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c2tarunthere is bug 732457 , I guess darksnow package follows cdbs patching system in which patches are applied alphabetically. There exists a patch which is editing file Makefile.in should I edit that patch or create a new patch? If I create a new patch what patch name should I use? Patch name for older patch is fixing_Makefile.in.patch03:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 732457 in darksnow (Ubuntu) "Package darksnow_0.6.1-3 failed to build from source with "ld --as-needed" option" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73245703:40
Bachstelzec2tarun: assuming cdbs sorts numbers before letters, ytou could name it 00fix_Makefile_for_gold03:43
c2tarunBachstelze, that will be a problem because the line i have to edit is added by patch fixing_Makefile.in.patch03:44
BachstelzeI'm surprised that patches are not numbered in the first place, though, it seems like tha natural thing to do when they are applied in alphabetical order03:44
Bachstelzec2tarun: then make it sort after it ;)03:45
Bachstelzelike fixing_Makefile_blahblah03:45
c2tarunBachstelze, should I rename the patch fixing_Makefile.in.patch to 02_fixing_Makefile.in.patch and my new patch to 03_fix_ftbfs_binutils-gold.patch? there is also a patch with number 0003:45
Bachstelzeshouldn't be necessary, just find out when exactly your patch should be applied, and name it accordingly03:47
c2tarunBachstelze, ok then :) I'll name my patch as z_fix_ftbfs_binutils-gold.patch03:47
Bachstelzeif the curreznt patch is in Debian, only the DEbian maintainer should touch it IMO03:47
c2tarunBachstelze, well renaming the patch and sending it to debian can be a solution I guess?03:48
Bachstelzecould be, but it's a very minor issue, it it is one at all03:49
Bachstelzeif it is*03:49
c2tarunhmm.... it could be an issue if someday number of patches increase to 6 or 7?03:50
Bachstelzeso don't bother with it, there are more important things to do :)03:50
c2tarunok :)03:50
c2tarunI'll name my patch as z_fix_ftbfs_binutils-gold.patch03:50
Bachstelzesounds good03:50
c2tarunBachstelze, can you please look at this error?03:56
* Bachstelze looks03:57
BachstelzeI don't have a lot of experience with cdbs, but by the looks of it, it tries to reverse-apply your patch and fails04:00
Bachstelzeso make sure your patch is correct, and try to apply/unapply it manually to see what happens04:01
c2tarunhow to apply a cdbs patch?04:02
c2tarunBachstelze, ^04:02
Bachstelzecan't you apply them with patch ?04:03
Bachstelzec2tarun: I must go to bed, it's 5 am here :p good luck with your package04:11
c2tarunBachstelze, thanks :) good night04:11
fabrice_spslangasek, Hi! I saw you uploaded a multiarched version of libsm, and I now have a compilation issue because vtk has reference to usr/lib/libSM.so in cmake files. I already uploaded a non changes upload of vtk 4 days ago because of libexpat. when do you think you will have uploaded all multi-arched patches?06:18
slangasekfabrice_sp: when we enter beta freeze, I'll be done.  why is vtk embedding paths to libraries in its cmake files?  Can that be corrected so vtk doesn't do that?06:19
jmarsdenvtk is not alone.  I suspect there are several packages doing bad stuff like that which FTBFS as a result of multiarch as libraries are migrated.  php5 is one (in its autotools stuff) I am currently trying to fix up... bug #73997706:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 739977 in php5 (Ubuntu) "PHP5 FTBFS in Natty" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73997706:26
slangasekyeah, doesn't surprise me that php also has problems06:32
slangasekthere are far too many NIH build systems about06:32
fabrice_spslangasek, so a correct fix for vtk would be to include only lib name in cmake files and no path? I'll try (the bad part is that vtk takes 4 hours to build)06:33
RAOFs/NIH//.  Given that none of them have managed to materially improve on *autotools* they might as well all die :)06:33
slangasekfabrice_sp: yes, exactly06:34
fabrice_spslangasek, thanks for the tip!06:34
slangasekfabrice_sp: and if you can future proof this by doing this for *all* libs vtk uses, you won't have to change it again for each new library that gets multiarch support next cycle...06:34
fabrice_spslangasek, this is exactly what I was thinking in doing06:35
dholbachgood morning07:34
gesergood morning07:37
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verwilstif i have a package with an official release of 1.0 for example, and 1.1 isnt out yet12:46
verwilstbut i want to package a source checkout/snapshot12:46
verwilsthow should i version it?12:46
verwilst1.0.99snapshot.. :P12:46
verwilstsoren, but when 1.1 final comes out12:48
verwilstit might think 1.1~something is higher, no?12:48
verwilstverwilst@laptop:~$ dpkg --compare-versions "1.1-0" gt "1.1~sth" && echo "1.1-0 is greater"12:50
verwilst1.1-0 is greater12:50
verwilstso i can name it 1.1~spre112:51
RhondaThe ~ character got specificly implemented to mean "lower than anything, even the empty string"13:07
Rhondadpkg --compare-versions 1~ lt 1 && echo "yes, 1~ is less than 2"13:08
Rhonda… minus the typo in the echo message, of course ;)13:08
RhondaSo release candidates, pre-release versions and anything can make use of ~13:08
RhondaBut in your case, I'd rather settle for 1.0+vcs20110324-1 or something like that.13:09
sorenYeah. it depends on how sure you are that the release will actually be 1.1.13:11
directhexthe use of 1.0+ and 1.1~ generally comes down to what you consider the "base" version to be13:31
Rhonda1.0.99 is not a sane approach because upstream hasn't done it as 1.0.9913:33
RhondaI'd stick with the version information that is inside the upstream VCS as basis for judgement.13:33
sorenRhonda: That's a good idea.13:49
sorenThat's what I've been (subconsciously) doing, I guess.13:49
* Rhonda would like to ask for some testers for bug #734731 so it can marked confirmed13:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 734731 in lucid-backports "Please backport irssi (0.8.15-2ubuntu1/main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73473113:57
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verwilsttrying to upload a package with a fixed source tarball, but keep getting "File php-sphinx_1.1.0.orig.tar.gz already exists in PPA for Bart Verwilst, but uploaded version has different contents."14:41
verwilsti tried removing my package from the ppa and then doing a new upload14:41
Bachstelzeverwilst: PPA-related questions are better asked in #launchpad ;)14:43
verwilstah ok14:43
verwilstBachstelze, fixed ;)14:44
kim0Hi folks .. Letting you know Ubuntu Cloud Days starting in 10mins in #ubuntu-classroom .. You can discuss in #ubuntu-classroom-chat .. Thanks15:51
petaniall  can help me compile php with gd enable16:38
micahgpetani: maybe in #ubuntu-packaging16:38
petanioke thx16:39
petanimicahg why php-gd not support antialiasing image16:39
micahgpetani: I think it comes with gd support in any case, specific php questions should be asked in #ubuntu-server16:40
petanioke thx again's16:41
RoAkSoAxjames_w: /win 316:42
RoAkSoAxjames_w: sorry :)16:43
arandAre all these files generated by automake, would they all pass as "redistributed under the same license as the project" or would I need to document them in debian/copyright? http://paste.debian.net/111831/17:11
ximionarand: You don't need to mention them in debian/copyright17:53
ximionas they're auto-generated, they don't belong to the "original" source code provided in upstream tarball.17:53
ximion(also, they will imho have the same license as the project in general)17:54
arandximion: Not even the install-sh which has an odd extra copyright not from FSF?17:54
arandximion: But if they are included in the upstream tarball? I should ask upstream to remove them?17:55
ximionarand: yes, it would be better if upstream provided a clean tarball17:55
ximionif there's a copyright mentioned you would have to document it, but for these automake files it really makes no sense17:56
ximionupstream schould remove the files17:56
ximion(or use automakes ability to create a clean source tarball17:56
arandximion: Well, I'll see if that might float. Though if I get a "meh, no need"-response, I would have to find a way to include them?17:59
ximionarand: yes (just to be sure) - or repackage the sources18:41
ximionbut it would be very ignorant if upstream gives a "no need" response18:42
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verwilstin Depends, where are the results for ${php:Depends} fetched from?20:37
verwilstor misc:Depends, or stuff like that20:38
verwilsthm,i think i know20:41
verwilstdh_shlibs etc20:41
hakermaniamicahg: Friend.... I don't know what to say... We are expecting this review for so long :( Please, be a bit interested with Wallch :(((21:20
hakermaniamicahg: It's not a personal problem. I don't want it to see it like this. I know that nobody is being paid for this, but I don't like taking "I'll try this weekend" tree weekends now :( :'(21:23
micahghakermania: you still need someone else to review it besides me22:11
hakermaniamicahg: Do the first step, and i'm sure someone will follow22:40
dustin_anyone on here right now use tumblr blogging?22:47

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