Chloriccrap -__- i missed teusdays meeting02:44
mhall119Chloric: you mean the one on the 8th?02:51
mhall119there wasn't one this week02:52
Chloricthere wasnt? o.o wow.. im more screwed up time wise then i thought02:54
reya276morning everyone13:07
maxolasersquadreya276: Good morning.13:09
DammitJimdo you guys know of a good webmail software package to work in conjunction with exim4?14:04
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maxolasersquadIs anyone else here running CyanogonMod on their Android device?14:41
itnet7nightly 2314:45
itnet7On my evo14:45
itnet7maxolasersquad: ^14:45
maxolasersquaditnet7: Nightly?  How well does that run for you?14:46
itnet7maxolasersquad: so far really well!14:46
maxolasersquadCool.  I just got 6.1 running last night.  I'm thinking about doing 7-RC2.14:47
maxolasersquadBut I'm not very tollerant of bugs on my phone.14:47
itnet7maxolasersquad: I haven't really noticed any of the bugs that others have been talking about14:50
itnet7I don't personally use 4g so any of that is not an issue for me14:50
itnet7though I think that's also supposed to be working14:51
itnet7No FC's except one application, and I think it was a problem with the application itself14:51
itnet7Force Closes14:51
maxolasersquadOk, I think I'm going to do it when I have some time.14:52
itnet7I think you'll like the RC2 maxolasersquad, bbiab15:40
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maxolasersquaditnet7: When I put 7RC2 on, will I need to reinstall all the apps and reset all the settings?16:50
reya276is there a tool or plugin for Libre Office that can allow you to create ePub books or ebooks etc...18:35
reya276cool they do have it http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/en/download/461818:37
crashsystemsreya276: you can also use the Calibre program to convert just about anything into an ePub.18:44
reya276oh cool, thanks I will look in to that too18:44
itnet7zoopster: pm?19:09
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tiemonsterJust talked to someone using Ubuntu 8.04 32-bit and Node.js as a mobile development platform for a new line of mobile phones. Wicked cool.20:01
maxolasersquadtiemonster: For a job opportunity?20:04
tiemonsterno - he was just talking in the Node chat room.20:04
tiemonsterit's being touted as the Android killer :-D20:05
tiemonsterI would tend to agree20:05
tiemonsteras long as they can get the UI right20:05
crashsystemsNode.js on a mobile?!20:20
crashsystemsalso, why 8.04?20:21
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