TravelerLast class tonight. Still on LONG bs break.00:06
TravelerHi DavidLevin01:49
TravelerClass over, back to home.01:57
TravelerSo long DavidLevin01:58
ChinnoDogbts3685|vps: If you were going to go from PA to Nola and you didn't want to fly, how would you travel?18:19
pleia2we drove once18:22
ChinnoDogThats right, once. You didn't want to do it again. hehe18:23
pleia2it was long :)18:23
pleia2but we were hauling all bts3685's stuff in a trailer so couldn't go more than 55mph18:23
pleia2should only take about 20 hours, took more like 2418:24
ChinnoDogThat is still too long. I've driven 18 and that made me never want to get in a car again18:25
pleia2I flew home18:27
pleia2but I like flying :)18:27
ChinnoDogI like flying too, there hasn't been a whole lot of flying lately when I go to the airport.18:28
ChinnoDogJust a lot of waiting and going to gate to gate in the hope that I will be welcomed on a plane that will go somewhere.18:28
ssweenygood talk18:36
andrewChinnoDog: hrm... right this very moment my dad is driving down to Orlando from this area18:53
andrewhe'll fly back in a few days18:53
bts3685|vpspleia2: did i tell you i blew out a piston from that? hahahha20:01
pleia2haha, oops :)20:01
bts3685|vpsChinnoDog: i have only flown or drove. train would take ages, but if you LIKE the train, it may be worth it20:01
bts3685|vpsthe drive isn't too bad, only about 17, 18 hours. 20 hours if you follow the speed limit20:01
erstazidoes anyone have an Android phone?20:48
erstaziI need to see what the standard application is for importing ICS calendars into the default Calendar app.20:48
andrewerstazi: yes20:53
erstaziandrew: have you ever imported .ICS or ical files before into the default Calendar application?20:56
andrewnot directly on the phone, but I've added them to google calendar and synced them that way20:58
erstaziandrew: ah ok, may I PM?20:58
bts3685|vpserstazi: i do21:23
bts3685|vpsoh, late to the game :)21:23
erstazibts3685|vps: mind if I PM you?21:25
erstazibts3685|vps: wondering if you can test something for me.21:25
erstaziit is an ICS file21:29
erstaziI have the content type correct for header (text/calendar)21:29
erstazibut some reason it isn't loading correctly on the Motorola Xoom.21:29
erstazisadly, I do not have the tablet near me (it is 2 hours away) and the user doesn't know how to use a stone let alone technology21:29
erstazi77, you get 8 more.21:31
erstazianyhow, if any with an android of you get the time to test something for me, I would appreciate it.21:36
bts3685|vpserstazi: i can in about two hours; can't carry phone on me at work21:52
erstazibts3685|vps: that is ok, I am patient. I appreciate it greatly21:57
jedijferstazi: have them import into gmail calendar then sync w/xoom22:36
jedijfgmail calendar on pc22:37
erstazijedijf: yeah, I suggested that (:22:38
erstazijedijf: again, this is a clueless end user22:39
erstazijedijf: at least they know gmail, so that is a start22:39
pleia2xoom is so shiny22:39
rmg51is it pink? ;-)22:52
jedijferstazi: a quick google turned up some problems and a couple apps that may resolve, that's why i said the other way, the gcal sync works22:54
erstaziI am sure you can get the xoom in pink23:02
erstazijedijf: right, I saw the apps available but I wanted to avoid the user having to load an app. the gcal sync will have to work23:02
erstazijedijf: thanks23:07
jedijferstazi: np23:08

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