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`godsomeone on ?02:26
holsteinnormally, folks just go for it02:30
holsteinlike the topic implies02:31
`godi will need some help :)02:31
`godi'll *02:31
`godis someone who can help me or not :)) ? i just wanna ask something about  ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition!02:33
holstein`god: typically, folks join the channel02:34
holsteinread the topic02:34
holsteinand just ask02:34
holsteinnot sure if anyone can help or not yet02:34
holsteinwe'll see02:34
holsteini mean, i'll go ahead and say02:35
holsteini prefer the normal installation02:35
holsteinon netbooks02:35
`godjust look at thist video02:35
`godsomething goes wrong and i don't know what !!!02:35
holstein`god: how did it run from the live CD ?02:36
holsteindid you run updates yet?02:36
holsteinare you online?02:36
holsteindid it always do this after the install?02:37
holsteinor did something break?02:37
holsteinif i were you02:37
holsteini would download the normal ubuntu 10.10 CD02:37
holsteinand try that02:37
holsteinLIVE first02:37
holsteinand then install over the netbook edition02:37
`godte problem is02:38
`godthe normal 10.1002:38
`godworks verry well no problem02:38
`godonly this one netbook edition02:38
holsteinso use that i say02:38
`godflashes like that02:38
holstein`god: there should be an option02:38
holsteinat login02:38
holsteinto use the normal desktop02:39
holstein`god: have you updated? since installing?02:39
holsteinupdating may fix it02:39
`godhmmm how can i updat if the screen flashes like that ??02:39
holstein`god: control+alt F102:40
holsteinsudo apt-get update02:40
`godonly when i open something the screen flashes02:40
holsteinsudo apt-get upgrade02:40
`godif i open the terminal02:40
holstein`god: control+alt+F102:41
holsteinlike i suggested earlier02:41
holsteinthat will get you to a terminal02:41
holsteinsudo apt-get update02:41
holsteinand s02:41
holsteinsudo apt-get upgrade02:41
holsteinsudo reboot02:41
holsteinand see if its cool or not02:41
holsteinand go from there02:41
`godhmm i have to try this :D02:42
holstein`god: ?02:42
holsteintry what?02:42
holsteinnah, dont try it02:42
holsteinjust update02:42
`godto see if it flashes again02:43
holsteini see02:43
holsteinyeah, go for it :)02:43
`godnice did't flashes i will try with the update to see what is happening02:50
holsteinyeah, it wont flash there02:51
holsteinthats why i sent you there to update02:51
`godok ty02:52
`godsee ya , right now i have to ho :D02:53
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duanedesigns-fox: hello hello10:33
s-foxHello duanedesign . How are you?10:33
duanedesigns-fox: congratulations!10:33
s-foxThank you duanedesign . How are you?10:35
duanedesigns-fox: mmmm, about the same10:39
duanedesigns-fox: got a few leads i am going to look into today10:40
s-foxduanedesign,  That is really good news.  I hope it goes well.10:50
xardas008how do i get my webbrowser (firefox) to synchronize it's bookmarkes with Ubuntu One?10:59
s-foxxardas008,  https://wiki.edubuntu.org/UbuntuOne/Tutorials/Bookmarks11:00
s-foxI know it is the edubuntu website, but it should be the same in ubuntu.11:01
xardas008ok and where do i see the bookmarks in Ubuntu One?11:02
s-foxxardas008,  I don't know.  I do not use ubuntu one myself.11:05
xardas008hm ok the i'll have to look on my other computer if they get synchronized11:06
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aztekhello all13:14
aztekhow to install loosing groub ubuntu?13:16
aztekbdfhjk: hi13:20
duanedesignaztek: you need to reinstall grub?13:21
duanedesigngreat grub2 resource is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:22
aztekduanedesign: ok, am trying....13:25
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asterismohi everubody15:11
asterismoi need help with something15:11
bdfhjkHi asterismo15:11
asterismoi have an old PC, a P4 2.8 GHz with 512 DDR memory15:12
asterismoi'm planning to use it for work15:12
asterismoand i want to mmaximize its performance15:12
zkriesseOk, what do you wanna know?15:13
asterismoso i'm confused about the better filesystem15:13
asterismoext4, ext3, ext2, jfs, reiserfs15:13
asterismowhich filesystem is a good compromise of speed and sfety?15:14
asterismoi heard that puppy linux uses ext2 filesystem... so that opened the questino to me15:14
zkriesseUhm, I don't claim ANY knowledge of this but I think ext4 for some reason15:14
holsteinext4 is what most OS's default too15:15
bdfhjkif You use last kernel, I think ext4 is the best choice. But I am also not have more knowledge15:16
asterismoi wanted to know what filesistem os less cpu demanding15:16
holsteineh, its linux15:16
holsteini wouldnt sweat the file system much15:17
holsteinthe desktop environment would make an old box feel snappier15:17
bdfhjkMy advice15:18
bdfhjklook what filesystem is used in xubuntu / fluxbuntu15:18
holsteinand thats ext4 default15:18
bdfhjkand server type distros15:18
asterismook, thanks15:32
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s-foxI will be back later.18:09
kerneloops_may I "apt-get remove --purge linux-headers-2.6.35-27 linux-headers-2.6.35-27-generic linux-image-2.6.35-27-generic" ?19:14
hggdhkerneloops_, as long as this is not your active kernel, yes19:14
kerneloops_yeah :)19:16
akernanI have a conky wireless question....I tried the #conky channel but no one was there20:11
kerneloops_back for more20:12
kerneloops_So I am runnung Ubuntu server on a old machine and it's using 2.6.35-28-generic-pae Because my CPU is 32bit?20:14
kerneloops_running sry20:14
holsteinkerneloops_: i did a couple install on my old EEEpc through the years20:14
holsteinactually, quite a few20:15
holsteinand several times20:15
holsteini got the PAE kernel by default20:15
holsteinnot sure why20:15
kerneloops_yeah :P20:15
holsteinkerneloops_: i say20:15
holsteinif it ain't broke20:15
kerneloops_holstein: because it's server edition and they think we will add more RAM20:15
akernanCan you help me with a conky permission issue20:16
pleia2akernan: you can just ask your question :)20:16
holsteinakernan: whats the question?20:16
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:17
akernanmy wireless is wlan0, my conkyrc works with sudo but not as user20:17
holsteinakernan: well, conky works right?20:17
holsteinits just not spitting out info about your network connection?20:17
kerneloops_akernan: what do you want to with conky?20:17
pleia2some applications require you to be in a specific group to use them (I'm not familiar with conky though)20:17
holsteinas normal user?20:17
akernanyup...I have conky monitoring other stuff....I have a problem with wireless variables20:18
akernanI get unk or zero when I run it as user20:19
holsteineh, maybe not...20:20
holsteinmabye #lubuntu ?20:20
holsteini would ask in one of the lightwieght distro channels20:21
akernanok, thanks20:21
kerneloops_I have a silly question: can I change screen resolution in ubuntu server using /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?20:22
bioterrorwhat kind of server has X ;)20:23
holsteinyou might be able to increase the font size somehow20:23
kerneloops_bioterror: if connected to monitor20:23
kerneloops_it's looking like 800x60020:23
holsteinim usually running them headless20:23
holsteinssh in20:24
kerneloops_holstein: I am too20:24
holsteinand the fontsize in gnome terminal is easily changed20:24
kerneloops_but I was curious20:24
kerneloops_holstein: yes in client side20:24
kerneloops_holstein: it just that I connect a monitor  to server and the resolution looked ugly20:25
kerneloops_thats why I asked about X :p20:25
holsteini would have a live CD handy though20:26
yofelhm, that's somewhat ancient, even the karmic instructions20:27
holsteinyeah, grub is different now kerneloops_20:28
yofelyou can find out what resolutions your card supports for your monitor if you go to the grub command line (from the boot menu) and run 'vbeinfo'20:28
holsteinshould still work though20:28
kerneloops_holstein: I dont have a /boot/grub/menu.lst20:28
yofelafter that set the res in /etc/default/grub as GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX20:28
kerneloops_yeah tks yofel20:29
holsteinyeah, we should update that wiki20:29
kerneloops_:p ok i know the path20:29
yofelfor example I have GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=1280x800x32 for my thinkpad in there20:29
kerneloops_wait a sec20:29
kerneloops_ /etc/default/grub20:29
kerneloops_that I think20:29
yofelthat you should have, the variable isn't there by default though, so just add a new line for it20:30
yofeland don't set anything that 'vbeinfo' doesn't list20:30
kerneloops_hm need to install it20:31
yofelkerneloops_: no20:31
kerneloops_vbeinfo command not found20:31
yofelyou need to reboot, go to the grub menu, get the command line, and run vbeinfo *there*20:31
yofeliirc there was some other way to get that information too, but I can't remember it20:31
kerneloops_to get VESA thing right20:32
kerneloops_cant I just get that info from the terminal20:32
yofelmaybe, I don't remember how though :/20:32
kerneloops_yofel: right now i dont have the monitor plugged in20:33
kerneloops_I need to right?20:33
kerneloops_or do i just need the graphic card20:33
yofelI think both, but what's your mointor res?20:34
kerneloops_the one im using is 1080 :p20:34
kerneloops_and i think that graphci card supports only 1024x768 16 bit20:35
kerneloops_(the old machine ofc)20:35
yofelhm, no idea then, that might work, but as setting the wrong FB res has potential of breaking things I would rather try vbeinfo when you can try it20:36
yofelmaybe someone else has a better idea20:36
holsteinyofel: i quoted you20:42
kerneloops_so vbeinfo only works in grub terminal?20:42
kerneloops_and there is no other tool to find out resolutions?20:42
holsteinkerneloops_: you can google20:42
holsteinthe device20:43
holsteinmaybe the vendor lists it ?20:43
kerneloops_ok found it20:44
kerneloops_with sudo lshw20:44
kerneloops_description: VGA compatible controller20:44
kerneloops_             product: 264VT [Mach64 VT]20:44
kerneloops_it's an old ATI20:45
kerneloops_holstein: I think I found it20:48
kerneloops_and in Xubuntu I used 16bit to make it faster :P20:48
kerneloops_holstein: so now how do I find out the VGA code20:55
holsteintheres a table at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution20:56
kerneloops_i must be blind :)20:56
holsteinwell, it might not be what you're looking for...20:56
kerneloops_thanks a lot20:56
* yofel reordered the page a bit21:01
yofelI have the intoductions twice...21:02
holsteinyeah, much better than what i had though yofel :)21:03
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Cheri703asking on behalf of a guy at my ubuntu hour: is there any way to use itunes with wine?22:54
holsteinCheri703: AFAIK22:54
Cheri703he's apparently having trouble :/22:55
holsteinskrappjaw must be the iGuy :)22:58
kerneloops_ei holstein22:58
skrappjawlol. no im sitting next to him22:59
kerneloops_im trying to make sound work in ubuntu server i typed aplay -l and it shows22:59
kerneloops_card 0: SI7018 [SiS SI7018], device 0: trident_dx_nx [Trident 4DWave]22:59
kerneloops_  Subdevices: 32/3222:59
kerneloops_32 subdevices??22:59
holsteinkerneloops_: theres a cvlc22:59
holsteinthat looks right22:59
holsteinyeah, try playing something22:59
kerneloops_holstein: hm many audio channels are muted22:59
holsteinkerneloops_: check out alsamixer too23:00
holsteinand dont trust the labels23:00
kerneloops_unmute all23:00
kerneloops_just a note: I know the sound works23:00
kerneloops_used it in xubuntu23:00
kerneloops_holstein: xmms2 play file23:01
kerneloops_holstein: im trying to play a .mp3 maybe I need the decoder?23:03
holsteinkerneloops_: try something friendlier23:03
holstein.wav maybe?23:04
kerneloops_holstein: gonna try openoffice .wav23:05
kerneloops_hm /usr/share/sounds/23:05
kerneloops_cd alsa23:05
holsteinlocate *.ogg23:06
kerneloops_holstein: it's ubuntu server :p23:07
kerneloops_there is mpg12323:08
holsteinwget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/groove.ogg23:08
* holstein taking a nap..23:19

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