dgroosGood Morning!13:24
vmlintugood afternoon13:25
dgroosI hope the sun is as bright on the afternoon side of the world as it is on this morning side right now :)13:26
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vmlintuit's sunny right now, it snowed a bit earlier13:39
dgroosI'm extra-appreciating the sun today since it snowed the last 2.  Not many winters that I remember that have had this much snow.  But spring is coming one of these days...  When does spring come in Finland?13:50
vmlintuIt's been quite snowy here too this winter. It's been now above 0C for a couple days now, but spring should be here within a month or so.13:53
dgroosQuite similar to here!  We lost a lot of the snow in the last 10 days (lots of flooding has started) but it just dropped below 0 these last few days so it's dry at the moment.13:57
vmlintuI just remember that there was barely any snow in MN the winter I lived there13:59
dgroos_vmlintu: When did you live in Minnesota? Studying?14:58
vmlintuyup, back in the '90s15:17
dgroos_cool. U of M?15:19
vmlintuthat was before university15:20
dgroos_(well after, for me :))15:21
vmlintudid you go to U of M?15:26
dgroos_I graduated from Carleton--south of Minneapolis by ~30 miles, but am working to finish my PhD in Science Ed from the U of MN right now.15:28
dgroos_Were you an exchange student in HS?  Which?15:29
vmlintuyep, in roseville15:30
dgroos_That's very cool.  Cross cultural stuff in HS is very informative/formative.15:32
dgroos_But then I guess cross-cultural experiences are quite common in Europe as different countries are relatively near each other.15:42
doctormohighvoltage: Everything going ok?18:27
highvoltagedoctormo: more or less, yes18:27

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