arandlifeless: Sorry, was away, just read through the backlog, yea, I will be keeping the PPA closed. I'm sorry if I have kind of stirred up a storm here...00:07
lifelessarand: not at all00:07
lifelessarand: now we're aware of our confusion, we can fix it00:07
psusiany idea when staging is going to be back up?02:00
wgrantpsusi: Probably not for another day or two. You can't use qastaging?02:01
psusidoh... use what?02:01
psusiqastaging eh?  what's the difference?  not heard of that one before02:01
wgrantqastaging is pretty similar to staging, except the DB gets restored less frequently.02:02
psusihrm... ok02:02
psusiI guess I can change my python script to use that instead too then...02:03
psusihrm... what name do you use instead of staging when calling Launchpad.login_with() for live?02:03
wgrantOld launchpadlibs don't know about qastaging, so you'll have to use 'https://api.qastaging.launchpad.net/' instead of 'qastaging'.02:03
psusihrm... ok02:04
psusiwgrant, so what string do you use for live?02:07
wgrantpsusi: 'production'02:07
MTecknologyyay spam.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/86217/comments/2203:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 86217 in linux (Ubuntu) "tv tuner card with saa7134 not detected automatically" [Medium,Incomplete]03:45
StevenKMTecknology: Should be hidden, thanks03:46
nigelbI'm guessing the text, which is the cause for bug 720869, is set at LP.04:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 720869 in summit "Launchpad login service says "Sign in to Keybuk's UDS Planner"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72086904:29
nigelbHow do we change that text?04:29
lifeless#canonical-isd I think04:29
nigelbAha, thanks lifeless :)04:29
lifelessthere is now no launchpad login service - its the ubuntu SSO04:29
nigelboh, technically so lp doesn't do anything there04:29
nigelbI guess we just got used to it being LP :)04:29
lifelessoh, it does - the sprint data is in LP, just not the login step :)04:30
nigelbyeah, the one bit that confuses us all :D04:31
wgrantlifeless: It's still called the Launchpad Login Service.04:33
pooliei thought only privileged users could move things out of being Opinion04:35
pooliewasn't that the whole point?04:35
lifelessopinion was done as an experiment04:44
lifelessflacoste has mentioned removing it again, pending ok from above04:44
pooliebut, i thought part of the experiment was that it would lock the status04:49
pooliei guess i misunderstood04:49
* wgrant also thought that was the case.04:50
poolieprobably just a 'locked' button would be better04:51
lifelessI suspect it fell by the wayside04:51
lifelessthe psychological part was the argument that folk would understand 'difference of opinion' but in fact users then wanted the bug to show up in bug searches for open bugs etc04:52
lifelessthere is a bug (closed as Opinion) that says 'bugs closed as opinion do not show up in bug searches'04:54
pooliei don't really care about it either way, i was just surprised04:54
poolieistm fewer statuses is better; also this will probably not act as a lightning rod in the way that was hoped04:55
lifelesscontentious issues are contentious04:55
lifelessreminds me, I should make a new bug/LEP with my analysis of status/user confusion etc04:55
ScottKPlease make opinion go away.04:56
ScottKThat's my opinion, anyway.04:56
StevenKWhat do you prefer?05:01
StevenKOh, that's right, Bugzilla05:01
* StevenK hides05:01
StevenKScottK: Sadly, we can't please everyone.05:02
wgrantScottK: I think most of us want Opinion to go away...05:03
ScottKStevenK: I'm willing to conceed that LP bug tracking is better than Bugzilla in most respects.05:04
ScottKIt's got sourceforge beat in all respects.05:06
geserwgrant: what's the issue with the FTBFS report you want to talk about? (lifeless mentioned yesterday you want to talk to me about it)07:21
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brendandi posted a comment to a question but accidently hit 'answer'14:43
brendandhow do i revert it14:43
brendandthe question is not answered14:44
brendandi just mean to ask for more info14:44
verwilsttrying to upload a package with a fixed source tarball, but keep getting "File php-sphinx_1.1.0.orig.tar.gz already exists in PPA for Bart Verwilst, but uploaded version has different contents."..  i tried removing my package from the ppa and then doing a new upload, but still have the same issue.. any hints? :)14:44
jcsackettverwilst: one second, i'm looking up an answer for you.14:48
maxbverwilst: If you change the content of a file in a PPA, you *must* use a new version number. No exceptions, ever.14:49
verwilstjcsackett, thanks :)14:49
verwilsthm :(14:49
verwilsti made it work before though :P14:49
jcsackettbrendand: which question is it? i believe i can change the question status for you.14:49
maxbIf there are exceptions, they are bugs.14:49
verwilstbut i have no version of the package in my ppa anymore14:50
verwilstso it's actually a 'new' package again14:50
verwilstmy initial upload never worked anyways14:50
verwilstwhich is why i had to change my source tarball14:50
maxbThis does not matter. Launchpad still knows14:50
brendandjcsackett -  https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/15018014:50
jcsackettverwilst: maxb is correct.14:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 150180 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "nm-applet disconnects after irregular intervals (dup-of: 134660)" [Undecided,New]14:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 134660 in linux-backports-modules-2.6.24 (Ubuntu Hardy) "Ralink rt2400 / rt2500 / rt2570 / rt61 / rt73 do not work out of the box in Gutsy/Hardy" [High,Fix released]14:51
bigjoolsverwilst: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/99014:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 990 in libsdl-console (Ubuntu) "libsdl-console package on us.archive.ubuntu.com seems corrupt" [Medium,Fix released]14:51
brendandjcsackett - also delete my last two comments if you want :)14:51
verwilst"Yes you can, but you *must* increase the package's version. "14:51
verwilstpackage as in orig.tar.gz or packages as in pkg-1.0-0ppa5?14:51
maxbYou must increase the version, of whichever component you are changing14:52
bigjoolsverwilst: no file with the same version can be re-uploaded with a different md5sum to before14:52
verwilstso i have to rename the source tarball..14:52
verwilstwill that still work?14:52
bigjoolsso if you change the orig tarball, bump its version14:52
verwilstdoesnt it expect a certain name?14:52
bigjoolsyou can call it what you like14:53
verwilstphp-sphinx_1.1.0-1.orig.tar.gz then?14:53
bigjoolsthat sort of thing14:55
jcsackettbrendand: i cannot, actually. if you would like the comments &c removed, please open a question on answers.launchpad.net/answers with the relevant details, and i can get it assigned to the appropriate people.14:55
jcsacketter, answers.launchpad.net/launchpad14:55
verwilst"This package has a Debian revision number but there does not seem to be an appropriate original tar file or .orig directory in the parent directory;"14:57
verwilsti'll package it as a bz2 then :P14:58
brendandjcsackett - https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/15029815:04
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 150298 not found15:04
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jcsackettbrendand: thanks.15:20
brendandjcsackett - ubot5 doesn't seem to get the difference between bugs and questions15:22
jcsackettbrendand: no, not really.15:22
aboudreaultHi, Can we see PPA stats somehow?15:27
aboudreaultLike how it is used etc..15:27
aboudreaulthow many times a packages has been downloaded.15:27
bigjoolsaboudreault: http://blog.launchpad.net/cool-new-stuff/tracking-ppa-download-statistics15:31
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rdale__i've just set up a launchpad account. i wanted my name for commits to be 'rdale' but it seems that there is already an 'rdale' in the system. I suspect that it is me, but it would have probably been set up with my old work email address which doesn't work anymore. is there any way to find out what happened?15:48
benjirdale__: this is a drive by (in other words, I can't help much right now but have a thought): does this look like you? https://edge.launchpad.net/~rdale15:55
rdale__yes, that's the account i set up today15:55
benjiI don't think so.  It says Member since: 2007-04-2015:56
rdale__no sorry - i was looking at the wrong web page, let me try again15:56
rdale__yes, the 2007 rdale is me too15:57
benjiok, now that we've established that the rdale account is the one you lost access to we can proceed to the next step -- which I don't know what that is so I'll leave that to jcsackett :P15:59
* benji runs away.15:59
jcsackettrdale__: logged in as the account you want to use, you can request a merge of the other account via https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge16:01
rdale__thanks - i'll try that16:01
jcsackettrdale__: sure. ping me if you run into any issues.16:01
rdale__ah: "You must have access to the e-mail address registered under the other account that you want to remove" - i don't have access to my old work account as i've moved jobs16:02
jcsackettrdale__: ah, that would be a problem.16:03
jcsackettrdale__: what's your new account?16:03
rdale__my new launchpad id is richard-j-dale16:04
jcsackettrdale__: basically, would like to to be ~rdale on launchpad, right?16:06
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rdale__yes please16:06
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jcsackettrdale__: okay, since neither the old account or your new account is affiliated with any mailing lists or ppas or anything i can do that. one sec.16:08
jcsackettrdale__: done.16:08
rdale__great - thanks a lot!16:09
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om26eri have not received any bug mail in the last hour, anything bad happened?17:04
micahgI can confirm that17:06
* micahg also has had no bugmail in the past hour17:06
micahgjcsackett: ^^17:06
jcsackettmicahg, om26er: investigating now.17:07
maxbjcsackett: Hi. What do you think about https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/150241 ? Is it L_O_S_A time to look for oddities in the database?17:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 150241 in gnome-app-install (Ubuntu) "gnome-app-install crashed with AttributeError in __init__()" [Undecided,Invalid]17:47
maxbgah, ubot5 really needs to learn the difference between questions and bugs17:47
jcsackettmaxb: i don't know that it's losa time yet. i am currently looking at a possible issue with bugmail. i will soon take a longer look at that in more detail.17:50
mounirIs there a way to change the clomns displayed on the screen when we do search?17:52
jcsackettmounir: bug search?17:54
jcsackettmounir: there is a bug open for adding the ability to specify which columns you see (bug 78608) but the feature does not exist yet.17:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 78608 in Launchpad itself "Allow specifying arbitrary columns in bug listings" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7860817:56
mounirjcsackett, any outlook as to when this feature will be there?17:57
james_wit's in the stakeholder's queue too, so will be scheduled for work in the next few months17:57
jcsackettmounir: ^17:57
mounirjcsackett, James_w, thx - another question (last one :-) ) can I create a random group add random users to that gorup, then search on the group?17:59
jcsackettmounir: i am not sure i understand your question.17:59
mounirjcsackett, say I create a group called g1 then add to that group u1, u2, u3. can I search on the bugs owned by u1, u2,u3 doing search on the group?18:00
james_wyes, though I'm not sure that there is a search for "assigned to users in this team"18:01
james_wplus you will cause them to get mail, so you don't want to be doing too much of it18:01
mounirjames_w, how to I search on the group? and why they get emails?18:04
james_wmounir, emails are sent whenever you add someone to a team18:05
mounirjames_w, so that is one time occurrance no issue there18:05
james_wassignment isn't transitive there though, so it probably doesn't do what you want anyway18:06
mounirJames_w, can you please elaborate, I did not get it18:07
james_wmounir, I assume you want to see any bug assigned to any member of the team?18:08
mounirjames_w, yes18:09
james_wmounir, well, if you click on the "List assigned bugs" link on the right of the page that I just linked to you will see that it returns only a single bug18:10
james_wthat bug is assigned to the team itself, the page doesn't list any bugs assigned to the team members18:11
mounirJames_w, that is not good, it defeat the purpose of what I want18:13
mounirJames_w, we should have an option to recurse over the members,18:14
mounirjames_w,  thank you that answers my question18:14
james_wbug 39631918:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 396319 in Launchpad itself "would like a report of assigned bugs for members of a team" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39631918:17
james_wmounir, ^18:17
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mounirjames_w, I would make it higher than low, specially I bet it is needed for the Metric proposal !18:18
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james_wmounir, email sent to ask for it to be fixed soon18:30
james_wmounir, we don't require it for metrics18:31
aboudreaultIf we update a package X, can we simply now rebuild the packages Y,Z that depends on the package X with a simple click in the UI?18:41
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mounirJames_w, thank you18:51
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ftais there a problem with the ftp server? i can't upload anymore23:16
ftatried 3 times: 54610k/184163k, 103607k/184163k, 52639k/184163k23:16
ftaall stuck23:16
lifelessgeser: it needs to be rewritten23:19
lifelessgeser: its timing out, and its going to get worse not better23:19
ftawhat's the incoming dir for sftp uploads? (regular, not ppas)23:21
ftanm, worked at the 4th try, by redirecting stdout to a file. maybe the upload progress was flooding my ssh session23:30
ftaweird, 1st time it happened23:30
wgrantfta: The upload paths for SFTP are the same as FTP: /ubuntu for the primary archive.23:30
ftawgrant, for the primary archive with ftp, it's /23:31
wgrantWell, either will work.23:31
ftaat least, that's what i have in /etc/dput*23:31
wgranthas been deprecated since 2007.23:31
wgrantBut it still works.23:31
wgrantAnd I guess nobody every fixed dput.23:32
ftabut / doesn't work with sftp23:32
ftaGood signature on /data/bot/ppa/chromium-browser_10.0.648.204~r79063-0ubuntu1.dsc.23:32
ftaUploading to ssh-ubuntu (via sftp to upload.ubuntu.com):23:32
fta  chromium-browser_10.0.648.204~r79063-0ubuntu1.dsc:23:32
ftaopen failed23:32
ftaE: Error uploading file.23:32

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