mwhudsonfmarier: are you around?01:18
fmarierfmarier: yup01:18
chiltsfor those on the NZPUG mailing list ... I really want to ask "So, tupple or tewple - I thought with Python there was only one way to do it?"02:04
* chilts wants to stir02:04
chiltsbut I'll resist02:04
mwhudsonplease leave that thread to die :)02:05
chiltsI know, that's why I'm leaving it02:05
chiltsstill, it's funny02:06
ojwbmwhudson: it will never die02:07
ojwbthe nzpug mailing list actually puts me off using python02:07
chiltsyeah, not sure why I subscribe either ... it seems more active than wgtn.pm but not necessarily more informative02:08
ojwboh, is there a wellington list?02:11
ojwbi really only subscribe for the meeting reminders02:12
chiltsojwb: am just talking about this one -> http://mail.pm.org/mailman/listinfo/wellington-pm02:17
ojwboh, pm not py02:18
ojwbyes, the perl list has much higher signal/noise02:18
chiltsyeah, sorry, pm02:19
* ajmitch reads the discussion from the last half-hour & groans02:28
fmarierojwb: similarly, the nzoss openchat list often puts me off doing open source :)04:48
ojwbfmarier: perhaps I won't join that one04:50
ojwbbeing put off python is less of an issue04:50
ajmitchojwb: I take it you're not on debian-devel either? :)04:52
ojwbajmitch: indeed04:52
ojwbeven dipping in to the archives saps my enthusiasm04:52
ojwbthough i've heard it's less bad these days04:52
ajmitchless long-winded flamewars04:53
ojwbgo debian!05:04
ibeardsleefeeling a bit more alive I am05:07
ibeardsleeand now natty seems to be behaving a bit betterer as well05:07
ibeardsleebut now catching up with some of the conversations .. the FOSS type mailing lists I think can be a big turn off as people get carried away05:22
snailmoring everyone20:29
snailibeardslee: you're right about people getting carried away and turning people off22:08
karoraibeardslee: Yeah.  It's a problem that seems to affect the more 'general' ones.22:42
fmarierhttp://identi.ca/notice/68078634 <--- /me is proud of ubuntu22:42
karoraSpecific purpose ones are usually more or less OK though.22:42
ojwbfmarier: that's good news22:44
* ajmitch wasn't aware it was even up for discussion22:45
ajmitchthough I guess it could relate to proprietary drivers especially with shipping unity as the default desktop shell22:45
snailis there a mailing list for new zealand web techies?22:46
snailI'm looking for somewhere to post a reasonably long and complex experience report about decommissioning a server that used to host a .nz website ...22:47
karoraBlog it :-)22:47
snailyeah, but i just blogged http://opensourceexile.blogspot.com/2011/03/is-there-place-for-readers-collectives.html and i don't want to set a precedent.22:51
karoraBlog it on a totally different site :-)23:02
karorasnail: Nice blog too, BTW.  Have you read "Common as Air" yet?23:20
snailkarora: thank you. if I've read it "Common as Air", it wasn't recently enough to recall the title, does it have a URL?23:21
karoraIt's a new book by Lewis Hyde - author of "Trickster Makes the World".  It's awesome.23:22

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