soren--overwrite :)00:00
spivWoah, jam's change to resolve lp:foo locally stops automatic stacking from working00:17
spivhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/741375 filed00:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 741375 in Bazaar "r5736 to resolve lp:foo URLs locally prevents automatic stacking of new branches pushed to Launchpad" [Critical,Confirmed]00:25
lifelessis lp bug I think01:00
lifelessspiv: ^01:00
spivlifeless: maybe!  I agree it's a server-side bug, but not sure if it's in bzr or lp01:02
lifelessspiv: if lp isn't sending the hint to bzr, its lp01:02
spivPerhaps that's enough reason to add lp to the bug, I certainly don't mind if you do01:03
lifelessdone :)01:03
spivTa :)01:03
mwhudsonoh right, i bet we don't do the magic we need to at +branch/~user/product, just at ~user/product01:17
* mwhudson looks at launchpad's translatePath, grumbles01:26
mwhudsonoh no, it's not as silly as i feared01:27
mr-russ-workWhat the deal with the patch manager spelling my name wrong.02:45
mr-russ-workspiv: can you correct the spelling of my name?02:46
pooliethanks for the bug love spiv02:52
pooliei think i got us to 0 new yesterday02:52
spivmr-russ-work: oop!02:59
spivmr-russ-work: oops!02:59
spivmr-russ-work: that would be my fault :(02:59
spivmr-russ-work: I can add a new commit on top with a message like "Correction: r5739 was contributed by Russell Smith."  Hmm, I should add a release-notes entry about the change too, I could do that in the same commit03:02
mr-russ-workOtherwise, I'm happy that landed merged for 2.4.03:06
spivmr-russ-work: ok, new commit on its way to PQM03:07
spivMe too!03:07
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jamspiv: did you track down anything with the bug?06:22
jamI have some ideas, but I don't want to overlap too much06:22
spivjam: not yet06:40
pooliehi jam07:40
pooliejam do you know off hand if we include the inum in the dirstate hash?07:40
lifelessinode? pretty sure not07:50
lifelesspoolie:         return _encode(_pack('>LLLLLL', st.st_size, int(st.st_mtime),07:51
lifeless            int(st.st_ctime), st.st_dev, st.st_ino & 0xFFFFFFFF,07:51
lifeless            st.st_mode))[:-1]07:51
poolieso yes07:54
vilahi all !07:56
jampoolie: if you mean inode, then yes08:11
jampoolie: we've talked about not including st_dev or st_ino08:12
jamwe just never changed anything08:12
pooliehi vila08:38
vilahey poolie ;)08:38
jampoolie: I think a lot of that was stuck in the "next dirstate revamp"08:39
jamwhere we also wanted to get away from base6408:39
jamin favor of just %X, etc.08:39
pooliesome of them, like ctime, could be done incrementally08:40
jampoolie: I think we wanted to switch to max(ctime, mtime)08:40
jampartially because ctime means something completely different on Windows08:41
jamand partially because it seemed silly to always check 2 times, when of course only one will ever win08:41
pooliei think ctime there is creation time08:45
poolieusing the latest would still be invalidated by hardlinking08:45
pooliewhich updates the ctime08:45
jampoolie: on Windows ctime == creation, on Linux ctime == last time metadata was updated.08:45
poolieright :)08:45
jamanyway, the point is that our check is (if mtime > X or ctime > X)08:46
jamwe can just do (if max(mtime, ctime) > X)08:46
jamand then we can store 1 less field per file08:46
poolieyes, that would be equivalent, but it wouldn't fix the bug abentley just mentioned08:47
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jampoolie: it isn't in my traceback here, is it on a different channel?08:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 741515 in Bazaar "dirstate validator includes ctime" [Medium,Confirmed]08:48
jampoolie: so certainly there is the idea of do we need "mtime != old_mtime or ctime != old_ctime", it is a question of worth, though.08:49
jamIf someone does tricks with hard-linking, we can ask them to do "touch" as well08:49
jamI though hard-linking updated ctime08:50
jamand I should correct myself. ATM I believe we do check if mtime == cached_mtime, and just have a (if now - mtime < 1s, don't cache)08:50
jamcertainly we expect a change today to be noticed by 'bzr status' tomorrow08:51
poolieone of us is confused08:51
pooliehard linking does update ctime08:51
jam#1, I don't know the bug you are mentioning08:52
jamyou said "yes, that would be equivalent, but it wouldn't fix the bug abentley just mentioned"08:52
poolieah ok08:52
jamI don't know what that bug is08:52
pooliei just filed it based on aaron's comment in the big colo thread08:52
pooliewhich was essentially that 'bzr branch --hardlink' has the substantial drawback that08:52
pooliethe next operation in each of the trees will need to rescan them08:53
pooliesince making the hardlinks invalidates the dirstate08:53
jampoolie: well, there is already a bug, that the "bzr branch" target already needs to rescan the tree. But I see your point. You only created a new hardlink on the source, and now it needs to be rescanned.08:54
jamI don't think we can ignore ctime, though08:54
jambecause that is how you see 'chmod' changes.08:54
jamyou could say "only look at ctime for mode info, and only mtime for content'08:54
jambut I think that is just getting spun around08:54
jamtoo many rules makes it hard to predict behavior08:54
pooliechecking the mode is as cheap as checking the timestamp08:55
pooliethere is no point cachingi t08:55
pooliei agree we don't want too many rules though08:56
jampoolie: the issue is how much stuff do you want to put into the "is this changed" function08:57
jamI think we do some filtering at a fairly low level08:58
jambut yes, we don't need to use ctime to check mode08:58
pooliei think it would be sufficient to just cut ctime out, which would make it simpler08:58
pooliebut, i only marked it Medium importance08:59
pooliethanks for grabbing the lpurl thing09:04
poolieeven if it hit a snag09:04
pooliei'd been meaning to try that forever09:04
jampoolie: well, since it isn't on our side, it is tricky :)09:04
jambut yes09:04
jamI was surprised to see it be >1s on my machine here09:04
jambecause of the ssl handshake now09:05
poolie>1s going to lp.dev?09:05
jamI'm not sure when we switched to https://xmlrpc09:05
jambut it certainly shows up in the logs09:05
jamdoing "bzr push lp:" has *2* handshakes09:05
jampoolie: we ssl handshake to https://xmlrpc then SSH handshake with bzr+ssh09:12
poolieoh, ssl and ssh09:16
pooliei thought you meant two on ssl09:16
jamno, just 2 handshakes that each take 1+s to complete before we can send a few bytes of actual content09:31
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jampoolie: are you going to be around? It seems you should be off frolicking in the sunshine right now?09:43
jamJust some thoughts about the lp: stuff I wanted to run by you09:43
poolienot much 9pm suntime at this time of year09:44
poolieindeed not at any time of year in sydney09:44
poolieso go for it09:44
poolieS is away this week and next09:44
pooliei was trying to decide if i was hungry09:44
jampoolie: :) I know the feeling09:48
jampoolie: I'm trying to work out how much validation we should do in the local resolution09:48
jamright now, I'm thinking that if the url doesn't conform to exactly what I think it should, then I just punt and tell it to resolve against LP to give a proper error09:48
pooliethat sounds pretty good09:49
poolieyou mean you fall back to the existing behaviour?09:50
pooliei think it would be good to make sure eventually that the exact same behaviour the xml service gives you is also available over ssh09:50
pooliebut obviously that requires server changes09:50
pooliei'm just writing to elliot about who should do bfbip and when09:50
poolieit seems like lp is pretty queued up; we _could_ but i don't know if that would be a good idea09:51
jampoolie: yeah, lp teams do seem pretty "fully booked"09:55
poolieyeah, and even for the things they have taken on, they seem to run long09:55
jampoolie: Right now I'm doing some validation of what I get from XMLRPC vs what I get doing it myself09:55
poolieas does everybody, probably09:55
jampoolie: projects generally scale to the time you have allotted them, + some percent :)09:55
jamIt is rare that there isn't *something* more that you could do if given the time09:56
jampoolie: so for lp: resolution, the only thing I see right now, is that XMLRPC validates the 'distribution' part09:56
jamfor "~jameinel/ubuntu/XXX/bzr/foo"  Iget "No such distribution series" from XMLRPC09:57
poolieoh, the distroseries, not the distribution09:57
jamIf I do a bunch of other permutations, I get errors that are obvious09:57
poolieso if you just mechanically map it, you'll just get 'not found' or 'permission denied' from ssh?09:57
jampoolie: probably, I haven't actually tried on all of them09:57
jamnote that you can do (today)09:57
jambzr info lp:ubuntu/foo/bar/baz/bing/blah09:57
jamand it will resolve to +branch...09:58
jamand then give "no such branch"09:58
jamit is only if you add a ~user that it tries to validate the URL as much09:58
poolieso, i would be inclined to just mechanically locally transform them to bzr+ssh://..../+branch/$109:58
poolieand then treat anything where that does not behave well as an lp bug in lp-serve09:58
poolieunless it goes horribly wrong09:58
jamalso resolves09:59
poolievalidation at the xml server is redundant09:59
pooliewhat was the bug about stacking?09:59
jampoolie: sure, I think it meant to be about giving the user nicer error messages09:59
jampoolie: the stacking bug is that there isn't a bzr control dir in +branch/~user/project/.bzr09:59
jamso it dosen't tell +branch/~user/project/branch/ to stack10:00
jamthere *is* one in the virtual ~user/project/.bzr10:00
pooliewhat is there?10:00
poolieis it more like a redirect, or an alias?10:00
jampoolie: just a .bzr/config I think, with a message "you should stack on DEV_FOCUS"10:00
jampoolie: so when bzr searches up to see if there is a containing repo/etc, it sees the config telling it "this is how you want to act"10:00
maxbA control.conf, no?10:01
jamI'm sure it is a virtual folder as well, and could just be added to +branch/~user/project/10:01
jammaxb: probably10:01
jampoolie: but *we* should be careful and compatible with the existing code for now (IMO)10:01
maxbfound error:Internal check failed: revno does not match len(mainline) 48 != -110:02
maxbUm, yay, I seem to have managed a branch with a ghost on the mainline, though some stacking weirdness10:02
jampoolie: from what I can tell with XMLRPC, if you have ~user, then it tries to map to bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~user... and if you don't, then it maps to bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/$110:02
maxbAnything starting with ~user should be the full unique name of a branch. Anything not starting with a ~ starts with a pillar name and goes via the aliasing rules10:04
poolieno, i mean, how does +branch work10:04
pooliedoes it redirect you to the canonical name, or does it just present that content?10:04
iqpihi guys, i am wondering about with is a greater solution for a project developement git or bzr? I think they are very similar in their basics.10:11
vilaiqpi: bzr. (Though if you ask in #git they may have a different opinion ;)10:12
iqpivila: yes i know, but i want to know why, i don't find any complete information.10:14
poolietell us a bit about your project10:14
maxbYour question is unanswerable due to being hopelessly broad10:14
jampoolie: it pretends it is the real branch10:14
jampoolie: it doesn't redirect, it is done in the VirtualFS mapping10:15
jampoolie: just as ~jameinel/bzr/branch actually maps somewhere on /host/00/12/34/56/10:15
jampoolie: +branch/bzr maps to a similar /host/00/12/34/66 sort of real-world dir10:16
iqpiwell my project is about to let use ffmpeg to linux users. Multimedia file codification under linux is a pain due we have very powerful tools such ffmpeg or mencoder, but they are fucking hard to use, even, with the frontends it is very difficult because you need to have a lot of knowledge about codecs, formats aspects ... so i am writting a program | script that allow linux users to do some common things with multimedia files, like convert from10:17
iqpi        --title="LEEncoder"\10:17
iqpi        --text="Selecciona qué vídeo quieres silenciar"10:17
iqpi        zenity --info \10:17
iqpi        --title="LEEncoder"\10:17
iqpi        --text="Selecciona qué vídeo quieres silenciar"10:17
iqpisorry for the flood :S10:18
iqpi...without any knowledge about codecs, bitrates formats, and so on.10:18
vilaiqpi: there are many differences between git and bzr that may be relevant to give you a meaningful answer: number/size of dir/files, number of revisions, number of devs involved, shared server availability, control over the software used on the server, preferred workflows, etc10:19
iqpisize is just few kb, dir... in current branch just one dir with tree files.10:20
vilaiqpi: then I think bzr will be easier to start with than git (based on feedback *we* hear, this-is-not-a-metric usual disclaimer applies)10:21
pooliethanks for pushing the package importer vila10:22
pooliebtw spm is working on the bzr upgrade there10:22
pooliei think the package is rebuilding10:22
poolieand i expect he will install it tomorrow10:22
* vila humbly bows10:23
vilapoolie: \o/ 2.3.1 ?10:23
poolienot at all, thanks for the reminder10:23
poolieso, generally speaking, we should still go through the ppa10:23
iqpithank you vila =) I have already set up a svn repo, but i don't like the way that svn works, with just a branch10:23
vilapoolie: ok, no worries, I have a backup plan 8)10:24
iqpionly just another question, could i set up a bzr repo with sourceforge?10:24
* vila cp ~/src/bzr/trunk/bzrlib/config.py ~/src/udd/trunk/bzrconfig.py :-D10:24
vilaiqpi: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sourceforge/wiki/Bazaar10:25
vilaiqpi: they mention 1.10 though which is an oooooooold version (2.3.1 is the current stable)10:26
iqpivila: i was just surfering that web, sorry for asking here before searching :S10:26
vilaiqpi: alternatively if your project is FLOSS, launchpad.net is said to be very nice too ;)10:26
iqpithank you vila for the advice, i will read about it, and yes it is a FLOSS project :D10:28
vilaiqpi: https://launchpad.net/+tour10:28
fullermdThat SF doc is oold.  ping says they're running 2.0.3 (which is still oooold, but...)10:36
pooliegetting things done, yay10:44
iqpiwow, launchpad seems to be awesome 0.011:06
jamiqpi: we like it :)11:12
jamvila: care to do a quick review on: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.3-three-part-resolution-stacking-741375/+merge/5467711:13
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 2 not found11:13
jamubot5: not every launchpad URL is a bug, you know11:13
ubot5Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:13
jamI know you aren't :)11:13
iqpiI think this afternoon i will migrate my project from sourceforge to launchpad. Thanks for the info!11:13
jamvila: I'd like to plug the "lp:" urls don't stack bug quickly.11:13
vilajam: yeah, got that, but I first thought: Wtf, what kind of merge issue is he working on ?11:14
vilajam: the tests seem nicely extensive !11:16
jamvila: after having the fallout, I made sure to expand test coverage a bit11:16
jamit is unfortunate that the real validation is only against LP itself11:16
vilajam: I can't say from reading the code, but: Are you  reaching the real lp server there ?11:16
jamvila: in the tests? no11:17
jamIntentionally not (FakeResolution)11:17
jam-Dlaunchpad does11:17
vilajam: we already have issues with tests that reach lp, so you *could* add more as long as we have a feature (and even maybe some config/cmd-line option to control it)11:18
vilawow !11:18
vilaWe do ?11:18
jamvila: you seem to be confusing yourself (and me)11:19
vilajam: what does '-Dlaunchpad' ?11:19
jamvila: bzr COMMAND -Dlaunchpad adds a debug flag11:19
jamone thing it does (now) is to always query the XMLRPC server, and print out the results11:19
jamvila: I wonder if I should also make it use the XMLRPC's response instead of the local one?11:20
vilaoh, didn't notice you added it (should be documented in debug.py with the others then)11:21
jamvila: true11:21
jamwill do now11:21
vilajam: ok, so my suggestion was to add a control flag so we can control whether or not the tests hits the real lp server (jelmer mentioned having to disable the lp plugin during builds otherwise)11:21
jam'-Dlaunchpad' already existed, but maybe not as documented?11:22
jamIt is in a "plugin"11:22
jamso I imagine those don't usually get documented11:22
jamvila: do you want it anyway11:22
vilajam: then you can safely add more tests relying on that to make sure you correctly assert the lp behavior11:22
vilajam: your call, doesn't have to be part of this submission11:22
jamvila: they are going to be *slooow* like 1s for each XMLRPC call11:23
jam(which is why I wrote the code in the first place)11:23
vilaAIUI we already have some11:23
vilajam: if we control them we can decide whether or not we want them on or off by default too, babune won't care to wait some more seconds11:23
jamvila: how about I submit a low-priority bug that we could add tests like that?11:24
vilatrace.note is for both .bzr.log and display on stdout/stderr (can't remember) ?11:25
jamvila: yes11:25
jam mutter => only .bzr.log11:25
jamnote => screen and log11:25
vilajam: wfm (bug), jelmer can then comment about the build issue11:25
jamwarning => adds more warning info?11:25
vilahmm, isn't screen a bit too much there ? ... well, only once by resolution I guess so generally only one by bzr command ?11:26
vilajam: as long as you land on trunk, we'll have time to refine anyway, approved11:26
jamvila: if you are doing -Dlaunchpad to see if the resolution is correct, I assumed you wanted  to *see* it.11:27
vilajam: there may be another bug against lp about the weird behavior there (I didn't follow closely your discussion with poolie, maybe you already filed one)11:27
jamI certainly should update NEWS about that, though11:27
jamvila: I think there is a bug in lp codehosting11:28
vilajam: meh, of course, sorry11:28
jambut at least we can have it lower priority11:28
jamsince bzr won't be provoking it11:28
vilajam: just make sure to remove the duplicate qastaging entry11:28
vilajam: sorting them will wfm too (dunno how you ended it up with the dupe, but sorting may help in the future)11:30
jamvila: 2.3 doesn't have qastaging11:30
jam2.4 does11:30
jamhence the dupe11:30
vilaha, hmm :-/11:30
jamIt seemed reasonable to land in 2.311:31
jamif we decide the rest of the patch can land in 2.311:31
jamso I went with it11:31
jamI also *really* wanted to test it11:31
vilagood job there11:32
jamvila: bug #741633 fyi11:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 741633 in Bazaar "Local lp: resolution could be tested against Launchpad" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74163311:33
jamback in a bit, heading out for lunch11:58
rhleehi guys, how do I use bzr shelve destroy ?12:20
briandealwisrhlee: I believe it just wipes out the changes rather than saving them as a shelf12:49
rhleebriandealwis: but how do I invoke it?12:50
briandealwisrhlee: so it's equiv to 'bzr shelve && bzr unshelve —delete-only'12:50
briandealwisrhlee: bzr shelve —destroy12:50
briandealwisit'll prompt you just as a normal 'bzr shelve'12:50
briandealwisat least that was my experience using it yesterday :)12:51
rhleeoh I see now, it essentially does a revert12:52
briandealwisyeah, but a more selective revert — you can revert portions of a file12:52
rhleebriandealwis: ok got that now, I see the use case now, thanks12:53
ScottKIs it a bug or a feature that if you push after tagging, but no new revisions are present the only feedback is "No new revisions to push" and there's no indications that tags got pushed?12:55
jamScottK: known bug, I believe12:55
jelmerjam: is ~mgiuca/bzr/log-not-in-branch ready to land?13:10
jamjelmer: if it has a second approve, I think so13:13
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jelmerjam: that can be arranged :)13:19
vilajames_w: I think I addressed your comments on https://code.launchpad.net/~vila/udd/719888-log-config/+merge/54572 , can you review again (pretty please ;) ?13:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 719888 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "package import on jubany/pepo should write logs to a dedicated and configurable log directory" [Medium,In progress]13:27
james_wvila, 150+# FIXME: We don't inherit from LockableConfig because we don't want to create a13:30
james_wis that really a FIXME?13:30
vilajames_w: it's at least unclear what will be done in the long run so I prefer to have a FIXME deleted later than a bad design forgotten13:31
james_wvila, approved, thanks13:32
vilajames_w: maybe it's too esoteric in this context, but the issue is that all *current* config files rely on having a .bzr handy to create a 'lock' dir there and I did realize that when creating this p-i specific config file13:33
vilajames_w: thanks to you  !13:33
vilajames_w: nothing wrong in the deployment plan from your pov ?13:33
james_wvila, nope13:34
vilacool. Now I need a losa to torture ;)13:34
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jelmerjam, vila: do you know where the architecture guide lives?14:06
vilanot precisely, I'd start searching in doc/developers14:08
vilajelmer: not sure it's a document per se, may be more about concepts spread across several files and referred to as such14:09
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vilajelmer: in other words, you may have to start your own document on the topic ;)14:10
jelmerheh, ok14:10
vilajelmer: it's about the foreign stuff right ?14:10
jelmervila: about colocated branches14:10
vilabah, forget me14:10
jelmervila: with the work I've been doing recently, foreign branches are not a bad guess though ;)14:11
jelmervila: it has some overlap, John Barstow was asking about colocated branches and bzr-tfs14:11
vilayeah, I'm sure you can even make a proposal with just documenting all the stuff you did there :-)14:12
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vilajelmer: you know, mentioning it briefly in the what's new, a bit more in release notes and a big explanation in doc/developers ;)14:13
vilajelmer: semi-seriously, a brain dump *now* would be better than a more elaborate prose... in 6 months ;)14:13
* vila will be well advised to the same for the package importer no ?14:14
vilas/to/to do/14:14
jelmervila: you've never seen my prose. :-P14:14
jelmerbut yeah, writing something up is probably a good idea14:14
vilajelmer: what ?? Isn't your name on at least one book ? :D14:15
jelmervila: Heh, true. It's non-fiction though (or at least, it should be...)14:16
* jelmer discovers he did write developer docs for his colocated branch work and forgot about it14:19
jelmerjam: Any chance you could have another look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr-gtk/vertical-layout/+merge/50446 ?14:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 50446 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "GRUB not installed because of some reading error (dup-of: 47194)" [Undecided,New]14:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 47194 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "qtparted seems to crash on some setups; deal with this better?" [Medium,Fix released]14:36
jamjelmer: I can look at it, but I can't say I fully understand what I'm looking for14:41
jamjelmer: looks broken14:45
jamit does move everything to the side as requested14:45
jamand that looks ok14:45
jamexcept after I do so14:45
jamI no longer see the actual information for a Revision14:45
jamwhen I select a new rev14:45
jamjelmer: If I change the setting, and restart, everything works ok14:46
jambut changing the setting breaks data updates14:46
jelmerjam: I'll have another look - thanks14:51
jamjelmer: what ubuntu mirror do you use?14:59
jam(I guess I get max bandwidth from archive.ubuntu.org directly, but figure I should play nice)14:59
jelmerjam: I'm using the trick mvo just published about15:00
jelmerdeb mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt natty-backports main restricted universe multiverse15:00
jelmerthat's supposed to pick a local mirror15:00
jamjelmer: so it pics a random mirror?15:00
jelmerjam: yeah, though a random dutch mirror in my case15:01
jamjelmer: looks like it grabs your ip address and then builds it custom for you15:02
jelmerjam: yeah, it uses geoip15:02
jamthe first entry is, indeed, a .nl15:02
jamfrom vila's machine, the first entry is a .fr15:02
jamnice trick15:02
vilaI always use the main server at it seems to provide the most bandwidth ;)15:04
jelmerall of the .nl machines I have seen so far do up to 2Mb/s, which is the maximum I can get out of my internet connection too15:37
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jam jelmer: 2Mb or 2 MB ?15:42
jambig difference15:42
jamI get 870kB/s from archive.ubuntu.com, which is all the bandwidth the apartment has15:42
jamthe new place is supposed to have 40Mb/s15:42
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jelmerhmm, my sound card driver is playing russian roulette with me :-/17:11
=== psynaptic is now known as psynaptic|afk
jxselfwww.gnu.org is currently mantained under CVS, and we'd like to move to Bazaar. This is my first attempt at the CVS -> Bazaar migration: http://dpaste.com/525282/ Suggestions?17:43
jelmerjxself: looks like bzr-cvsps-import wasn't updated for the latest version of bzrlib17:48
jelmerjxself: try lp:~jelmer/bzr-cvsps-import/avoid-note17:48
jelmerjxself: there's also cvs2bzr, which I guess is more commonly used17:52
jxselfjelmer: Thank you. Will look into that shortly.17:55
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jxselfjelmer: I've applied that. It now outputs Creating cvsps dump file: /home/jason/Desktop/www-bzr/staging/ROOT.dump. Should I expect that file to be growing?20:27
jxselfIt's not.20:28
jxselfAnd current system load is reporting load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.05 so I'm not sure that anything's actually happening..20:29
vilajelmer: you probably should unload it, russian roulette is dangerous with loaded things ;)20:39
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fullermdvila: Yeah, but it's _boring_ if it's unloaded   :p21:00
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knighthawkthere doesn't seem to be a rpm of bzr-svn for fedora. so I attempted to do a manual install21:47
knighthawkbranched from lp find then ran make and make install21:48
knighthawkno errors.21:48
knighthawkbut now when I try to run the testsuite I get21:48
knighthawkUnable to load plugin 'svn'. It requested API version (2, 4, 0) of module <module 'bzrlib' from '/usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/__init__.pyc'> but the minimum exported version is (2, 1, 0), and the maximum is (2, 1, 1)21:48
lifelessyou've grabbed trunk21:49
lifelessbut trunk wants bzr 2.421:50
lifelessyou either need to grab the bzr svn for bzr 2.121:50
lifelessor also grab bzr 2.421:50
knighthawkI'm thinking my life will be easier if I go with the bzr-svn for 2.1 but how do I get that?21:50
knighthawkbzr branch lp:bzr-svn2.1 ?21:51
lifelessI'm not sure offhand21:51
lifelessjelmer: ^?21:51
knighthawk1.0.2 (works with Bazaar 2.0, 2.1)21:52
knighthawkso I'm thinking bzr branch bzr-svn1.0.221:52
lifelessthere may be a 1.0.2 tag in your curremt bramcj21:54
lifeless*current branch*21:54
lifeless'bzr revert 1.0.2'21:54
lifelessbah revert -r 1.0.221:55
lifelessknighthawk: what does 'bzr tags' show you /21:55
AfC-r tag:21:55
lifelessAfC: not needed21:56
lifelessAfC: if the rev isn't found, different providers are searched21:56
lifelessAfC: and a branch on rev 1 is very unlikely ;)21:56
AfCoh you're talking about revnos. I thought you were talking about a tag called 1.0.221:56
AfClifeless: really?21:56
lifelessI am21:56
lifelessmight not be in bzr 2.1, but it was added quite a while ago21:57
AfCThat's not very good. It means if you mistakenly type something that just happens to be a tag, you're going to get a successful operation that [unwittingly] does something vastly different that you expect21:57
knighthawknice. I'll try that lifeless21:57
AfC[admittedly, it never occurred to me that someone would create tags that look like revnos]21:58
knighthawkokay I see a upstream-1.0.222:00
knighthawka lot of release (but nothing that says 1.0.2)22:00
lifelessupstream-1.0.2 sounds good :)22:01
knighthawkand several bzr-svn (including one that says bzr-svn-1.0.2)22:01
knighthawkso 'bzr revert upstream-1.0.2' ?22:01
knighthawkbzr: ERROR: Path(s) are not versioned: upstream-1.0.222:02
knighthawkbzr revert -r bzr-svn-1.0.222:04
lifelessknighthawk: bzr revert -r upstream-1.0.2 should have worked22:04
lifelesswithout the -r it thinks you're reverting a file/directory name22:05
knighthawkmake and make install worked.22:05
knighthawktrying the testsuite now.22:05
knighthawkbzr: ERROR: No module named testtools22:08
knighthawkYou may need to install this Python library separately.22:08
knighthawkno clue what the name of that package would be in Fedora22:08
poolieknighthawk, is there a search function?22:09
poolieif not you can get it from 'bzr branch lp:testtools'22:09
pooliehi all btw22:09
knighthawkI just googled and I think its called python-tools btw22:10
knighthawkhey poolie22:10
knighthawkno python-tools didn't help me any.22:10
pooliepython-testtools maybe?22:13
pooliethat's what it's called in debian/ubunut22:13
lifelessknighthawk: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/testtools22:20
pooliethat too22:27
pooliehi lifeless22:27
knighthawkthanks lifeless22:57
jxselfwww.gnu.org is currently mantained under CVS, and we'd like to move to Bazaar. This is my first attempt at the CVS -> Bazaar migration: http://dpaste.com/525282/. Applied patch suggested by jelmer: lp:~jelmer/bzr-cvsps-import/avoid-note. Appears to be hung. No CPU usage, and the staging/ROOT.dump file is empty. strace if anyone's interested: http://aws.bluehome.net/strace. Suggestions?22:58
jelmerlifeless, knighthawk: bzr-svn trunk works with bzr 2.3 and bzr.dev22:59
knighthawkokay until I can get the python test tools running if I can do a bzr svn-import would that be reasonable prof that its installed correctly?23:05
poolieknighthawk, yes23:08
pooliebzr selftest is intended more for developers than for proving it's installed correctly23:09
pooliehi jxself23:09
pooliejxself, your strace shows it's waiting for the cvsps subprocess, which is not itself traced23:10
poolieyou can use strace -ff23:10
poolieplease file a bug though, tagged affects-gnu23:10
wgrantCan someone please moderate my email to bazaar@?23:36
* jelmer waves to wgrant, poolie23:50
wgrantMorning jelmer.23:50
jelmerwgrant: IIRC at least jam and poolie are list moderators. Of course, you could always just subscribe :)23:51
wgrantjelmer: I probably should.23:51
wgrantResent. Maybe it will work.23:53
jelmerwgrant: yep, it's shown up here23:54
wgrantGreat, thanks.23:54

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