hamitronbah, just cba00:01
hamitronya know the feeling when there are things you want to do00:01
hamitronjust can't be bothered00:01
shaunoit is midnight, which always makes procrastination a sane option00:02
dwatkinsWhy do today what you can put off until tomorrow?00:04
hamitronso true, only I seem to be doing that most days with some stuff00:07
dwatkinsI have a long list of stuff to do, and sometimes I manage to make it smaller, but most days it just gets longer and I do the stuff that's urgent. I should really set aside time to do the less urgent stuff.00:13
dwatkinsIn other news, I require sleep, be seeing you :)00:13
directhexhamitron, depression?00:25
hamitrondirecthex: don't think so, just a lack of interest00:30
hamitronand lack of urgancy00:30
hamitronthings that don't need doing and I hate doing, often never get done00:31
shaunogrr.  don't like sites that automatically try to submit a textbox when I hit enter00:43
shaunoleaving a comment on stack exchange, I had to go back and edit it 3 times because I do tend to type in well-formed paragraphs :/00:44
hamitronanyone tried CAELinux?00:45
shaunonever heard of it00:51
hamitronbased on ubuntu with loads of nice engineering stuff00:56
shaunonever understood why things like that put the effort into being their own distro.  surely it'd be easier to have a repo & a metapackage00:58
hamitronI can't find the mini.iso download page01:02
hamitrongoogle \o/01:03
HazRPGhmm, currently trying to make my own calibre news recipe01:04
HazRPGI think I may have just made my first calibre recipe!01:46
HazRPGshauno: you got an eReader of some description?01:50
shaunowas considering getting an ipad when they come out on friday, but decided I'd be better off replacing my laptop first01:51
shauno(still tempted, but gotta wait to see what the taxman does to me first)01:52
hamitronhe will rape you like normal ;/01:53
shaunoworse than normal :(  my next pay packet is for 10 weeks worth of salary01:53
hamitronI'm considering getting a new bike01:54
shaunowhich means I get to pay the "harder, harder" bracket on atleast half of that01:54
hamitronmotorbike that is01:54
hamitronI have a small 125cc that uses hardly any fuel, but is slow... and a classic bigger bike that uses more than a car01:56
hamitronthinking I could get something to go somewhere between the 2 for general use01:56
HazRPGhmm... having a hard time working this out :/02:50
HazRPGmanaged to make a recipe to download planet ubuntu-uk02:50
HazRPGhowever, I would like it to parse the author's name though02:50
HazRPGof the article, and maybe a link for those that have internet-enabled readers02:51
HazRPG(link to the actual article, or even the author's site if one is in the RSS)02:51
ali1234why don't you use the rss feed02:52
shaunoslow night :/03:42
HazRPGali1234: I am, but calibre's automagic way doesn't automatically include the author's name nor link04:01
HazRPGit just seems to ignore those tags04:01
HazRPGI've gave up on that for now though04:01
HazRPGcurrently trying to filter through and remove crud from an arabic news feed04:02
HazRPGbecause I really do want to improve my arabic reading skills04:02
HazRPGconsidering it takes me 3hrs to read maybe a 5 page kids book04:03
HazRPGso far looking good, managed to get rid of A LOT of the random crap  that seems to get placed around04:03
HazRPGcan't seem to get rid of the tweet link, because it doesn't use a regular CSS expression in the html04:04
HazRPGinstead of using a class, etc04:04
HazRPGits using the style tag for just that one section, and seems like they just c&p-ed code for that bit04:04
HazRPG... I bet you after all this work I find out that when it does compile properly that it doesn't work on my kindle due to lack of fonts :/04:05
HazRPG*facepalm* it doesn't pick up the arabic fonts (just tested before I go further with this)04:06
shaunoI tend to just use google reader, but it doesn't handle duplicates nicely04:14
HazRPGshauno: you mean duplicate feeds?04:16
shaunowell, specifically with planets, it's perfectly normal for the same post to show up on more than one04:17
shaunoso if someone's aggregated on more than one planet, I'll get their post multiple times04:18
HazRPGI worded that badly, I mean two two of the same RSS feeds being added by mistake (e.g. I subscribe to PUUK, then manually added it because I thought it wasn't already there)04:18
HazRPGoh, I see04:18
HazRPGI don't think any RSS reader removes duplicates in that sense, because in essence they're different feeds04:19
shaunoI'm sure they could be cleverer about it if they tried, it's just a pretty fringe case for most users04:20
shaunoit's not so normal to subscribe to an aggregator in your aggregator :)04:20
HazRPGhow dis-concerning... apparently I can't convert a pdf version of the mobi that I just created of this arabic news site :S04:20
HazRPGyeah, that's true04:21
HazRPGwell there's 2 hours creating a recipe to grab arabic news into a document that I won't get back :/04:22
HazRPGthe result so far is almost close to being perfect - aside for the fact that it won't create a pdf version of it04:23
shaunowhy do you need pdf? surely that's the worst format for an ereader?04:23
HazRPGshauno: my ereader doesn't support arabic as a readable language :/04:23
HazRPGit just came up in gibberish04:24
HazRPGthought I'd test it before I waste more time on getting it to perfection, considering I got most of the major stuff out04:24
HazRPGall google searches I've done point me to believe that pdf is the only way until someone hacks arabic into it04:25
shaunohm, okay04:25
HazRPGseems amazon.co.uk sell their arabic books in pdf form (but they don't have many)04:25
shaunoso what's the blocker converting to pdf ?04:25
HazRPGthat's just it... there are no errors, just a blank document that's 0 bytes04:26
HazRPGI know04:26
shaunodoes the intermediary have to be .mobi ?04:27
HazRPGits almost like its gone through "don't know any of those characters... erm... okay... nope still nothing..." and just finishes04:27
HazRPGwell since it's a kindle that's plugged in, it does .mobi by default04:27
HazRPGthe commands I've been using was to produce the pdf to force it to grab and pull straight to pdf04:28
HazRPGthat didn't do anything, so I thought I'd make a mobi which grabs fine, and then convert it to pdf... but it doesn't like that04:29
shaunobut if the mobi isn't being sent to the kindle, then it being kindle-native is kinda irrelevant04:29
HazRPGoh no, the mobi looks fine on the desktop - its just scrambled on the kindle04:30
shaunofair enough04:31
shaunocurious why you're stuck on using the one tool that's proving itself not to work, but have at it :)04:31
HazRPGI have a feeling we're confusing each other here lol04:32
shaunoI think you need to find a workflow that gives you a little more control over the pdf creation04:34
shaunospecifically, font embedding, because so far it sounds like that's where the kindle is lacking with it's native format04:35
shauno(gibberish being it's putting multibyte characters on the screen, but doesn't have the correct glyphs available to represent them with)04:35
HazRPGas far as I know calibre just makes an svg (or other for devices that don't support that) images04:35
shaunowhich pdf works around because it has the option of embedding fonts into the document itself, rather than requiring them to exist on the device04:36
HazRPGyeah, flash does the same04:36
HazRPGand I knew that :P04:37
HazRPGjust a case of working out what to pull this document as, and what to convert it with I guess?04:37
shaunowell, if the tool you're using to convert the intermediary to pdf with isn't letting you do that ... find one that will04:37
HazRPGthe best x -> pdf tool, and see if calibre will pull x04:37
HazRPGmaths is always the best way to explain :)04:38
shaunoI can't seem to find a straight answer on whether debian uses this upstart nonsense :/04:48
HazRPGerm... ... ... ?04:56
HazRPGI'll bite, what's upstart?04:57
shaunothe stuff they replaced sysvinit with04:57
HazRPGoh right04:58
HazRPGsort of with you now...04:58
shaunoI need a vm pulled down to the bare minimum for something.  kinda irks me how cluttered a 'base' install is now04:59
shaunoa 'minimal' debian install has about 55 processes running straight off the bat.  that's madness05:00
HazRPGthere's talk about it in upstart in the debian mailing list... however this was posted in 2009 and its basically a guy saying there could be an alternative they could use to sysvinit...05:01
shaunoyeah, that's what I got too.  there's a post in 2009 explaining all the wonderous things upstart's going to do for them05:01
shaunoand then one in 2010 asking if anyone's actually started working on it yet05:02
HazRPGnot as bad as some windows "minimal" installs :P05:02
shaunoI dunno, it's getting close05:02
shaunofresh from boot with "nothing" running, 97 of 256Mb used05:03
HazRPGit'll never be close, by the time the next windows ships... debian will still be smaller :P05:03
HazRPGfresh from boot in windows... usually about 5 times that ;)05:04
shaunoyou'd think with a million and one distros out there, someone would make a "grumpy old man linux" :)05:04
HazRPGtechnically there is :P - damn small linux05:05
shaunoyeah, I don't want busybox :p05:05
HazRPGhang on a sec... your by no means an old man :P05:07
shaunoI've enough grumpy to make up for it05:08
HazRPGjoin the club ;p05:08
shaunothe first box I ran linux on, they told me it wouldn't work because it required 4Mb.  I figured out it was only the installer than required 4Mb, and got it going in 3Mb by using two floppy drives instead of 1+ramdisk05:09
HazRPGyou know it's a bad sign when you start yelling "turn that loud music down!"05:09
HazRPGha nice05:09
shaunoI'm not quite as bad as hamitron; I'm fine with the desktop swimming around in as much as ram as it can get it's mits on05:10
shaunobut when a 'minimal base' ties up 100Mb, it's off to a bad start05:10
ali1234grumpy old man linux = slackware or debian05:10
shaunothis is debian :/05:11
ali1234just uninstall the things you don't need05:11
shaunothat's what I'm doing atm05:12
HazRPGtrue grumpy old man linux shouldn't require you to remove, only to add05:12
ali1234you need slackware then05:12
shaunoluckily it's not using upstart yet, so it's really easy to make sane05:13
HazRPGI have thought about it05:13
shaunorm /etc/rc2.d/*05:13
ali1234also, good luck fitting 64 bit glibc and coreutils in 4mb of anything05:13
shaunoif I want services I'll ask for them :(05:13
* HazRPG hands shauno a partly grumpy (old) man medal05:14
* HazRPG then runs and hides just in case05:15
HazRPGah, humbug!05:15
HazRPGfigured out what the problem was05:15
HazRPGcalibre uses a different version of the /usr/share file05:15
HazRPGits a custom one, but isn't included in the deb...05:16
HazRPGor even the repo for that matter05:16
HazRPG(presumingly because it'll break a different app that exports to pdf)05:17
HazRPGmight have to do like popey and build straight from source05:17
HazRPGconsidering other tools don't seem to be up to the task either :/05:17
shauno8Mb used off a fresh boot.  that's a bit more like it :)  97Mb my *cough*05:20
HazRPGgrats dude05:24
shaunoftp.kernel.org doesn't work anymore?  oh come on05:29
MartijnVdSmorning everyone05:29
HazRPGMartijnVdS: mornin squire05:29
HazRPGshauno: works fine here05:30
* MartijnVdS listens to (warning, starts with 30s of Dutch) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAe04td7YCw05:30
shaunofunky, I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/584636/05:31
MartijnVdSshauno: looks like they'r edoing maintenance or something05:31
MartijnVdSshauno: or maybe they prefer http now05:31
MartijnVdSshauno: http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/linux-
HazRPGshauno: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584637/05:32
MartijnVdSshauno, HazRPG: Looks like a karma issue then ;)05:32
shaunoheh, cheers both05:32
HazRPGshauno: try pub3.kernel.org instead05:33
shaunodid :)05:33
shaunoit's coming down atm05:33
MartijnVdSbut.. why use a 30-year old protocol when a 15-year old one is better (and available)05:34
HazRPGcos ftp wins?05:34
MartijnVdSftp = teh suck compared to http05:34
MartijnVdSat least for servers05:35
shaunoI'd have to go grab elinks, and a whole bunch of deps05:35
MartijnVdSshauno: wget05:35
MartijnVdSor lftp05:35
HazRPGwas just about to say wget should do it05:35
shaunowget doesn't have 'ls' :)05:35
MartijnVdS(which is multiproto)05:35
MartijnVdSshauno: lftp :)05:35
MartijnVdSor, in the case of kernels, git ;)05:35
shaunolol, I don't need git05:35
shaunoI've very little reason for breaking "the way it's always been done" just to squeeze in whatever's trendy05:36
HazRPGwhich is why I still prefer irc \o/05:37
shaunoftp's pretty braindead as protocols go, but it's fantastically interactive05:37
MartijnVdSshauno: ah, you cook on a log fire?05:37
shaunono, I got a wife05:38
MartijnVdSshauno: so? this is the 21th century. I'd cook if I had a wife :)05:38
HazRPGMartijnVdS: heh, I use to when I had a long-standing gf05:39
shaunohere's my nod to modern.  I'll make menuconfig :)05:40
MartijnVdSshauno: Woo. Not xconfig?05:41
shaunoI has no X05:41
MartijnVdSwow, retro05:42
shaunoit's a VM .. it doesn't need X.  it just needs sshd :)05:43
HazRPGMartijnVdS: that radio guy almost sounds like he has two different voices (when switching between english to the other language I quite pinpoint)05:43
MartijnVdSHazRPG: lots of people do05:43
MartijnVdSHazRPG: he's well-known for linksyncing (and playing airguitar/air-drums, etc.) on-webcam :)05:44
MartijnVdSlinksyncing? lipsyncing05:44
HazRPGI'd disagree, I just sound like I'm throating everything when I speak arabic - but my accent is pretty much the same :P05:44
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Sure but I'm guessing you've had more practice than he's had05:45
HazRPGoh, his english isn't bad... I just mean its almost sounds like he has a split personality lol05:46
MartijnVdSHazRPG: hm.. now that you say that... ;)05:46
MartijnVdSI have his book (full of "Top 11" lists for all occasions, and stories about his life)05:47
HazRPGany good?05:48
MartijnVdS("I'll see what I can do", a DJ euphemism meaning "No" but which avoids getting beaten up by partygoers)05:48
MartijnVdSit's great :)05:48
HazRPGheh, I've used that excuse before xD05:49
HazRPGwow, I think I'm running on the least number of tabs for a long time05:50
HazRPGI have like 7 currently :o05:50
MartijnVdSHazRPG: quick! open reddit05:51
HazRPGnah, gonna read I, Robot by Isaac Asimov :)05:53
MartijnVdSgood choice05:54
HazRPGwhich my googling says is the first of the robots series05:54
HazRPGand consists of several shorts :)05:54
HazRPGgot all of asimov's stuff on here :)05:55
MartijnVdSI couldn't get through the Foundation series05:55
HazRPGI've read later stuff, just didn't realise it was part of a series until I found them on gutenberg.org05:55
MartijnVdSThey're on gutenberg?05:56
HazRPGWas it that bad?05:56
MartijnVdSAren't they too new for that?05:56
MartijnVdSNo it's just.. I don't know.. long-winded05:56
HazRPGfirst one was in the 40's 50's05:56
MartijnVdSHazRPG: yeah they're post-WW205:56
MartijnVdSHazRPG: copyright extends 70 years.05:56
MartijnVdS(at least)05:56
HazRPGdefinitely got them from here though :P05:57
Myrttithere's only one of his there05:57
HazRPGhmm apparently I didn't...05:57
* HazRPG tries to think what other site he got it from05:57
MartijnVdSHazRPG: ebook-warez.com?05:58
* shauno fires warning shots across HazRPG's bow05:59
MartijnVdSHazRPG: amazon?05:59
HazRPGhmm, can't find where I got it from now :/06:01
shaunosomeone really needs to spoof pirates of the caribbean, with somalis downloading cars.06:01
shaunonot entirely sure how that'd work, but if they could wrangle keira & depp back into it, people would show up regardless06:02
shaunosomehow the mental picture I get is very similar to top gear sailing a pickup truck across the channel.06:04
HazRPGheh, well apparently it was in a collection of other books that are in the public domain06:06
HazRPGclearly not all in there are public domain :/06:06
HazRPGthankfully the rest of them are06:07
HazRPGMyrtti: morning btw :)06:09
shaunocan't believe it's 6am already :/06:10
MartijnVdSdo mrt 24 07:10:49 CET 201106:10
shaunothat's what I said, 6am :p06:11
HazRPGshauno: indeed06:11
shaunotimezones should be banned.  they're evil, evil things06:12
* HazRPG still thinks @internet time should have taken off by now06:12
HazRPGor swatch beats06:13
shaunoI didn't like swatch time.  it seemed to be breaking things for the sole point of breaking them06:13
HazRPGwhatever it was called06:13
HazRPGI really like it06:13
HazRPGI still confuse people to this day with it06:13
* HazRPG stares at his clock on gnome which he configured one panel to have swatch beats06:14
MartijnVdSHazRPG: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swatch_Internet_Time ?06:14
HazRPGMartijnVdS: that's the one06:14
MartijnVdSPeople still use that? :)06:14
HazRPGI do :P06:15
HazRPGmy website does...06:15
shauno3 people do.  and haz is 2 of them.06:15
MartijnVdSshauno: you're the other one?06:15
shaunohah, no06:16
HazRPGshauno: 2 guesses, and your first is mickey mouse?06:16
MartijnVdSTime for tea.06:16
shaunoday/1000 doesn't seem anywhere near granular enough for anything I actually use time for06:17
HazRPGMartijnVdS: see that just sounds wrong at this time of morning to most folk here in the UK06:17
HazRPGshauno: only because your not use to it06:17
MartijnVdSHazRPG: What would they drink to wake up then?06:18
MyrttiHazRPG: ohai.06:18
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Assuming coffee = teh evils06:18
shaunoa shift would be 333.33 beats?06:18
HazRPGMartijnVdS: when someone says they're going for tea, usually means they're about to have dinner (which to me sounds stupid)06:19
MartijnVdSHazRPG: I'm going to brew me a large pot of tea then :)06:20
HazRPGMartijnVdS: when they mean they're about to drink tea, they usually use either "gonna pop the kettle on" or "going to make a cuppa"06:20
shauno7am would be time for a cuppa, and leave the 'evil' of choice to ambiguity :)06:20
HazRPGMartijnVdS: see, shauno just proved that xD06:21
shaunotoo early for elevenses, too liquid for for breakfast06:21
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Strange island-people :)06:21
shaunopft.  claim coffee is evil, and then call /us/ strange!06:21
HazRPGMartijnVdS: personally "going to make tea" is a perfectly normal english sentence when you mean actual "tea"... I find it odd that it gets referenced for food06:21
HazRPGMartijnVdS: also, coffee is the bees knees!06:22
HazRPGshauno: yeah, but you seriously don't know how much confusion and heart-ache I caused when I kept using food times wrong to people when I moved back06:23
shaunotea time is largely archaic, where a pot of tea would come with dinky lil sammiches06:23
HazRPG"going for lunch" apparently is a wrong phrase to use for getting food at lunch time06:23
HazRPGshauno: agreed06:23
shaunogoing for lunch sounds perfectly normal to me06:24
Myrttiyou should read/listen Bill Bryson's At Home: A Short History of Private Life... it has a section about dinner times06:24
HazRPGshauno: explain how "lunch time, going for my dinner" works as a sentence? Then "dinner time, time for tea :)" when no tea is ever on the table >_<06:24
shaunobecause :)06:25
HazRPGI've noticed the referencing for the "going" is always right, but then they screw it up and confuse me by placing all the wrong words afterwards!06:25
shauno(for me, dinner is the principal meal of the day, not a given meal at a give time.  so if I snack at lunch, I have dinner in the evening.  if I have a proper sunday lunch, dinner in the evening would be unthinkable)06:26
HazRPGe.g. breakfast, 11's (brunch?), lunch, dinner, supper (slash midnight feast)06:27
HazRPGshauno: see, that makes sense I guess06:27
shaunoand because it makes sense, it's probably not how anyone else sees it :)06:28
HazRPGbut breakfast, 11's, tea, dinner, supper - just sounds wrong as an order of things06:28
MartijnVdSsounds OK to me06:28
shaunobreakfast, lunch, tea (3-5pm), supper (late), and dinner is whichever is The Meal of the day06:29
HazRPGheh, see that's another concept I never fully understood either06:29
HazRPGthe timing system06:29
MartijnVdSwhat the fuzziness inherent in English timing?06:30
shaunomost likely class divides06:30
HazRPGbreakfast (5-9am), lunch (2-4pm), dinner (7-9pm), supper (anything before bed)06:30
shaunosomeone who works for a living isn't going to have a full-scale lunch.  they're going to eat whatever they can as quick as they can and get back to work06:31
MartijnVdSbecause their late/big-lunching boss tells them to06:31
shaunoof course06:31
MartijnVdS(apparently, "boss" ("baas") is the most-exported word from Dutch)06:32
shaunoor because they're sat in a tin/copper mine, and anything more than a pastie would poison them :)06:32
HazRPGshauno: heh, I always had chips/eggs/beans or similar for lunch when I was working non-IT jobs06:32
* Myrtti waits for it06:33
HazRPGMartijnVdS: and "Baas" in arabic means "stop it" :P06:33
shaunoI think that's the trick; none of this references anything remotely modern, else it'd make sense to us06:33
MartijnVdSMyrtti: SNEEZE!06:33
MyrttiMartijnVdS: not quite06:33
HazRPGMartijnVdS: :)06:33
HazRPGshauno: true...06:34
shaunoso sitting around having early afternoon tea with dinky sammiches seems as normal to us, as it would have to a coal miner at the time.06:35
HazRPGfor anyone interested, its @316 :)06:36
shaunoaltho it doesn't seem as far off as it sounds.  I have grandparents in kent, and in durham, and the difference between the two is astounding06:36
HazRPGshauno: yeah, see I think a lot of my habits when it comes to this stuff is from my dad06:37
HazRPGhe hates tea for a start... lol06:37
HazRPGcoffee is his beef (sorta speak)06:38
shaunowell, that helps06:38
MartijnVdScoffee beef?06:38
HazRPGplus he always preferred things to be either a) pronounced properly, or b) used in the right context06:38
HazRPGMartijnVdS: couldn't think of the proper slang term... so went with that ("what's your beef?")06:39
shaunothat's usually negative tho06:41
HazRPGyeah in hindsight I released that after I hit enter :/06:42
HazRPGone last thing regarding the time thing and I'll shut that case, the reason for liking swatch time is because it's a better representation of the speed that passes by in a day06:45
shaunogo on then.  what's 108,000 kmph in meters per beat.06:45
MartijnVdSshauno: wolframalpha06:46
HazRPGdoes anything actually go that fast?06:46
shaunoif beats were at all practical, that wouldn't be needed :)06:46
shaunoyes.  this planet.06:46
MartijnVdSshauno: relative to what? :)06:47
shaunoeinsteins mom, of course06:47
MartijnVdSshauno: ...06:48
HazRPGI don't do well with big numbers in all honest, was the reason I got a computer/calculator06:48
shaunoMartijnVdS: I figure anything relative has to involve einstein somehow :)  that's roughly the orbital speed06:48
ali1234multiply by 24, divide by 1 million06:49
HazRPGali1234: ...?06:49
shauno1 thousand .. beats are just day/100006:50
ali1234to convert from kmph to mpb06:50
shaunooh, million to rid the kilo too06:50
shaunofairy nuff06:50
ali1234metric fail06:50
ali1234you actually just multiply by 2406:51
ali1234because the other 1000s cancel out06:51
MartijnVdSshauno: ah, relative to the sun :)06:51
HazRPGali1234: still a big number06:51
shaunoMartijnVdS: sorry .. tis been a long day already :)06:51
ali1234it's about 2.5 million06:52
shauno24 is a huge number.  I run out of fingers well before then.06:52
MartijnVdSshauno: toes.06:52
MartijnVdSshauno: that's the trick06:52
shaunostill only takes me to 18 :(06:52
HazRPGshauno: really? I can count to 14 on one hand06:52
MartijnVdSshauno: or binary counting06:52
HazRPGmore if you count in binary on one hand...06:52
MartijnVdSyou get 10 bits06:53
MartijnVdSor 21, if you're "creative"06:53
shaunooh dear.06:53
MartijnVdS2^21 that is06:53
HazRPGshauno: count the segments on your fingers+thumb on one hand ;)06:53
HazRPGthat's what I use to do as a kid06:53
HazRPGalso learned to count that way due to religious school06:54
shaunocan't help but think it's not sane for a conversation to take this many left turns before breakfast06:55
HazRPGyour in a room full of geeks, what do ya expect :P06:56
ali1234people who can count to a higher number than what they can represent using physical appendages?06:56
AlanBellshauno: two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do06:56
shaunoheh, morning06:56
HazRPGAlanBell: morning squire :)06:57
MartijnVdSHazRPG, esq.06:57
HazRPGAlanBell: also known as U-turn :)06:57
MartijnVdSHazRPG: no, 270°06:57
MartijnVdSHazRPG: U-turns are 18006:58
HazRPGI meant the space it makes, not the physical turn itself06:59
HazRPGit made sense in my head07:00
shaunoyou've never been lost then :)  three left turns has no need to be compact07:00
HazRPGshauno: I've been lost before... but I tend to just retrace my tracks and start again07:01
shaunosounds like the least entertaining way to be lost :(07:01
HazRPGmaybe so...07:02
shaunoyou're meant to just keep claiming it's a short cut, until you stumble across something sensible07:02
HazRPGbut its entertaining to see the people in the car with me (or walking... biking, etc) to go "arghhhh... we're lost! *panic panic*"07:02
shaunothe nifty bit of living on an island, is this actually works :)07:02
HazRPGsome people don't know how to just chill sometimes :P07:02
MyrttiI wish there was a place with a proper breakfast in hereabouts07:03
MyrttiI have trouble calling a latte and croissant or small döner a breakfast07:04
HazRPGI don't know if its just a generally british thing... but I find when things don't go to plan, you just formulate a new plan on the fly to fit the needs of the situation - and so far I haven't met one brit that can do this successfully without panic-ing07:04
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Panic? Brits don't panic.07:05
MartijnVdSHazRPG: They keep calm and carry on.07:05
HazRPGMartijnVdS: clearly you haven't been in a car with my friends07:05
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Get them one of those posters07:06
shaunoMartijnVdS: that's because if we get lost, we can't accidentally end up in belgium :)07:06
shaunothe worst that can happen is we might have to admit we're lost.07:07
MartijnVdSshauno: no, just France07:07
MartijnVdSshauno: or WALES07:07
HazRPGso far I've had the car break down due to lack of fuel once before we even left the city (was planning on filling up anyways)... and everyone in the car going "oh *cough* what we going to do!?"... I just turned round said "chill... its fine", got out the car, walked to the nearest petrol station and got a tank of fuel...07:07
shaunoI've actually never been to wales :/07:07
HazRPGneither have I, now that you mention it07:08
shaunoHazRPG: I tend to tell people the only sensible course of action is to panic.  It's oddly effective at making people realise how stupid it sounds07:08
MartijnVdSshauno: "When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout"?07:08
HazRPGshauno: I tend to just say, hey its me... things will be fine... and usually does end out that way :)07:08
MyrttiI doubt you've really seen anyone get into panic properly either07:09
Myrttiit's not that commonplace07:09
HazRPGMyrtti: I lived in saudi, of course I have :P07:09
Myrttior it's not manifested outwardly07:09
MartijnVdSMyrtti: Having had full-scale panic attacks, I know what it's like..07:10
MyrttiMartijnVdS: *real* brownie points to you :-)07:10
Myrttialthough unfortunate07:11
MartijnVdSMyrtti: I can recognise & prevent them now, all is well :)07:11
HazRPGMartijnVdS: sort of had that when I was stuck in an elevator for the first time... not pleasant07:11
shaunoI think the only time I've ever seen someone genuinely lose the plot, was an odd story involving hillbillies and axes.07:12
HazRPGshauno: ah, of course... you hung around the americans for a while too :P07:12
shaunootherwise, I've been kinda surprised at how well people can cope with things they shouldn't be able to07:13
HazRPGsome acquaintances (and pretty much most people in this city) just don't seem to be able to cope with anything sadly :/07:14
MartijnVdSHazRPG: not everyone is a problem-solver07:14
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I wouldn't say I was, I've just learned over the years that getting your knickers in a twist just doesn't solve anything :P07:15
shaunoI think the oddest thing I ever saw, was my mother turn into a dictator for the afternoon when a sibling was hit by a car07:15
MartijnVdSHazRPG: You're a computer programmer, right?07:16
MartijnVdSHazRPG: That means you're a problem solver :)07:16
HazRPGshauno: ... *pause* nah that would be inappropriate to say out loud07:16
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I think logically, doubt that counts as the same thing...07:17
MartijnVdSHazRPG: it helps when "something unexpected" happens07:17
HazRPGwrap a few if statements in a loop, with a function that can adapt... and you've pretty much got my brain07:18
MartijnVdSHazRPG: omg you're an ircbot? :P07:18
HazRPGmight as well be :P07:19
MartijnVdSshauno: it explains why he never sleeps :)07:19
shaunowell I ain't no bot!07:19
HazRPGso my down-time is due to net.split?07:19
HazRPGshauno: haha you said bot!07:19
HazRPG... hmm, old joke07:20
shaunoI think I'll file that one under unhandled exception.07:21
shaunotrying to decide whether it'd be kosher to call my boss and ask him if he can drop my laptop 'round, or whether I should just get off my rear and go get it myself07:22
HazRPGweigh out the pros and cons07:23
MartijnVdSshauno: it depends.. is your boss a nice person? :)07:24
shaunoI'm lazy vs call my boss and tell him I'm lazy.07:24
HazRPGhow far would you have to travel and how long is the journey?07:24
shaunoabout 1hr20 there & back  (walking)07:24
HazRPGshauno: thought you had a car ... oh wait that's in a different state?07:24
shaunomy car's in michigan, I'm in ireland07:24
HazRPGthat's a pro right there, going to work is quicker than getting in your car :P07:25
shaunothat's one way to look at it07:25
HazRPGyeah, well it amused me :P07:25
HazRPGprobably discussed this, but can't seem to dig it up in my internal log file, why haven't you gotten a car yet?07:26
shaunoI don't need one07:27
MartijnVdSit's Ireland07:27
MartijnVdSeverything is within walking distance from the pub :P07:27
HazRPGMartijnVdS: surely that would be a better reason to have one? Considering the number of steep hills07:27
shaunoit takes me 20 minutes to get to town, 40 minutes to get to work, and it's cheaper to get a train to the airport than to pay for parking there07:27
HazRPGor at least it was like that in wicklow when I was there...07:27
HazRPGgoing to the pub from my dad's old mates house was easy... it was the stumble home up a (almost) 45' angle that was hard07:28
shaunobeing that I'm not a particularly active person, I find it more sensible to hang on to that 40 minutes of almost-exercise, than start paying lord knows what taxes/fees/duties to drive there07:28
HazRPGsee I'm too use to moving around too much, having a car just puts my mind at ease for some obscure reason07:30
shaunothe question isn't why don't I drive to work.  it's why does everyone else get a place that's so far from work :)07:30
HazRPGclearly you haven't lived in cumbria before07:31
shaunoyes, I have07:31
shaunocumbria's different.  there's no jobs, so walking vs driving to them is moot point :p07:31
HazRPGthat's my point, cumbria has no (little?) jobs going... so driving to the closest place which will give you a job is necessary07:32
HazRPGmy first job was in Penrith, which is a 25min drive away07:32
SeverianIf I wanted to install Natty with a Gnome desktop and no global menues, does anyone here think there is there an easy way to do that?07:33
HazRPGSeverian: remove unity, install gnome-desktop iirc07:34
HazRPGNatty still has gnome in the background technically07:34
AlanBellyeah, just install natty and choose classic desktop on login07:34
SeverianThat seems to get part of what I want.  I want no global menues, also07:34
ali1234then remove the global menu applet from the panel07:34
AlanBellmight have to remove something to get rid of global menus, not sure about that one07:34
MartijnVdSThe ubuntu-desktop/unity packages on natty are broken atm07:34
ali1234i might make a video on how to do it07:34
MartijnVdS(just tried an upgrade, it offered to remove them)07:35
shaunoglobal menu is easy.  remove it from the panel, and it re-appears in the app07:35
shaunoI did that by accident, and then went \o/07:35
Severianok, I'll try that on a machine tonight.  Thanks07:35
shaunoI did find that a rather worrying sign tho.  I'm a mac user, and found natty's implementation of the global menu to be awkward07:36
AlanBellwhy do mac users like global menus?07:36
HazRPGSeverian: best to point out... I wouldn't recommend installing Natty on a development PC, do it on a testing one if you can :)07:37
MartijnVdSAlanBell: Because Steve Jobs tells them to?07:37
AlanBellnever ever saw the point of having half of your application in a different place to the rest of your application07:37
ali1234it's pretty bad07:37
HazRPGAlanBell: why is ubuntu insisting on pushing for global menus?07:37
shaunoI didn't say like.  just that if I'm already used to a global menu, and still found it unusuable, I really feel sorry for everyone else it's been thrust upon07:37
ali1234and the best part is natty hides the menus until you mouse over them07:37
ali1234something about how "modern apps don't have menus"07:38
MartijnVdSHazRPG: because the design team thinks they're good07:38
MartijnVdSHazRPG: or that07:38
SeverianI have several extra computers just for testing Ubuntu.  I have been submitting qa tests on launchpad.  But, none in the natty cycle because the alternate installer has been broken.  I am waiting for the beta, so I can do some real tests.07:39
ali1234HazRPG: in short, it's because of what i've been saying for about 2 years now07:39
ali1234HazRPG: desktop is a deadend as far as selling a brand new OS goes07:39
ali1234HazRPG: the money is in appstores and mobile devices07:39
ali1234HazRPG: hence, unity is heavily designed around those devices and that workflow07:39
AlanBellfor small screens a global menu doesn't make much difference either way (so why bother) for big screens and multiscreen setups (even a simple laptop+screen or projector) they make *no* sense at all07:39
shaunowhich is why, when the headlines said they're getting ready of ubuntu-notebook and rolling it into desktop.  what they actually meant, is they're getting rid of -desktop and renaming notebook07:40
ali1234HazRPG: there's even a "apps you can download" right in the top level of the menu, while "terminal" is now about four levels deep07:40
MartijnVdSAlanBell: they're also bad when focus-follows-mouse07:40
HazRPGali1234: which is ironic, since the developers refuse to admit that07:40
SeverianI have several Ubuntu servers.  It looks like Unity will not be usable on any of them, so I am preparing for how to handle them.07:40
ali1234why would you want unity on a server?07:41
shaunoI do actually like global menus.  I just get the impression that whoever implemented them in gnome, has never actually used them  (or their own implementation, for that matter)07:42
HazRPGali1234: see I don't mind how far they hide terminal, I'll still be setting mod4+T as terminal shortcut :P07:42
ali1234HazRPG: if you search the logs of this channel you'll see me ranting about how bug 1 is out dated and irrelevant... i guess i got what i asked for :)07:42
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107:42
SeverianI don't/  But, my servers are not CPU bound and I like to vnc into some of them.  Unity does not work for thise at all.  I don't know what is going to happen when I upgrade them, so I need to plan.  And, on a new installl, I was not asked if I wanted Unity, so again, it seems like a plan is in order.07:43
HazRPGSeverian: hmm, sounds like you have the same mind-set I once had... have you actually tried managing the server without the gui?07:44
Severianali1234, Why do you think it is irrelevant?  To me, it is quite annoying that I have to build my own computer to not pay Microsoft.07:44
HazRPGali1234: yeah, bug 1 is a running joke for me... but only one of my friends seems to understand it07:45
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107:45
SeverianHazRPG, Sure.  And some servers I manage with ssh.  But, one server runs virtual machines that display graphics.  I need a desktop for that one at least.07:45
shaunowell, turning ubuntu into a netbook OS isn't going to challenge msft's desktop share :)07:46
HazRPGSeverian: hmm, iirc there's a virtualbox that runs via terminal only07:46
SeverianUnity seems more like a tablet OS than a netbook OS.07:47
HazRPGSeverian: also, might be worth looking into ESXi, etc07:47
AlanBellkvm is nice for remote graphical VMs07:47
shaunovmware-server is headless, but it's skirting the problem07:47
SeverianHazRPG, ESXi is right out.  It needs a Windows machine for management and I don't allow those on my network.07:47
AlanBellhowever I am with Severian, a gui on a server is not the end of the world07:47
shaunoyou're going to want to install it as -server and cherry-pick the desktop packages you add on07:48
MartijnVdSAlanBell: it's on the edge though :P07:48
HazRPGSeverian: ah, that's just a misconception - look through the hak5 episodes online they show you how to manage via ssh07:48
shaunoMartijnVdS: it's really not.  it's just that -server is the last holdout of the 80's elitists, and tragically designed tools that make themselves difficult to wrap07:49
shaunoeveryone else seems to be capable of putting a UI on a server without bringing the world to it's knees.07:49
SeverianI'll check those.  I did start to install ESXi about 2 years ago.  I could not accept their license, and so went back to VirtualBox.07:50
AlanBellSeverian: KVM on the server and virt-manager on your desktop is awesome07:50
HazRPGAlanBell: see I've always liked gui-server's however the inner hacker (white-hat, I should point out) inside me just keeps telling me that having one more application as a hole in your system is just not good07:51
AlanBellit connects over ssh and just doubleclick a VM to open a VNC over SSH to the screen of the guest07:51
SeverianI really like doing most management from the command line.  But, that virtual machine with Miro really needs a GUI to do the job right.07:51
shaunoHazRPG: curious, do you have a router at home?07:51
HazRPGSeverian: there is a headless virtualbox though :)07:52
SeverianAlanBell, I have one server with KVM.  I don't use it much, because the VMs run considerably slower than with VirtualBox.07:52
HazRPGshauno: ... er yeah?07:53
* HazRPG seems to think that's a trick question07:53
shaunoHazRPG: how do you manage it?  rs232? 248? telnet? ssh?  or with a web-based, hand-holding UI when a httpd is just another process a router shouldn't need to be running ;)07:53
SeverianHazRPG, It is not just controlling virtualbox.  Sometimes I want to back a video up a bit.  Things like that.  I need the GUI.  And the CPU is not close to busy most of the time.  I am doing a complete sorce code build of a system there now, so it is busy.  But, this is unusual.07:54
TheOpenSourcererGUIs on servers is a bad idea IMHO.07:54
HazRPGshauno: ah, my router has a feat. where you can enter into debug mode and mess with settings via terminal ;)07:54
TheOpenSourcererMorning BTW :-)07:54
shaunoHazRPG: do you use that tho?07:54
HazRPGshauno: yeah?07:55
HazRPGTheOpenSourcerer: agreed, also morning :)07:55
shaunothe amount of people that say a server doesn't need a UI, and then put webmin/ebox/cpanel/myphpadmin/etc on it is astounding.  so apparently they do need a UI, they just haven't managed to do it "right" yet07:56
HazRPGshauno: oh, I'm a hypocrite in that sense - I mean I'm running Win2003 server on mine... but it was because I was learning how to use and manage a windows-based server at one point, and it's a machine I've never took down since07:58
HazRPGbeen spending the rest of the time trying to get out of the habit of using a gui so that I can put a linux variant in its place07:59
HazRPGwhich reminds me, keep meaning to write up my notes about installing ubuntu server on my blog...08:00
MartijnVdSyou installed Ubuntu on your blog?!08:00
HazRPGthen getting round to making some videos for it08:00
SeverianThat must have been a tough install.08:00
shaunoSeverian: you haven't seen wordpress run unity?  ;)08:00
MartijnVdSSeverian: nah, he used the "php" arch, instead of amd64 or i38608:01
HazRPGSeverian: lol, the install was easy... using the tools is the hard part08:01
MartijnVdSHazRPG: we'll get you though it :)08:01
HazRPGI'm going to assume that was sarcasm (installing ubuntu on my blog comment)08:02
* HazRPG as he nods and wakes to the coffee machine08:03
shaunoI actually really like apple's server admin tool.  it's just a shame that if you go behind it's back and edit files yourself, it disowns you.  something along those lines could be pretty awesome on ubuntu08:03
HazRPGdaubers: morning08:03
HazRPGshauno: you want ubuntu to disown you!?08:03
shaunoHazRPG: well, it already has :p   but "along those lines"08:04
HazRPGshauno: white lines?08:04
HazRPGconnecting to your mind?08:04
shaunoa gui tool that connects to a management service on the server, rather than running X directly on the server.08:05
FNDmornin' - after installing something like MySQL or MongoDB, how can I prevent it from starting automatically on boot? just remove the symlink from /etc/init.d ?08:05
HazRPG*rang dang digity dang di dang*08:05
MartijnVdSFND: why would you install it if you don't want to start it?08:05
FNDMartijnVdS: local dev box rather than server08:05
FNDso I only want it started when actually developing on the respective project08:06
MartijnVdSFND: you could remove the symlinks.. but I'd create a VM and boot that as needed08:06
TheOpenSourcererFND: man update-rc.d08:06
HazRPGshauno: ah, see now that I wouldn't mind... so long as the "management service" was only turned on when you open up an ssh into it...08:06
shaunothat'd be pretty sane08:07
shaunoit's just be nice to have any alternative at all.  atm if someone's more comfortable managing a server by UI, all the user-friendly ubuntu community can really offer them is to laugh in their face08:07
FNDmy Unix fu is weak here :)08:08
HazRPGshauno: nah, in the past I've noticed "install gnome-desktop" springs up quite a bit08:08
shaunoit does.  I see it in #ubuntu-server all the time.  someone asks for help installing vnc on -server, they get told it's not a server and to go ask #ubuntu08:09
HazRPGouch, tough crowd08:09
shauno(ironically, #ubuntu itself is more likely to tell you to use apt-get than to point you to the software center, so no-one's quite sure whether they're -desktop or not)08:10
TheOpenSourcererWell, on IRC it is much easier to say to someone type "sudo apt-get install foo" than click this menu, followed by this button, followed by typing this into this field...08:11
shaunoI dunno.  I've supported my mother via gtalk before.  getting her to open that black box was never an option08:12
TheOpenSourcerer"TheOpenSourcerer: Well, on IRC it is much easier..." Note the bit about IRC08:13
shaunoI don't see how text here is any more difficult than text in an IM08:14
HazRPGTheOpenSourcerer: most of my advise goes like this: Click: Applications->Accessories->Calculator then click File->etc->etc->etc08:14
SeverianWhy would anyone use Sofware Center?  It seems like the hard way to get things installed, if you know your way around a bit.08:14
TheOpenSourcerershauno: Sorry - I guessed gtalk was voice-based ;-)08:15
shaunotell libpurple that :)08:15
Severiangtalk can be voice or text08:15
MartijnVdSvideo even08:16
HazRPGlibpurple disagrees however08:16
MartijnVdSHazRPG: works fine with empathy08:16
* MartijnVdS has done gtalk video chat using empathy08:16
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I don't work fine with empathy though :P08:16
TheOpenSourcererPidgin FTW!08:17
HazRPGused pidgin even before it was called pidgin...08:17
HazRPGye ol' Gaim :)08:17
HazRPGsimply because I didn't want to pay for Trillian (because it was poor at the time), and no other multi-protocol app worked as good08:18
* FND recently started using irssi-xmpp, and is very happy with it08:18
ali1234actually gtalk doesn't work with empathy any more than it works with pidgin08:19
ali1234the reason they don't work is codecs08:19
ali1234audio only does work though08:20
shaunothis is great fun.  I can't remember the last time I built a kernel :/08:20
HazRPGshauno: are you just basically resurrecting an old system or something?08:21
ali1234note that both empathy and pidgin will do video over gtalk as long as both ends are using open source software08:21
shaunoI've a funny feeling the whole thing's going to explode because I don't use initrd, and everyone else seems to08:21
HazRPGFND: I'd use irssi - but I like my spell check too much...08:21
HazRPGali1234: agreed, I've had voice working on libpurple in windows before08:22
FNDspell-check is overrated for real-time chat (assuming you're not a moronic 13yo)08:22
HazRPGali1234: however video is a bit /iffy/ to say the least08:22
daubersshauno: re gui management stuff: It's not that difficult to write really08:22
HazRPGFND: no, but I am partially dyslexic08:23
FNDHazRPG: doesn't spell-check slow you down _a lot_08:23
FNDas in, the interaction08:23
shaunodaubers: the biggest catch seems to be that almost everyone uses a different format for their config files08:23
HazRPGFND: would you say my responses were that slow?08:23
FNDHazRPG: well, then lemme rephrase: how often do you actually use spell-check08:24
HazRPGI usually type everything I want to say out first, then correct anything that's got red wiggly lines08:24
daubersshauno: You'd just have to build it in a way that was modular enough to add a module for each service you wanted08:24
HazRPGI've used it maybe 4 times in the last 3 sentences?08:24
Severianshauno, There are several very different init systems.  config files is only part of it.  I kind of wonder if upstart is going to be around for long.08:25
FNDif it works for you, great08:25
diplomorning all08:25
FNDfor me, I've found the signal-to-noise ratio on GUI clients way too bad (I used to use XChat and Pidgin)08:25
HazRPGFND: also, auto-correct usually fixes most things for me anyways08:26
FNDplus with Irssi I get vi bindings in the input line :)08:26
TheOpenSourcerershauno: initrds are really only required where you have a distro that is being installed of lots of different machines.  I used to build LinuxFromScratch systems and *never* used an initrd. I just built the modules I needed into the kernel.08:26
FNDHazRPG: it's not inconceivable for Irssi to have spell-check support - not that I wanna convince you of anything, of course :)08:26
FNDthere are several scripts here: http://scripts.irssi.org/08:27
shaunowhat on earth have they done to grub's config file :/08:27
HazRPGshauno: welcome to grub 2.0 \o/08:27
HazRPG(slash 1.9x)08:27
Severianshauno, you must be looking at a grub2 config.  It is pretty bad, isn't it?08:27
TheOpenSourcererThere be dragons in that there config file.08:28
shaunoI'm not sure what I'm looking at.  so far I've found a folder full of bash scripts08:28
HazRPGFND: hmm, I do want to get into irssi - don't get me wrong, the default config just doesn't appeal and the time it'd take me to learn how to set it up the way I want outweighs the C&P of a single backed up pidgin file I've had for years08:29
FNDHazRPG: I can relate, that's pretty much why I only started using Irssi this year (and still haven't migrated to mutt)08:30
MartijnVdSI migrated away from mutt when I switched to gmail08:30
MartijnVdSgmail <308:30
FNDyou use the web interface?08:30
HazRPGshauno: hmm, grub.cfg is what your looking for I'm guessing?08:31
shaunonah, /etc/grub.d.  grub.cfg told me off for daring look at it.08:32
shaunoheh.  panic because it can't find the root device.08:33
SeverianSometime you have to change grub.cfg, no matter what it says.08:33
shaunoit used to be the default was whatever the root was when the kernel was built.  apparently that doesn't work anymore either08:34
FNDgrub2 has me similarly irritated as desktop-couch - I want my transparent dotfiles back!08:35
* FND aspires to be a grumpy old bastard08:35
SeverianDon't talk about your mother like that, FND08:36
SeverianYou can still use grub, but it is more work.  I use it on this system.08:37
FNDwell, yeah, I could also use Gentoo - but I accept Ubuntu's choices for the convenience08:38
FNDwhich doesn't mean I don't bitch like a sissy08:39
SeverianI use grub on this Ubuntu Maverick system.08:39
shaunoI whine a lot.  I'm trying to follow thru a book on kernel internals, yet I'm struggling to even boot a kernel because there's so made levels of handholding in the way08:40
FNDFWIW, grub2 has nothing on Rails when it comes to awfulness08:40
shaunoI really wish they'd quit fixing the bits that aren't broken, and worry about those that are08:40
SeverianIs made another word for many in your usage?08:40
* HazRPG starting to feel tried08:41
HazRPGshauno: hand-holding is the future, don't cha know :P08:41
shaunoSeverian: yeah, my brain isn't on the same page as me anymore.  I shouldn't be awake this late :)08:41
FNDHazRPG: you joke, but it's true :(08:41
MartijnVdSThe Beatles started it.. ♫ I wanna hold your haaaand08:41
HazRPGFND: sadly... I know >_<08:41
HazRPGMartijnVdS: xD08:42
HazRPGFND: Have you noticed that your name has a sad face on it? i.e. D:08:42
SeverianA little hand holding in the system is OK.  As long, as it is possible to avoid it if you don't need it.  I was really frustrated with Update Manager until I stopped it from starting up.08:43
FNDhah! well, that's almost Freudian08:43
* FND hands HazRPG a cookie for that discovery08:43
* HazRPG waves cookie in the air trying as if pleased but realises that browser cookies aren't edible :(08:44
* FND converts cookie to gold star08:44
MartijnVdSHazRPG: lp ~/.chrome/cookies08:44
MartijnVdSHazRPG: put edible paper in your printer08:44
MartijnVdSHazRPG: \o/ edible browser cookies08:45
HazRPGMartijnVdS: winrar!08:45
FNDincidentally, Chrome's handling of cookies is why I don't use it as primary browser (well, and Vimperator)08:45
* HazRPG places FND's gold star onto the monitor over where important mail would be08:45
HazRPGFND: but... google likes cookies! So much so that they want every cookie sent to them! Greedy gits...08:47
shaunoin other news, it's another fantastic day out there08:47
FNDthat's why I use Chrome only as a site-specific browser08:47
FNDshauno: I've noticed, and would rather go out and play than battle this crap code08:48
HazRPGFND: that sounds wrong...08:48
* MartijnVdS uses chromium with 3rd-party cookies disabled, and ghostery08:48
SeverianI almost installed Chrome last night.  But, I found out it includes Flash.08:48
MartijnVdSSeverian: on Linux as well?08:48
MartijnVdSChromium doesn't :)08:49
HazRPGFND: if it really bothers you, why not change /etc/hosts to just bounce back the google requests over to
FNDHazRPG: how so? for Google Reader et al. you pretty much have to give in and use cookies - that way at least I keep 'em separate08:49
HazRPGhome sweet
FNDit's not just Google, it's general paranoia08:49
shauno*cough* ::108:49
HazRPGshauno: not all of us are on ipv6 dude ;)08:50
shaunoHazRPG: congratulations, you got a new project then :)08:50
HazRPGI swear I'm going to be old before I ever finish the ones I've started >_<08:50
HazRPGshauno: does tunnelling ipv4 over ipv6 not count?08:50
shaunothat's pretty much the plan.  you're going to grow old anyway08:50
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Throw away projects you're never going to finish08:51
FND$ cat ~/bin/gapps # exec google-chrome --user-data-dir="$HOME/.config/google-chrome/GApps" "$@"08:51
FNDthis is what I use Chrome for08:51
HazRPGMartijnVdS: but I'm a horde... I horde this and I horde that... all data is welcome!08:51
FNDthe user-data-dir thing is pretty neat, since you can run several instances in parallel08:51
MartijnVdSHazRPG: hoarder*08:51
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Horde = WoW :P08:51
* HazRPG was tempted to actually download wiki the other night08:51
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Are you expecting WW3? :)08:52
HazRPGMartijnVdS: it was an obvious pun ;) - I might be partially-self-diagnosed-dyslexic... but I can at least spell dyslexic without spellcheck :)08:52
shaunoI actually know someone who keeps wikipedia on SD cards, along with an ereader and a solar charger, locked away in a box that'd supposedly survive emp08:52
MooDoohello all08:52
MartijnVdSshauno: Paranoia \o/08:53
shaunoso word to the wise; if we survive ww3, head to australia if you'd like a refresher on counting binary on your fingers08:53
HazRPGshauno: must be only half of wikipedia? I clicked the link and it said it was too huge for my screen to comprehend08:53
shaunoHazRPG: cards is plural :)08:54
shaunothe worst part is, I actually believe him.  he's just .. one of those.08:54
HazRPGshauno: seriously, he sat and downloaded it all >_<08:54
shaunoHazRPG: I expect he let his computer do it.  they're handy for that kinda thing08:55
shaunowikipedia do have a downloadable dump.  it's not a difficult task.  having a good reason to do so is much more awkward.08:55
HazRPGshauno: well I didn't expect him to count the binary on his hand and input manually into some circuitry... however I can imagine that use to be a guys job at one point :P08:56
HazRPGto be exact08:56
HazRPG~27GB uncompressed for english08:56
MartijnVdS6GB compressed08:56
MartijnVdSstill.. it'd fit on a 32GB SD card08:57
HazRPGMartijnVdS: yeah, but for it to be useful you'd want it uncompressed08:57
HazRPGMartijnVdS: this is true...08:57
shaunoI could see the value of having a copy of wp & project gutenberg in such a situation.  I'm just not the right type to plan for it myself :)08:58
HazRPGMartijnVdS: http://goo.gl/hxcA \o/08:59
shaunorandom story.  as kids, we were always told if the siren went off, to head for the hills ( / golf course) so we'd enjoy an awesome sunset and a painless death.  I never quite knew if they were kidding or not.09:00
HazRPGshauno: I have thought about it a few times myself... downloading it for when governments decide that the internet should be closed off09:00
shaunowell, one day the intruder alarm went off at the base.  no-one had actually educated us on the difference, so I darned near <kept family-friendly> myself09:01
shaunoHazRPG: if you're genuinely paranoid of such a situation, get a ham radio license and check out the data modes.  Instead of sitting around complaining about the govt cutting the net off, you could be part of the solution instead :)09:03
HazRPGshauno: there was an episode about ham radios... and I did consider that too!09:04
HazRPGepisode of hak5*09:04
shaunoyou can use x.25 (or a variant of it), giving you true packet radio over ham bands09:06
HazRPGshauno: ya should catch the episode I'm referring to... some of the people in the states have set themselves up as a ham internet gateway :)09:07
shaunoand make yourself useful next time cumbria gets flooded :p  so much more productive than having articles about counting on your fingers on your kindle :p09:07
HazRPGand the guy went to visit the hakhouse, he used his ham to log his trip on twitter09:08
shaunothat's not unusual09:08
HazRPGno, I thought it was pretty cool09:09
shaunohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assigned_/8_IPv4_address_blocks    check out who is assigned to :)09:09
HazRPGalso, during the cumbrian floods... I was stuck in Edinburgh for a week. I landed the day it happened09:10
shaunoand all the amsat stuff .. hams have crazy resources09:10
MartijnVdSHazRPG: There are worse places to be stuck09:11
MartijnVdSHazRPG: At least they have good whisky :)09:11
shaunoI do like edinburgh.  there's some lovely bars :)09:11
MartijnVdSczajkowski: g'morning09:12
MooDoomorning czajkowski09:12
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I think I was 17 at the time?09:12
HazRPGczajkowski: g'mornin :)09:12
=== kris_ is now known as Guest81338
HazRPGto land, get a bus ticket from the desk... catch the bus to the bus station... sit there for 5 hours to find a bus finally arrives to be told "sorry we're not going to carlisle" was a mega shock for me09:14
MartijnVdSHazRPG: You paniced?09:15
HazRPGnah, was just shocked09:15
=== Guest81338 is now known as KrisDouglas
shaunothat the busses weren't going where they said they were?  you don't take busses often, do you :p09:15
HazRPGfirst thing I did was borrowed a pen from a lass, and scribbled down some important numbers around my arm09:16
HazRPGshauno: heh09:16
shaunoname, address, couple of stamps .. then sleep it off in a postbox :p09:16
HazRPGshauno: haha09:16
MartijnVdSHazRPG: 0118 999 881 999 119 72509:16
MartijnVdSHazRPG: ... 309:16
HazRPGargh! too late :P09:17
MartijnVdSshauno: good idea though :)09:17
shaunoread an odd story on reddit yesterday, about various odd objects people had managed to send thru the post09:17
HazRPGshauno: do tell :)09:18
* HazRPG pulls up a chair09:18
shaunoperonally, I'd have just headed for a train station.  there's two different routes into carlisle from edinburgh :)09:18
shaunodown to newcastle & across, or across to glasgow and down09:19
shauno(I think if you do the later you have to run 3 blocks thru the rain tho, because 'across' and 'down' don't quite meet in the middle)09:20
HazRPGshauno: I landed in Glasgow, I ended up in Edinburgh...09:20
HazRPGshauno: about 3 hours of phone calls later, I found out that one of my cousins moved to Edinburgh so rang him up and asked if he'd put me up :)09:22
HazRPGhadn't seen the guy since I was 4 though!09:23
shaunosounds like a pretty fun way to end a trip either way tho09:23
HazRPGI've gotten use to it09:23
HazRPGbleeps always happens when I travel - something goes wrong somewhere to make the trip more exciting09:24
shaunowe had some floods here a while back.  was great fun.  the bus home from dublin just went on a massive detour thru the middle of nowhere09:24
MartijnVdSHazRPG: You aren't related to The Doctor, are you? :)09:24
HazRPGMartijnVdS: no... but ironically my friends do call me the time lord ;P09:25
HazRPGI think it has more to do with the fact that I'm always late for stuff...09:26
HazRPGor sometimes way too early09:26
HazRPGI was 2 week early for my job interview once :P09:26
HazRPGgot the job because I seemed keen apparently09:26
HazRPGshauno: o'realy?09:27
HazRPG"...and if you look to your left, there's more water :)"09:28
bigcalmWeeeee. The 1st service pack is waiting to be downloaded/installed on my windows7 desktop. Only 73.6mb - 892.6mb09:29
HazRPGseems I'm in for the long haul again today... might as well do  the usual I'm-still-awake-but-should-really-wash-up routine09:29
oimonbigcalm: lol natty ISO is less than that09:30
oimonobligatory http://xkcd.com/612/09:30
HazRPGbigcalm: I'd hate to boot into my win7 to see how much it needs to download now then...09:30
MooDoobigcalm: i'm not doing it, last time i did it hosed my box09:31
bigcalmFor those who want to bash me for using windows: 9 - 6 I use computers as a tool and it's a work provided tool :)09:31
bigcalmMooDoo: when was the last time and what version?09:32
MooDoobigcalm: i use windows too, it's no problem09:32
gordi don't think anyone is gonna bash you for using windows :)09:32
gordnot here at least09:32
oimonwe'll just sympathise09:32
shaunoHazRPG: I should have the pics still if I look hard enough.  we crossed a tiny bridge at the roscommon border, that had been breached at both ends.  so it looked like the bridge started & finished within the river09:32
MooDoobigcalm: about 3 weeks ago and i'm not sure what version09:32
screen-xmorning :)09:32
MooDooscreen-x: morning09:32
HazRPGMooDoo: it's a job-hazard we all have to live with sometimes09:32
HazRPGshauno: heh, nice09:33
HazRPGright, brb... time to wash face, etc09:33
HazRPGhmm, might go for a walk too actually09:36
HazRPGsun's out n everything09:36
HazRPGn apparently few friends are at the park... so why not ay?09:37
HazRPGcatch ya all later :)09:37
* BigRedS wants to go and sit in the park09:38
screen-xBigRedS: I'd second that09:38
* oimon seems to have developed a new cold to go with the existing one09:38
BigRedSI have a lapop, and my phone claims 3G tetherability.....09:38
screen-xAlanBell: life goals achieved?09:39
gordhrm, need to find a firefox plugin to auto refresh a webpage so that i can get some work done09:39
Myrttithere used to be one09:39
shaunoI use refreshevery.  works with 4 and does what it says on the can09:39
shaunovery possibly09:39
gordcool, trying that one09:40
shaunoyeah, that's the one.  just adds a new entry when you right-click a page09:40
gord"ReloadEvery has partnered with SmartLinks to bring you more relevant links on the pages you visit. " ....09:40
BigRedSI don't like the sound of that09:41
shaunoyeah, that's optional.  and stupid.09:41
* BigRedS points out that it's built in to Opera :)09:41
HazRPGgord: reloading won't make the 3DS arrive any faster!09:41
gordyes. it. will.09:41
shaunoI use it at work, because we have a silly webapp that just stalls after 60 minutes of inactivity09:41
HazRPGonly if. this. is. sparta!09:41
HazRPGright anyways, shoes and stuff on... definitely going this time o/09:42
shaunoit was either that, or tie a gerbil to my mouse09:42
willy_1977seems a little less busy on here currently I *may* even be able to keep up :D09:48
JamesTait"What a beautiful day, hey hey, what a beautiful day!" Good morning everyone! :D09:48
* screen-x recommends "happy up here" by royksopp to accompany the beautiful day09:48
* oimon seems to have lost 2 staff members today to pointless strike action09:48
willy_1977"My oh my what a wonderful day..." and we're all stuck in front of computers :p09:50
gordi love it when apt gets to upgrading flashplayer - their little download graph is pretty09:51
willy_1977hah... basic I know but I just got davmail working meaning I can ditch windows properly when working from home ... just the question of .net development now :/09:52
MartijnVdSgord: wget --progress=dot09:52
smittixMorning all10:01
willy_1977smittix: morning.10:02
smittixAnyone know of a good wordpress plugin to auto post to twitter?10:02
MooDoosmittix: twitter tools10:02
smittixMooDoo: Cheers :)10:03
willy_1977MooDoo: fancy seeing you here :p10:03
smittixI will check it out10:03
MooDoowilly_1977: always here :)10:03
smittixCracking weather in notts today MooDoo10:03
MooDoosmittix: yeah, lovely ride into work10:03
willy_1977ride? are you the engine?10:03
MooDoowilly_1977: nope motor10:03
* screen-x imagines MooDoo galloping to work10:04
MooDooscreen-x: tall and lanky gallop ;)10:04
screen-x10:04 \o/10:05
willy_1977tether up dobin just outside... I cycle to work and it's been much better lately, same on a motorbike I guess winter riding has it's drawbacks...10:05
BigRedSthere's a fairly serious discussion going on here about how best to build a clock in minecraft10:08
BigRedSbetween a pair of people who've been doing it since about 6pm yesterday10:08
screen-xBigRedS: digital display made from a grid of torches?10:09
smittixMooDoo: Thank's for that, all working fine :)10:09
MooDoosmittix: no worries, i've used it before :)10:10
BigRedSscreen-x: nah, some blocks that can be switched between white and black, for an lcd-alike display10:12
BigRedSbut they're using signposts to transmit the time to this clock from a computer hidden in a valley10:12
BigRedSand that's the bit they're arguing about10:12
screen-xBigRedS: oooh, didn't know colour changing blocks were available10:12
smittixNow to add Flickr Box for my photography10:13
MooDoosmittix: :)10:13
willy_1977sorry - excuse my ignorance but... "minecraft"?10:14
willy_1977bigcalm: ah ok, thanks.10:15
screen-xwilly_1977: noooo don't do it!10:15
screen-xwilly_1977: mindcrack is known to be highly addictive10:15
bigcalmIt's a sandbox type game where you are free to spend your time away from work ;)10:15
bigcalmscreen-x: I go through phases, haven't played it for a while10:16
MooDoowilly_1977: #ubuntu-uk-minecraft10:16
MooDoowilly_1977: it's addictive :D10:16
willy_1977OOoooo I've just seen monodevelop... anyone used it?10:17
* willy_1977 is a linux noob if not apparent10:18
MooDoowintellect: shuuuuuuuuuuush don't say mono ;)10:18
bigcalmwilly_1977: directhex might have ;)10:18
smittixWhat is mono? heh10:19
willy_1977MooDoo: I may have mentioned it once but I think I got away with it...10:19
directhexwasn't me, didn';t break it, can't prove it10:19
screen-xdirecthex: I think it was you... http://traffic.libsyn.com/frostbitemedia/TWID_022.ogg10:20
directhex:o i'm being impersonated on the internet!10:20
willy_1977s-fox: hello10:32
MooDoos-fox: good morning10:33
smittixbah, Payroll patch day :(10:34
s-foxHello willy_1977 & MooDoo =)  How are you?10:34
willy_1977smittix: yuk...10:34
willy_1977s-fox: yeah good thanks, you?10:34
s-foxI am okay thank you.10:34
MooDoos-fox: i'm fine and dandy, just looking for a camera lens to hire10:35
willy_1977MooDoo: cool... got some more trips planned?10:36
MooDoowilly_1977: it's for a wedding this time......and looking to do some toddler group photos10:36
willy_1977MooDoo: cool10:37
s-foxMooDoo,  I like photography also. What camera do you have?10:37
MooDoowilly_1977: yeah, i'm getting some studio kit that i can use10:37
willy_1977MooDoo: building it up slowly?10:38
MooDoos-fox: just a nikon d60 at the moment, but i'm looking at the d300s10:38
MooDoowilly_1977: yeah10:38
MooDoos-fox: what you using?10:38
* directhex has a new camera10:39
MooDoodirecthex: which one?10:39
directhexfuji finepix w310:39
MooDoolovely :)10:39
s-foxMooDoo,  http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-DMC-LX3-Digital-Stabilized-Black/dp/tech-data/B001CCLBSA/ref=de_a_smtd10:40
MooDoos-fox: nice, do you take a lot?10:40
s-foxMooDoo,  When I go out yes.10:41
MooDoohttp://www.flickr.com/photos/prjmellors/ - my flickr10:41
s-foxI bought it while I was travelling in USA last year10:41
directhexMooDoo, i want some memorable pics from our summer holiday in may. given the constraints on 3d cameras, florida should be absolutely fine for it, and make for some awesome pics10:42
MooDoodirecthex: yes :) awesome10:42
directhexMooDoo, i wasn't really too sold on the idea until i tried the 3d photo app on playstation network, which has a bunch of demo pics10:42
directhexMooDoo, and considering they're taken with sony's "just press the button twice and move your hand a few inches between snaps, it's true 3d honest" technology, i'm pretty hopeful for what a real camera will do10:43
MooDoodirecthex: looks ace10:43
directhex£4 a photo to get 3d prints though >_<10:44
gordyou can get 3d prints?10:44
MooDooyeah can be expensive10:44
screen-x3d prints??10:44
s-foxNice pics MooDoo10:44
MooDoos-fox: i'm learinign10:44
s-foxI do not have a flickr10:45
directhexworks the same way as glasses-free 3d screens. i.e. very high resolution, both pics interlaced, with a parallax barrier to split the image between your eyes10:45
screen-xs-fox: thats the advantage of dvi10:45
MooDoos-fox: any particular reason? or just not something you're interested in?#10:45
directhexsame as 3ds10:45
screen-xdirecthex: like an old school postcard, except you don't have to move you head from side to side?10:46
s-foxMooDoo,  No reason. I have an account on gnome-look where I have a couple of my shots sitting as wallpapers10:46
directhexscreen-x, kinda, yeah. the barrier is much much finer, so each eye sees a different thing10:47
directhexscreen-x, so with 3d prints, they need to put a barrier on every single printout. the alternative is a ~£400 digital 3d photo frame. or just using a 3d tv/monitor10:47
s-foxhttp://gnome-look.org is down10:48
screen-xdirecthex: I'd be interested to see how well that works..10:48
gordvery well, you just have to be in the right position10:49
directhexscreen-x, the 3ds will bring 3d cameras and screens to millions10:49
gordyou couldn't mount a 3d print on a wall and have everyone in a room see it in 3d really10:49
directhexgord, yeah, that's the downside to parallax barrier, and why it's a no-go for tvs. need to be completely straight in front of it10:49
screen-xLike good audio.. you have to sit in the right place10:50
dogmatic69anyone have a simple howto on formating a flash drive thing10:53
Severiannot much howto needed.  Just do the natural thing.10:54
dogmatic69never done it before, gparted just throwing errors all over10:55
screen-xdogmatic69: system > administration > disk utility10:55
MartijnVdSSystem -> Administration -> Disk Utility10:55
SeverianInsert the drive.  Run dmesg to see what drive letter it mounted as.  Fdisk the device.  make the filesystem.  You are done.10:55
screen-xMartijnVdS: ^510:55
MartijnVdSSeverian: no no no :)10:55
Severianyes yes yes10:55
SeverianI have done it a bunch of times and never had a problem.10:56
screen-xSeverian: it works, but there is a preference in here for telling people the graphical way of doing things if possible.10:56
SeverianI like ext2 on flash drives.10:56
SeverianOK.  I can accept following local standards.10:57
dogmatic69i clicked eject, then system -> admin -> disk utility, select the drive, format :: Error creating partition table: helper exited with exit code 1: cannot open /dev/sdb: No medium found10:57
SeverianYou want to unmount, not eject.10:58
SeverianI have no idea if Drive utility expects it mounted or not.10:59
MartijnVdSyou can unmount from the disk utility10:59
screen-xdogmatic69: you can unmount from within disk utility10:59
MartijnVdSit'll do whatever it wants for you10:59
screen-xMartijnVdS: haha, I'll leave you to it10:59
MartijnVdSscreen-x: nah, you can help :)10:59
dogmatic69ok, so i created a new partition. ext2... then what?11:04
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: done?11:04
dogmatic69no format?11:04
brobostigongood morning everyone,11:04
dogmatic69does not seem to show up now11:04
screen-xdogmatic69: click "mount volume" in disk utility11:05
dogmatic69ah... took a while11:06
* screen-x goes to do some staff training :/11:06
dogmatic69'mount' just showed up now11:06
dogmatic69thanks all11:06
willy_1977screen-x: good luck... :/11:06
Severianuninstalling unity also uninstalled ubuntu-desktop.  This may not work so well.11:08
* willy_1977 just finished listening to the interview... 11:08
* oimon is fighting with RHEL 6 ..and losing :(11:31
directhexgood luck11:31
smittixThank god for that, bloody payroll systems do my swede in/11:33
* smittix gets back to his blog11:33
SeverianMy swede has not been paid.11:34
MooDoodon't you plant swedes? lol11:36
oimonbah..it's really annoying when people get their email address wrong and subscribe you to unsubscribable email lists11:36
MooDoo1300quid for a camera lens....sheeesh11:36
MartijnVdSI want a new TV.. but I don't want a new TV11:37
MartijnVdS(the new TV would have support for my sat setup, so I can get rid of one of my "black boxes")11:38
MartijnVdS(but my current TV is only 2 years old)11:38
smittixDoes the flickr box show up on my blog? http://www.aptgetmoo.co.uk ?11:43
MooDoosmittix: yes i can see the photography section11:44
smittixWell that's semi good11:44
smittixI cant see it heh11:44
smittixBit of Clapton to get me through the day11:50
diplosmittix, what plugin is that for flickr ?11:51
diploWanted something similair myself11:51
Myrttiis it really supposed to ... show the api key like that?11:57
Myrttinot that I know if that is safe or not, it just seems somehow wrong11:58
Myrttips. non-default favicon would be nice11:59
smittixMyrtti: Yeah, for some reason its not picking my FavIcon up. I will fix that12:02
smittixdiplo: Twitter Tools!12:03
smittixMyrtti: New FavIcon should be showing12:07
brobostigonsuggestions, something useful and constructive to do?12:07
kirrusbrobostigon: run around outside in the sunshine?12:09
BigRedSIs there an easy way to get out of firefox from which IP address it's retrieving a website?12:10
brobostigonkirrus: hmm, running is maybe not a good idea, idont think my osteoporosis is going to like it much.12:10
BigRedSI can't work out what causes it to reparse /etc/hosts, but I know it does do it periodically12:10
kirrusbrobostigon: :( Saunter then?12:10
brobostigonBigRedS: i wouldsuggest a ping from terminal, myself.12:10
brobostigonkirrus: saunter?12:11
screen-xbrobostigon: gentle walk12:12
brobostigonscreen-x: ah, yes maybe that is better, :)12:12
BigRedSbrobostigon: nah, I wanna know what firefox specifically is doing - it keeps not having yet reread /etc/hosts for some reason...12:14
screen-xBigRedS: something like firebug that shows you the headers?12:14
brobostigongood thinking screen-x.12:14
BigRedSI've got the HTTP headers, but they're above IP/dns, so they're all using names12:14
oimonBigRedS: if this is a long term thing, then install a squid proxy and check the proxy logs12:15
BigRedSI'm currently using X-powered-by and knowing which version of PHP is on each server, but it strikes me there's probably a more sensible way of doing it12:15
BigRedShah. google-fu works.12:15
screen-xsorted :)12:16
caulkzmorning from a maverick user :)) x12:19
oimonguys, what;s the best password store on ubuntu? lastpass? keepassX? some other?12:19
MartijnVdSoimon: there isn't a "Best" one as such12:19
MartijnVdSoimon: only the one you prefer :)12:20
caulkzhibernation/standby dont work on ubuntu, any sites that might hold info on this subject?12:20
screen-xoimon: I need one of those as well... I currently use a GPGd text file, which isn't the most convenient.12:21
caulkzapart from that, all is good with ubuntu :)12:21
oimonscreen-x: i currently use firefox password manager - not ideal12:21
oimoni note keepassx is QT app12:22
brobostigoncaulkz: it depends alot on the hw inquestion and its drivers, hiberntion/standby works absolutly as intended here on my eeepc for example.12:22
smittixoimon: I use Lastpass and keepass12:22
oimonsmittix: anything you can tell me about them? i haven't really had time to look into it12:23
oimoni notice that firefox sync also syncs passwords...scary12:23
screen-xoimon: as does chrome now, I wouldn't trust it though.12:24
smittixoimon: https://lastpass.com/whylastpass_reviews.php12:24
oimonscreen-x: no , i'd rather store my passwords on an encrypted usb stick i can lose :P12:25
screen-xoimon: ooh, I've done that as well, dropped it in a forest, and someone returned it to my boss *blush*12:25
screen-xthankfully the passwords were GPGd and it was an ironkey..12:26
oimonsmittix: thanks. not sure i need the browser integration12:27
smittixoimon: Then check out keepass12:27
directhexbut keepass is mono. o noez!12:28
oimondirecthex: it's QT i think12:28
directhexkeepassx is12:29
oimondirecthex: somebody got excited on omgubuntu because they were recommending mono(chrome) icons. don't use mono they cried. biggest WHOOOSH ever.12:29
oimonif ever there's a case of some kid robotically repeating something he didn't understand, that was it12:30
directhexoimon, i love hearding stories of people who break their system by uninstalling ubuntu-mono, the package with those icons in12:30
ali1234the best password store on ubuntu is seahorse12:36
ali1234it's the best cos it's installed by default12:36
oimonanyone used revelation?12:38
smittixoimon: The Win32 app?12:40
oimonit's a gnome app smittix12:40
smittixahh I thought you meant the password revelation app heh12:40
oimonah... "NOTE: Revelation development stopped in 2007 - if anyone is willing to take over the project, contact me "12:41
smittixoimon: link?12:43
ali1234why you can't use seahorse for this?12:43
oimonhttp://oss.codepoet.no/revelation/wiki/Home smittix12:43
smittixAlot of bugs to squash there12:44
oimonali1234: i want to store the db on an encrypted  usb stick12:45
SeverianWell, if you get rid of Unity, you should also run   "metacity --replace"  every time you boot.  Now, vnc works to the Natty box just fine.12:45
SeverianNow, to see if I can get a taskbar again.12:45
s-foxgnome-look is still down :'(12:45
eaxHi, I'm having trouble installing mysql-query-browser through the repo. This is the error I get: The following packages have unmet dependencies: mysql-query-browser : Depends: libgtkhtml3.14-19 (< 1:3.31) but 1:3.32.2-0ubuntu1 is to be installed: Broken packages12:46
eaxWhat can I do?12:46
smittixoimon: You can do that with Keepass/keepassX12:46
oimonsmittix: yep, i've just installed it and as now populating it :)12:46
BigRedSHeh. Blackmarket ip4 addresses: http://blog.internetgovernance.org/blog/_archives/2011/3/23/4778509.html12:46
oimoni have a spare public class C i'm not using12:47
eaxBigRedS: Well, I guess they're selling everything now :P12:47
Severianeax.  See if you can find libgtkhtml3.14-19.  Install it yourseld and then install mysql-query-browser.12:47
oimon"The buyer of the addresses was Microsoft"12:47
eaxSeverian: I tried that, it's already installed :S12:47
eaxoimon: Seriously?12:47
BigRedSoimon: presumably as an investment12:47
BigRedSI can't think MS need that many more ip4 addresses, but they're only going to go up in value until people get round to ip612:48
ali1234was that story about the $75 trillion lawsuit the other day actually real or did i dream it?12:48
eaxIt was real12:48
oimonsome companies have huge amounts of IP addresses. i bet sun had a lot12:48
BigRedSyeah, all the old ones got /8s12:49
eaxSeverian: It is installed and does not seem to be broken12:49
oimonJANET frown up NAT12:50
oimonhmmm lunch12:50
SeverianI'd check again.  It probably is the wrong version.  If you decide it really is all there, you can force the install of the package you want.  Download the .deb, and look at the options for dpkg.12:51
eaxSeverian: Hmm, okay, thanks :)12:51
BigRedSoimon: most people do, but most people don't have kit that does ip6 very well12:52
SeverianThat is a strange number of ip addresses to come up.  It is close to a /12 range, but not quite there.12:53
eaxSeverian: Where oh where can I actually get the .deb?12:53
dogmatic69how can i do tar and just have the folders from the path i specify?12:53
SeverianI would get it from wherever synaptic would install from12:53
eaxOkay, thanks12:53
dogmatic69tar -cf store.tar /var/www/LeanWebAppWebroot/app/store is what im doing but the ziped file has /var/www/LeanWebAppWebroot/app/store in it, instead of just the files in that path12:54
dutchiecd /var/www/LeanWebAppWebroot/app/store && tar -cf store.tar ./12:55
dutchieor probably cd /var/www/LeanWebAppWebroot/app && tar -cf store.tar store/12:55
gordsomeone needs to make an android live wallpaper -> Ubuntu live wallpaper converter, some of them are damn pretty12:56
dogmatic69dutchie: ok, so go to the dir, and tar it to ~/home/backups/something.tar12:57
dogmatic69makes sense, sort of :D12:57
=== njpatel is now known as njpatel_
Severianeax, so In my case I would start at http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz    and end up looking in http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/m/mysql-query-browser/12:59
eaxSeverian: Thanks :)12:59
SeverianThat may not be right for you.  It depends on your ubuntu version.12:59
eaxI'm using Natty :)13:00
Severianeax, so download the packages file for Natty, unzip it and see if that is the same end file for you. My guess is yes, but I would not install without checking.13:02
eaxI found the correct one :)13:02
SeverianHave a good day.  I am off for some sleep.13:02
eaxThanks, sleep tight :)13:03
SuperMattanyone running natty on two monitors?13:03
eaxSuperMatt: I used to, actually on 3, but two of them wrecked themselves within one month >>13:05
SuperMattdid you have a panel on both screens?13:06
gordSuperMatt, your supposed to have a panel on both screens13:07
SuperMattI was hoping maybe I could get rid of the panel on the second screen13:07
SuperMattit's not the end of the world, mind13:08
dogmatic69i just downloaded ubuntu server, the install is asking install server / enterprise cloud. is there a big difference?13:16
dogmatic69they both free / open source?13:16
MartijnVdSbut the enterprise cloud thing is something different13:16
dogmatic69i wanted the same type of thing that is on amazon really13:17
dogmatic69root + ubuntu user and sudo does not require pw13:17
MartijnVdSwhy would you want that?13:17
dogmatic69because im running it on vm to play with13:18
dogmatic69setting it up for the ubuntu noobs to learn in the office13:18
dogmatic69:/ downloaded the x64 version... not working on virtualbox / i313:22
MartijnVdSx64 version works fine on my i313:22
MartijnVdSdon't use virtualbox, use kvm13:22
MartijnVdS+ virt-manager13:22
screen-x\o/ external meeting just finished == free food13:24
* smittix loves free food at meetings13:25
directhexthat's sadly something i don't see anymore with new job13:26
directhexoverall fewer perks too... but i needed a change13:26
gingis there as simple method of changing a server install into a desktop install?13:26
gordging, install ubuntu-desktop13:27
MartijnVdSging: yes, install the "ubuntu-desktop" package13:27
gingtha's too easy13:27
gordoh there are harder ways13:28
gordfor example, you could get an electron microscope and an extremely find laser to craft the desktop install on to a server install13:28
screen-xdirecthex: interesting job > free food13:29
directhexgord, manly men use chaos butterflies for that13:29
ginggord: i'll keep that as a backup plan13:29
* smittix Is sitting in his garden13:42
dogmatic69dutchie: thanks for the tar help. got it without the full path, but now its just got a dot folder /./<files>13:42
dutchiehow did you make it in the end?13:43
dogmatic69like you said, cd /some/path, tar -cf file.tar *.* (tried a few things)13:44
dutchiei would not recommend that13:44
dutchiehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarbomb#Tarbomb for a start13:44
ali1234*.*? really?13:44
screen-xali1234: gotta match all those 8.3 filenames13:46
kaushal_how do i install Firefox 4 in 10.10 ?13:46
dogmatic69add the ppa13:46
MooDookaushal_: add the ppa and apt-get it13:46
kaushal_dogmatic69: is it safe to use it ?13:47
MooDoodogmatic69: too quick13:47
* dogmatic69 answered a question \o/13:47
MartijnVdSkaushal_: what happened when you tried?13:47
smittixkaushal_: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable13:47
smittixsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade13:47
kaushal_I havenot tried13:47
dogmatic69kaushal_: yes13:47
MartijnVdShmm fresh tea13:49
kaushal_dogmatic69: also what are the pros and cons of using ppa from security point of view ?13:50
smittixTry and stick to official trusted PPA's13:50
dogmatic69kaushal_: one like that is ~= as good as apt-get normal stuff13:51
smittixMartijnVdS: Get me one13:51
MartijnVdSsmittix: brew your own :)13:51
kaushal_smittix: can you please paste me the official trusted PPA's ?13:51
dogmatic69using ppa's on random unknown software could have root kits etc... fx4 i doubt13:51
smittixWorth a try13:51
smittixkaushal_: I just did, It was mozilla's ppa13:52
kaushal_smittix: yeah13:52
dogmatic69that is as 'official' as it gets13:53
kaushal_but any wiki ?13:53
kaushal_which says about trusted PPA's ?13:53
kaushal_I mean list of PPA's13:53
dogmatic69info -> https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA13:53
kaushal_dogmatic69: ok13:54
dogmatic69just because it is on launchpad does not make it safe btw13:54
dogmatic69but 99% of the time it will be ok13:54
MartijnVdSBecause it's on launchpad, it's easy to remove (by the launchpad admins) once it's discovered to be "bad"13:57
gingah i was so close to having a working linux desktop again13:58
gingi even had gdm working13:58
gingthen i installed ubuntu-desktop and it won't boot13:59
Myrttiwont boot or wont login?13:59
gingwon't boot14:00
gingi dont even see grub14:00
gingdo you normally see the grub menu on 10.04 ?14:00
Myrttiyou have to press shift at boot to get it14:00
gingwon't even go into recovery mode14:01
Myrttiin the menu?14:02
gingyeah but it won't boot14:02
=== njpatel_ is now known as njpatel
Myrttiso now you got to the menu, that's good14:02
ginggord: where is that laser ?14:02
gordging, go through the grub recovery thingy?14:03
ginggord: it wont even boot to recovery mode14:03
gingubuntu hates me14:09
oimonwhat's the error?14:09
gingoimon: dont know tried 4 times to catch it but the screen clears too quickly to read it14:12
oimonthen what? blank screen?14:12
oimonyou could also try pressing ctrl-alt f1 , f2 , f3, etc14:12
oimonto see if any info14:13
oimonalso, edit your grub line to remove "quiet splash"14:13
gregoryfentonHave you tried pressing the up arrow while booting to show the output window?14:17
dogmatic69ok, so here is my bash script so far... still cant get rid of the /./ folder in the tar :/14:23
gingit's something to do with ureadahead14:25
gingthere are bug reports14:25
gingbut not many solutions14:25
BigRedSdogmatic69: tarring tarballs seems a bit excessive in terms of disk usage14:26
BigRedSjust the amount needed to create the backup14:27
dogmatic69just a tutorial i found and modded14:27
dogmatic69well i just tar the files together to make it easy to store on amazon14:27
dogmatic69one file vs 314:27
BigRedSAlso, 777ing files is generally bad. Moreso backups14:27
dogmatic69ye, gonna take that out14:27
BigRedSYeah, but rather than one tar of three tars each of one directory, I'd just have one tarball of three dirs14:28
dogmatic69it will use aws thing, move it to s3 and then rm localy14:28
BigRedSif those dirs add up to 2GB, you need 2GB to create the three tarballs, then another 2GB to create the final one. If you just add them all to the same tarball, you only need the 2GB to create it14:28
dogmatic69im just trying to make it easy to also revert to a backup14:29
dogmatic69its quite small for now14:29
dogmatic69think ill look at a proper backup solution at some point... just quick and dirty for now14:29
dogmatic69well dirty, its not been so quick :D14:30
dogmatic69BigRedS: you know how i could then, from /var/www/LeanWebAppWebroot/app tar just the two folders?14:32
BigRedShaha, yeah. I'm just looking for things to do that aren't chrooting ssh, and criticising someone elses bash script seemed like a good place to start :)14:33
BigRedSwhat I'd do is create a tar archive of one of the directories, then add the other two to it14:33
BigRedSI can't remember the switch, I think it's just add=FILENAME14:34
dogmatic69hehe, its my first #!/bin/sh14:36
dogmatic69knock it all you like :)14:37
BigRedSdogmatic69: haha, awesome. I don't have any other suggestions really, though. Except to not do it in bash ;)14:37
hamitrondon't bash bash :/14:38
BigRedSI have a general distaste for bash scripting, but admittedly that is the sort of job that should really be done in it14:38
BigRedSthough it's worth being aware of the differences between bash and sh - if you do #!/bin/sh there are instances where any bashisms you use will fail, since /bin/sh isn't quite always just a link to bash14:38
dogmatic69i noticed last night trying to do shell_exec() php stuff building a git web app14:39
dogmatic69shell_exec('git shortlog') != git shortlog in bash/shell/terminal whatever you call it14:39
MartijnVdSprobably because it doesn't get a terminal14:40
MartijnVdSand behaves differently if STDIN != terminal14:40
dogmatic69shell_exec('git shortlog HEAD') == git shortlog in terminal14:42
screen-xdogmatic69: php git bindings, not used them though, so don't know how good they are https://github.com/libgit2/php-git14:43
dogmatic69screen-x: nice14:45
dogmatic69will check that out14:45
screen-xdogmatic69: looks alphaish, but could be better than calling git binaries.14:50
dogmatic69code comments, non existent... but im sure its better than exec() + preg_match()14:50
screen-xdogmatic69: there may also be better competing projects..14:51
dogmatic69doubt it14:52
dogmatic69there is no decent os 'github' application around14:52
dogmatic69gitosis looks good (ror) but omg, pain to install14:52
BigRedSMy brother found one that looked reasonable not that long ago14:53
BigRedSwell, read-only webfrontend to git14:54
dogmatic69ye, i was looking for a read only web frontend14:54
dogmatic69not interested in committing from the web14:54
dogmatic69viewgit is what im using atm14:54
dogmatic69its ok, very basic14:55
screen-xdogmatic69: have you looked at gitorious, I think thats open source14:58
screen-xin fact the source is available in gitorious.. http://gitorious.org/gitorious/mainline/trees/master its rails though.14:58
MartijnVdSscreen-x: I keep thinking of Duran Duran.. "Git.. Git.. Gitorious"14:59
screen-xMartijnVdS: I'm afraid thats lost on me14:59
MartijnVdSscreen-x: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGDmBLAPikU14:59
screen-xMartijnVdS: hmm, ist that the original? if so I've heard a cover before..15:00
MartijnVdSscreen-x: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notorious_(song)15:01
MartijnVdS"Notorious" is the 14th single by Duran Duran. It was released internationally by EMI on 20 October 198615:01
oimonany wordpress users find that when typing wysiwyg, it often duplicates whole chunks of text ?15:01
screen-xMartijnVdS: sampled in "Notorious B.I.G." which Is prob why I recognise.15:02
MartijnVdSscreen-x: 80s++ :)15:03
MartijnVdShamitron: hm?15:04
hamitrona cheap 350W psu I had laid around makes a lot of noise15:04
hamitronsounds like a jet aircraft15:04
screen-xhamitron: did you nick it out of a powemac g4?15:04
MartijnVdShamitron: play some loud music15:04
hamitronit is going to have to go15:05
hamitrontbh, the air coming out is pretty hot15:06
hamitronmotherboard states 350W psu min, but it has a pentiumd cpu15:07
hamitronso mayb expecting too much of the poor thing15:07
* smittix really needs to stop playing hedgewars15:14
willy_1977hamitron: it must be the season for it my psu went the other week. :( I'd had a clear out though of old kit... doh!15:14
hamitrona few of us are having psu issues it seems :)15:16
willy_1977hamitron: yep, I took it to the local parts supplier and there was much sucking of air through teeth and shaking of head... and much "300w it's tiny... "15:19
willy_1977to which I replied I'm not surprised it's 6/7 years sold :p15:20
directhex(using a low-wattage PSU isn't being environmentally conscious)15:21
oimonseen this? http://investors.redhat.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=55964715:21
MartijnVdSoimon: ah, good newses?15:22
willy_1977directhex: absolutely agree but it's one of those things that is the last to get changed (i.e. when it breaks) or the new kit you want in the case needs more power...15:22
oimon CEO Jim Whitehurst said that the company on its way to become "the first pure-play open source company to achieve a billion dollars in revenues next fiscal year15:22
* willy_1977 doesn't think of that as a valid excuse though...15:23
BigRedSdogmatic69: indefero, apparently. But it's not quite a github clone.15:23
willy_1977oimon: interesting news.15:23
oimonhmm, miguel de icaza is posting ipad blogposts onto gnome planet15:25
dogmatic69BigRedS: ah, that is more like a pm tool with git support15:25
directhexoimon, planet gnome is not about gnome.15:28
czajkowskioimon: a planet should have lots of diversity on it, otherwise it gets boring to read.15:29
czajkowskiit's for a community so by real people15:29
oimondirecthex: it seems strange to me that so many prominent OSS guys bang on about their apple products15:29
czajkowskiit is nice hardware and has damn good battery life on their products15:30
directhexPlanet GNOME is a window into the world, work and lives of GNOME hackers and contributors.15:30
MooDoooh no not this old chestnut again15:31
BigRedSdogmatic69: ah. I've never actually seen it15:31
BigRedSI've just spoken about it to him, and he's stopped using it, too15:31
dogmatic69ye, its got a bug tracker, code review etc etc15:31
MooDoogenerally unless made specific can be about anything :)15:32
MooDooplanet sites i'm referring too :)15:32
BigRedSoimon: mostly, OSS guys are the sorts of people who put a bunch of thought into computery products, and they're also prone to argument. The two, when mixed, lead to vociferous Macbook vs Thinkpad discussions15:32
directhexbigcalm, dell latitude!15:33
* bigcalm pokes directhex15:48
brobostigonany ideas, i am  trying to get twirssi working, i installed Net::Twitter, but am still getting errors when tring to load twirssi,15:49
* bigcalm thinks that directhex needs to double check his tab completes15:49
brobostigon15:48:06 -!- Irssi: Error in script twirssi:15:49
brobostigon15:48:06 Attempt to reload Net/Twitter.pm aborted.15:49
brobostigon15:48:06 Compilation failed in require at /home/ptaylor-eeepc/.irssi/scripts/twirssi.pl line 12.15:49
brobostigonoh, sorry.15:49
directhexbigcalm, that too15:49
brobostigonany ideas?15:50
hamitrondirecthex: in terms of power in vs power out?15:51
directhexhamitron, ?15:51
hamitronusing a lower power psu15:51
hamitronnot being green, etc15:52
hamitronI'll keep my 350W for a lower power system, as it is a shame to send to a landfill15:53
directhexhamitron, yeah, in terms of power in vs power out.15:53
directhexhamitron, there's the question of efficiency - older supplies can be really poor on that - and efficiency runs on a curve too (so you may need to buy a supply which is efficient for your power load, which may not be the one you expect)15:54
hamitronany idea how much energy is used to build a PSU, compared to what you'd waste using one not so good?15:55
directhexno. ultimately they're just steel and a bunch of capacitors, so compare to something like an amp15:56
hamitronI'm not sure about either tbh15:56
hamitronI just tend to use things till they die, unless it is something I use a lot15:56
hamitronlike for day to day use I like my lcd15:58
hamitronbut crt is fine for my less used machines15:58
hamitronthe investment required to change them is not worth the energy saving15:58
bigcalmCan I use mod_headers with mod_rewrite and thus set headers based upon the agent being used?15:59
* hamitron shrugs16:01
oimonhamitron: you might be able to pick up lcd monitors from freecycle16:03
hamitronoimon: that is actually a damn good idea16:03
oimoni've given a good few away to charities and other people. i still have a 18inch NEC LCD under my desk that was £800 when new :S16:03
screen-xoimon: I got rid of a couple on freecycle, one of which worked quite well..16:04
hamitrondo you just pay delivery or what?16:04
oimoni prefer my dell 17 inch ones since the bezel/surround is too big on the nec16:04
screen-xhamitron: no, you have to go and get it16:04
oimonfreecycle tends to be local16:04
oimonor freegle is another site similar16:04
hamitronnever carried an LCD on a motorbike ;)16:05
hamitronreckon it would be ok?16:05
oimoni carried one in a rucksack by removing the stand16:05
oimonthe actual lcd unit isn't bulky16:05
oimononly when attached16:05
hamitrontbh, it isn't really green travelling far16:06
screen-xhamitron: but greener on a bike..16:06
hamitronI only get 40mpg16:06
hamitron45 if I am careful with the juice16:06
screen-xhamitron: why?16:06
oimonmy car does better than that16:06
BigRedShamitron: how big? you can get all sorts on a motorbike16:06
dogmatic69ok, working backup script to s3 http://bin.cakephp.org/view/32708822516:06
dogmatic69what is the best way to enter the mysql pw for crons?16:06
hamitronit is only 400cc, but 198016:06
BigRedShamitron: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/_RsV1BFhY1_U/SoVI3xGfYqI/AAAAAAAAAZ4/Uj5XLWKVFCo/s800/2009-08-13%2018.55.11.jpg16:07
hamitronI am considering a bike that gets about 85mpg16:07
screen-xwhats that BigRedS?16:07
BigRedSscreen-x: a pic of a bike box on a bike16:07
BigRedSI think16:07
BigRedSpicasa doesn't always do what I think it does16:07
BigRedSand I thought I copied the shorter link, but clearly not16:07
brobostigonany twirssi users able to point me atwhere i am failing?16:07
* oimon wishes picasa was FLOSS 16:08
BigRedSOh, it's an empty box, I was packing my bike to go to france16:08
BigRedSbut, yeah, that's the BigRedS I got my name from16:08
BigRedSdogmatic69: in the crontab. Just make it readable only to root, or whichever user is running it16:08
hamitronBigRedS: what mpg you get?16:08
screen-xBigRedS: ahhhhhh16:09
BigRedShamitron: on that, ~55mph, sometimes 60ish. But I don't ride that any more.16:09
BigRedSmy Pan gets ~50mpg, my old CX about 3016:09
hamitronmine is a wetdream :)16:09
BigRedSoddly, the pan is most efficient at about 70mph, which is nice16:09
dogmatic69BigRedS: like store the pw in the script?16:10
popeybrobostigon: what guide are you following to install it?16:11
brobostigonpopey: the one on their site.16:12
popeythat one?16:12
popeywhat goes wrong?16:13
BigRedShamitron: cb250?16:14
brobostigonpopey: the error above that i posted, whenn i try and load twirssi in irssi,16:14
popeyit needs a perl dependancy16:15
hamitronBigRedS: 400 version16:15
popeybrobostigon: libnet-twitter-perl16:15
popeyinstall that16:15
brobostigonpopey: ok, one minute.16:15
brobostigonpopey: installed.16:16
popeynow try loading twirssi again16:17
brobostigonjust did, same error.16:17
brobostigonpopey: umm, any further ideas?16:19
dogmatic69ive made a function inside a bash script, does not seem like i can use 'clear' inside the function... any reason for this?16:23
MartijnVdSwoo, edge snapping works again16:23
BigRedShamitron: ahhh, I'm crap at that sort of era :) I just got the CX 'cause it sounds awesome16:23
dogmatic69clear works outside the function, inside not :/16:24
popeybrobostigon: can you pastebin what happens when you unload and reload twirssi?16:25
hamitronBigRedS: mine is basically a baby CX16:25
screen-xdogmatic69: ls; function c(){ clear; }; c16:25
dogmatic69man, this bash stuff is wierd16:25
screen-xdogmatic69: that seems to work16:25
hamitronengine mounted too high and falls over in corners16:25
hamitronbut I love the styling16:26
dogmatic69screen-x: i had function something{ clear }16:26
hamitronand sound ;)16:26
brobostigonpopey: yes, one minute,16:26
brobostigonpopey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584891/16:28
popeybrobostigon: pastebin /home/ptaylor-eeepc/.irssi/scripts/twirssi.pl16:28
popeybrobostigon: dpkg -l libnet-twitter-perl16:30
BigRedShamitron: does it have a sideways v-twin, though? :)16:32
BigRedSI can replace my spark plugs *on the move* :)16:32
SuperMattdammit, found a unity bug16:32
brobostigonpopey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584893/16:32
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: welcome to the club16:32
hamitronBigRedS: http://www.hamitron.demon.co.uk/pics/bike.jpg16:33
hamitronno ;/16:33
BigRedShaha, yes, I know those! yours looks in considerably better condition than mine, though16:34
hamitronit is my baby :)16:34
BigRedSI love my CX, but it breaks down about every six miles. Only feasible to ride it in the summer :)16:35
hamitronI like retro bikes16:35
BigRedSI _really_ need to replace the loom16:35
hamitronI wanted a CX16:35
hamitronbut read it needs leaded petrol?16:35
MooDooczajkowski: prod.....16:35
hamitronnow I want an enfield :)16:36
* MooDoo is looking forward to his ride home :)16:36
BigRedSit's awesome. Such a great bike to ride16:36
czajkowskiMooDoo: better be worth it, distrubing me16:36
BigRedSnah, this one wants (well, appears to be happy with) unleaded16:36
MooDooczajkowski: nope i'm here just to annoy xx16:36
BigRedSit's '81, and unleaded was normal mid-seventies I thought?16:36
czajkowskiMooDoo: >:(16:36
BigRedSGoing with my Dad tomorrow to pick up his new Bonneville :)16:37
hamitronBigRedS: I read the CX needed some additive to lower running temps16:37
* bigcalm wants chocolate now16:37
SuperMattthis bug won't get fixed, dammit16:37
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 741869 in unity (Ubuntu) "Pressing the Super (windows) key while in Virtual Machine Manager no longer works" [Undecided,New]16:37
hamitronbut mine runs hot too tbh16:37
willy_1977bigcalm: bourneville by any chance?16:38
BigRedShamitron: yeah, it does run hot, but I think that's mostly innefectual cooling...16:38
oimonnotes that the bike discussion started when we were discussing lcd monitors lol16:38
bigcalmwilly_1977: funny that16:38
BigRedSthe current breakage is a leaky radiatior, thinking about it16:38
popeySuperMatt: what is virtual machine manager?16:39
popeybrobostigon: hmm16:39
hamitronI just want a BIG single :)16:39
MartijnVdSpopey: virt-manager16:39
oimonis that kvm virt-manager SuperMatt16:39
oimonugliest piece of softare i ever used16:39
SuperMattpopey: it's an application to manage kvm virtual machines (and others)16:40
SuperMattoimon: yes it is16:40
* popey wonders if the developers would know this detail16:40
popeyand whether more detail on the bug report might help16:40
=== seeker is now known as Guest93896
popeywho knows perl?16:41
popeyuse Net::Twitter qw/3.11009/;16:41
SuperMattpopey: it's probably something that the devs of virt-manager will have to fix, but it's only since unity has come in that there has been a problem, so unity has changed some behaviour somewhere which has broken another app16:41
popeyii  libnet-twitter-per 3.14002-116:41
MartijnVdSpopey: I do, what's the problem :)16:41
* BigRedS knows some perl16:41
popeywhat does the qw/ mean?16:41
MartijnVdSpopey: "quote word"16:42
BigRedSit's a quoting mechanism16:42
popeyso its saying "you must have Net::Twitter 3.11009 ?16:42
MartijnVdSpopey: it makes every word (separated by whitespace) into a string and returns an array of those strings16:42
BigRedSspace-separated list16:42
MartijnVdSpopey: yes16:42
popeynot "or above"?16:42
MartijnVdSpopey: it's "at least"16:42
MartijnVdSpopey: try (for any perl module):16:42
MartijnVdSperl -MNet::Twitter\ 12345516:42
SuperMattpopey: I also note that, although it hasn't altered the behaviour of vinegare, it does make the search thing open in the background16:42
MartijnVdSpopey: it'll tell you which version Perl thinks you have16:42
* popey points MartijnVdS at brobostigon 16:43
SuperMattoh no wait, no it hasn't16:43
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: ^16:43
brobostigonMartijnVdS: o/16:43
SuperMattwait, yes it has16:43
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: try that -- "perl -MNet::Twitter\ 980938409" (or any large number really)16:44
brobostigonNet::Twitter version 980938409 required--this is only version 3.15.16:44
brobostigonBEGIN failed--compilation aborted.16:44
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: See.. you have 3.15 :)16:44
oimonSuperMatt: i would add a comment to tell them which package to add in order to test this. as you say, virt-manager is a redhat app..so good luck with that16:45
popeyso why is this happening:- http://paste.ubuntu.com/584891/16:45
MartijnVdSBecause irssi already has a copy of Net::Twitter loaded16:45
MartijnVdS(which might be an old version)16:45
popeyhow can you unload?16:45
MartijnVdSnot really.. you can fake it by some Perl magic16:45
MartijnVdSdelete $INC{"Net/Twitter.pm"};16:46
MartijnVdSthat or restart irssi16:46
brobostigonMartijnVdS: hmm, ok.16:48
brobostigonMartijnVdS: restarting irssi seems to have made it load.16:53
bigcalmNear enought 5pm, can I take the rest of the day off?17:00
gord5pm and no "your product has shipped" from amazon, my life is over :(17:01
bigcalmYou'll that that email at 11pm17:01
bigcalmI hear that they don't work for pirates17:02
gordstatus hasn't even changed to "shipping soon" yet17:02
bigcalmpopey: that's them17:02
gordmost annoying thing is that people that pre-ordered last night are saying they got the email, have those people no soul?17:03
bigcalmNot now, no17:03
hamitronI'm never using the pre-order again at amazon after the hassles I had last time17:09
willy_1977from this am finally had chance to look at mono great job... hopefully I'm preaching to the converted here though... :D17:10
czajkowskigord: ipad2?17:11
gordczajkowski, 3ds17:11
AzelphurHaha, just had someone on my TF2 server chanting about how X sucks and Y sucks until we asked him to stop or he gets a mute, then he started ranting about how we don't allow constructive critism :D17:11
Azelphurclearly someones confused on the constructive part of criticism :D17:11
willy_1977Azelphur: did you manage to constructively criticise his/her "constructive criticisim"?17:13
AzelphurI think so :D17:13
MartijnVdSyo, dawg?17:13
hamitronnothing wrong with a bit of moaning and grumbling imho17:13
=== ChrisB is now known as Guest30647
willy_1977hamitron: of course not for goodness sake whatever next... no moaning indeed.17:14
Azelphurhamitron: haha, I'm all up for grumbling but when it's just "admins suck" "maps suck" "server sucks" "tf2 sucks" over the space of 30 minutes it gets old :D17:14
hamitronguess so :)17:14
willy_1977admins suck17:14
MartijnVdSfixing > whining17:14
Azelphurhamitron: was even more funny when he spent the next 5 minutes solid trying to reconnect to said sucky server :)17:14
willy_1977not really of curse :)17:15
willy_1977ha did the fellow get back in?17:15
hamitronI probably moan weekly about certain things, but that is ok I suppose17:15
* willy_1977 has to polish his boots...17:16
hamitrontalking of gaming.... not seen many on minecraft lately17:16
hamitronon popey's server17:16
Azelphurhamitron: I'm on my mc server :D17:16
hamitronwhat sort of server?17:17
directhexdoes it have portals?17:17
Azelphuryes it has portals, mobs enabled17:17
hamitroneiiwwwww to portals :/17:17
willy_1977or does it have a 128k expansion pack?17:17
Azelphurdirecthex: you mean portals like stargate mod rather than nether right?17:17
hamitronconstructive or destructive?17:17
Azelphurconstructive :)17:18
Azelphurand optional PvP17:18
popeyhamitron: i was on last night for a bit17:18
popeyas was dsas :)17:18
hamitronpopey: I will be back on, just been busy17:18
hamitronso don't delete my work!17:18
directhexAzelphur, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PBIqoBP_y417:18
Azelphurdirecthex: oh, haha :D17:19
popey"work" you say hamitron17:21
Azelphurdirecthex: my server has stargates like in the TV show, similar in construction to nether portals17:22
gordfeels like the rate of new stuff in minecraft has slowed down substantially - shame really17:23
popey1.4 needs to hurry up17:24
Azelphurthere was a group that apparently got angry about lack of updates and fired the DDoS cannon the other day17:24
hamitronpopey: hell yes! it is like a piece of art damn it17:24
gordhow many releases has their been since january?17:24
bigcalmAzelphur: how meture17:24
hamitronnot work work though :)17:24
gordback when i used to play there was a release every friday17:24
Azelphurbigcalm: indeed17:24
directhexreleases are bad17:25
directhexthey mean needing to patch in a new lwjgl every time17:25
gorddo they know that their version sucks?17:26
gordi don't think they test much/ever on linux17:26
gordhasn't really been much interesting added since the halloween update :( note blocks were cool but i don't have the patience to do anything interesting with them17:27
dutchiebeds are handy17:27
dutchiewolves could be nice17:27
hamitronweather would be nice17:27
directhexyay beds17:27
directhexi await ak-47s17:27
gordwe used to have weather, at least, it would snow17:28
hamitronwhy no snow now?17:28
gordbiomes broke it17:28
hamitroncould have sledges and stuff17:28
hamitronroads and cars17:29
popeyi like the new sleep-sets-your-spawn thing17:29
popeymap would get huge17:30
gordnew enemies would be nice, passive stuff like squids i'm not interested in, right now there are far too many creepers - i stopped being interested in building stuff because it always gets blown up17:30
popeyneeds bots to do your work for you17:30
hamitronhaha, bots :D17:30
popeyworkers, you command, then go offline, come back to diamonds :)17:30
hamitronbigger worlds17:30
popeymaybe we should hire some amazon mechanical turks to do our mining!17:30
hamitronhow close to the limit is your server popey?17:31
popeywhat limit?17:31
hamitronit must have a limit?17:31
* popey shrugs17:31
gordhamitron, like map size?17:32
gordiirc the theoretical limit is something like 8 times the area of earth17:32
hamitrongord: so we better not explore too far ;)17:33
popeyhaha, that grey goo is mental17:34
popeyUsage of /:   91.3% of 105.52GB17:34
popeyMemory usage: 60%17:34
popeySwap usage:   14%17:34
hamitronpopey: not all minecraft? ;/17:34
hamitronI hope17:34
popeymostly backups17:35
hamitronah :)17:35
popeyalan@hatar:~$ du -hs /home/minecraft/backups/17:35
popey72G     /home/minecraft/backups/17:35
hamitronhow often you backup?17:35
Azelphurpopey: doesn't rsnapshot cover that?17:35
popeyi locally backup on the machine hourly17:36
popeythen rsnapshot copies it off later17:36
hamitronwouldn't daily be ok? ;/17:36
* popey shrugs17:36
popeydoesn't matter, i can bin all of feb now knowing its backed up17:36
Azelphurpopey: have you heard of the logblock plugin btw?17:36
popeyno, sounds fun17:36
popeylrwxrwxrwx 1 minecraft minecraft   53 2011-03-24 16:45 current.tgz -> /home/minecraft/backups/2011/03/24/world_16.45.11.tgz17:37
Azelphurit is, it logs every single block placement/remove for players and allows for reverts17:37
Azelphurso if fred comes and sets fire to your house, you can ban fred, then /lb rollback player fred17:37
Azelphurand bam your house is back17:37
hamitronI don't like that17:37
popeyselect * from blocks where user = 'hamitron'17:37
Azelphurindeed xD17:37
popeydrop table blocks17:37
gord... amazon sent me an email saying i get free shipping now - which is all fine and dandy apart from i use amazon prime so that doesn't mean a thing >:(17:38
popey47G     /home/minecraft/backups/17:38
popeythere we go17:38
popeybye bye february17:38
hamitronhalf the fun about playing with fire, is knowing it can get out of hand....17:38
popeyyeah, being able to undo is no fun17:38
popeymind you, your world being destroyed by grey goo doesn't look like fun either :)17:39
hamitronI can't load that17:39
hamitronjust never loads17:39
gordpopey, do you keep images for each map backup?17:39
popeyoh, pictures?17:39
popeybut I could generate them :)17:40
gordoh shame, would of been nice to do a timelapse17:40
popeyloop through backups, unpack, map, delete17:40
popey20 goto 1017:40
hamitronbbl, food is ready :D17:40
Azelphurgord: my maps get generated live http://game.azelphur.com:8123/ :D17:41
gordthe new natty wallpapers are very pretty18:00
bigcalmA new defualt wallpaper is all that I look for in an OS update18:02
hamitronall the purple in 10.04 made me sick18:03
hamitronubuntu has a kinda sissy image, then i get a wallpaper like that ;)18:04
MyrttiI never see the defaults18:05
hamitronnever install X?18:05
hamitronor the full blown thing18:06
MyrttiRsync backups in tty1 before first login18:06
hamitronI dunno why, but I like to lose all settings and start fresh fairly regularly18:07
hamitronnot sure if it helps uch these days, but it makes me sort my mess out (at least a bit)18:08
MyrttiI do that on secondary machines18:08
MyrttiWhee blizzard18:08
hamitronWhee blizzard?18:09
s-foxI will be back later.18:09
gordthe defaults in the latest versions of ubuntu have been great, especially enjoying that there are a bunch of default wallpapers that you can set to slideshow18:09
hamitron13 mins till I have CAE Linux 2010 \o/18:10
hamitronnot gonna use it as a distro, but looks like it has some interesting software to sample18:10
hamitronI am actually considering a dual boot config again18:13
hamitronlinux distro are so good to use, not sure I can not have one on my main rig18:14
gordcan't remember a time where i haven't duel booted on my main machine, between ubuntu and windows18:14
gordif i need to use some other linux, i'll vm18:14
Myrttihamitron: hello from Finland18:14
hamitronwell, I got 5 machines on this desk atm18:14
hamitron2 windows and 3 unix18:14
hamitronMyrtti: hi :)18:15
hamitronunix-like I mean ;/18:15
alexcockellHi all - just toask..18:16
alexcockellNeed to ask before I accept updates...18:16
hamitronalexcockell: ask away18:17
alexcockellIs there any current issue with the version of Adobe Flash that has just been released and NVidia ION chips?18:17
alexcockellJust that there's some stuff on the ubuntu forums about Youtube breaking..18:17
alexcockellFlash just in Update Manager today18:18
alexcockellJust that I'd rather nto have iPlayer breaking in my netbook..18:18
alexcockellAm tempted to do what I usually do and wait a week..18:18
Myrttihamitron: http://www.flickr.com/photos/myrtti/5555958083/18:19
hamitronI love snow :)18:20
gordalexcockell, do you have any need to update flashplayer?18:21
hamitronI'd personally just try the new flash player update, as there is a good chance it has security updates18:22
hamitroncan always revert if required18:22
gordhamitron, eh? not easily18:22
hamitrongord: why not? :|18:23
gordhamitron, how would you revert?18:23
gord... thats not a revert18:24
hamitronit is if you install the older version again18:25
smittixno ubuntu-restricted packages installed by default then18:25
hamitronanyways, my point is security is important18:25
gordhamitron, its installing the older version again thats the trick ;)18:26
hamitrongord: nit picking? ;/18:26
smittixIs there a fix to the ugly plymouth screen after installing proprietary drivers (ati) yet?18:26
hamitronflash is evil anyway18:26
gordhamitron, no no, its just that i don't want to get someone to the position where they install a new version and can't go back18:26
gordbecause that would suck18:26
directhexsmittix: no, because you can't do plymouth with fglrx18:27
smittixId fall back to the open source driver but my battery drains within 20mins18:32
alexcockellNew flashpllayer is listed as an "important security update" in Update Manager...18:33
alexcockellI run a Lenovo Thinkpad R61i with Intel graphics, and a  Lenovo Ideapad S12 with NVidia ION GPU..18:34
alexcockelland am not sure whether it has been tested on those configs..18:34
alexcockellI bought them preinstalled from linux Emporium..18:35
alexcockellSo - would not know how to fix it if it broke18:35
alexcockellBoth running 10.04 LTS18:36
alexcockell... with all updates apart from this Adobe Flash update.18:36
hamitronthe small flash installer update?18:37
alexcockellAs that goes off to Adobe's site...18:37
hamitronhave you got a link to the problem that worries you?18:38
hamitronon the forum18:38
alexcockellUmm - not really...18:38
alexcockellDid a browse.. and there are a few listed in Absolute Beginners..18:38
alexcockellI have the switch to turn on hardware accel applied..18:39
alexcockell... but am not sure when Adobe mention on their release notes that they have tested on NVidia 330 - is that an ION chip?18:39
alexcockellBasically, I don;'t want to lose Youtube and iPlayer..18:40
gordnvidia 330 is not ion18:40
gordbut ion is basically a 9000 series - it should work fine18:40
alexcockellWhy don't Adobe *say* that on a bugfix release?18:41
alexcockellI know it works OK with the current version I have...18:41
alexcockellCurrently running
=== cbx333 is now known as cbx33
KrimZonwhat's the command to tell how many times a disk has been switched on and off, and all that stuff?19:01
BigRedSKrimZon: smartctl -a <device>19:02
BigRedSI think19:02
BigRedSthat'll give the smart data, which I think includes what you're after19:02
KrimZonhmm, it doesn't give me the info for that particular disk19:03
HazRPGgooooooood evening, everyone!19:03
hamitronhi HazRPG19:03
KrimZonbut it does for the main disk, so it'll be the other disk that sucks19:03
HazRPGhamitron \o/!19:03
BigRedSKrimZon: ah, if there's no smart on the disk I don't think you can get the info19:03
BigRedSGooooooooooood Morning HazRPG!19:03
BigRedS</robin williams>19:03
hamitronwindows 7 machine now can't be seen on the network from the xp machine19:04
HazRPGBigRedS: Haha, yeah that's sort of where I was going with that :P19:04
BigRedShamitron: You're trying to do networking in Windows? ewww19:04
hamitronyes :(19:05
hamitronmove data from old gaming machine to new gaming machine19:05
BigRedShamitron: haha! I'm perpetually in good morning mode..19:05
* hamitron grumbles as usual19:05
KrimZonBigRedS: I was trying to investigate i/o errors after trying to use it as a second backup drive19:05
BigRedShamitron: I get other people to look after my wintendo for me :)19:06
BigRedSKrimZon: ah. if there's no smart I'd not want it as a backup drive...19:06
BigRedSthough ISTR smartctl does guess stuff to make smart work, so it's possible that's just a disk that needs manual intervention to have smart working19:07
BigRedSbut I don't know.19:07
HazRPGBigRedS, hamitron: http://goo.gl/Ugt3A19:07
BigRedShaha, awesome!19:07
KrimZonI'd hoped to have two drives so one was always separate from the machine19:07
HazRPGBigRedS: guessing you haven't seen that before then :P19:08
hamitronKrimZon, what I do :)19:08
BigRedSnope. I miss most of these things on the net somehow19:08
* hamitron never seen it either19:08
HazRPGhamitron: :o19:09
HazRPG... see I usually find this stuff finds me :S19:09
hamitronvery small hand on my screen :/19:09
HazRPGdon't know how, I must just attract crazy!19:09
MartijnVdSHazRPG: so that's how you ended up here :)19:10
HazRPGhmm, heh, its no better on mine19:10
HazRPGMartijnVdS: ironically... yes! :P19:10
HazRPGhmm, should I post up my recipe code (calibre news plugin) to the forum? It works great, the only downside is that I can't use it since my kindle doesn't support arabic :(19:11
HazRPGits about 4 hours of faffing around to get 42 lines of code19:12
MartijnVdSHazRPG: post it already :)19:18
MartijnVdSrelease early, release often19:18
BigRedSHazRPG: code wants to be free19:18
hamitronusb connector just made a crackle19:24
hamitronstatic kinda sound19:24
HazRPGcan't seem to find a decent hex<->character<->decimal encode/decoder19:31
MartijnVdSHazRPG: perl :)19:33
MartijnVdSHazRPG: What kind of hex? :)19:33
MartijnVdS(Unicode code points? Latin1 code points?)19:33
MartijnVdSUTF-8 encoded unicode?19:33
HazRPGah, the key thing was  the bit in the middle, I want to change "الأولى" to unicode value so that I can place it in the recipe for uploading19:33
HazRPGsince the recipe doesn't work if the text isn't english19:34
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Like &#12345; ?19:35
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Or UTF-8/16/32-encoded?19:35
HazRPGyeah, something like that :)19:35
HazRPGthink I've found one, going to see if it compiles right19:36
MartijnVdS(that's the problem with Unicode.. it only defines "Number X = this-and-that character".. you need an encoding (UTF-8, or HTML-encoding) to "write it down")19:36
nperryUnity is useable....19:36
MartijnVdSnperry: "Classic Gnome" is usable again19:36
nperryI'm just waiting for gnome-shell to work out of box...19:37
nperryGetting rid of using jhbuild...19:37
HazRPGactually, seems it needs to be in \u0627 format19:39
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Are you sure?19:40
HazRPG&#1575; apparently just shows up as plain text of the same19:40
MartijnVdSHazRPG: What kind of file?19:40
MartijnVdSah yes :)19:40
MartijnVdSIn that case, either:19:40
MartijnVdSHazRPG: So you're writing python, and you want to put Arabic in your python script? Is that it?19:43
HazRPGI did find an awesome conversion site at one point, but never bookmarked it :(19:43
HazRPGMartijnVdS: well yeah, let me put it this way... when I have 'الأولى' as the feed title (which btw, translates to "first" or "main news") the code fails to run19:44
MartijnVdSHazRPG: see pm, this is going to be messy :)19:44
HazRPGwhen it grabs the news feeds, it seems to use \u<numbers>19:44
MartijnVdSHazRPG: no that's python's way of saying "Unicode character <numbers>"19:44
MartijnVdSHazRPG: try printing somestring.encode('utf-8')19:45
HazRPGI wish I was coding in a python editor lol19:45
MartijnVdSUnicode is nothing without a way to represent it. Python's way (if nothing else is specified) is \unumber19:45
MartijnVdSbut if you explicitly encode your string to UTF-8 (bytes), it should work19:46
HazRPGI'm using gedit to write the code and "ebook-convert arabic.recipe output_dir --test -vv" to test it19:46
MartijnVdSPython 3 makes this easier, by using "bytes" for the raw bytes and "characters" (strings) for the in-memory "character" sets19:46
hamitron4.6gb ram used! gotta get to 8.....19:50
hamitronat this rate will need tutoring from Azelphu_r on how to abuse hardware19:51
MartijnVdSopen firefox19:52
MartijnVdS*poof* RAM used19:52
hamitron5.32 used...19:52
HazRPGhamitron: what ya doing to fill it?20:00
HazRPGjust opening as many tabs as possible?20:00
hamitroninstalling 5 different distro at once in vmware20:00
HazRPGor are you running a pi calculator and storing into RAM :P?20:00
hamitronoh no20:00
hamitronI am actually doing something useful20:01
hamitronI am sure I could fill the ram20:01
hamitronbut I want to USE the ram I suppose20:01
hamitronbecause I paid money for it20:01
dwatkinsas a test?20:01
dwatkinsrun memtest...20:02
hamitronI could of got 4gb cheaper than 8gb20:02
dwatkinsNOTE: do not do that on a virtual server unless you are prepared for it to totally stop responding20:02
hamitronif I never use over 4gb, it would feel a waste buying 8gb20:02
hamitronnow I can say hand on heart, I sometimes use it20:03
MartijnVdSare you running the 64-bit version?20:03
hamitrononly 32 bit guests20:04
hamitron64 bit host OS20:04
MartijnVdSthere's the problem20:04
MartijnVdS32-bit processes can't get >4G20:04
MartijnVdSget some 64-bit processes running :)20:04
dwatkinsis the virtual host software 32-bit?20:05
* hamitron shrugs20:05
hamitronit is vmware20:05
dwatkinsI installed vmware but couldn't get it to run 64-bit OSs on CentOS.20:07
hamitronmy host OS is windows 720:07
HazRPGVirtualBox \o/20:07
HazRPGhamitron: :(20:07
HazRPGhamitron: letting the side down, you should be having ubuntu on with windows VM's :P20:07
hamitronF1 2010 and Test Drive Unlimited 2 are the only reason I got a new comp20:08
hamitronoh, and minecraft20:08
dog69-ipadHi all... Great news, I broke my Pc :(20:14
directhexf1 2010 is half off this weekend20:14
hamitrondirecthex: I got it on dvd20:15
hamitronno thanks to amazon messing me around with my pre-order20:15
* hamitron curses20:15
directhexhamitron: well, woo. just sayin', it's £15 on steam this weekend20:16
hamitronworth a buy imo20:17
hamitroneven if loads moan about it20:17
dog69-ipadCan anyone tell me where to start with a box that is only giving terminal on boot (ubuntu 10.10 desktop)20:17
shaunonvidia drivers?20:18
* dog69-ipad was looking at the settings last night20:18
dog69-ipadDon't remember changing anything though20:18
hamitronthis is booting off the livecd?20:18
dog69-ipadNot tried, but it will do that20:18
dog69-ipadThis is a running Pc since 10.10 came out20:19
hamitronoh, ok20:19
dog69-ipadLooked as syslog and it's complaining about missing configuration files20:20
dog69-ipadTried to do sudo gde or something but that complains too20:21
dog69-ipadFatal error, no screen found....20:23
dog69-ipadDon't know how I'm seeing that :D20:23
dog69-ipadAlso error parsing configuration20:24
jacobw`sudo gdm`?20:39
dog69-ipadThat gives warning failed to acquire org.gnome.displaymanager20:43
dog69-ipadCould not acquire name; bailing ouot20:43
dog69-ipadThe startx one also said unable to connect to x server20:44
dog69-ipadNo such file in dir20:45
dog69-ipadNo such process, server error20:45
dog69-ipadHttp://pastebin.com/Pk7TTTp2 is my configuration20:49
screen-x20:21 < dog69-ipad> Fatal error, no screen found....20:49
screen-xits ok I'm here now :)20:50
dog69-ipadAh, there it is20:50
=== OmNomSequitur is now known as OmNomWithChild
directhexyou don't run gdm manually, that's always wrong20:50
directhexyou run "start gdm", iirc20:50
directhexstart spawns upstart scripts, like invoke-rc.d20:50
dog69-ipadThat spits a big error20:50
MartijnVdSdirecthex: "service gdm start" afaik20:51
dog69-ipadStart: rejected send message, 1 matched rules; .....20:51
popeyevening all20:51
dog69-ipadMartijnVdS: Same thing20:52
screen-xevening popey20:52
dog69-ipado/ popey20:52
HazRPGhmm, I've really spent a lot of time on something I won't be able to use xD20:52
HazRPGMartijnVdS: thanks for the encoding help dude :)20:53
MartijnVdSHazRPG: np.. does it work now?20:53
dog69-ipadMartijnVdS: Sudo star gdm = job already running20:53
MartijnVdSdog69-ipad: I have no idea20:53
dog69-ipadK, thanks20:53
HazRPGMartijnVdS: yeah :D, also managed to get it to grab all 15 or so RSS feeds they have too and strip out the necessaries :)20:53
screen-xdog69-ipad: have you tried moving xorg.conf out the way (eg xorg.conf.bk) then restarting gdm? (service gdm restart)20:55
HazRPGalthough seems Al-Ahram (ahram.org.eg) site apparently ships pdf versions of their newspaper - I almost got overexcited when I read that, but it's a pdf inside of a flash file...20:56
screen-xdog69-ipad: won't get twinview, but then you can run the nvidia settings thing to configure that.20:56
MartijnVdSHazRPG: install dsniff, it contains urlsnarf20:56
MartijnVdSHazRPG: run urlsnarf, open flash file20:56
MartijnVdSHazRPG: it should show you the "hidden" URL of the pdf file20:56
screen-xhaz!info dsniff20:56
screen-x!info dsniff20:56
lubotu3dsniff (source: dsniff): Various tools to sniff network traffic for cleartext insecurities. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.4b1+debian-18 (maverick), package size 114 kB, installed size 436 kB20:57
screen-xhaven't seen that before... some new man pages to read.20:57
MartijnVdSunless it's really a pdf _inside_ the swf, then you have to download the swf and extract it somehow (there are tools)20:57
* dog69-ipad <3 screen-x20:57
nperryHmmmm £117mill rollover tomorrow on euro millions20:58
dog69-ipadI have icons..  Badly streched and only half the screen... But it's icons none the less20:58
* nperry crosses fingers20:58
* hamitron hits something20:58
nperryI might be able to run my car with that ammount of money way petrol is going20:58
dog69-ipadscreen-x: Tx20:58
hamitroneverything has just gone wonky here20:59
slackthumbzscreen -UDx20:59
screen-xslackthumbz: s/UD//20:59
MartijnVdSHazRPG: does that work? urlsnarf? :)20:59
HazRPGMartijnVdS: yeah took a moment to realise I needed -i eth021:01
screen-x"I wrote dsniff with honest intentions - to audit my own network, and to demonstrate the insecurity of cleartext network protocols. Please do not abuse this software." <-- good luck with that21:01
HazRPGman pages helped :)21:01
MartijnVdSHazRPG: you have that many interfaces? :)21:01
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I have 221:01
HazRPGMartijnVdS: erm... this is... interesting21:01
slackthumbzwith -UD you detach anyone else attached to your screen session and get UTF-8 support21:02
HazRPGits not a pdf at all21:02
HazRPGits an image file!21:02
slackthumbzI find it rather handy21:02
HazRPGand the images aren't embedded at all!21:02
HazRPGhttp://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45398/images/page6.jpg <==21:02
screen-xslackthumbz: yeah, but without UD, you get my name :D21:02
MartijnVdSHazRPG: you can concatenate images into PDFs :)21:02
MartijnVdSHazRPG: but it might be easier to make the RSS feeds into PDFs (with the right fonts embedded)21:03
HazRPGif I can work out their number scheme, I could probably write a little script out to grab these and... lol yeah make a pdf of it :P21:03
HazRPGMartijnVdS: yeah, but if I make a script to grab the actual newspaper... I could impress my family next time I'm over there :P21:04
dogmatic69_\o/ icons and stuff21:05
HazRPGthey're offering it as a free service... so why not give that free service to my mum in a more manageable form for her to use :P21:05
MartijnVdSHazRPG: teach her Python :P21:06
HazRPGI mean Al-Ahram (translation: "The Pyramids") is her favourite newspaper21:06
Myrttilolwhat? http://www.flickr.com/photos/suviko/5556049477/21:07
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Al-Haram 8-)21:07
HazRPGHaram = Pyramid21:07
HazRPGAhram = More than one pyramid ;)21:08
screen-xMyrtti: odd21:08
HazRPGMyrtti: random...21:08
* HazRPG wants21:09
MartijnVdSHazRPG: ah.. not the opposite of halal then?21:09
HazRPGHarram is why your thinking of then ;)21:10
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Dutch muslims write it "Haram"21:10
MartijnVdSWikipedia says Haraam21:10
MartijnVdS\o/ transliteration21:10
HazRPGHarram = Forbidden21:10
HazRPGactually yeah Haraam would be more correct21:10
HazRPGbut that's a character-to-character translation, its pronounced more like it has 2 r's in it21:11
MartijnVdSWhich is why it's spelled "haram" in Dutch :)21:11
MartijnVdSthat would make the pronunciation more like taht21:11
HazRPGHaram (HarAM) would be pyramid :)21:12
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Written Dutch is strange (sometimes vowels get strechted at the end of syllables, etc.)21:12
HazRPGthen how would you write pyramid (haram)21:13
MartijnVdSPyramide :)21:13
MartijnVdSOr haraam21:13
HazRPGcos that's not confusing :P21:14
HazRPGI wonder if I release a way to grab this newspaper's images... would they find another way to *hide* it?21:14
MartijnVdSHazRPG: I'd just generate PDF myself using the RSS feeds21:17
MartijnVdSHazRPG: embed the fonts, and try on kindle21:17
HazRPGholy cow, they must have a decent webhost... seems they've got the older news papers in here too21:17
HazRPGMartijnVdS: hah, I knew I was right! (I use to tell my mum that the reason the images were sometimes blurred on the newspaper, because they've exported it out wrong... and seems I'm right): http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45397/images/page1_zoom.jpg21:18
HazRPGshe always thought it was bad printing from time-to-time, seems they just don't know how to export properly21:19
MartijnVdSfial :)21:20
HazRPGI always told her its not possible that 5 family members (bought at different times and different places) would all come out the same if it was just due to bad printing21:20
MartijnVdSHazRPG: that page looks like I need 3d glasses :)21:20
HazRPGit does, doesn't it... but I highly doubt it'd produce the right effect with 3d glasses :P21:21
MartijnVdSHazRPG: yeah it's in Arabic, so I'd need to wear the glasses in reverse :)21:21
HazRPGhmm, it must make sense from a printing aspect to do it that way21:22
ali1234that's a scan of a bad print21:22
MartijnVdSSleep time. I'll leave you all with this: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/speler/luisterpaal/44540023#luisterpaal.4454002321:22
* screen-x moves to a box with audio21:23
HazRPGMartijnVdS: your hooked on the Fitz and the Tantrums aren't ya :P21:23
HazRPGMartijnVdS: night dude :)21:23
MartijnVdSHazRPG: a little :)21:23
screen-xsleep well MartijnVdS :)21:23
HazRPGali1234: that is possible...21:23
ali1234or maybe not21:23
ali1234looks like it's not a scan just heavily compressed21:24
ali1234i can't really think of a way you could mess up the channels like that though21:24
MartijnVdSali1234: oh you could. If you had to. on purpose21:24
HazRPGali1234: they're still pretty new to the concepts of printing in colour21:24
ali1234exactly, you'd have to do it on purpose21:25
HazRPGhmm, food for thought ... can't be entirely on perpose: http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45398/images/page1_zoom.jpg21:26
HazRPGthat's the front cover of today's paper21:26
ali1234looks fine21:26
screen-xMartijnVdS: tune21:27
ali1234i bet they generate those jpegs from 4 separate tiffs or something21:27
HazRPGif you change  "Zoom_1500/<this number>/" and roll back a few articles... they're fine21:27
HazRPGali1234: bingo ;)21:28
HazRPGwhich is what I always told my mum21:28
HazRPGbut she thought I was talking out of my ...21:28
ali1234still, dunno how they could accidentally export one of the tifs with a different size than the others21:28
HazRPGif they do it in photoshop and basically just hide a channel and then re-export, they might accidently slip the image a notch by mistake and didn't realise21:29
HazRPGgotta remember they're mouse cursor is the wrong way round, and their scrolls on the other side too21:30
ali1234could be21:30
ali1234if you compare the front page on different days the top logo moves around all over21:31
ali1234so that's probably it21:31
HazRPGwhich makes sense from an arabic point of view... however no two systems in egypt seem to ever be configured the same (esp. in windows)21:31
HazRPGI wouldn't be surprised if each page is done by separate people either21:32
ali1234what's this picture all about? http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45396/images/page1_zoom.jpg21:32
screen-xali1234: the bunny or the dudes?21:32
ali1234the dudes21:32
ali1234looks lke they're going to fight?21:33
HazRPGali1234: trying to read it... news papers are hard for me to read due to lack of reading skills and vocab.21:34
HazRPGbut I'll try...21:34
ali1234if you can just tell me who it's a picture of i can probably find the rest on google :)21:35
HazRPGfirst word is ansar ("look")21:35
screen-xgoogle docs OCR doesn't do arabic..21:35
HazRPGscreen-x: not surprising, its not really easy to read font21:37
HazRPGsome characters I can't make out21:37
HazRPGbecause it could be a few things21:37
screen-xHazRPG: it doesn't support arabic at all21:37
screen-xotherwise, could have OCRd it then attempted a text translation.21:37
HazRPGheh, android still doesn't support arabic yet either - yet their phones are selling like hot-cakes over there21:37
HazRPGand all asking for arabic support ootb21:38
HazRPGI can try and type out the characters into google translate...21:38
screen-xHazRPG: do they have a version with real text?21:38
dogmatic69_say i have a file like the following, how could i get the password out? https://github.com/infinitas/infinitas/raw/beta/config/database.php.default21:40
dogmatic69_im using while read LINE do for WORD in $LINE do ....21:41
dogmatic69_must be a better way than that21:41
ali1234dogmatic69 write a bit of php that instantiates the class and prints the password21:41
ballUbuntu's disk utility is a bit strange21:42
dogmatic69_ali1234: i guess... and cat it to the bash script as a param?21:42
screen-xdogmatic69_: where does bash come into this?21:42
ali1234i don't know php off by heart but it would be something like require "database.php"; x = new DATABASE_CONFIG; print(x.default['password'];21:42
screen-xball: what are you seeing?21:43
dogmatic69_screen-x: im writing a bash script to do a backup, instead of saving the db password all over, i could just get it from the app21:43
screen-xdogmatic69_: so its not a php app that needs to read the file?21:43
ballscreen-x: I tried to use it to reformat my MP3 player21:43
dogmatic69_sorry, forgot that part out :/21:43
screen-xdogmatic69_: in that case grep password |cut -d "'" -f 321:44
screen-xor something close to that21:44
ali1234that would work too21:44
ali1234you can put some php code on the php command line too21:45
dogmatic69_does it not need to know the file name?21:45
ali1234so you don't need a separate file21:45
dogmatic69_ali1234: how do i put php code in the command line?21:45
screen-xdogmatic69_: grep password filename |cut ...21:45
ali1234go with grep21:46
ali1234probably faster21:46
dogmatic69_screen-x: => twice21:46
screen-xgrep password /tmp/test.php |cut -d"'" -f 421:46
screen-xoff by one..21:47
HazRPGscreen-x: they do on the main site... but two days ago, and I'm not sure how far back the news articles on the site go (considering the news isn't timestamped on the site for some reason)21:47
HazRPGso far I have: Ban Ki-moon guard trying to protect it fromfriction21:47
ali1234ah ok21:48
dogmatic69_screen-x: awesome, thanks21:48
ali1234english ^21:48
dogmatic69_twice in the hour21:48
hcfdHey guys, I just recently installed an update that Update Manager was 'pushing' on me, for Adobe Flash Player. Now when I run VLC Media Player by opening a media file, X crashes. I get a segfault, something about ld-2.11.1.so -- is this related to the update? What is ld-linux.so.2 for anyway?21:50
hcfd10.04LTS btw21:50
hcfdAlso, when I try to run tilda, I get this output from dmesg: [  618.116116] tilda[4255]: segfault at 0 ip 0804ffbb sp bf9a2e10 error 4 in tilda[8048000+13000]21:51
ballGreat, now my Internet connection is bad too.21:51
* ball sighs21:51
ali1234hcfd: well, your system is pretty messed up...21:51
hcfdYes, yes it is.21:51
hcfdI didn't do anything to it, however, besides accept an update through Update Manager.21:52
hcfdI'm on a slightly older than current kernel though.21:52
ali1234none of that should cause segfaults21:52
hcfdI know.21:52
screen-xhcfd: have you tried ldconfig?21:53
ali1234can you pastebin the last few lines of /var/log/apt/history.log?21:53
ali1234they are time stamped21:53
ballI'm trying to create a FAT32 partition on an MP3 player that presents itself as a USB flash drive21:53
hcfdscreen-x, I have not. I have no idea what ld-linux is.21:54
hcfdali1234, sure21:54
HazRPGwow, I really don't know the placement of arabic characters (doesn't help that my keyboard doesn't have the letters on it)21:54
HazRPGanyways so far: Ban Ki-moon guard trying to protect it fromfriction Altzahreinn Alwidin21:54
ali1234HazRPG: i found the english story linked above ^21:54
screen-xhcfd: I'm a bit fuzzy, but I think its the dynamically linked library loader21:54
dogmatic69_i got an exit in a bash script and it just kills the server connection... how can i exit without closing ssh?21:54
HazRPGali1234: aww... spoiling my fun keyboard mashing :P21:54
HazRPGah ok, that makes so much sense21:55
HazRPGdidn't realise Ban Ki-moon was a name :p21:55
screen-xdogmatic69_: can you pastebin the script?21:55
ali1234it;s the asian looking dude :)21:55
hcfdali1234, here it is: http://pastebin.com/zuFdt3pk   Please note that the flash uninstall, reinstall and the VLC uninstall, reinstall was just my attempt at a quick fix, a shot in the dark.21:55
dogmatic69_screen-x: its my first k ;)21:56
HazRPGali1234: obviously :P21:56
* HazRPG proceeds to eat the pie my sister brought home21:57
HazRPGfrom work*21:57
HazRPGand now my cousin in egypt is trying to write arabic letters to me...21:58
dogmatic69_screen-x: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/148176484621:58
HazRPGI really do need to practice reading arabic21:58
ali1234hcfd: anything before that?21:58
dogmatic69_screen-x: first attempt at bash, im sure its all wrong :S21:58
hcfdali1234, I can throw the whole thing up.. was just showing you what I've got. Before the upgrade, the machine was stable.. nothing of relevance going further back -- to my eyes anyway.21:59
hcfdali1234, http://pastebin.com/mwBm6V4322:00
zatanHi does anybody know how its calling that top panel ? http://lh5.googleusercontent.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TWZ34S45D_I/AAAAAAAADIU/_AUZeAEh1yg/awn-notification-daemon-applet.png22:00
ali1234dogmatic69 you might want to look at using tempfile or similar for temporary files22:00
hcfdThat goes back a couple of weeks. I'm in GMT timezone btw.22:00
dogmatic69_ali1234: how you mean?22:00
dogmatic69_in /tmp22:00
ali1234dogmatic69 see man tempfile22:01
ali1234hcfd: i don't see anything in there that would cause such serious problems22:01
ali1234hcfd: anything interesting on your dmesg?22:01
ali1234also have you rebooted since update?22:01
screen-xdogmatic69_: how are you calling that script with ssh?22:02
HazRPGpython can be compiled to an executable can't it?22:02
ballGot it.  I had to use dd to write zeroes to the first few sectors and let it decide to reformat itself.22:02
ali1234HazRPG: yeah22:02
dogmatic69_screen-x: just gonna be a cron22:02
hcfdali1234, I have rebooted, yes. Will throw up dmesg for you. Nothing stands out to me, besides the problem.22:02
HazRPGali1234: great, might have to see if I can make a small simple (hopefully gui) app for my mum to grab these papers with :)22:02
cbx33hey guys22:03
HazRPGapparently not a factoid22:03
HazRPGcbx33: hey dude :)?22:03
ali1234~info py2exe22:03
cbx33howz it all going peeps22:03
screen-xdogmatic69_: so where does ssh come in?22:03
ali1234well, it's called py2exe anyway... makes windows exes22:03
dogmatic69_screen-x: im ssh'ed into the box where im running it22:04
ali1234there's not much point on linux22:04
HazRPGali1234: how so?22:04
dogmatic69_if i just run the script with no param, it exits as if i typed exit in the terminal... not just the script22:04
HazRPGwouldn't you need python installed first for the script to run22:04
ali1234because they usually have python installed by default22:04
HazRPGhmm, run from terminal though (that's how I'm doing it at the moment)22:05
ali1234and if not, that's what package dependencies are for22:05
hcfdThanks for your patience ali1234. dmesg at http://pastebin.com/ixiJbRhz22:05
HazRPGcbx33: not bad, yourself?22:06
HazRPGcbx33: thought anymore on covers?22:06
cbx33i do have an idea22:06
HazRPGwinner :)22:06
cbx33but not sure if I'll use it22:06
HazRPGalways here if you ever need to brainstorm :)22:06
cbx33thanks HazRPG22:07
cbx33my wife is going to try to do a quirky design22:07
cbx33if that doesn't work out - I have a reasonable serious one22:07
hcfdalil234: You can ignore /dev/sdd... it is a failing drive which was removed from an array. I just haven't physically removed it yet, it's being RMA'd.22:07
screen-xdogmatic69_: I can't reproduce that, If I run that script it just exits the script.22:07
cbx33but I'm having issues with a merge right now22:07
dogmatic69_one sec22:07
ali1234hcfd: is it possible some other drives are failing in the array?22:08
=== OmNomWithChild is now known as RaycisCharles
HazRPGcbx33: I can always see if some of my friends will spare some time and make some if you like too?22:08
cbx33and I can't get anyone to answer my question in #git :)22:08
cbx33HazRPG, as long as they realise it may not be picked - that would be awesome :)22:08
HazRPGcbx33: well we're helpful :P ask away22:08
screen-xdogmatic69_: well it doesnt just exit, it outputs "Please enter the S3 bucket to back up to" first22:08
cbx33well i just did a merge - and got conflicts . no big deal - so I tried a git merge --abort...and it failed.....but a git reset --merge succeeded22:09
cbx33the man page seems to suggest they should do a similar, if not identical thing22:09
cbx33wanted to demonstrate an abort in the book - but it's not happening right now :)22:09
cbx33problen is - because the test repository is linear - I cant do any more to it, until I sort this out22:10
hcfdali1234, it is indeed possible. The array is a RAID1 with one device, atm, as /dev/sdd is definitely fubar'd and was removed. Shouldn't be affecting tilda though.. and even trying to play media from other drives doesn't help the issue. The array in question isn't auto-mounted, so I could reboot and not touch it to see if it helps?22:10
dogmatic69_screen-x: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/172795577422:10
ali1234hcfd: if it's not where your softwar is stored it's probably not the problem22:10
screen-xdogmatic69_: optimus-prime ;-)22:10
dogmatic69_got the whole crew going22:11
hcfdali1234, yeah it's just data. Root partition is another array altogether with 3 very healthy 80GB drives in RAID122:11
ali1234hcfd: i suppose it *could* be if something is trying to thumbnail the videos or something like that22:11
screen-xdogmatic69_: that may be a strange ec2 thing then. Maybe wrap the whole lot in a function and use return rather than exit?22:12
hcfdali1234, yeah.. hey I guess so. Unless you have any other leads/ideas, I think I'll reboot and give that array a wide berth, just to see if it has anything to do with it. Before I go, you couldn't do me a favour and paste me your ls -l for /lib/ld* ?22:13
ali1234hcfd: you could try running vlc or tilda in gdb to see where it crashes, and use strace or ltrace to see what it is doing22:13
brobostigon-g1evening everyone22:13
dogmatic69_screen-x: aparentlly im not 'running' it, im 'sourcing' it...?22:13
screen-xI didn't even see the . in your paste22:13
dogmatic69_that means nothing to me...22:13
ali1234hcfd: i'm not on 10.0422:13
hcfdali1234, good idea. Tbh though, I don't think I could interpret the results very well, but will give it a go.22:13
HazRPGcbx33: sorry, had to visit the mens room... yeah I'm pretty sure they won't mind that22:14
screen-xdogmatic69_: ./backup.sh22:14
hcfdali1234, are you on 10.*? :)22:14
brobostigon-g1is alanbell around?22:14
dogmatic69_screen-x: thanks... will do that22:14
ali1234hcfd: there's really only 3 possible explanations, 1. hardware fault 2. serious software bug 3. you did something weird and didn't tell us :)22:14
lubotu3Launchpad bug 3 in Launchpad itself "Custom information for each translation team" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/322:14
screen-xdogmatic69_: that would explain why its killing your shell, as you are running those commands in the current shell, rather than starting a subshell22:14
dogmatic69_guys in #bash are moaning about the ext also :(22:14
dogmatic69_i see22:15
ali1234where "something weird" = recompiled parts of the base system with weird patches or something22:15
hcfdali1234, hardware fault looks more likely really.. 3. is not an option, if the answer were 2. then everyone would be complaining with me.. which leaves hardware. Could be anything, right? RAM, CPU, HDD, mobo..?22:15
ali1234could be. cpu is usually the least likely to die like this22:16
HazRPGcbx33: those do seem like very similar commands22:16
hcfdali1234, base is untouched. Customisations here and there but nothing out of the norm.22:16
screen-xhcfd: "normal customisations" is almost a paradox22:17
ali1234hcfd: http://pastebin.com/6t80v1N322:17
hcfdali1234, I confess, the machine does totally lock up sometimes.. but it is related to overheating when the ambient temp goes up. It's rocking a LOT of hardware in such a small case.. but having said that, temps are perfectly within normal parameters. 45C for the hottest HDD, 49C for CPU at times.. I put it down to bad HDDs.. looks like /dev/sdd isn't the only one.. but I'm fearful that there's something more serious. :/22:18
ali1234what's GPU temp?22:18
ali1234overheating GPU can cause all kinds of weird stuff to happen22:18
ali1234if the machine locks up that could corrupt your filesystem in interesting ways22:19
ali1234so that could be the cause22:19
hcfdali1234, -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 113964 2011-01-21 23:53 ld-2.11.1.so22:19
hcfdali1234, it's 46C. Slowdown threshold is 105C... I mean I think it should be stable upto say 55C, 65C.. it should certainly handle 46C. In fact, I have 3 identical GPUs.. this one was put in a month ago as I was troubleshooting the lockups.. this GPU and the one it replaced are fine as far as I can tell.22:21
AlanBellbrobostigon-g1: yup22:21
ali1234hcfd: it can also be insufficient power supply22:22
hcfdAlright, I'll only mount the root partition and e2fsck the rest.22:22
HazRPGcbx33: hmm, can't see to find anything22:22
ali1234hcfd: or bad capacitors on just about any component that has them22:22
ali1234usually PSU and motherboard22:22
hcfdali1234, that was my very first thought. I put in a bigger one and it made no difference. Hmm.22:22
cbx33nope me neither22:22
* hcfd nods22:22
cbx33I'll use the reset for now22:22
cbx33I'll ask in #git again tomorrow when it hots up22:22
brobostigon-g1alanbell what is that place you told me about last night,i need to talk about certain things.please,22:23
HazRPGcbx33: I'm currently looking through the git community book: http://book.git-scm.com/index.html22:23
brobostigon-g1alanbell thank you.22:23
hcfdali1234, could be looking for a new system. Ran memtest, and all 8GB is fine. Guess I'll run  off of a liveCD for a few days to eliminate the HDDs and see where to go from there. Thanks for your help, you're being spot on with your analysis.22:23
HazRPGbrobostigon-g1: \o/22:24
HazRPGbrobostigon-g1: how's it going squire?22:24
cbx33HazRPG, traitor :p22:24
brobostigon-g1hazrpg its going crap, in truth.22:24
HazRPGcbx33: hehe was going to say, can't be a traitor if I'm trying to help shape yours ;)22:24
hcfdali1234, just one last thought, do you think that the correlation between heat and lockups (and now segfaults) makes sense if it is a capacitor issue?22:24
cbx33that is very true22:24
cbx33Thanks for trying to find out22:25
cbx33a little googling here didn't show anything either22:25
HazRPGno problem :)22:25
cbx33if yo ulook in the man git merge22:25
ali1234hcfd: sure, bad capacitors are basically ones that aren't as heat resistant as they claim to be22:25
cbx33there is something about aborting22:25
ali1234hcfd: they fail because the electrolyte in them dries up22:25
cbx33oh no - not badcaps :p22:25
cbx33anyone remember that?22:25
ali1234remember it? i've got loads of free stuff because of it :)22:26
HazRPGbrobostigon-g1: *hugs*22:26
hcfdali1234, ie: failing capacitors work less well under heat/slightly better when cooler? I have an Asus P5Q Pro board which is supposed to have high quality capacitors.. at least the specs/sales tag says so.22:26
ali1234hcfd: certainly possible, yes22:26
ali1234even high quality caps wear out eventually22:27
ali1234and life span depends on the environment they are used in22:27
* brobostigon-g1 hugs hazrpg22:27
ali1234if you run them at 80 degrees they won't last as long as if you run them at 50 degrees22:27
hcfdali1234, so if it is indeed the mobo, are the caps replaceable or should I just scrap the board? I think about £70 for a 2nd hand one, probably aren't any new ones left around.22:27
ali1234depends on the board22:28
ali1234i have recapped motherboards before22:28
HazRPGbadcaps on hardware?22:28
ali1234but don't get too hung up on the capacitors, it's just one posible explanation :)22:28
screen-xtomorrow I will blame all faults on "bad capacitors"22:29
ali1234it might not even be hardware issue (that is, the previous GPU issue may have caused FS corruption that is still around now you fixed the GPU)22:29
hcfdWell put it this way, I've eliminated the following: RAM, PSU, GPU... CPU has always had a good life, well cooled. I unplugged all expansion cards. HDD wise, I indentified a bad one, gave the others a clean bill of health for now. That leaves CPU and/or mobo. How can I t/shoot those without simply replacing them to see what happens? :/22:30
ali1234you can't22:31
dogmatic69_i made a dir called ~ in ~/22:31
hcfdali1234, I figured :)22:31
ali1234unless the capacitors are visibly leaking brown goo22:31
dogmatic69_rm ~ ...22:31
* hcfd looks22:31
HazRPGcbx33: googling inside that book, seems the only place abort is mentioned is here: http://book.git-scm.com/4_rebasing.html22:32
hcfdI can't see for all the coolers and wiring. hehe22:32
HazRPGalong with a page on git hooks22:32
ali1234hcfd: google images -> "badcaps"22:32
screen-xdogmatic69_: rmdir ~/\~22:32
cbx33badcaps were prevelant a good few years ago now22:33
cbx33apparently someone stole the formula for the electrolyte, copied it down wrong and took it to another company22:33
ali1234hcfd: i notice you have a message about unchecked filesystems... you should run a check :)22:33
dogmatic69_screen-x: lol, thanks22:33
cbx33they started making lots of cheaper capacitors....but their electrolyte was bad22:33
dogmatic69_i almost did sudo rm ~ -r22:34
cbx33seen a fair few mobos with badcaps22:34
screen-xdogmatic69_: good job you didn't :)22:34
dogmatic69_tell me about it22:34
HazRPGdogmatic69_: that would have been a bad plan :P22:34
dogmatic69_i did rm ~ just to see, and then it said ~/ is a dir...22:34
dogmatic69_close call22:35
* dogmatic69_ wipes brow and continues22:35
hcfdali1234, that's on /dev/sdd (now unplugged).. which is a failing drive. The rest should be upto date and healthy.22:45
HazRPGhmm, I realised a flaw in my calibre recipe... didn't notice this before... its output the text as left-aligned22:45
screen-xhcfd: do you get any problems when running from a live cd/usb?22:46
hcfdali1234, screen-x, my board has solid state polymer caps.. I don't think the bad-smelling brown-oozing cap failure case applies22:47
ali1234probably not then22:48
HazRPGand it doesn't seem to separate the paragraphs with any spacing22:48
hcfdscreen-x, I haven't done so in a long time. I intend to try that shortly however. The only machine I can IRC with at the minute is this one that I'm on.22:49
screen-xhcfd: rebooting is a pain, when you only have one box available22:50
hcfdscreen-x, definitely. Anyway, I'm going to reboot as usual and leave some HDDs unmounted, run e2fsck, see if things can be improved. Then, I'm going to boot a liveCD and get back to studying for the night.. see if it's more stable.. etc. Probably get back to you guys later on it. Thank you so much for your input.22:53
brobostigon-g1good night everyone, sleep well.23:07
HazRPGAlanBell: are you just about in every channel on irc :P?23:09
HazRPGAlanBell: every channel I've ever been on @ freenode, you seen to hang out in :P23:09
dogmatic69_any recommendations for encrypting a tar.gz file?23:12
jacobwDepends on your requirements23:13
dogmatic69_i would like to not use the pw in the command if possible23:14
dogmatic69_just to encrypt backups23:14
dogmatic69_work asked, as they said in the contract backups are encrypted23:15
dogmatic69_its not cc details or anything funny... just std data stuff23:16
jacobwPublic key cryptography23:21
jacobwThis looks useful, http://www.brandedclever.com/how-to-setup-encrypted-offsite-backups/23:21
dogmatic69_i guess if someone hacks the box they can do what ever they like23:21
Cepheusdogmatic69_: try `openssl enc -e -aes-128-cbc -k "password" -in file -out file_encrypted` to encrypt and `openssl enc -d -aes-128-cbc -k "password" -in file_encrypted -out file_decrypted`23:21
Cepheusto decrypt23:22
dogmatic69_then the pw to decode is in the logs23:22
dogmatic69_or not?23:23
jacobwIsn't that the whole point of encryption dogmatic69_, that if the backup system is compromised the backups cannot be decrypted23:23
jacobwI see what you mean with passwords in the logs, but the answer to that is not to use passwords in commmands23:24
dogmatic69_im more worried about the box being hacked23:24
Cepheusit would be unless you clear the bash history.23:24
dogmatic69_there is s3cmd so they can easily list / download all the files and decode23:24
dogmatic69_the backup script does s3cmd put something.tar.gz s3://bucket_name23:26
dogmatic69_so they can just do list s3://bucket_name then download23:26
dogmatic69_and decode23:26
dogmatic69_is it possible to make ssh only work from a set ip?23:26
jacobwI don't know exactly how to do it, but you can use GPG to encypt files using public key encryption without storing the passphrase anywhere23:27
Cepheusyou could replace -k with -pass stdin for the above. problem solved.23:27
dogmatic69_Cepheus: it has to run in a cron23:27
Cepheusjacobw: gpg -e file23:28
Cepheusi think23:28
* hamitron blocks access to sshd using a firewall23:29
shaunosshd should obey hosts.allow & hosts.deny, but I'd usually consider that a job for a firewall too23:31
dogmatic69_hamitron: you mean using a pub key with no pw login? or more than that?23:32
hamitronI was just refering to blocking access to a service, with the exception of some known good addresses23:33
hamitronI'd also have other stuff in place ofc23:33
dogmatic69_right, atm all i have is ssh only + fail2ban23:34
shaunoI get paranoid about locking myself out, so I allow sshd from two different isps, rather than locking it down silly-tight23:34
hamitronI dunno the "right" way to do it in ubuntu23:34
dogmatic69_i have a bunch of ec2 boxes for clients, and a ec2 'main box' for all sorts of internals (hosting git etc)... i been thinking of only allowing ssh to the client boxes from the 'main box' and then only allowing ssh to the main box from the static office ip23:35
dogmatic69_so it would be ssh office -> main box -> client box {n}... is that just mad, or a good idea?23:36
hamitronI'd go office to each server directly23:36
hamitronbut mainly because I get cheap hosts with huge lag23:37
hamitronthe main worry with what you say, is the first box has to be secure23:37
hamitronmain box sorry23:38
shaunothere's nothing nuts about using a bastion.  you just have to be careful that you're reducing access to every client machine, to a single point of failure23:38
hamitronthat also23:38
dogmatic69_also i dont want ssh from client box {n} -> main box (even though its only office people that have access)23:39
dogmatic69_shauno: what you mean about single point of failure? like limit the places they can be hacked?23:39
shaunowell, if you do anything to take the main box down, you can't get to anything else23:40
shauno(you or anyone else)23:40
dogmatic69_i see23:40
dogmatic69_if that box is screwed, so is everything23:40
shaunoI think the biggest single step you can take with sshd is to disallow password logins, keys only23:41
dogmatic69_its for hosting a hosted solution... something like lighthouse ish... but for the current ugly version of the app there is one install per client... we are busy rewriting it to be one install with replication and failover something like the fb platform etc23:41
hamitronmore secure and saves typing when logging in \o/23:41
dogmatic69_shauno: that is done23:42
dogmatic69_saas or what ever its called23:42
screen-xsnakes and awesome stuff23:43
dogmatic69_exactly :D23:43
dogmatic69_software as a service :P23:44
dogmatic69_ok, this basestation thing is seeming the right way for now... should only be about 5 or 10 client boxes on this old version23:45
shaunokey-only and a bastion host gets a bit awkward tho, because you need your private key on the bastion to be able to get to any other node from there23:45
shaunoso if that one box is compromised, they literally get the keys to the castle23:46
dogmatic69_also makes the admin part easier for me, .ssh/config on one box23:46
dogmatic69_shauno: well that box will only be accesible from the ip of the office, so they would need to be a unix wizz as its a mac mini :D23:47
dogmatic69_plus, they would have to do it during office hours as the pc's with pub keys to the basestation are laptops and get taken home23:47
dogmatic69_how does spoofing ip addresses work with ssh? is that even possible23:48
shaunoit's just something to keep in mind :)  if you're going to put all your faith in one place, be paranoid about that one place23:49
dogmatic69_god... this will be the end of me23:49
dogmatic69_mac address from that ip...23:49
shaunoeg, if the keys are going home on laptops, what's the plan if laptops are lost/stolen23:49
dogmatic69_well then its even easier as you can just drop that key off the base station, instead of every client box23:50
dogmatic69_and remove the mac address from the 'safe' list23:50
screen-xdogmatic69_: as long as you get there first23:51
dogmatic69_and the laptops have pw's on (all macs)... damn fanboys23:51
hamitrongive them keys to login to a static box at the office ;)23:51
* dogmatic69_ is the only one not running mac in the office :D23:52
dogmatic69_so personal pc -> mac mini server -> base station -> client box?23:52
hamitronyeh, hehe23:52
dogmatic69_will need to not use the mac mini though, 80 / 22 is forwarded to that23:53
hamitronoh, for remote admin? :/23:53
dogmatic69_checking hudson etc23:54
* dogmatic69_ has the android hudson app :)23:54
dogmatic69_i wonder how fb keeps 500mil people out23:56
dogmatic69_there must be so much people just trying random shit all day23:56

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