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Pendulumooh... this looks interesting http://www.bbc.co.uk/ouch/features/fix_the_web.shtml15:25
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UndiFineDthanks Pendulum 15:57
PendulumTheMuso: out of curiosity (and based on the e-mail that went out to #ubuntu-devel between google docs or etherpad, which is more likely to be accessible to you?)18:36
TheMusoPendulum: Between google docs and etherpad, I think etherpad.20:16
PendulumTheMuso: I don't know if you've seen the discussion going on on the ubuntu-devel mailing list? I figured it didn't hurt to mention what works best from an accessibility standpoint20:17
TheMusoPendulum: What discussion? Just geting to emaoil this morning.20:35
TheMusoOh right, something better than gobby.20:39
Nafaiso, as I've become more aware of my reduced vision, I really have a hard time with low contrast things22:26
NafaiDoes anyone have a color scheme for gnome-terminal that provides decent contrast (I've been using the standard white on black)?22:26
charlie-tcaI use a black text on very light yellow for that very reason. The background yellow I use is #FFFFF0 or Red 255, Green 255, Blue 24022:28
NafaiI'll give that a try, thanks22:29
charlie-tcaI have a very hard time reading the white text on black and most other combinations with a dark background22:29

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