danilosgmb, hi, what do you think of https://devpad.canonical.com/~danilo/screencasts/inline-validation-error.ogv for inline error handling?12:00
gmbdanilos: Sweeet.12:01
gmbLove it.12:01
danilosgmb, cool, thanks, then I'll run with it :)12:01
benjioops, forgot to fire up my IRC client12:37
* gmb grabs some lunch12:44
gary_posterok, bac, I think I've worked through my mail backlog sufficiently.  I think milestone is the last one to be done?13:22
bacgary_poster: really?  ok.  are you offering?  i'm still working on the distro abnormalities13:22
gary_posterbac, yes, I am offering13:22
gary_posterI'll start13:23
bacdanilos: your screencast is great!13:24
danilosbac, thanks :)13:24
danilosgary_poster, fwiw (since you joined right after I posted the URL), https://devpad.canonical.com/~danilo/screencasts/inline-validation-error.ogv13:25
gary_posterdanilos, a thing of beauty :-) thank you13:26
bacdanilos: you need to up the volume for the soundtrack13:26
danilosbac, heh, did it record that as well? that was accidental :))13:26
gary_poster"odistani" means stop or something?13:26
danilosyeah, it means "give up"13:27
danilosor "cancel"13:27
gary_posterI like "give up"13:27
gary_posterI think we should change all of our "cancel" buttons in LP to "give up" or perhaps "surrender"13:27
danilosuhm, mumble time?13:30
gary_posteroh yeah, that13:30
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb munble/kanban13:30
benjion a realted note, the green checkmark and red X buttons are far too small13:31
gary_posteryou all are probably there already...13:31
gary_posterI think that's an LP issue, benji but could be wrong13:31
danilosyeah, they are bitmaps which don't really work well with our high resolution screens13:31
benjiyeah, I think it is too, they're used all over the place13:31
benjiI wouldn't mind nice big buttons with words and those images on the buttons13:32
gmbMumble is too much fun.13:38
danilosgmb, don't play with the buttons :)13:38
gmbHee hee.13:38
* benji vows to cultivate the MP cover letter style of Dostoyevsky.13:39
danilosgary_poster, 1-on-1 calls today, right?13:45
gary_posterdanilos, was going to say that, yeah13:45
gary_posterhave a card on board for it13:45
gary_posterthe only tricky bit will be gmb13:45
gary_postergmb, after I write my cover letter and before you start review we can havee a quick call?13:45
gmbgary_poster: Sure, that works for me.13:46
gary_postercool thanks13:46
gary_posterWarning for those who care: I intend to merge devel into ~yellow/launchpad/accordionoverlay before making my review branch13:46
gary_posterbac, combine-css.in from ~yellow's accordionoverlay has this conflict when I merge devel in: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584817/ .  All three of the galley-accordion files exist in the tree.  Do you have any suggestions on how to merge that?13:51
bacgary_poster: you need both gallery-accordion css files and you need the new sprite file13:53
gary_posterbac, but what about the other gallery accordion file?13:53
gary_posterI was just about to see if it subsumes the other two13:53
bacgary_poster: sorry.  you need core and skin13:53
gary_posterso delete the third one?13:54
bacyes, delete from that file13:54
gary_posterack, thanks.13:54
gary_posterbac, and I'm also doing a corresponding "bzr rm ./lib/lp/contrib/javascript/yui3-gallery/gallery-accordion/assets/skins/sam/gallery-accordion.css" yeah?13:55
bacsure, it is vestigial13:56
gary_postercool thanks13:56
bacgary_poster: i jotted some notes yesterday as i encountered some problems/suspicions.  they are http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584843/14:21
gary_posterthanks bac.  +1 on making a card for the first two bullet points.14:28
gary_posterFor the third, I hear what you are saying.  I don't know of a more standard way of doing it (I looked), and I think I grew that from some code Danilo had done on another branch (but it was in progress, so he may have had something better in mind later).14:28
gary_posterElsewhere I wrote this to cache the decision within a loop, so that if you kept encountering the same team at least that would be cheaper.  In the current code path, the function will only be a problem if the user is a member of many teams.14:29
gary_posterYou or Curtis would be our best hopes in discovering an existing standard way of doing that.  Otherwise, we can either pre-emptively attack the code (possibly having to make another table to cache the decision?  sounds expensive.  Do you have another idea?) or wait and see if it is a problem.14:29
gary_posterFinally, for bullet point 4, I'd be +1 on making a nice-to-have card in our display backlog lane to add the action portlet if Huw or someone else representative seems to agree.14:29
danilosgary_poster, bac: I believe team.adminmembers expands the list of admins with the owner (if needed) in python, which is why you've got to use it or re-implement it; not sure that's the good solution though14:31
gary_posterIt sounds like it is not particularly more efficient either.  I wonder...14:33
gary_posterIt seems like there might be a SQL way of using the team membership table and the adminmembers to ask if a person were a member of the admins, or of admin teams14:33
gary_posterthat would probably be significantly better14:34
danilosthat code would certainly benefit from being a Collection (in LP sense of Collections) allowing easy matching/joining and resulting in a single query; doing it directly with Storm is possible as well14:34
danilosgary_poster, probably best for the short term, so +1 on that, though I wouldn't dwell on it and would leave it as a separate task14:35
gary_posterdanilo, agreed on separate task/card.  which is your short term recommendation?  Storm directly?14:36
danilosgary_poster, yeah14:36
gary_posterbac, +1 on making a card for that too then14:36
danilosgary_poster, long-term would be rewriting all of Team model code to use Collections :)14:36
gary_posterI don't think I'll commission that just now ;-)14:37
gary_posterbac, I will make cards for you if you want, but not till I finish the MP, and have my scheduled calls14:37
danilosheh, are you absolutely sure???14:37
bacgary_poster: ok.  sorry i was making tea14:37
danilosanyway, gary_poster, when do we chat? (or do you want to get hold of gmb first)14:37
gary_posternp bac14:37
gary_posterdanilos, in 52 min14:38
bacgary_poster: i can just hear lifeless complaining about that method, though.14:38
danilosgary_poster, ah, google calendar DST fuckup, ok14:38
gary_posterto both of you ;-)14:38
bacdanilos: you can make all appts in google cal be UTC14:38
gary_posterI want these to follow along with my timezone usually14:39
danilosme too14:39
bacthat's problematic if everyone doesn't follow your same DST rules.  :)14:39
danilosgary_poster, we probably need to create them in UTC, and everyone sets the local time zone as appropriate14:40
baci think canonical should be a dst-free zone14:40
gary_posterif everyone would simply follow along with the *American* legislature's silly DST laws, then things would be much simpler ;-) .  or, yeah, we could do what the rest of the world does, but America is not too good at that sometimes. :-)14:40
bacgary_poster: we're saner than many.  last year argentina's president arrived from a long trip and cancelled DST that was to begin the next day.  my iphone never recovered14:41
gary_posterdanilos, feel free to change, though next week we should be re-aligned14:41
danilosheh, this time, I don't think America is much to blame, DST itself is simply insane and if it really is to save electricity, let's just get up earlier :)14:41
gary_posterlol bac14:41
danilosgary_poster, yeah, leaving it as-is, to see how it'll look next week14:41
danilosbac, benji, gmb: hi guys, I'll be adding you all as my peer reviewers -- don't feel obligated to fill it in, but if you've got any input you want to share with me, I'd be happy to hear it out in there as well :)14:51
bac         sure14:52
danilos(if allhands.c.c lets me, since it's a pleasure to use)14:52
gmbFair enough. I keep forgetting I need to do that, so I'll likely do the same.14:52
bacgary_poster: i'm confounded by bmurray's work with subscribe/bugtask/bugsupervisor.  i'm not convinced it is doing what he thinks ATM.14:53
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danilosgmb, I believe email from Claire said the deadline for self-evaluation and requesting peer reviews is tomorrow14:54
gmbBlimey. Better get on with it then.14:55
gmbI appear to have come unsubscribed from warthogs and allhands, which hasn't helped.14:55
gary_posteryeah, I would need to do that too then :-P14:55
gmbdanilos: Thanks for the heads-up14:55
danilosgmb, I think I said this before, but it's not necessarily a bad thing to be unsubscribed from warthogs@ ;)14:57
gary_posterheh, it collects mail for me14:57
danilos"flag \Seen" sieve rule FTW :)14:59
gary_posterbac, can you give a quick explanation as to why lib/lp/registry/templates/product-portlet-license-missing.pt went from tal:content to tal:replace14:59
bacgary_poster: replace is correct since it is using 'structure' the replacement value has an anchor in it.  with 'content' there was an <a> within an <a>15:01
gary_posterperfect, thanks bac15:01
bacit came up b/c i was doing so much work with the web inspector console open i discovered a lot of HTML errors, like the one i showed you yesterday15:01
bacwe should have an automated manner of finding those15:02
* gary_poster wonders if tidy is better these days or what the alternatives are now15:02
gary_posterthough that would have had a hard time ctahcing this15:02
gary_posterwe kinda want something spidering the rendered site15:02
gary_posterand telling us about oopsies15:03
gary_posterbac, could you please scan over the MP draft http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584864/plain/ and give me corrections/additions/ etc.?15:04
gary_posterit's pretty bare bones15:04
gary_posterbut I didn't have time for much else15:04
gary_postereh, XXX should be replaced with the string "lib/lp/registry/javascript/tests/test_structural_subscription.js : Test code."15:05
bacgary_poster: i'm pretty sure these are left-overs from an aborted first effort:15:06
baclib/lp/app/javascript/accordionoverlay.js : simple base class for adding an accordion within an overlay.15:06
baclib/lp/app/javascript/tests/test_accordionoverlay.js : test.15:06
baca quick grep should show they are not used15:06
bacit is my fault for leaving them around15:06
gary_posterok, will do, bac.  Also, a lint shows a lot of tab characters in the JS.  I don't know who introduced them, but to your knowledge they are not intentional, right?15:07
bacgary_poster: my emacs was dumb wrt JS at the beginning.  it has been emsmartened15:07
gary_posterI'll clean those up too15:07
bac(of course it now strips tabs from makefiles, which is irritating)15:08
bacgary_poster: the remainder of the letter looks fine to me.  it is quite concise.  well done.15:08
gary_posterthanks bac15:09
bacregarding windmill, i think we need something15:09
bacfor instance, the unit tests in test_subscription_links work happily even if the bits to invoke the JS setup are missing from the page template15:10
bacthe JS is "well" tested15:10
bacso i think we need windmill to just show the links are visible and have js-action class15:10
gary_postersounds good.  I'll add that as a note.15:11
bachi gmb, can you help me unravel some bugs infrastructure?15:15
gmbbac: I can try. What's up?15:15
bacgmb: could you tell me where i'd see BugsTaskSearchListingMenu in use for an IDistribution?15:16
bacwould that be bugs.launchpad.dev/ubuntu ?15:16
bacthere is funky logic for when the subscribe link is shown but i'm unconvinced it works15:17
gmbbac: Yes, I think bugs.l.n/ubuntu should work.15:19
bacthanks for the sanity check.  bugs views aren't nearly as straightforward as others...15:20
gmbNope. The joys of working on one of the oldest bits of the system I guess.15:21
gmbThere are times I'd like to find Brad Bollenbach and ask "what were you thinking?"15:21
gary_posterFixing line length lint in JS: not my idea of a good time.15:29
gary_postergmb, ok, https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/accordion-client-1/+merge/54715 is calculating a diff.  Sorry it took so long, but I had to do a few cleanups.  Oh, I should have added in the MP that lint is happy.  Quick call?>15:39
gmbgary_poster: Sure. Let me get my mumble on.15:40
danilosgary_poster, hi, ping me when you are done with gmb and/or ready for our own 1-on-1 :)15:44
gary_posterdanilos, ready when you are15:50
danilosgary_poster, LP_DEBUG_SQL16:05
danilosgary_poster, LP_DEBUG_SQL=116:05
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gmbgary_poster, bac: On line 327 of the diff here https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/accordion-client-1/+merge/54715, the feature flag that gets looked up is 'advanced-structural-subscriptions.enabled'. I thought this had been changed to 'malone.advanced...'; is that the case? If so, is this branch up-to-date?16:45
gary_postergmb, it is not up to date16:47
gary_posterthat work is being done in a separate branch16:47
gmbOk. Works for me.16:47
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gary_posterbac, I'm going to go lunch.  Should I start the milestone when I return?16:54
gary_posterI don't have a lot of time actually16:54
gary_posterBut I might be able to get it done.16:55
gary_poster(before tomorrow I mean)16:55
gary_poster...back in about an hour16:55
* gmb -> afk for a while; about half way through the mega review and in need of a brain break18:07
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bacgary_poster: chat?18:31
gary_posterbac, we have an emergency that we are on the hook for: bug emails are not going out.  I'm trying to do a bit of investigation.  will be ready in a few.  s'ok18:32
bacgary_poster: np, ping me when ready18:33
gary_posterthanks will do18:33
benjigary_poster: FYI, I just got some bug mail.18:55
gary_posterbenji, cool, from how long ago?18:56
benjigary_poster: it's hard to say, but Leonard just commented on the bug 5 minutes ago (but that comment wasn't incldued in the mail)18:58
benjigary_poster: it seems that teh email was sent as a result of marking the bug fix released at 2011-03-24 18:50:0419:00
benji(which was about 10 minutes ago)19:01
gary_posterbenji thanks19:02
benjigary_poster: I figure you've seen these emails, but just in case: "The script 'send-bug-notifications' didn't run on 'loganberry' between 2011-03-24 18:07:04 and 2011-03-24 19:07:04 (last seen 2011-03-24 15:55:20.954998)"19:30
gary_posteryeah, thanks benji.  the odd thing is that it did run then :-/19:30
gary_posteraccording to the log19:30
benjidoes "didn't run" mean ran but had a non-zero exit value?19:31
gary_posternot sure19:31
benjihmm, maybe there is a watchdog process that has expectations about when scripts should run and it somehow tracks when they run (through log files?)19:36
gary_posterbenji, call soon :-P20:15
gmbgary_poster: Around?22:08
gary_postergmb, sadly, yes :-)22:08
gmbgary_poster: Heh. It's 22:08 local time, so I feel your pain.22:08
gary_posteryeah, you have it worse, def :-)22:09
gmbAnyway, the accordion client branch (1) is r=me but needs some work before it lands. I don't think any changes will be massive, but if they are someone else can easily add a review vote; I didn't want it to be blocked on me whilst I'm away.22:09
gary_postergmb, sounds good, and reasonable22:11
gary_posterthank you gmb22:11
gary_posterhave a good night and a nice few days22:11
gmbThanks; I will.22:12
* gmb leaves.22:12

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