Q-FUNKhi! which package was it that provides the notification area icons used by Ambiance, again?00:42
Q-FUNKwhile nm-applet no longer crashes (hurray!), now the icons in the notification area are all broken.00:42
rwwQ-FUNK: I think it's ubuntu-mono00:43
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Q-FUNKrww: that seems to be correct. thanks!00:51
mmiller235Um, the alternate installer just quit and dumped me out to a shell without even telling me what happened00:52
lucasi have just installed kubuntu natty alpha 3, expecting that file sharing would work like this: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/NattyNarwhal/Alpha3/Kubuntu, "New Samba File Sharing". But the "share" tab never appears. Am I supposed to install a package?00:52
mmiller235is there a way to continue?00:52
PSN|VegaManis this a help only channel or is it a social channel too?00:53
rwwPSN|VegaMan: #ubuntu+1 is for discussion and support of development versions of Ubuntu. Try #ubuntu-offtopic for social chat.00:53
PSN|VegaManok rww thanks00:54
JontheEchidnalucas: you may need to install kdenetwork-filesharing. It's probably an oversight that it's not installed by default00:55
PSN|VegaMandoes anyone know how to change window border colors so that i can have one side 1 color and another side another color?01:13
lucasJontheEchidna: Yeah, it works like a charm. Thanks a lot, I have been searching for this package since monday (duh, such an obvious name). About it's absence from the default mastering: maybe it just didn't fit inside the cd. 700mb has become a tight limit.01:18
bazhang!find padevchooser01:27
ubottuFound: padevchooser01:27
BUGabundopavucontrol ?01:29
bjsnideri think pavucontrol has been deprecated for a long time01:41
mmiller235I just loaded ubuntu 11.04 onto a virtual machine and its taking forever for unity to come up01:44
mmiller235any ideas why?01:44
yofelbjsnider: and what do we use now?01:45
mmiller235I'm having a problem. Gsettings Data Conversion keeps crashing when I try to log in01:45
bjsnideryofel, the audio controls in the sound menu01:45
yofelwhat's the external command for that? I'm on kubuntu, and kmix doesn't have any usable support for pulseaudio controls01:46
mmiller235could someone help me get ubuntu 11.04 to actually run in virtualbox?01:47
bjsnideryofel, does kubuntu make use of pulse?01:51
yofelbjsnider: it does01:52
yofeland kmix can pretty much just control the master channel, not much of a mixer...01:53
bjsniderif i was a kde user i'd probably have to use mandriva or suse instead of ubuntu01:53
yofelwell, phonon will use alsa fine if you get rid of pulse01:53
rwwI like Kubuntu. I like Debian+KDE better, but Kubuntu is better than people tend to give it credit for.01:54
trismI don't see anything about pavucontrol being deprecated, the pulseaudio site says pavumeter is obsolete but not pavucontrol (that I can see)01:54
bjsnider i think as far as ubuntu is concerned all of the pulse built-in utilities are deprecated01:55
triunityHey in unity for desktop  will i only be able to manage one window?02:00
triunityLike in the laptop version?02:00
triunitygood to hear02:01
PSN|VegaMananyone here know how to get GGPO to work on ubuntu?02:03
bazhangwhats ggpo02:03
mmiller235Anyone manage to get 11.04 with unity to work in virtualbox?02:03
PSN|VegaMana type of emulator that has very little lag02:03
bazhangemulator for what02:04
bazhangright, what kind of games02:04
PSN|VegaMan1 sec all get the link02:04
bazhang!find ggpo02:05
mmiller235bazhang when I try to run unity in virtualbox, the top panel and the side bar don't appear02:05
ubottuFile ggpo found in gcompris-data02:05
bazhang!info gcompris-data02:05
ubottugcompris-data (source: gcompris): Data files for GCompris. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.3-1ubuntu2 (natty), package size 55376 kB, installed size 98064 kB02:05
mmiller235bazhang how do I fix it02:05
bazhang!info gcompris02:05
ubottugcompris (source: gcompris): Educational games for small children. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.3-1ubuntu2 (natty), package size 487 kB, installed size 1696 kB02:05
PSN|VegaManlike fighting games mostly02:05
bazhangmmiller235, not sure, I use the straight install not vbox'02:06
PSN|VegaManbut it has other games too02:06
bazhangwhat format of games exactly02:06
PSN|VegaManum... lemme look02:06
PSN|VegaMani think .zip02:07
PSN|VegaManor .exe02:07
mmiller235bazhang could you find someone who has tried02:07
bazhangwine and adobe air seem to run ggpo02:09
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bazhangas of 3 years ago02:10
triunityjoin /ubuntu02:10
triunityjoin #ubuntu02:10
bazhang  /join02:10
PSN|VegaManbazhang: how do i use wine? i have it installed but i dont know how to operate it02:10
bazhangPSN|VegaMan, check the appdb first for ggpo02:11
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:11
mmiller235bazhang could you tell me the name of the commands for the top and side panel so I could atleast try and diagnose the problem02:12
triunity_When 11.04 comes out, will it install unity on the system?02:16
triunity_or will a fresh install be needed?02:16
rwwtriunity_: the upgrade tool (re-)installs ubuntu-desktop, and will thus install the unity packages.02:16
rwwwhether they'll be used by GDM by default, I don't know.02:16
mmiller235rww could you pleasae help me get unity to run in virtualbox?02:20
rwwmmiller235: I don't use Unity or Virtualbox, wouldn't be much help.02:20
mmiller235rww is there anyone here who does?02:20
rwwmmiller235: probably!02:21
bazhangmmiller235, please dont crosspost natty issues in #ubuntu02:21
mmiller235bazhang sorry02:21
ali1234i upgraded couple of days ago... the entries are there on gdm but they don't work02:22
ali1234every option gives you classic safe mode02:23
mmiller235no, the options work, but the new modes keep crashing02:24
ali1234ah, could be02:24
ali1234anyway i did a fresh install and it all works now02:25
mmiller235ali1234 are you using virtualbox?02:25
ali1234i'm using real hardware with intel graphics (pinetrail)02:25
ali1234virtualbox is known to be broken, at least a few people have asked about it and i didn't see any workarounds yet02:26
ali1234bug 73833002:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738330 in virtualbox-guest-additions (Ubuntu) "Today's Natty update means no guest additions in virtualbox" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73833002:28
ali1234(no guest additions = no 3d = no unity3d)02:29
* mmiller235 downloads a live cd to run on his windows machine02:35
hansinI have alpha3 11.04 installed. Unity looks promising, and look forward to what it could become and possibility of Wayland sever becoming default for graphics (if it happens). Quick question, but is Unity built on Gnome3 / GTK3 core (minus gnome shell, etc.)? Thanks.02:51
hansinvs. Gnome2 / GTK2?02:51
hansinI did read somewhere that Unity 2D (non-composite-ed) might be based on QT4. I might be way off on all this though. Just was curious. I have been a big fan of Compiz for some time, and like how it has been integrated into Unity. Things look on the up and up for the Linux desktop.02:53
rwwUnity 2D uses Qt4 as a toolkit and GNOME for the underlying libraries/applications/etc.02:58
rwwWayland is a long while off.02:58
rwwUbuntu 11.04 does not include GNOME 3, is still using GNOME 2.02:58
hansinrww: Okay, thanks. It all seems an evolutionary process, but progress seems to be being made.03:04
hansinSorry if this is a bad place to ask, but I am running03:12
hansinIf you just install Grub, it will check to see what OS'es you have installed and make menu entries for them. No need to reinstall any operating systems. Just reinstall Grub.03:12
hansinI am getting dual-screen setup via: "xrandr --output HDMI-0 --left-of DVI-0 --rotate left". Thing is, I need to set an offset of some sort on the Y axis so that I can align monitors (since I have left rotated.) Anyone know anything about xrandr as applied to this? Thanks.03:13
jamie4Any version of 11.04 available yet, or is it just the beta next week?03:19
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule   <---- jamie403:19
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WRAzUnity was built from the ground up or is it based on another project?04:33
rwwbuilt from the ground up04:33
WRAzWere there big flaws in GNOME or just wanted a very specific experience?04:33
WRAz(also it looks super sexy, can't wait for my install to complete)04:34
WRAz" Canonical employs a lot of professional design experts and they may feel they can do a better job than," /truth04:37
WRAzLooks super tablet friendly as well04:38
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SeverianIf I wanted to install Natty with a Gnome desktop and no global menues, is there an easy way to do that?07:28
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ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com08:40
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04 - Natty is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+108:41
PSN|VegaMananyone know how to install a theme?08:41
PSN|VegaMani found 1 i downloaded but i dunno how to install it08:42
bazhangdrag the tar.gz to the theme manager, usually08:43
bazhangright click change desktop background go to themes tab drop there08:43
PSN|VegaMankk thanks baz08:44
bazhangPSN|VegaMan, welcome08:44
PSN|VegaMangtk-2.0" does not appear to be a valid theme.08:45
bazhangPSN|VegaMan, got a link to it?08:46
bazhangI'll check it now08:46
PSN|VegaManoh i see what i did.... i extracted08:47
PSN|VegaManlemme try again08:47
bazhangdont extract08:48
PSN|VegaMan"This theme will not look as intended because the required GTK+ theme 'Rocker' is not installed"08:48
bazhangstill waiting for the download08:48
PSN|VegaManSearch for themes:08:49
PSN|VegaManNo search results for "rocker"08:49
bazhangthat link is still not connecting08:53
bazhangie the download within the link08:53
PSN|VegaManthere's usually a file sharing option in irc08:55
PSN|VegaManlemme see if this one has it08:55
PSN|VegaMani dont have a log in to send it to you08:57
bazhangPSN|VegaMan, I'll check it later, I have to run for now08:58
ChrisBuchholzIs it possible to get integration for the global menubar in Natty in Qt apps? (as a user or as a developer)09:09
MkaysiWhen will that Natty daily CD fit on CD? It's still over 700mb :(09:18
icerootMkaysi: why burn a daily-build?09:23
Mkaysiiceroot: Because I have heard that Mac OS X doesn't boot from USB very well.09:23
icerootMkaysi: heard != the truth out there09:24
icerootMkaysi: cant imaging apple products are so bad that they cant boot from usb09:25
Mkaysiiceroot: So how it boots from USB?09:25
MkaysiWhat is shortvut for USB if it exists?09:25
icerootMkaysi: google is saying "alt"09:25
icerootfor the boot-menu09:26
Mkaysi(IE: To boot from CD, you have to press "C"-button on boot)09:26
MkaysiWhat boot-menu?09:26
icerootMkaysi: i dont know, i dont own any apple-products but the boot-menu at startup to choose which device is used (pxe, hdd, cdrom, usb) is meantioned with "alt"09:27
Mkaysiiceroot: Thanks, I'll try that later.09:27
headsethi all hear 11.4 fixed ati drivers is that true ?10:14
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ChrisBuchholzIs it possible to get QMenuBar to be integrated in Unity, as it is in Gtk apps? The menubar, that is10:29
coz_hey all10:45
Rowan`anyone else running natty and the cursor is always saying it's busy? also when logging out it always gives me a message about the file manager not responding10:50
coz_Rowan`,  I am not seeing that behavior here10:51
tsimpsonChrisBuchholz: hard to say, but #kubuntu-devel would be a better place to ask10:51
coz_Rowan`,  did you  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:51
Rowan`yeah i'm fully upgraded10:51
coz_Rowan`,  ok let me  dist-upgrade and see if I get the same issue,,,wait,,,are you on Unity desktop or classic gnome?10:51
Rowan`unity desktop10:52
Rowan`also my file manager doesn't work in general, maybe that's it..10:52
coz_Rowan`,  mm  I never use Unity desktop but let me do this hold on10:52
Rowan`thanks, much appreciated10:52
coz_Rowan`,  well this is going to take a few minutes... apparenlty I have not run dist-upgrade in a week10:54
Rowan`hehe, don't worry about it10:54
Rowan`actually if there's a risk of you getting the same issues as me i'd suggest not doing so :P10:55
coz_Rowan`,  no biggie  honest..10:55
coz_doesnt matter,,, natty is on another machine  so it wont effect this one10:56
Rowan`i think it's actually an error with groundcontrol10:59
Rowan`when running sudo nautilus it stops and mentions that11:00
Rowan`yep i removed groundcontrol and all is running well again11:01
* Rowan` facepalms11:01
coz_Rowan`,  if that is the case... it should show up on classic gnome as well....11:01
Rowan`sorry about that11:02
coz_Rowan`,  ah ok   well I dont think groundcontrol is necessary and that is an optional package ...yes?11:02
Rowan`yeah it's optional11:02
Rowan`adds a gui to nautilus for bzr stuff11:02
coz_ok  likely it wont show up when the update is complete and i reboot then11:03
Rowan`haha yeah :P it's all working here now11:03
Rowan`i'll actually restart and see if it still happens11:03
Rowan`everything's looking great on natty so far11:05
Rowan`both gnome and unity11:05
Rowan`can't wait for a stable release11:05
Rowan`yep it was all groundcontrol's fault11:06
ChrisBuchholztsimpson: im just wondering; this is unity and ubuntu specific. Wouldnt that be offtopic in #kbuuntu-devel?11:12
tsimpsonChrisBuchholz: asking the question is certainly not off topic11:13
ChrisBuchholztsimpson: okay thanks11:15
Mkaysi_iceroot: It (Macbook) doesn't boot from USB. I tried it.11:36
Mkaysi_That way only show "refit" (Mac OS X) and "Windows" (broken Natty)11:37
Mkaysi_And to refit there appeared two new choises.11:37
Mkaysi_Boot Mac or Linux or Linux or Linux.11:37
Mkaysi_Every Linux opened GRUB (from HD).11:38
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irssipimpi upgraded a fresh maverick install to natty and now the encfs home directory of my user stopped to be automagically mounted on login.12:10
irssipimpis there some assistant to reenable this feature and is it a known issue?12:10
irssipimpor will i have to manually follow one of the various pam+encfs tutorials?12:11
SeverianI have a machine that I need to vnc to.  When I say need, it is only testing now, but will be real when Natty is released.  I am testing Natty on it.  How do I disable visual effects, so vnc works properly.  I have googled and not found anything useful.12:14
soreauSeverian: metacity --replace?12:15
SeverianThat does not look like a real command, so I take it you are suggesting I google for that.  OK.  Thanks.12:16
susundbergHey btw, anyone else suffering from 'feature' that flash-videos are drawn even though it should be minimized/behind window12:20
susundberg(nvidia specific i guess)12:20
syn3rgyDoing a little work on Wayland. Got home and dropped the current snapshot on VMWare. Is there a reason Natty's desktop does not show up on VMWare. I know there was an issue with Nvidia at one point. Thought that was fixed.12:28
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yofelsyn3rgy: does VMWare have openGL support? unity requires compiz12:29
syn3rgyyofel yes it does.12:29
yofelhm, well, several people seem to have issues getting unity to load, so you're not the only one at least...12:30
syn3rgyI am wondering if they all have Nvidia cards. I know ATI, Intel cards are more or less sorted.12:30
chadiis btrfs the default for natty?12:31
irssipimpok, i figured out, that it does work with password-login, but using ssh-key login does not unlock the home folder12:32
irssipimpi *think* that it worked on maverick tough12:32
syn3rgyDoes anybody use Unity with a Nvidia card here?12:33
Severiansoreau, That was basically it.  I removed the question mark and added it as a Startup Application.  VNC works fine now.  Thank you.12:34
soreausyn3rgy: I use radeon and untiy wont show anything but wallpaper and mouse cursor12:35
yofelhm, I usually use KDE, but I just tried to login to unity on my thinkpad (nvidia-current) and ended up with a compiz crash :(12:35
soreauI have to start compiz and unity-panel to have a working desktop12:35
yofelsoreau: how do you do that?12:35
yofelstart compiz I mean12:35
soreauyofel: Very loudly and angrily, while cussing and ranting about how bad unity blows chunks12:36
* s3r3n1t7 lol'd12:36
syn3rgysoreau that to to bad to hear but all the same it is good to know it is not just a Nvidia problem. Are you using a VM?12:40
mungo-is dropbox installable in the most current update of natty ?12:54
irssipimpis the partner repository for natty already created?12:58
zniavregood afternoon13:00
yofelmungo-: dropboxd works fine for me13:01
yofelthe syncing part at least13:01
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:44
mungo-thank you yofel13:54
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mungo-if i would like my fonts rendered as nice as possible what files should i delete from my /home directory prior to installing natty ?13:58
mungo-should i delete my .fonts.conf ?13:58
mungo-has ubuntu one changed since its inital release ?14:07
susundbergi would guess yes, but i am sure you can find the version history from somewhere ..14:08
mungo-i am interesting in sharing files not with a obscured url but rather a direct url like http://ubuntu1.com/myfile.pdf  can that be done on ubuntu one ?14:08
mungo-did i read that right $2.99 for 20GB storage ?14:10
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zniavrethe launcher color hav rules or it's randomly sets ?14:49
Ian_Cornedoes ubuntu one file sync actually work for anyone?15:26
yofelIan_Corne: somewhat, since I'm on KDE I can only measure if the syncdaemon works or not, and it does sync here (at least it did last time I tried it)15:29
bullgard4How can determine if my distribution release is Alpha3 or Beta?15:36
bullgard4How can I determine if my distribution release is Alpha3 or Beta?15:36
BUGabundodoesn't really mind15:36
BUGabundoonce you upgrade packages15:36
flodinetheres no beta yet?15:37
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule15:38
IdleOnebeta1 on the 31st15:39
IdleOnebullgard4: right now you are still at Alpha315:39
flodinerunning fine so far15:41
kim0Hi folks .. Letting you know Ubuntu Cloud Days starting in 10mins in #ubuntu-classroom .. You can discuss in #ubuntu-classroom-chat .. Thanks15:49
cmyrlandDo I report suspend-issues to launchpad?15:51
cmyrlandI have an Acer Aspire Timeline T3810t that doesn't wake up from suspend (lid close or suspend if inactive on battery power)15:52
psusicmyrland: does it work with other releases?15:53
bullgard4IdleOne: My question was "How can I determine..."15:54
cmyrlandpsusi, none since 10.04 at least15:54
cmyrlandhaven't tried it on earlier releases15:54
IdleOnebullgard4: I gave you the link to the schedule, there is no command that i know of that will show you Alpha 3 or Beta 115:55
fdadsdasdssdhave wish for ubuntu15:55
antlongis there an app to change the theme or visual effects on ubuntu 11? the sidebar specifically15:55
bullgard4IdleOne: Ah! Thank you very much for your help.15:56
cmyrlandantlong, people are hacking it, but there's nothing official like the compiz settings manager or others15:57
antlongthats crazy, thanks15:57
antlongthe sidebar is quickly becomming the bane of my existance15:57
psusicmyrland: have you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend?15:58
frybyeantlong - you can boot into a classic desktop mode I think...15:58
antlongfrybye, i might just do that. thanks15:58
bullgard4frybye: Hello!15:58
cmyrlandantlong, I guess their first priority is making it stable15:59
frybyehi bullgard...15:59
antlongcmyrland, psh, theyre priorities are messed up then ;)15:59
frybyeyou won't see me here so much cos at the moment have no ubuntu installed at home - at work yeah ..15:59
bullgard4frybye: hehe16:00
frybyemy main box at home will not even run the 10.10 live cd... it dosent like the nvidia support...16:00
bullgard4Thanky God I do not have an Nvidia card.16:01
frybyeI will probably get a lot of stick for saying it here - but w7 is just so much easier.. ;=)16:02
fdadsdasdssdnext !! versio n16:04
IdleOnefdadsdasdssd: what?16:05
bullgard4frybye: I this not almost a 'desecration of the Holy' in an Ubuntu channel? :-)16:06
fdadsdasdssdnext version should very good !!16:07
fdadsdasdssdmanpower in that16:07
frybyebullgard4: it is always a thin line between true religion and biggoted dogma.. he - I better leave it there - sort of OT i suppose...16:13
IdleOnefrybye: use what works best for you, if that happens to be Windows that is fine.16:13
bullgard4frybye: Its been nice to see you again.16:13
* IdleOne prepares to throw bricks at frybye 16:14
frybyetell me if you think this phrase computes: "There you are granny - I have installed 11.04 for you!" heheheh16:14
frybyeducks behind the corperate firewall... heheh16:15
IdleOneI installed 10.10 netbook for my mom and she has not asked me a single question about how to do anything. in 3-4 months16:15
IdleOnethey change to 11.04 should not be a issue for her16:15
frybyewhich says more about firefox than much else i supect.. heheh16:15
IdleOneactually she prefers chromium16:16
IdleOneshe does her banking,plays some online flash games, checks email.16:16
cmyrlandpsusi, Well I tried what they suggested but didn't gain too much from it. This is the relevant output from dmesg: [    0.594596]   Magic number: 3:99:18716:17
cmyrland[    0.594644] acpi device:46: hash matches16:17
frybyeanyhow - is only a matter of time before my ubuntu-addiction overwhealms me at home again .. catch you later.. bye for now...16:17
psusicmyrland: well, you can try filing a bug against linux then...16:18
charolastrahi, how representiv is the daily build for the final release? i'm testing it for some time now and it seem to become more and more unuseable16:21
flodinewill they keep this classic look in natty?16:24
flodinecause if not i might as well get the debian cd out right now.16:26
cmyrlandflodine, you can still use the Ubuntu Classical Desktop, yes.16:35
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dasddsdasdsadsaddevelopments here ?16:42
aranddasddsdasdsadsad: This is generally a support channel, what is your actual question?16:47
flodineanyone try natty on a old thinkpad yet?16:50
cmyrlandHmf. I just can't accept the fact that the devs won't use the Nautilus Elementary patches per default. It looks so much sleeker than stock Nautilus. I understand that Canonical has their focus on Unity, USC and stuff like that, but really, Nautilus Elementary is really simple, looks so much better and will cause no problems what do ever.16:50
cmyrlandflodine, what specs?16:51
flodinet43p 0r t42p16:51
cmyrlandwhat cpu, ram, gfx card..16:51
cmyrlandflodine, from googling those two models I can't see why Natty wouldn't work fine on either of them.16:53
cmyrlandvery standard specs, and Thinkpads are normally very well supported16:54
flodineyeah my kids have those old ibms with 10.04 and there running perfect.16:55
SwedeMikeflodine: I have a T40 I'm going to try it on soon.16:56
flodinei tryed it before but it dont like that unity side runs well on classic.16:57
mungo-can someone please show me an example of a photo linked using ubuntu one ?17:17
yofelmungo-: you mean a photo in your ubuntuone share posted somewhere else?17:20
mungo-is there a ubuntu one support channel ?  is its primary purpose not for web link sharing but rather for data backup ?17:21
BUGabundomungo-: #ubuntuone ?17:22
yofelyes, #ubuntuone and you can publish files in the web UI17:22
yofelthat'll give you a link like http://ubuntuone.com/p/jGm/17:22
coz_yofel,  that's an interesting image.. yours?17:24
yofelmy backgound image, but sheytan created it17:24
coz_yofel,  are my eyes fooling me ..or is there a crease on the gear there?17:24
yofelthere's a shadow overlay on the right side of the gears if you mean that17:26
coz_yofel, no looks like a light streak where the shadow overlay begins17:29
yofeloh, you mean that the background seems to have a cut where it gears were put in? yeah17:31
coz_yofel,  is that a design flaw or ,, I am missing the meaning of it:)  unless I dont understand the KDE logo thingy17:32
coz_trism,  hey guy.. out of curiosity,, which part of the country are you in?17:34
yofelwell, I think he meant it like the gears are looking out of the shadow or something like that, talk to sheytan, he's in #kubuntu-devel sometimes (in a few hours usually)17:34
trismcoz_: US northeast17:35
coz_trism,  same here ,, near pittsburgh17:35
trismcoz_: :)17:35
DaekdroomIs anyone else having trouble with globalmenu losing application menus randomly?17:42
coz_Daekdroom,  sorry , I havent used unity for over a month17:43
DaekdroomWell, indicator-appmenu in classic gnome would do too :P17:43
BUGabundoDaekdroom: it did last time I added it17:44
dupondjecompiz foobar :(18:03
ChrisBuchholzHello. I just read on the planet that unity MT grab handles compiz plugin is out, but i dont have even though i've just installed a ton of updates. Should i install something extra for it to come?18:24
jeffwheelerIs it possible to use an old-style applet inside Unity? I don't know a command-line method to set the pulseaudio server, but the padevchooser applet can't come up in Unity because it's the old-style applet.18:29
coz_ChrisBuchholz,  mm  you might want to ask smspillaz on #compiz-dev channel18:30
coz_ChrisBuchholz,  he is the main developer on the project18:30
ChrisBuchholzcoz_: okay, thanks18:30
coz_ChrisBuchholz,  also link to that post18:31
ChrisBuchholzcoz_: yes18:32
decoderhey guys18:36
decoderi got quite a few problems since natty upgrade18:37
decoderfirst of all, my umts device stopped working (worked in 10.04/10.10)18:37
decoderit's a builtin ericsson F3507g and network manager previously supported it18:37
=== test_ is now known as trijntje_natty
decoderit still shows it, but I can't connect... the card keeps sending creg 2,4 indicating it isn't associated with the net yet.. so might be a kernel problem18:38
decoderanyone else had this problem before?18:38
decodersecond problem I have is with the sbackup-gtk package (though it might not be specific for that). I tried to remove it and get http://pastebin.com/sDdcrp7t18:41
decodersomething with the icon cache of the mono theme18:41
decodertried recreating the cache but it always fails18:41
coz_ /join #ubuntu-artwork19:10
lvhEvery time I log in again I need to provide my password again19:32
lvhThe *wifi* password :)19:32
lvhanyone know how to debug?19:32
matrixa1would like to check but natty doesn't let me click anything :P19:34
bottiger_can someone please post their unity xsession file?19:59
genii-aroundAre there any official or semi-official Natty logo which has the narwhal?20:31
nperrygenii-around: might be worth asking in #ubuntu-design20:35
genii-aroundAh, OK. Asked in #ubuntu-artwork but it's dead silence there20:35
genii-aroundHeh, no #ubuntu-design20:36
nperryI meant artwork, my bad20:37
Andre_Gondimafter the last update my unity doesn't load21:27
nit-withow about the classic, I updated from main and compiz was updated but still crashes21:29
mmiller235Hey, I tried running ubuntu 11.04 on real hardware and it gave me a regular gnome desktop and instead of unity I got a modified version of regular gnome21:50
charlie-tcaSounds like it did not find 3d then21:55
charlie-tcaThat is the fallback desktop session.21:55
yofelcharlie-tca: he already left21:55
mmiller235I can't get unity to work on my AMD64 3000+ with some old nvidia card that used to work just fine21:58
mmiller235is anyone there?22:01
zniavremm are you using nouveau drivers?22:16
alex_mayorgaall the notification icons look weird, how to fix?22:17
yofelzniavre: not currently, but what's your issue?22:19
zniavreyofel im sorry i wanted to answer a mmiller235 question but he left before ...22:20
yofelah :S22:21
zniavrebtw no issue with nouveau and unity (today magic update)22:21
zniavrealex_mayorga,  the "enveloppes" ?22:21
alex_mayorgazniavre: yup, mine is borked for bluetooth, wifi, keyboard layout, etc22:22
zniavrejust trying blutooth and it's working ...22:23
zniavrere-loging maybe ?22:24
alex_mayorgathis is my second restart and still look weird22:25
alex_mayorgais there a service or demon I can restart?22:25
alex_mayorgaan icon cache to regenerate. perhaps?22:26
alex_mayorgalet me try loggin off and on22:26
alex_mayorgadidn't help22:28
alex_mayorgaalso on gdm I noticed the icon for universal access is also funky22:28
zniavrei also noticed the gdm icon but the indicator-tray looks ok here22:30
alex_mayorgawho knows then, doesn't bother me that much as the menus still work, but I have to guess which one is what22:30
zniavredid you change icon/gtk theme ?22:31
alex_mayorgano, I haven't touched theme at all22:31
zniavretry to reinstall the package22:33
zniavreubuntu-mono  (if i remember)22:34
alex_mayorgalet me try that22:35
alex_mayorgathe same thing for the guy in the forum22:36
alex_mayorgagtk-update-icon-cache-3.0: The generated cache was invalid.22:36
alex_mayorgaWARNING: icon cache generation failed for /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark22:36
alex_mayorgagtk-update-icon-cache-3.0: The generated cache was invalid.22:36
alex_mayorgaWARNING: icon cache generation failed for /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-light22:36
alex_mayorgalooks a lot like Bug #47411122:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 474111 in Ubuntu "gtk-update-icon-cache: The generated cache was invalid." [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47411122:37
alex_mayorgawhat component to bug?22:38
alex_mayorgaor other ideas?22:39
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: \o23:34
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: got weird looking icons in the notification area?23:34
BUGabundobut got weird fonts (squares) in some23:35
BUGabundolike parcelite23:35
alex_mayorgacan't believe I'm the only one with borked icons23:35

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