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coz_hey all10:45
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coz_hey guys13:11
zniavrecoz_,  good afternoon13:11
coz_zniavre,  ah afternoon guy :)  its morning here  :)13:11
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coz_are they serious??   http://i.imgur.com/8v7rv.jpg17:19
coz_    " it would probably be inappropriate to over-emphasize17:20
coz_    narwhal graphics."17:20
coz_on top of which that image is far too busy for desktop wallpaper17:21
coz_who here is actually on the design team????17:21
coz_just saw this referred to on the mailing list,, and geez,, guys,,, as much as I said I wasnt going to get involved,, "Come on!"17:22
coz_just saw this referred to on the mailing list,, and geez,, guys,,, as much as I said I wasnt going to get involved,, "Come on!"17:36
coz_ are they serious??   http://i.imgur.com/8v7rv.jpg17:36
coz_who here is actually on the design team????17:36
coz_I was under the impression that ,, since it been long standing,,, no logos no animals  ,,,yes?17:42
coz_ah nevermind  I dont care17:42
thorwilcoz_: make up your mind :)17:43
coz_thorwil,  i know :)  it just really irritated me when I saw that17:43
thorwilcoz_: but who's the "they" you mention?17:43
coz_thorwil,   the desing team specifically,.,, I was under the impression that it would not be a good idea to have narwhols on the image,, or at least  emphasize that17:44
coz_rather a good original image ,, although I have seen a few with narwhols that looked interesting17:45
coz_anyway that image is far too busy for a desktop17:46
thorwilcoz_: you should realize by now, that the list is left to whoever gets active there, with apparently nobody from the design team paying close attention. and well, they shouldn't have to17:46
coz_thorwil,  ok understood, but according to that mailing list omgubuntu is saying that image is one of t he defaults17:47
coz_I better check it out17:47
coz_oh geez it is one of the defaults :(17:48
coz_well ok I may be a bit taken back by this,, but if i didnt complain on occasion,, I could have a stoke or something lol17:50
coz_ok just checked out the natty wallpaper package,,  I see that this image fits in the overall... and it is not default.. but i would have liked to have seen more variations on narwhal images than just 218:03
coz_there , I have gone through "shock"  "confusion"  "anger" and finally "acceptance"  lol18:04
hyperairthat sounds like some weird fellow's model of acculturatoin18:05
coz_hyperair,  having had to look that up :)  not quite :)18:06
coz_hyperair,  well more like the stages of grief18:06
coz_minus bargaining since that is not possible here18:06
hyperairi remember having to learn that in this ridiculous elective i had, "coping with cultural transition"18:06
coz_hyperair,  ah ok18:07
hyperairwell actually acculturation went something like this: first is euphoria, second is rejection/anger/confusion/shock, and then finally acceptance18:07
coz_hyperair,  so nearly the same as overcoming grief18:07
hyperairmore like when you encounter a new culture, you first notice all the cool stuff, and that's euphoria18:08
hyperairthen you notice all the negative stuff and you experience grief18:08
hyperairand then you finally learn to accept it18:08
coz_stages of grief,,, denial,,anger,,bargaining,, depression, acceptance18:09
coz_sounds too neatly packages to me :)18:09
hyperairapt-get remove denial anger bargaining depression && apt-get install acceptance18:10
coz_there we go :)18:10
coz_or  apt-get autoremove --purge acceptance  and get on with life18:10
hyperairor rather, apt-get install acceptance conflicts with denial anger bargaining and depression ;-)18:10
coz_hyperair,  sounds so ,, regimented,,,yes?  I cant truly accept that all people behave this way or go through the same stages18:11
hyperairwell =p18:11
coz_although I did demonstrate similar behavior with that image,, sped up of course :)18:12
coz_ah but we are subject to the inevitable "acceptance' here,,  by the borg.. resistance is futile18:13
* hyperair has never really enjoyed ubuntu's default themes18:14
coz_hyperair,  I agree,,well there were a few and did like some of the animal wallpapers18:14
coz_hyperair,  I really truly dont like elemetary other than the icons18:14
coz_if that was what you meant18:15
hyperairi like the theme18:15
coz_hyperair,  I know..many people do... I just step back and wonder why this "mac"  path that seems to be all over the place18:16
hyperairthere are things in elementary that are different from mac that make it uniquely elementary imo18:16
coz_hyperair,  I know... but one of the people there once told me...after mentioning the mac clone appearance,, "apple did it right!  why bother to change it!"18:17
coz_hyperair,  that completely confused me18:17
Islingtondid we talk about the how once again the "communtiy" has led to a shit wallpaper on the cd?18:17
* hyperair => reboot18:18
coz_Islington,  well not all of them are bad have you seen the package?18:18
Islingtonno we all know which one I am refering to18:18
coz_Islington,  oh that real busy one?18:18
Islingtonthe one that looks like a 3yr old on acid, imagining 3 narwhals18:18
coz_:)  well someone created it and many will like it...18:19
coz_Islington,  also,, "community"  i generally define as  "user contributions"  I dont see this as a community feax pas18:20
Islingtonsigh next time I contribute to this, I will spend significantly less effort, if the barrier is that low18:20
coz_Islington,  well not sure it can be  worked around... no one here,, as far as I know,, makes the decision about images or anything for that matter18:21
Islingtonwhich is dumb, as hell. We warned the team that shit like this would happen18:21
coz_what puzzles me,, is that the design team has not taken seriously that idea that ubuntu can be as uniquely designed as mac.. something specific to ubuntu ,, creative,, appealing,, real nice to work with18:22
Islingtonthe bad illustration wallpaper taints that whole category; not to mention its creator gets to choose the next time, if the same rules still hold18:23
coz_Islington,  oh?18:23
coz_ah oh18:23
coz_I didnt know that18:23
IslingtonI beleive that is how it works with the photog walls18:23
coz_Islington,  that's an interesting revelation for me18:23
coz_Islington,  so what is the design teams participation in this then?18:24
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Islingtonwho knows, call me sour but I official have stopped caring18:24
coz_Islington,  ah yes me too,, lets start a new group,, ubuntu-apathy  :)18:25
Islington:) now I have to package nathan for release on launch day18:25
coz_Islington,  which is "nathan"?18:28
Islingtoner this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/islington/5459034272/sizes/l/18:30
coz_Islington,  this is yours?18:31
coz_Islington,  svg originally?18:33
Islingtonstill is actually :) pushing pixels is for peasants18:34
coz_damn fingers18:34
coz_Islington,  I dont know...pixel pushing can result in quite nice "painterly" effects18:35
Islingtonyeah there are definite benefits, smooth gradients for one; still it feels so tedious after vector work.18:36
coz_Islington,  sometimes  it can be,,  here is an example of a digital piece I did  ,,all pixel pushing :)   http://www.flickr.com/photos/coz_/5540685576/lightbox/18:37
Islingtoncoz_: Very Nice indeed18:37
coz_Islington,  to get the best "natural media"  look and feel... svg is not the way  at least I havent found a way in inkscape yet18:38
coz_I suppose its possible with multiple layers, gradients...etc   but  the file would be huge18:38
Islingtonafaik the pencil sketch is the only realistic media thing I know on inkscape18:38
coz_Islington, that may be correct,, I love svg  but  my background is in painting/sculpture so I tend towards painter effects ,, one day I will do it in inkscape :)18:39
Islingtonhave you tried krita?18:40
IslingtonI am out of shape in actual sketching, but its much better than gimp at some things18:41
coz_damn fingers again18:41
coz_Islington,  i have had it installed,, but didnt take enough time to learn it well18:41
IslingtonI had to learn it, only thing that I know that supports 32bit18:42
coz_ah ok18:42
coz_Islington,  I will reinstall it then,, and take more time with it.18:42
Islingtonif you are ubuntu it may be a bit heavy18:43
Islingtonqt and all that18:44
coz_Islington,  yes everytime i see screenshots of krita I install it and then forget to deal with it :)18:45
coz_Islington,  and yes I am on ubuntu,  but I also have kde libraries installed on gnome... I do use a few kde things including a few games18:46
thorwilsadly i tend to experience performance and stability issues every time i look at krita18:47
coz_thorwil, oh?  mmm18:47
coz_I wonder if a development ppa would be any better?18:48
thorwili tried both packaged and build from source at some point18:48
coz_thorwil,  oh that's dissapointing18:49
IslingtonI have better luck on build18:49
coz_mm  ok let me search for krita source18:49
Islingtonbut occasionally it will do ridiculous things18:49
thorwilso if i want a decent brush engine, i pick mypaint18:49
coz_is it currently being maintained?18:49
coz_thorwil,  absolutely mypaint18:49
coz_thorwil,  it is becoming  very robust18:49
thorwilbut it tends to not take that long before i miss selection tools or something else mypaint doesn't have18:50
IslingtonI find it easier just to do a rough sketch in there and import the png into inkscape18:50
darkmatteri use artrage more than mypain. prolly because my paint has a horrendous ui (even though the app itself rocks)18:51
coz_ darkmatter  for sure and I know they realize this18:51
coz_darkmatter,  the brush menuing system is  way bad18:51
coz_darkmatter,   I know they are aware of this... it s hould be in a nice catagorized menu at least18:52
coz_similar to Corel Painter's18:52
coz_darkmatter,  looking up artrage18:52
IslingtonI used to use a pirated copy of alias sketchbook over wine. it worked really well, and that interface was amazing18:53
coz_Islington,  I have an older copy of that one... if you mean the semi round brush menu?18:54
darkmattercoz_: ut runs awesome in wine. has a free and nonfree version, and a 'palette' ui (tablet compatible basically). the main reason I use it is because it has a "workbench" feel18:54
coz_cool looking it up now18:54
Islingtonyeah in the corner coz_ and you just have to use swipe with pen to pick something18:54
darkmatterIslington: I'd use all alias (well, now autodesk) products if I could afford the licensing... sketchbook, designer, maya.. nom nom18:55
coz_Islington,  yeah it was something new at least... my favorite natural media application used to be corel Painter,, until mypaint reached it level of maturity  althogh painter is about t he best around18:55
coz_of course sketchbook pro is now owned by autodesk so that will NEVER have a linux port18:57
coz_again with the fingers19:10
coz_darkmatter,  i assume you already have seen autodesk pricing?19:11
darkmattercoz_: that's a silly question. I wouldn't have mentioned  the 'can't afford' bit if I hadn't :P19:13
coz_darkmatter,  I have not seen that kind of outrageous pricing for any application19:14
coz_I have the autodesk suite here,, give to me by my nephew   total cost  $75,00019:14
coz_I could live comfortably in europe for several years on that19:15
coz_althoug its an older version  I dont use it or like it and the fact that it comes on several "cd's"  not dvd's  angers me for that price19:17
coz_let me check current prices19:18
coz_oh!  they sort of dropped the price on autocad  to just under $5,000 ,, wow19:19
genii-aroundHello. Is there yet a Narwhal logo which will be for 11.04? I would light to put the image on CD's as we burn them for an upcoming release party20:14

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