chrisccoulsonyeah, there's nothing to link against with a plugin00:02
pittirockin'!! built!00:03
chrisccoulsonexcellent :)00:03
pittiand works, too00:05
pittichrisccoulson: is it planned to avoid having to specify libs manually? i. e. provide a libxul-like pkgconfig in firefox-dev?00:06
chrisccoulsonpitti - possibly, if we need to00:06
pittianyway, uploaded00:09
pittiand with that, good night!00:10
pittiatk built, failed packages retried, should be happier in the morning00:10
didrocksgood night pitti00:13
rickspencer3hey robert_ancell, RAOF how is life in tomorrow?02:13
robert_ancellrickspencer3, it's awesome.  Get prepared!02:13
=== rickspencer3 is now known as greatcthulu
robert_ancellgreatcthulu, mysterious :)02:13
greatcthuluhow can this nick be available?02:13
robert_ancellI think it's reserved, you may be getting nightmares now for using it02:14
greatcthuluor people all over the irc are going to have inexplicable nightmares tonight02:14
* didrocks misses the reference :)02:14
greatcthuluit's my new "I'm not really working" nick02:15
greatcthuludidrocks, it refers to the very pinnacle of English literature02:15
didrocksgreatcthulu: it's maybe better than I mess the reference then (looks like the pinnacle is ironic) :)02:16
greatcthuluhold on02:16
greatcthuluI missed an "h"02:16
=== greatcthulu is now known as greatcthulhu
greatcthulhudidrocks, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Call_of_Cthulhu02:17
greatcthulhuin case you need something to do while waiting to get Unity uploaded02:17
micahgNarwhals keeps Cthulhu from eating ye!02:18
didrocksgreatcthulhu: well, still landing some code right now ;) but while nux is building, why not :)02:18
robert_ancelldidrocks, it's good stuff - I can bring you a book of his stories to UDS :)02:18
greatcthulhuH.P. Lovecraft and P.G. Wodehouse are my 2 favorite authors02:19
didrocksrobert_ancell: I never really adhere to Lovecraft's writing, but why not, let's see in English ;)02:19
greatcthulhushort stories of no real significance, I guess02:19
greatcthulhudidrocks, it occurs to me, you should have gotten robert_ancell to make Unity release tonight, you could have slept!02:19
didrocksgreatcthulhu: well, I needed to sneak some fixes upstream as well, so it's not just "waiting". So, that's ok :)02:20
didrocksdrag to trash, expanding launcher, some tooltip not displaying… was still a productive evening :)02:21
greatcthulhuwhen are desktop files going to start landing for Open in New Window and that kind of stuff?02:21
greatcthulhulet me ask jasoncwarner02:21
greatcthulhujasoncwarner, ^ ?02:21
didrocksgreatcthulhu: I landed gnome-screenshot and inkscape. Updated the wiki page02:21
didrocksthere is a bug for our libreoffice maintainer02:22
greatcthulhuit's actually kind of weirding me out to be referred to as greatcthulhu02:22
=== greatcthulhu is now known as rickspencer3
didrocksrickspencer3: heh, troubled by the hilight? :)02:22
rickspencer3well, it was just creepier than I thought it would be :)02:23
didrocksrickspencer3: so yeah, jcastro wanted to make a small announcement to avoid the big rush02:23
rickspencer3big rush of desktopfiles?02:23
didrocksrickspencer3: yeah, everyone waiting to push desktop file update for every app of the universe without a clear view of what entries are really needed02:24
didrocksfor instance, do we want a "New window" or "New tab" for firefox?02:24
rickspencer3well, time is running out!02:24
rickspencer3we have like 3 weeks to make Ubuntu work02:24
rickspencer3it's time to stop making changes and just fix fix fix02:25
* rickspencer3 whip cracking noises02:25
didrockswell, it's working, but the desktop files aren't fixes, it's changes?02:25
rickspencer3didrocks, that's what I'm saying02:26
rickspencer3too many changes still planned02:27
didrocksrickspencer3: I patched all desktop files that I could and referenced by design (inskcape, gnome-screenshot) apart from libroffice as our maintainer will do an upload for that. Then, there is the gimp but I can't add the QL for the designer use case without touching gimp's code. So out of the scope now02:28
rickspencer3what about Firefox?02:28
rickspencer3didrocks, that's awesome btw02:28
rickspencer3and a lot of the quick lists are really cool02:28
didrocksrickspencer3: I asked for Firefox, they are thinking about it (for quite some months)02:29
rickspencer3gnome-screenshot with a quick list sounds cool02:29
didrocksnot sure about "open a new window" or "add a new time"02:29
rickspencer3ok, I'll follow up02:29
rickspencer3that seems easy to me02:29
didrocksadd a new tab*02:30
rickspencer3didrocks, did you mean "add a new tab" by any chance?02:30
rickspencer3thats totally useless02:30
rickspencer3anyway, open in new window is required02:30
didrocksI agree, but I'm a keyboard user, so not that most common case :)02:30
rickspencer3didrocks, I'll get that squared away asap02:30
rickspencer3well, if you go to a new workspace, you need to open a new window02:31
rickspencer3it's obvious02:31
rickspencer3I mean, don't these people use computers?02:31
didrocksrickspencer3: compu*what*? ;)02:31
didrocksrickspencer3: what we need is a short list of app and entries to add02:32
didrocksthat can be a quick and nice community contribution02:32
rickspencer3didrocks, yeah02:32
didrockslet me look at the first bug about it, one sec02:33
didrocksrickspencer3: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/67688602:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 676886 in unity-design "Launcher - Add 'new document' option to Open Office, Gimp and Inkscape quicklists" [Critical,Fix released]02:34
rickspencer3that's coolio, but don't they use a web browser at all?02:35
didrocksthe web is already old fashioned for design :-)02:35
rickspencer3didrocks, well, nice job on that bug02:35
cyphermoxdidrocks, ping?02:41
didrockscyphermox: hey02:41
cyphermoxhey ;)02:41
cyphermoxI assume you use evo for email and stuff?02:41
didrocksright :)02:41
cyphermoxare you having issues with contacts over LDAP too?02:41
cyphermoxjust want to make sure it's not broken only for me ;)02:42
didrockscyphermox: the contact view you mean? I always had that issue02:42
didrockscyphermox: but if you look for a contact02:42
didrocksin the search02:42
didrocksit works02:42
cyphermoxthen it must be my system02:42
didrocksnux and unity uploaded \o/03:56
didrocksbed time now :)03:57
didrockssee you tomorrow (probably a little later than usual)03:57
=== chaotic_ is now known as chaotic
SweetsharkMorning, all!07:59
Sweetsharkpitti: This libgcj_bc stuff drives me crazy. I have reinstalled the package and have the symlink. The LO build still fails. After the (failed) build the symlink is still there. However, when I reboot, the symlink is gone. what the heck?08:02
* Sweetshark builds 3.3.1-1ubuntu5 to see if it ftbfs08:07
pittiGood morning08:25
pittiSweetshark: what, a package file disappears after a _reboot_???08:26
pittiSweetshark: grep for the name in /etc/init and /etc/init.d ?08:26
Sweetsharkpitti: do we maybe have something in /etc/init that removes broken symlinks in /usr/lib?08:28
pittiSweetshark: not that I know of, and that would be utterly wrong08:28
didrocksgood morning08:32
pittibonjour didrocks08:33
didrocksGuten Morgen pitti08:33
Sweetsharkpitti: do you have libgcj-bc installed on your box, does dpkg -L libgcj-bc show a /usr/lib/libgcj_bc.so.1, and does that one actually exist in the fs? (just to make sure the problem is not local)08:34
Sweetsharkdidrocks: Bonjour!08:34
pittiSweetshark: installing, hang on08:34
pittiSweetshark: I confirm the problem08:36
Sweetsharkpitti: yikes08:37
SweetsharkI dont know if I am happy about that.08:37
pittihm, it doesn't even have a postinst08:37
didrockspitti: what do you think about this: https://code.launchpad.net/~sladen/unity-place-files/unity-place-files-lp704997/+merge/54644 ?08:38
didrockspitti: as it's just paste UI freeze… (changing the icons for the places in the launcher)08:38
pittiSweetshark: I don't have a libgcj.so.11 either, though08:39
Sweetsharkpitti: well, I have a libgcj.so.1008:40
pittioh, multiarch08:40
pittiSweetshark: even if the symlink would exist, it would be wrong and point to /usr/lib/08:41
pittithat's where it lives now08:41
pittiSweetshark: asking in #u-devel08:42
pittioh, hm, you aren't there08:42
* Sweetshark looks innocent08:44
SweetsharkI am.08:44
pittichrisccoulson: huh, why does swt-gtk want to go to universe all of a sudden? doesn't gwt still need it?08:49
pittididrocks: urgh, when did you go to bed? doing package uploads at 5 am?08:53
didrockspitti: well, that was the only way to make the release team happy it seems :)08:54
didrockspitti: as they were scared about having a traditional unity release on Thursday08:54
pittididrocks: well, we do accept  packages in the freeze, we just review them and want to know what's going on..08:54
pittididrocks: the MP doesn't say much, looking at the bug now08:55
pittididrocks: ah, it's making the ws switcher gray instead of purple?08:56
didrockspitti: basically, it changes the icon of the places in the icon08:56
pittigo ahead, please08:56
pittithat indeed looks confusing08:56
didrocksand same for places08:56
didrocks(new icons)08:56
didrocksthe one you have in the dash homescreen08:56
didrockslike the "find files" "find apps"08:56
pittididrocks: oh, what changes there? they look sufficiently gray to me?08:57
didrockspitti: that's a design late request…08:57
pittididrocks: sounds fine; please upload08:57
didrockspitti: open the dash08:57
didrockspitti: find apps/find files08:58
didrockspitti: I'll just change the proposed merge to use a symlink rather08:58
pittididrocks: they have been gray for me all the time -- shoudln't they be?08:58
* didrocks hugs pitti fighting memory space :)08:58
pittibonjour seb12808:58
didrockspitti: they will still be gray08:58
seb128hey pitti08:58
didrockspitti: it's just the asset icon changing08:58
seb128didrocks, the man who never sleeps08:58
pittididrocks: we already got an extra 1.5 MB due to the new font08:58
didrockssalut seb12808:59
didrocksseb128: sleep is for weak :)08:59
seb128didrocks, did you sleep? when I went to bed at almost 3am you were still working08:59
pittididrocks: really, you should take a looong nap in the afternoon..08:59
didrockspitti: urgh, symlink so :)08:59
didrocksseb128: I slept 4 hours, yeah ;)08:59
pittiseb128: unity uploads at 5 am..08:59
seb128pitti, nice, I'm getting old, I crashed at 308:59
didrockspitti: I'll probably take a break this afternoon yeah08:59
didrocksok, let's go to the symlink path09:00
* pitti feels really bad now, going to bed at 1:45..09:00
seb128pitti, do we have CD space issues?09:00
pittiseb128: 5 MB oversized on i386 desktop, rest should be ok09:00
seb128if we drop gl from cairo we should get back a bit09:01
pittiseb128: I'll do a langpack -base refresh tomorrow, that should help a bit09:01
seb128since that's bringing some libegl in that we wouldn't have otherwise09:01
pittiseb128: ah, nice09:01
seb128that's one of the things we spotted at a3 if you remember09:01
pittiseb128: I think we shoudl get that working today09:01
seb128well of the differences between a2 and a309:01
didrockspitti: argh, sorry, I have to take a copy of the 2 images as unity-2d use their own copy and path of the asset. If I do a symlink, it will break them :/09:05
dpmhey kamstrup, good morning, do you have a minute for a couple of questions on giraffe?09:06
kamstrupdpm: sure thing09:06
pittididrocks: well, they are tiny I guess?09:06
didrockspitti: yeah, both are 5kb09:09
dpmkamstrup, cool, thanks. So I noticed yesterday that the unity doc is not being generated, and I saw that it was because of this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584708/ happening on the last Unity-3.0.gir file from libunity3 3.6.8. I'm not too sure if that is a bug in giraffe or the .gir file?09:09
pittididrocks: 5 kB! OMG!!09:09
* pitti bbl09:09
didrockspitti: that's the 5 kB making the 5 Mb oversize of course :)09:09
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:14
chrisccoulsonpitti - gwt should still have a build-depend on the new swt-gtk09:14
chrisccoulson(note that the binary names have changed)09:14
pittihey chrisccoulson09:14
chrisccoulsonhi, how are you?09:14
pittididrocks: hm, I still get my usual two unity crashes at login, but now it doesn't autorestart any more -- that was unfixed? :-(09:15
pittichrisccoulson: bit tired, but ok; I guess everyone is :)09:15
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i'm pretty tired too. i was up late trying to make it possible to build easily against the new libmozjs09:15
didrockspitti: urgh, the autorespawn should still work… there were some cases where it wasn't working, but I tried to send a sigsegv and it worked when I tested09:15
chrisccoulsoni had a few autofoo and soname issues this morning09:16
didrockspitti: what's your usual unity crashes at login, do you have a bug report?09:16
chrisccoulsonyou must be tired ;)09:16
didrockshey chrisccoulson ;)09:16
chrisccoulsoni saw you on here at 4am :P09:16
pittididrocks: bug 73943409:16
pittididrocks: sorry, bug 740757 (same, but good stack trace)09:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 740757 in nux "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_free()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74075709:17
didrockspitti: argh, invalidated because of the new uploads09:17
chrisccoulsonpitti - can you NEW mozjs when i upload it in a few moments?09:17
pittichrisccoulson: sure09:17
chrisccoulsonpitti - cool, thanks09:17
didrockspitti: this one was *supposed* to be fixed (I closed a dup at least) with the amount of nux segfault fixes…09:18
didrocksreadding to the list then09:18
pittididrocks: hm, perhaps it's a new one now; unfortunately I apport-blacklisted this compiz version, I unblacklisted it again now09:18
didrockspitti: and so, autorespawn doesn't work for you?09:18
pittididrocks: well, it did work perfectly until yesterday, and just now after dist-upgrade/reboot it didn't09:18
pittictrl+alt+f1 DISPLAY=:0 unity FTW09:18
didrockshum hum hum09:19
didrockslet me send a sigsegv here09:19
pittiand I still have a weird "ghost" launcher problem, but let's discuss this later09:20
pittichrisccoulson: ah, swt-gtk is in NEW, perhaps that got it confused somehow09:20
pittiweird, why is it all in NEW, the binaries shouldn't have changed09:20
* pitti investigates09:20
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, possibly. nothing in main depends on the old binaries09:21
pittichrisccoulson: oh, of course -- 3.5 -> 3.609:21
chrisccoulsonyeah :)09:21
didrocksok "nice", sigsegv doesn't work there09:21
pittichrisccoulson: so that would require a library transition09:21
chrisccoulsonpitti, oh, i forgot about them sitting in NEW. i already uploaded the rest of the packages that depend on it ;)09:21
njpateldidrocks, morning :)09:21
chrisccoulsoni'll just need to retry all those builds once the new packages are published09:22
pittichrisccoulson: you didn't bump their build dependencies to -3.6?09:22
didrockshey njpatel09:22
didrocksnjpatel: long time, isn't it?09:22
pittichrisccoulson: gwt, azureus, tuxguitar, and zekr?09:22
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, so they will all have either failed or be in DEPWAIT09:22
njpateldidrocks, yeah ;)09:22
chrisccoulsonthey're all bumped to 3.6 already09:22
pittichrisccoulson: yep, depwait, should be fine09:22
seb128pitti, njpatel is looking into your crash issue btw09:23
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, they are. so i guess all those builds will happen automatically won't they?09:23
pittichrisccoulson: right09:23
chrisccoulsoncool :)09:23
* pitti reviews09:23
didrockspitti: I'm totally puzzled, I tried in a guest session yesterday and it respawn with the new compiz :/09:23
didrocksit was before09:23
Sweetsharkpitti: so, will you fix libgcj-bc? and what should i do with the LO build?09:24
chrisccoulsonSweetshark, oh, do you have issues with that too?09:24
chrisccoulsonwhat's the actual issue, as i'm seeing linking problems and haven't had time to investigate?09:24
pittiSweetshark: I pinged slangasek/doko, no response yet; I might have a stab at it, yes; is it blocking for beta-1?09:25
pittiSweetshark: i. e. for the LO build?09:25
pittiwe also need to sort out the cairo issue for beta1, not sure if seb128 has some time for this?09:25
Sweetsharkpitti: yes, it breaks the LO build09:26
didrockspitti: so you confirm that compiz -0ubuntu3 autorespawn worked for you on sigsegv?09:26
pittididrocks: yes, that and some earlier versions, too09:26
njpatelPici, could you try with latest Unity?09:27
njpatelpitti, sorry09:27
pittichrisccoulson: newed except for armel (which is currently building); I'll watch this09:27
didrockspitti: I'll give some tests then again, trying to make it respawn09:27
pittinjpatel: I dist-upgraded 30 minutes ago, there's nothing newwer09:27
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks. i'm just about to upload mozjs too09:27
Sweetsharkchrisccoulson: there is a symlink in /usr/lib that is all wrong and vanishes. we have yet triaged what does that (dpkg maybe?)09:27
pittinjpatel: oh, you mean for the respawn issue or the __libc_free crash?09:27
njpatelpitti, __libc_free09:28
chrisccoulsonSweetshark, is that causing link erros when linking against libgcj_bc.so.1?09:28
pittinjpatel: I still get a crash at exactly the same time and occasion, need to verify whether it's still the same09:28
chrisccoulsonthat sounds like a failure i'm seeing here ;)09:28
seb128pitti, I can do the libcairo work09:28
didrocksseb128: are you on the new or old stack? (I mean, if you didn't update compiz yet, can you send a sigsegv when you get a change to compiz)09:28
pitti$ dpkg -c /var/cache/apt/archives/libgcj-bc_4.5.1-1ubuntu3_amd64.deb | grep .so09:29
njpatelpitti, Interesting....it seems it could be intel drivers but I'll keep poking09:29
pittilrwxrwxrwx root/root         0 2010-10-22 08:02 ./usr/lib/libgcj_bc.so.1 -> libgcj.so.1109:29
pittichrisccoulson: that's the problem -- needs to be a multiarch lib dir now09:29
pittiseb128: cool, thanks09:29
seb128didrocks, sorry I upgraded first thing today, I wanted to give a round of testing to the current stack, I didn't restart my session nor compiz yet though so I still have the pre update version running09:29
Sweetsharkchrisccoulson: It is causing dpkg-shlibsdeps failures here.09:29
didrocksseb128: so sending the sigsev should work once ;)09:30
seb128didrocks, yeah, trying09:31
seb128didrocks, respawns on sig1109:33
seb128but the new version does as well09:33
didrocksseb128: thanks for confirming I'm not crazy :)09:34
seb128didrocks, that I can't confirm ;-)09:34
didrocksit doesn't respawn anymore then though…09:34
seb128it does here09:34
didrocksseb128: don't even dare infering… :-)09:34
seb128I sent another sig11 after the respawn and it worked09:34
didrockshum, I'm really unsure about what happens then09:35
didrocksseb128: if you use a guest session?09:35
seb128I can try if you want09:35
didrocksseb128: if you have time, that would be nice ;)09:36
seb128didrocks, no, doesn't respawn09:40
didrocksseb128: ok, let's revert to yesterday's version so… don't know what really happens with this sm_ protocole…09:40
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|errand
dpmkamstrup, did you see the giraffe question earlier on? ^ (just making sure it didn't get lost)09:44
kamstrupdpm: oh, sorry :-) got caught up in admin work09:44
kamstruphere now09:45
dpmno worries09:45
dpmso it was <dpm> kamstrup, cool, thanks. So I noticed yesterday that the unity doc is not being generated, and I saw that it was because of this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584708/ happening on the last Unity-3.0.gir file from libunity3 3.6.8. I'm not too sure if that is a bug in giraffe or the .gir file?09:45
rodrigo_hmm, unity doesn't start for me with the new compiz packages09:45
kamstrupdpm: right... There were no changes in libunity wrt to this, so the change must be in the GIR generated by an upgrade valac09:46
kamstrupdpm: it has prolly changed how it handles void methods or something09:46
kamstrupdpm: i'm on it09:46
dpmkamstrup, awesome. I've now got access to the d.u.c server, so once this is fixed, I should probably be able to publish the documents on d.u.c straight away09:47
kamstrupdpm: \o/09:47
kamstrupdpm: byw, did you pull the latest trunk? There where some fixes to the generated C api09:48
kamstrupdpm: spooky... what's the chance of this: i open gedit to check the code and the cursor starts right on the line that the exception is thrown from... o_O09:49
dpmmagic :)09:49
dpmkamstrup, it was just waiting for you to fix it :)09:50
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, mozjs is in NEW now09:50
dpmkamstrup, yeah, I think I used trunk. I also sent a merge proposal, not a big change (make it easier to call giraffe from other modules), but I thought it would be best if you could have a look at it if you want09:51
chrisccoulsonpitti - when you approve it, are you able to add it to the mozilla packageset?09:51
chrisccoulsonor does someone else need to do that?09:51
pittichrisccoulson: I can09:51
chrisccoulsonpitti - cool, thanks09:51
pittichrisccoulson: is that an upstream tarball, or did you create it yourself?09:54
Sweetsharkpitti: could you import libtextcat 2.2-9 from debian (we are currently at 2.2-7)? LO will build without it, but it will be bigger.09:54
pittiSweetshark: syncing09:54
kamstrupdpm: I think http://paste.ubuntu.com/584727/ is the problem... there are two <callback/> within one <field/> element. I am not sure that makes sense... Pinging some vala guys about this09:55
chrisccoulsonpitti - it's an unofficial tarball from the mozilla guy who is doing the release (he hasn't officially released it yet). i've just included the chanegset number in case he changes it before hosting it on ftp.mozilla.org09:55
chrisccoulsonpitti - see the second from last comment on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62872309:55
ubot2Mozilla bug 628723 in JavaScript Engine "Create JS 1.8.5 source release" [Normal,Assigned]09:55
pittichrisccoulson: hm, no license file in the tarball :/09:55
pittiSweetshark: done09:56
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, is there even one in firefox?09:56
Sweetsharkpitti: thanks09:56
Sweetsharkpitti: could you give me a ping when the libgcj-bc issue is fixed?09:56
chrisccoulsonah, yes. there is09:56
pittiSweetshark: of course09:56
dpmkamstrup, yeah, I saw that as well when I was looking at it yesterday, but I wasn't sure where the problem was, or if it was a problem that the field had two callbacks. The previous gir file had the same callbacks, but they weren't inside a field.09:57
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, the firefox LICENSE file just points to http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/licensing.html09:57
pittichrisccoulson: checking the copyright file; I know that GPL mandates shipping the license, not sure about MPL09:57
pittichrisccoulson: could you at least add the standard pointer to common-licenses to the GPL/LGPL bits?09:58
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, did i not add those bits already?09:58
pittichrisccoulson: if you do that in bzr, I'll accept the package, but I don't want this to get lost09:58
pittiLicense: MPL-1.1 or GPL-2 or LGPL-2.109:59
pittiand no details at all09:59
chrisccoulsonpitti - i missed that section. i copied it in to a section further down09:59
pittichrisccoulson: ah, there are pointers to them further down10:00
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, for Files: js/src/assembler/moco/*10:00
chrisccoulsoni can add to the other sections in bzr as well though10:00
pittichrisccoulson: I think the first section should have all the blobs, and subsequent sections shoudl be fine with the single-line License:10:00
pittichrisccoulson: same for BSD -- add it to Files: js/src/jsgcchunk.cpp, and drop the copies further down10:01
pittithat will make the file both easier to read and less redundant10:01
pittichrisccoulson: oh hang on, it's not the same BSD, so nevermind the "drop the copies"10:01
seb128pitti, is there any way to trigger a ddebs.ubuntu.com publishing manually? or when is the next one?10:03
pittiseb128: sure, I can run it10:03
seb128pitti, I would like the new unity ddebs to get published so retracing work for crashes we get today10:03
seb128(they are not at the moment)10:04
pittiseb128: next regular one is in 1 h10:04
seb128ok, I can wait an hour10:04
seb128pitti, thanks10:04
pittiseb128: running10:04
pittiseb128: too late :)10:04
seb128pitti,  you rock ;-)10:04
pittinp, launching a cron job is not rocket science10:04
pittiit will stomp over the hardy/karmic/lucid/maverick ones, but who cares10:05
pittiseb128: actually, on macquarie this stuff is pretty fast, I think I can increase the frequency of this10:05
chrisccoulsonpitti - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/mozjs/mozjs-trunk.head/revision/710:05
pittiok, thanks10:06
pittichrisccoulson: accepted; it's still hard to read, but *shrug*10:06
seb128pitti, I would not say no to that, we get quite some broken retracing on weekly dx updates since users jump on next versions and report bugs but the ddebs take time to get there10:06
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks10:06
pittichrisccoulson: armel buildds are congested, for the rest it should build fast10:06
pittichrisccoulson: as for the package set, I guess it needs some time to trickle down the pipes, I currenlty get a KeyError10:09
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, no worries10:09
pittiah, there10:10
pittichrisccoulson: you got it10:10
chrisccoulsonexcellent, thank you :)10:10
xdatapdbarth, ping10:12
seb128rodrigo_, thanks for the g-s-d fix commit10:15
rodrigo_seb128, you're welcome10:15
chrisccoulsonhmmm, do people use symbols files with C++ libraries?10:20
chrisccoulsonthats a bit of a pain, as the symbol name mangling seems to be arch-dependant10:20
seb128chrisccoulson, some do10:20
seb128check webkit for an example10:20
seb128but yeah, there is lot of tweaking10:20
didrockschrisccoulson: KDE guys are IIRC. I didn't for nux because of arch-dependant symbols10:20
seb128the kde guys have special utilities10:21
dbarthxdatap: pong10:21
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, i just had mozjs fail on i386 because the symbols in the symbols file are only valid on amd64 :(10:21
didrockschrisccoulson: I got that everyweek, and add armel to the dance…10:21
didrockschrisccoulson: so right now, I'm with a shlibs…10:22
didrocksnot like if nux was used elsewhere for now anyway10:22
xdatapdbarth, morning. I just reproduced the bug #735393 , on the  same machine but this time with classic desktop. Still no evidence of crash on /var/crash . The pc is still up with the problem, some suggestion?10:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 735393 in gnome-settings-daemon "Unity: top bar theme lost" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73539310:23
pittiseb128: ddebs should be there now10:25
seb128pitti, danke10:25
pittiand ddeb retrieval happens every 4 hours now10:26
dbarthxdatap: checking10:26
dbarthxdatap: do you have apport enabled?10:28
dbarthie /etc/default/apport or something10:28
xdatapdbarth, yes, it worked for other bugs10:28
pittichrisccoulson: blergh, mozjs will FTBFS on !amd64 due to symbol files10:28
pittichrisccoulson: I'm afraid you have to pick out the diffs from the build logs, and have per-arch symbols files10:29
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, see above comments :(10:29
dbarthxdatap: it's a crasher in g-settings-daemon; did you tell apport to ignore bugs from this component last time it asked?10:29
pittichrisccoulson: ah, right10:29
chrisccoulsonthat sucks, i didn't think about that ;)10:29
pittichrisccoulson: Riddell would know, I'm sure he felt that pain countless times10:29
pittichrisccoulson: it's kind of a regression of gcc-4.510:29
chrisccoulsonpitti - can you tell that i test my stuff on amd64 ;)10:29
pittiit didn't use to have different symbols on arches in the past10:29
pittichrisccoulson: hehe10:29
pittichrisccoulson: best arch ever10:30
xdatapdbarth, no, never told to ignore bugs. It's a quite fresh install, I made it last monday for Xorg testing10:30
pittichrisccoulson: I guess that's the strategy right now: build, have it fail, pick out the diffs, and install pkgname.symbols.arch10:30
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, that's a bit unfortunate. i guess what i could have done is do the first upload without a symbols file, and just get the symbols from the resulting libs10:31
chrisccoulsonalthough, that doesn't make much difference10:31
chrisccoulsoni still have to do 2 uploads ;)10:31
pittichrisccoulson: I bumped the armel build for you, so that this one will arrive sooner10:32
pitti7 h -> 8 s :)10:32
xdatapdbarth, and I just checked that gnome-settings-daemon process is still running. I can see it with ps10:33
chrisccoulsonpitti - excellent, thanks :)10:33
dbarthxdatap: ?! that's weird10:41
dbarthxdatap: when you get pin the app to the launcher, you see the panel theme disappear, not unity crasher, and g-settings-daemon still runs?!10:41
xdatapdbarth, this time i'm on the classic desktop, not Unity. I was opening glxgears from shell for testing the nVidia prop. driver. Bar theme is lost while the window decoration theme is still there. So, it's not depending on unity itself imho10:43
xdatapdbarth, do you want a new screenshot attached to the bug report?10:43
desrtRiddell: hey10:43
Riddellhi desrt10:44
desrtdid david get in touch with you?10:44
Riddellchrisccoulson: symbols files with c++ docs are at http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/symbolfiles.html10:44
chrisccoulsonRiddell, excellent, thanks10:45
Riddellinfo on how to hand them10:45
Riddelldesrt: about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/d-conf/+bug/716330 ?10:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 716330 in d-conf "Provide documentation for the QT bindings" [Low,New]10:45
desrti already have some packaging in a PPA that you might find helpful10:45
Riddelldesrt: I'm not sure what is has to do with me, I don't have anything to do with that package and I've never written API docs10:45
GunnarHjseb128, pitti: Hi guys, hope you slept well last night despite of my C syntax problem. ;-)10:45
GunnarHjSeriously, I know you both are busy these days, and it's a low priority thing; the solution to the somewhat higher priority aspect of bug 740754 proved to be simple.10:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 740754 in gdm "Language selection for newly created user confusing" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74075410:46
GunnarHjSo, if you aren't able to just say "do xyz, and it will work", I'll be content if some of you review the linked MP while dropping the remaining issue for 11.04.10:46
desrtRiddell: i was a bit confused too :)10:46
desrtdbarth: hey?10:46
desrtin any case: https://launchpad.net/~desrt/+archive/dconf-qt10:46
pittihello GunnarHj -- heh, didn't sleep too much, but well, thanks :)10:46
desrti think the idea was that you know how docs work in the Qt world?10:46
pittiSweetshark: are you on amd64?10:47
pittiSweetshark: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/libgcj-bc_4.5.1-1ubuntu4_amd64.deb10:48
pittiSweetshark: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/libgcj-common_4.5.1-1ubuntu4_all.deb10:48
Riddelldesrt: no, I've never done anything with Qt docs10:49
desrtRiddell: cool.  disregard then, i guess :)10:49
pittiSweetshark: works here now10:49
Sweetsharkpitti: Im on amd64, but I am not allowed tosee that page.10:49
seb128desrt, hey10:50
Sweetsharkpitti: You don't have permission to access /~pitti/tmp/libgcj-bc_4.5.1-1ubuntu4_amd64.deb on this server.10:50
seb128desrt, do you have any clue what the issue could be on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf/+bug/741239?10:50
pittiSweetshark: sorry, fixed10:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 741239 in gconf "gsettings-data-convert crashed with SIGABRT in g_settings_set_value()" [Medium,New]10:50
Sweetsharkpitti: thanks, Ill try it.10:51
desrtseb128: that's a pretty sad stack trace :p10:51
seb128desrt, http://git.gnome.org/browse/gsettings-desktop-schemas/commit/?id=70eb5100b894ff449d1a752a3eebd1bf1de9444d10:51
seb128desrt, the key and convert line were added in the same commit10:51
dbarthxdatap: that can help, but then i'm not the man to talk to10:51
seb128desrt, I'm probably missing something obvious but I don't get how the .convert can list the line and not the schemas10:51
desrtseb128: is this an assertion failure?10:52
seb128desrt, and yeah, that key renamed got you a new round of haters for making binaries abort because they can't find the background key ;-)10:52
dbarthxdatap: can you comment on the bug explaining that this is not unity specific10:53
desrtseb128: i stand resolute!10:53
xdatapdbarth, ok, thanks. I will add more info to the report. Have a good day!10:53
desrtseb128: actually, i'm thinking of standing less resolute soon :)10:53
dbarthxdatap: and document the test case10:53
seb128desrt, ;-)10:53
xdatapdbarth, yes, I will do it right now :)10:53
dbarthxdatap: also the othre crashers, upload them if they are not too old10:53
dbarthcool, thx10:53
desrtseb128: so are you sure this abort is due to missing key name and not something else?10:53
seb128desrt, no10:53
seb128desrt, I'm wondering what it could be10:53
pittichrisccoulson: nice, gwt and azureus built (on !armel), and swt-gtk armel build accepted -- progress!10:54
chrisccoulsonexcellent :)10:54
desrtso it's SIGABRT, but g_log isn't in the traceback10:54
seb128desrt, it is10:54
seb128g_log (log_domain=0xa92a01 "GLib-GIO", log_level=G_LOG_LEVEL_ERROR, format=0xaa98e4 "Settings schema '%s' does not contain a key named '%s'")10:54
chrisccoulsonpitti - there is still one swt-gtk consumer that is blocked on this libgcj_bc.so issue10:54
dbarthhmm, another lib that calls exit? ;)10:54
desrtyour retracing stuff is clever enough to remove the g_log lines10:54
=== MacSlow|errand is now known as MacSlow
desrtthat's very useful and very confusing all at the same time :)10:55
desrtso then very clearly it's a missing key name10:55
desrti wonder if someone's stuff got out of sync10:55
pittichrisccoulson: yes, I have a fix ready, pinged doko to countersign10:55
desrtlike maybe the gsettings update hook didn't run10:55
seb128like the glib-compile-schemas not run yet?10:56
chrisccoulsonpitti -excellent, thanks10:56
seb128desrt, could be...10:56
pittichrisccoulson: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/ has the two fixed debs if you want to try locally10:56
desrtseb128: sort of a bad situation.  we may never know the truth here.10:57
desrtsince the problem is likely to go away on its own10:57
seb128desrt, yeah, I was just wondering because we got a lot of the crashes recently10:57
seb128desrt, but other ones were obvious errors, like the key got renamed or dropped but the .convert not updated10:57
desrtis there any way to manually trigger dpkg?10:57
desrtseb128: see?  this is why i prefer crashes here.  it gets the problem noticed a lot faster.10:58
seb128desrt, still the abort on any error is annoying ;-)10:58
desrtotherwise you guys would be releasing with a dozen g_critical()s :)10:58
seb128desrt, well, we got a lot of "it crashes" when it would just have meant one value wouldn't get migrated for nothing because the key is deprecated10:59
seb128desrt, and those users got their migration broken10:59
desrti think the problem here is that i expected people to treat their schemas as a stable API10:59
desrtat least for schemas that they expect others to use11:00
desrtbut i didn't really make that very clear11:00
GunnarHjpitti: Besides my concern with your sleep, and to be sure, did you notice the sentences that followed? Can I set you as reviewer on the (very simple) MP?11:00
pittiGunnarHj: yes, please do11:00
GunnarHjpitti: done11:01
didrockspitti: seb128: compiz with working session handling uploaded. Happy crash again :)11:04
seb128didrocks, \o/11:04
pittididrocks: yay you!11:04
chrisccoulsonhuh, i'm doing an update, and my fonts all just went huge!11:13
pittichrisccoulson: there was a ttf-ubuntu upload -- regressino?11:16
chrisccoulsonpitti - i will see what it looks like after i've restarted my session (once the upgrade has finished)11:16
chrisccoulsonbut it looks pretty bad atm, especially in evolution11:17
pittichrisccoulson: rejecting the mozjs amd64 build, FTR11:17
pittichrisccoulson, Sweetshark: gcc-defaults uploaded11:20
chrisccoulsonpitti - excellent, thanks11:20
rodrigo_pitti, can you do a super fast review of my answer to http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/26335/ ? is that what you were looking for?11:20
pittirodrigo_: in type and style, yes, thanks!11:22
rodrigo_pitti, ok, anything else I should add?11:22
pittirodrigo_: I just wonder if it's really that expensive to stat some 20 dir entries11:23
pittirodrigo_: (i. e. you only need to stat the ones you are displaying, not all right away)11:23
rodrigo_pitti, 20 not that much, but what about 4000?11:23
pittiand it could be async, i. e. the arrow could disappear or appear after half a second, while it's stat'ing?11:23
rodrigo_hmm, not sure how Nautilus does the displaying, I don't it does it in chunks11:24
rodrigo_pitti, yes, it could11:24
pittirodrigo_: hm, I thought it would do the thumbnailing in chunks11:24
rodrigo_the thumbnailing yes, but displaying the list of folders/files, it's all in one go afaik11:25
rodrigo_hmm, I can't subscribe to the idea page, can I?11:25
pittirodrigo_: I don't see an obvious way how11:28
rodrigo_pitti, yes, me neither11:28
pittiSweetshark: oh, bummer; the new libtextcat introduces an automake1.7 build dependency11:29
pittiSweetshark: that's gone to universe ages ago, and I'm not keen about reintroducing such obsolete stuff; can we make it use just "automake" (1.11), like the rest of the non-ancient world?11:30
pittiSweetshark: hm, it doesn't even seem to call that; I'll take a look11:31
Sweetsharkdunno, I havent looked at the package too deeply since there was nothing to merge (no customizations from us). If we cant get the package we could still use the LO-internal one (making the package bigger though)11:34
pittiSweetshark: fix uploaded; except that due to an inexplicable accident with vim the changelog looks totally broken11:35
Sweetsharkpitti: saw that already.11:36
Sweetsharkpitti: the libgcj-bc wants a libgcj-common 4.5.1-1ubuntu4 ...11:37
pittiSweetshark: yes, it's also on my people page11:37
Sweetsharkpitti: ah, ok11:38
pittichrisccoulson: there, mozjs finished building everywhere11:39
pitti(i. e. finished failing)11:39
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks. i'm just sorting out the symbols files now11:39
ftapitti, hi, is there a pref somewhere that i can see to point apport-retrace -g to my unpacked sources? (without having to set that in gdb every single time)12:00
pittifta: you might be able to just stuff that into ~/.gdbinit ?12:01
pittifta: but I wasn't actually aware that you can change the source path locally12:01
Sweetsharkalifornische Softwarekonzern daran, dem Workstation- und Unix-Pionier sein Geschäftsmodell überzustülpen.12:01
* pitti wonders when Sweetshark will post his s3kr1t passwords :12:02
Sweetsharkpitti: nah, thats from an article about the death of the soul of my previous employer12:03
Sweetsharkdpkg-shlibdeps: warning: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcj_bc.so.1 has an unexpected SONAME (libgcj.so.11)12:03
pittiSweetshark: well, that's to be expected -- this symlink is an 'orrible, 'orrible hack12:03
pittierm, I mean 'ack of course12:04
Sweetsharkthis is what i still get, but thats expected. Otherwise the build succeeds.12:04
chrisccoulsoni think i'm going to upgrade jo's desktop to natty today12:04
chrisccoulsonsee if she notices12:04
pittichrisccoulson: just some minor details changing in the desktop :)12:05
pittichrisccoulson: I upgraded my wife's laptop a few days ago, she actually quite liked it at first12:05
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah. i updated her to firefox 4 already, and she didn't say anything ;)12:05
pittilet's see what she says in a week, after having to endure all those crashes12:05
chrisccoulsonif you turn off apport, she'll never notice them ;)12:05
pittichrisccoulson: I did12:06
pittiSweetshark: on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt, second section (source/binary demotions), do you know the fate of the four oo.o- and openthesaurus?12:06
pittiSweetshark: were they replaced with the new hyphen/mythes stuff now?12:06
=== nigelbabu is now known as nigelb
pittiSweetshark: but I don't see an obvious replacement for e. g. Czech or Russian hyphenation, there's no hyphen-$LANG package for it12:07
Sweetsharkpitti: so, how do we go about with LO 3.3.2 now? It would be perfect to have libtextcat2.2-9 and the gcj-bc fix for it.12:08
pittiSweetshark: well, both are in natty now (not published yet, though)12:08
pittiSweetshark: perhaps you could bump the build-dep to libtextcat to >= 2.2-9 and libgcj-bc to >= 4.5.1-1ubuntu4, then we could upload right away12:09
pittiSweetshark: and then LP will properly dep-wait12:09
Sweetsharkpitti: if I reenable libtextcat it will automatically, but for libgcj-bc I would have to tweak.12:12
* pitti bumps build score of armel gcc-defaults12:12
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
pittiSweetshark: the alternative is to wait another hour12:13
pittiSweetshark: whatever is easier12:13
pittiSweetshark: actually I think openoffice.org-dictionaries is still current, right?12:13
pittii. e. I should seed all these packages so that they stay in main12:14
Sweetsharkas for the thes packages: openoffice.org-thesaurus-it hasnt been renamed just as it hasnt in debian. as it is just a suggest we would need a seed for it (just like the openthesaurus stuff), right?12:16
pittiSweetshark: right; so all of these are still current?12:17
pittiSweetshark: so for the Polish and Italish stuff, should I add back these three oo.o packages to language-selector?12:18
Sweetsharkpitti: -it is current. openthesaurus almost is (recently bumped to 20110119-2ubuntu1, but debian has 20110119-3).12:19
* Sweetshark still tries to wrap his head around the -pl packages.12:19
pittiSweetshark: I meant "current" in the sense of "used by libo instead of being an obsolete package"12:20
Sweetsharkhmmm, -pl looks outdated. debian has a openoffice.org-thesaurus-pl source which packs a mythes-pl binary while ours does still pack a openoffice.org-thesaurus-pl_1.5-3ubuntu1 binary.12:23
Sweetsharkpitti: Ill try a merge for -pl.12:27
pittiSweetshark: ok, I'll deal with openthesaurus and openoffice.org-hyphenation for now; I also need to fix language-selector harder for the mythes stuff12:27
pittiand to install openoffice.org-hyphenation for the langauges that it supports12:28
pittiSweetshark: you confirm that openoffice.org-thesaurus-it is current?12:29
pittiSweetshark: i. e. we shoudl install it for italian?12:29
Sweetsharkpitti: tricky: there is no newer version of -it, but it doesnt yet depend on LO, but on a openoffice.org transitional12:42
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: your upload of gnome-vfs works around bug 709216 according to the changelog, yet I still can't open links from inside thunderbird (using chromium as browser).12:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 709216 in gnome-vfs "clicking on a link dont open the page " [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70921612:48
chrisccoulsonAmpelbein, what is /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http set to?12:48
pittibryceh, RAOF: xserver-xorg-video-qxl12:50
pitti... wants to go to universe; should it be seeded, go into universe, or even added to -all?12:50
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: with 'gconftool-2 -g /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http' I get "No value set for `/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http'"12:50
chrisccoulsonAmpelbein, i meant http/command12:53
chrisccoulsonanyway, i can see what's up. chromium uses an upper case %U12:53
chrisccoulsoni'll add another case to gnome-vfs then12:53
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: yes, chromium can open multiple URI's at once (which is what uppercase %U is for, if I understand the spec correctly)12:54
Sweetsharkpitti: there is a mythes-it in the debian new queue that will replace openoffice.org-thesaurus-it. but it is not yet in.12:56
pittiSweetshark: ok, we can handle that after beta then12:56
rodrigo_kklimonda, ping12:57
Sweetsharkpitti: find openoffice.org-thesaurus-pl_1.5-4ubuntu1_source.changes on chinstrap12:57
pittiSweetshark: should I remove openoffice.org-thesaurus-it and openoffice.org-thesaurus-pl and openoffice.org-hyphenation-pl then?12:57
kklimondarodrigo_: hey12:57
rodrigo_hi kklimonda12:57
rodrigo_kklimonda, how are you?12:57
=== njpatel is now known as njpatel_
kklimondarodrigo_: I've been better, but still alive :)12:58
rodrigo_kklimonda, heh12:58
pittiSweetshark: upped12:58
rodrigo_kklimonda, if you have some minutes to spare, I need 2 more eyes to look at a crash in test-couchdb-glib12:58
kklimondarodrigo_: sure12:59
rodrigo_kklimonda, do you have 5 mins to compile git master and run the test program?12:59
rodrigo_kklimonda, it's crashing all the time in couchdb_database_free_document_list, in the if (COUCHDB_IS_DOCUMENT ... call12:59
rodrigo_kklimonda, if you can have a quick look (2 mins), maybe you can find why it's crashing there now, where it never did before13:00
rodrigo_kklimonda, I've been looking at it for a few days, so I really need 2 more eyes in case I'm missing something obvious13:00
pittiSweetshark: libtextcat and gcj-bc are in the archive now, except for armel; so we could upload libo now if you want13:02
pittiSweetshark: (armel is okay, it will build late enough that these two libs will be in the archive well before)13:03
pittiSweetshark: adding mythes-pl to language-selector then13:04
Sweetsharkpitti: k. I will just rename the version and reenable the libtextcat dep.13:04
Sweetsharkpitti: the hyphen for -pl will be on chinstrap in  a minute13:05
pittioh, nice; holding back the l-s upload then13:05
Sweetsharkpitti: hmm, that merged without a problem. there is no "| language-support-writing-pl" in it so it can simply be synced.13:08
pittiSweetshark: actually, I wonder how many of these alternate depends we still actually need; I think we should revisit that at UDS13:09
Sweetsharkso status: openoffice-thesaurus-pl is on chinstrap, openoffice.org-hyphenation-pl can be sync => pl can be included. mythes-it is still in debian NEW -> disable for beta.13:10
pittiSweetshark: hyph-pl synced, thes-pl already uploaded some minutes ago13:13
pittihang on13:13
pittiSweetshark: you said hyphen-pl would be on chinstrap, but I don't see it13:13
pittiargh, I'm confused, ignore me13:13
pittiso, all done13:13
* pitti updates l-s for hyphen-pl and uploads13:14
pittiSweetshark: for coordination, do you plan to have LibO uploaded in the next 45 mins? I wonder if I have time to grab some lunch now, or later13:15
pittichrisccoulson: mozjs binNEWed on !armel, go wild13:18
Sweetsharkpitti: In ~1 hour. If you fetch lunch now, Ill have it ready when you return.13:18
chrisccoulsonpitti - excellent, thanks13:18
chrisccoulsoni'll upload couchdb in a minute then13:18
pitticool; /me off13:18
chrisccoulsoni'm just about to complete the swt-gtk transition now13:19
mvodidrocks: does a patch like #741081 needs approval from the design team or anything like this? adds a unity quicklist thing13:27
mvobug #74108113:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 741081 in gnome-terminal "Add 'Open a new terminal window' to unity launcher quicklist" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74108113:27
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, taking icedtea-web now13:27
chrisccoulsonSweetshark, would you mind taking a look at the libreoffice bits in bug 740815 when you get a few moments?13:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 740815 in firefox "[FFe] Updates to enable us to drop xulrunner from main" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74081513:27
=== htorque__ is now known as htorque
didrocksmvo: I think it should, but I don't see them scale TBH :)13:28
skaetdidrocks,  just spotted unity 3.6.6-0ubuntu3 produces uninstallable binaries:13:30
skaet  * unity (i386)13:30
skaet - is this a known issue?13:30
didrocksskaet: why unity 3.6.6-0ubuntu3 ? we should have 3.6.8 published now13:32
seb128didrocks, we have 3.6.8 published for a few hours13:32
skaetdidrocks,  its what's showing up in the Daily CD build message this morning.   config need to be updated somewhere?13:32
seb128hey skaet13:33
skaethi seb12813:33
ogra_skaet, CD builds were before/during the publishing13:33
skaetdidrocks:  under ubuntu/daily: Uninstallable packages:13:33
skaetthanks ogra_ ,  skew I guess.13:34
ogra_its what i face under armel with every second build ... arch any vs arch all packages13:34
didrocksskaet: yeah, the update to get compability was done this night13:35
didrocksskaet: when I pined you before going to bed :)13:35
didrocksso way after CD build I guess13:35
mterryseb128, let's say Ubuntu/mpt would prefer some string different in a gnome program.  Do we generally distro patch that?  Send a patch upstream in the hopes they like the new wording better?  (does that ever work?)13:36
skaetcool.  mystery solved.   back to my bug lists... ;)13:36
seb128mterry, "depends" ;-)13:36
seb128mterry, we try to argue for the case upstream yes13:36
mptmterry, in years gone by we changed a bunch of strings upstream in gnome-power-manager for example13:36
seb128mterry, if they don't the "depends" is a cost benefit thing13:37
mterrympt, do you care much about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/740856 ?13:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 740856 in indicator-datetime ""Authenticate" dialog has incorrect text" [Undecided,New]13:37
mterrympt, that's from gnome-settings-daemon13:37
mptmterry, I'd class that as Low importance, but at the same time I'd expect it to be accepted upstream, because "Privileges are required..." is a very obscure way of asking for your password13:38
mterrySure.  How about I'll pass it upstream, but not distro patch it to avoid losing translations?13:38
seb128mterry, I would open a bug upstream for this cycle and batch it for next cycle if upstream doesn't reply13:38
mptsuits me13:38
mterrychrisccoulson, my thunderbird links still aren't working  :(13:40
chrisccoulsonmterry, which browser do you use?13:40
mterrychrisccoulson, firefox13:41
chrisccoulsonmterry what is in /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http/command?13:41
mterrychrisccoulson, "firefox %u"13:42
chrisccoulsonoh, that should work :/13:42
chrisccoulsonmterry - you get the same result as before? (firefox opens a tab with the URL pointing to http://www.%u.com)13:42
mterrychrisccoulson, yah13:42
chrisccoulsonnow i'm confused ;)13:43
chrisccoulsonthat should be working now :(13:43
seb128mterry, did you upgrade your gnome-vfs?13:43
chrisccoulsonthere is one case i know about (it needs to handle %U)13:43
chrisccoulsonall this effort to not break gnome-vfs ;)13:44
mterryseb128, yeah13:44
mterrychrisccoulson, false alarm13:44
chrisccoulsonwhat happened?13:44
mterrychrisccoulson, it seems to work now.  :-/13:44
chrisccoulsonmy favourite13:44
mterrychrisccoulson, I thought I had restarted thunderbird already, but apparently not13:45
mterrychrisccoulson, thanks for fixing!13:45
seb128you should use a decent email client13:45
seb128you wouldn't have those issues ;-)13:45
chrisccoulsonseb128 - find me one ;)13:45
seb128chrisccoulson, like the on we ship with Ubuntu? ;-)13:46
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i meant "find me a decent client" ;)13:46
seb128oh, I see where you are going :p13:46
chrisccoulsoni think thunderbird is going to be rocking with the work that m_conley is putting in ;)13:47
chrisccoulsonhe's working on U1 contact sync now \o/13:47
seb128chrisccoulson, how active is upstream at fixing issues? (out of unity integration work)?13:49
chrisccoulsonseb128 - very active, generally13:49
seb128hum, so you think we should consider it for next cycle?13:50
chrisccoulsonseb128 - lets see how people feel closer to UDS. there are still some bits missing (calendaring being the main one), and the situation with translations for both tbird and firefox also really sucks right now13:51
chrisccoulson(which is something i'm going to fix next cycle)13:51
seb128we need to define our target user13:52
seb128not sure if we target users who care about calendars or not13:52
chrisccoulsonyeah, i was just about to say the same thing13:52
chrisccoulsoncalendar integration is definitely very nice, but i've never seen jo use it here13:53
seb128the calendar desktop integration is very handy13:53
chrisccoulsonbut she does use an e-mail client13:53
seb128right but people at canonical for example to use the calendar quite a bit13:53
kklimondarodrigo_: I've tracked it to the commit a48fe0c4f7a2048011b8b0c1b6348340fd2f665013:54
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, i use the calendar too (which is why i use evo for work), but i'm not sure i'm the target audience ;)13:54
seb128like office users likely want to know about their next meeting13:54
seb128office being people at work, not ms office ;-)13:54
seb128brb, another session restart13:55
kklimondarodrigo_: reverting it will fix the test, but not the couchdb_session_free_document_list function.13:55
kklimondarodrigo_: but apparently the problem has been there for a while, it also crashes on maverick13:56
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
kklimondaI'm surprised it crashes as we register a type for CouchdbDocumentInfo13:58
kenvandineseb128, the calendar integration was my wife's favorite thing about upgrading to natty13:58
kenvandineshe uses google calendar to keep track of all the places she needs to get the kids too, etc... so she loves having that in the panel13:59
kklimondarodrigo_:  at least the code is there, what should call it?13:59
seb128kenvandine, hum, but we have that since warty?13:59
seb128kenvandine, like gnome-panel has it, it's not new to natty13:59
kenvandinenot maverick13:59
kenvandineune maverick13:59
seb128oh, people use une 10.10 really? ;-)13:59
kenvandineshe was :)14:00
seb128kenvandine, but yeah, if you use a calendar it's very nice to have14:00
seb128I'm just not sure what users use a calendar and what users we target14:00
kenvandineright, and i think people tend to use that for more than work14:00
kenvandinei think there are lots of users using google calendar for example14:01
seb128especially in a world with smart phones and google giving you free online calendars14:01
kenvandineand evolution finally seems to work pretty well with google calendar :)14:01
* kenvandine is so happy he can now accept invitations in email14:02
seb128does that work?14:02
seb128I got used to copy the url in a web browser14:02
=== njpatel_ is now known as njpatel
kenvandinehehe :)14:02
seb128I didn't try for a while14:02
kenvandinei saw someone tweet about it working14:02
seb128one things that sucks is that you can't click on the url14:02
kenvandineso i tried, and it did14:02
kenvandineno idea when it was fixed14:02
seb128nice ;-)14:02
kenvandineotherwise i would have never tried14:03
seb128pitti, wb14:07
pittimeh, why does evo keep forgetting my gcal password14:09
Sweetsharkpitti: https://launchpad.net/~bjoern-michaelsen/+archive/libreoffice-nattytest <- there is a libreoffice version in there, l10n is on the way14:10
seb128pitti, how often? in what keyring is it stored?14:10
pittiseb128: every couple of weeks or so14:10
seb128pitti, there was some "known bug" about password being dropped when it fails to connect to servers sometimes14:12
seb128though those were usually for email accounts14:12
seb128not sure if calendars have the same issue14:12
pittiah, that might fit14:12
seb128who would be to blame for the unity-appmenu to open when doing a window dnd and hitting esc?14:23
seb128njpatel, tedg, mterry: ^ one of you know I'm sure ;-)14:24
mterryseb128, hah, fascinating14:24
njpatelseb128, Sam14:24
seb128does the same when using the corner grip and doing esc14:24
njpatelyep, it's sending weird keycodes around14:24
seb128compiz bug?14:25
njpatelI'm pretty sure14:25
njpatelseb128, actually14:25
seb128njpatel, thanks, I will open and assign to smspillaz14:25
Sweetsharkpitti: I uploaded the l10n to the ppa too, but i guess that was wrong, as I didnt -sa it.14:27
seb128rodrigo_, pitti: just for info I raised a bit the settings of bug #649809 so it doesn't drop off the natty list14:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 649809 in gdm "the session settings manager can try starting before the login screen one exits" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64980914:27
chrisccoulsonpitti - hmm, i can't see how the packagekit change will work14:27
chrisccoulsonit's still looking for mozilla-plugin in configure14:27
pittichrisccoulson: currently test-building14:27
Sweetsharkpitti: Ill copy to chinstrap a changes file with -sa14:27
pittichrisccoulson: right, just failed14:28
chrisccoulsonpitti - i'm wondering whether i should just ship the same set of pkg-config files in firefox-dev tbh, and make it conflict xulrunner-dev14:28
pittichrisccoulson: might indeed be easier14:28
chrisccoulsonit would save us having to patch stuff14:28
chrisccoulsonand it would be more palatable for icedtea too14:28
chrisccoulsonthat will have to be after beta now though won't it?14:28
pittichrisccoulson: if you break existing packages, then yes; if you only ship the files in addition, then no14:30
chrisccoulsonpitti - i was thinking about the amount of time it takes to build on armel14:31
* ogra_ hugs chrisccoulson for that staement 14:33
chrisccoulsonheh :)14:33
pittiSweetshark: your libreoffice_3.3.2-1ubuntu1_source.changes is missing the orig.tar.gz as well14:42
pittiSweetshark: and it would be nice if you could build that with -v1:3.3.1-1ubuntu514:43
pittiSweetshark: and the changelog with "regenerate control file" sounds a bit like being for -l10n?14:44
pittiSweetshark: l10n looks good, I'll upload that with a fixed libo14:44
Sweetsharkpitti: the libreoffice_3.3.2-1ubuntu1_source.changes from chinstrap? yeah, I shouldnt have uploaded that, I broke it when generating l10n. the one in the ppa should be ok thogh.14:47
pittiSweetshark: ah, ok14:48
Sweetsharkyes, the one in the ppa seems to be ok14:48
Sweetsharkpitti: and regenerate control file is also valid, as I had to regenerate for system libtextcat14:49
rodrigo_kklimonda, hmm, I thought that while loop had been there for a while14:53
pittiSweetshark: both uploaded, thanks! so this should be built by the weekend on arm then14:53
rodrigo_kklimonda, I guess it fails to check a GObject's type if the pointer is not a GObject-based pointer14:54
kklimondarodrigo_: well, it has been commited in may last year, but it is a commit that fails. I agree that it looks like G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_TYPE doesn't know how to handle non-GObject types.14:55
* Sweetshark sacrificies a few squirrels to the gods of arm.14:56
pittiSweetshark: btw, does this add a build or binary dep to nlpsolver now?15:04
pittiSweetshark: this currently wants to go back to universe15:05
=== tkamppeter__ is now known as tkamppeter
Sweetsharkno, there isnt. it is build as an extension, so LO can strictly work without it. Its just one damn useful feature.15:12
Sweetshark(which is why upstream releases it along the product).15:12
kklimondarodrigo_: btw, how much is left to be done to get gnome-shell from gnome3 ppa working? anything I could help with?15:14
rodrigo_kklimonda, it's already working for me15:14
rodrigo_kklimonda, isn't if for you?15:14
kklimondarodrigo_: probably I've missed doing something15:14
kklimondarodrigo_: just adding gnome3 ppa, updating, upgrading and installing gnome-shell have left me with quite a mess :)15:14
rodrigo_oh, what mess?15:15
kklimondarodrigo_: no theme, applications aborting with message about linking against both gtk+2.x and gtk+3.x15:15
rodrigo_kklimonda, hmm, I guess something got half updated15:15
rodrigo_is that in nautilus?15:15
rodrigo_about the no theme issue, you can just set it on the command line with gsettings tool15:16
kklimondarodrigo_: I can't tell right now, I've had to revert to get system in a working state once again. If you are saying that it should work, I'll try updating again this weekend and fight with any problems I have.15:16
rodrigo_kklimonda, ok, let me know of anything you come up, and we'll try to fix it15:17
kklimondaok, will do15:17
pittiSweetshark: you shouldn't have spent all your squirrels on the armel god :/ http://launchpadlibrarian.net/67189461/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-amd64.libreoffice_1%3A3.3.2-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:42
pittix86_64-linux-gnu-g++: /usr/lib64/libjpeg.so: No such file or directory15:43
pittiyes, that wouldn't work15:43
rodrigo_kklimonda, I've deprecated CouchdbDocumentInfo, as we discussed it was useless, only used in tests15:43
pittiSweetshark: it is spelled /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libjpeg.so now ..15:44
chrisccoulsonnice, alt key working in the firefox menu now15:44
pittichrisccoulson: ooh!15:44
pittiSweetshark: nlpsolver> hm, I woudl have at least thought that the libreoffice metapackage should pull it in?15:46
rodrigo_pitti, kenvandine, seb128: can you please merge https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/natty/couchdb-glib/0_7_1_release/+merge/54721 (already uploaded, as I have permissions for that package)16:15
seb128rodrigo_, ok16:19
rodrigo_seb128, thanks16:19
* Sweetshark is in svtools already16:23
bcurtiswxkenvandine, are you already working on empathy 2.34.0 ?16:35
rodrigo_seb128, ditto for https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/natty/evolution-couchdb/0_5_2_release/+merge/54731 please16:39
bcurtiswxkenvandine, i'll go get empathy packaged.  It's new enough and with as busy as you seem i don't think you would have gotten to that yet16:41
chrisccoulsonpitti - did the searchplugins in langpack-o-matic come from maverick?16:45
seb128mvo, bug #74126917:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 741269 in apt-clone "dpkg-repack missing dependency" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74126917:00
pittichrisccoulson: yes, I think I extracted them from maverick's -base packages; natty's don't have them yet17:05
chrisccoulsonpitti - ah, ok. natty has a different set of search plugins17:06
chrisccoulsonit has bing ;)17:06
chrisccoulsonand a couple of others were dropped too17:06
mvoseb128: thx!17:06
pittichrisccoulson: ah, so good time to fix them now, so that they can go into the langpacks on Sunday?17:06
seb128mvo, yw ;-)17:06
pittichrisccoulson: the original data was lost apparently, so mavericks' were the most recent ones I could fine17:06
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i was just having a look now17:07
chrisccoulsoni think next cycle we should probably merge all of this in to the firefox source (translations + searchplugins)17:07
micahg+1, especially with the new planned mozilla release cycle, we don't want to be blocked on langpack updates for security fixes17:09
micahgpreferably sorted out before we backport a newer firefox to the stable releases17:09
chrisccoulsonmicahg - we'll probably still ship them in language packs, but i want the firefox source to take care of building the xpi's (to replace po2xpi)17:10
chrisccoulsoni haven't quite figured out how it's all going to work yet ;)17:10
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|break
micahgchrisccoulson: :(, I'd prefer to ship in-source if we can17:11
micahgunless we're planning langpack updates every 6 weeks17:12
ari-tczewcould someone set as merged this branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/ubuntu/natty/metacity/metacity-fix-717216/+merge/5219917:14
ari-tczewogra_: ^^17:14
bcurtiswxchrisccoulson, is the bug where firefox is always the default browser been fixed?17:16
chrisccoulsonbcurtiswx, it depends for what use case. there were bugs affecting multiple packages which broke that in different ways17:18
chrisccoulsoni've fixed the default browser check for firefox, but that's unlikely to have been your issue ;)17:18
bcurtiswxchrisccoulson, im using Chromium Web Browser, and i set that as default browser but firefox still comes up as17:18
chrisccoulsoncomes up, from where?17:19
chrisccoulsonin any case, that's a bug in another application or another part of the stack ;)17:19
bcurtiswxchrisccoulson, OK thx :)17:21
bcurtiswxand that meant to say as default browser17:21
mterrytedg, what do you think of bug 735445?17:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 735445 in indicator-datetime "clock doesn't update on timezone change" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73544517:24
bcurtiswxseb128, kenvandine, if one of you gets a change, https://code.launchpad.net/~bcurtiswx/ubuntu/natty/empathy/empathy-2.34.0-0ubuntu1/+merge/5473817:27
didrocksSweetshark: hey, did you have a look at bug #720716 by any chance?17:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 720716 in ayatana-design "Please add unity Quicklist support" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72071617:28
seb128pitti, still around?17:32
pittihey seb12817:33
seb128pitti, hello17:34
seb128pitti, do you have any opinion on the libcairo gl naming and were to put the extra .h and .pc?17:34
seb128pitti, I've created a libcairo2-gl with a /usr/lib/cairo-gl which has libcairo.so.*17:35
pittiseb128: oh, does it need extra .h files?17:35
seb128pitti, well, it doesn't "needs" it "ships" those17:35
pittiseb128: if it actually changes the API, then I'd put them into libcairo-gl-dev and make that conflict with libcairo-dev17:35
seb128pitti, I can i.e wayland need those function definitions17:35
seb128pitti, it's extra files, no need to conflicts17:36
pittiah, so much the better17:36
seb128I'm pondering adding a -dev or just stacking that in libcairo2-gl17:36
seb128well I guess the extra binary would be cleaner17:37
pittiseb128: would it be wrong to put the extra files into libcairo-dev?17:37
seb128I was pondering doing that17:37
seb128I'm not sure how much it could mislead people to think cairo is built with gl17:37
pittiseb128: so I guess the cleanest woudl be a libcairo-gl-dev which depends on libcairo-dev and libcairo-gl?17:40
* Sweetshark needs more cpus17:46
seb128pitti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/584930/17:47
seb128pitti, something around those lines I think (it's building there)17:47
pitti+debian/install/main/usr/lib/cairo-gl/libcairo.so.* /usr/lib/cairo-gl17:48
pittioh, does that mean theres not even an overlap?17:48
pittiseb128: so we don't even need diversions, etc?17:49
pittiseb128: this looks great to me (FLAVOURS FTW)17:49
seb128pitti, well I though that was the idea from yesterday?17:50
seb128pitti, install the lib variant in another dir and let wayland of whather ldpreload this one?17:50
pittiseb128: I naively thought both would build the same .so, just with different features17:50
seb128well ldpreload, or tweak LD_LIBRARY_PATH17:50
pittiah, right17:50
seb128pitti, it does17:50
pittisorry, misread17:50
seb128it's the same lib with another option so another set of symbol17:50
seb128dumped in another dir17:51
seb128so those who want it can add the dir to their ldpath17:51
pittiseb128: I thought we wanted to ship /etc/ld.so.conf.d/00-libcairo-gl.conf in libcairo-gl, as then we keep the knowledge of where the library is in one place17:51
pittiand we can change this without doing corresponding changes to wayland17:52
pittibut I'm not too fussed about that17:52
seb128pitti, I'm fine with that, that drop is a first one with the new binary, I wanted to figure the ld hack next17:52
pittiseb128: let me quickly verify this assumption17:52
seb128pitti, no hurry, I've a call in 6 minutes so I will resume that after the call and dinner17:53
brycehpitti, -qxl probably should go into -video-all (it's the kvm video driver, see bug #709537)17:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 709537 in xserver-xorg-video-qxl "[MIR] xserver-xorg-video-qxl" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70953717:55
brycehpitti, shall I add it to -video-all?17:55
pittibryceh: If you think it's correct to install by default, yes17:55
pittiseb128: hm, got some trouble with that, need to play around with ld.so.conf.d17:59
brycehtjaalton, looks like your xorg 7.6 merge was not uploaded yet?  should I upload it at this time or must it wait until after beta?18:08
tjaaltonbryceh: when is the beta freeze?18:10
brycehtjaalton, think its today18:10
tjaaltonnext week I guess18:10
tjaaltondamn, should add those to my calendar..18:10
brycehtjaalton, I pushed the -qxl addition to video-all to alioth if you'd like to take a quick look18:11
tjaaltonbryceh: is it in universe?18:11
tjaalton-qxl that is18:11
tjaaltonah, no18:12
brycehtjaalton, <pitti> bryceh, RAOF: xserver-xorg-video-qxl18:13
bryceh<pitti> ... wants to go to universe; should it be seeded, go into universe, or even added to -all?18:13
bryceh<bryceh> pitti, shall I add it to -video-all?18:14
bryceh<pitti> bryceh: If you think it's correct to install by default, yes18:14
brycehtjaalton, (-qxl is the kvm video driver, see bug #709537)18:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 709537 in xserver-xorg-video-qxl "[MIR] xserver-xorg-video-qxl" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70953718:14
tjaaltonlocal kvm/qemu uses cirrus, but this is for the remote stuf18:14
tjaaltonor maybe my info is outdated18:15
tjaaltonin any case, I'm aware of SPICE, and it sounds cool enough to warrant the change ;)18:15
tjaaltonyeah I just pulled it18:17
tjaaltonscrollback failure18:17
tjaaltondoes it actually work on other than amd64/i386 though18:19
tjaaltoneven though it's built on armel & powerpc too18:19
tjaaltonbryceh: you need to use tab to indent vars.*, otherwise the build fails?18:22
tjaaltonsince it's used by makefile18:23
tjaaltonhm, doesn't fail18:23
chrisccoulsonhi, would some non-english speakers mind adding missing translations to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Wanted/FirefoxDesktop ? :)18:29
chrisccoulsonpitti/seb128 perhaps ;)18:29
pittichrisccoulson: de already exists18:30
pittichrisccoulson: now, if only we had a web site which would allow you to comfortably translate .po files..18:31
chrisccoulsonpitti - it's for some extra items (static quicklists)18:31
pittichrisccoulson: ah, will do18:31
chrisccoulsonthanks :)18:31
seb128chrisccoulson, can't you use strings already listed and translated in firefox?18:32
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i don't think there is already a "Open a New Window"18:32
chrisccoulsonthere is "New Window" though18:32
chrisccoulsoni did think about using existing strings ;)18:32
tedgmterry, That makes sense to me.18:37
tedgmterry, (the function to signal the UpdateTime signal)18:37
mterrytedg, any opinions on what the method should be called?  TriggerUpdateTime?  Or can a signal and method have same signature?18:38
pittichrisccoulson: there!18:38
tedgmterry, I'd make them different just to avoid confusion.18:38
tedgmterry, I don't care too much about the name, it's a private interface.18:38
tedgmterry, UpdateTimeBecauseISaidSo18:39
* mterry adds UpdateTimeIfYaLikeButNoBigDealIfItDoesNotHappenKThxBye18:40
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks :)18:41
chrisccoulsonpitti - bug 741964 is for you if you want to take it ;)18:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 741964 in plasma-scriptengine-googlegadgets "Please remove google-gadgets source and binaries from archive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74196418:41
pittioh! oh! removing cruft! yummy!18:41
chrisccoulsonheh :)18:41
pittichrisccoulson: *munch* *much* 'z gone18:46
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks :) we have lots of green now - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/Natty/Firefox4/XULRunner20Transition18:47
chrisccoulsoni like green!18:47
pittichrisccoulson: so basically just eclipse left?18:47
pittichrisccoulson: and libo and icedtea18:48
chrisccoulsonpitti - anything which isn't green or yellow, so there's still a few things left18:48
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: why not use what firefox has for ctrl+n/ctrl+t?18:48
pittichrisccoulson: gtk-vnc is fixed as well18:48
tjaaltoni updated fi by adding what the ffox menu had18:49
chrisccoulsontjaalton, which menu? If it's the file menu, then that doesn't have the whole string does it? (it doesn't for english)18:50
chrisccoulsonNew Window versus Open a New Window18:50
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure if the menu entry makes sense for other languages though. it might do :)18:50
tjaaltonwell, i'm not sure 'open' is needed there..18:51
tjaaltonbut, i'll add it if it is :)18:52
tjaaltonmeh, done18:53
chrisccoulsonthanks :)18:54
pittinjpatel, didrocks: ah, seems I indeed have a different compiz crash now (re from this morning)18:59
didrockspitti: yes please :-)18:59
pittibug 74197719:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 741977 in nux "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::Area::InitiateResizeLayout()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74197719:00
pitti(not retraced yet)19:00
didrockspitti: did  you change your resolution?19:00
didrocksoh no19:00
didrocksforget about my question :)19:00
pittididrocks: not with restarting compiz19:00
didrockslet's see once retraced19:00
didrocksthanks pitti :)19:01
pittididrocks: my gsession script does call xrandr --output LVDS1 --off, though19:01
pittididrocks: made a note in the bug19:02
didrockspitti: thanks!19:02
=== MacSlow|break is now known as MacSlow
njpatelpitti, I'l pay you to stop crashing Unity :)19:19
* njpatel only sees stacktraces everywhere19:19
pittinjpatel: I can sit down with a debugger and have a look :) (not right now, though)19:20
pittinjpatel: I have two screens, though (internal disabled LVDS, external TFT, docked), so that might not be as common as most developer platforms19:20
pittinjpatel: the fun thing is that until a week ago this thing was rock solid19:21
njpatelI'll pass it onto jason once we have a proper stack19:21
pittiI didn't have a single crash in two weeks or so19:21
njpatelpitti, you know the rule: Stop updating as soon as it works for you!19:21
pittinjpatel: I told didrocks, but he always wanted more crack!19:21
njpatelpitti, we made some changes to support multi-monitor better, so maybe this is from that19:21
njpatelpitti, hah19:21
njpatelHe is a bad influence on us ;)19:22
* kenvandine should plugin a second monitor just to see how awesome this is19:22
didrocksnjpatel: oh!19:22
pittinjpatel: I did notice that the launcher now covers the full screen height, not just the 800 pixels that my internal display has19:22
didrocksnjpatel: ok, no more update for you! :)19:22
njpatelpitti, yeah, that would be part of the fix19:22
njpatelpitti, but there were internal painting fixes too19:22
pittioh, I've been meaning to ask19:22
njpateland this looks shockingly close to that19:22
njpateldidrocks, NNNNOOOOO19:22
njpateldidrocks, Sorry :D19:23
pittinjpatel: is it deliberate that the launcher only appears as faint ghost-like shadow when I hover over the ubuntu logo?19:23
didrocksnjpatel: no, you know I'm the bad leader here, always telling you guys "push more crack, more crack!" :-)19:23
pittiit only seems to fully materialize when I'm in the top left corner19:23
didrockspitti: yeah, it is what designed specified19:23
didrockspitti: there is a dead triangle zone of 3x319:23
pittiit's a bit confusing, as I often just move to somewhere in that box, then down, and woosh, the launcher goes away19:24
njpatelit's meant to do that19:24
njpateltell mark!19:24
didrockspitti: don't insult my code like that! :)19:24
njpatelwell, tell design!19:24
didrocksnjpatel: pitti: there is a bug report with a discussion19:24
pittithis is one of these little things that drive you nuts19:24
didrockspitti: we proposed the "slide only" effect that you can trigger in ccsm19:24
pittiwell, there's one good thing about it: it greatly accelerates me getting used to the windows key19:24
didrockspitti: also, there is the fade + slide which is under debate :)19:25
pittiup until a few weeks ago this key was basically virgin19:25
didrocksheh ;)19:25
robbiewso who wants to look at my nvidia bug! :D19:26
pittiNeil wants to!19:26
didrocksenough bug for today ;)19:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 741963 in nvidia-graphics-drivers "Cannot switch to virtual consoles (vt#)" [Undecided,New]19:26
pittihe just told us he's looking for more stack traces19:26
didrocksnot unity, not unity \o/19:26
robbiewI got video of the behaviour and everything19:26
* robbiew has had this bug for awhile....in Natty...distorted console image. I was hoping the latest nvidia driver would fix it...never did :/19:27
robbiewdidrocks: unity looks great on this machines ;)19:28
didrockspitti: bug #739567 if you want to follow the latest story (read the comments)19:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 739567 in ayatana-design "Launcher - Set Launcher 'Hide Animation' to 'Slide only' by default. Also introduce subtle fade in effect." [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73956719:28
pittididrocks: thanks19:28
didrocksrobbiew: it's just great for great people :-)19:28
Sarvattrobbiew: try booting with vesafb.sucks=1?19:31
robbiewSarvatt: seriously?19:31
Sarvattits got nothing to do with the nvidia driver, the vesafb crap for plymouth is whats messed up19:31
robbiewlol..what an awesome variable19:32
Sarvattpassing an invalid module parameter (aka sucks) prevents it from loading19:32
didrocksat least, they express their opinion :)19:32
didrocksI'm disappointed now :-)19:32
m4n1shrickspencer3: in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/10.10/DeveloperManual is there any intention to add a Launchpad manual too?19:36
robbiewSarvatt: hmm...no dice...but I may have fubar'd the grub line.../me edits grub file19:40
* didrocks waves goodnight19:44
Sarvattrobbiew: oh, the grub screen is corrupted too? try changing the set gfxpayload=$linux_gfx_mode line to set gfxpayload=text when you boot next too19:48
robbiewSarvatt: nah...grub screen is fine19:49
robbiewI'm thinking my mind is corrupted19:49
dobeyrodrigo__: in the couchdb-glib NEWS you put 0.7.0 as the version for the 0.7.1 release :)19:55
pittichrisccoulson: eww:19:57
pitti-- natty/main amd64 deps on xulrunner-1.9.2:19:57
chrisccoulsonhuh, i thought that was in universe?19:57
chrisccoulsonoh, it's not :(19:58
pitti-- natty/main amd64 deps on libgluezilla:19:58
pittionly dep19:58
pitti-- natty/main amd64 deps on libmono-webbrowser0.5-cil:19:59
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, the dependencies seems to spread out quite a bit19:59
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure how to work out which parts of the mono stack are actually using it, because it all seems to go through several layers of lubraries20:00
pittiI made a note in the bug for now (and a new task)20:00
chrisccoulsonhmmm, that one could be a pain20:00
pittichrisccoulson: perhaps we could just disable support for that in mono?20:01
pittichrisccoulson: hop over to #devel?20:01
chrisccoulsonpitti - i'm not too sure. i don't know what applications are using it20:01
chrisccoulsonyeah, sure20:01
=== smspillaz is now known as smspillaz|zzz
mterrytedg, I'm piling up datetime merges.  Do you prefer many merges or lots of commits in one big merge?20:32
mterrySo far, I've gone for a mix20:32
tedgmterry, Many merges.  It think it makes them easier to review.20:32
tedgmterry, I don't care how many commits.  But I think "a merge" should be roughly "an idea"20:33
mterrytedg, well, I'll fallen short of that.  I've been fitting ~3 ideas per merge  :)  but otherwise I'd have 12 merges20:33
mterryI'll try to be mergy20:33
tedgmterry, bzr lp-propose-merge is your friend :-)20:34
mterryooh, I don't know it20:34
tedgmterry, It's not that big a deal, but if you ask I'll answer :-)20:34
tedgmterry, The only issue with it is that it doesn't know default reviewers, so you always have to specify.  So like "--review indicator-applet-developers"20:34
tedgOr dbusmenu-team, or whatever.20:35
mterrytedg, docs claim that that will work20:35
tedgmterry, Hmm, I've been bugging people about it... perhaps, my annoyance has paid off?!?!20:35
* mterry notes that lp-propose is an alias20:36
* tedg uses bzr lp-p<tab>20:36
seb128go mterry go ;-)20:36
mterrytedg, do I have to push somewhere first, then propose?  or does the propose push somewhere for me?20:36
tedgmterry, You have to have a remembered location.  So have atleast pushed once.  But it'll update if you're not up-to-date.20:37
mterryhm k20:37
tedgI typically do "push, propose" but I'm trying to get to "branch, push, {work}, propose" with the idea that I should push early and often :-)20:38
* tedg has a-typical New Year's goals20:39
tedgmterry, So this qtcreator bug has me stumped, could you look to see if you notice anything?21:14
tedgmterry, Basically if you run qtcreator, click on the file menu to open it, dbusmenu_client crashes.21:14
mterrytedg, I can tomorrow21:15
tedgmterry, It seems to be a variant gets unref'd when we're still using it, but I can't find anything.21:15
tedgmterry, Yeah, I didn't mean "right now" sorry.21:15
mterrytedg, subscribe me to the bug21:15
tedgmterry, Will do, thanks!21:15
pittiSweetshark: yay, i386/amd64 built, great job21:32
pittiSweetshark: want me to copy -l10n from the PPA? or do you have it on chinstrap?21:32
Sweetsharkoh, heh21:52
Sweetsharkpitti: yeah, just saw that too21:53
Sweetsharkl10n from the ppa would be nice.21:53
seb128Sweetshark, hey21:56
pittiSweetshark: which ppa url was that again?21:56
pittihey seb128, wb21:56
seb128Sweetshark, did you see the question from didrocks earlier?21:56
pittiseb128: FYI, I synced pygobject from experimental, and deleted our branch (to avoid confusion)21:57
seb128pitti, re21:57
seb128pitti, ok, I never know what to do with those when we sync, i tend to unpack the debian source and commit if it's likely we will get diffs again21:57
pittipersonally I'd just use ubuntu:pygobject from now on, if we need to make further changes21:57
seb128pitti, just so robert_ancell can not merge-upstream and screw it? ;-)21:58
pittiseb128: more packages -> more getting used to them :)21:58
robert_ancellseb128, :P21:58
pittiand the rest of Ubuntu uses them as well anyway21:58
seb128hey robert_ancell21:58
pittiyou see them all the time for sponsoring, too21:58
pittihey robert_ancell, howdy21:58
seb128pitti, the issue is not getting used to them, is having an efficient workflow21:58
seb128robert_ancell, did you start on the clutter update?21:59
Sweetsharkpitti: https://launchpad.net/~bjoern-michaelsen/+archive/libreoffice-nattytest2/+packages21:59
pittiSweetshark: ahh, I missed the "2"21:59
seb128pitti, seems Sweetshark ignore comments from others than you ;-)22:00
Sweetsharkseb128: yes, I did see it. Sorry, I have not looked at those yet.22:00
* Sweetshark hugs seb128.22:00
seb128Sweetshark, ok, they should have landed today since it's ui freeze now22:00
robert_ancellseb128, no, didn't notice it.  Can't we just merge from Debian?22:00
* seb128 hugs Sweetshark22:00
seb128robert_ancell, that's ok, I've it building, I just wanted to avoid duplicating work22:01
seb128robert_ancell, so asking in case22:01
Sweetsharkgotta go.22:01
robert_ancellseb128, ok, I was working on the webkit update.  But it fails building after a few hours.22:01
robert_ancellseb128, aren't we in beta freeze now anyway?22:01
seb128.symbols outdated?22:01
seb128robert_ancell, well, it start today but they didn't pull the trigger yet it seems22:02
seb128so still uploading ;-)22:02
robert_ancellseb128, no, the documentation.  The debian/rules has a hack for it, and it always seems to break again22:02
robert_ancellseb128, ok, excellent.  I'll mad update all the packages that Debian hasn't updated then22:02
seb128robert_ancell, you are on an update rampage I see ;-)22:02
seb128robert_ancell, I don't see anything interesting to update on versions though22:03
robert_ancellsoup, totem-pl-parser etc22:03
robert_ancellit would be nice to be running the latest so there's not some bug that annoys the upstreams for the next 6 months22:04
seb128well those can be updated after beta22:04
seb128debian guys were talking about updating soup yesterday22:04
robert_ancellit would be better to do it earlier though right?22:04
seb128the earlier the better I guess22:04
seb128it gives extra testing22:04
seb128robert_ancell, ok, clutter is not a simple dch and build, there is a patch to update from the egl stack which I'm not sure if it's still needed and there is a symbol which got dropped, so if you want to do it please feel free to do it22:08
robert_ancellseb128, ok, will do22:08
seb128robert_ancell, did you have anything you spotted that need work otherwise?22:08
robert_ancellI just have a few bugs that have been assigned to me that I really need to get done for beta.  I'm going to try and get hacks for them, as the proper way has been taking too long.22:09
robert_ancellApart from that the only thing that worries me about natty is the random instability of compiz/X/unity :)22:10
seb128bah, speaking about unity annoyance, I hate that it doesn't focus things when starting them sometimes22:11
seb128I got firefox displayed in front but the ctrl-w went to IRC22:11
robert_ancellseb128, I hate that is does - That's been annoying me for ages.  I launch 3 things, start typing in a terminal then it keeps popping them in front of me22:12
robert_ancellI haven't seen the split focus issue, sounds nast22:12
chrisccoulsonseb128 / robert_ancell - yeah, i've always found that compiz does the opposite of what i want it to do, every time22:12
robert_ancelland how do you guys like the dash?  I find it pretty useless to be honest22:13
seb128robert_ancell, you should clean you assigned bugs list ;-)22:13
robert_ancellseb128, yeah yeah :P22:13
seb128yeah, I don't see the point either22:13
seb128the alt-f2 dialog is nice though22:14
Q-FUNKit's actually called non-compliz22:14
robert_ancellI can never use alt-F2 as F2 without the Fn key turns off my wireless22:14
chrisccoulsonoh, that's unfortunate ;)22:14
robert_ancellseb128, hey, did you see the display preferences monitor indicator thingy is fixed?  Next UDS wont be seeing it on top of everyones presentation...22:15
seb128robert_ancell, you can change the binding in ccsm if you want22:15
seb128robert_ancell, yeah, well done, I noticed that vuntz has decided to pick on you as the first one to have to document an api there to get commited22:15
seb128robert_ancell, I'm wondering if he's just trying to make hard for Canonical to get upstream commits ;-)22:16
robert_ancellyeah, that was a bit cheeky.  I mean, I only added the _show () method which is the opposite of the current hide () method!22:16
robert_ancellIt's been him all along!  It's always the one you least suspect...22:16
robert_ancellI should add what I think to the bug - "is this really necessary in a library?? Why not just put it inside the preferences applet, then it doesn't need any documentation..."22:17
seb128robert_ancell, so yeah, set your "run a command" in ccsm if you want22:20
robert_ancellseb128, meh, I'm too lazy22:21
seb128robert_ancell, the dash screen is not very useful but you can do "super" and type a command as well22:21
seb128well, command or file22:21
robert_ancellI like to think I represent our standard user, who can't be bothered working out how to change keybindings22:21
seb128but it does match on applications and files only, not on commands as alt-f222:21
seb128robert_ancell, I like to think our standard users have a decent keyboard :p22:22
seb128but if you are tech enough to not care about alt-f2 I guess the dash completion should work for you22:22
robert_ancellhmm, alt-F2 just locked up X.  Awesome22:23
seb128blame it on RAOF then22:24
seb128it's probably xorg or your driver again22:24
robert_ancellI always do ;)22:24
robert_ancellHe always blames the kernel22:24
seb128rickspencer3, howdy ;-)22:24
rickspencer3wfm :)22:24
rickspencer3hey seb12822:24
seb128rickspencer3, btw today is ui freeze, stop requesting for extra quicklists items :p22:24
rickspencer3seb128, hey, I mentioned it would need a UIFE!22:25
rickspencer3cut me some slack22:25
robert_ancellso RAOF, I just got a new laptop, which has a nvidia card.  Am I in for more trouble or less now?22:25
rickspencer3oh well, I guess I could make my own desktop file it if doesn't get in22:25
robert_ancellrickspencer3, each UIFE costs a beer right?22:25
seb128rickspencer3, I will bring you a middle mouse buton at the next UDS ;-)22:25
rickspencer3for my netbook trackpad?22:26
rickspencer3that sounds dicey22:26
rickspencer3robert_ancell, I'll take that deal!22:26
seb128I still think they should have a click-<modifier> for it22:26
rickspencer3seb128, that would be nice, yeah22:26
seb128it doesn't make sense to patch every single desktop file22:26
rickspencer3oh well, I'll just make my own desktop file, I guess22:26
seb128rickspencer3, you should do it the robert_ancell's way22:27
TheMusorobert_ancell: Is the laptop's CPU i-based, i.e i3/i5/i7, if so it may also have an intel GPU.22:27
seb128<robert_ancell> I like to think I represent our standard user, who can't be bothered working out how to change keybindings22:27
rickspencer3trade it for 1 beer?22:27
seb128rickspencer3, ^22:27
seb128don't go with the workaround, stand for our users and get it fixed ;-)22:27
RAOFrobert_ancell: Depends - does it use optimus? :)22:27
seb128but yeah, 1 beer would work as well22:27
rickspencer3well, shipping is a feature too!22:27
robert_ancellTheMuso, I think it does, so I'll probably just use the Intel driver if it is more reliable22:28
robert_ancellRAOF, optimus?22:28
seb128don't forget the pay beers at didrocks who stayed until 5am yesterday to push the unity update22:28
rickspencer3no beers for didrocks, he loves it22:28
rickspencer3we owe didrocks more than beer!22:28
RAOFrobert_ancell: Switchable graphics, nvidia/intel.22:28
rickspencer3RAOF, did you get a chance to look at robbiew's weird issues with not being able to switch to a VT?22:29
RAOFrickspencer3: Yeah, although the video is still downloading.22:29
rickspencer3he made a video? fancy22:29
RAOFrickspencer3: He seems to be using an ancient kernel, so I'm not sure if that's influencing things.22:30
RAOF(Like, from earlyish in the Maverick development cycle)22:30
* rickspencer3 boggles22:30
robert_ancellbug 742116 for my alt-F2 crasher22:30
rickspencer3RAOF, it hardly seems worth the time to debug until he updates to the latest kernel22:31
rickspencer3I mean, I'm surprised it's working at all, tbh22:31
seb128robert_ancell, bug #736349 could be a bug to pick up of you get borred22:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 736349 in oem-priority ""Test speakers" is silent" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73634922:32
seb128robert_ancell, it's basically the "test speakers" which only works when sound events are on22:32
seb128the dialog should probably bypass that setting22:32
RAOFrickspencer3: Well, he's got the newer kernel installed, so I'm not sure if it's deliberate :)22:33
Amaranthseb128: you should talk to alf_ about that clutter egl patch but I know we still needed it in january and I can't image that's changed22:33
seb128Amaranth, well, upstream commited http://git.gnome.org/browse/clutter/commit/?h=clutter-1.6&id=9b9c4ea6cfbcf409a3265fccb9bebcea3794acdf22:34
seb128Amaranth, which conflicts with half of the patch which deleted the line between the red and green lines22:35
seb128Amaranth, so I'm wondering if moving the commit fixes the same issue22:36
Amaranthlet me take a look22:36
* Amaranth waits for source downoad22:37
seb128Amaranth, thanks22:37
pittigood night everyone22:37
seb128'night pitti22:37
seb128robert_ancell, btw don't sponser eog and evince sponsoring requests22:40
seb128robert_ancell, they are being discussed as feature freeze exceptions22:40
Amaranthseb128: ah, yeah, their change should be able to replace that patch22:41
seb128Amaranth, the 2 chunks or only the second one?22:41
Amaranthunless the command shader boilerplate macro is used somewhere else22:41
seb128Amaranth, the first part still applies22:42
Amaranthseb128: the whole patch should be able to be dropped assuming that's the only file they use the macro in22:42
seb128robert_ancell, ^ that's about the clutter patch which as a conflicting chunk if you do the update22:42
seb128Amaranth, ok thanks22:42
robert_ancellseb128, oj22:42
Amaranthand it looks like that's the only place they use it so dropping the patch should be ok22:43
seb128ok, enough work for today22:44
seb128'night everybody22:44
pittibye seb12822:45

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