dombnexen_how i can connect the idjc with xchat?17:30
FunnyLookinHatIDJC ?17:35
FunnyLookinHatdombnexen_, sorry I'm not sure what that is...17:35
dombnexen_i want the program sent what i play17:35
dombnexen_in chat17:36
FunnyLookinHatSorry I don't know how to do that - there might be a plugin or something... but I'm not familiar with it.17:36
dombnexen_i have set it in idjc17:37
FunnyLookinHatThis ? http://www.koders.com/python/fid35B98A3E7E608AC0209124D5C46A6C199544990E.aspx?s=icq17:37
dombnexen_in the xchat i dont know17:37
FunnyLookinHatThat will - most assuredly - get you kicked from most chat channels  :)17:37
dombnexen_is this dcc?17:38
dombnexen_for my chat channel17:38
dombnexen_i other server17:38

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