cjwatsonev: hm, if you committed a fix for bug 738366 11 hours ago, shouldn't it have been closed by the most recent ubiquity upload?00:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 738366 in ubiquity ""Erase Natty" wording DANGEROUSLY misleading" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73836600:22
evI don't think I marked it as fixes, but I'm keen to test it a bit further before I let people assume that they're safe00:22
cjwatsonhm, OK, could use a bug comment to explain the status then :)00:23
evwill do00:23
jcolehi cjwatson00:32
jcoleim trying to preseed maverick so all repos are added to sources.list... when autoinstalling, we have some post install scripts which install internal packages that depend on *verse packages00:33
cjwatsonjcole: what installer image are you using?00:33
jcoleremastered mini.iso00:34
cjwatsonthat's not a sufficient answer - which flavour of mini.iso?00:34
cjwatsonnetboot, cdrom, hd-media, ...00:34
jcolecjwatson: /Ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/mini.iso00:36
jcoleand of course s/i386/amd64 for the 64bit iso00:37
cjwatsonok, can you show me your preseed file (minus any passwords) and your installer syslog please?00:38
* jcole finds it00:38
evlp:~ev/ubiquity/moar-tests is pretty much usable.  It just needs a bit more polish before I'm comfortable merging it in.00:43
evI'd also like to integrate it into the rules such that it causes the build to fail, much in the same way the shell script syntax check does00:44
evotherwise I fear it will bit rot with time00:44
evwith a --disable-tests flag, of course00:45
ev(oh, and ./tests/run is the magic rune)00:45
evright, bed00:45
jcolecjwatson: see here -> http://pastebin.com/4f3Hgh2z00:46
cjwatson(awaiting syslog)00:47
evoh and I'm also going to add in coverage.py html reports soonish as an optional argument00:47
* jcole chuckles and boots the vm00:50
jcolecjwatson: its a vbox instance fyi00:50
cjwatsonshouldn't matter00:52
jcolecjwatson: /var/log/syslog -> http://pastebin.com/Zw2WGcgm00:53
jcolecjwatson: it used to be that you would enable a source like this in previous ubuntus:00:54
jcoled-i apt-setup/multiverse boolean true00:54
cjwatsonjcole: no, that's the syslog from the installed system.  I need the syslog from the installer.  If you've completed the installation, you'll find it in /var/log/installer/syslog.00:54
jcolenow its multiselect00:55
cjwatsonno, you're almost certainly preseeding the wrong thing; mirror/udeb/components is almost certainly irrelevant to you.  I want to read your logs to figure out what's actually wrong.00:55
jcolecjwatson: tell you what, i have to go home now, so ill dig into that log tonight and see if i can figure it out myself... if i do, ill give you a ring here tomorrow and tell you how proud i am of myself... and if i don't, ill give you a ring anyways and tell you im a failure ;)01:00
cjwatsonjcole: sure - I can tell you up-front that universe and multiverse are still enabled by default01:01
cjwatsonjcole: mirror/udeb/components is just for internal stuff in the installer, and won't matter for post-install scripts01:01
cjwatsonso I think you're likely missing some error01:01
jcolecjwatson: very interesting... my preseed may be borking something then...01:01
jcolecjwatson: see you tomorrow, thanks a million01:03
superm1cjwatson, are you able to glance through https://bugs.launchpad.net/dell/+bug/735831 ?  I've proposed a grub patch in the end that seems to finally solve it and wanted to get your take on it06:02
ubot2superm1: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Launchpad instance at 0x993484c> bug 735831 not found06:02
cjwatsonsuperm1: no such bug, or else I'm not subscribed07:26
StevenKcjwatson: LP changed very recently in regards to that: private bugs are now 404, not 40107:28
cjwatsonsuperm1: also, if it's non-trivial, I should only look at it if you have FSF copyright assignment papers sorted out, or can get them; otherwise it would be better to describe the fix to me in general terms and have me implement it independently07:33
superm1cjwatson, i think it's fairly trivial, i've subscribed you13:26
superm1jist is when installing to a partition the portion that normally would call memcpy (boot_img + GRUB_BOOT_MACHINE_WINDOWS_NT_MAGIC no longer happens as of r2751 and causes certain machines to freeze in the BIOS while the disk is parsed13:27
CIA-31ubiquity: evand * r4603 trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Add an error message for apt-clone failing.13:27
CIA-31ubiquity: evand * r4604 trunk/scripts/plugininstall.py: slight fix for the previous commit.13:33
cjwatsonsuperm1: thanks, I'll have to think about that a bit13:36
seb128is the first installer screen supposed to be empty out of the language list on the left?16:08
seb128I think it used to have some text on the right, but it doesn't on today's iso there, I'm wondering if that's a bug or not16:09
seb128that "Keep default keyboard layout" dialog is confusing16:13
seb128ev, is the "keep default keyboard layout" dialog going to change? i.e is it worth opening a bug about it today?16:17
seb128it tells me that XKBLAYOUTS="us" and XKBVARIANT="oss" and that value is based on xorg.conf16:17
seb128that's quite technical infos for normal users to do something about16:18
seb128the buttons label are also "yes" "no" where they should be "keep" and "choose another config" or something16:18
evseb128: first installer screen> did you break into Try Ubuntu mode?  The screen looks as normal if you let the CD boot without first pressing a key16:19
evseb128: where are you seeing this dialog?16:20
seb128ev, after selecting the timezone16:20
evcould you please screenshot it?16:20
seb128I think I did the "press a key, select "intall ubuntu" in the CD screen"16:20
evinstall ubuntu> that will have a different language page16:21
seb128screenshot, ok16:23
seb1282 minutes16:23
seb128ev, but you should get it in a french install16:24
seb128I was already getting it in a316:24
seb128ev, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/layout.png16:34
seb128ev, sorry it has been taking a bit, the 10v wifi doesn't work out of the box16:35
seb128ev, I get that dialog to show when I do "next" on the tz selection16:35
seb128like I selected France (Paris) and did "next"16:35
ev10v wireless> does checking the install 3rd party extras box in the installer not take care of that for you?16:36
seb128ev, oh, I didn't even think to check anything since I'm offline16:36
seb128I usually do the install offline and use jockey after the first login16:37
seb128ev, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/ubi.png16:43
seb128ev, that's the screen I get when I run the installer from the desktop session16:44
seb128or when selecting "install ubuntu" on the CD menu16:44
seb128(ie not waiting to get the ubiquity screen with the 2 icons)16:44
dlyneshomeIs there a way to force the ubuntu package manager to use --no-http-keep-alive as a wget parameter?16:48
evdlyneshome: best to ask that sort of thing in #ubuntu-devel.  This is for development of the operating system installer.16:51
evseb128: digging on your first issue16:52
dlyneshomeev, ah...thought that would be related to the installer...I was hoping i could specify that as part of the menu.cfg file16:53
dlyneshomeev, i.e. as a bootstrap option to the installer16:53
cjwatsonapt doesn't use wget16:58
cjwatsonyou'd need to file a bug asking for whatever it is to be tunable in apt.conf; and then it would probably be possible to construct an installer preseed file that set the relevant option16:59
dlyneshomecjwatson, ah...thought apt-get used wget internally17:08
cjwatsonno, it has its own HTTP code17:09
dlyneshomecjwatson, any idea offhand what the tasksel is for either the kde desktop or the gnome desktop, then?17:10
cjwatsonkubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-desktop respectively17:10
dlyneshomecjwatson, thanks17:10
CIA-31ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu: evand * r339 ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/ (6 files in 2 dirs):17:30
CIA-31ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu: If we're going to use American-English strings, we might as well17:30
CIA-31ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu: also use serial commas. Thanks to Mark Pilgrim for the tip.17:30
cjwatsonperfectly good British English too :-)17:39
cjwatson(it's also called the "Oxford comma")17:39
cjwatsonincidentally: American English strings, but "Ubuntu Software Centre"? :-)17:40
dlyneshomecjwatson, that's correct17:40
cjwatsonwhich is correct?17:40
cjwatsonapt-cache show software-center17:40
dlyneshomeUnless you're talking about the center of a circle17:40
dlyneshomeCommunity Centre vs center of a circle17:41
cjwatsonwhether it's correct or not (and I guess it may well be dialectal, even in the US), the project itself calls itself Center in US English17:41
dlyneshomeI use Canadian English :O17:41
cjwatsonand I use British English myself, but nevertheless17:42
dlyneshomebtw...why is it that Canadian keyboard equates to a French keyboard?  There should be a choice of Canadian (English) Keyboard and Canadian (French) Keyboard17:43
dlyneshomeI always end up kicking myself 1/2 hour later after an install, when my keyboard doesn't work properly17:43
dlyneshomeJust a thought...17:44
cjwatsonthe intent is that if you select English as your language and Canada as your location, you get a US keyboard; if you select French as your language and Canada as your location, you get a Canadian keyboard, which according to the xkeyboard-config project is French Canadian17:45
cjwatsonxkeyboard-config defines "Canada - English" as identical to US17:45
dlyneshomeDo Brits have all these keyboard problems, too?17:45
cjwatsonthere's only really one UK layout17:45
dlyneshomeOr does a British keyboard have all these weird symbols on them?17:45
cjwatsonwell, aside from Macs which are a bit weird17:46
dlyneshomesorry..uk...I always seem to get the political incorrectness17:46
dlyneshomeSo uk keyboards have all the latin digraphs on them?17:47
dlyneshomeIt's almost the same as a US keyboard, then?17:48
dlyneshomeJust curious...I've only ever seen US, French Canadian, and Chinese keyboards17:48
cjwatsonthe UK layout actually does include some AltGr-accessed keys, but they are not normally engraved on the keycaps, with the exception of the Euro sign17:48
dlyneshomeAh...yeah....those I guess would be pretty necessary on a uk keyboard....Euro, sterling pound symbol, and maybe the pence sign17:49
cjwatsonthe pence sign is simply 'p'17:49
cjwatsonthe main differences from US are that it has one extra key; £#\|~ all permute; @" swap; and a couple of others I've forgotten17:50
cjwatsonas far as I can see, we do offer a choice between English and French Canadian layouts17:51
cjwatsonit's just a question of defaults17:51
=== CarlFK1 is now known as CarlFK
dlyneshomecjwatson, yeah...the only confusing part is when you're on the keyboard selection screen in console mode, most Canadians would likely by default pick 'Canadian', rather than scrolling down to the bottom of the list to pick USA18:40
dlyneshomecjwatson, I've never used the gui installer, so I have no idea what it looks like18:41
dlyneshomecjwatson, I would imagine if there was one called 'Australian', that chose an aborigine keyboard, you'd find Australians doing the same thing, instead of picking a US keyboard, too18:43
cjwatsonwell, except that the default should be selected for them18:44
cjwatsonmaybe not in d-i since keyboard selection comes first there18:45
cjwatsonalthough if you select English and Canada, it should give you the USA layout by default18:45
cjwatsonin the case of the graphical installer, it uses geolocation to pick where you live automatically, which should have the same effect with less interaction18:46
cjwatsonthe keyboard layout list is too long to really expect people to find what they want without good defaults18:46
dlyneshomecjwatson, so i'm guessing locale=en_CA console-setup/layoutcode=en_CA is not the correct way to do it, then?19:06
cjwatsonen_CA isn't a keyboard layout code19:06
cjwatsonlocale=en_CA console-setup/layoutcode=us (or keyboard-configuration/layoutcode=us in natty)19:06
dlyneshomeah....so that's where I was screwing up, then....thanks muchly19:07
dlyneshomeIt seemed to work on Jaunty, but then broke on lucid19:08
dlyneshomecjwatson, Is there something else required to get kubuntu-desktop to work?  My tasksel line is as follows:  d-i tasksel/first multiselect standard, base-server, kubuntu-desktop19:32
dlyneshomecjwatson, nothing X-related is getting installed19:33
dlyneshomecjwatson, nvm...found out I had to do kde-desktop, not kubuntu-desktop19:40
dlyneshomeHrm...I guess that still doesn't do it, even though that's a tasksel as per the tasksel-data package19:57
cjwatsonbase-server doesn't exist20:47
cjwatsonand kde-desktop is a Debian task (I guess so is base-server), not an Ubuntu task20:47
cjwatsonhave you tried following the installation guide?20:47
cjwatsonthat notes that it needs to be 'tasksel tasksel/first ...', not 'd-i tasksel/first ...'20:48
cjwatsonbut it's best to work from the preseeding appendix to the installation guide20:48
dlyneshomecjwatson, thanks for pointing out my oversight...don't know how that got in there21:10
dlyneshomecjwatson, I've read over the installation guide several times...i just haven't read it recently...when I initially started doing preseeding, it was for a fairly specialized install, and I was wanting to take three different install options and combine them...unfortunately, I had no idea what those tasksels were, and they didn't seem to be documented anywhere, so I was stuck grabbing information from numerous websites and mashing it all together21:12
dlyneshomecjwatson, today, however, I found out about tasksel-data package which nicely lists all the tasks, in a specific file in the tasks folder of that package21:13
cjwatsondlyneshome: it sounds like you're looking at the Debian version of that package21:22
cjwatsondlyneshome: the Ubuntu version should have /usr/share/tasksel/ubuntu-tasks.desc, and should not mention any of base-server, kde-desktop, etc.21:22
dlyneshomecjwatson, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/t/tasksel/tasksel_2.73ubuntu26.tar.gz21:23
cjwatsonuse the .deb, not the source tarball (which also contains Debian tasks)21:24
dlyneshomecjwatson, ah....I had just found that by doing a search on google, and it pulled up the tasksel-data package page for lucid for me (http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/tasksel)21:25
dlyneshomecjwatson, the new method I tried was 'tasksel --list-tasks' from the command prompt of an installed ubuntu21:27
cjwatsonthat's sensible too21:27
dlyneshomecjwatson, I guess another method I could use is from boot-screens/text.cfg:      append ramdisk_size=14984 locale=en_CA console-setup/layoutcode=us netcfg/wireless_wep= netcfg/choose_interface=eth0 netcfg_gethostname= url=http://preseed.ubuntu.com/preseed-lucid-station-installer.cfg vga=normal initrd=lucid-station-installer/amd64/initrd.gz tasksel:tasksel/first="kubuntu-desktop" -- nomodeset21:28
dlyneshomepreseed.ubuntu.com is just a virtual host on my apache install21:28
dlyneshomeah...putting it in my text.cfg works; putting it into the preseed doesn't work for some reason21:36

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