rwwThe colourful reign of terror ended, I see.00:22
IdleOneyour colors got taken away00:23
IdleOne/rsay that sucks00:23
rwwprobably for the best, I was thinking of doing it anyway ;P00:23
Jordan_Urww: I'd give nicholas_ some slack since that was a response to Quintin's "buy a mac".00:52
rwwYou should see my usual response to people bringing up ADHD O:)00:53
Jordan_Urww: I'm curious now.00:53
bazhangrwlove: troll01:07
rwwi do not love why do people keep pretending i do :(01:07
rww(i know, tab complete...)01:07
LjLftr quintin is an old troll01:08
bazhangseems so01:09
bazhang<Quintin> Let's not be IRC nazis   in response to my suggestion to be civil01:11
rwwApparently I am also an IRC nazi. MLIA.01:14
bazhangnice! now all the ops will watch this channel!01:15
Flannelbazhang: I don't think the ops ever watch this channel.01:17
LjLbut rww and i do!01:17
LjLand rww is an op now :P01:17
bazhangFlannel, hehe true01:17
FlannelLjL: Then he must not watch this channel now01:18
bazhangwas ohsix the one arguing gksudo / sudo yesterday?01:30
bazhangtelepac.pt :/01:51
rwwwho now?01:52
rwwvhdl in #ubuntu was being annoying in #freenode earlier, best keep an eye on them.02:42
bazhangthat 2001:470 looks very familiar in fact02:43
ubottusoreau called the ops in #ubuntu (johndebow)03:06
bazhangsock puppeting03:07
bazhangalso /remove or /kick lets fb's ban them03:07
bazhangie wanking was already banned but still in the channel03:07
rwwyeah, I clean up stuff like that when ubottu pokes me to review the ban03:09
bazhangI got vhdl in PM, no response yet03:09
rwwabout asking to ask a question and not actually asking it?03:09
FlannelOh, that's a nick.03:10
FlannelI thought you were getting code in PM03:10
rwwFlannel, always the EE :(03:10
bazhangheh yeah03:10
IdleOne4th time vhdl asks if he can ask a question03:20
bazhangwell he can! and he has!03:21
bazhanghe needed to say "can I ask 5 questions?"03:21
Flanneljust tell him SIGNAL questions : STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (4 DOWNTO 0) := "11111";03:23
FlannelMaybe he'll understand that better!03:24
FlannelHi MUILTFN_, how can we help you?03:27
bazhangand he's back03:39
bazhangstill no response via PM btw03:39
* rww ponders banforwarding to #ubuntu-trivia03:39
rwwin soviet Ubuntu, questions are asked to you!03:39
rwwoh my goodness it asked a question04:02
bazhangI suspect its capntrade04:16
rwwso do i. silly IPv6 :(04:16
Jordan_UIs it just me or do people asking for help in another language tend to do so almost in groups?06:32
bazhangMUILTFN_, hi07:10
bazhangman wget08:39
ikoniawaste of time trying to help people08:42
ikonia"I know what I'm doing, I'm certified, I working a hosting centre"08:42
ikoniathen why are you asking for help ?08:42
bazhangpsilocybe seems to be wasting time08:42
ikoniadone with it08:42
ikoniahello soreau11:03
soreauHello all, I have a problem with !nvidia and !ati factoids in #ubuntu. They point to the link called https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto which suggests (by it name) that you must install a binary (proprietary) driver which is not the case for most cards, especially in light of the new FOSS driver situation11:03
soreauhi ikonia11:03
ikoniaok, so what would you suggest for the name of the page ?11:03
soreauWell I havent thought that far out, give me a moment please, its 5am here :)11:04
soreauikonia: I would think it should be named something less biased toward binary drivers11:05
ikoniaok, seems reasonable11:05
ikoniaare you happy with the content that is there ?11:07
* soreau looks11:08
soreauikonia: Not fully but I can edit the page later11:08
soreauTo make it more generic11:09
ikoniaok, so lets get a new page then11:09
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:09
* soreau second guesses11:10
ikoniahang on11:11
ikoniahappy ?11:13
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:14
soreauikonia: Not yet ;)11:14
ikoniaI'll change that next11:14
soreauI know, j/k11:14
ikoniaare you happy witht he new page11:14
ikoniaahh, cool11:14
soreauThis will help shape the guide11:14
ikoniaok, I'll update the factoid if you can get to work on the page content11:14
* soreau logs in11:15
soreauikonia: Thank you for this attention, this has been bugging me for some time now11:16
ikoniano problem11:17
ikonia!ati is <sed> /BinaryDriverHowto/VideoDriverHowto11:18
ubottuMissing end delimiter11:18
ikonia!ati is <sed> /BinaryDriverHowto/VideoDriverHowto/11:18
ubottuNothing changed there11:18
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:18
tsimpsonit's !binarydriver11:18
ikoniaare they linked to ati/nvidia etc11:18
ubottu<alias> binarydriver11:18
ikoniaah, thank you11:18
ikonia!binarydriver is <sed> /BinaryDriverHowto/VideoDriverHowto/11:18
ubottuI'll remember that ikonia11:18
tsimpsonthere's also !binarydriver-#ubuntu+111:19
ikoniais that the same content ?11:19
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not currently be installable.11:19
ikonia!binarydriver-#ubuntu+1 is <sed> /BinaryDriverHowto/VideoDriverHowto/11:19
ubottuI'll remember that ikonia11:19
ikoniatsimpson: perfect, thank you11:20
ikoniado you really need the <sed> keyword, I'm sure I've done substitution without ?11:20
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto11:20
soreauI have changed the header bullet so far..11:21
soreauI intend to update the rest of the page over time11:21
ikoniaok, well, as long as it gets done in a reasonable time it will be a good udpate11:21
soreauikonia: thanks again for your attention11:24
ubottuIn ubottu, juk said: tethering is For creating an adhoc host with Ubuntu see: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/creating-an-adhoc-host-with-ubuntu.html11:53
popeythat guide is flawed12:03
ikoniaan ubuntugeek.com guide is flawed, NO !!!!!!!12:23
ikoniashock horror12:23
elkySay it isn't so12:25
bazhang<vhdl> can I run ubuntu on a nokia flip phone?    along with "can I ask a question?" 23 or so times12:30
ikoniahe's done that before too12:30
bazhangany reason not to mute?12:30
bazhanghe never answers when asked about the specs for the phone, or at all12:31
ikoniahe's had his warning now, any more, just end it12:31
bazhangmuted and got him in PM12:37
bazhangah I see you removed him, thanks12:37
ikoniajust joined #debian as he was muted12:38
ikoniabehaving like a fool in #freenode too12:38
tsimpsonikonia: you can use "!foo =~ ..." (or !foo ~=) instead of "!no foo is <sed> ..."12:48
ikoniaahh, that's it12:48
vhdlhi, why was quieted in #ubuntu?16:45
popeyrepeated "can I ask a question?" "can I run ubuntu on a flip phone"?16:46
IdleOnevhdl: your current behaviour in #ubuntu-offtopic shows me that the quiet in #ubuntu will not be removed anytime soon. Anything else we might help you with?16:51
topylivhdl: if you have no other issues, please leave this channel, as idling is not allowed here16:54
vhdlhttp://blog.feenode.net/?=1210 says you guys are wrong16:54
vhdli will appeal this to freenode16:55
mrmistPosting that sort of link won't really help matters for you.16:55
Picihrm indeed17:03
topylini niko :)17:08
Picivhdl is now requesting an ubuntu-sexytime/vhdl cloak in #freenode17:15
jpdsPici: Oh right.17:16
* Pici has ubuntu on hilight in #freenode17:20
ikoniahello Jak318:14
Jak3is there anyone avaliable at the moment?18:14
Jak3ikonia /hello18:14
ikoniahow can we help18:14
Jak3how do i send a private message?18:14
ikoniafor those sort of questions it's best to ask in the channel of the client you are using18:14
ikonianormally /msg $user18:15
ikoniaalso #freenode is good for general irc advice18:15
Jak3also... is there a technical channel?18:16
PiciAs relating to what?18:16
ikoniatechnical channel for what ?18:16
Jak3like keyboard.... resolution.... wireless..... etc18:16
PiciJak3: For Ubuntu?18:17
PiciJak3: #backtrack-linux  we do not support Backtrack in ubuntu channels.18:17
ikoniaJak3: I've told you before18:17
ikonia #backtrack-linux18:17
Jak3but how do i register????18:17
ikoniaJak3: I've told you that also18:17
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:17
ikoniaJak3: if you are having problems ask in #freenode18:17
Jak3hold on brb.... just kick me the now... i will c&p that....18:18
ikoniawhat ?18:18
ikoniaJak3: just type /part18:18
Jak3ok thanx....18:18
Jak3brb... gotta eat dinner18:19
ikoniaspent about an hour with him in pm last night (or night before) explaining to him how to register and join #backtrack-linux18:19
ikoniaand explaining #freenode's use to him18:20
ikoniahello again jak18:32
ikoniahow can we help now ?18:32
Jak3can we talk in a private chat?18:33
ikoniawhy ?18:33
Jak3sorry...its not a problem.... just bored.....18:33
Jak3i will go now18:33
ikoniaok, well, this channel isn't for chatting18:33
PiciJak3: Our chat channel is #ubuntu-offtopic18:33
ikoniatry #defocus18:33
PiciOr that18:33
Jak3saying cant send to channel....18:34
ikoniawhat command are you using to join18:34
Jak3on #defocus18:34
Picidefocus requires voice.18:34
ikoniaI shouldn't have pointed you there,18:34
ikoniaJak3: ask in #freenode18:35
ikoniaJak3: this channel is for #ubuntu18:35
PiciThey won't like him asking in #freenode.  The instructions are in the topic of that channel.18:35
Jak3im in ubuntu-offtopic i will go now18:35
ikoniahe's going to start asking about backtrack...I know it18:36
ikoniahe can't help himself18:36
Picile sigh18:36
ikoniadas sigh18:36
jpdsLanguages with articles are for the birds.18:59
* jussi waves.19:09
genii-aroundHi jussi !19:11
jussihi genii-around :)19:12

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