Unit193Anyone like looking at logs? take a look at today in #lubuntu and search for Quintin, seems like a real nice guy </sarcasm>02:27
thafreakpaultag: you get a chance to look at bitcoin?16:55
paultagthafreak: yeah, it's hella interesting18:01
BiosElementMicrosoft is now trying to force state laws that would let them sue a US company for getting products from an overseas company if that company used 'pirated' software ANYWHERE in their business, even if it's unrelated. However if the software happens to be open-source, then this doesn't apply thanks to an exception made just for us. >.<18:07
BiosElementEnjoy: http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=201103231658582518:07
BiosElementA person may not sue under this cause of action when: 3. the allegation that the IT is stolen is based on a claim that the use of the IT violates the terms of an open source software license;18:12
BiosElement^A-Freaken-Mazing. A law written specifically to prop microsoft's profits up. Not even 'trying' to pretend it's doing something other then that.18:12
Unit193Cheri703: Tonight?18:14
Cheri703I looked at my calendar earlier and saw that, and then promptly forgot :)18:19
* Unit193 forgot, then looked at Gcal at 6:4518:20
Unit193Cheri703: Friend can't go to U-H20:38
Cheri703saw that :/20:38
Cheri703his dad emailed me :)20:39
Unit193Cheri703: I have no way to get there21:21
Cheri703ok, no problem.21:22
Unit193Know of any other people going?21:22
Cheri703maybe that one who couldn't make it last time21:23
Unit193I hope it's not just you :/21:23
Cheri703I'd sayy we could give you a ride, but we have stuff going on right before and right after :/21:23
Cheri703it'll be ok21:23

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