nigelbjussi is back? :)07:13
dpmgood morning everyone!07:27
nigelbMorning dpm :)07:29
dpmhey, good morning nigelb :)07:29
duanedesignmorning all07:32
dholbachgood morning07:33
nigelbhola duanedesign, and hey dholbach07:34
nigelbdholbach: so coming to India this winter? ;)07:34
dholbachhi nigelb, hi duanedesign07:34
dholbachthere's no current plans - but the pictures reminded me that I'd love to go again07:34
nigelbheh :)07:35
kim0Morning o/08:03
kim0dholbach: nigelb dpm   Howdy08:03
dholbachhey kim008:04
dpmhey kim0, dholbach!08:04
duanedesign266 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 30 not upgraded.08:05
duanedesignsomeone hasn't run updates in awhile :)08:06
nigelbhey kim0 :)08:08
nigelbhow was day 1 of cloud day?08:09
kim0nigelb: It was pretty good actually :) very good sessions, and around 220 attendees .. interesting08:09
kim0Most sessions leasd didn't know anything about classbot though :)08:10
kim0although I did email them about it08:10
nigelbkim0: don't worry, its usual :(08:10
kim0luckily Pendulum helped with that08:10
nigelbWe'rve done our best to get people to read.08:10
kim0hehe yeah .. luckily it's really easy !q !y only .. otherwise we'd be in trouble08:11
nigelbkim0: At every uud and uow we try to figure out how to make it more easier, and we always fail.08:22
nigelbkim0: now 'm thinking we should write something like IRC classroom leader client :p08:22
nigelbwhich talks to classbot and shows next question, etc08:22
kim0lernid take2 ?08:31
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czajkowskipaultag: ping11:54
=== nigelbabu is now known as nigelb
=== daker_ is now known as daker
paultagczajkowski: pong12:38
paultagczajkowski: morning :)12:39
czajkowskipaultag: se pm please12:42
paultagoh, aye, sorry, browser was covering that up12:42
=== daker_ is now known as daker
jonojcastro, quick call?15:37
jcastroJoeb454: yep15:37
jcastrojono: yep15:37
jcastroJoeb454: whoops, sorry15:38
Joeb454jcastro: you can call me if you really want ;)15:39
dholbachkim0, good luck! :)15:51
kim0dholbach: hehe thanks15:51
dholbachkim0, I'll mention it in my screencast too15:52
kim0great :)15:52
jcastroczajkowski: update, NOW you should be set.16:15
jcastropopey: ?16:17
* popey runs up to jcastro and cuddles him16:17
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 16:18
czajkowskijcastro: will do an update when I get home16:18
czajkowskiand it doesnt work I may curl up and ball my eyes out :)16:18
jcastrono, it all works now16:19
jcastroit's actually running awesome now16:19
czajkowskiI'm holding you to this :)16:19
dholbachjcastro, <ElricL> Do we need to know vala to hack on unity?16:24
dholbachI don't know the answer16:24
jcastroC++ is fine16:27
jcastrounity and compiz are all C++16:27
jcastrothere's vala in there for some parts16:27
jcastrodholbach: ^16:27
dholbachthanks jcastro16:28
jcastrodholbach: if he wants to write a lens, he can use python too16:28
czajkowskiI really could eat my body weight in choclate today, which is a lot and really not wise :(16:38
jcastroI want chocolate now16:39
czajkowskiI've eaten nearly a box of taffy today16:39
czajkowskisticky yummy addictive stuff16:39
jcastroakgraner: is pete within voice distance of you?16:46
akgranerjcastro, yes16:46
jcastroakgraner: tell him I just broke the bank on a pair of Rush tickets, but it will be worth it.16:46
jcastrofirst time16:46
jcastrohe should flash you horns or do some kind of man grunt16:46
czajkowskiakgraner: did you see AW over the weekend O.M.G16:46
akgranerjcastro, I told him...he's going to see Rush on 1 April16:47
akgranerczajkowski, nope :-(16:47
czajkowskiakgraner: would you like the link :D16:48
czajkowskiand I suggest you be prepared16:48
akgranerczajkowski, yeppers thanks!16:49
czajkowskisunday cant come fast enough16:50
akgranerI'll have to find some time though I am not sure when..:-/ but I'll figure it out16:51
Technovikingjcastro: saw Geddy Lee at a used bookstore a couple years ago before a Rush concert in Salt Lake16:51
czajkowskiakgraner: find 40 mins!16:52
akgranerczajkowski, I'll work on that...:-)16:56
akgranerI learned about "invisible" windows today..had never had that happen before it was both cool and confusing..now to figure out what triggered it...16:57
czajkowskioh I might be buying a car :D16:59
czajkowskibah wrong window16:59
dholbachok my friends - I'm done for today, just babbled for a whole hour :)17:10
dholbachsee you all tomorrow17:10
dholbachbig hugs17:10
czajkowskidholbach: bye!17:11
* popey leaves a comment on http://askubuntu.com/questions/31877/how-do-i-turn-on-unity-drag-handles17:17
* popey chuckles at the gobby mail to -devel18:19
jcastroDaviey: see ubuntu-devel wrt. gobby18:21
jcastrothis conversation will be awesome18:21
jcastrobut I won't comment yet. :)18:21
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AlanBellwho is the James he is addressing?18:25
jcastrowe should get popcorn18:26
Pendulumjcastro: for throwing or consuming? ;P18:27
* popey wonders if Daviey's etherpad is gonna get a kicking from that :D18:27
jcastroseriously, EC2 an etherpad for UDS. DONE.18:28
jcastroI didn't know we had google docs for ubuntu.com btw18:28
jcastrowe could tag things up18:28
jcastrowe'd have SEARCH18:28
jcastroman ...18:28
popeywe cant18:28
popeyonly canonical people have access18:29
AlanBellkim0: UDS etherpad on ec2 as a demo of the awesomeness of cloud . . .18:29
jcastrono I've gotten things from Amber before on there18:29
popeyonly if people make them public18:29
jcastropopey: and for UDS you could probably open up the access a bit to allow non ubuntu.com address holding people to take notes, then close it up after again18:29
popeyor explicitly share them18:29
kim0AlanBell: true it is :)18:29
jcastroyeah but we can set that in the docs18:30
popeyi.e. if I go to that url it asks me for a password18:30
jcastrowe should just do that anyway if it's for ubuntu.com18:30
popeyI would suspect there is sekret stuff in there right now18:30
jcastrono there isn't18:30
jcastrothis is just google apps for ubuntu.com18:30
popeyjust guessing, I dont have access :)18:30
jcastrotry to sign in18:30
jcastroI bet it lets you18:30
popeyi did18:30
popeyit does not18:30
popeyi do not have a password18:30
AlanBellme too18:30
jcastroso how does akgraner get in?18:30
popeyas i said18:31
AlanBellakgraner is special18:31
popeysomeone shared a doc with her18:31
AlanBellor that18:31
popeyor its a public doc18:31
popeyit tells me to contact my admin to get the password reset18:31
* popey emails elmo18:31
popeycourse I dont18:31
jcastrocan you guys see that?18:31
akgranerwhat did I do?18:31
popeylook at the top of the screen18:32
popey"Anyone with this link"18:32
popeythats the sharing option18:32
popeysomeone explicitly shared that document18:32
jcastroright but that's just a setting we can change18:32
jcastrowe can say "anyone with ubuntu.com, have a go"18:32
popeywell, yes, and no18:32
popeyno, we cant18:32
popeywithout a password18:32
akgranerI created that document18:32
AlanBellinterestingly Amber Graner is the owner18:32
jcastroI used my SSO password18:32
akgranerthat was who I intended to interview at one of the UDSs18:33
* popey tries that18:33
jcastroso basically .... we have it.18:33
jcastroor not.18:33
popeyi have no way to logon to that apps domain18:33
Pendulumjcastro: that also means that if separate sessions have separate docs, there has to be a Canonical person to set up each doc and set the permissions for viewing18:34
popeyright.. i see18:34
popeyamber created it not with her @ubuntu.com account18:34
popeybut with her gmail account18:34
jcastroPendulum: well, my idea would invole it being open to everyone18:34
jcastrothere's a setting in there to make the whole thing public, I've admined google apps before18:35
popeyi propose you bring that up with elmo18:35
popeyi will supply the popcorn18:35
AlanBellso how did Amber's document get in to the ubuntu.com apps domain?18:36
* Pendulum asks screen reader users which is more accessible googledocs or etherpad18:36
Pendulum(since gobby used to be, but then the new version lost some accessibility)18:36
jcastropopey: if it's open to anyone with a google account at UDS then that would be fine18:37
jcastrobut making it so only certain people can sign in is a non-starter18:37
jcastrothough really what we need is pad.ubuntu.com on real hardware18:37
AlanBellhowever there was an explicit and documented decision by IS not to do that18:38
jcastroI plan on just using etherpad18:44
jcastroI'd rather get yelled at by IS than my manager for not having the notes for something that is important to me for the next SIX MONTHS.18:44
* jcastro will save it for the mailing list. :)18:45
* Pendulum gets out the snacks18:45
AlanBellwhat I would like to see is a link on every session in summit to padurl/uds-o-day-time-room like http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/uds-o-monday-1000-antigua18:50
jcastroI know right18:50
jcastroand just put them all on one page18:50
AlanBellput them on the schedule http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-n/2010-10-25/18:51
AlanBellso the schedule itself is the index to the documentation18:51
AlanBellbring up summit, find where you should be, click the box, type notes18:52
AlanBelland the column headers on summit should be webchat.freenode.net links to the appropriate rooms18:52
jcastrothe header thing is in a bugreport somewhere18:56
jcastroPendulum: good news!19:54
jcastroPendulum: I have more than a 10 minute warning for Q+A tomorrow19:54
jcastroand/or pleia2 or cjohnston19:57
Pendulumjcastro: I did get the name out of jono yesterday :)19:59
Pendulumor maybe tuesday19:59
Pendulumbut that is very good news!19:59
pleia2haha, good :)20:00
jcastroher irc is skaet20:00
jcastroand I just did a phone call with her explaining it20:00
jcastroso she's a pro now20:00
Pendulumcool :)20:00
jcastroshe's nervous since it's her first one20:00
Pendulumjcastro: do you want me to add you as a helper (or jono)20:01
jcastroI am changing the time on the wiki to be 16:30 UTC20:01
jcastrosince the fridge schedule is already out there20:01
jcastroPendulum: both just in case please20:01
jcastroand like over 18 hours left to go!20:03
Pendulumyou've also got me and nigelb listed as helpers20:04
jcastrothis one will be fun20:04
Pendulumhiya jussi :)20:05
pleia2updated the title in the calendar entry too20:05
Pendulumyeah, I just did that20:05
* jussi is back in .fi :)20:06
pleia2ok, I guess the changes hadn't been synced yet :)20:06
pleia2& breaks everything20:06
greg-gjcastro: you got my support on -devel ;)20:10
greg-gjcastro: crap! I'm being moderated :/20:24
jcastroI am sure there's a ton in there20:24
czajkowskifried egg on toast is the dinner of winners20:36
JFois that what Charlie Sheen is eating nowadays? ;-)20:39
* czajkowski hugs JFo 20:42
czajkowskihello my dear20:42
czajkowskihow is the writing coming along ?20:42
* JFo hugs czajkowski 20:42
JFovery well thanks20:42
JFoI actually may be co-writing a book with a friend here before long20:43
czajkowskigreat 183 things need updating since this morning20:43
czajkowskiJFo: oh what kind ?20:43
JFowe are going to be discussing it more in-depth20:43
JFoa historical fition20:43
czajkowskiI read typo very well, only way I understand myself :)20:43
JFothe correction was more punishment for me ;)20:44
czajkowskicome on updates hurry up20:44
czajkowskitired of seeing things crashed in the background :(20:44
JFoand I have about $400 worth of books I am getting for research on my big project20:44
czajkowskiJFo: where do you find the time!20:45
JFowill help flesh out some details so I can get to the long bits20:45
JFoczajkowski, well, it usually strikes me when I should be sleeping20:45
JFoI actually write the best stuff when I am tired20:45
JFoI hate it too :-(20:45
JFowas up all last night20:45
JFoI'm dead on my feet today20:46
JFomy brain seems to create character dialog when I let go of work stuff20:46
JFoit is very odd20:46
JFobut, I write something every day20:46
JFoshort stories, poetry20:46
czajkowskiI managed to be awake 30 hrs the last time travel England wales and ireland in one day back and forth and could only sleep for 3 hrs afterwards20:47
czajkowskiJFo: really cool thing to be able to do20:47
JFoI wish I were better at it. :)20:48
czajkowskiThe following packages have been kept back: openoffice.org-thesaurus-en-us20:50
czajkowski0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.20:50
czajkowskiwont remove for the last week20:50
czajkowskiright reboot time20:50
czajkowskiand if I dont come back we know it's all gone wrong20:50
czajkowskiwell that was less that good20:57
czajkowski3 reboots later I got back on it kept hanging20:57
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 21:00
czajkowskithe ask Ubuntu rocks21:00
jcastroczajkowski: omg did you update and reboot21:03
jcastroyou should be rocking now21:03
czajkowskijcastro: I did, did take a few reboots to get back on though21:03
czajkowskijcastro: I thought I'd be able to pull the icon out and drag it up higher21:03
jcastrowhich icon?21:03
czajkowskijcastro: ASk21:04
czajkowskiI can do it for any other icon21:04
jcastroyeah, places are kind of "special" right now21:04
czajkowskiah ok21:04
jcastroI have some ideas for that for UDS21:04
czajkowskiit's too far down for me21:04
jcastroyeah, right now the launcher is supposed to be21:04
jcastroyour apps21:04
czajkowskiahh ok21:05
czajkowskimy laptop my way :D21:05
jcastrowhoops, and switcher above places21:05
jcastroyeah you'll note you can't shortcut it either, :-/21:05
czajkowskiaye :(21:05
jcastrobut considering I just super and type and it uses the place anyway ...21:05
czajkowskikinda hidden away21:05
czajkowskifile bug please :D21:05
czajkowskiI'll mark me too :D21:06
jcastroI also want to drag a place on top of the button and make it the default place21:06
jcastrofor example I want the applications place as my default when I press the button21:06
jcastronot huge icon city lense of doom21:06
czajkowskithat lense word keeps throwing me21:06
* Daviey screams21:15
JFosame here21:15
czajkowskiDaviey: I'm going on the podcast again :)21:16
akgranerwoo hoo - gwibber is fixed for me - I reached 1gig of messages in the db and I reached some kind of critical mass point or something - and I learned about "vacuum" yay for learning...21:16
JFoakgraner, lol21:21
akgranerJFo ken said he had been waiting to have a test case db that was a worst case one21:22
akgranerhe said I had over 1 million messages that were stored21:22
akgranerI tried to file a but and apport would just puke on collecting data21:22
jcastrowhy not just delete it and start over?21:32
jcastrosurely you don't need tweets sitting around on disk21:32
AlanBelldeleting stuff from desktopcouch synced with U1 is not as trivial as it might sound21:38
AlanBellcan be done though21:38
AlanBellit is another of the "well I wouldn't have done it like that" moments you get from using Gwibber21:38
jcastroI wish I could go back in time to that session when we decided that was a good idea21:38
jcastroand kill Aq21:38
AlanBelldesktop couch is awesome21:39
jcastroand then punch my past self for thinking it was a good idea21:39
AlanBellbut it isn't for that21:39
popeypretty sure the desktop couch implementation in gwibber is duff21:39
jcastroAlanBell: right21:39
jcastroI'm not binning the idea21:39
popeyalso, my gwibber db is >500MB now21:39
AlanBellit doesn't use map-reduce, it doesn't use views, it doesn't use the lucene indexing21:39
jcastroI am just saying, huge gwibber db = fail21:39
AlanBellusing the twitter rest API and refreshing the streams fully every interval also sucks21:40
AlanBelland using webkit to render them looks pretty, but sucks21:40
jcastroI learned one thing about this mess (and I include the facebook broken mess in this)21:42
jcastroweb ftw.21:42
AlanBelldesktop app is fine21:42
jcastrothis gobby:etherpad argument is just the beginning.21:43
AlanBellin that instance etherpad wins21:43
jcastrofor example, we could ship seesmic web as our twitter client21:43
jcastroin an app window21:43
Davieyczajkowski, pah!21:44
AlanBellor I could finish Circle of Friends21:44
czajkowskiDaviey: :p21:45
JFoakgraner, heh you are hell on tweets :-D21:47
popeySorry, compiz quit unexpectedly21:47
czajkowskiJFo: #no #akgraner #is #all #about #tags ;p21:47
* czajkowski hugs popey 21:48
popeyam i the only one who can trigger compiz/unity crash with alt+tab?21:51
czajkowskipopey: seems to alt tabing here the whole time21:52
AlanBellis that the *only* way you can trigger it?22:01
popeyits A way22:09
popeywhat do I file that against?22:22
popeyand can any of you replicate it?22:22
popeyclick 'keyboard model' and choose macbook pro22:23
popeygnome-control-center perhaps22:26
mhall119popey: I don't like that font23:19
jcastropopey: ouch23:40

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