adurityAison, what's your setup00:14
Aisonwell, i'm using an 8port adaptec raid controller with 8x1TB in raid6 mode00:16
Aisonso i've got 6TB00:16
Aisonthe lan adapter is a dualport intel pci-express server nic (running in bonding mode with the core switch)00:17
Aisonbut I guess the bottleneck is this samba00:17
Aisondamn, it's late, i have got go now, i'm back tomorrow ;)00:21
aduritytry doing a file copy with `iostat -k 2` running and watch the kb/s00:21
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hallynSpamapS: ok, cool - i think it would be best if you'd briefly comment on how you think they should be handled, and that you will do it when you have time if noone else does first, then unassign, that would be ideal00:31
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dsalvettiHello, I'm having a weird (packaging?) issue with munin-node on 10.0401:23
dsalvettifor some unknow reason the config file /etc/munin/munin-node.conf is missing01:23
dsalvettieven though dpkg -c /var/cache/.../munin-node.deb indicate that this file is in the package01:23
twbIf a conffile is deleted, easiest way to get it back is to *purge* and re-install.01:24
dsalvettiand dpkg --info indicate the same01:24
dsalvettiI have tried to purge and reinstall without success01:24
twbremoving or reinstalling won't get it back because it assumes you deleted it for a reason01:24
dsalvettimunin-node.conf is still missing01:24
twbdsalvetti: in that case I don't know.01:24
twbFWIW I recently switched from munin to collectd, and it's much nicer IMO01:24
dsalvettihow can dpkg know that I have deleted the file? (vs it's a fresh install)01:24
twbdsalvetti: because the file isn't there01:25
dsalvettitwb: thanks for the tip I'll check it out01:25
dsalvettibut if I purge apache (for instance) it will remove apache.conf01:26
dsalvettiand apache.conf will come back is I reinstall apache01:26
twbYes, which is why I said purging should work01:26
dsalvettihow is that different in the munin-node case?01:26
twbpurging removes conffiles, remove leaves them as-is01:26
dsalvettipurging does not wor01:26
twbdsalvetti: and as I said, I don't know why that is01:26
dsalvettioh sorry I misread you before01:26
twbNo problem01:27
dsalvettiI can easily fix my problem by copying munin-node.conf from somewhere else01:27
dsalvettibut I would like to see if there is a way to debug the issue01:27
dsalvettianyone has any suggestion of what I could do?01:28
twbhttp://paste.debian.net/111774/ <-- my notes for collectd01:28
twbRe debugging, I have no ideas01:28
dsalvettitwb: thanks for the link, what do you prefer in collectd over munin?01:30
CompDanGood evening... is anyone here familiar with the Canonical Ubuntu images on EC2?02:10
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.02:12
CompDanHah, thanks for the reply... I rebooted a instance based on AMI ami-2c57a545, and when the instance came back up my /etc/passwd was reset and the user I'd previously created was gone.  How can I presist users across reboots?02:15
twbI don't know anything about EC2, but an obvious way would be to store auth details on another server, i.e. LDAP, kerberos or NIS02:17
CompDanWow, thanks for wasting my time twb...  that's why I asked if you knew EC2.  I have no intention of doubling my costs on EC2 by running another instance just to store auth info.02:18
thesheff17CompDan: I would back up your data and then try dist-upgrade02:19
CompDan0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:20
CompDanI'm guessing this issue has something to do with cloud-init, but I know nothing about cloud-init and the documentation seems nebulous at best... :-/02:21
thesheff17CompDan: are you using a EBS volume based ami?02:21
CompDanYes, ami-2c57a545 - ebs/ubuntu-images-testing/ubuntu-lucid-daily-i386-server-2011032202:21
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CompDanHrmm.... now I can't recreate it... great.02:29
CompDanWell, I guess nevermind.  If it recurs, I'll be back. :-/02:30
thesheff17CompDan: yea I couldn't reproduce it either with the same ami....I would use the ones from this list http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/release/02:31
CompDanGoing to rebuild with one of the release AMIs and test this again... Thanks for letting me bend your ear (so to speak) thesheff17.02:43
ScottKsmoser: 9.04 to 10.04 isn't a supported upgrade path (re your blog post)02:57
smoserwhere did you see that ?02:58
smoserit was probably a typo02:58
smoserScottK, ^03:00
ScottKsmoser: In your update note on http://ubuntu-smoser.blogspot.com/2010/04/upgrading-ebs-instance.html03:17
ScottKsmoser: Except on review I see I misread it.03:18
smoserah. yeah.03:18
ScottKNo.  No I didn't.03:18
smoserthat part wasnt an update, but could hav been more clear, yes.03:18
ScottKThis same basic process should also allow you to upgrade across a release, perhaps from a 9.04 Alestic instance to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.03:18
smoseryou'd have to go 9.04 -> 9.10 -> 10.0403:18
ScottKYou and I know that, but non-developers wouldn't.  Not a big deal since it's not part of the update.03:19
MathuinI am using an EC2 instance to, among other things, generate an image.  I am ssh'ed into the EC2 instance.  What's the easiest way to display that image on my local screen?  'display' is an ImageMagick program and that's crazy huge for showing a png to the screen.  What else should I use?03:27
adam_gapache and a browser? :)03:29
Mathuin[apache and a browser]  That's my backup plan.03:30
MathuinSigh, the micro instances are pretty darned slow. :-)03:32
CompDanJust out of curiousity, is it possible to force a package install via apt-get (like mysql-server) that has interactive dialogs to be non-interactive?03:47
thesheff17CompDan: look at this last post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86774703:51
MathuinHee.  I first had to do that with Solaris and Java.  Bah.03:52
CompDanah, thanks.  I feel like such a n00b, all my experience is on non-Linux UNIX platforms, lol.03:55
Tommy_KHi, I'm trying to install some packages by using the apt-get install command, but everytime I do that it says: The following packages have unmet dependencies: libwxgtk2.8-0: Depends: (tons of other packages listed)04:02
Tommy_KEverytime I use it, that package pops up.04:02
thesheff17Tommy_K: did you do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade i'm pretty sure it will just install it.04:04
Tommy_KNope, tried it.04:04
Tommy_KEarlier one of my team members had to install that package, which was a .deb04:04
thesheff17Tommy_K: well I see it in the repo libwxgtk2.8-0 - wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ runtime)04:05
Tommy_KWell, I did as well.... usually I check the repository, but this time it wouldn't take it04:05
Tommy_KAnd my team member said he tried to use apt locally on that .deb he downloaded04:06
Tommy_KCould that have caused it?04:06
thesheff17usually it install dependencies. wonder if there is a problem with multiple version on one machine.04:06
thesheff17you can't just do apt-get install libwxgtk2.8-004:07
thesheff17Tommy_K: also I would make sure you used the right repo for the right version.04:07
thesheff17of ubuntu.04:07
MathuinIt migth be worth apt-get remove libwxgtk2.8-0 followed by apt-get install libwxgtk2.8-004:07
twbTommy_K: run "yes y | aptitude --simulate install" and pastebin the output.04:08
Tommy_KThat worked04:09
Tommy_K@ Mathuin04:09
MathuinYay!  I win! :-)04:09
twbNever mind, then :-)04:09
Tommy_KThanks much!04:09
MathuinYou are welcome.04:10
SpamapShallyn: What I've been doing is tagging such bugs with the tag 'upstart' .. which jhunt and I review every thursday.04:57
CoolestGeekis it possible to ssh -X to view a virtualbox window on my server?05:16
jmarsdenCoolestGeek: Some versions of VirtualBox support RDP, so you could tunnel that over SSH and use rdesktop to see it, I think.05:22
CoolestGeekyea I know that the virtualbox i'm using supports RDP, as I rdesktop into a headless windows XP05:23
CoolestGeekhowever, dumbass here deleted the xp.vdi (the virtualbox image)05:24
CoolestGeekand want to set it back up, it can be done via the cli, but it takes ages compared to the GUI mode of setting up a virtualbox machine, so I would really like to set it up via a GUI, but it's not loading via -X. It did originally, as that's how I set it up to begin with....05:25
jmarsdenCoolestGeek: OK, so it is the virtualbox Manager window that you want to use remotely, not a virtual screen of a VM.  I've never tried it, but it seems like it "should" work like any other X application.05:29
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
CoolestGeekyea, it's the manager window I need, the Virtualbox did work it before05:30
CoolestGeekbut it was about a year ago I set it up05:30
CoolestGeeki deleted it totally by accident today :S05:30
jmarsdenCoolestGeek: Ok, so check you can ssh -X other GUI apps from that machine, and then try it with the virtualbox manager, and if it gives you an error, paste the error for us to see.05:31
CoolestGeekwhen I run virtualbox once i've connected via ssh and used -X it just waits....05:31
CoolestGeekit does work with other apps05:31
CoolestGeeki've got transmission working now05:32
CoolestGeekit doesn't give an error05:32
twbxlogo is a good test program for ssh -X05:32
twbvbox is a GTK2 program IIRC, which will be noticably laggy even over a 10mbps line.05:33
CoolestGeekhmm well the connection here is shit (australia)05:33
jmarsdenCoolestGeek: It might be easier to script the VM setup using the command line interface, rather than fix the issue with remote use of the virtualbox GUI :)05:34
CoolestGeekso maybe I wait till I'm on a faster line and retry05:34
CoolestGeekhmmm yes, but i've not done it like that before, so am a little weary05:34
CoolestGeekbut I suppose i will learn things.05:34
twbCoolestGeek: oh, you can use it, it'll just be slow and you need to be accordingly patient05:34
CoolestGeekyes, I remember from the 1st time, I was in the UK then and had a considerably faster connection05:35
CoolestGeekso... as we're on the subject of this, does it post a security threat having a virtualbox accessible?05:35
CoolestGeekthe XP I had required a login, but is it safe?05:36
twbIMO Windows machines are not safe on ANY network, end of story.05:36
twbThe company has openly said that they do not consider security important for their Windows line05:37
CoolestGeekyea, but I need it on the server to run various crapware not available to linux05:37
CoolestGeekanyway... so you recommend setting up via the cli05:38
twbIMO sysadmins should not need nor use a GUI for their sysadmin role05:38
CoolestGeekit's odd, as transmission is running over X now, slow, but still running05:38
twb(If they have one on their desktop, I guess that's OK.)05:38
CoolestGeekvirtualbox just waits....05:39
sbeattieCoolestGeek: another way to do it is to run a standalone vnc server on your virtualbox host and then tunnel in a vnc client over ssh.05:57
sbeattieand then run the virtualbox GUI manager within the vnc session.05:58
CoolestGeekso... I install vnc onto the server05:59
CoolestGeekthen from my local machine i use vnc to connect to that? and set it up?06:00
sbeattieyep. tunnel the vnc session over ssh.06:00
itsToddCan someone tell me why so many people use Alestic AMI's rather than those found on http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/ ?07:02
thesheff17Alestic used to support the ami...now they are supported by ubuntu devs. use http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/07:04
itsToddOh, ok, that makes sense. Thank you!07:04
thesheff17itsTodd: Alestic is a great resource though as well.07:07
kim0Morning everyone08:05
a7ndrewevening for me, but g'morning to you :)08:10
BlinkizHi. I need to avoid mysql to be started on boot. Am new to this startup jobs. /etc/init/mysql.conf exist. If I comment the first start lines, mysql is not started. But then "/etc/init.d/mysql start" does not seems to work.09:12
TeTeTBlinkiz: you probably only want to comment the 'start on' lines, nothing else. Then start mysql with '$ sudo start mysql'09:19
BlinkizTeTeT, thanks for the suggestion. It was a apparmor problem in the end..09:19
Fricasshi ! http://paste.ubuntu.com/584698/ <= I would like to know why the pam module "pam_script.so" is not called?09:23
raphinkFricass, maybe because you met one of the previous filters and they're set as sufficient?09:39
Fricassyep indeed raphink but I would like to leave them as sufficient and called in all cases pam_script.so09:40
Fricassdon't know if it's possible..09:40
raphinkyou'll have to put it as required on top of the stack09:40
raphinkthis way, login will fail unless pam_script.so succeeds09:40
FricassYep But pam_script MUST be called after the operations done by pam_unix or pam_perso ..09:41
FricassThat's the point :(09:41
raphinklet's see09:41
raphinkthen pam_unix.so and pam_perso.so are not sufficient09:41
raphinkthey're required09:41
raphinkFricass, so you would like to make sure one of the two (pam_unix | pam_perso) are matched09:42
raphinkand THEN make sure pam_script is also met09:42
raphinkas in09:43
raphinkif pam_unix fails, pam_perso doesn't fail, and pam_script doesn't fail, it's ok09:43
raphinkif pam_unix doesn't fail, pam_perso fails, pam_script doesn't fail, it's ok09:43
raphinkand what if both pam_unix and pam_perso fail?09:44
raphinkcan it still succeed if pam_script succeeds?09:44
Fricassi can't09:44
Fricassit can't09:44
raphinka truth matrix can help to clarify the problem09:44
Fricassin my opinion it's not possible :/09:45
raphinkFricass, what do pam_perso and pam_script do?09:51
Fricasspam_script uses a file from pam_perso or use the authentication token from pam_unix09:52
Fricassone of my idea is to remove pam_script and called a script at the session opening raphink09:52
Fricassand leave pam_perso and pam_unix as sufficient09:53
raphinkI'm guessing you wrote both pam_script and pam_perso09:54
raphinksince they don't seem to be standard09:54
raphinkhow about09:55
raphinkmaking pam_unix.so and pam_perso.so optional09:55
raphinkinstead of sufficient09:55
raphinkthis way they don't allow to success or fail, they're just run09:55
raphinkoptional - the  success  or09:56
raphink       failure  of this module is only important if it is the only module in the stack associated with this service+type.09:56
raphinkso they will be run09:56
raphinkbut eventually, it's pam_script that will be required and decide whether auth succeeds or not09:56
Fricassno pam_script just runs commands it doesn't decide09:56
Fricassonly pam_perso or unix decide09:57
raphinkthat's not possible09:57
raphinkpam_script is required, that means it must return a status09:57
raphinkthe goal of the stack is not to run commands, it's to authenticate09:57
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raphinkso indeed if you only want to run commands, maybe using sufficient for pam_unix and pam_perso and running pam_script appart would be better09:58
FricassIndeed you're right09:58
FricassBut I need to write a shell script which is called after the auth process and that can take the $userid and $password ..09:59
FricassAnd I don't see how to do that with a simple shell script (easier with a pam module : PAM_AUTHTOK, PAM_USER ..)10:00
raphinkmay I ask what is your need?10:00
FricassI need to take the $user and $passwd ; then depending on $user I use $passwd to do some stuff with partitions. That's the goal of my pam_script.10:02
FricassIf I can write a shell script that can take $user and $passwd it would be great I think10:02
raphinksorry for insisting, but is there a way you could do without the password?10:03
raphinklike using sudo...10:03
FricassNo because the password provided is not the standard one, it's used with smartcard10:05
FricassI'm stuck raphink !10:07
raphinkyou need the password to manipulate the partitions?10:08
Fricassyep I need to get it10:09
raphinkI think you're stuck indeed ;-)10:11
raphinkI'd really try to get rid of the passwd restriction10:11
raphinkonce the user is authenticated in the system, there must be a way to use another auth token for the parititions, no?10:12
Fricassno I need the one used in authentication10:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #741589 in tomcat6 (main) "tomcat cron deletes app log files after 14 days" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74158910:21
raphinkFricass, I'm out of ideas for you ;-)10:21
Fricassnp raphink I thank you for your time10:22
Fricassraphink:  once logged, you don't know if it's possible to get the password provided on auth system?10:23
raphinkI would hope not ;-)10:23
raphinkthat would be quite an issue10:23
raphinkimagine if you could get my password once I'm logged, you could use my sudo rights...10:24
raphinkwhat kind of partition stuff do you need that requires a password?10:30
BlinkizFricass, hi there. Notice some questions how a script can ask for a password. It's easy in batch. Just use something like "read -s passwd". -s means it will not be echoed in stout.10:37
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Blinkizbatch = bash10:37
BlinkizFricass, Then use can use that variable to put into something else. Like it do: echo "$passwd | cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/disk/by-uuid/fe9acab3-1434-43a6-9c8a-73f7d1d0e2bd 500G"10:38
raphinkBlinkiz, Fricass doesn't want an interactive script, he wants to grab the password from pam10:39
raphinkso users only have to authenticate once10:39
Blinkizraphink, aha, gave it a try anyway :)10:39
BlinkizI hope not pam can tell my password to a script. Kinda security risk10:39
Fricasseven root?10:40
raphinkeven root10:40
raphinkeven pam_unix uses shadow, which contains encrypted passwords, not clear text10:41
shaunoroot shouldn't need my password.  he can use my privs without it10:41
raphink(unless when shadow is not activated, but the passwords are still encrypted anyway)10:41
raphinkFricass, clear text passwords are not supposed to be accessible anywhere10:42
Fricassraphink:  I got an idea ; I create a pam_check which is required and checks some results10:42
Fricassthen pam_unix, pam_perso are optional, pam_script required (always OK) and pam_check required10:43
Fricassthen pam_check will result the auth process10:43
raphinkwhere do you put pam_check?10:43
raphinkon top of the stack?10:43
raphinkI do something similar currently to mix pam_unix (including nss-pgsql) and pam_ldap10:43
raphinksince my users in ldap all have a uid > 60000 and my users in pgsql are < 6000010:43
FricassI think it's gonna work10:44
raphinkI put a pam_succeed.so uid > 6000010:44
FricassI see10:44
FricassSo I'll try this solution magic raphink  !10:48
raphinklet me know10:48
Fricasspam_succeed is an existing module raphink ?10:48
raphinksee ls /lib/security10:49
raphinkpam_succeed_if.so sorry10:49
raphinkauth required   pam_succeed_if.so uid > 6000010:49
Fricassok np10:49
* raphink thinks pam modules need a good documentation in debian/ubuntu10:49
Fricassraphink: do you think it's possible to do a think like pam_succeed_if.so file is-in directory/ ?10:50
SlimGHow do I get support for SftpUmask in sshd_config?10:50
joschiSlimG: install a version supporting this directive, e. g. an openssh server patched with http://sftpfilecontrol.sourceforge.net/10:54
SlimGjoschi: that patch is only for 5.4p1, I have 5.5p110:56
twister004hi guys, in ubuntu-server iptables, is it possible to add the source as a hostname instead of an IP?11:10
Blinkiztwister004, I do not know the answer to that but I can guess. Firewall Builder uses script to first lookup hostnames that it converts to IP numbers and put it in iptables. Also, iptables/kernel does not really use hostname to make rules. So no, I do not think its possible11:12
patdk-lapit works just fine11:13
patdk-lapbut it won't give you want you want :)11:13
patdk-lapdns changes will never take effect11:13
tsuni just installed ubuntu server 10.04 with raid1 (software) and get error ( target filesystem doesn't have sbin/init ) after first boot, somebody can help me out?11:25
twister004patdk-lap.. so, if my hostname association changes, it wont work?11:34
_rubentwister004: not without reloading the ruleset after the dns change11:42
iclebyte_workI've posted a bug and required steps taken to fix the default cobbler package on Natty Alpha 3 - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cobbler/+bug/74166112:20
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 741661 in cobbler "Web UI does not work from default install (2.1.0~bzr-2009-0ubuntu1)l" [Undecided,New]12:20
iclebyte_workDo I need to post this to the mailing list? never done this before...12:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #741661 in cobbler (universe) "Web UI does not work from default install (2.1.0~bzr-2009-0ubuntu1)l" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74166112:26
pmatuliszul: ⤴12:39
zulthank ill take care of it12:40
alamihello, dual starup my ubuntu server hagup, any idea how to fix it or i should reinstall, because i don't get any error12:58
pmatulisalami: new install?13:00
alamipmatulis: yes i mean new install, but the problem is: can i copy iptables configuration?13:03
pmatulisalami: you think the hangup is caused by iptables?13:04
alamino no the hangup is caused by a update two week ago, i have install some but i forget it, after apt-get update and upgrade, the server stay on startup after bios13:06
andreserlmorning all13:09
raphinkhello andreserl13:09
andreserlhowdy raphink13:10
raphinkfine thanks13:10
andreserlpretty good13:11
pmatulisalami: iptables rules are created by issuing the iptables command (for each rule).  best is to gain access to the list of commands and then apply them to your server13:12
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=== Jonny51 is now known as Jonny5
pmatulisalami: but maybe i misunderstand what you mean by 'copy iptables configuration'13:17
alamipmatulis, i don't know iptables good, and i have see if there is some to copy this rule, or something like that, but i can list this rule and copy them and do it another time after the new installation+13:19
pmatulisalami: alright.  you should also look into ufw13:21
pmatulis!info ufw13:21
ubottuufw (source: ufw): program for managing a Netfilter firewall. In component main, is standard. Version 0.30.0-1ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 140 kB, installed size 804 kB13:21
pmatulisufw == uncomplicated firewall13:21
alamii don't understand that ufw but i will google it13:21
alamiwhy i need that? i have right now i webmin acces to the server, i can excute command from there i will only excute iptables --list and copy them to a file.txt13:23
alamipmatulis do you understand me13:25
pmatulisalami: i think so.  but i would stay away from webmin.  it can mess things up on ubuntu13:26
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.13:26
raphinkwebmin is evil13:26
alamii thing that why my system is hanging up13:27
zulhggdh: around?13:28
pmatulisjust the other day webmin messed up a bind/dns setup13:30
pmatulis(as i was made aware)13:30
compdocwebmin doesnt seem reliable13:31
hggdhDaviey, available?13:32
Davieyhggdh, o/13:33
hggdhDaviey, we still have the euca bug to work out13:33
Davieyhggdh, yeah... i am tied for the next 2.5 hours at least. :(13:34
Davieyhggdh, did you complete that reinstall last night?13:34
alamii don't found also any iptable rule or config files13:34
hggdhDaviey, (a) I can wait; (b) yes and additionally: sometimes -- at least twice, so far -- we *did* get IP addresses13:35
m_tadeuhi...I can't edit a file, alldough I have permissions to do it. The group has write access and I'm part of the group. the file system is ext4 mounted with 'default' and the files are not immutable13:42
pmatulism_tadeu: look at the permissions of all parent directories.  it can also be an apparmor issue13:47
m_tadeupmatulis: it's inside /var/www, and I'm part of www-data...the group has write permissions inside that dir and sub dirs...care to explain that apparmor issue?13:51
pmatulism_tadeu: apparmor imposes further restrictions on r/w on some directories.  check under /etc/apparmor13:54
Davieyhggdh, Oh great.... I'd rather totally failure or total success... sometimes getting an IP addresses sounds painful to debug. :/13:57
hggdhDaviey, fun, is it not? Here13:58
Davieyhggdh, It's more than fun, it's total excitement..13:58
hggdh Daviey here´s what I found so far: when you start fresh euca, all instances fail -- sorta: they start, but never get metadata13:59
hggdhthen, magically, the get both metadata *and* ip addresses13:59
hggdhthen, also magically, they do not anymore13:59
hggdhduring *all* this time euca's own dhcpd fails to start. Consistently. At least we do have a consistent error somewhere14:00
hggdhso... who is providing euca with ip addresses -- and mind you, the correct ones?14:01
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eagles0513875hey guys how can i vew a list of cron jobs that i have on my system?14:04
Japjecrontab -l14:04
Japjeand check /etc/crontab and /etc/cron.d/14:05
kirklandzul: howdy14:09
zulkirkland: whats up?14:10
kirklandzul: do you want to take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cobbler/+bug/741661, or would you rather i fix it?14:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 741661 in cobbler "Web UI does not work from default install (2.1.0~bzr-2009-0ubuntu1)l" [Undecided,New]14:10
zulkirkland: yeah i was going to add it to a Readme.Debian14:10
kirklandzul: are we taking it as far as we can, programmatically already?14:10
zulkirkland: yes i think so14:11
kirklandzul: i'd think we should be able to do the a2enmod and apache2/conf.d changes, no?14:11
zulkirkland: well i already talked to clint about this and he thought no14:11
kirklandzul: hmm, i'd think we should be able to do all of the steps he details in there, except for the authentication change14:12
* RoAkSoAx recalls having seen postinst scripts doing a2enmod 14:12
kirklandzul: and that one we could improve upon in 11.10, perhaps with a debconf question14:12
zulyeah but we removed them14:12
kirklandzul: at SpamapS request?14:12
zulkirkland: doesnt matter to me really if you want go ahead14:12
kirklandzul: yeah, i'd like to get this as absolutely far as we can;  probably everything but the auth change14:13
kirklandzul: and even that one, I might add a low priority debconf question for username and password14:13
RoAkSoAxI can login with cobbler user/pass right now14:14
RoAkSoAxwithout having to do the htdigest14:14
zulkirkland: im open to anything but im on a call right now14:16
kirklandzul: okay, no problem14:16
kirklandzul: mind if I take a crack at it later today?14:16
zulkirkland: go ahead14:16
kirklandzul: i'll run my changes by you, if that's cool14:16
zulkirkland: yep14:17
Davieykirkland / zul.. I think we can do it, but to do it smart is harder... :)... essentially.. a2enmod is probably not ideal as we don't remember the state it was before we installed.  So if you removed cobbler, we'd leave it not as the user is expecting (if i had a module enabled for another app).14:19
DavieyI thought we did something clever in the conf.d... did that not get committed?14:19
zulno it didnt it kind of broke your apache config14:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #741748 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.7.0-1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 75" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74174814:27
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m_tadeuI can't edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg as root...howcome?14:29
pmatulism_tadeu: you seem to be having a lot of permissions problems.  odd.  but if you read that file you'll see you're not supposed to hand-edit it14:31
compdocis there a grub.cfg?14:31
compdochwo are you trying to open it?14:31
m_tadeusudo -s....then vi grub.cfg14:31
compdocshould work14:33
compdocwhat error?14:33
m_tadeuvi says it's open with readonly permissions14:34
altice@ALL: Anyone have TACACS+ (tac-plus) experience? I am confused with the Config File settings14:35
compdocIm not familure with -s - something to do with the shell?14:37
alticeas that directed toward me?14:40
alticedo you think this is the correct room for TACACS+ help?14:40
compdoccan never tell - you just need one person who knows what it is14:41
alticeI'm starting to think not a lot of people implement it on linux.......this has been a hard thing to research14:42
compdocmailing lists are often a good source14:43
compdocmore ppl there14:43
alticeis there a website for a list of them? How do I use that to reach out?14:43
compdocall the major distros have them14:44
compdoctry to google ubuntu mailing list14:44
alticeok, I'll give that a go, thanks14:44
dasunsrule32I'm on 10.04 LTS, when I set a crontab for root, with it set for 12:00, with: script.sh >> /folder/log, it spawns 5 - 10 instances of the script that needs to run. I can run the command manually and it works fine without issues. Any ideas? Thank you.14:45
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Picidasunsrule32: Can you paste/pastebin the crontab line that you used for that job?14:45
m_tadeuwhich mail server you guys recomend?15:00
pmatulism_tadeu: postfix15:01
m_tadeupmatulis: thanx15:02
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dasunsrule32yes, one sec15:28
dasunsrule32Pici: http://pastebin.com/u1icgeMV15:29
dasunsrule32if you need to see the script too, let me know15:30
Picidasunsrule32: Well, that will run every minute when the hour matches 0.  This will run once at midnight: http://pastebin.com/6BybMhLw15:31
* dasunsrule32 goes back to reading man page15:34
dasunsrule32thanks Pici15:34
* dasunsrule32 turns red from embaressment15:34
dasunsrule32Pici: one more thing, does my /etc/crontab look ok to you?15:35
Picidasunsrule32: I'd modify it so that the last two lines have some minute there, otherwise those will run every minute during 5:00-5:59 and 6:00-6:59 respectively.15:37
PiciEr, on those particular days that they're scheduled to run of course.15:38
Picidasunsrule32: For comparison, my /etc/crontab: http://pastebin.com/zKSfuTC115:39
dasunsrule32ok, gotcha15:39
dasunsrule32so the wildcard = bad in cron, depending15:39
PiciDepends on what you want it to do.15:40
dasunsrule32something like that? http://pastebin.com/rvqPzJ2v15:41
raphinkdasunsrule32, generally speaking, it's a good idea to keep the default /etc/crontab15:41
raphinkand only add files in /etc/cron.d and /etc/cron.*15:41
dasunsrule32raphink: ok, any specific reasons why?15:41
dasunsrule32curiousity kills the cat. :p15:41
raphinkwell unless you have a reason to change the way cron.daily, cron.weekly and cron.monthly are run15:42
raphinkthe defaults are usually well thought15:42
PiciI personally use user crontabs, but then again, I don't administrate all the servers that I run cronjobs on.15:43
raphinkuser crontabs are nice, too :-)15:43
dasunsrule32ok, I will take these in consideration15:44
dasunsrule32Thank you for the help. :)15:44
raphinkdasunsrule32, I mean, you're free to modify /etc/crontab15:44
raphinkbut there's hardly ever a point15:44
dasunsrule32no, i understand what your saying15:44
raphinkalso, if you modify /etc/crontab and it gets changed in a later version of Ubuntu15:44
raphinkyou will have to deal with the merge15:44
dasunsrule32yes, unless is specify to not touch that file15:45
raphinkwhereas putting your rules in /etc/cron.d ensures you're the only one to manage the file15:45
dasunsrule32I am just using root's crontab15:45
raphinkdasunsrule32, sure, but then you might miss a fix/feature15:45
raphink /etc/cron.d/* are root crontabs, too15:45
dasunsrule32for some reasons when I had it in cron.d, the job Pici was helping me with wouldn't run15:46
raphinknote: if you need daily crontabs in /etc/cron.d/*, you can use @daily instead of the time spec15:46
raphinksame with @hourly, @monthly, etc.15:46
dasunsrule32so I just dropped it into the crontab15:46
dasunsrule32cron.d jobs dont need to be +x? do they?15:47
raphinkno they don't15:47
dasunsrule32i didn't think so, rhel is the same15:47
raphinkand they're the format of /etc/crontab, not user crontabs15:47
raphinkconffiles hardly ever need to be executable15:47
dasunsrule32why does ubuntu +x cron.daily?15:47
raphinkcron.{hourly,daily,monthly,...} are different15:48
raphinkthey're not conffiles, they're scripts15:48
raphinkcalled from /etc/crontab15:48
dasunsrule32me see15:48
raphinkcron reads /etc/crontab and /etc/cron.d/*15:49
raphinkand /etc/crontab runs all scripts in /etc/cron.{daily,weekly,monthly}/*15:49
dasunsrule32gotcha, kills my confusion15:49
Piciand /var/spool/cron/crontabs .  Thats where crontabs edited using crontab -e go.15:49
raphinkbut they follow a different syntax15:50
raphinkthey don't have a "user" column15:50
raphinkwhich is kind of logic, but not always obvious :-)15:50
dasunsrule32right, i figured that out the hard way on rhel15:50
raphinkand they're best used with "crontab -e" when logged as the suer15:50
dasunsrule32well, I've been training myself in le bash scripting, so I thought it'd be good to start using cron to you know, em....automate15:52
PiciOr crontab -u username -e if you have the privleges.15:52
raphinkPici, yes, that too :-)15:52
dasunsrule32I have sudo/root everywhere15:52
raphinkgood, use it wisely :-)15:52
dasunsrule32always do15:52
dasunsrule32my linux admin skills are decent, just some areas i am trying to strengthen15:53
raphinkthere's always areas to strengthen, that's what makes the job thrilling :-)15:53
* dasunsrule32 loves sys admin15:54
dasunsrule32I manage about 500 web servers15:54
dasunsrule32apache/tomcat mainly15:54
dasunsrule32some iis15:54
* dasunsrule32 barfs on iis15:54
dasunsrule32stinks, they use mostly perl for scripting here, so I am having to learn that15:56
dasunsrule32never used much before15:56
raphinkperl is very powerful15:56
dasunsrule32so I have seen15:56
raphinknot my favorite language, but powerful nonetheless15:57
dasunsrule32yea, not a fav of mine15:58
raphinkwhat's great with Perl is the CPAN15:58
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dasunsrule320 0 * * * root /usr/bin/nightly.sh >> /home/cmsgs/logs/cmsgsteam-nightly-log.txt 2>&116:03
dasunsrule32that should be fine in cron.d, correct?16:03
RoAkSoAxmdeslaur: /win 216:04
RoAkSoAxmdeslaur: sorry :)16:04
awantiCan we able manage ubuntu machines from sapcewalk? Is it possible?16:04
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* mdeslaur pokes RoAkSoAx with stick16:04
dasunsrule32ok, cool16:04
awantiIs any buddy can help to solve this! Space walk installation on Ubuntu16:15
Roasted_I'm a little confused. I thought I successfully bonded my two NIC's together, but "eth1" still pulls a separate DHCP address. What can I do?16:19
dasunsrule32Roasted_: this is what I did awhile back, http://goo.gl/xAhuQ16:20
Roasted_ohhh! I need bond0:016:21
Roasted_be nice if the guide I read said that <_<16:21
Roasted_dasunsrule32, would they each have the same IP tho? Can I use the same static IP for both?16:21
dasunsrule32bond0:0 is a new virtual adapter16:22
dasunsrule32just use bond016:22
Roasted_but I did...16:23
Roasted_I used bond0 and that was it16:23
Roasted_the entire bottom with bond0:0 I didn't have, yet eth1 was pulling DHCP addresses.16:23
dasunsrule32then don't assign bond0 an ip, and only assign bond0:0 an ip16:23
Roasted_I'm lost...16:23
Roasted_why only 0:016:23
dasunsrule32depends on what kind of bond you're doing16:24
dasunsrule32mine was not failover16:24
dasunsrule32which sounds like what you want16:24
Roasted_I just want to boost the speed16:24
Roasted_this server is handling LTSP thin clients16:24
Roasted_so I'd like to use both gig NICs instead of just 1 since the hardware is there to utilize16:24
dasunsrule32you should get 4 nic's then16:24
patdk-wk:x doesn't exists, it's only kept for backwards compatability from iproute2 to ifconfig16:25
Roasted_I don't have 416:25
Roasted_I have 216:25
dasunsrule32and have two pairs16:25
Roasted_so I'd like to hook up 216:25
dasunsrule32for failover16:25
Roasted_"getting 4" isn't really an option.16:25
dasunsrule32you would only need to get two :p16:25
Roasted_is not an option16:25
Roasted_I have 2 to work with16:25
Roasted_why is one pulling DHCP?16:26
dasunsrule32I changed the config a bit since then, let me look16:26
dasunsrule32one sec16:26
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dasunsrule32Roasted_: http://pastebin.com/2DdC8QiA16:33
dasunsrule32something like that should work16:33
dasunsrule32you have to specify that adapter to be static16:34
dasunsrule32if you have inet dhcp, that's what you'll get16:34
dasunsrule32make sure ou have the bonding module loaded16:35
dasunsrule32lsmod |grep -i bond16:35
dasunsrule32make sure our switch supports 802.3ad too16:36
dasunsrule32it should16:36
dasunsrule32this one would be better, forgot some address info: http://pastebin.com/AFFSxaCw16:40
dasunsrule32something like that16:40
dasunsrule32anyway, good luck16:40
dasunsrule32back to work16:40
petanican all help me16:42
petanithis about for php-gd not support to anti aliasing image16:42
DrDetroitis it possible to run ubuntu-server with a gui?17:29
smoserDrDetroit, yes.17:42
smosersudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop17:42
DrDetroitthank you17:44
DrDetroitI have server installed but I dont uinderstand the update manager, so I thought if I could get one that was like my desktop updater that would be ok17:44
patdk-wkapt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade17:48
patdk-wkwell, maybe a reboot17:49
PiciDrDetroit: What part of the update process is confusing?17:49
DrDetroitI dont understand why it tells me that some pkgs will be held back17:50
DrDetroitin my ubuntu desktop the update manager just tells me i have updates and i just install them17:50
DrDetroitin my server, it confuses me as to what I should be doing17:51
DrDetroitI am not that smart17:51
patdk-wkno, it warns about held packages too, but defaults to installing them17:51
patdk-wkheld back is cause it is installing a NEW package, that didn't exist before17:51
DrDetroitmaybe i will boot up the server again and see how many updates it wants to do now17:51
patdk-wklike a new kernel17:51
DrDetroiti have not been using it cause I was confused17:51
patdk-wkupgrade won't install them, dist-upgrade will17:52
DrDetroiti think i read somewhere i can configure it to automatically update itself without me being involved, is that correct?17:52
Picidist-upgrade isn't for ugprading to a new release, its for whactly what patdk-wk just said,.17:52
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.17:52
Roasted_Would anybody have any experience with bonding network interfaces? I tried to bond them based on an official Ubuntu guide but I'm not really getting anywhere with it.17:53
DrDetroitits not that I want to upgrade, i have 10.04 LTS17:53
DrDetroiti just want it to stay current17:53
patdk-wkRoasted_, several17:53
Roasted_several what?17:53
PiciDrDetroit: apt-get update will only upgrade packages that are already installed.  If one of those packages now depends on a new package that you don't have installed it will be held back.  Thats what dist-upgrade is for.17:54
SlybootsHello, Im curious.. got a bit of "weird" trafic on my firewall logs and Im trying to do some sniffing to see.. what it actually is17:55
SlybootsNow I've fired up tcpdump, but it doesnt seem to output anything usful.. I was expecting it to output the sort of thing you would get with Wireshark17:55
centHOGGhi, freenas to ubuntu server18:05
gdi2kHi, my syslog is showing a lot of messages relating to issues with ata3, but I'm not sure how to relate that to the disk device names (/dev/sda etc.) - any suggestions?18:07
centHOGGhello.... hello (echo)18:13
centHOGGhi, freenas to ubuntu server18:17
PiciThats not a question.18:17
centHOGGmany q18:17
PiciDon't ask to ask, just ask.18:17
DrDetroitPici: thanks for the info, I have started up aptitude again to see if I can understand it better18:17
centHOGGdo you use ubuntu server as a nas18:18
ikoniacentHOGG: not at this moment, I have used it as such in the past18:21
DrDetroitPici: apprecitate the help, I have 45 security updates and 50 upgrades to do, but I did figure it out with your help and the help pages18:31
PiciDrDetroit: good to hear :)18:31
DrDetroitI am hoping this will make a excellent replacement for my front end machine, which is the firewall, web and mail server for me18:32
DrDetroitmy old one has been running since 02 and is getting long in the tooth18:32
robbiewzul: I'm assuming the netboot testing was for x86 and i386 only, right?18:49
zulrobbiew: yep thats what i have :)18:53
robbiewzul: and frankly all we care about at this point18:53
zulrobbiew: ding ding18:54
DrDetroitHow does ubuntu-server display the very nifty system information when I first log into it?19:44
DrDetroitI would like to be able to do that whenever I want, not just when starting up19:44
jkgDrDetroit: landscape-sysinfo19:46
DrDetroitthanks so much!!19:47
jkg(for the rest of the MOTD contents, see files in /etc/update-motd.d/ that generate each piece :-))19:47
DrDetroitwill do, thank you19:47
DrDetroitok now i need to configure my eth019:51
DrDetroitfor my local network19:51
DrDetroitback to reading19:51
kerneloops_hello guys20:19
kerneloops_Can I change screen resolution in Ubuntu server?20:20
kerneloops_with sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:20
artuioi can't able to install post fix i got this error20:20
artuioi got this error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/585025/20:21
artuiowhat i have to do ?20:21
guntbertkerneloops_: very few people run a server with a GUI, so prepare for patience :-)20:23
kerneloops_guntbert: nice one20:23
guntbertartuio: in my opinion the  »  and -> characters are wrong, delete them and try again20:25
kerneloops_guntbert: <holstein> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution20:26
kerneloops_that not X :P20:26
guntbertkerneloops_: of course, but you were specifically asking about X (or so I understood at least)20:27
kerneloops_yeah my bad20:28
guntbertkerneloops_: if you want to go that way remember that grub2 is configured differently20:28
kerneloops_guntbert: sudo nano /etc/default/grub20:30
guntbertkerneloops_: right, but might want to try it first from the grub menu without changing any files,   -- and afterwards run sudo update-grub20:31
artuiowell guntbert20:44
artuioi try this one :http://paste.ubuntu.com/585034/20:44
artuionot working too20:44
artuioi got this error now http://paste.ubuntu.com/585035/ guntbert20:44
guntbertartuio: there are still :     ->        characters are wrong, delete them and try again20:46
artuiono not20:46
artuiosee this http://paste.ubuntu.com/585034/20:47
artuiothis is the syntax20:47
artuioand this one http://paste.ubuntu.com/585035/  is the output of that20:47
artuiowhere you see -> ?20:47
artuiowell i find it just to need to » by '20:48
artuioand woking20:48
artuiothanks for your participation20:48
guntbertartuio: glad you worked it out :-)20:51
artuioan other thing20:54
artuiois it easy is it easy to script all my work ?20:54
artuioi mean automate the installation of all things20:55
PleXsanyone can tell me a good proxy server? :)21:02
kerneloops_PleXs: open proxy?21:02
guntbertPleXs: nearly everybody uses squid21:02
kerneloops_oh :P21:02
kerneloops_you want to setup one21:02
kerneloops_I would learn to setup a vpn instead21:02
PleXsno I want to limit internet wifi use21:03
guntbertkerneloops_: those two tasks are not related (in my opinion)21:03
PleXsand use IPSec tunnel to use full option internet :)21:03
PleXsand local lan21:04
PleXsguntbert, you would advice squid ?21:04
guntbertPleXs: I don't know any other - so yes - if the idea of "web proxy" suits your needs at all21:05
bastidrazori'm installing 10.04.2 server and what application does it use for the dns server?21:06
guntbertbastidrazor: Ubuntu ships with BIND (Berkley Internet Naming Daemon)  (from https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dns.html )21:08
bastidrazorokay, i'm used to unbound. i guess a little learning can't hurt on bind.21:09
bastidrazorthanks guntbert21:09
guntbertbastidrazor: :)21:09
macrocosmugh... when will the php gd thing end! lol21:20
guntbertmacrocosm: wrong window?21:22
macrocosmno lol21:22
macrocosmubuntu ships with a very old gd21:22
macrocosmjust gets old recompiling php every time I use ubuntu21:23
patdk-laphmm, why recompile it?21:24
patdk-lapwhy not just package it, and be done with it21:24
macrocosmbecause you cannot update it21:24
patdk-lapsure you can21:24
patdk-lapI do all the time21:24
macrocosmany instructions on the net? ive looked everywhere and tried a lot of things . best is usually to recompile21:24
macrocosmthere is a debian fix .. but that broke some other things on my system21:25
macrocosmhmm ... will look into it .. thanks for the tip21:26
macrocosmpatdk-lap ... what do you mean by "package it" doesnt really do much in google search.21:28
mok0Is there a system-wide way to autostart a notification system for all users when they log on to the console? (Other than writing to every users autostart directory)21:33
mok0The program I need to start is a disk-quota warning system, it will pop up notifications at fixed intervals prompting you to clear out diskspace if you've exceeded the soft quota limit21:36
mok0I don't want the users to be able to switch off the autostarted program via their System->Preferences thing21:37
mok0... and it should work for both Gnome and KDE users...21:38
kerneloops_acpi-support shouldn't I use this in my old ubuntu server machine?21:40
ScottKHow old?21:41
kerneloops_ScottK: 10 years old maybe21:42
kerneloops_or 1121:42
ScottKAnything made 2000 or after should be ~OK.21:43
ScottK<< 2000, no.21:43
kerneloops_ScottK: when I shutdown it continues turned on21:43
kerneloops_at least the fans21:43
kerneloops_need to press down power button until it shuts down21:43
kerneloops_need to find motherboard manual for it21:44
kerneloops_holy 107mb the old kernel21:48
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kerneloops_how can I upload a file to my SSH server?21:52
kerneloops_with scp?21:52
semiosiskerneloops_: yeah scp can do that22:02
iggiCan anyone help me with some shell scripting22:06
kerneloops_semiosis: having trouble because of spaces in file path22:07
semiosisyou can put a backslash (\) in front of the space, or enclose the whole filename in quotes " or '22:08
kerneloops_semiosis: i am using scp filepath user@host -P portnumber22:08
semiosiswell you also need a colon (:) after user@host to tell scp that it is a remote location, like this...22:09
semiosisscp "/path/to/file with spaces" user@host:22:09
kerneloops_semiosis: it's over lan22:10
semiosisthat will put the file in user's home directory on host22:10
kerneloops_do i need to use it?22:10
semiosiswithout the colon scp will make a local copy to a file named user@host, just like regular cp22:10
semiosisyou can specify a particular file to write to after the colon as well, like this...22:10
semiosisscp "/path/to/file with spaces" "user@host:/tmp/remote copy of file"22:10
semiosisi think that will work, you can also read the scp manual (command: man scp) for more details22:11
kerneloops_semiosis: I need to change the port22:12
kerneloops_portnumber: No such file or directory22:12
semiosisscp -P 22222 "/path/to/file with spaces" "user@host:/tmp/remote copy of file"22:13
kerneloops_thanks a lot semiosis :)22:13
semiosischeck the scp manual, in your shell with command "man scp" or here http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/maverick/en/man1/scp.1.html22:13
semiosisgood luck, i have to go22:13
semiosisyou're welcome :)22:14
DrDetroitIs a ubuntu server running at 55C too hot?22:16
kerneloops_that's hot22:17
kerneloops_r u in hell22:17
DrDetroitmy desktop runs at 65C22:17
DrDetroitjust trying to decide if i should move the server to a larger case with more and bigger fans22:18
DrDetroitI run them with the cases open22:18
DrDetroitjust cause they seem to get too hot when enclosed22:18
kerneloops_DrDetroit: maybe it's time to use a good cooling system22:22
kerneloops_there is a channel about ##hardware22:23
DrDetroitkerneloops: these are just junker machines I make out of old stuff, the reason server runs hot is that the ps sits right underneat the ps in the mini tower22:24
DrDetroitI am considering moving it to a large tower case with 4 fans22:24
DrDetroitwhere the cpu will sit away from the ps22:25
kerneloops_what is ps22:25
DrDetroitpower supply22:25
DrDetroiti am too poor to buy new stuff22:25
kerneloops_im having fun with a computer i found in the garbage22:26
DrDetroitmine are all garbage22:26
kerneloops_even the main one?22:26
DrDetroitmy main box (firewall, mail server, webserver is a pentium 222:26
DrDetroitbeen running since 02 without a hitch22:26
DrDetroitalso does dhcp22:26
DrDetroitfor my home network22:26
DrDetroitbut i figure eventually it will fail and i want to have a replacement ready22:27
DrDetroitit runs redhat 7.322:27
* DrDetroit giggles22:27
kerneloops_u are too leet for me22:27
DrDetroiti have servers running rh7.3 debian 3, 4, 5 and freebsd 6 and this ubuntu 10.04 desktop and now a ubuntu 10.04 server22:28
kerneloops_im using 10.10 sv22:28
kerneloops_just for fun22:28
DrDetroitthats all this is, just for fun22:28
kerneloops_to learn and get used to cli22:29
DrDetroiti used to own and run a rural isp and I hate to forget all that I leared in the old days22:29
DrDetroitso i like to continue to make and run servers to keep my hand in the game, so to speak22:29
kerneloops_u r pro22:30
DrDetroit my chat server runs on debian22:30
DrDetroiti swim in the shallow end of the gene pool22:30
* DrDetroit grins22:30
kerneloops_I am trying to make soundcard work22:58
kerneloops_aplay -l shows22:58
kerneloops_card 0: SI7018 [SiS SI7018], device 0: trident_dx_nx [Trident 4DWave]22:58
kerneloops_  Subdevices: 32/3222:58
DrDetroitI have no clue23:03
WinstonSmithKIT KIT23:21
WinstonSmithsry wrong tab23:21
kerneloops_may I safetly remove /root/.aptitude ?23:37
kerneloops_I uninstalled it23:37
Slyboots_kerneloops_: It might implode the universe23:38
kerneloops_big bang?23:38
Slyboots_Kind of..23:39
Slyboots_So if you dont mind killing everything, you can delete it23:39
kerneloops_Slyboots_: config file is empty and i purged aptitude23:39
kerneloops_i use apt-get23:39
Slyboots_Aye delete it, odds are its just configuration23:40
kerneloops_i'll leave it anyway23:40
kerneloops_yes it is23:40
=== DrDetroit is now known as DrD_away

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