you want me to click the bfb?16:33
didrocksor rather16:33
didrockstap super16:33
lamalexyah dash appears when I click the bfb16:33
didrockscan you interact with it?16:33
lamalexand then when i click off they both go away16:34
jcastroWhat do I target bugs to that are obvious O material?16:34
didrocksjcastro: you should have a backlog tag and milestone16:40
jcastrodidrocks: ok so backlog is the same as "future" kind of?16:41
didrocksjcastro: yeah16:41
jcastroit feels like "things that are approved to be backlogged"16:41
=== doodoo is now known as Dart
jcastrodidrocks: and if I need design to look at it, also affects ... ?16:42
didrocksjcastro: so, also affect design -> New16:43
lamalexhmm what the heck now mt isn't working for me16:43
didrocksunity tasks (downstream/upstream) -> incomplete16:43
lamalexwell tap isn't16:43
lamalexslide is16:43
DartAfter clicking, there is greater delay in launch of full screen dash and places as compared to the dash/places in mini mode.16:45
Dartsomething to do with ATI card?16:48
lamalexDBO, is mt tap working for you?16:50
DBOlike sex16:50
lamalexso no?16:50
DBOand because of it obviously not working for me too, I am under no obligation to help you16:50
lamalexthis is what you get when you burn someone you need help from16:51
lamalexis there a geis test app to see if the touches are going through?16:51
rdale__i'm trying to build unity-2d, and i'm getting a cmake error: package 'indicator' not found. i've installed various dev packages with indicator in the name but it is still missing16:53
lamalexDBO, attr "gesture name" = "Tap,touch=4"16:56
DBOyeah so thats working16:57
DBOlamalex, make sure you dont have a stale compiz running16:57
lamalexDBO, how do i make sureof that16:59
lamalexi just rebooted16:59
lamalexso i should be ok on that17:00
lamalexand like I said, 4 finger drag is working17:00
lamalexjus tnot tap to show dash17:00
DBOi dont know dude17:00
lamalexme either17:00
DBOworks perfectly here17:02
DBOwhat about the 3 finger tap17:02
DBOdoes that work?17:02
lamalexno tapping17:05
lamalexbut geistest shows it coming in which is the weird part17:05
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|break
rickspencer3hey all17:28
nhainesrickspencer3: heya.  :)17:28
rickspencer3is there something blocking getting a New Window item in the Firefox quick list?17:28
rickspencer3it's making Unity a pain to use on my netbook, which lacks a middle button17:28
rickspencer3hi nhaines17:29
didrockshey rickspencer317:29
rickspencer3hey didrocks17:30
rickspencer3still up?17:30
rickspencer3didrocks, any idea what I need to do to get this quicklist thing taken care of?17:31
didrocksrickspencer3: yeah, still up, didn't sleep as long as I wanted unfortunately :)17:31
chrisccoulsonhi rickspencer317:32
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, it's not difficult to add a new quicklist item from a technical POV, but we need to be able to get the new string translated (considering that firefox doesn't use LP for translations)17:34
didrockschrisccoulson: do you have .desktop.in files they are not imported to launchpad?17:34
chrisccoulsonand we also need to decide between "New tab" or "New window" (or perhaps both), as someone already suggested a new tab item ;)17:34
rickspencer3dang it17:34
rickspencer3we must have New Window17:34
rickspencer3I don't care about New Tab17:34
rickspencer3either way17:35
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, is tehre a bug report?17:35
chrisccoulsondidrocks, no, normally the translations get stripped from the desktop files as part of the build and get merged in to the po files (which is what LP imports)17:35
chrisccoulsonbut firefox doesn't use gettext17:35
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, bug 74104617:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 741046 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Please add unity quicklist item for 'new tab'" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74104617:35
chrisccoulsonthinking about it, new window does make more sense17:36
didrockschrisccoulson: yeah, I know it works like that for other compoenents, just not sure for firefox you have that… seems not17:36
didrocksyeah, new window17:36
chrisccoulsonand i'd rather only add 1 static item tbh (considering I may add some dynamic items at some point) ;)17:36
didrocksespecially for a static quicklist17:36
didrockschrisccoulson: what ideas to you have for dynamic QL? :)17:37
didrocks(just being curious)17:37
chrisccoulsondidrocks, not entirely sure yet. i wanted to start playing around with it at some point. i'm definitely going to add support for download progress in the launcher, but i'm not sure how to make use of dynamic lists17:38
chrisccoulsonperhaps show a handlful of most visited websites or something ;)17:39
chrisccoulsonnot sure though17:39
didrockschrisccoulson: hum, not sure about dynamic ql as well :)17:40
didrocksdownload progress would be awesome17:40
chrisccoulsonyeah, it already does download progress on windows 717:40
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, do you want to leave a comment on that bug?17:42
rickspencer3yeah, I'll take care of it in a few minutes17:42
jcastrochrisccoulson: odd they don't do quicklists in win7 though17:42
jcastrochrome has them though17:42
chrisccoulsonjcastro, oh, i've not looked at what they do on win 717:42
chrisccoulsonwhat does chrome use the quicklists for?17:43
sladendbarth: Kaleo: DanRabbit: mpt: "Flightmode"  https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-network/+bug/631391  can somebody give me a sanity check of my understanding of the situation17:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 631391 in Network Menu "Use proper icon set for the new network menu" [Medium,Triaged]17:43
jcastrochrisccoulson: most visited (5 entries), recently closed (4 entries), new window, new incognito window17:44
chrisccoulsonjcastro, so, that's pretty much exactly the sort of thing i was thinking of for firefox :)17:44
jcastrothe first 2 sections are dynamic17:44
chrisccoulsongreat minds think alike ;)17:44
sladendbarth: Kaleo: DanRabbit: mpt: This icon would only be used in indicator-applet, which uses connman (not network-manager) as the backend, and which is not installed by default on the desktop edition/Unity.  Is it installed on any of the other mixes where it still needs to be feature-freeze17:45
jcastrochrisccoulson: and we would have quicklists in unity for firefox before they do it on windows. :)17:45
chrisccoulsonthat would be awesome!17:45
jcastrochrisccoulson: a quicklist to a privacy mode window sounds really useful come to think of it17:45
chrisccoulsonjcastro, yeah. that's more useful for chrome than for firefox though, due to the way privacy mode works in firefox17:46
chrisccoulson(it sucks)17:46
chrisccoulsonyou can't open a private window in firefox without closing all of your other windows17:46
chrisccoulsonwhich is pretty bad17:46
chrisccoulsoni know an entry we could really do with now - restore previous session ;)17:47
chrisccoulsonpeople keep complaining that it's not saving their session now17:47
chrisccoulsonbut that's only because the restore menu item isn't particularly discoverable17:47
vishsladen: hi, why was Bug #704997 fixed in humanity ?18:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 704997 in Ayatana Design "Launcher: workspace-switcher, files, applications icons need switching to lens/grayscale style" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70499718:12
sladenvish: I'm open to better suggestions.  You (last uploader) weren't around at the time18:20
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, didrocks I commented on bug #741046, shall I assign it to someone?18:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 741046 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Please add unity quicklist item for 'new window' and maybe 'new tab'" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74104618:20
sladenvish: aim here is to make it "look right" before UI-freeze, so that the Screenshoting can begin and then to improve the technical side after beta (re-source as SVGs, move to whatever the preferred location/package is)18:21
vishsladen: werent around? is 18hrs too short a wait time? :)18:21
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, thanks18:21
sladenvish: UI Freeze, midnight last night18:21
vishsladen: you could have pinged me..18:21
vishsladen: would really appreciate it if the maintainer is actually informed when making such changes.. I'm not MIA ;)18:22
vishsladen: the icon needs to go in ubuntu-mono not in Humanity18:22
vishsladen: ubuntu-mono is the default icon theme and just including the icon in Ubuntu-mono would have solved it18:23
sladenvish: there's a proposed branch IIRC.18:23
sladenvish: need to do similiar for tonight too:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/humanity-icon-theme/+bug/74180418:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 741804 in Ayatana Design "user-trash.svg and user-trash-full.svg not lens grayscale versions" [Undecided,In progress]18:24
sladenvish: if the answer is that that needs to go in Ubuntu-mono not Humanity too, that can be fixed/moved over at the same time and I'm more than happy to be informed of a better way!18:24
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vishsladen: cool, but those icons go into ubuntu-mono, that should just work, no need to change Humanity icons :)18:24
vishsladen: and, the icons need to go into ubuntu-mono-light too, (if we want the same icon for Radiance)18:41
sladenvish: bingo.  Ta for pointing out the obvious (and on reflection) better solution!18:48
vishsladen: np, that trash icon would need fixing in Unity as well.. otherwise the monochrome trash icon will be used in nautilus18:50
vishunity should ideally call on -symbolic icon18:50
sladendidrocks: ^^ make sense?  Or too risky for tonight?18:53
sladenvish: yeah, the workspace switcher will have also changed Panel-2D but I don't know if that is good or bad (it's bad that I made the change in Humanity rather than ubuntu-mono, but that's orthagonal18:54
didrockssladen: it doesn't really impact unity (it's transparent to it). I have no strong opinion about this, depends on you if you want to do an upload, isn't it?18:56
vishit's not bad, but Just Not The Right Way™  ;) , we will have to take a look at this again when we are getting a new icon theme.. if we change stuff in humanity its just hackish18:56
didrocks(sorry, on the phone if I didn't follow everything)18:57
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sladenvish: Since I'll have to do another upload for the Trash icons, I'm happy to fix the not-the-right-way at the same time19:06
sladenvish: but you've raised a (separate) point about 'user-trash' and whereelse it is used19:07
vishsladen: ;p  btw, i marked Bug #741517 as dup of the old bug19:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 741517 in humanity-icon-theme (Ubuntu) "Workspace switcher (dup-of: 704997)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74151719:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 704997 in Ayatana Design "Launcher: workspace-switcher, files, applications icons need switching to lens/grayscale style" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70499719:07
sladenvish: one option is to change that to "unity-launcher-trash" or some such (patch Unity, which I don't want to do)19:07
vishsladen: yea, i've mentioned it on the bug19:08
vishsladen: but that *will* have to be done at some point..19:08
vishlets just do it now ;)19:08
vishthe launcher monochrome icons will need to be named different19:09
sladenvish: "user-trash-symbolic"/"user-trash-full-symbolic" ?19:10
sladenpolicy decisions... policy decisions... writing the patch is easier :)19:10
OmegaWhere are crashes stored again?19:43
OmegaCompiz crashes everytime I press alt.19:43
kenvandineok, i am very impressed with multimonitor in unity :)19:44
kenvandinejust plugged in a second monitor and unity just did the right thing on the second monitor19:45
kenvandinenot restart or anything19:45
kenvandineonly weirdness was the second display didn't redraw the background19:45
kenvandineuntil i moved a window over there19:45
jcastrofta: http://smspillaz.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/compiz-update-whats-happening-in-the-race-to-natty/20:21
jcastrofta: xterms work ok for you now?20:21
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nhainesEverything looks beautiful today.  :)20:29
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nhainesAnyone know the plan for the new scrollers?20:29
ftajcastro, hm, not much. still weird20:32
ftajcastro, http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/xterm.ogv20:36
jcastroDBO: ^20:38
nhainesfta: is there any scrollback in that xterm?20:41
htorquenhaines, no (seeing the same here)20:42
ftanhaines, yep, on the left, but it's the old style x11 scrolls20:43
tedgWho!  Hoo!  With the release of dbusmenu 0.4.0 we're not over 3000 blank lines!  https://www.ohloh.net/p/dbusmenu/analyses/latest20:44
nhainesfta: oh wow, I do remember the old x11 scrolls.  From like 1995.  :)  That takes me back.20:45
htorquefta. is there a bug report for that problem?20:47
ftasure. bug 69246320:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 692463 in unity "xterms broken in unity" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69246320:48
htorquefta, great, thanks!20:48
ftaoh, there's a patch attached now20:48
jcastroso basically, he fixed it, blogged that it's fixed, but it's really not fixed for anyone except him20:49
jcastroI'll flail him in the morning20:49
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ftajcastro, i wish someone gets to the follow focus bugs before release.. it's the worse experience ever for me, since twm21:18
LLStarksdo i need to file a bug for the obvious fitt's law issues with the scrollbars?21:33
OmegaI'd say so.21:35
lamlexDBO: when an app with multiple windows sets the urgent hint, clicking it's launcher icon raises the one that set urgent- right?21:46
DBOlamlex, in theory21:47
spikebthat's not a very reassuring answer :P21:48
DaekdroomSince the latest unity update I can't use Alt+f2 to run commands23:16
a3Dmanbug 742055 , is it possible?23:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 742055 in unity (Ubuntu) "Icons should fade up and down in Dash while scrolling" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74205523:32
Davidc_3Anyone working on a "lens" having problems now  with the new python-gobject? The Dee.py override isn't working anymore. *sad*23:58

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