infoturtleczajkowski, I've been waiting since Tuesday for Mark Brennan from U.l to get back to me about a venue for Limerick UGJ but no word, do you know of anyone else I should contact about this or should I cut my losses at this stage and ask miLKlabs if they'll let me host there?13:03
czajkowskidavem: moonpie can ye ask Mark Breenan13:03
czajkowskiinfoturtle: you could mail compsoc@skynet.ie13:04
infoturtlethanks czajkowski !13:04
czajkowskithat will go to a few more13:04
infoturtlei did, thats how he got onto me13:04
infoturtleright, I'll do it again as I replied to an email he sent back to one I sent the compsoc email13:05
infoturtleI've to keep switching between windows and ubuntu to get my work done so I'll be back on in a while and let y'all know of any news on this13:08
czajkowskifagan: ever heard of spell check :)13:54
faganczajkowski: nope13:54
* czajkowski hands fagan a ' for his blog post 13:54
czajkowskifagan: reading your blog post is hard as it's full of errors and looks really bad13:54
czajkowskiif you want your employer to take your seriously perhaps writing in correct english might be better13:54
faganczajkowski: well I did both in 10 minutes they are just notes13:55
fagansince I need to hand them in all fix all the errors then13:55
czajkowskifagan: take more time so and do it properly :) it reads really badly dude13:55
faganyeah I know13:55
czajkowskiIf I blogged like that where I work I'd be out of a job :)13:56
faganczajkowski: well good job im not getting paid to blog13:57
czajkowskifagan: as usual you miss the point.13:59
Pendulumfagan: I looked at that post and thought "embarrassing"14:01
faganczajkowski, Pendulum fixed14:01
PendulumIf I don't have time to at least spellcheck, I don't think I have time to post to a blog, especially one syndicated on something such as planet.ubuntu.com14:01
Pendulumbecause for some people that's their first impression of you14:01
faganPendulum: I have been on post for nearly a year now14:02
fagananyway fixed14:02
faganand a meeting to get to I think14:02
Pendulumfagan: not everyone has been reading for a year. My point is mostly just that you've used your blog to look for a job in the past and if I was looking for someone for a job, I'd certainly pass by anyone who was so sloppy about what they put out publicly14:03
faganCool I get it14:03
VampiricPadraighi #ubuntu-ie21:39

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