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jibelprimes2h1, ping09:58
primes2h1jibel: ping11:34
jibelprimes2h1, Hi11:35
primes2h1Hello jibel11:35
jibelprimes2h1, I've added the following milestones to the tracker:11:36
jibellucid final11:36
jibelmaverick final11:36
jibelwell, lucid 10.04.211:36
jibeland Natty Beta 111:36
jibelI kept the fake release11:37
jibeldo you want to make them visible now or wait for your announcement ?11:37
primes2h1jibel: I was wondering where they were but now I know ;-)11:37
jibelalso, I'll ask to rise the priority of the update of the tracker because it is the on 15th position in the queue11:37
primes2h1jibel: It would be better to rise it because the filter patch is really important11:38
primes2h1jibel:Now it shows all releases11:38
jibelprimes2h1, yeah, I know its not really nice.11:39
primes2h1jibel: when do you think we can have patches applied in your opinion?11:40
jibelprimes2h1, it was supposed to be earlier this week.11:40
primes2h1jibel: please ask for rising priority, then you can make Lucid and Maverick visible11:41
jibelprimes2h1, k11:41
primes2h1jibel: and I think it's better to keep Beta 1 hidden until it'll be released11:42
jibelprimes2h1, sure thing11:42
primes2h1jibel: in the announcement I'm going to specify that people can start testing stable releases and Natty fake one this week to help testing the tracker11:44
primes2h1until Beta 111:44
primes2h1Then the fake one must be deleted from the db11:44
primes2h1jibel: please tell whoever is responsible for the patches  that  the blueprint have high priority https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntutheproject-qa-n-laptop-testing-tracker11:46
primes2h1jibel: thanks11:47
* primes2h1 goes to lunch11:51
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jibelprimes2h1, hi again, can you check http://laptop.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/ ?16:53
primes2h1jibel: Now it seems to be ok, except for this bug #74184016:56
ubot4`Launchpad bug 741840 in ubuntu-qa-website "Tested releases display are shown twice under a particular circumstance. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74184016:56
primes2h1jibel: it shows twice for a particular circumstance16:56
primes2h1when you'll delete the fake milestone, it's going to be ok.16:57
primes2h1jibel: btw, I have already proposed a patch16:58
primes2h1jibel: have you already been notified of this?16:58
primes2h1jibel: sorry for that, but this bug showed up today, milestones are usually intended to be added in temporal order.17:04
primes2hjibel: ping20:22

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