Quintinhey, how do I do a textmode install from the regular install CD?00:19
Quintinthe average IQ of ubuntu community makes me want to go all murder suicide00:52
aetherianyeah, me too00:53
aetheriannow leave before I build up enough rage to do it00:53
* Quintin loads his guns00:53
Quintintrying to install this lubuntu jazz on mom's laptop... GUI isn't responsive though :/00:54
Quintinprobably put it on her bf's laptop too... I put ubuntu 10.10 on it last week, but it's very slow00:54
aetherian(actually, lubuntu is much more responsive than ubuntu, and kubuntu)00:55
aetheriandunno about xubuntu00:55
aetherianbut I gotta go00:55
aetherianmidterms tonight :D00:55
QuintinI'm talking about the install CD :P00:55
aetherianuse a usb then :)00:55
Quintininstall over usb 1.1?  no thnx :P00:55
Quintininstaller is not starting for me00:59
chuckbartowskihi guys i got a quick hopefully easy question, in lubuntu's syle start menu is it possible to add shortcuts to it?01:04
chuckbartowskisorry add shortcuts inside it01:04
Quintinhttp://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=lxde+menu+config  o look :P01:07
chuckbartowskilol cheers was just having a look before you posted :)01:10
chuckbartowskitoo much to do for a tired head, so for now i think i will just launch it from terminal lol its easier01:11
chuckbartowskithat rings a bell is that a coding programme or a web app01:13
chuckbartowskisorry just googled it lol01:14
chuckbartowskiQuintin, k mate i'm off thanks 4 ur help mate01:18
Quintinchuckbartowski: ya np.01:19
Quintinubiquity is the installer01:19
Quintinwake UP you useless assholes!01:27
Quintinreally, rww?01:30
Quintinget a life.01:30
rwwHello #lubuntu! Does anyone happen to know whether Lubuntu releases come with any extra PPAs enabled, or is all of Lubuntu in Ubuntu's repositories?01:31
Quintinhmm... I don't particularly like you, so I will refrain from answering your question.  :)01:35
Semitonesgood question rww01:41
SemitonesI have a live usb so presumably I could check for you01:41
Semitoneshold on, booting up meh laptop01:42
rwwSemitones: thanks :)01:42
Semitonesrww, haha i can't find my keys, hold on01:44
Semitonesrww, yes it does enable the lubuntu ppa by default in 10.1002:06
rwwSemitones: https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa ?02:07
Semitoneslol darn I just shutdown02:07
rwwthat's fine, I care more about yes/no than which one specifically it is. Thanks for your help :)02:07
Semitonessure -- that doesn't look quite right02:08
SemitonesI don't remember any tildes02:08
Semitonesor addition signs02:08
szczurrww, lubuntu cd is shipped with that ppa enabled02:10
rwwszczur: thank you02:10
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babar_Hi, anyone there?09:08
babar_I have a question, anyone here to answer?09:09
bioterror!ask | babar_09:10
bioterrorwhere's bot!09:10
bioterrorbut shot09:10
babar_I want to install lubuntu desktop aside by ubuntu+kubuntu desktop09:11
babar_but when I give the command sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop09:11
babar_it shows The following packages will be REMOVED:09:12
babar_  kubuntu-desktop libpam-ck-connector ubuntu-desktop09:12
bioterrornever saw a question09:16
GaryDHey all. How can I "turn off" ttys I don't want to use?14:56
MrChrisDruifHai GaryD :) I don't know....never thought about it tbh15:01
GaryDI just found something. about to restart. commenting out the start line in /etc/init/tty4.conf, tty5.conf, and tty6.conf.15:03
GaryDmy reference - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=162754815:04
craigbass1976I've asked this before, but haven't gotten an answer...  What's the best way to take a screenshot?  LXDE doesn't seem to recognize the print screen button, either alone or with the Alt key.  Firing up GIMP to take a simple screenshot is a bit much.  I never thought I'd say it, but Windows does this better, and I hate windows...15:16
craigbass1976http://wiki.lxde.org/en/How_to_make_screenshots  Is this the best way?15:19
MrChrisDruifHai craigbass197615:22
craigbass1976MrChrisDruif, hey15:23
MrChrisDruifI just took a look, and besides noting this to the mailinglist/bugtracker, it's a very lightweight solution. An other option would be to install Shutter15:25
MrChrisDruifI don't know how lightweight shutter is15:25
MrChrisDruifYour solution can only make a screenshot in .png, a good format, but not always...15:26
craigbass1976MrChrisDruif, Gah...  I just looked in my home directory and found a bunch of screenshots.  Something was taking them, but just saving them out to files instead of to the clipboard.  WHat was doing that?15:28
MrChrisDruifAnd your could mod the script to put it on other locations then you desktop ofc15:28
craigbass1976.png is fine15:28
MrChrisDruifI would've thought Lubuntu solved this already. I *think* they've added a small program to save the screenshots :)15:31
craigbass1976MrChrisDruif, yes, regular print screen alone shoots the screen and saves a datastamp-as-title png in /home/me.  Now, if I could figure out what's doing that, I could alter THAT script so that something stupid like MS Paint opens up the file immediately for editing15:32
craigbass1976like mtpaint15:33
MrChrisDruifcraigbass1976: Head dev is Julian, he'll probably come back online later today (after 18:00UTC or something), he'll probably know where too look :)15:35
craigbass1976MrChrisDruif, fair enough.  Knowing it was saving files in my damned home directory helps a little; I just never thought that's how things would go down...15:36
akernanAnybody here help me with a conky issue?20:22
bioterrorwhat kind of issue20:24
akernanconky wireless variables will not work as user but they do as sudo20:24
akernanI tried #conky channel but no one was there20:25
bioterrorhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/585028/ you mean something like that?20:25
akernansorry about that, back now20:37
akernaneverything works except the wireless variables, that's the  problem I trying to figure out20:44
akernanany ideas?20:54
aetherianwhen you said conky20:54
aetherianI thought you meant like weird20:54
akernan:-)....no problem with syntax, just wireless variables not working20:55
akernanhere's the conky I have now, just wanting to add wireless signal...http://conky-pitstop.wdfiles.com/local--files/g-2011-i/11-1-akernan-1.jpg20:58
akernanany more ideas?21:07
aetherianseems wonky21:17
kosaidpo|hello guys21:21
akernanyea, it's weird...I know I'm not the only one with this problem21:22
kosaidpo|my pidgin is bein lame n the window doesnt pop up when i got a msg even i have this set up21:22
kosaidpo|any idea wht21:22
Unit193kosaidpo|: Are you using the Pidgin PPA?21:23
kosaidpo|UndiFineD: no21:23
kosaidpo|is there any easy way to check via cmmd line ?21:23
Unit193kosaidpo|: pidgin -v21:24
kosaidpo|Unit193: noo as in if im using the pidgin ppa : ]21:24
Unit193If you didn't add it, you shouldn't have the PPA21:25
kosaidpo|Unit193: Pidgin 2.7.3 (libpurple 2.7.3)21:25
Unit193kosaidpo|: http://pidgin.im/download/ubuntu <-- for newist21:26
kosaidpo|Unit193: i didnt get you srry21:27
kosaidpo|Unit193: okies but me this feature was working for me b421:28
kosaidpo|well ill update n see even it seems its not the right solu21:28
kosaidpo|Unit193: its okay i got my feature back but is there anythin exciting in the updates21:36
kosaidpo|cus ifeel lazy to update my net speed is slow n it ll slow down evythin :P21:36
Unit193kosaidpo|: Do you use MSN?21:42
Unit193kosaidpo|: See anything you need/want? http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/ChangeLog21:44
Unit193MrChrisDruif: Yeah21:45
MrChrisDruifAwesome :)21:46
Unit193Finch? ;)21:46
MrChrisDruifWhen you install Pidgin, also install msn-pecan :P21:46
Unit193MrChrisDruif: Terminal frontend (looks kinda like pidgin)21:46
Unit193Works great in screen21:47
kosaidpo|Unit193: okies thanks21:51
kristian_hi all23:56
kristian_is there a slim chance that Lubuntu would give my prone-to-overheating box another year or two?23:57
aetherianwhat specs would you say it has23:59

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