nigelbmhall119: ok, I don't see what turns up on SSO anywhere in the summit code00:16
* nigelb hugs Daviey 00:35
nigelband my first commit to summit!00:36
Davieynigelb, django-openid-auth is a separate project that we import00:36
nigelbDaviey: yeah, but we don't set Keybuk's summit scheduler inside that either :p00:37
cjohnstonmhall119: yay! re: openid fix00:37
nigelboh, look who's back :p00:37
mhall119nigelb: oh, the keybuk's stuff, that's registered in launchpad I think00:38
mhall119how was the trip cjohnston?00:38
nigelbmhall119: aha! So my grepping skills aren't under question here ;)00:38
mhall119nigelb: well I didn't say that ;)00:38
cjohnstonI didnt realize we were only going to be there for 5 hours00:38
nigelbmhall119: I was questioning my grepping skills :p00:39
mhall119heh, you spend longer onthe bus00:39
cjohnstonI didnt expect to leave at three00:39
nigelb8 hours bus and 5 hours there00:39
cjohnstoni thought wed stay till 5 or so00:39
nigelbthat sounds close to FAIL :p00:39
mhall119it's politics, of course it's FAIL00:39
nigelbmhall119: never know, one day we might see a senator on IRC ::p00:40
mhall119Sen. Chris Johnston00:40
nigelbso he'll hav a new nick00:40
mhall119I wouldn't vote for a Republican though00:40
mhall119maybe if we offer freenode cloaks to them, they'd join00:41
nigelbthey'd get k-lined fairly soon :p00:41
nigelbmhall119: what are your thoughts about bug 72015200:42
ubot4`Launchpad bug 720152 in summit "IRC urls should link to webchat (affects: 1) (heat: 4)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72015200:42
nigelb(I just realized I filed it)00:42
nigelbI hate timezones, I have to go in to work early for a call :|00:43
mhall119nigelb: I hate it, who'd suggest such a thing?00:44
mhall119we're going to need to start treating IRC as more of a first-class citizen soon though00:45
mhall119including importing irc nick info from launchpad00:45
mhall119plus support multiple networks, not just freenode00:46
* mhall119 whispers00:46
nigelbmhall119: ok, so close the bug? (No one's going to complain, I opned it)00:46
mhall119support "virtual" events00:46
mhall119nigelb: no it's a valid bug, I was just messing with ya00:46
nigelbwhere that paul guy when you want him :P00:46
nigelbmhall119: haha, ok.  I'll put it down for my list on friday00:47
nigelbmhall119: oh btw, I'm going to make you go crazy with tz on friday00:47
mhall119no you're not00:47
nigelbwe /need/ to close that bug before this time :D00:47
nigelboh, with the new job you're already crazy with tz? :P00:47
mhall119no no, I'm just going to delegate any tz related bugs to cjohnston 00:48
nigelbI talked to a friend about it and I think I have it nailed down this time :D00:48
mhall119don't ever think you have a tz bug nailed down00:49
mhall119that's when it pulls out something like DST and hits you from behind00:49
nigelboh man, DST.  someone shoot me.00:49
mhall119the only safe way to handle a tz bug is to delegate it to cjohnston 00:50
mhall119well, safe for you anyway00:50
cjohnstonill break it00:50
mhall119paultag: ping-a-ling00:50
nigelbthere's always Daviey for all your I'm-going-crazy-doing-this bugs ;)00:51
nigelbmhall119: he was workign on his package mangement tool, which means he still has flaky internet :D00:53
mhall119I thought he got internet back00:54
nigelb... and he still continued.  Interesting.00:55
mhall119cjohnston, nigelb, paultag, Ronnie, daker_, czajkowski: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoDirectory/VirtualEventsSpec01:08
mhall119specifically we need more user stories01:09
nigelbmhall119: I can add more stories :)01:20
UndiFineDIs there a questionnaire format for the UGJ ?01:23
nigelbmhall119: ok, you're going to hate me for what I'm about to say.01:24
UndiFineDthat could provide some insight from Ubuntu users and those who come in contact with Ubuntu for the first time01:24
nigelbmhall119: for events, we'd want 3 types; one is in-person only, two is in-person event and virtual users can participate (like our summit hackathon), and three is virtual only.01:25
nigelbmhall119: your user story there ends up type 2 since we're not doing this just over IRC.  There is also an option to participate in-person01:25
nigelbmhall119: so, we'll have modify the spec to catch that one too :D01:26
nigelbmhall119: Thoughts? (besides wanting to strangle me)01:27
nigelbcjohnston: ^^01:27
cjohnstoni dont disagree01:29
cjohnstonmhall119: would it be possible to have some sort of ajaxy goodness that you pick "type of event" and then it either presents venue, channel, or venue and channel to input01:30
nigelbYeah, that's what I'm thinking01:30
paultagmhall119: thanks :)01:43
nigelbpaultag: also read my comments below his ;)01:44
paultagnigelb: I have got internet back as of now - 10 hours01:44
paultagnigelb: and you're damn skippy I'm going to work on syn01:45
nigelbpaultag: haha 01:45
nigelbpaultag: no I meant the comments about the virtual events :)01:46
paultagOh, right01:46
paultagnigelb: aye, I see what you're saying. That'd be pie if it could be done, but my guess is hacking it in (making a physical and a virtual event) is not worst case01:46
nigelbif we are having physical and virtual, then it is theoreticaly possible to have one event supporting both01:47
nigelbI just want to make sure we all have this idea in our head when we deciding on the model/db design01:48
mhall119cjohnston nigelb: I'm thinking we make both irc channel and venue optional (maybe require at least one), then depending on which ones have data, that determines what type of event it is02:49
mhall119if they have both, it's both, if they have only irc, it's online only, if they have only venue, it's in person only02:49
mhall119anyway, I'm going to bed, we'll discuss more tomorrow02:50
mhall119paultag: if you could add your need as a user story, I'd appreciate it02:51
mhall119nigelb: and if you could write user stories for the 2 other types you described02:51
nigelbmhall119: yes, will do :)02:52
nigelbmhall119: and that does make sense :)02:52
paultagmhall119: yeah, sure. I've just put it in my todo :)02:52
mhall119good night everyone02:52
nigelbg'nite mhall119 :)02:53
YoBoYgood morning06:55
dholbachgood morning07:34
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locodir-userwana use mac snowleopard on Virtual box readily avaiable image file for free dowload10:39
czajkowskiAloha 10:39
dholbachlocodir-user, I'm not sure an Ubuntu channel is the best place to advertise mac snowleopard10:40
locodir-useroh ok sorry for that10:40
locodir-useri love ubuntu10:41
locodir-userand am using it for 3 years now10:41
locodir-userits improved a lot compared the previous versions10:41
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mhall119good morning12:40
Ronniemorning mhall11912:44
mhall119Ronnie: did you see my virtual event spec link from yesterday?12:47
Ronnieno, do you have to link?12:47
mhall119well, yesterday my time, probably this morning your time12:47
mhall119if you can add anything you can think of, especially user stories12:48
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