DaskreechAnyone running Natty? Someone is asking about the sharing option on https://wiki.kubuntu.org/NattyNarwhal/Alpha3/Kubuntu00:49
JontheEchidnaI think you might need to install kdenetwork-filesharing. Now that the filesharing isn't a wreck it should probably get seeded on the CD00:52
JontheEchidna(it wasn't before due to quality, or the lack thereof)00:52
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Riddell18:03 < bambee> Riddell: pbuilder will not fail on launchpad if libmygpo-qt-dev is not found ?09:37
Riddellbambee: I'm not quite sure what you mean there09:37
Riddellif you have a package which build deps on libmygpo-qt-dev then it'll need to be able to find libmygpo-qt-dev09:37
bambeeand it won't if libmygpo-qt-dev is not in ppa nor in archive :)09:39
ChrisBuchholzHello guys. I was wondering if there is a way to get QMenuBar to be in the global menu spot of ubuntu in ubuntu 11.4, like gtk menubar is?11:15
ChrisBuchholzi know this might not be the best place to ask about ubuntu, but i was refered here to by #ubuntu+111:15
RiddellChrisBuchholz: yes, install appmenu-qt11:17
ChrisBuchholzRiddell: works, thanks!11:19
ChrisBuchholzthat should really be included with natty...11:19
RiddellChrisBuchholz: it's a bug in ubuntu desktop that they don't include it, I'll work around it by adding it as a recommends to Qt11:19
ChrisBuchholzRiddell: i see, great!11:20
Riddellagateau: git help needed, how do I checkout a tag?11:36
Riddellgit tag lists the tag11:36
Riddellbut I don't know how to do anything with it11:37
Riddell"git-tag - Create, list, delete or verify a tag object signed with GPG"  well that doesn't help11:37
debfxRiddell: git checkout <tagname>11:49
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agateauRiddell: hey, I just got a bunch of bug fixes applied to plasma-widget-menubar, is it too late for Natty?12:40
Riddellagateau: nope, still time to get in12:41
agateauRiddell: great!12:41
* agateau hurries to make a tarball then12:41
ScottKRiddell: I found us an amd64/mac tester.12:46
RiddellScottK: ooh, someone rich presumably? :)12:48
ScottKRiddell: No idea.  They signed up for Ubuntu on amd64/mac and so I mailed them to ask if they'd do Kubuntu too.12:49
agateauRiddell: plasma-widget-menubar 0.1.15 released!12:52
shadeslayeri'll need to redo mine too13:34
Riddellshadeslayer: your what?13:34
shadeslayerRiddell: times for the meeting thing 13:35
shadeslayerwth .. i don't see a option to set the timezone13:36
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ScottKI think you have to do it when you create the poll.13:53
RiddellI didn't notice any obvious option, the layout has all changed, I'll look out next time13:55
ScottKNew quassel (bugfix) release, just in time for Beta 1.13:56
* ScottK is packaging.13:56
shadeslayeryeah ... 14:04
bambeeRiddell: I've homeworks to do, I will upload amarok on the PPA this evening14:13
bambee(and ask for FFe too)14:14
bambeeRiddell: until the FFe is accepted, I've to upload libmygpo-qt too ? I mean I don't want upload something which won't build14:24
Riddellbambee: libmygpo-qt needs to go into the PPA14:25
Riddellonce the FFe is accepted it can go into the main archive14:25
Riddellonce Amarok gets released we can evaluate if we want the new version in the main archive or not, if we do it'll need another FFe and a main inclusion report for libmygpo-qt14:25
Riddellthings start to get beurocratic at this stage in the cycle :)14:26
shadeslayeryeah ^^ :P14:27
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Quintasanany idea why Ubuntu is not using debdelta?15:08
DaskreechCause Gnome likes it /troll15:09
DaskreechQuintasan: There was a big debate about moving to it and using deltas for the sources listing when it first came out15:10
DaskreechI forget what came of it15:10
Daskreechmaybe 3 years ago?15:10
yofelthere was a more recent one too I think, the result was as unproductive15:10
DaskreechI missed that one15:11
yofelhaving to fetch .pdiff sources from debian sure is nice instead of downloading 4-6MB sources list files every time :S15:11
Daskreechfunny it makes Yum about as fast as none diffed apt15:12
* yofel kills nepomukfilewatch in the meantime...15:12
ScottKPossibly a good UDS topic to bring to the platform team.15:38
ximioncould someone please apply my patch against packagekit pkg and upload the new packagekit package?15:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 740815 in Mozilla Firefox "[FFe] Updates to enable us to drop xulrunner from main" [Medium,In progress]15:52
ximionsolves the bug mentioned above15:52
ximion(I cannot request sync with Debian this time, cause we're still waiting on some deps for the new PK version to enter unstable)15:52
shadeslayerximion: i see a extra new line at the end of ubuntu.series15:52
Riddellshadeslayer: of all the packaging problems I've seen, an extra new line is not one of the biggest to concern me :)15:53
ximionshadeslayer: probably because I first synced the Ubuntu packaging with my Debian packaging and then reverted it (would introduce some new stuff requiring FFe)15:54
shadeslayerjust saying :)15:54
ximionmaybe there was a new line missing in debian/series15:54
shadeslayerScottK: so thiago says a patch for QSslSocket is coming soon, will track that and get back to you :)15:56
ScottKshadeslayer: Please tell mdslaur.15:56
ximionah, Martin Pitt is already sponsoring this patch, so sorry for the noise :P15:57
RiddellScottK: I'm in contact with the relevant canonical security guy15:57
ximion(will check my e-mails more often next time ^^)15:58
ScottKRiddell: OK.  15:58
Riddellwhich is micahg15:58
ScottKshadeslayer: ^^^ I guess Riddell's got a handle on it.15:58
shadeslayeralready informed mdeslaur15:59
Riddellximion: no problem, thanks for packaging packagekit :)15:59
shadeslayerwell .. thats the latest from my siede15:59
ximionRiddell: :-)16:00
RiddellI wonder if we want the new release of ktorrent16:18
DaskreechWhat are the arguements against it?16:22
Daskreech It's a snotty teenage?16:22
Riddellwe're post feature freeze16:24
ScottKI guess the big question would be if there are any protocol changes the newer ktorrent is needed to support.16:34
ScottKIf there are, we probably want it.16:34
ScottK(someone would have to care about it more than I do to actually check for that)16:34
Riddellhttp://ktorrent.org/?q=node/49  nothing about protocls there16:34
ScottKIt does seem a bit late for a "Redesigned the user interface" kind of update.16:36
ScottKSee.  I care enough to click on the link.16:36
nixternalRiddell: i would say file an FFE and do it, as it fixes a couple of bugs, and the memory leak that was freezing the system16:38
Riddellooh, a volunteer :)16:39
nixternalif i had a machine capable of building ktorrent in a decent amount of time, i would do it16:41
ScottKnixternal: You do.  It's called a PPA.16:43
ScottKThat or you could use the powerpc box.  It's not incredibly slow.16:44
Riddellnixternal: I can also set up ec2 machines for packaging16:47
Daskreechhi rickspencer317:15
DaskreechRiddell: do you know anything about #kubuntu-es ?17:15
rickspencer3Hi Daskreech17:20
Daskreechrickspencer3: how goes?17:20
rickspencer3Daskreech, a-ok17:21
Daskreechgreat :)17:21
shadeslayerDarkwingDuck: Congrats btw :)17:24
jjessecongrats w/ what?17:24
shadeslayerjjesse: he was elected to the UBT Council17:39
ScottKWhat's UBT?17:40
ScottKUbuntu Beer Tossers?17:40
shadeslayerUbuntu beginners team :P17:41
ScottKrickspencer3: Is Canonical sending anyone to http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/03/24/qt-contributors-summit-update/17:43
ScottKSeems like it might be a nice idea.17:43
* rickspencer3 looking17:46
shadeslayerhmm weird ..17:51
shadeslayermgraesslin: around?17:51
mgraesslinshadeslayer: yes, but time constrained17:51
shadeslayermgraesslin: i'm missing the 'x' buttons in my windows when i trigger expose17:51
shadeslayeri see a gray area, but no icons17:52
mgraesslinpixmap cache?17:52
* shadeslayer is trying to get a screenshot17:52
rickspencer3ScottK, thanks for the link17:53
ScottKYou're welcome.17:53
rickspencer3does look highly relevant17:53
ScottKIt looks like they are working on community governance issues, so in addition to being an interested party, Canonical ought to be able to bring some expertise to the problem at hand.17:54
shadeslayermgraesslin: http://i.imgur.com/9bGdh.jpg17:55
shadeslayersee the gray boxes at the bottom?17:55
mgraesslinoh that are the icons17:55
mgraesslinwhat are you running17:55
shadeslayerand Qt 4.7.2 ... Natty17:56
shadeslayerone sec17:56
shadeslayermgraesslin: 270.30-0ubuntu3 Nvidia binary blog17:56
ScottKshadeslayer: I have the X with Intel.17:56
mgraesslinI have been seeing these icon problems with NVIDIA on my own system17:56
shadeslayerScottK: any issues with the icons?17:57
mgraesslinin 4.6 our code should not have changed17:57
ScottKNot that I've noticed.17:57
mgraesslinbut we recently have some problems with NVIDIA17:57
ScottKmgraesslin: Fortunately this time you have the hardware ...17:57
mgraesslinyes but the affending driver has not yet hit debian testing17:58
shadeslayermgraesslin: want me to open a bug?17:58
mgraesslinshadeslayer: nah, I know about it17:58
shadeslayeroh okay17:58
ScottKmgraesslin: You should be running a less ancient distro.17:58
shadeslayer*hint hint*17:58
ScottKPossibly even a popular Debian derivative.17:58
mgraesslintoo much work - update each half a year17:59
ScottKIt would make testing fixes for the current KDE release a lot easier...18:00
* mgraesslin runs master18:00
bambeewhy quassel fonts are suddenly ugly ? (since this evening) o_O18:13
bambeefonts were updated recently... probably that...18:14
yofeldepends on your font I guess, monospace is fine here18:18
bambeeI use default fonts (I did not touch configuration about that)18:23
ScottKNew version of the Ubuntu fonts just went in.  We (much to my chagrin) use them by default.18:27
bambeeRiddell: libmygpo-qt and amarock uploaded for natty and maverick ;)20:09
bambeehowever I have uploaded amarok~maverick1~ppa2 1 hour ago and it's not present yet o_O20:11
DaskreechDoes anyone know anything about #kubuntu-es ?20:14
yofelRiddell: just wondering, why isn't ~kubuntu-bugs subscribed to kubuntu-ppa bugs?20:25

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