jrwrencan anyone tell me about twisted internet listenTCP and Protocol ?00:13
rick_h_nope, haven't looked at it, but man twisted is all over and I'll have ot check it out eventually00:16
wolfgerNo tjagoda?00:21
wolfgerJust wanted to let him know he's cracked about not having the menu bar in classic Gnome :-p00:22
jrwrenholy shit.. I think i grok twisted Protocol well enough now and the use of it in play2wifi just blew my mind.00:22
jrwrenI'd have never thought to do it that way00:22
rick_h_DBO: what's your twitter handle?01:22
DBOim not sure anymore01:22
DBOdeebeeoh i think01:22
rick_h_k, looking01:22
rick_h_ah, nothing there so won't add it01:23
rick_h_oh whoops01:24
wolfgerDammit! I knew I should have filed a patent01:24
wolfgerMotorola Atrix 4G stole my idea01:24
DBOwolfger, whats that?01:25
DBOis that the phone/computer thingie?01:25
rick_h_upvotes please http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/ga5hq/lococast_interview_submit_your_unity_questions/01:27
krondorYeah the atrix is cool, too bad motor priced the laptop dock stupid and the efuse system lock crap.01:32
wolfgerYeah, plug your phone into a netbook case, basically01:32
krondorYeah I can see motor r&d saying look at this cool thing!  Phb says nice accessory i'll show that to sales.01:34
wolfgerI came up with that idea a year or so ago :-p01:34
krondorSales phb says accessory standard 100% markup on the way01:34
krondorIt's a slick concept throw citrix/ssh/vnc or what on there and you're set01:36
jjessewhy wouldn't i go w/ an ipad + keyboard case and get the same thing?01:36
rick_h_because it's not a phone?01:36
jjessebluetooth headset?01:37
rick_h_that's still not a phone01:37
rick_h_so you're heading to the grocery store, you've gotyour headset on and BT connected in case the wife asks you to remember milk?01:37
jjesseand my ipad in my back pocket?01:38
wolfgerYeah. The whole concept here is that you can take your entire "computer" and put it in your pocket01:39
wolfgerMinus keyboard and screen01:39
wolfgerBecause really, owning a cell phone *and* a netbook is just silly01:40
jjesseisn't a netbook silly?01:49
rick_h_jrwren: heh, poor guy01:50
rick_h_ty git for not being Hg or bzr...01:50
jrwreni just get tired of having to look everything up.01:57
jrwreni don't use it primarily, and so its foreign to me.01:57
jrwrenwell... and git checkout not doing a revert like it should.02:07
jrwrenprotip: zeroconf services with port of zero simply don't show up :)02:09
jrwrenI found a bug in Mono.Zeroconf.Providers.Bonjour02:24
jrwrennow to figure out how to make a pull request :)02:24
jrwreneasier than I thought.02:30
jrwrenforking after hte fact on github and pushing there.02:30
jrwrenI'd never done that workflow before02:30
snap-lhttp://techcrunch.com/2011/03/23/color-looks-to-reinvent-social-interaction-with-its-mobile-photo-app-and-41-million-in-funding/ <- Welcome to bubble 2.002:32
snap-l"After a tumultuous few weeks, and behind schedule, the Windows Phone 7 copy-and-paste update has finally emerged. Codenamed "NoDo", the upgrade started rolling out earlier today, at least to a few lucky users."02:40
snap-l"NoDo"? Seriously?02:40
rick_h_jrwren: yea, I feel the same way when I use Hg/Bzr02:40
rick_h_have to go back to looking up/etc02:40
jrwrenwhat is that popular open source or CC icon set?04:35
jrwrennevermind... http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Clear04:37
jrwrendamn, it was a great Wednesday night.05:26
jrwreni wish it were a typical Wed night for me.05:26
rick_h_ah the joys of a kid and pets11:04
rick_h_they start the wake up process well before your alarm and you give in, and get to work early11:04
rick_h_albeit, itching for that coffee mug11:04
rick_h__stink_: you've been away from CHC too long, I referred to you last night as "_stink_" vs irl name11:06
rick_h_snap-l: corrected me11:06
=== lotia-away is now known as lotia
* wolfger wonders how long it will be before trivial fluctuations in radiation levels are once again not considered newsworthy,.11:41
rick_h_come on, that's a big scary word, nothing is trivial11:42
wolfgerI quote directly from the news item: these and other readings "show typical fluctuation in background radiation levels" and -- thus far -- "are far below levels of concern."11:43
wolfgerI love they way they insert "-- thus far --" to indicate that you should still be worried.11:44
wolfgereven though you really probably shouldn't be11:44
wolfgerit's all brousch's fault11:44
rick_h_I thought so11:45
rick_h_but I wouldn't say it to his face11:45
wolfgeroh, damn. He just joined, didn't he? Doh!11:45
rick_h_morning crowd, please upvote http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/ga5hq/lococast_interview_submit_your_unity_questions/11:45
rick_h_and post questions if you have them11:45
wolfgervoted, and question posted, to get the ball rolling. :-)11:50
wolfgerI still can't believe that Chrysler allows Reddit, with all of the other sites that are blocked.11:51
rick_h_lol, nice question11:53
rick_h_I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of those11:53
brouschwhat'd i do this time?12:00
wolfgerbrousch: it's your fault CNN is reporting "typical fluctuation in background radiation levels" as news.12:02
wolfgerlike it's 199912:24
wolfgeranybody got a y2k-bug budget still? ;-)12:24
wolfgerWhen the year 2000 rolled around, and the much-hyped bug was not seen, I tried to start a rumor that the problem would actually strike in 2048, since that is "2k" in a binary system....12:27
wolfgerunfortunately, I know too many tech-savy people and not enough morons to get that rumor spread around :-p12:28
_stink_rick_h_: haha awesome12:41
_stink_i'm not real anymore12:41
rick_h_widox: expressed interest in the FF extension though at CHC last night12:43
rick_h_you guys shuold get together :)12:43
rick_h_and I should learn to type12:43
wolfgermust be nice to sleep in so late12:47
snap-lsleep in?12:48
snap-lI'll have you know I was resetting my network at 2:45am12:48
snap-l(fucking UPS died during the night)12:49
rick_h_what did you need your network for at 2:45am?12:51
wolfgerhave to keep the website up and running12:52
_stink_and how did you know it was down?12:53
wolfgerbecause he just said his ups died and he had to reset his network?12:55
snap-lIt was the home machine. :)12:55
snap-land the UPS was going "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"12:55
brousch_stink_: you mean you don't sleep with a nagios-integrated testicular electrode cup?12:55
wolfgerhome of decafbad, right?12:55
snap-lso JoDee woke me up12:55
snap-lwolfger: Oh hell no, that's in Texas.12:55
wolfgerOh, ok12:55
snap-lif a UPS died there, I'd be really unhappy. :)12:56
wolfgerso why did you have to fix your network then, if the blog was unaffected?12:56
snap-lThe UPS was going "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"12:56
_stink_brousch: my testicular electrode cup has only one input, and it's connected to the cat's food request system, because if i don't move fast enough he poops somewhere inappropriate12:57
_stink_ohh, the UPS scream.12:57
* snap-l doesn't want to know where that sentence came from12:57
_stink_snap-l: brousch asked.12:58
snap-labout your ball cup?12:58
snap-la) How he know, and b) why you have?12:58
_stink_"< brousch> _stink_: you mean you don't sleep with a nagios-integrated testicular electrode cup?"12:59
* widox quietly closes irssi12:59
snap-lwidox: I think that's best now12:59
brouschmy boss told me it is standard for all IT workers. he was lying?13:00
snap-lbrousch: Yes, and the assless chaps and webcam are not standard issue either.13:01
snap-lAll I had to carry was a Blackberry13:01
snap-lwhich was torture enough13:01
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
wolfgerrick_h_: you've got a second question on Reddit, and it's of great quality.14:01
snap-lboth of those are great quality14:02
snap-lHell, I think we could have gotten better questions on Youtube14:02
_stink_heh, got a link to the reddit thread?14:03
rick_h_wolfger: yea, and one on the blog post itself14:06
rick_h_so far this is working great14:06
rick_h_things I'd not have thought to ask myself14:06
snap-lI'd like to know why Mark Shuttleworth hates babies.14:07
snap-lI think we can make a good question out of those, though14:07
jjessewhen did SABDFL stop hitting his wife14:07
rick_h_"Why do people hate Canonical?"?14:07
wolfgerOh man, you guys got downvoted from 8 to 6 since the last time I looked at that link14:07
snap-lProbably because that asshat got downvoted by me14:08
rick_h_yea, it's all over the map14:08
rick_h_I think we get downvotes for saying canonical, unit14:08
snap-lFrankly I don't read r/ubuntu at all14:09
rick_h_me either14:09
snap-laka: STFU about why you're taking your ball home.14:11
wolfgerIf you're leaving, just leave.14:13
snap-lwah! I'm going to Debian14:13
snap-landwhen Debia adopts Gnome Shell, then you can go "wah, I'm going to crunchbang"14:13
wolfgerLMDE, baby14:14
wolfgerOh, wait... If Debian switches, so would LMDE. :-)14:14
snap-lSo, DBO, we've been getting some great feedback on our Unity post for questions14:14
wolfgerGentoo, baby!14:14
wolfgerThen you don't get anything you don't want14:14
DBOsnap-l, awesome!14:15
snap-lOur big question is, at the end of the day, after reading this feedback, do you kick puppies, or punch babies?14:15
DBOoh dude14:15
DBOI so want to answer that14:15
wolfgerMan... he's just completely ignoring my question14:16
wolfgerHey, tjagoda's here!14:16
wolfgertjagoda: you appear to be out of your mind thinking you don't have a menu bar on FF anymore14:17
brouschsnap-l: you down-voted my question on reddit?14:17
brouschthat's just mean14:17
brouschthe first question has some merit :P14:17
wolfgerI tried it last night in "Classic Gnome", and the menu bar is there at the top of the screen, just like in Unity but without the auto-hide.14:17
tjagodaIt was not for me14:18
tjagodaI was using a daily build from days ago14:18
wolfgerwell you need to update and upgrade daily14:19
wolfgerBest thing about Gnome so far is that it's making me forget why I stopped using KDE in the first place. :-p14:20
snap-lwolfger: Is that a good thing?14:21
tjagodaI do not test on my machine14:21
wolfgerI should try KDE in Natty and see if it's better than KDE in Maverick was14:21
tjagodaIt is my primary machine14:21
tjagodaI like it to work14:21
wolfgersnap-l: not saying it's "good", just "the best thing so far"14:21
wolfgertake that as you will14:22
snap-lwolfger: From you, that's a complement. ;)14:22
* wolfger is really curious how snap-l is twisting that into a compliment.14:23
wolfgerit pretty clearly reads "Gnome is so bad I want to go back to the desktop environment I left in disgust"14:24
snap-lyou're saying that GNOME is the best thing so far. ;)14:25
wolfgerthat's really twisted14:25
wolfgerreally, really twisted14:25
wolfgerand possibly exhibiting a total failure to understand English14:25
wolfgerthough I should amend my statement.14:26
snap-l< wolfger> snap-l: ... [GNOME is] ... "the best thing so far"14:26
wolfgerThe best thing so far is nm-applet14:26
wolfgerGnome's network manager kicks the snot out of ever other network manager I've ever seen14:26
wolfgersnap-l: the "it" in question was "making me forget why I stopped using KDE", not "Gnome"14:27
wolfgerSo the list is: 1) nm-applet rocks; 2) the rest is so bad that I miss KDE and want to switch back; 3)....; 4) Unity, because it makes Gnome fanboys cry14:29
greg-gsnap-l: thanks for sending that email14:30
snap-lgreg-g: now we just need people to populate the panel. :)14:31
greg-gyeah yeah :)14:31
greg-gI can send a call for participation to the ML14:31
snap-lI'm not going to call out who I'm trying to get to join the panel. ;)14:31
* greg-g looks around14:32
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, that would be great. Thanks!14:32
* wolfger watches his inbox...14:43
greg-gsnap-l: http://thechangelog.com/post/4062775436/rstat-us-distributed-twitter-with-ruby-and-ostatus14:43
snap-lthat's pretty interesting14:53
jrwrendid someone say "testicular electrode cup" ?15:02
* jrwren runs over15:02
jrwrensounds like fun15:02
brouschand we learn another of jrwren's insane alert triggers15:04
wolfgerHappy Birthday Harry Houdini?15:21
wolfgeror is it the anniversary of his death?15:21
greg-gusually we celebrate their d-day, not d-day15:21
wolfgervery zen15:22
greg-germ, b-day is the first one, of course15:22
wolfgeryes, 137th birthday. He's an old man.15:22
jjessebut no google doodle for memorial day?15:31
tjagoda"In the UAE, many women can now be spotted with a BlackBerry in their  hands and according to retailers in the country, RIM’s product can earn  an ‘A’ grade when it comes to its popularity among the fairer sex in the  country. "15:37
tjagodaI wonder if they love them because they know the government is angry at not being able to crack the e-mails..15:37
tjagodaApparently, BBM is also a driving factor in the sales of blackberry15:38
tjagodait has somehow become affiliated with artsy youngsters15:38
tjagodaSuck on that you Android zealots! =P15:38
brouschwhat is BBM? big bowel movements?15:38
tjagodaBlackberry Messenger15:39
brouschsounds awesome15:40
brouschlike a less pervasive MS messenger15:40
tjagodaIt's pretty nice15:41
tjagodaVery simple and sleek15:41
tjagodaMost of our business users use it instead of SMS messages15:41
tjagodaNo per-message charges either15:42
tjagodaIf they come out with a good cross-platform client I can see it easily replacing Microsoft Communicator15:43
brouscha chat service that only business people like? i was wrong it is awesome. thank you for keeping them out of the communication channels i like to use15:43
rick_h_yay, finally a real set of questions15:43
brouschit's like the idgits that only use aol chat or yahoo messenger. excellent! i don't want to talk to them anyways15:44
rick_h_love this: http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/24/color-com-was-acquired-for-350000-the-domain-name-that-is15:44
MilyardoWhats wrong with XMPP?15:44
rick_h_"there is no tech bubble"15:45
MilyardoWhy does everyone and their mother nee dtheir own messaging protocol?15:45
brouschMilyardo: so i don't have to talk to your mother ;)15:45
rick_h_ok, no need for mamma jokes15:46
tjagodaBBM works very well on mobile devices15:46
tjagodaIt doesn't need a constant connection15:46
tjagodanor does it nag about going in and out of data service15:46
tjagodaAlso tells you if your message was successfully delivered, not just successfully sent15:47
snap-lsms can do that as well15:47
rick_h_funny, xmpp seems to do the same. love coming back into the office and getting offline messages15:47
tjagodaSMS can do that, but BBM does it by default and it does it very clean15:47
snap-ltjagoda: That's great. Can I get BBM on Linux?15:47
tjagodaPossibly in the future15:47
tjagodathey're making a cross platform15:48
snap-lhow about here, in the now?15:48
brouschsnap-l: no, damn you! keep it on windows and BB so only salesmen can use it with each other!15:48
snap-lI have code in Python that can interface with AT&T's network and send SMS15:48
snap-land check the status of the SMS message.15:48
tjagodaThat's all well and nice15:48
snap-ltjagoda: That's current and very nice15:48
tjagodaI have this blackberry which just does it for me without having to do any effort15:48
snap-lThat's nice, dear, but I don't have a BB15:49
tjagodaDidn't say you should get one15:49
tjagodaYou assumed my argument was to that effect15:49
snap-lWhy should I buy into some proprietary standard that RIM pulled out of their ass, when I can use a currently supported, and widely used standard instead?15:49
brouschdon't you see? it's perfect right where it is!15:49
tjagodaAsk the artsy kids and businessmen who seem to love it? =P15:50
Milyardos/pulled out of their ass/ripped off XMPP/15:50
tjagodaFacebook's messenger is XMPP too isn't it?15:50
snap-ltjagoda: That it is15:50
tjagodaHate that stupid little messenger15:50
MilyardoAs is Google talk15:50
tjagodanever works15:50
Milyardoeven Microsoft ripped off XMPP with Communicator15:51
krondorAndroid has a push mechanism so it doesn't need a constant connection for xmpp and other things like that15:51
tjagodaI would assume they just used their MSN framework15:51
MilyardoYes Communincator is an extension of XMPP15:51
tjagodaSo MSN is off being an ugly child somewhere?15:51
krondorSpeaking of lock in and proprietary anyone looked at rstat.us?15:52
snap-lkrondor: OUtside of the initial page, no15:53
krondorLooks intriguing at least15:53
* snap-l wonders how long before Twitter revokes their API key. ;)15:53
tjagoda"While BlackBerry sales have stagnated, and possibly deteriorated on an  annual basis, Caris’ team expects international sales will grow more  than 80% year-over-year in the fourth quarter.  “Messaging focus and BBM  via lower ASP [average selling prices] likely keeps boosting adoption  in emerging” market customers, they explain. "15:53
tjagodaMmm, proprietary third world.15:53
snap-ltjagoda: Apparently BBM isn't the only thing Blackberry is pulling out of their ass15:54
tjagodaThat's not entirely all lies15:54
tjagodaThey just posted revenue today15:54
tjagodagrowth is coming from crazy international adoption rates15:54
snap-lexpects and emerging are both ass-pullers15:54
snap-lThat's the same as saying that I expect the government to give me a million dollrs15:55
krondorYou can be profitable and losing the race though. Their idea to require a phone tether for qnx playbook to use bbm seems defunct15:55
tjagodaIt does not require15:55
snap-lwhether or not that is true is based on many factors that are not evident in that statement15:55
tjagodaYou CAN use a phone to tether, and you do need one to tether to the BES functions15:55
tjagodafor all other things, wi-fi or 4G is fine15:56
tjagodaThe whole blackberry-required-to-work thing is BS15:56
snap-lI love how easy it is to wind up tjagoda15:57
tjagodaGod damn trolls15:57
krondorUgh back to work15:58
snap-lFace it, Blackberry is going the way of Nokia15:58
tjagodaWe'll see15:58
tjagodaNokia still owns a good portion of europe, mind you15:58
snap-land while it may be emergent in outside markets, the spark isn't there to make folks really care about it outside of business markets.15:58
snap-ltjagoda: They burned a bunch of good-will with the Microsoft merger15:59
snap-l(and yes, I'm calling it a merger)15:59
brouschmerger is generous. more like a take-over15:59
wolfgerbrousch: BBM == Big Beautiful Men16:00
rick_h_I like to think of it as a coup, first ship over one of your own to infiltrate, then buy out the leaders16:00
rick_h_and BB is going to be a big enterprise software service provider soon16:01
rick_h_you'll be able to get the great BB encryption/security on your device of choice16:01
tjagodaover 80% of their revenue is in mobile hardware sales16:01
tjagodaYou don't just start pumping out software when 80% of your $11.47 billion is in devices16:02
rick_h_now it is, but when 80% of your revenue is hardware sales, and you're losing massive #'s of hardware sales...you tend to look elsewhere16:02
wolfgersnap-l: does this code require an AT&T cell number?16:02
snap-lwolfger: Yep16:02
tjagodaThey aren't loosing hardware sales16:03
tjagodaThey still have growth16:03
tjagodaTheir growth is outpaced by others though, if that's what you meant16:03
snap-ltjagoda: so did Palm. ;)16:03
tjagodaI like Blackberry16:04
tjagodaJrwen likes microsoft16:04
tjagodaWolfger loves KDE16:04
tjagodaWhose the Apple fan? =P16:04
* brousch points at snap-l16:04
* snap-l says "I'm rubber, you're the glue. Bounces off me and sticks on you" to brousch 16:05
wolfgersnap-l's a rubber?16:07
snap-lwith Gene Simmons face.16:07
rick_h_what do you know, BB bashing just comes across my RSS reader16:14
wolfgerthat's what happens when you subscribe to Planet BB-Haters16:14
* wolfger fondly remembers liking BlackBerry...16:15
tjagodaNobody seems to notice that appworld is already loaded with apps to do the standalone calendar and email without a phone16:17
tjagodaCrappy analysts are crappy.16:17
tjagodaI hope the playbook does at least moderately well, just to slap up the its-fun-to-hate-blackberry crowd. =P16:18
rick_h_what was the phrase from CHC last night?16:18
rick_h_"I wouldn't hold your breath"16:19
snap-lYou'll turn Blackberry Blue16:25
snap-lJust ask all of the Palm Purple folks16:25
wolfgerP.S. tjagoda, didn't you get the memo? KDE and I broke up.16:30
tjagodaIn your heart you still love all those options16:34
tjagodaI know it16:34
wolfgersure I do16:35
wolfgerand I will probably still get all those options16:35
wolfgeras soon as I take some time to learn Haskel and configure Xmonad16:35
wolfgerI would use Awesome, but rick_h_ uses that, and I'm not cool enough to be like him.16:37
krondorSo nginx is growing on me, PHP with it was kind of odd... I like the config syntax though16:38
snap-lLearn You a Haskell for Great Good!16:44
snap-lIs the title of a new Haskell book16:44
rick_h_krondor: yea, and it's pretty good stuff16:45
snap-lnginx is nice16:45
rick_h_showed my boss how to do conditional redirect/rewrites with it today16:45
rick_h_blew him away16:45
wolfgersnap-l: yeah, I almost got that on the last sale16:49
brouschrick_h_: i'm listening to the pycom 'from python import podcast'. i think they embedded the whole lococast into it17:22
brouschthey had nice things to say about you17:23
tjagodawhat code do I need to add to a <div> style tag to not make them want to stack, but instead all reside in a nice row?17:23
tjagodaif it's in the style tag17:23
tjagodawhich I assumed it was17:23
brouschdisplay: inline; or display: inline-block;17:25
rick_h_or float17:25
brouschor use a css grid framework17:26
Blazeixmaking them all float:left is the typical way17:27
Blazeixwith a set width.17:27
tjagodafloat worked17:29
tjagodabut for some reason destroyed my border17:29
Blazeixadd overflow:auto to the containing element17:30
brouschwelcome to web design17:30
wolfgertjagoda: you're obviously viewing it in the wrong browser. :-D17:30
tjagoda<3 Blazeix17:31
Blazeixnah, that's expected, if I understand tjagoda's situation17:31
Blazeixfloating removes it from the page layout flow, so it doesn't "push out" the borders17:31
tjagodaIs there also a method of making the container object auto-determine height after floating?17:32
Blazeixhm, not sure I follow, you mean some way to get the raw pixel height?17:33
tjagodaBasically, I had defined the width of the container, but not the height, so it was automatically sizing itself to all the objects inside it (I have it displaying a 3px border)17:34
tjagodaafter the float, it only counts the height of things I have floated17:34
tjagodaresulting in a weird scrollable div frame17:34
tjagodalike an iframe17:34
Blazeixhm, do you have a page we can look at?17:35
tjagodaIt's only visible in firefox17:37
tjagodaIE doesn't even render the object17:37
tjagodaI was trying to hop down to the next line with another placeholder17:37
Blazeixah, in this case, get rid of the overflow:auto, and add clear:both to the "Change Existing Part" div17:39
Blazeixyou can use the overflow:auto if _all_ the elements in the container are floating17:39
Blazeixsince you have the non-floating element at the bottom, you can use that to push out the border17:40
wolfgerwelcome to #ubuntu-us-mi-webdev17:40
Blazeixor, alternatively, make the "change existing part" div float:left as well17:40
Blazeixwolfger: I'm going to into webdev withdrawal, working on a silverlight project at work now :/17:41
BlazeixI need to get my fix wherever I can17:41
MilyardoSilverlight? Thems fightin words 'round these parts.17:42
* Blazeix cowers17:42
wolfgerMilyardo: would it be better if we said Moonlight?17:42
wolfger...your project *is* Moonlight compatible, right Blazeix? ;-)17:43
Blazeixthough one of rick_h_'s interviews was talking about delivering ironpython apps via silverlight, which was pretty awesome.17:43
MilyardoDunno, is it still popular to accuse Miguel of being a MS shill?17:43
wolfgerNot that I'm aware of.17:44
tjagodaAhhh, webdev17:46
tjagodaI love how I make everything pretty in firefox only to find douchebaggery in IE17:47
tjagodaStandard standards would be stupendous.17:47
Milyardotjagoda: The eastiest way to fix that would to be to stop testing in IE17:49
Milyardono IE, no brokeness to make you cry17:49
tjagodaI wish I could ban IE from the network17:52
tjagodahave a few customer apps which require it17:52
snap-lI'm sure they got the license for the Daft Punk sample they used. ;)17:55
wolfgerfair use?17:57
snap-lYeah, it was a small clip17:57
snap-lbut that's not a fight I want to fight. ;)17:57
wolfgersadly that's most of what IP law comes down to17:57
wolfgerwho's willing and financially able to fight?17:57
wolfgerand politicians have the nerve to paint copyright/patent laws as being there to protect the little guy17:58
rick_h_sql wheeeeee http://paste.mitechie.com/show/F6PjV2nZ9SgUwYNRa5Gd/18:03
brouschtjagoda: the ie crap is why so many people use css frameworks. it eliminates a lot of the fiddling18:05
jcastrokrondor: it's here, the heli!18:06
snap-lrick_h_: was that your making?18:10
BlazeixI'm still not sold on css frameworks.18:12
BlazeixI suppose if they make ie6 'just work' then I can see the value.18:12
Blazeixbut I haven't really seen one that doesn't bloat your html with ugly, non-semantic tags.18:13
snap-lhttp://luisbg.blogalia.com//historias/69275 <- This is why God invented baseball bats.18:15
brouschinteresting. gpl3 is stifling apple http://apple.slashdot.org/story/11/03/24/1546205/Apple-Remove-Samba-From-OS-X-107-Because-of-GPLv318:23
greg-gand the summary was total bunk18:24
greg-gno where does the GPL disallow commercial entities18:25
greg-gthe issue is probably the fact that the gplv3 requires all of the secret codes/signatures required to run the program.18:25
snap-lConsidering Jeremy Allison weighed in and said that apple has been moving away from GPLed code, I tend to think the summary is bunk as well18:25
* greg-g was just trolled, I think18:26
wolfgerI don't see how this "stiffles Apple" at all.18:26
wolfgerIf it's bad for anybody, it's bad for FOSS18:27
brouschwolfger: i think you're right. apple will make their own samba-like thing and stop caring about the real samba18:27
rick_h_snap-l: yes, that's my fault, updating their stuff18:28
wolfgerit's not like they don't have a mountain of paid devs to write something18:28
brouschsmall businesses will plop an easy to configure apple domain controller on their network instead of a MS SBS or linux server18:29
rick_h_psh, own samba-like thing...you mean "Apple Share, now compatible with the 2012 iMacs, share files with your network of 2012 macs, soon to be updated for 2013"18:30
rick_h_"warning, 2013 Apple Share is not compatible with 2012 Apple share"18:30
brouschyes, and a lot of apple-centric shops will do it.18:31
rick_h_greg-g: was there a particular software package in question for that vote?"18:31
brouschif it's easier to use than SBS and cheaper i see a lot of windows shops doing it too18:32
rick_h_yea, gotta love it. Can't get windows shops off of XP, but Mac shops buy their annual upgrades18:32
greg-grick_h_: I think flash maybe? not sure, someone just brought up youtube for some reason18:32
rick_h_ic, will be interesting then18:33
rick_h_there was talk of maybe gonig to chrome at some point, which bundles flash ootb18:34
rick_h_though I guess it's just be chromium without the flasg bit18:34
rick_h_ok, well just curious18:36
ColonelPanic001I got a refurbished Thinkpad T61p nearly a year ago18:44
ColonelPanic001just now I noticed and found out that I can remove the DVD drive and put a 3 cell battery in its place.18:44
rick_h_yea, that's what I did in mine18:45
rick_h_it uses that battery first when draining18:45
rick_h_so it'll get the most wear/tear18:45
rick_h_and cheaper to replace18:46
ColonelPanic001I doubt I'd make use of it anyway, but if not for that, I think I probably would, too.18:46
ColonelPanic001it's pretty damn rare I use a DVD/CD18:46
rick_h_yea, I had to look mine up when I sold my laptop18:46
rick_h_didn't know wth I had put it18:46
rick_h_it's good stuff, definitely try it out if you live on battery much18:46
ColonelPanic001now and then, but rarely to I really run out. Just use the battery for CHC, pretty much, and it lasts long enough for that.18:47
rick_h_keep an eye on: http://outlet.lenovo.com/accessories/batteries.html18:47
ColonelPanic001awesome that it's that easy to do, though18:47
ColonelPanic001oh yeah, first place I looked18:47
ColonelPanic001my desktop and laptop both came from outlet.lenovo.com18:47
ColonelPanic001they also both have the wrong cpu sticker, heh18:47
jcastrokrondor: we need to hang19:07
jcastroI have my chopper.19:07
jcastroI will call it ubuwolf19:07
jrwrenI don't know where to ask, so I'll ask you all for advice and better places to ask: apple's dnssd.dll for bonjour, does anyone know if it is open source. developer.apple.com/opensource makes me think maybe it is, but I'm not sure if I can ship it with my app19:09
greg-goh, that's smart (re: the thinkpad using that smaller battery first when discharging)19:13
jcastroI bought this19:13
jcastroand my first flight19:13
jcastronot so awesome19:13
jcastrobut I will get better19:13
brouschhah, chopper. i thought you bought a motorcycle19:14
greg-gjcastro: you rock19:14
snap-lomg, this is awesome19:56
snap-lNothing can surpass this Flash intro, ever19:57
greg-gyeah, amazing, huh?19:59
greg-gunfortunately, because this is making the rounds online, they are just going to believe that their intro is *actually* good19:59
snap-lgreg-g: It's not?20:00
* greg-g hangs head20:00
snap-lDude, that intro has more drama than any Hollywood blockbuster20:00
snap-lAnd that welcome page... I got chills20:01
snap-lThat is the Chuck Norris of fFlash intros20:04
snap-lI'm so metal, I just purchased Tangerine Dream's "The Virgin Years" on Ubuntu One.20:21
snap-l<- Hardcore badass.20:21
snap-lThe Moog must flow.20:22
snap-lActually, it's to check out the earlier stuff20:23
snap-lI had some with Edgar and Jerome Froese, and while it was OK, it was pretty... um...20:23
greg-gcan someone tell me good luck real quick?20:43
brouschbreak a leg!20:44
brouschunless you want luck riding your boke home, in which case, good luck!20:44
rick_h_droidooh, what for?20:44
greg-gWikimedia Foundation gig20:45
greg-gskype interview in 15 minutes20:45
brouschok, you get a real good luck then ;)20:45
greg-gthanks buddy :)20:46
jrwrensnap-l: now i want to listen to underwater twilight20:51
jrwrengreg-g: GOOD LUCK!20:51
snap-lgreg-g: Make them forget their own names by how awesome you are.20:52
greg-gwow, we'll see ;)20:54
snap-lnow is the time on sprockets when we dance.22:02
greg-gthat was actually a tough interview22:03
greg-ggood/thoughtful questions22:03
greg-ghopefully they heard good answers ;)22:03
greg-gbut, I need to go make dinner real quick before a 7pm meeting22:03
snap-lHave fun, and hoping they finalize on you. :)22:03
greg-gthanks man22:04
rick_h_droidsend them our way, we'll convince them22:10
greg-g:) thanks man22:16
jcastroman it's nerd city over here.23:12
jcastrosnap-l: wife's painting or something so it's just me.23:12
jcastroand Show of Hands cranking.23:12
jcastrosnap-l: http://castrojo.tumblr.com/post/4072775080/jorge-tor-and-the-snow-dog23:35

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