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kim0Morning everyone08:05
flaccidevening :p08:43
kim0flaccid: ah hehe :)08:43
flaccidstill working, but what can you do heh08:44
ubuntucloud187I am supposing to vuild a small private cloud with my current resources08:47
ubuntucloud187Does anyone have any usefull tutorial?08:47
flaccidubuntucloud187: yes follow the doc08:49
kim0ubuntucloud187: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/CDInstall08:50
ubuntucloud187tnx a lot08:51
ubuntucloud187have you tried yourself?08:51
ubuntucloud187I am going to develop specific knwoledge integration framework on the private cloud08:52
ubuntucloud187DB is mysql08:52
ubuntucloud187and communication is based on SOAP08:52
ubuntucloud187and wsdl08:52
ubuntucloud187the file type is xml08:53
flaccidits the same as any computer08:53
ubuntucloud187and about web service platform08:54
ubuntucloud187which technology is used to support web service?08:54
ubuntucloud187apache or else?08:54
flaccidanything you like08:55
ubuntucloud187and the security of connection?08:57
flaccidinstances are virtual machines so you can do whatever08:57
flaccidwhat connection?08:57
ubuntucloud187between VMs08:57
ubuntucloud187and between user and cloud controller08:57
flaccidits the same as any network node08:57
flaccidyou obviously don't give out the cloud creds08:58
ubuntucloud187Users should get an access to cloud resources via portal or?08:58
flaccidthats up to you08:58
ubuntucloud187It is in house using purpose cloud08:58
flaccidit provides a cloud, not ACL for users etc.08:59
flaccidthats your job08:59
ubuntucloud187and I have a scientific (not technical) question?08:59
ubuntucloud187and I have a scientific (not technical) question.08:59
ubuntucloud187How cloud computing could be innovative at the integration of information09:00
flaccidsorry, i don't understand09:00
ubuntucloud187for instance in collaborative production system?09:00
ubuntucloud187I mean the scientific motivation to use a cloud09:01
flaccidsure, you can do that09:01
flaccidmany scientists use clouds to compute09:01
flaccidand collab and what not09:01
ubuntucloud187Yes, that's right09:01
ubuntucloud187for instance if I am going to do research on the cloud based application development09:02
ubuntucloud187What could be motivation of using the cloud platform09:03
ubuntucloud187or clearly research question due to cloud?09:03
ubuntucloud187in elsecase it seems to be moving from one technology to another,09:04
ubuntucloud187is there any scientific challenge which could be solved by use of cloud.09:04
ubuntucloud187of course I know the benefits of scalability, accesibility and so many others such as cost reduction and ...09:05
ubuntucloud187but they are mostly business factors09:05
ubuntucloud187not a real scientific challenge09:05
flaccidi don't have the time to answer such open questions sorry09:07
flaccidothers might09:07
flaccidthis channel is about ubuntu in the cloud09:08
TeTeTubuntucloud187: from what I know, cloud computing certainly does not alter computability, it does not tackle new problems, it provides a way to be more efficient, that's all09:13
ubuntucloud187I think the same09:14
TeTeTubuntucloud187: though cloud systems such as hadoop make it feasible to wade through TB of data, that were in practice unwieldy with traditional systems. But it did not expand in a theoretical way, just what can be done on contemporary cheap hardware09:14
ubuntucloud187yes you are right09:15
ubuntucloud187how about specialization of cloud based services09:15
ubuntucloud187have you ever seen an specific business customized service based on cloud09:16
ubuntucloud187I mean using for instance salesorce09:16
ubuntucloud187I mean using for instance salesforce09:16
ubuntucloud187not in the field of computer science09:16
flaccidcloud is one of the most abused buzz words09:16
ubuntucloud187using as computing and so on09:16
flaccidi work at RightScale and the biggest customers are FB app providers or iphone or whatever..09:17
ubuntucloud187It never heard rightscale09:19
ubuntucloud187but I am checking the website now09:19
ubuntucloud187I found the UEC useful for creating the private cloud, but before going to practical phase of implementation09:20
ubuntucloud187it is always a big question in my mind09:21
ubuntucloud187what is the motivation for non-computer scientists to work on cloud based application development?09:22
flaccidyou might want to consider using a public cloud instead09:22
flaccidi don't have time to answer those kind of questions sorry; someone else might09:22
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kim0smoser: Hi o/ Please ping me once you wake up, since you're on first for Ubuntu Cloud Days .. Thanks man13:29
smoserkim0, i'm up.14:05
kim0smoser: great .. just checking ..14:05
kim0your session is in 2 hours14:05
smoseri have a meeting running right up to my CloudDays presentation but i'll be there.14:05
kim0cool np14:05
kim0smoser: would be great if you can quickly read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom/ClassBot (Question Handling) section14:06
kim0basically the !q and !y to the bot to take and answer questions14:06
ahs3kim0: what's the url for yesterday's cloud days irc logs, please?14:06
kim0you'll need to join #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat and if you need help #ubuntu-classroom-backstage14:07
kim0smoser: ^14:07
kim0ahs3: Hi .. Just posted direct links to every session at http://foss-boss.blogspot.com/2011/03/day-2-ubuntu-cloud-days.html14:07
ahs3kim0: brilliant.  thx.14:07
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TeTeTkim0: I need to run an errand before giving my session, hope I will be back in time. should start in 2:4514:12
kim0TeTeT: okie hope you'll be there in time .. Thanks :)14:13
keyz182Hi, I'm in the middle of setting up a cloud for a project I'm working on, and I've run into the issue outlined here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1712965. Basically, I can't seem to add a bonded connection to a bridge. Has anyone here tried/done this, or know how to?14:27
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koolhead17hi all14:41
kim0koolhead17: howdy14:44
koolhead17kim0, hello sir. doing good14:44
kim0great :)14:44
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keyz182Hi there, anyone here tried running UEC over a bonded connection?14:47
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kim0smoser: Reminder ... session starting in 2 mins15:57
kim0smoser: btw might be worth it to start the session a little slow .. explaining what's uec, ami, instance ...etc15:59
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kim0TeTeT: please let me know once you're here and ready for your session16:44
TeTeTkim0: just arrived16:53
kim0TeTeT: awesome JIT :)16:54
TeTeTkim0: yeah, so I didn't get to know the price for the new kitchen, which is probably good ;)16:54
kim0lol haha :)16:54
kim0so I owe you a kitchen :)16:54
TeTeThe he16:55
Edulixhi people17:05
Edulixhey kim0 =)17:05
kim0Edulix: hey o/17:05
kim0Edulix: You start in two hours man .. ready ?17:06
Edulixready! :P17:06
kim0awesome :)17:08
kim0Daviey: Hi o/17:34
kim0ready for the session in 30mins and all ?17:34
Davieykim0, no :)17:36
Davieystill prepping :)17:36
kim0hehe .. last minute guy eh :)17:36
kim0Daviey prepares to knock em dead17:36
sveissWhile we're in a lull... just wanted to say thank you to kim0 and the instructors for organising these sessions. I'm in the middle of planning the migration of an existing EC2 cluster to Ubuntu, and the sessions have been really helpful so far.17:40
kim0sveiss: sounds great :)17:41
kim0sveiss btw if that's a production environment, canonical offers commercial support if you'll need that17:41
sveisswe're migrating to Puppet too, so I'll be watching the next session with close interest too :)17:41
kim0cool :)17:41
sveissyeah, the availability of support if we need it is one of the reasons we're migrating17:42
kim0sounds good17:42
semiosisubuntu+cloudinit+puppet rocks, really looking forward to next session17:45
sveiss*nods* that's been my experience so far. I'm really looking forward to getting our new prod cluster rolled out, my life will be so much easier17:48
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