iheartubuntudang Empathy! I missed an important IM!03:30
iheartubuntuEspresso anyone?08:34
nhainesIt's bad enough I'm still up as it is.08:43
iheartubuntumust be good beer or company08:47
iheartubuntuim working on a presentation for my company08:47
iheartubuntudoes the Ubuntu dictionary query the internet for definitions or is it built into the OS for offline use08:58
iheartubuntuIm slow. Hoping to finish by 3am09:13
iheartubuntuSurprised philipbalew has awoken by now. This is usually his time to shine!09:13
iheartubuntu*has not09:13
iheartubuntui think im getting sleepy09:13
iheartubuntuspell check in OO presentation didnt find my two misspellings09:17
iheartubuntuits spell check and google searches that keep me one step above my competition :)09:17
iheartubuntu(not like i have competition)09:17
iheartubuntudoes anyone know if open office presentation embeds my images i put in? ive never worked with it before. i dont want to take me presentation on a chip only to find out i needed all the images too10:06
iheartubuntuim guessing its embedding them. it was 80k with a bunch of text before adding images, now its 2.8mb10:07
iheartubuntuI'm off to see the wizard!10:37
iheartubuntuDown Maximus! Down boy! Down noble steed.15:16
* iheartubuntu dusts himself off15:16
iheartubuntuStrong Gains by Redhat... http://www.marketwatch.com/story/red-hat-micron-help-push-tech-gains-2011-03-2415:23
iheartubuntuHow do we add a topic to the next meeting?15:43
nhainesiheartubuntu: edit the agenda on the wiki.15:44
iheartubuntuahh, thanks15:44
jtatumthanks pleia216:02
pleia2jtatum: not me this time, iheartubuntu is helping keep the feeds updated too now :)16:14
jtatumgood deal thanks iheartubuntu16:24
iheartubuntu(i just winked at a guy)16:25
iheartubuntuits a cute wink in empathy anyways16:25
iheartubuntuanyone here a pro with OpenOffice Impress?16:40
* akk avoids it as much as possible16:41
iheartubuntuI had made a presentation and added a 50mb video file. I didnt want it and deleted it from the page, but the saved file is still a whooping 53mb, and it should only be 3mb16:41
iheartubuntuNot sure how I can search for all media content and then somehow delete the video file (which i thought i deleted on screen)16:41
nhainesWow, the new natty wallpaper landed befor UI freeze.  I'm impressed.17:19
iheartubuntusome very nice wallpapers!17:28
ryaxnbits dumping here in this part of CA20:00
ryaxnbaqnd a bit windy too20:01
iheartubuntuhello ryaxnb20:01
iheartubuntuwhere r u?20:01
iheartubuntuno rain yet in SoCal20:01
iheartubuntutonite I tihnk20:01
ryaxnbFelton, CA, near SantaCruz, CA in central CA20:01
iheartubuntunice area20:01
pleia2yeah, it's been raining for hours here in SF20:01
iheartubuntui used to drive up to Volks Cafe in Soquel all the time for my VW bus :)20:01
pleia2they closed to zoo today!20:02
ryaxnbno zoo?20:02
pleia2not that I was planning to go today :)20:02
iheartubuntudo zoos close?20:02
pleia2apparently for bad rain20:02
ryaxnbno one would have come anyway20:02
ryaxnbit raining too much20:02
ryaxnbrather go to an art museum or that wonderful CAS20:03
iheartubuntuI like sleeping in when it rains20:03
iheartubuntu(i'll stop before this becomes a poem or something)20:03
pleia2me too, but I am supposed to be working, my boss doesn't like it when I sleep at work20:03
ryaxnbfelton is the rainiest part of the SF bay area20:04
iheartubuntuI think i just like being home though when its raining20:04
ryaxnbi like  using my laptop and surfing as i always do20:04
iheartubuntuso i am full embedded into using Empathy now20:20
iheartubuntuI like it because it feels lightweight, unlike Pidgin. And it does IRC fine. With chat contacts and IRC all in one. Very nice.20:22
iheartubuntuCouple of buggy things, like if you write too long of a sentence, Empathy grows to the right side :)20:22
iheartubuntuother than that I like it20:22
iheartubuntuwhat does jhana mean21:03
iheartubuntuthe Ubuntu Dictionary has no definitions or similar words21:04
jhanafrogsadly, i don't think shuttleworth practices samadhi21:07
jtatumiheartubuntu: it's a buddhist term for a state of concentration21:14
* iheartubuntu wishes empathy would blink the message indicator icon21:15
iheartubuntuso "concentrating frog"21:15
jhanafrogi'm the only one in #empathy :(21:16
iheartubuntuempathy might use another server, no?21:16
jhanafrogit is more specific than that21:16
iheartubuntuthere is no #openoffice here but there is a #libreoffice21:16
jhanafrogthere was somebody in #empathy before21:16
jhanafrogi dunno21:16
iheartubuntujhanafrog are you good with OO Impress?21:16
jtatum#empathy is on irc.gnome.org21:16
jhanafrogno, never heard21:17
iheartubuntuits OO presentation (like powerpoint)21:17
jhanafrogthanks jtatum, i'll check it out21:17
jhanafrogoh OO is open office, i thought it was object oriented21:17
jhanafrognah, i never do presentations anymore21:18
jhanafrognot since college21:18
iheartubuntufor me its more like OOooooo Crap21:18
jledbetterjhanafrog, Seidos?21:18
jhanafrogwhy does it matter?21:19
jledbetterjhanafrog, I figure you keep changing your nick because you know I love mystery.21:19
akkIt's very confusing.21:20
jhanafrogi actually didn't know you loved mystery jledbetter, good to know21:20
jledbetterThere's a pattern though so that's helpful.21:20
jhanafrog"helpful" that's an interesting way of describing it21:23
jledbetterBut yes, it's confusing.21:24
jledbetterjtatum, ?21:26
iheartubuntuwho here is into genealogy? i read it someplace :)21:30
jledbetteriheartubuntu, I'm into it. You? :)21:30
iheartubuntu GRAMPS!21:30
jledbetteriheartubuntu, Yes, I am your grandfather.21:30
jledbetteriheartubuntu, How are you wandering along the tree?21:31
iheartubuntumy moms side is well documented, but my dads... almost nothing21:31
iheartubuntuhe came here after WW2 as a kid so not much info21:32
iheartubuntumet my wife thanks to research21:32
iheartubuntugrandfather on my dads side was captured and sent to russian gulag, so i looked for a russian interpreter after finding the prison docs :)21:32
jledbetterGood that something nice came from that.21:33
jledbetterI've mostly just been using onl--21:34
jledbetteriheartubuntu, Yeah, I've mostly been using online stuff but put out a few posts here and there "Looking for" but nothing yet.21:34
iheartubuntuare u using gramps?21:34
jledbetterNo. Something close-sourced. Might export and import to share the tree with others.21:35
jledbetteriheartubuntu, That's the one that lets us put it online right?21:35
iheartubuntuGRAMPS is a geneaology program for linux/ubuntu21:35
iheartubuntuworks nice21:35
iheartubuntui was using something from ancestry.com when  first got into it21:36
iheartubuntuthen switched the GEDCOM files when I went to latter day saints for some help21:36
iheartubuntuthey are actually pretty helpful21:36
jledbetterI'll look into that :) I'm still new to it but am back to 1400s or so with one line. So much more to go :(21:37
iheartubuntuwow that is incredible21:37
iheartubuntumy moms side goes a few generations back to germany/austria where they built churches before coming here.21:38
iheartubuntumy dads side is tricky21:38
iheartubuntuhad ancestors that immigrated to the US before WWI and then went back home before the war broke out21:39
iheartubuntuso my grandmother was born here, but not my dad21:39
iheartubuntuvery interesting anyways21:39
iheartubuntuand GRAMPS handles it all very well21:39
iheartubuntuno frills and works solid21:40
jledbetterI'll check it out:)21:40
* iheartubuntu is working on his Polish citizenship21:42
jhanafrogi was planning on working on letters to various well-off individuals to request funding for a yoga&meditation&garden&hackerspace21:48
jhanafrogmy friend told me not to bother21:48
jledbetterjhanafrog, Why not? Those things can go well together.21:48
jhanafrogi dunno, i'll have to ask him why not21:49
jledbetterOr just do what you want :)21:49
jhanafrogi guess i just assumed he's jaded21:49
jhanafroghe's tired, he just had 2 chem tests21:49
jhanafrogmaybe that's why21:49
jhanafroganyway, it might be fun just to think about it.  like how much it would cost to run such a place21:50
kdub_jhanafrog: i was looking into that for my area, what part of the state are you in?21:53
jhanafrogkdub_: LA area.  i would be willing to relocate though.21:53
kdub_there's a few hackerspaces in LA21:54
kdub_i'm down in SD21:54
jhanafrogyeah, we met at SCaLE i think kdub_21:54
jhanafrog<--- the other kevin21:54
kdub_oh yeah...21:54
jhanafrogi read about a hackerspace in LA21:56
jhanafrogi follow the hackerspaces.org rss feed21:56
jhanafrogi'll have to visit it, but i doubt anything will really be like what i have in mind21:57
jhanafrogprobably because nobody wants it ^_^21:57
jledbetter1 does :p21:58
iheartubuntuim going to be doing a presentation later today (at work). do i need to press any keys to switch from laptop monitor to an external plugged in monitor?21:58
jhanafrogprobably fn-f5 iheartubuntu21:58
jledbetterjhanafrog, Maybe find one and offer to expand/hold a session there or something?21:58
iheartubuntuu d best21:59
jhanafrogno u21:59
jhanafrogjledbetter: that's an idea21:59
jledbetterjhanafrog, I hope it works out :) It sounds like a great combo22:00
iheartubuntuno u22:01
iheartubuntui think ive even seen books on how to write such letters seidos22:02
iheartubuntuits definitely possible22:02
jhanafrogwell, i need ideas for where to recommend such a thing.22:02
jhanafrogi kind of need to know the location before i can figure out how much it will cost22:03
kdub_in ann arbor, there was a hackerspace that was given a corner of an xbox-arcade22:03
jhanafrogit obviously wouldn't be someplace terribly expensive22:03
akkiheartubuntu: Practice that switching before you get to the presentation -- different laptops have it on different keys.22:03
kdub_although yoga studios probably don't want technology harshing their mellow22:03
akkiheartubuntu: You can try it with any monitor, doesn't have to be a projector.22:03
jhanafrogperhaps yoga isn't the right term then22:04
jhanafrogwhy couldn't yoga be hacked though?22:04
jhanafrogperhaps it's hackerspace first, yoga studio second22:04
* kdub_ doesnt get yoga22:05
jhanafrogit would probably need multiple floors, or sectioned off areas though.  hackerspace on the bottom floor, garden in the back, exercise on the 2nd floor, meditation on the 3rd floor22:05
jhanafrogkdub_: exercise then22:06
jhanafrogafaik the goal of yoga is meditation22:06
jhanafrogexercise is more general, that's why i said it22:07
iheartubuntufor never using openoffice presentation before ever, i am totally blown away how nice it is. the 3D pie charts and b3D bar graphs are top notch22:07
iheartubuntuwe have a projector too, but i think the room is too small for it so i was going to hook up to a 22" monitor. thanks akk22:08
akkI've been to so many talks where the first 10 minutes was "everybody crowd around the speaker and offer suggestions on how to get the external screen working"22:09
iheartubuntu(so is it called open office "presentation" or "impress"?)22:09
iheartubuntuhalf the talks at scale were like that!22:09
iheartubuntuthe only people who knew how to do anything was at ubucon!22:09
akkWe must have gone to very different talks -- I was amazed at how much professionalism I saw at SCALE.22:09
akkEven several talks that included videos (usually that's a huge point of bustage and "honest, it worked when I tried it at home!")22:10
iheartubuntujhanafrog and i walked into one room... packed... i forget which one it was... near registration and they could not get the comp working with the screne22:10
jhanafrogi actually liked some of the talks better than ubucon, but i tended to show up after they already started22:10
jhanafrogi don't recall that22:11
iheartubuntuid have to look at a schedule to recall22:11
pleia2wasn't it actually about byobu?22:11
iheartubuntunot on my to do list at the moment22:11
iheartubuntuhmm. i dont remember. it was on friday tho22:11
iheartubuntuso.... i dont want to sweat hooking this thing up :)22:12
iheartubuntui better test before22:12
pleia2ah ok, dustin's byobu talk was saturday22:12
iheartubuntuotherwise we will be looking at a little laptop22:12
akkFriday, miniconf day, will always have more of that stuff -- miniconfs are a great place for beginning speakers to practice.22:12
jhanafrogi have to admit some talks had better lighting than others22:15
iheartubuntuso there was a Sys76 guy at ubucon?22:15
jhanafrogyeah, i saw him22:16
jhanafroghe looked pretty hip22:16
iheartubuntuim trying ot get a tester system from them22:16
iheartubuntuthey like the idea but i have to keep reminding them22:16
iheartubuntuim looking for a banshee media player backup file in the filesystem. something i can find all my radio stations and back em up... but i see a ton of EXE files in banshees folder. WTH!22:18
jhanafrogi am thinking of taking out the backseat of my car, and the passenger seat, to see if i can make the car like one of those live in capsules22:19
iheartubuntuid get a VW bus if i were you.22:20
iheartubuntupop top tent22:20
iheartubuntu5 gall water container22:20
jhanafrogyou must have $ :)22:20
kdub_jhanafrog: not to digress back to the hackerspace/yoga, but it might just be better to start one, get it going, then start the other22:20
iheartubuntutwo twin beds22:20
kdub_i'm sure both are tough ventures to start up in their own rights22:20
iheartubuntu"suicide" closet (blocking rear view to the right)22:21
jhanafrogkdub_: it probably makes sense just to call it a hackerspace22:21
jhanafrogi asked the people at noisebridge if they wanted to do "self defense hacking"22:21
jhanafrogi mean, what is the limit to "hacking", really?22:21
iheartubuntui bet you could pick up a buss for $150022:21
kdub_not a 1974 VM beatle22:21
iheartubuntuhook it up with net and built in computers22:21
jhanafrog$1500 i don't have22:21
kdub_or van22:21
iheartubuntunot in SD :)22:21
iheartubuntuexpensive there22:22
iheartubuntuhead up north id say22:22
jhanafrogwhy would you want a vw bus with built in computers?22:22
iheartubuntuto do IRC while going 5 mph in the slow lane going up the grapevine22:22
kdub_i'd guess those models are considered classics, with their cultural significance22:22
iheartubuntutrust me youll need something to keep you occupied22:22
jhanafrogi had a coworker that had a vw bus22:23
jhanafrogi'm just thinking if i can shower at the university, i could probably sleep in my car and save gas22:23
jhanafrogactually, the bigger problem is no bathroom22:24
kdub_grad students get handy offices...22:24
jhanafrogif you gotta' go at night...anyway22:24
kdub_my school had a 24h library we brought tents to during finals22:24
jhanafrogwhat school kdub_?22:24
jhanafrogare you a grad student?22:24
kdub_no, and i went to umich22:25
jhanafrogi learned the graduation % at csulb is 54%, compared to 89% at ucla and cal tech22:25
jhanafrogthat's bad22:26
akkLots of reasons for that.22:26
kdub_the interesting statistic to me is the 4year vs 5year graduation22:27
kdub_umich's undergrad engineering wass trending to 5y bachelors as the norm22:27
jhanafroghaha, i'm like the 8 year graduation22:27
jhanafrogi thought it was interesting that the stat isn't on csulb's website22:27
akkjhanafrog: Is that of people on a graduation track, or does it include everybody taking classes?22:28
jhanafrogi dunno though, i may have given up as a undergrad if i heard it22:28
jhanafrogakk: it would have to be individuals that selected a major.  so a "graduation" track22:29
jhanafrogit is a commuter school, primarily22:29
akkOne thing about CSUs is that there are a lot of people just taking classes/continuing ed, or a "take a few classes as I get the money and time for it" track.22:30
jhanafroginteresting, yeah, i probably counted against that stat, since i started as computer science, left, came back, changed majors, then graduated22:31
akkYou don't see that so much at private schools where they're paying $40k/year or whatever.22:31
* kdub_ doesnt beleive in higher education :)22:31
* akk took lots of classes at CSULA back in the day, and would like to take some at SJSU but is trying to justify the expense.22:31
jhanafrogi will only go back if i get federal aid22:32
pleia2yeah, I've found it impossible to justify the expense22:32
jhanafrogand considering how poor i am, i should get something22:32
jhanafrogi could justify it if it's free22:32
pleia2for me expense includes time, and I don't have much of that either22:32
pleia2oh well, I've made it this far without ever taking a class :)22:32
jhanafrogyeah, opportunity cost22:33
pleia2there is so much material online now anyway22:33
pleia2I can take MIT python classes for free from my couch22:33
jhanafrogi think online material is silly22:33
jhanafrogthey should just give you the option to take the standardized tests22:33
akkThe trouble with self-teaching via books or online is not having someone to answer questions.22:33
kdub_the university system is broken, imho22:33
jhanafrogor having someone to talk to22:34
pleia2akk: yeah, that's what IRC is for! :)22:34
jhanafrogkdub_: +122:34
kdub_but it is what it is, i got through it22:34
jhanafrogsomeone fix it :P22:34
akkpleia2: I wish I could find irc channels to answer most of the questions I come up with ... :)22:34
pleia2akk: yeah, IRC or akk's blog, since she finds the answers to all the tough ones22:34
akkI'd like to see online courses organized around the online material.22:34
akkhaha :)22:34
jhanafrogi suspect it is easier to find answers in a lab than it is on irc or in a classroom22:35
jhanafrogthat's one of the reasons i liked the caltech campus22:35
akkI don't get excited about "woo, MIT courses online" because I'm not clear how that's different from just getting a book22:35
pleia2admittedly I do think from time to time it would be nice to have an actual teacher to ask22:35
akkbut if I could follow the online course, and be on a mailing list with 100 other people who were following it22:35
akkthen maybe we could get somewhere.22:35
pleia2oh I just watch the videos22:35
pleia2so it's realy "online lectures"22:35
akkWhether videos or text, same argument still applies.22:36
pleia2and they have the homework available22:36
akkIt's easy to watch/read along and go yeah yeah, that's clear, I understand22:36
jhanafrogkhanacademy is better than MIT imo22:36
jhanafrogin terms of videos22:36
akkthen you try to do the problem set and, oops! it wasn't as clear as you thought22:36
jhanafrogthe videos are more direct and to the point22:36
jhanafrogbut, no python :(22:36
pleia2jhanafrog: I guess it depends on what you're studying :)22:36
pleia2yeah, for chemistry - sure! not so much for python22:36
akkMost of python has pretty great docs online (with a few minor exceptions).22:37
jhanafrogthe MIT python class didn't teach me anything, unfortunately.  it was too slow, and i didn't have patience for it22:37
jhanafrogor was that LISP?  oh, it was both ;)22:37
pleia2I watched the first few while my boss was too, it was helpful for us to talk about them22:38
kdub_the best way to learn is to do things next to someone who knows how do what you're doing22:38
jhanafrogif i was more motivated i could probably learn python i think...22:38
kdub_the blacksmith approach :P22:38
pleia2I sorta fell off though because I'm more of a sysadmin anyway22:38
akkyep, for computers that's always best! (what kdub_ said)22:38
jhanafrogkdub_: apprentices.  that's how the masons do it allegedly22:39
akkbut of course if you don't have a master sitting nearby, you need alternatives22:39
kdub_even for any abstract problem solving22:39
jhanafrogstudent solutions manual :)22:39
jhanafrogwell, find a problem, and try to solve it22:40
* akk happily working for someone who's better at python than I am, great way to learn fast22:40
akkI've been using python for years but I've been lazy and avoided some parts of it.22:40
jhanafrogmy level of motivation is pretty small for python right now.  i suppose i could try getting clicompanion to work22:41
jhanafrogi can only write small programs.  like 10 lines22:41
kdub_jhanafrog: what are you studying?22:53
iheartubuntufn F5 doesnt work :(22:53
iheartubuntuscreen comes up but cannot see icons or top/bottom bars22:54
iheartubuntucan see the wallpaper but no desktop icons or anything22:54
iheartubuntuohh well. the monitor is 15" so not too bad22:55
iheartubuntuin a very small room too22:55
iheartubuntunot like a conference room22:55
jhanafrogkdub_: right now?  i'm reading this:  http://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/burns/wheel088.html22:56
jhanafrogkdub_: but, i suspect that's not what you were asking.  you mean if i get education paid for?22:58
akkI use xrandr to send my screen output to a projector23:03
akkbut I don't know how well that works from gnome.23:03
akkxrandr lets you control the resolution you're sending, so you don't (or do, if you want to) cut off parts of the screen.23:03
jhanafrogfn-f5 worked for me in gnome, to a 15" lcd23:03
jhanafrogprobably has something to do with the video driver23:04
jhanafrogi wonder what video chipset iheartubuntu is working with23:04
jhanafrogi would think, anyway23:04
jhanafrogcould be wrong23:04
akkThere are a lot of variables -- the video driver, ACPI, whether the Fn keys generate regular key events or ACPI events or BIOS events or nothing23:04
jhanafrogperhaps there's a script that the key press executes23:05
jhanafrogthere is sleep.sh for suspend23:05
akkAnd in gnome you usually have to go through that annoying multiple-screen dialog to set the resolution of the second screen.23:05
jhanafrogi had to hit fn-f5 several times to get what i wanted, but i'm used to that.  there wasn't a dialog though23:07
akkthis dialog, http://people.gnome.org/~federico/news-2008-04.html23:07
akk(spent so much time watching people fiddle with that at the beginning of talks ... and the mac and win equivalents)23:07
jhanafrognever messed with that in gnome23:08
jhanafrogi've seen it in windows though23:08
akkWhat happens is that the projector is 1024x768 but your monitor is set for something else, so you're projecting at a funny resolution until you adjust it in that dialog.23:09
jhanafrogi don't have a projector :)23:10
jhanafrogi better get my towel23:11
jhanafrogbut which one is really mine?23:11
akkNor do I, but giving talks with slides generally involves one.23:11
jhanafrogi've never had a problem giving a talk, fn-f5 automagically has worked23:11
jhanafrogi've never tried with this notebook though23:12
pleia2my netbook autoadjusts to projector screens23:13
iheartubuntuso im gonna try the projector next23:14
pleia2haven't tried it since upgrading to 10.04, but my television is a pretty good test thing (same television as was at ubucon at scale!)23:14
akkpleia2, I always wonder about netbooks: what do they do about having less resolution than the projector?23:14
pleia2akk: the screen you see on the netbook itself ends up looking a bit cut off, but it hasn't ever been extreme enough to be a problem23:14
akkSo it adjusts to the projector resolution and you just can't see the bottom 168 pixels on the netbook's display?23:15
pleia2akk: yep23:15
pleia2and who needs those bottom 168 pixels :)23:16
pleia2I just need my screen to make sure I'm on the correct slide23:16
akkI would for gimp talks, but not for slides.23:16
jhanafrogi sent an ipaq to a projector once, it just displayed small like on the screen, but the projector was able to display it23:16
pleia2yeah, if you're actually doing a demo I could see it get annoying23:17
iheartubuntuthanks everyone!23:17
jhanafrogwithout anything being cut off23:18
jhanafroganyone here interested in making their own custom ubuntu iso?23:33
akkI'd be interested in making one for a USB stick.23:33
jhanafroghave you tried remastersys?23:37
akkno, haven't heard of it.23:37
jhanafrogme too, incidentally23:37
jhanafrogi want to select my own default packages23:37
jhanafrogit was mentioned in this thread:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=551713&page=323:38
jhanafrogit's for older versions of ubuntu though23:38
jhanafroger, the thread is23:39
jhanafrogi dunno about remastersys23:39
jhanafroghere's another link akk, http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/ubuntu.html23:39
jhanafrogif i get it working i'll let you know23:39
akkyeah, I was just noticing that 2007 date in the first link23:40
akkWill be interested to hear how well it works.23:41
akkI wish I had something like top or ps for the network.23:43
pleia2akk: < wilmer> pleia2: Tell her that the password should be just anything, also not the identify password.23:45
pleia2^^ bitlbee author, upon reading your blog post23:46
pleia2< wilmer> Otherwise cool :-)23:46
akkI'm confused now. What should it be?23:47
akkWhich password shouldn't be the identify passwd?23:47
pleia2not a real password23:47
akk(I was guessing because none of the docs gives a hint what the various passwd args should be, but it seemed to work)23:47
pleia2the add protocol in bitlbee isn't flexible enough to take an argument without a password, but it just ignores it23:47
akkI picked something for it, then I used that same something as the server password in my xchat server dialog.23:47
pleia2so it could be Ilikeponies :)23:48
akkIf those aren't the same, where else would I be setting the one that I have to set in the xchat dialog?23:48
pleia2this is just for the initial addition of the twitter account23:48
pleia2so in "account add twitter your-twitter-handle passwd" the "passwd" is random-whatever-I-get-ignored-anyway23:49
akkOkay, so the register passwd one is the one that matters, and the one in account add is just any placeholder?23:50
akkThanks! Will update. Please thank wilmer too.23:50
pleia2will do :)23:50
jhanafrogwhoa, 79.99 for warcraft 2 battle.net edition?  that's absurd.23:53
jhanafrogwell, games are kind of like crack, so i guess it makes sense23:54
pleia2still costs $30 for standard old warcraft 323:55
akkUpdated the bitlbee post.23:55
akkwhew :)23:56
jhanafrogwarcraft 3 won't run on my system well, warcraft 2 is even slightly sluggish23:57
jhanafrogwhen i got this notebook i didn't plan on playing any 3d games23:57
jhanafrogwhen i was at ucla the other day, i found out they had a PC lan gaming arcade at the student union23:58
jhanafrogit was $4 / hr23:58
pleia2they were good games so I'm not surprised people still play them, but it does weird me out a little to see the new WC3 boxes in stores (that did come out a DECADE ago, right?!)23:59
jhanafrogthere were like 4 people playing, on a saturday23:59
jhanafrogdang, has it been that long?23:59
jhanafrogit seems like just yesterday23:59

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