S74rk7 00:29
Daskreech 00:30
Daskreech_Sophia: still going with Rail progress?00:30
S74rk7anyone awake?00:31
DaskreechYou are obviously :)00:31
S74rk7first time using irc...00:32
S74rk7so this irc stuff is like a chat room kind of idea... ?00:33
S74rk7different channels = different topics00:33
S74rk7you know for support topics etc?00:34
DaskreechS74rk7: Good explanation00:34
S74rk7sorry if this seems random... only been using linux (Ubuntu-Gnome+KDE) for about 6-7 months00:35
S74rk7on the right of Quassel (the app I'm using to connect to this channel) I see nicks - is that how many user are online on this channel right now?  I only ask as isnt it a bit quiet for so many users being on here -00:36
DaskreechS74rk7: no we are here to help and enlighten00:36
DaskreechThat's how many people are here correct00:36
v3ctori am here to help and enlighten00:37
S74rk7why so quiet? - or am I the only newbie here at the minute and your like staff?00:37
v3ctorS74rk7: nobody needs help00:38
v3ctorthere is #ubuntu-offtopic for casual talk00:38
DaskreechS74rk7: You are staff as well if you can help :)00:38
Daskreechi find quite a number of people simply hang out here to see the problems that other people have. Helps them to learn as well00:39
S74rk7so would any of you kind souls be able to help me install the correct drivers on my laptop - its currently using drivers for a Nvidia card - my grfx card is listed as an intel chipset00:39
lucasi have just installed natty alpha 3, expecting that file sharing would work like this: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/NattyNarwhal/Alpha3/Kubuntu, "New Samba File Sharing". But the "share" tab never appears. Am I supposed to install a package?00:40
IHateWindowscaps sorry00:40
DaskreechIHateWindows: Welcome We are the magic fairies and elves00:40
IHateWindowswhat server is this?00:40
IHateWindowsi was on Quakenet00:41
DaskreechIHateWindows: Freenode00:41
IHateWindowsi dont have kubuntu tho...00:41
DaskreechS74rk7: if you have an intel chipset you should have the drivers already00:41
IHateWindowsi have ubuntu00:41
Daskreech there is no reason to ship linux without all the Intel Drivers. In fact if you go to the Intel site it says You already have the drivers00:42
DaskreechIHateWindows: Welcome here anyway :)00:42
IHateWindowsthanks... even though i dunno how i got here....00:42
v3ctorwe summoned you00:43
IHateWindowsall i know is i was typing mid sentence00:43
IHateWindowsthen bam00:43
v3ctorwe felt that you were heading down the wrong path...00:43
lucasJonTheEchidna: knuckles' fan?00:43
IHateWindowswhat's the difference between kbuntu and ubuntu anyway?00:44
JontheEchidnalucas: he was my favorite to play in sonic 3 and knuckles, yes :)00:44
v3ctorkubuntu = kde ubuntu = gnome00:44
* IHateWindows has only used ubuntu for 3 days.00:44
IHateWindowsi dont comprehent gnome00:44
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde00:45
lucasJontheEchidna: getting off-topic: s3k = BEST GAME EVER. but knuckles' jump height sucked :)00:45
DaskreechIHateWindows: The interface for Linux can be swapped in and out00:45
JontheEchidnayeah. I liked climbing walls though00:46
DaskreechGNOME is what ships with Ubuntu it's very focused on simplicity00:46
DaskreechKDE is what ships with Kubuntu and it's focused on tight integration of applications and allowing the user to do what they want00:46
DaskreechIHateWindows: So basically it's just the way you work with the computer00:47
IHateWindowsoh then i should probably stick with gnome for now till i get more exp then00:47
lucasis <everybody> being able to use natty's new folder samba sharing folder?00:47
=== IHateWindows is now known as VegaMan
DaskreechVegaMan: if you like00:48
=== VegaMan is now known as PSN|VegaMan
Daskreechlucas: #ubuntu+100:48
lucasDaskreech: sorry,  I'm new to irc, duuno what you mean. are you suggesting me to go ask for help there?00:50
Daskreechlucas: that would be it :)00:51
lucasDaskreech: oh, now i get it: +1 means next version, that is natty. Thanks.00:51
DaskreechI don't know if anyone is there now but few people in this chan run the Dev version of *Ubuntu00:51
Daskreechlucas: Right whatever version is coming up is called Ubuntu+100:52
kamranare there any instructions for configuring HP Laserjet 1102 printer for kubuntu 10.04 ?00:56
Macershouldn't be too difficult00:59
Macerkubuntu already has most hp drivers00:59
S74rk7kamran: Have you tried installing HPLIP from the Software Repos?00:59
S74rk7and installing/configuring it from there - thats what I done with my HP 3050 WIFI all in one scanner....01:00
kamranHPLIP was installed automatically when i upgraded to 10.401:04
kamranHPLIP is preinstalled01:05
yofelkamran: hplip libraries and drivers yes, but the not config application, that's hplip-gui01:05
kamranso i should go to KPackage Kit and do some thing there ?01:06
S74rk7kamran: can you give me an idea of what you mean by configure your HP Laserjet?01:06
kamrani have a printer attached to the system on usb port01:07
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows01:07
Daskreechha :)01:07
kamrani try sending print and there is no printing01:07
kamrani check in the System setting >  Printer configuration > My printer is not in the list "HP LaserJet P1102¨01:09
S74rk7I downloaded mine from the HPLIP web site http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/index.html   <--- followed installation instructions on the website - pretty easy I thought as I'm a newbie still to linux - but thats how I configured my HP Printer - Good luck :)01:09
kamrani am on thee sam hplipopensource page. i wanted to check before trying anything silly01:10
Daskreechlucas: ping01:10
yofelkamran: can you first install hplip-gui from kpackagekit and see if our version works before you download it from there?01:11
S74rk7see thats my question - is linux not as plug and play just yet as Windoze?  what I mean is, if Ubuntu comes with HPLIP pre-installed... how come we cant just plug the printer into a usb port - and the operating system springs something up to start the install/configuration process?01:11
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=== quant_ is now known as quant
yofelS74rk7: you would need an application that listens to the udev device added event and starts the installation. Should be possible, I guess nobody implemented it yet (or it's there and we never noticed)01:13
yofelsince I've got a network printer too I can't really test that01:14
S74rk7yofel: by network printer do you mean for example a wifi printer?  and your connected to it wirelessly?01:15
DaskreechS74rk7: It's probably far more plug and play but only when there are available drivers and some companies still don't treat Linux as if it exists. A few go out of their way to make things not work on Linux01:15
yofelS74rk7: nope, mine's wired01:16
Daskreechyofel: isn't it talking to it over http then? Does it still need a driver just to print simple pages?01:16
yofelDaskreech: yep, that's the case for my dads canon printer... that's why he's on windows most of the time :S01:16
Daskreech I can understand a driver to do advanced stuff.01:17
yofelDaskreech: dunno, but I still had to add it to the system as a printer, so whether it needs a driver or not doesn't really make a difference here01:18
yofelat least I never noticed one01:18
DaskreechCUPS should handle that seamlessly01:18
S74rk7Daskreech: thats what I dont get - why would you not want to support linux?  free opensource movement really is the future of computers IMHO....  I dont get why anyone would be against something you can so easy be a part of?  And for the good of everyone?  Linux is so amazing - such a vast range of distrobutions and toolsets - I sometimes wonder why everyone hasn't seem to explore it or catch on and it isn't yet as popular01:19
S74rk7 as a good natured OS alternative to Windoze?....  haha...01:19
S74rk7sorry I went off on a bit of a rant there - but do you see my point? lol01:19
DaskreechS74rk7: some people just don't see it that way01:19
DaskreechSome people either legally or technically do things on purpose so that the hardware will either not work on Linux or not work unless you use them as a gateway01:20
S74rk7Daskreech:  thats the bit that confuses me - but is that part of the reason it doesnt seem as much of a target for malicious attacks? trojans-hacking etc?01:20
DaskreechSo SoundBlasters I think you must Get the drivers from them and of course it's huge burden on them to maintain drivers for all the cards on all the linux versions01:21
DaskreechIntel opened all their drivers and have an open spec for chipsets and video cards and it's really really hard to get a Linux Distro that doesn't support all the Intel Hardware01:22
quantS74rk7: corporations see only money and they (yet) don't have enough money in GNU/Linux market which is around 1%-3% desktop market01:22
DaskreechS74rk7: No the reason it's not a target is that it's better designed. You will (likely) never get the same kind of problems that Windows has on Linux just because of how it's distributed and built01:23
Daskreechlucas: ping01:23
lucasDaskreech: hey there01:27
lucas*back from shower*01:27
Daskreechlucas: \o/01:27
Daskreechlucas: try install .kdenetwork-filesharing01:28
Daskreech!info kdenetwork-filesharing natty01:28
ubottukdenetwork-filesharing (source: kdenetwork): network filesharing configuration module. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.6.1a-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 24 kB, installed size 168 kB01:28
DaskreechYep that's the right one01:28
S74rk7Daskreech: I know, some of the advantages I've learnt so far amazes me though that people dont recognise its the perfect base material to personalising you computer exactly how you want to use one!  Its like a collection of real computer users ideas all put together - millions of different forms of input from users all over the world - you can see its way more advanced really than the likes of a "retail" pumped product01:28
S74rk7with a price tag such as "Windows" - and people seem to have this perception of - Linux couldn't be that good if people are giving it away for free....01:28
DaskreechS74rk7: I think that companies hate not being able to control things01:28
DaskreechS74rk7: yeah Free is communist01:29
lucasDaskreech: JontheEchidna has already told me that on #ubuntu+1, I installed it, works fine. Thanks for all the help, I cant' believe I forgot to search for kdenetwork*01:30
quantS74rk7: most people don't care as long as it gets them to facebook or gmail - the rest of us who do are much more likely to like gnu/linux ;-)01:30
DaskreechI don't know why Linux is so much better at "just" getting to facebook and gmail...01:31
S74rk7free is communist?01:31
DaskreechS74rk7: IT's not capitalist01:31
quantDaskreech: washed brains can't do much except copy what everyone else is doing -> using windows/mac01:32
S74rk7see religion/politics etc etc - I'm really dont pay attention - capitalist I take is the big corporation idea on the running of a country etc?01:32
DaskreechS74rk7: Communism is the idea of many people working to benefit everyone else01:33
DaskreechS74rk7: Capitalism is the idea of taking something and making the most use out of it as you possibly can01:34
S74rk7so as I was asking, how come more people in the world know about linux as an alternative - your saying its mainly down to the linux sound being drowned out by big coporation advertising and operating system recommendation/preinstallation of windows01:34
DaskreechS74rk7: Good train of thought01:34
DaskreechIt will win in the end though so I'm not too worried01:34
quantS74rk7: in my country the national standard is the .odf format, but every job you apply to requires a .doc CV...01:35
Daskreechquant: That's networking that's slightly different01:37
quantDaskreech: implicitly forcing people to use proprietary software with closed formats... that's not different :) that's forcing people to use what the corp lobbies want01:38
Daskreechquant: Except it's not forcing It's social acceptance01:40
S74rk7Daskreech:  see - what kind of people tend to use linux then?  What I mean is... I love computers - I used windows since I got my first PC when I was 12 - and I always heard about linux or stumbled across the name on the net  but never really looked into it too much, I love configuring computers - my gadgets, and making media centre setups etc etc... I like the idea that if I can use my pc to do anything that I can imagine01:41
S74rk7... and if I'm lucky enough someone else will have maybe thought of the same thing - wrote some software and been kind enough to share it with everybody else - or they can find something - improve it or customize it - as long as you share and show the same kindness you've been shown.... could that speed up the evolution of software?  What I mean is.... we're all human beings - think what everyone could do if we all do01:41
S74rk7something together ?  That kind of the linux/gnu mindset? lol01:41
FloodBotK2S74rk7: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:41
DaskreechIf you get a job and make it a goal to have people in your workplace be able to accept ODF they will put pressure without doing anything on other companies to do the same01:41
S74rk7wpw I got a warning of flood.... is that the kind way of saying I'm yakking on too much? lol - am I annoying you guys here? lol01:41
Daskreechonce it's acceptable everywhere to accept an ODF you will find those who don't change their mind very quickly01:42
DaskreechS74rk7: It's you putting too much in the channel at one time. People write scripts to flood the channel with words so there is a robot to stop that from happening01:42
S74rk7Daskreech:  ahh right cool - just cuts out any nonsense then :) -thanks for the info01:44
S74rk7So how secure is irc chat?01:44
DaskreechS74rk7: but that's the basic idea behind Free (Libre) software. It's very cool if you want to get things done. It' very very annoying if you want to control things or force people to do something01:44
S74rk7I mean if I was to setup my own channel for example - invite a few friends etc to join.... how private is it just out of the box?01:44
DaskreechS74rk7: Not at all01:45
DaskreechIt's not intended to be secure in terms of a room though you can apply to get them password protected01:45
DaskreechEasier if you just run your own server01:45
S74rk7Daskreech:  so should I erm... look into setting up a software firewall within linux?  I mean if there was some linux/irc guru on that wanted to mess with me would I be pretty open?01:47
DaskreechNot really. Though a firewall is never a bad idea01:47
Daskreech Linux ships with one by default01:47
S74rk7I thought just with the idea and way linux has been built - your pretty safe - unless you enter your password in or run nasty code manually and with root permission then your opening yourself to hacking/infection from malicious code/hacking?01:48
DaskreechS74rk7: Not quite true :)01:48
Daskreech you can still be compromised and "infected"01:49
Daskreechmost of the time it really requires you doing something silly but not always the case01:49
Daskreechhowever even if someone gets into your computer they are generally very limited in the damage they can do01:49
DaskreechCourse if someone gets access as root all bets are off01:50
S74rk7any examples you can give me - see when I first joing the Ubuntu forum and posted questions in the newbies section... I was always told - security isn't so much an issue with linux because of the way it was designed.... that why its hard to come by the likes of antivirus software etc?01:50
DaskreechViruses pretty much don't work on Linux01:50
DaskreechThere are far far too many differences for any spread to be meaningful01:51
peteteyou can use wine to run some of them01:51
Daskreechon Windows and Mac to a much lesser extent if you find an exploit or hole on one machine you have found one for nearly all the ones that exist01:51
peteteo linux you have a lot of fragmentation with all the different distros01:52
Daskreechpetete: Still won't make a difference It won't spread. It's nearly impossible to get a large enough body of machines to make it an epidemic in the Linux world in general01:52
peteteso it's harden to make a virus for it01:52
peteteDaskreech: i know, it was a joke01:53
S74rk7ahhh.... so basically linux is supior in ways of security and openess, but that is kind of down to the fact that its a small percentage of the pc market/userbase?01:53
DaskreechS74rk7: Linux changes at a crazy rate. There is a new release for Linux every 3 months as opposed to every 1-4 years for windows depending on how you count01:53
peteteyes, sort of S74rk701:53
DaskreechS74rk7: No01:53
petetestill, you can get rooted if you're not careful01:54
DaskreechEven if Linux was the only thing used the impact of viruses would be stunted01:54
Daskreechbut as I said this is on a standing far back looking at everything scale01:54
DaskreechAn individual can still be compromised01:54
DaskreechBut that will likely not affect any of the other machines on the network and most of the time won't even affect the other users on the same machine01:55
DaskreechSo if you and your family share one computer you can have your son get a virus and everyone else is fine01:55
Daskreechmost of the tiem you can just make a new user and that pretty much solves the problem assuming that you are lax enough to not want to clean it up01:56
DaskreechEsp in the Windows world it has the dual problem that everyone is root all the time. So compromising one person instantly compromises the whole computer01:57
S74rk7dont get me wrong - I think Linux is far superior to the end user for many different reasons... the angle in which I was describing above is the view of those who would set out to cause destruction or play a prank with malicious code on a bigger scale?  kind of showing off to a bigger crown kind of idea?01:57
Daskreechand second all the Windows computers are the same and very hard to change so if you find a way to break one Windows machine you have found how to break nearly all the windows machines that exist01:57
DaskreechS74rk7: Where ever there are people there are things of interest. Viruses on windows started out being feats of showmanship. Now they are huge business with lots of money behind them01:58
DaskreechTHe same would be true if Linux was the major OS. Getting people's information or stealing Computer power gives you a lot of opportunites to get money01:59
DaskreechJust that the lives of people who do that would be a lot harder01:59
S74rk7Daskreech:  the never ending battle between good v evil lol01:59
DaskreechS74rk7: Philosphical tonight eh? :)02:00
S74rk7Daskreech:  just I like your insight into things - triggers thoughts of in my head - we both must be feel Pholosphical - or this is the channel right here .... stay tuned folks.... we're soon going to solve the worlds problems lol02:01
Daskreech:) at least the techinical ones02:01
Daskreech Personal problems need some personal input02:01
Daskreech!info iqfirewall02:01
ubottuPackage iqfirewall does not exist in maverick02:01
m477does it mean that  3 processors was in using and now i changed to 2 yes ?02:02
m477taskset -p -c 0,1 1599702:02
m477pid 15997's current affinity list: 0-202:02
m477pid 15997's new affinity list: 0,102:02
FloodBotK2m477: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:02
S74rk7bk... making a cuppa02:03
S74rk7Personal problems need some personal input?02:04
S74rk7you think that guy got his HP printer setup?02:06
DaskreechSHould ask if can't get anything progressing02:07
S74rk7I see how this is a cool place to learn already!  Wish I tried this way earlier02:07
S74rk7I thought the ideas of chatroom support etc had kind of died out... you know - you never hear of as many people in chatrooms of any kind these days!02:09
DarthFrogWe may be ananchronistic but that's the way we like it.02:09
DarthFrogAll we ask is that you don't expect us to do your work for you.02:10
m477which command  can i check who is logged ?02:10
DarthFrogm477: who02:10
DarthFrogOr just w.02:11
DaskreechWhich I'll just note is two different commands02:11
m477and what is pts/1 , 2,3 etc02:11
Daskreechm477: your Konsoles02:11
DarthFrogthey are pseudo-terminals.02:11
Daskreech Close a tab and one of them will disapper02:11
m477oh y02:11
S74rk7Seems completely fair :)02:12
Daskreechm477: Scared me too the first time I saw it :)02:12
DarthFrogS74rk7: It's surprising the number of folks who think that they don't have to think.  Or do any work.02:12
m477is any other commend to check processor usage in more detail then top?02:13
S74rk7I've too much geek, I want to go learn why you do something this way and why that lol02:14
m477DarthFrog: i dont have02:14
DarthFrogS74rk7: You've fallen in with kindred spirits here, then.  :-)02:14
DarthFrogS74rk7: Welcome, young padwan.02:14
DarthFrogm477: Then you need to do: sudo apt-get install htop.02:15
S74rk7DarthFrog:  I knew I'd find a home in Linux lol02:15
m477i dont have root permission02:15
m477i just want to know how many processor im using02:16
DarthFrogm477: Ah, easily solved.  When running top, press "1".02:16
DarthFrogS74rk7: Learn about man pages (short for manual). There is a fount of much wisdom in the man pages.02:17
m477oh thx :P02:17
m477i changed numbers of using processors and still it is using 1, http://paste.ubuntu.com/584587/02:19
S74rk7DarthFrog:  I have a question actually - is there a place where I can source offline copies of man pages?  for example... I want to know the basic commands from within a terminal/konsole - can I not get a bible from somewhere on my laptop (you know hidden somewhere in a dir etc) that I can simply print off and study?02:19
m477do you know why?02:20
S74rk7DarthFrog:  The force is strong with me I assure you :)02:20
DarthFrogS74rk7: I would recommend you pick up a copy of O'Reilly's "Linux In A Nutshell".  it's exactly what you want.02:21
S74rk7DarthFrog:  It like learning a different language - have to start from scratch, but when you get up and running, then the fun really begins :) lol02:21
DarthFrogS74rk7: And if you want to master the command line, "Learning The BASH Shell" is excellent.02:22
DaskreechS74rk7: the man pages are offline. They are from your computer02:22
* DarthFrog notes that although he hasn't yet mastered the command line, what mastery he does have is enormously enabling.02:22
S74rk7DarthFrog: Nice... thanking you!  :)  You have no idea how much of help your being here!!  Stuff on the net can be confusing.... so much information and sometime you dont know which book would be best to read first! :)02:23
Daskreechm477: what are you trying to do?02:23
m477Daskreech: im trying to affinity 2 from 4 processors to this proces02:24
DarthFrogm477: Is the app coded to use more than one processor?  Just because you have a SMP system doesn't in any way mean that any particular app knows how to do SMP.02:24
m477DarthFrog: i dont know what is SMP, but im sure that it can02:25
DarthFrogS74rk7: Here's a hint:  If you show that you've put in effort to solve a problem/learn the tech behind your problem, you'll find techie folks delighted to help you.02:26
DarthFrogm477: Symmetric Multi-Processing.02:26
S74rk7DarthFrog:  like now - where I'm trying to find my man pages offline?  I'm in /usr/man so far - googling just a simple "ubuntu man pages location" isnt giving it away too much, so still fishing around...I'll find it though02:27
DaskreechS74rk7: press alt+f2 and type man:/02:28
m477so do you have any idea why doesnt it work?02:28
DarthFrogS74rk7: Just type "man <command name".  Eg. "man bash".02:28
Daskreechman who ?02:28
S74rk7ohh... lol - oh that was easy... hey at least I was looking lol02:29
S74rk7I was pretty close lol02:29
S74rk7thanks guys02:29
DarthFrogm477: Daskreech's suggestion is excellent, too.02:29
DarthFrogOops, that was intended for S74rk7. :-)02:30
m477which suggestion02:30
DarthFrogS74rk7: Also, learn the basic use of regexes.  (regular expressions).02:30
S74rk7nice!!! thanks everyone for your help... god everything seems to be in the man pages - I just never knew where they were or how to find em...02:32
DaskreechS74rk7: You can just type man <somecommand>02:33
S74rk7theres an idea - out of the box... why doesn't ubuntu place a shortcut or application that will let them easily flick through the man pages02:33
DaskreechYou are not intended to flick through02:33
S74rk7what regexes?02:34
Daskreechand it would honestly be much more confusing to people than the release notes which they do link to02:34
DaskreechS74rk7: Regular Expressions. It's a language to describe languages02:34
Daskreechvery powerful when working with computers02:34
Daskreechor patterns rather not languages02:35
S74rk7what is it I need to learn about regexes?02:35
DarthFrogS74rk7: Regexes are a Swiss army knife of pattern matching.  They are the single most incredibly useful tool in the Unix system administrators toolbox.02:35
DarthFrogS74rk7:  *.* is a regex.02:35
frogonwheelsDarthFrog: well, no it isn't.02:36
DarthFrogfrogonwheels: You disagree?  What would you put forth?02:36
frogonwheelsDarthFrog:   [a-z]*  or   .*    are more like regex02:36
Daskreechm477: I'm still not sure what you are doing02:37
frogonwheelsDarthFrog:   *.* isn't a valid regex, the first * has no atom before it.02:37
S74rk7you guys are really gurus at the linux stuff arent you?  thanks for the patience you're having in answering my questions which probably seem so basic for yourselves :)02:37
DarthFrogfrogonwheels:  Are you disagreeing with *.* being a regex or my statement of utility?02:37
DaskreechDarthFrog: the first02:37
frogonwheelsDarthFrog: *.* being a regex.   I love regexes.02:37
Daskreechtechnically that's globbing :)02:37
DaskreechGlobs are not regex but they look a lot alike02:38
frogonwheelsDaskreech: thanks - I was trying to remember what it was called.02:38
DarthFrogS74rk7: We were all newbies once.  With experience. you'll be helping others, which is what we want.02:38
DarthFrogGlobbing.  Yeah, OK.02:38
* Daskreech hugs DarthFrog02:38
DarthFrogIt's a regex used for globbing.  :-)  <grinning, ducking and running>02:38
frogonwheelsDaskreech:  regex saw globs, and said 'wow, that's a cool idea, but I think we can improve on that a lot'02:39
Daskreechha ha more like they are cousins02:39
frogonwheels:) indeed02:39
frogonwheels.. and if you had to do globbing with regexes, there'd be a world of pain for newbs.02:40
DarthFrogS74rk7: Ignore that last little bit.  it was a discussion about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. :-)02:40
S74rk7Oh definately - I have already helped 2-3 people out with installing the same wifi card as me... Broadcom... and I'm a newbie...02:40
DarthFrogTho' they're right.02:40
frogonwheelsS74rk7: see.. 'experienced' is a very relative term.02:42
frogonwheelsor subjective perhaps?02:42
m477Daskreech: im running program, and i want to affinity 2 processors for it02:49
S74rk7the man pages I'm opening from /usr/share/man/man1/ are opening in ark.... should I leave it that way or will I do any harm in having them set to open in kate for example?02:49
S74rk7why I want to change it is... when they open in ark... it takes 2 clicks to view the contents....02:54
S74rk7sounds silly but I just wondering?02:55
DarthFrogS74rk7:  Whatever works and gives you the info.  You can also try xman.02:57
tertl3i just loaded MenuetOS on Qemu02:59
tertl3written entirely in Assembly Language02:59
S74rk7I've downloaded xMan.tgz from a website - I guess I gotta compile it and install it - as it just looks like a zip file the way I got it?03:09
S74rk7I've ran the command tar xvfz Xman.tgz... then "cd man" to go into the dir... but there are no ./configure or make files?03:15
S74rk7am I doing something wrong or am I going the wrong way about it - reading a guide on the net to compiling software from source from .tgz file?03:16
dustinI had a small question for anyone who is generous and willing to help someone out with a favor- im in die hard need of Linux material prefferably text book -teaching or unbuntu books that show you and help you learn how to properly use these, just old books will do that nobody else may want. if anyone has some old material laying around and wouldn't mind loaning or just giveing them to me could you msg me or maybe help out some other03:23
dustin way. ive got the GUmff to learn just im pretty broke and very much could use the material if someone has some and they got no more use for it. anyways msg me if you could03:23
FloodBotK2dustin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:23
BentFranklindustin:  The internet is full of free tutorials03:24
dustinwhat i need thou ben is a actual book. something to use off the internet and i need one badly like a actual text book if they even exist. :(03:25
dustin<<<live in a small  hick town  already tried :(03:26
dustinheh no money sadly cause im going through a bad divorce. im lucky i can afford the internet :(03:26
BentFranklinLibraries have interlibrary loans03:26
dustinmeaning ?03:26
BentFranklinYou ask your library to borrow the book you want fom a bigger one03:26
dustinthas possible maybe id  prefer to get one but that might work? is there any thing like that for ubuntu specifcally?03:27
BentFranklinNo idea, but probably 100's of them.  At the library they will help you search for one.03:28
BentFranklinFind the one you want on Amazon and tell the library the ISDN number of the book03:28
dustinit might work i guess. thanks03:29
dustinisdn ?03:29
BentFranklinSorry, ISBN.  look it up in Wikipedia03:29
dustinthanks ben :)03:31
BentFranklinYW, gotta reboot cya03:32
Daskreech!info xman03:39
ubottuPackage xman does not exist in maverick03:39
Daskreechdustin: What are you trying to learn?03:39
DaskreechS74rk7: Hmm intersting03:40
DaskreechS74rk7: Oh Man pages are all compressed. The man command auto uncompresses them for you everything else just sees them as compressed files03:40
S74rk7Daskreech:  thanks for the info regarding xman - at the minute I'm trying to learn how to compile software from source...and also source a copy of that oreillys  Linux in a Nutshell lol03:50
dustineverything basically daskreech, i want to learn file paths file names where it all is and how to compile my uncompiled programs im gettin very frustrated about it. hence why i pleaded with someone for some old books if they got them03:51
DaskreechS74rk7: I didn't tell you anything about xman that was DarthFrog03:51
S74rk7opps... sorry about that03:51
Daskreechdustin: wow. Ok what programs are you compiling?03:51
=== vbman1 is now known as vbman2
S74rk7DarthFrog: thank you very much for the info regarding xman - I thought it was something I was doing wrong...03:51
dustinwell this one game i found03:52
dustini wish there was a way to list all packages/downled files that need compileing and just do em all :(03:52
valoriedustin, you might want to check out project neon03:53
dustinwhats that valorie ?03:53
valoriein general, however, it isn't necessary to compile *everything* -- even for developers03:53
BentFranklinMy Lucid won't start X Windows withoiut a monitor plugged in.  The monitor can be powered off, but it has to have something plugged into the video port.  Any way to tell X (and thus KDE) to run without the display?  I'm kind of suprised about this because X used to run off mainframes to multiple terminals.  The reason I need this is to run x11vnc in my ~/.kde/Autostart automatically on reboot.03:54
dustini know its just go to so many left out packages etc that it aint funny i tried doing it from xwindows-/aka gnome but gave up on that idea pretty fast.03:54
S74rk7I want to be able to go to the intel website - get the drivers for my grfx card in source, compile them... uninstall my current nvidia drivers that are in use... its like Kubuntu has detected the wrong grfx card when installing linux... using nvidia drivers, and I cant change my resolution any higher than 1366x768 - when I have spoke with other people who have the same grfx chipset as me and are able to achive higher03:55
BentFranklinvalorie: It boots and I can PuTTY.03:55
valoriehmm, well, google for headless KDE03:56
valorieI'm sure it can be done03:56
DaskreechS74rk7: Bleah03:56
dustinanyone know roughly how to load a picture into blender after you cut it from a webpage? or if thats possible?03:56
valorieubottu doesn't know about it though03:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:56
BentFranklinthanks, I didn't think of "headless"03:56
Daskreechm477: You want to get one program to run on two processors?03:56
Daskreechdustin: did you try to build-dep ?03:57
dustinyour speaking greek dask :) im so damn lost03:57
BentFranklinubottu: Don't be so down on yourself.  You are certainly more intelligent than an ant!03:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:57
S74rk7Daskreech: Bleah?03:58
DaskreechS74rk7: try sudo lshw -C video03:58
DaskreechS74rk7: Expression of disgust03:58
Daskreechdustin: Which game are you compiling?03:58
dustinnexuiz dask03:59
Daskreech!info nexuiz03:59
ubottunexuiz (source: nexuiz): A fast-paced 3D first-person shooter. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.2-2build1 (maverick), package size 784 kB, installed size 1936 kB03:59
Daskreechdustin: ^^^03:59
dustinor atleast how do i install it or whatever im so friggin confused.03:59
Daskreechdustin: if you want you can install it through the GUI or the command line04:00
Daskreechwhich ever you like04:00
S74rk7Daskreech: ran that command in konsole n my cards is listed as Intel Mobile 4 Chipset....04:00
dustintried GUI not happening apparently. so id like to attempt it terminal if possible might help me learn more.04:00
DaskreechS74rk7: can you pastebin the output of lsmod04:01
Daskreech!paste | S74rk704:01
ubottuS74rk7: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:01
Daskreechdustin: tell me what happened when you tried it on the GUI04:01
dustinnotta i looked around but couldn't a find a install file and b it would just open it to source code for some weird reason so im waay confused.04:02
S74rk7http://paste.ubuntu.com/584608/    <-----is this using http://paste.ubuntu.com to post correctly?  lol -first time I seen that04:04
DaskreechS74rk7: yes04:15
Daskreechdustin: You opened kpackagekit?04:15
Daskreechdustin: alt+F2 -> kpackage04:15
dustinuhh where's that at i listed those folders to you?04:16
dustinin that folder?04:16
Daskreechdustin: press alt+F204:16
Daskreech You should see a bar drop04:17
Daskreechin it type kpackage04:17
Daskreechpress enter :)04:17
Daskreechdustin: You have kpackagekit?04:18
dustini opened something with it and put in the top box kpackage and this error came up- Error stating file '/home/dustin/kpackage': No such file or directory04:19
dustinooh oops 1sec04:20
dustinnope wont work :(04:20
Daskreechdustin: the top box?04:21
dustinya it opened up something then said afew option sat the bottom of it04:22
DaskreechS74rk7: oh by the way yo usee the line that says i915 that's your intel driver. You are running it already04:23
Daskreechdustin: Ok which version of Kubuntu are you running?04:23
dustinlol im on ubuntu maverick 10.10 or something to the effect:(04:23
m477Daskreech: yes04:24
Daskreechdustin: Oh Ubuntu? sorry :)04:24
dustinlol :(04:24
Daskreechok press alt+f2 and type software-center04:24
Daskreechm477: which program is that ?04:24
Daskreechdustin: You should get a nice pretty interface04:25
m477you dont know that04:25
S74rk7Daskreech:  really... bummer... any idea at all then why my max resolution is 1366x768 then?  Surely it can higher than that... plus I've been speaking to folks with the same chipset getting higher resolution in ubuntu/kubuntu out of the box....04:25
Daskreechm477: Ah cool does it use p-threads?04:25
Daskreechif not then it can only run on one processor at a time04:26
m477dunno but im pretty sure it does04:26
dustinokay the center is up dask?04:26
DaskreechS74rk7: Not really sure. but you can ask in #ubuntu as well if you want04:26
m477Daskreech: in top i see it as python04:27
Daskreechdustin: ok so lets make sure you can see the program. Click on Edit -> software sources04:27
S74rk7I've been stumbling across threads where people are recreating the xorg conf file automatically or something... should I continue looking into this you think...might learn something at least...04:27
Daskreechm477: Right it's going to go through the python interpreter. Unless it's specifically coded to tell that interpreter to allow it to use multiple processors then it will be restricted to only run on one at a time04:28
dustini got a full menu i can see already  dask.04:28
DaskreechS74rk7: that sounds about right04:28
dustinand ive downloaded the game already btw...04:28
Daskreechdustin:Through this software center ?04:28
S74rk7is there a man file you think for xorg so I can read through and learn how to manually define resolutions etc....04:28
Daskreechman xorg.conf04:29
dustinno through a website i found :(04:29
Daskreechdustin: ok this is way way easier04:29
S74rk7Daskreech:  I was just looking into how to connect to additional channels myself there... this irc stuff is handy!04:29
m477Daskreech: i think it is, what can i do04:29
DaskreechS74rk7: type /join <newplace>04:29
Daskreechlike /join #ubuntu04:29
S74rk7Daskreech:  thanks mate for your help with regards to Resolution issues!04:29
Daskreechdustin: click on edit -> software sources. There is a checkbox marked universe. Make sure that is checked04:30
DaskreechS74rk7: sure04:30
S74rk7cool, so irc has its own commands n stuff too.... I have much to learn!04:31
DaskreechS74rk7: it does04:31
dustini found the game on there and it says package already installed ?04:31
Daskreechdustin: Oh?04:31
Daskreechdustin: that's good04:31
dustinya and all the sub packages :( but still no game from the looks of it04:31
Daskreechdustin: press alt+F2 and type nexuiz04:31
S74rk7well listen guys, thanks for your time and helping me out tonight.... it really is the community that is the best feature of the linux/free software movement... everyone's so helpful n friendly!04:32
S74rk7Thanks again!04:32
dustinnope wont let run that for some reason ???04:32
S74rk7Night all!04:32
Daskreechdustin: ok press alt+F2 and type gnome-terminal04:33
DaskreechYou should get a Command prompt04:33
DaskreechType nexuiz there04:33
dustinkk im on the terminal 1sec04:34
dustinokay it says not installed but my install seems to be dling it for som weird reason let it finish once.04:35
dustinbut igot this error when trying to sudo apt-install04:35
dustindustin@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install nexuiz04:35
dustin[sudo] password for dustin:04:35
dustinE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)04:35
dustinE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?04:35
FloodBotK2dustin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:35
Daskreechdustin: close the software center04:36
Daskreechdustin: works now?04:37
dustinnope still that same error when trying to install it04:38
Daskreechand you don't have apt-get running anywhere else?04:39
dustindid in the center i think while it was trying to dl those 2 files?04:39
dustin1min that might have been it04:39
dustinseems to be working now or installing anyways :)04:40
Daskreechdustin: Great :)04:40
dustinapparently the dl is going through. THANK YA :)04:41
dustinwe wait tosee if it runs then when it finishes04:41
Daskreechyes :)04:41
Daskreechdustin: Wasnt that way easier than getting it from the website?04:42
* dustin grins at daskreech and nods04:42
dustinfor some reason i learn more in the terminal than GUI ???04:42
dustinsays 29min left of dl04:43
Daskreechwow serious?04:43
DaskreechYou mean M?04:43
Daskreechthat's megs04:43
Daskreechnot minutes04:43
DaskreechI hope04:43
FloodBotK2Daskreech: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:44
dustin26 left i guess04:48
dustinya min04:48
Daskreechwow that's a long time04:49
dustinya tell me about it04:50
dustini just hope it works this time :(04:50
dustin10min left05:02
dustinalmost done 5min left :(05:06
dustinwahoo its done, and i think we did it dask :) lemme see if it works05:15
dustinIT works ;) haha thanks alot for again more help daskreech :)05:17
dustinwell good night man im off to bed :)05:18
TheBuntuwhat is the faster file system....ext4 jfs or xfs05:34
Daskreechxfs :)05:37
TheBuntuDaskreech: so for everyday normal  internet..desktop media center...that the better file system05:38
DaskreechI don't know that makes that much of a difference05:39
DaskreechMaybe xfs or ext405:39
TheBuntuive read on the net that some file systems are better for big files...and some better for a bunch of small files05:40
DaskreechTheBuntu: Just saying you wouls probably have to be a pretty heavy user to really complain about the differences05:50
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m477can you tell me why it doesnt work? http://paste.ubuntu.com/584587/08:43
m477if application is multicore type08:43
spyridoni have problem with x1400 ati drivers08:45
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Iliyan_777Hello everyone. I have one question. Is there any automatic way to tell Ubunti 10.10 to install and maintain Apche + ssl + php  in chroot jail, or I have to go the hard way ?12:05
Flecktry #ubuntu Iliyan_77712:07
james147Iliyan_777: just symlink it to the chroot?12:08
susundberghttp://howtoforge.com/chrooting-apache2-mod-chroot-debian-etch ?12:08
susundbergjames147: that tutorial has point that pid files does not work with that12:09
susundbergoh well theres not much to do though ..12:10
susundbergi did do some postfix/courier securing by chrooting but i had some problem with socket providing authentication12:10
Iliyan_777susundberg: I mean chroot, not mod_chroot. mod_chroot is not security related.12:10
susundbergoh, ok. sorry.12:11
susundberg"mod_chroot makes running Apache in a secure chroot environment easy"12:11
james147susundberg: that tutorial seems to say you can symlink it ^^12:11
james147(though it assums static html :(12:12
susundbergi had some problem dynamic link to socket .. i guess it was that dynamic link went 'bad' after socket was re-created.. can that be so?12:12
susundberg( i ended up adding mount on fstab on chrooted enviroment)12:13
Iliyan_777The main12:13
Iliyan_777susundberg, james147 Will take deep look into mod_chroot.12:14
susundberggoogling chroot apache2 ubuntu also showed some forum thread that might be usefull!12:14
Iliyan_777susundberg: Thank you.12:17
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dfaureanyone has experience with patching a .deb file? apt-get source, dch -i (right?), then adding the diff to the existing huge diff file, and rebuilding? do I need to rename the diff file to the new version?12:46
=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
dfauregahh dh_quilt_unpatch always fails at kubuntu_07_phonon_4.4.0.diff so I always need to restart from scratch (apt-get source). any better way?12:55
noaXesshey all12:56
noaXessis FF4 available in the backports, or where?12:56
noaXessfirefox 4..12:56
Peace-noaXess: you can download the tar...12:58
Peace-and create a link to the bin file12:59
noaXessPeace-: i know that.... it will overwrite my ff3 profile, right? or does it create a new one?13:05
noaXessso i can start both of them?13:05
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clodhello all13:17
noaXesshel clod13:18
noaXess HA13:18
BluesKajHowdy folks13:44
asranielhi there. what is the most robust filesystem under linux? i need to know because a friend of mine uses linux with a netbook, but has no idea about linux and, probably, often just kills the computer without shuting it down correctly. Often she can not boot anymore afterwards and ends up using windows, which seems to be more resistant14:29
arielsanflo_alguien me ayuda14:31
arielsanflo_necesito un canal de lenguaje c14:31
genii-around!es | arielsanflo_14:32
ubottuarielsanflo_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:32
BluesKajasraniel, actaully linux fs' are quite robust too, there could be something wrong with the bootloader or graphics driver and xserver14:39
noaXessthis works on the command line: tar -czf update-$(date +%Y%m%d).tar.gz --exclude-from 'update_exclude.txt' `git diff --name-only --diff-filter=ACMRT !(files) && git diff --cached --name-only --diff-filter=ACMRT !(files)` && mv update*.tar.gz /any/target/folder14:53
noaXessbut if i use the script on a sh script i get: fatal: ambiguous argument '!': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.14:54
BluesKajnoaXess, looks like ou need to check that target folder is in the right path14:58
noaXessBluesKaj: target folder is the right path.. as i said.. the same comman works on the command line..15:00
BluesKajnoaXess,update rc.d for the script maybe ?15:01
noaXessBluesKaj: ? the script is just a normal bin/sh script..15:02
noaXessBluesKaj: wait.. will pastebin it..15:03
noaXessBluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584865/15:04
DaskreechWhat's the issue?15:04
BluesKajnoaXess, maybe it should be written as a bash script... I'm not real clear on the difference15:06
noaXessDaskreech: the above command.. (15:53:52) noaXess, works on command line.. but not in my bin/sh script15:07
DaskreechnoaXess: How are you calling it?15:07
BluesKajDaskreech, , noaXess has this script  this works on the command line: tar -czf update-$(date +%Y%m%d).tar.gz --exclude-from 'update_exclude.txt' `git diff --name-only --diff-filter=ACMRT !(files) && git diff --cached --name-only --diff-filter=ACMRT !(files)` && mv update*.tar.gz /any/target/folder15:07
noaXessDaskreech: the script? ./myscript update15:08
noaXessDaskreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584865/15:08
Daskreechyes I saw that ;) You can call that directly and it works?15:08
genii-aroundnoaXess: Are you calling it as a cron job?15:08
DaskreechnoaXess: and you have it in your path?15:09
noaXessgenii-around: no..15:09
noaXessDaskreech: yes15:09
noaXessi can call the command directly.. but not within the script..but i think the !(files) make the problem..15:09
DaskreechnoaXess: can You pastebin the script that is calling it?15:10
noaXessDaskreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584865/15:10
DaskreechThe other script15:11
noaXessDaskreech: the other?.. which other..15:12
noaXessi just start then: ./myscript update15:12
DaskreechYou can call the command dire... oh15:12
DaskreechI see15:12
noaXessyes.. thats my problem..15:12
DaskreechWhen you put the command in a script it stops working15:12
DaskreechI see15:12
noaXessthe same command that is in the script un the 'update') part15:12
Daskreechdoes the diff part work?15:13
noaXessbut only if !(files) is in the command...15:13
noaXessthe diff part without !(files) work in the script..15:13
noaXessbut the tar fails, cause tar want's taring folders, that are listed from diff, but not really exists ;)15:13
DaskreechI'm not familiar with the files command what does it do?15:15
Daskreechhow are you BluesKaj?15:20
BluesKajoh Hi Daskreech , I'm fine ...and you ?15:31
DaskreechHungry :)15:32
BluesKajwell..eat something ! :)15:32
BluesKajgonna check Pardus out ...burning it to dvd on the den linuxbox15:34
Daskreechpardus is nice15:39
Daskreechnice thought process and good guys who build it too15:39
BluesKajDaskreech, have you tried Pardus ?15:41
BluesKajI'm gonna need to read a tutorial about their cli commands etc ...still haven't figured out the what OS it's based on tho.15:43
DaskreechBluesKaj: yes they were at the last Camp KDE and gave a talk at the one we hosted here.15:44
kujuleshallo, is there any package for solving my problem, i CAN'T open pdf file on rekonq15:50
BluesKajkujules, got a url ? or are you just openingh it with rekonq on the desktop?15:54
kujulesthis file is in the internet i tried to open with rekonq15:54
BluesKajkujules, then give us the page , so we can try it15:55
Daskreechkujules: open it with okular15:55
kujulesi cant open pdf file with rekonq in the internet, no just this file15:55
=== quant is now known as quant_
Daskreechkujules: try opening it in okular15:56
kujulesokie, thanks that works with okular, but not direct with rekonq15:57
elitrouhi guys. i need some help with udev rules for my broadband mobile usb modem.15:58
BluesKajkujules, it opens in rekonq here ...must be missing a plugin15:58
Daskreechkujules: That's ok as long as it works :)15:58
kujulesdo you know the name of that plugin? with kubuntu it works, but not with rekonq15:59
=== liquid is now known as Guest92449
DaskreechIt's the Okluar Kio16:03
DaskreechOr umm kpart sorry16:04
quant_elitrou: say what's the problem and somebody might be able to help16:04
kujulesOkular Ki?16:05
elitrouquant_: the modem only works when mounted on ttyUSB0 port. I want to force it to be always mounted there, and not on other ttyUSB16:06
Daskreechkujules: Kpart. Sorry my mistake16:06
quant_elitrou: can't help you with that, somebody else might16:09
Daskreechkujules: in case that didn't make sense to you KDE has a "parts" concept where you can use a part of another program in your own16:09
elitroui wonder if it's not a bug in a driver, btw...16:10
DaskreechSo instead of Ktorrent writing out how to play movies or preview music themselves they just borrow the "Kpart" from Kaffiene that does that. So when Kaffiene improves then so does Ktorrent16:10
quant_Daskreech: does GNOME do that?16:11
Daskreechkujules: So Rekonq can read PDFs because Okular has a kpart that Rekonq borrows16:11
kujulesmy adept and kpackagekit can not find kpart, okie when i must open pdf file on internet i will use  konqueror16:11
Daskreechquant_: are you crazy? That would require working together :-D16:11
quant_Daskreech: tell me more :)16:11
Daskreechkujules: No no it's not something you install it just exists if you have KDE16:11
kujulesokie :D16:11
quant_Daskreech: I meant does that work between GNOME applications, not between GNOME and KDE16:12
Daskreechkujules: You see it working all the time. You just probably didn't understand what was happening16:12
Daskreechquant_: See the same response above X-D16:12
kujulesi must have missed something because i could never open pdf with rekonq.16:12
quant_Daskreech: so it's that bad? :) ok16:12
Daskreechkujules: rekonq is still a baby in the KDE world. trying to workout some things with itself before it starts playing with others :)16:13
Daskreech I expect all that stuff to come16:13
kujulesokie, maybe one time replace konqueror browser? looks nicely with the dragon16:14
quant_I'd use rekonq if I didn't need sync with firefox and one firefox add-on16:14
DaskreechKonqui has been around since KDE1 (it wasn't called that then) so it's really really really good at Kpart stuff16:14
DaskreechYou can take anything and throw it at Konqueror and it should work16:14
Daskreechmusic, movies, Comic books, Zip files, Hard drives, Pictures, databases16:14
DaskreechFor a long time people would switch to KDE just because of Konqueror16:15
kujulesis it the standard browser for kubuntu? why coding rekonq? so many alternatives16:16
DarthFrogKonqueror used to be the killer app for KDE.  Nowadays, they're splitting off its functions into separate apps (Dolphin, Rekonq).16:17
Daskreechkujules: Well fundamentally for Free Software you are free to do what you like. (part of the concept)16:18
Daskreechbut in the case of Konqueror and rekonq they are different uses.16:18
quant_Daskreech: so why do we have both installed? they both look like web browsers when fired up16:19
DaskreechKonqueror is almost like a viewer. If you put anything in Konqueror it will show it to you. Filesystems, Web pages..  anything basically16:19
DaskreechRekonq is just a web browser. So it does things that Konqueror can't since it's focused on just doing that16:19
kujulesokie i see, i am waiting for 11.04 :-) maybe users get new functions and interesting news16:20
quant_Daskreech: they should change the description of rekonq to something other than "web browser" - this way people just think it's a web browser16:20
quant_Daskreech: I meant konqueror16:20
DaskreechKonqui does a lot of things that Rekonq just cannot do and it has the benefit of being able to do all of them in one place16:20
DarthFrogkujules: 11.04 will have KDE SC 4.6.1, which is currently available for 10.10.16:21
Daskreechquant_: It was the only Web browser on kde at one point so that's why it is labelled like that16:21
kujulesyes i have  installed 4.6.1 KDE16:21
quant_Daskreech: "Web browser and more would" would suffice ;-)16:21
Daskreechquant_: better than the "does kaka app"16:21
DarthFrogkujules: Therefore 11.04 will have no new functions.16:22
DarthFrogkujules: As for KDE news: dot.kde.org16:22
DaskreechDarthFrog: Till KDE 4.7 comes out :)16:22
DarthFrogDaskreech: Which is about 6 months away. :-)  So 11.10.16:22
DarthFrogActually, will it be 4.7 or 4.6.2?16:23
Daskreechkujules, quant_: but this is just a new age We went through this already with Text editors16:24
quant_Daskreech: ?16:24
DaskreechDarthFrog: http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.7_Release_Schedule16:24
Daskreechquant_: there was a point when KDE had like 4 text editors16:24
DarthFrogDaskreech:  4.7 in July?  W00t!16:25
quant_Daskreech: yes, in Debian I still had only kwrite intalled instead of kate (squeeze)16:25
Daskreechpeople kept making new ones to try out new stuff and KDE being KDE just allowed them to go and make what they wanted16:25
DaskreechEventually everyone was using Kate so that's what became the default cause it was the best16:25
kujulesi just clicked on the website Daskreech gave me. firefox opens that, is there a button i must press to make rekonq my standard browser16:25
Daskreechnow we are in the "cloud" age the same thing is happening with web browsers16:26
Daskreechthere are like 5 I think16:26
quant_Daskreech: I ain't going in no cloud thing, trust me :)16:26
DarthFrogkujules: In System Settings, you'd have to set your default applications.16:26
DaskreechRekonq seems to be the most popular though so that might end up being the one that becomes the "KDE" browser16:26
quant_Daskreech: cloud is a concept incompatible with the free software concept...16:27
Daskreechkujules: alt+F2 -> File associations -> HTML -> highlight rekonq and move it to the top of the list16:27
Daskreechquant_: That's fine but KDE as a community still have to address and deal with it16:27
kujulesok i have it now rekonq :D16:27
Daskreechquant_: Not really. Just the current implementation16:28
quant_Daskreech: free software is about being in control of your files and information, you cannot have that in a cloud16:28
quant_Daskreech: but if there comes some implementation that respects my freedom to control my stuff... ok16:28
Daskreechquant_: Strong statement. Why "can't" You ?16:29
genii-around<cough> !ot16:29
quant_Daskreech: how can I control my "stuff" if it's on somebody else's machine?16:29
Daskreechquant_: #kubuntu-offtopic :)16:29
S74rk7Daskreech:  Do you not sleep lol?16:30
DaskreechS74rk7: what's that?16:30
S74rk7Daskreech:  I was on this channel last night?  you were helping me out and a few others... that was like 12 hours ago... just kiddin really like... surprised to see your still on thats all lol :)16:31
DaskreechS74rk7: if it helps I haven't had breakfast yet16:32
DaskreechYes I come here to help before I eat :(16:32
S74rk7Daskreech:  Now thats dedication :)16:33
kujulesconvinced me of using linux ^^ its sometimes more easier than window except of installing16:33
Daskreechkujules: ha ha people don't install Windows. that doesn't count16:35
DaskreechIf you do install Windows trust me Linux is way way way easier16:35
kujulesyes i see but new users must learn a lot to understand how thing function16:35
Daskreechkujules: Same is true of windows16:37
naftilos76hi, what is the easiest way to downgrade from KDE 4.6.1 to 4.5.5 ? Has anybody tried?16:39
Daskreechnaftilos76: dump all of KDE then drop the repo and reinstall16:39
naftilos76Daskreech: this part "dump all of KDE" worries me a little bit. Is there a generally good way to do that without ending up with unsatisfied dependencies that will eventually make me reinstall from scratch?16:42
Daskreechremove kdelibs516:43
DaskreechI guess maybe Kdebase as well16:43
DaskreechEverything in KDE needs the KDE libs so they would all go *poof*16:43
Daskreechor if you want to be a bit more ruthless16:44
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome16:44
naftilos76ubottu: i'll stay with KDE at the moment. The thing is that i tried to do that (getting rid of KDE 4.6.1) and ended up with unresolved dependencies. I guess i removed some non-KDE pkgs that screwed thing up.16:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:46
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
naftilos76Did you guys try KDE 4.6.1?16:49
S74rk7what are the web site address for pasting links to images n things on here I have a question and I need to show an image as part of an example...16:49
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:49
BluesKajnaftilos76,it's running quite well here16:50
quant_naftilos76: visit kubuntu home page and find info on how to easily install it on your kubuntu 10.10 machine16:50
quant_naftilos76: it's a mega big banner on top of the page16:51
S74rk7Darthfrog: thanks mate - where can I go to learn the commands like the one you just used "!paste"16:51
Daskreechnaftilos76: :) the point of that link is that it shows you how to remove all the parts of KDE. You canrun that then drop your repos and reinstall kubuntu-desktop and get back kDE 4.516:51
DarthFrog!ubottu | S74rk716:52
ubottuS74rk7: Hi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots16:52
naftilos76quant_: i've already installed Kubuntu 10.10 and have updated KDE to 4.6.116:52
quant_naftilos76: sorry, wasn't following your past sentences16:53
naftilos76Daskreech: well let me have a look!16:53
naftilos76Daskreech: tnks16:53
S74rk7I am currently running Kubuntu dual booting with Windoze7 (Both 64bit) I have 4GB RAM so I have 8.2GB Swap area setup for my linux system....16:55
kujulesi think for normal users 2 gb ram is enough16:56
naftilos76BluesKaj: are you using Kontact / Kmail?16:57
Daskreechjuan__: Hola17:00
S74rk7heres my question... this is an example of my hdd layout here:  http://imagebin.org/144713  --  what I want to know is... I have my HDD partitioned setup for the 2 OS's  - I have a separate partition for my Home folder + another for /     .....  I want to know if I reinstall a version of linux.... and mount the partition ie. Home again it will remain uneffected??17:02
yofelS74rk7: can you rather pastebin the output of fdisk -l ?17:05
Daskreechlol nice :)17:06
DarthFrogS74rk7: Unaffected.  You mean unaffected. :-)  Yes, it will as long as you don't tell the installer to format the partition.17:06
yofelnice graph, just missing some info ^^17:06
Daskreechyofel: doesn't make a difference in answering his question though17:07
DaskreechS74rk7: somewhat :)17:07
yofelDaskreech: it does if I don't know what partitions are extended and what not17:07
Daskreechyofel: how does that affect the home partition?17:08
yofelthen again, if he doesn't touch the partition layout, /home won't be affected17:08
DarthFrogyofel: As long as /home is on a separate partition, what does it matter?17:08
Daskreechsee :)17:08
yofelyeah, that's me being tired :S17:08
DaskreechS74rk7: Kinda. But I think for the most part if you don't do silly things you should be fine17:08
* Daskreech hugs yofel. It'll be better tomorrow17:08
DarthFrogSilly thing being formatting the /home partition. :-)17:09
DaskreechDarthFrog: No you can screw it up in other ways17:09
* DarthFrog passes yofel a cup of freshly-brewed, fresh ground arabica coffee. :-)17:09
yofelmmmhm :D17:10
DarthFrogDaskreech:  Of course I can. :-)  But formatting is definitely one silly thing.17:10
Daskreechha ha :)17:10
DaskreechS74rk7: ok so in short once the distros don't have too many changes you should be fine17:10
S74rk7thanks for the input guys :)  --as regards to silly things - well it wouldnt be the first time - but I think I know what you mean about selecting it to be formatted :)17:11
DaskreechS74rk7: The most prevalent things I can think of is installing a distro that has your UID as something other than what the /home is expecting17:11
DarthFrogWhich is easy to rectify.17:11
Daskreechso if your UID is 1000 and you install one that puts your UID as 50017:11
DaskreechEasy fix17:12
Daskreechanother one is installing a Distro that has a much older version for your desktop environment17:12
DaskreechSo you were running KDE 4.7 and you jump to one that has 4.5 or 4.417:12
juan__any body speak spanish?17:12
DaskreechThe changes in the configurations could break things17:12
DaskreechAnother easy fix but just things to look out for17:13
DarthFrog!es | juan__17:13
ubottujuan__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.17:13
Daskreech!es | juan__17:13
DaskreechI was typing. Not fair17:13
juan__si pero entre en espa17:13
juan__en kubuntu17:13
S74rk7so if I made yet another partition and had it encrypted with for example "TrueCrypt" - but is there a "label" I could use to have it mounted with Home etc apon reinstallation of linux?17:14
S74rk7You guys are going WAAY over my head with this UID 1000 / UID 500 talk lol17:14
DarthFrogS74rk7: You can set mount points for your partitions when you install, if you use the custom partitioning option.17:14
DarthFrogS74rk7: UIDs (User IDs) and GIDs (Group IDs) are something you will have to know.17:15
Daskreechjuan__: y escribo /join #kubuntu-es17:15
S74rk7DarthFrog: OK man thanks for the heads up!17:15
DaskreechS74rk7: ok so computers are really really bad at reading right? but very very good at counting17:16
Daskreechand numbers are pretty good because no number is the same as any other number17:16
DarthFrogS74rk7: It's not complicated.  Basically each user is known to the system by their UID.  Users can be grouped and that group identified by its GID.17:16
S74rk7ok... quick question... will the like of such topics as UID + GID be covered in OReillys Linux in a Nutshell book that you guys suggested I read last night?17:17
DarthFrogThe UID and GID define the privileges each user and group have.17:17
Daskreechbut some people's names are the same as other people's names. So linux converts everything it sees into a unique number that it can keep a track of.17:17
DaskreechS74rk7: yes17:17
DarthFrogS74rk7:  "whoami" will tell you your UID.17:19
Daskreechso when you see a file as being owned by S74rk7 the computer sees it as being owned by user 1000. Same for a file  it's number is file 48730 owned by user 100017:19
DarthFrogHmm, no it doesn't.17:19
Daskreechinode number ?17:19
DarthFrog"id" does, though. :-)17:19
Daskreechah right :)17:19
S74rk7ahhhh... so my username contains text and numbers - but that translates to the system which has assigned me a UID for its only reference and put me in a GID that doesnt contain ROOT Privilidges.... unless for example when I run SUDO commands which gives me temporary elevation of privilidges to run the command I've asked to be run?   SOMETHING like that lol??17:20
muraliPlease help. CPU usage high17:20
Daskreechmurali: Which procees?17:20
DaskreechS74rk7: pretty much that's exactly what happens17:20
quant_murali: give us top output on pastebin17:20
DarthFrogS74rk7: I would suggest O'Reilly's "Running Linux" for that sort of stuff.  http://oreilly.com/catalog/978059600760717:20
muraliit doesnt show any particular process with high cpu usage but ovell its showin 100%17:21
tertl3murali: did you try htop17:21
muraliquant: I am new to kubuntu. plz tell me how to do tht17:21
muralitertl3: wat is htop17:21
quant_murali: open a terminal (under the main menu), type "top"17:22
Daskreechmurali: sudo apt-get install htop17:22
Daskreechhold up17:22
Daskreechmurali: press Ctrl+Esc17:22
Daskreechthat should be enough17:22
Daskreechmurali: sort by CPU of course17:22
muralihow do i use htop17:23
Daskreechmurali: sudo apt-get install htop && htop17:23
muraliDAskreech: done installing. now wat to do?17:24
Daskreechah.. umm17:25
quant_his cpu exploded17:25
S74rk7I ran that command "fdisk -l" and it hasnt done anything.... should I sudo it?  Just curious to see what it does... I'm making a list of Terminal commands I pick up as I go along....17:25
DaskreechS74rk7: sudo it yes17:25
S74rk7Daskreech:  ohhh nice... got it thanks :)17:26
S74rk7Daskreech: sorry if seemed silly - just I know you should be careful of what commands you run with sudo privilidges...17:27
DaskreechS74rk7: when you ls -l a file it will tell you a name for who owns it. If that user is deleted it will tell you what the user ID is . That's how it keeps a track of everything.17:27
DaskreechS74rk7: No that's quite refreshing17:27
DaskreechSick of people putting sudo in front of everything they run "just in case"17:28
S74rk7I guess people miss the importance behind it.... you know ... part of the main protection with linux is the fact your not always running admin privilages... simple idea and very effective... :)17:32
S74rk7thats my understanding to it anyway... I'm not acting like a know-it-all !! :)17:32
DaskreechS74rk7: That and as a user you are not allowed to do ANYTHING17:32
Daskreechthough it gives you a nice illusion of having great powers :)17:33
S74rk7I'm still a padawan - I know17:33
S74rk7OS kind of protecting you from yourself really isnt it - Linux is such a powerful OS... thats why I wanna become a guru... possiblities are limitless in my eyes17:34
DaskreechS74rk7: so far it has been. Lets see what happens when we switch to stateless quantam computers with Photon buses17:36
S74rk7Can I ask a question that sometimes I kind of wonder about.... is linux/unix the backbone behind all the different distros.... and the distros are basically a collection of various "Applications/Software"  but if you learn the terminal commands for configuring  the system from there - it applies across all distros?  bar the things effected by which desktop environment you use - Gnome/KDE???17:42
S74rk7and of course the packages you have installed etc...17:42
DaskreechS74rk7: yes17:49
S74rk7nice... thanks mate17:50
DaskreechIf you ignore things like android17:50
S74rk7see andriod is something I want to get into as well.... the idea that its open source.... actually am I right on that?17:51
elijahHow do I get the message applet indicator back again? I removed it...17:55
elijahI found it helpful for file transfer status17:55
DaskreechS74rk7: It is but it doesn't use the same tools as what you might normally think of as linux though it is really and truly linux17:57
Daskreechelijah: did you remove the system tray?17:57
S74rk7Elijah: If you right click on the panel or where you want to add it back to - unlock you widgets (if they aren't already) - and select "Add Widget" in the pop up menu listing the widgets - the one you are looking for "Notifications" drag it to you desired location.... I think thats how I put it back...17:59
Daskreech If you add one back then it should be there17:59
Daskreechthere is a notifications one :)18:00
Daskreech nice18:00
S74rk7elijah: did you get the message applet back?18:04
elijahS74rk7: yes, thanks very much!18:06
elijahS74rk7: I was searching for message in the widget finder18:06
dustin_I've got a text editor question - see my college requires microsoft WORD - and im useing ubuntu-maverick 10.10 and i need to turn in assingments to them V.I.A virtual classroom anyone got any ideas how to meet the instructors comprise so we can send documents/aka homework this way or what application i can download for this purpose to do this? much needed help :) my assigments are do for college by monday18:06
Daskreechdustin_: What are you using to write your assignments?18:07
dustin_I've tried openoffice.org but it wont let me save the file in the correct format.18:07
Daskreechand file a complaint against the university18:07
Daskreechdustin_: Did you try save as? :)18:07
dustin_was useing openoffice.org. i typed save < not save as18:08
Daskreechdustin_: try save as18:08
dustin_i know right i should. see i need a .doc path for them to view it is my dilema. any ideas i dont see why openoffice.org isnt capable of doing this . i thought if i just saved it to a .doc filepath that would work for them to open the file.18:09
dustin_so click save as? then for the filepath .doc right ?18:09
S74rk7elijah: no problem mate - I done the same thing myself before while playing around - just remembered how I got it... you can add different widgets to the desktop as well... just in case you were interested... can personalize your desktops...18:09
Daskreechdustin_: No in the format drop down box look for Microsoft Office and save it as the version that you want18:11
S74rk7I'm running into similar problems with openoffice.... I have documents such as my CV that I made years ago in Microsoft office.... I can open it in Openoffice, but when I open it in open office... the sizing and columns are all off... a lot of work went into the layout of my document so I can really only edit it in microsoft word...18:12
elijahS74rk7: Yeah, I just figured that out the other day!18:12
S74rk7elijah: pretty cool huh :)18:12
DaskreechS74rk7: That would be because .docs are purposely obtuse so that a) only Word can edit it and b) when a new version comes out and doesn't act the same way you have to buy the upgrade18:14
dustin_hey i just done that lol :P18:16
dustin_lemme see if it works18:17
S74rk7Daskreech:  Seriously... Microsoft huh! all about the money!18:18
DaskreechS74rk7: is there anything else?18:18
S74rk7Daskreech:  What should I go and read up on to be able to manually define resolutions... I'm using Kubuntu 11.02 - is it xorg or something?18:19
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution18:20
S74rk7Daskreech: I need to learn how to be able to uninstall drivers and reinstall drivers... my sound card cannot seem to see my HDMI port so I can redirect my sound when my laptop is connected to the TV.... I could do it fine when I was using Ubuntu18:21
S74rk7Daskreech: thanks mate18:22
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP318:22
BluesKajS74rk7, open alsamixer and f4 , it shows your capture ports , they might need configuring18:23
dustin_it worked daskreech :P thanks alot18:24
Daskreechfile a complaint against the university :)18:24
maiorali am using netbootin inside wubi and after i boot it says it cant go to image because needs to load kernel first, now what do i do?18:25
BluesKajBBL, still trying to install Pardus , had some glitches on the last dvd...the cdrom in my old den linuxbox is old and flaky18:25
lb_Hi. Is there a way to run the live installer from Kubuntu or do I have to boot from the live iso first?18:27
javier_Hi. I have problems with my screen configuration in kubuntu, because I cannot change the lightness18:28
javier_I've got a bar to make darker or lighter the screen but no change is registered when moving it18:28
maiorallb, you can use NETBOOTIN18:28
maioralNETBOOTIN works in windows and linux, it reboots with an iso18:29
maiorallike if it was a live cd18:29
dustin_anyone care to elaborate on wtf the difference is between kubuntu and ubuntu?18:29
maioralKUBUNTU looks like a windows718:29
DarthFrogUbuntu = GNOME, Kubuntu = kDE SC.18:29
maioralusing KDE graphic interface18:29
dustin_??? lol just noticed i been asking questions about ubuntu in a completely different channel :( im so sorry guys :)18:30
=== jl is now known as Guest13600
maioraland a lot of different softwares for all like webbrowse etc in different packages18:30
maioralubuntu comes with messengers web browsers etc LIGHTER, what means uses less resources18:30
Daskreechlb_: I suppose you could but why would you want to do that?18:30
dustin_ubuntu better for starting out/lwanting to program and such?18:30
lb_maioral: unetbootin could be fine, but unless I miss something it lacks a lot of possibilities that the live installer has18:30
maioralyou better have BOTH18:31
Daskreechdustin_: it's just a preference18:31
maioralnope lb, you will have all possibilities18:31
maioralyou can install UBUNTU then you download and install KUBUNTU together, one will not interfere with other and you CHOSE if you want to login in UBUNTU OR KUBUNTU in login screen18:31
Daskreechlb_: In any case you should be not running the installer while you are on the hard drive18:32
* dustin_ grins at daskcreech. okay when selecting a good scripting language with no experience what you folks recomend? ive got brief knowlege of my way around shells/c but other than that notta? any sugestions /aps that would be good for learning???18:32
maiorallb you are wrong18:32
lb_Daskreech: for various reasons, I happen to need to install / reinstall kubuntu quite often. To the disk from where I run it, or to another disk.18:32
maioralthe live instaler runs in any device, as long as can be read; usb, cd or hd18:32
maiorali prefer A LOT to use in HD18:33
dustin_thank you darthfrog btw.18:33
maioralcause is FASTER18:33
dustin_see i can't do the dual boot of ku and ub i got win7 on my machine and 500 gig hd18:33
S74rk7BluesKaj:  I dont seem to have alsamixer.... ALT+F2 doesnt show anything... should I install it from kpackage?18:34
maioraldustin, the UBUNTU&KUBUNTU are the SAME BOOT, you chose UBU OR KUBU IN LOGIN SCREEN18:34
dustin_hmm i think i semi know what you mean . but do i gotta dl the kubuntu? then18:34
S74rk7BluesKaj:  it looks like something called Kmix is controlling my sound?18:34
maioralnope you just need to INSTALL inside ubuntu18:35
maioralwith 3 command lines18:35
maioralyou install kubuntu package and thats all18:35
dustin_so then id get the option kubuntu ubuntu or win7?18:35
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.18:36
lb_maioral: hmm so I can run the partioning tool and all the rest the live installer allows to do?18:36
maioralyes lb18:36
Daskreechdustin_: bash or python are good. JS is nice but messy18:36
lb_maioral: that's not what the screenshots on the homepage, neither my experience suggest so I am puzzled18:37
Daskreechdustin_: you can install Ubuntu on the same partition as kubuntu18:37
lb_maioral: but ok I ll give it one more try18:37
Daskreechinstall one and simply apt-get install he other18:37
dustin_thanks maioral18:37
Daskreechyou can choose when you login which you want to login to18:37
dustin_that game last night worked great dask btw18:37
maiorallb just make like here http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kde18:37
Daskreechlb_: what has been your experience?18:37
Daskreechdustin_: I saw18:38
maiorali started with linux 48 hours ago... i am passing from WUBI to a real install18:38
S74rk7BluesKaj:  I tried messing around inside KMix but I can even see my HDMI port to configure it from there18:38
lb_Daskreech: my experience is that unetbootin does exactly what the screenshots on its homepage shows: install everything in one partition18:39
lb_Daskreech: without giving any option. Quite different from live-installer18:39
dustin_ive got a python interpetor and afew other programing deals im not sure what their main purpose is for. mind explaing if i list them here>>> bluefish editor- codelite- gazpacho interface and designer - jeex- pg admin3 anyone feel like explaing what the purpose of these apps are for ? im just curious18:40
Daskreechlb_: unetbootin installs the ISO to a partition. Which can be a CD you use that and boot the Live CD which can then handle multiple partitions18:41
lb_Daskreech: ok that's what I know then. What I want is the ability to run the live installer directly now from kubuntu18:41
lb_Daskreech: so skipping the live installation18:42
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Daskreechlb_: You cannot do that it will wipe the drive18:42
lb_Daskreech: make sense :) but what about if I have two drives and I want to install to the other one18:43
Daskreechlb_: Then I suppose you can loop mount the ISO. Bind the dev folder to the live installation. chroot into it and reassign a /dev/tty for the X server18:44
lb_Daskreech: and I actually have several partitions on my drive (on purpose to run several distros). So I could install on the same drive but on a different partition18:44
Daskreechlb_: no you can't it can wipe the partition table if you try that18:44
DaskreechThough you could dd the iso image over there18:45
Daskreechthat might work as well18:45
lb_Daskreeech: reassign a /dev/tty for the X server? do you some pointers on how to do that. A quick googling doesn't do the trick18:46
Daskreechjust rebind the tty with init I think18:47
DaskreechThough I suppose it would do that automatically. You could just try run a new X server18:47
DaskreechYou would have to unpack the ISO image of course18:47
lb_why unpack? if it's loop mounted, that should be enough, not?18:49
dustin_anyone know where to find a free ebook for DLing in regards to python programing18:50
lb_your idea sounds a bit crazy to me :) I never tried running X from a chroot, but hell I ll try that then18:50
lb_Daskreech: thanks18:51
silviumy gpu stays at 70 degrees when idle18:51
silviucould it be because of the kernel , or something?18:51
yofeldustin_: examples would be http://diveintopython.org/ or http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpython/thinkpython.html18:51
Daskreechlb_: no the CD has about 1.5-2GB of software on  700MB CD it's very very compressed18:53
dustin_thank you yofel afk to do some much needed reading :)18:53
yofeldustin_: as a python IDE you could use eric, I haven't used it much though18:53
Daskreechlb_: Mounting it will get you a compressed set of files. You need to uncompress them to get to the programs which includes your X server and the installer which needs X running18:53
Daskreechlb_: You would be running X from a uncompressed image without a running init or kernel which is from a chroot which is from a loop mounted image18:54
Daskreechand possibly running this against the file table that it is running from. So as I said you can do it but that doesn't mean that you should18:55
DaskreechBooting the CD is faster and safer but you are free to go ahead and try18:55
dustin_im quite new to that type of stuff i dabbled very little with programing but i got a strong drive to learn ...and want something well thought out and rounded but at the same time -game programish derived- sorta a good universial language. think python might be the way to go. i heard its a type of scripting language if so that kinda reminds me of html/java sorta18:57
lb_Daskreech: who the hell wants to go faster if it's safer at the same time?18:57
lb_Daskreech: I might go for the USB live boot again though :)18:57
Daskreechlb_: Thre you go :)18:58
lb_but discussing the thing was nice18:58
yofeldustin_: scripting means that you don't actually compile the source but run the text files themselves using an interpreter. So not really java, but rather the html-related javascript18:59
dustin_that about what python is then roughly?19:00
yofelpython is a scripting language, you can just execute the app with 'python file.py'19:01
yofelno need to compile anything like with C/++19:01
yofeljava is something in between, you compile java code to some kind of bytecode which is then executed in an interpreter.19:02
S74rk7is the process of uninstalling KMix to configure audio and installing the likes of ALSAMixer ... simply enough?  I was thinking to just remove KMix from KPackageKit and then reboot.... and then install ALSAMixer from there.... will this be effective?19:06
S74rk7what I mean by effective.... will it use the drivers in ALSAMixer when I install it rather than the drivers KMix is using?19:10
Daskreechthat sounds horribly complicated19:11
S74rk7what do you mean?19:12
yofelerm, alsa is what provides the drivers, kmix is just a mixer for phonon, which uses pulseaudio, which uses alsa (not complicated at all, right? :S)19:13
macoS74rk7: alsamixer is already there...19:14
DaskreechS74rk7: Kmix is the front end. You can just remove pulseaudio and alsamix will be there19:14
macojust type it on the command line19:14
S74rk7my reason for this is.... when I used ubuntu - I could see and use my HDMI port for sound not a problem.... now I'm using Kubuntu and its using something called KMix to configure the sound and I cant see my HDMI port...19:14
macoS74rk7: did you check the multimedia settings in system settings?19:15
macomaybe its in there?19:15
macokmix is just for louder-quieter though19:15
maconot for which-device-do-you-want19:15
macoid usually use pavucontrol to choose which outputs / inputs to make use of19:16
DarthFrogS74rk7: It's not kmix that's in your way, it's pulseaudio.19:17
S74rk7I was in Multimedia in System Settings... the only audio output device listed under "Phonon"  is Internal Audio Analog Stereo ....19:17
S74rk7right... so Kmix is just like you say a GUI front end for configuring Pulseaudio... I need to remove pulseaudio and install alsa?19:18
yofelthat's the name for pulseaudio, try pavucontrol (you'll have to install it)19:18
DarthFrogS74rk7: You need to install padevchooser, pafrefs and paman19:18
DarthFrogS74rk7: pavuecontrol would also be useful.19:19
S74rk7ok no prob... 1 sec19:19
Peace-i will remove pulse xD19:19
Peace-S74rk7: you have already alsa19:19
Peace-alsa is the driver19:20
Peace-without that you could not use pulse19:20
Peace-read this19:20
S74rk7so pulse is another application like Kmix?19:20
dustin_brb time for a reboot since ive installed afew things brb folks19:21
yofelwindows mentality... *sigh*19:22
S74rk7hey... I'm learning lol19:22
yofelnot you, dustin :P19:22
* yofel wonders what he installed19:23
S74rk7oh right sorry lol19:23
Peace-S74rk7: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/audio-problem-with-kubuntu-10-10/19:24
S74rk7just installed - padevchooser - papref - paman from Kpackagekit.... gonna go for a play :)19:25
DarthFrogS74rk7: KDE uses a subsystem called Phonon to do sound.  Phonon uses pulseaudio to provide the actual sound server.  Phonon also uses other things, such as kmix.  Under all those layers is ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound System, which grew out of the Gravis Ultrasound on Linux project).  If you have the impression that sound on Linux is a *&^%^# dog's breakfast, you're not alone.19:25
DarthFrogAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture, not System. :-)  My bad.19:26
yofelesp. since phonon can use alsa by itself perfectly fine without pulse, but since ubuntu loves pulse, we do to for some reason19:26
DarthFrogyofel:  ubuntu or KDE?19:27
yofelDaskreech: well, ubuntu(gnome) uses pulse so we use it too to have less differences IIRC19:27
yofelerr sry Daskreech19:27
yofelthat kmix doesn't really have proper pulseaudio controls doesn't help :S19:28
S74rk7DarthFrog:  It does seem complex... but I guess it all adds to the versitility that linux has...19:29
DarthFrogS74rk7: Not really.  It's just a cluster-<expletive deleted>.19:29
DaskreechS74rk7: Pulse is a umm. interesting middle ground for something that some argue is not needed but it is being put across in any case. for the most part if you remove plulseaudio everything works the same way19:29
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DaskreechS74rk7: Pulseaudio does not help out except in very small corner cases but the makers are really intent on having it installed everywhere19:31
yofelthe issue with alsa that pulse tries to fix is having sound output from more than 1 application at the same time. Creating a mountain of other issues at the same time...19:31
Daskreechit's trying to both provide more power and simplify everything so understandbly sometimes it's confusing19:31
DaskreechHaving said that Sound and video on Linux are horrible19:31
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DarthFrogThe whole sound system on Linux needs to be re-architected.  The current one is a kludge upon other kludges.19:32
DaskreechIt is but it's near impossible currently to do that with out breaking everything we have for 2 years19:32
Daskreechand people seem to have some liking of Music and moving pictures in some places so....19:33
benedicthi i am using firefox 4 with kubuntu 10.10 and vlc-plugin 1.1.4, but if i try to watch divx videos, the video kkeps being black and no sound appears, i had the same problem as i worked with the last ff 3.6 version, can somebody help me?19:33
S74rk7ok ... so if pulse is removed.. like you say everything works fine... may I ask then just for my own understanding... why is it insisted to remain... and what is its job if the guys who leave it there want to keep it... it a - lets leave it in just in case... you know like obsolete technology kind of thing?19:34
DarthFrogS74rk7: Pulse is an attempt to abstract the complexity of the Linux sound system to a simple interface.  It's great when it works.19:36
DarthFrogIt sweeps everything into the closet and gives you a single knob to twiddle.19:36
DarthFrogS74rk7: Use padevchooser to select your preferred output device, then leave it alone. :-)19:37
DarthFrogOr use pavuecontrol directly.19:38
DaskreechS74rk7: The makers of it have designed it to be simpler from a programming perspective. They want it to be installed everywhere for it to make sense. IT's not obsolete it's actually very new and so still has a lot of bugs19:39
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S74rk7no no I wasn't calling it absolete.... I meant in my question... if its not really needed etc - why leave it there if you say it causes issues - but I see what you mean now - its new and I guess still going through its teething process...19:44
S74rk7I have to say you guys are all very patient... Apologies if my seem to ramble... asking questions is a quicker way to learn the understanding of something... before I hit the books... lol19:45
DaskreechS74rk7: Long as you are willing to hit books when we tell you to19:50
=== Cibortcik is now known as Cibort
S74rk7Daskreech: I'm willing to put the work in... sure if you listen to me I'm not asking you guys... where do I click... how do you type it... I'm just asking for direction :)19:54
DaskreechS74rk7: It was a general statement19:55
S74rk7Daskreech:  I know :)19:55
DaskreechIf you want to sit in here and learn about the world we will kick you out. Get a job you whippersnapper! In my days by your time I had two wives and a war under my belt!19:55
DaskreechYou and your facedbooks!19:55
DaskreechYou can't judge a book by it's face!19:56
bottiger_can someone please post their unity xsession file?19:58
Daskreechbottiger_: ask in #ubuntu19:58
S74rk7Daskreech:  What are you getting at?19:59
DaskreechS74rk7: Some people want everything handed to them19:59
DaskreechYou do something like !resolution and they want you to read it to them then tell them what to do19:59
DaskreechThey don't get as much help here20:00
S74rk7Daskreech: Are you aiming that at me?  Due to me asking questions n trying to be friendly on here?20:00
DaskreechS74rk7: No you are the opposite of that20:00
DaskreechWe like you :)20:00
S74rk7Whos we?  And it was just the you said that I was baffled that you were assuming I was jobless and trying to learn about the world n that.... lol20:01
DaskreechS74rk7: no that's old man ranting at entitled children :)20:04
DaskreechGet off my lawn kinda thing20:04
S74rk7yeah I was reading it a couple times... was thinking... is he saying that to me.... or it kinna sounds like its out of a movie rofl...20:05
S74rk7sorry got confused there...20:05
zajoba123I would like to know is it possible to restore old menu structure and desktop like it was in previous kubuntu versions ?20:21
zajoba123I mean, the new desktop and menus looks too much complex and I can't find a setting where I could restore everything :(20:21
diego21hi all20:23
diego21what is the username and password of ftp server?20:23
james147diego21: what ftp server?20:24
diego21i dont know20:24
james147probally your username + password the20:24
james147diego21: if not, then you need to configure it ^^20:25
diego21i need it for update drupal, but my username and pass dont work20:25
zajoba123does anyone know how to restore desktop and menus like it was in 10.04 ?20:26
james147diego21: https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html20:26
james147zajoba123: dont think the default desktop ahve changed from 10.04 ^^20:27
james147at least not that  much20:27
zajoba123wait a sec please, I will make screenshot20:28
zajoba123solved, nevermind20:32
zajoba123but theres one more issue, I hope last one20:32
zajoba123can you please check this image20:32
zajoba123look at U I O P buttons20:32
zajoba123you can see that theres a small numbers on those buttons20:33
zajoba123the problem is20:33
* james147 notes thats the laptop numpad ^^20:33
zajoba123that when I type, those numbers appear on screen by default20:33
zajoba123yes, but how I could switch ?20:33
nerdy_kidis your fn key stuck?20:33
zajoba123no, its not20:33
zajoba123I must hold fn key to enter the text which is really a head pain20:34
james147zajoba123: try turning off numlock20:34
zajoba123there is no numlock ;/20:34
james147zajoba123: fn +F10-12 ^^ try pressing them20:35
james147(thats fn +f10, fn+f11... see if any of them toggle it)20:35
zajoba123fn+f11 solved20:37
zajoba123ty guys :)20:37
zajoba123no more questions, have a nice day/night ! :D20:38
Daskreech\o/ james147!20:39
DaskreechJust crashed Kaffiene and it threw up a bug report but it's still playing through the playlist20:41
DaskreechLinux is crazy sometimes20:41
S74rk7someone kindly suggested earlier I should read this: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/audio-problem-with-kubuntu-10-10/   - to help resolve my issue with not being able to direct my sound output through HDMI in KMix or under the System Settings > Multimedia > Phonon > Audio Output20:42
S74rk7should I try this?  I take it I can reinstall it if I kill something?20:42
nerdy_kidS74rk7: all you have to do to disable pulseaudio is "sudo chmod -x /usr/bin/pulseaudio && killall pulseaudio"20:45
nerdy_kidthen all you have to do to reenable it is "sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/pulseaudio"20:45
DaskreechHa that's one way of going about it20:46
S74rk7that really just turning it off?20:46
S74rk7just as effective?20:46
S74rk7I'm gonna look into this chmod command... back in a sec20:46
DaskreechS74rk7: it's making the program non executable (the -x)20:46
Daskreechso it can't run. to make it run again just add back the executable permission (+x)20:47
S74rk7really... could that not cause problems if something is mapped to it in some way... and its not running?20:47
nerdy_kidS74rk7: it hasn't ever caused trouble for me20:48
nerdy_kidif it causes any issues, just run the second command to reenable it20:48
nerdy_kidquite harmless :D  heck of a lot easier then uninstalling it too20:49
DaskreechS74rk7: in this case I think it's safe enough to try21:02
S74rk7nerdy_kid: thanks man... I've copied it down... I'll get round to trying it... I'm trying to get my head around is there no easy alternative to Windoze "Device Manager" - you now, somewhere where you can see your detected hardware...you can disable, re-enable it - remove/update/install drivers etc... you know see you device models n names n things?21:04
S74rk7bound to be some kind of GUI maybe someone's put together21:04
DaskreechS74rk7: Kinfocenter you mean?21:05
DaskreechGranted that may be more information than you are used to having21:06
S74rk7don't get me wrong...I want to learn the raw bash n command line configuration n stuff...21:06
Daskreechthat would be lshw21:06
james147Daskreech: and lspci lsusb :)21:07
Daskreechand lshal21:08
v3ctorlshw pretty much cover it all21:08
Daskreechbut I think lshw is a little less likely to induce loss of bodily functions21:08
james147Daskreech: isnt hal ment to be depracated nowadays?21:08
DaskreechIt is21:08
Daskreechbut lsudev sounds dirty :)21:08
DaskreechKinfocenter is really good though21:10
* james147 has finaly managed to get his wireless card to connect O-o21:12
james147sort of :p21:14
S74rk7Daskreech:  Niiiice - I like this Kinfocentre21:15
S74rk7thanks for the info21:15
james147any where to tell what processes are using a module?21:16
james147way ^^21:17
S74rk7nothing more straight forward though to uninstall drivers being used n stuff...21:18
james147S74rk7: sudo rmmod <module name> to unload a driver :)21:19
S74rk7thats real handy for showing hardware information thought, to go on the hunt for drivers then21:19
S74rk7thanks for the info21:19
james147S74rk7: modules (drivers in windows terms) are just extensions to the kernel, most are installed with the kernel, and others are installed by the packagemanager (such as the nvidia modules)21:20
james147S74rk7: ^^ most of the time you just blacklist them to stop them loading if one is causing a problem21:20
S74rk7wow I get it now...21:20
james147or you can use rmmod and modprobe to unload and load them21:21
S74rk7thats clever why its done like that21:21
james147(and lsmod to list the running ones)21:21
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james147S74rk7: so as for updating them ^^ the packagemenager should handle that ^^ :)21:22
james147(which is better then having to uninstall and reinstall drivers for each and every device you have :D and why there isnt really a gui for it...)21:23
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S74rk7james147: thanks for the information mate21:38
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:04
Daskreechjames147: sorry what do you mean about the modules and processes?22:10
james147Daskreech: kernel modules ^^ (what windows calls drivers)22:11
Daskreechjames147: you want to know what process is using them? don't you mean which modules are using them?22:11
james147Daskreech: when trying to rmmod it fails if a module is in use ^^22:13
Daskreechyes but in use by another module22:13
Daskreechif you look at the list from lsmod there is a listing of modules on the left and a listing of which modules for which it has a dependency on the left22:14
james147Daskreech: lsmod: ipv6                  280362  78     << the 78 is under the Used by column, but whats using it? (other have the modules listed as well as a number)22:14
Daskreechif you try to modprobe -r a modules that is being depended on by another module then it will fail22:15
james147i think that ^^22:15
james147thats why i want to know whats using it22:15
Daskreechjames147: what are you getting when you modprobe -r ipv6 ?22:23
james147Daskreech: ERROR: Module ipv6 is in use22:33
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Daskreechjames147: sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop ?22:35
james147dont think that will do it :) considering i dont have an init.d or  a networking deamon  :)22:38
james147but yeah, should probally try stoping the network22:38
james147Daskreech: nop didnt seem to work :(22:40
james147^^ will eventually just blacklist it somewhere :)22:40
dustin_any of you use tumblr?22:46
S74rk7how do I see "inside" the bots brain - you know the guy who writes back to !paste etc ;) lol22:49
S74rk7it had a nice link in it that you could see the commands n stuff :)22:50
Daskreech!ubottu > S74rk722:51
ubottuS74rk7, please see my private message22:51
S74rk7Daskreech: Thanks :)22:58
greendevili am needing to know how to get on the internet with suse on my computer23:04
james147greendevil: openSUSE?23:05
greendevila friend's computer has suse on her computer and she doesn't know how to get on the internet23:06
james147greendevil: then ask on their channel23:06
greendevilhow would i do that23:07
james147^^ click that if your cllient supports it or type /join #opensuse23:07
S74rk7imagebin.com won't let me upload a png ... strange.. done it fine earlier...does it do that much?  prob under load or something?23:23
=== mren is now known as mren|off
S74rk7the error it gives me back is "Image type not allowed"  - its 11.2kb in size... is there size limitations does anyone know offhand?23:24
james147S74rk7: probally a size limit ^^23:25
quantdoubt that 11.2 kb could be too much23:27
S74rk7says max is 2MB... the file I'm trying to upload is just a little larger than the file that worked perfectly early...23:28
S74rk7prob just having a funny fit... try again soon23:28
quantS74rk7: just try with some other format to see if it works, than we'll know that the format is somehow problematic23:29
quantbtw, http://imagebin.com/ for me shows a blank page23:29
quant.org... ok, nevermind23:30
S74rk7strange...it uploaded the file I used earlier no problem23:30
S74rk7I've tried saving the screenshot image 4 times... .png as the other file I just tested...23:30
S74rk7strange... just thought I'd ask in case it usually has funny half hours every now n again n I can just try later23:31
quantS74rk7: convert it to jpg or something23:31
S74rk7yeah worked fine converting it to jpeg.... strange support other png's23:35
S74rk7anyway - thank you :)23:35
quantS74rk7: sure... but strange that png doesn't work...23:36
S74rk7so I installed through kpackagekit earlier - padvchooser paman + paprefs    --- but pulseaudio applet doesnt seem to be responding - you can see a bit more what I mean here... http://imagebin.org/14476523:38
S74rk7what do you think is wrong... hold one 1 sec I'm gonna try a reboot23:39
dmkrylhi i'm having trouble mounting a ntfs partition when i put fstab -l show me this23:39
dmkryl/dev/sda3           11954       27138   121964544   83  Linux23:39
Daskreechdmkryl: That's not a ntfs partition23:40
dmkrylthat means isn't ntfs?23:40
Daskreechdmkryl: how are you trying to mount it?23:40
dmkrylsudo mount /media/sda323:40
DaskreechThat's not a full command23:41
dmkrylalso tried  sudo mount /dev/sda3 /media/sda323:41
DaskreechWhat was the error?23:41
dmkrylbash: cd: /media/sda3: Permission denied23:42
Daskreechdmkryl: I'm assuming that exists?23:42
dmkrylthis is the fstab line23:43
dmkryl/dev/sda3                                  /media/sda3  auto  rw,users             0  023:43
Daskreechthat's from fstab?23:44
james147dmkryl: can you pastebin the output of "mount"23:44
DarthFrogThe fstab line lacks the fs type field.23:44
Daskreechauto ?23:45
DarthFrogShould be autofs.23:45
Daskreechauto should be fine23:46
Daskreechhaving autofs can't hurt though23:47
smoothtasteanybody up for some installation support?23:51
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.23:51
dmkryli can enter in root mode via dolphin but in my user mode i can't23:52
smoothtasteSorry Daskreech, didn't know if most were idle. - My cd burner crapped out on me while burning live cd, i'm looking for an alternative way to install, like writing the image to my external hdd then mounting possibly?23:53
ScorpKingsmoothtaste: install it from usb23:54
Daskreechdmkryl: Ah. That's easy23:54
Daskreechmount with -o umask=002223:54
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent23:54
dmkryli add that to the fstab?23:54
ScorpKingthank you Daskreech :)23:54
smoothtasteThanks a lot fellas :)23:54
Daskreechdmkryl: You can do that as well23:55
ScorpKingsmoothtaste: usb install is a lot faster as well23:55
Daskreechunder the options sectionj23:55
smoothtasteSo I've heard ScorpKing, tried it once before but had trouble with Toshiba Bios, will try again.23:55
ScorpKingsmoothtaste: it's worth the effort23:57
dmkrylwrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda3,23:57
dmkryl       missing codepage or helper program, or other error23:57
dmkryl       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try23:57
dmkryl       dmesg | tail  or s23:57
FloodBotK2dmkryl: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:57
smoothtasteToshiba can always be fun, I think Arch is the only distro I've ever compiled that didn't overheat outta the box. Theoretically an external should work like a pendrive, but have you ever done it that way?23:58
Daskreechdmkryl: what did you change?23:59

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