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wrstwow exciting day in here!17:48
chris4585I know wrst I can barely keep up with all the joins/parts18:02
wrstha ha yeah chris458518:03
wrstwell chris4585 i tried Linux Mint Debian Edition out... bleh18:03
chris4585what about the KDE edition?18:03
wrstit would be alright probably, i was thinking that the debian version would be like the ubuntu based ones with drivers and what not already ready to use, but its just pretty much debian testing made pretty18:04
wrstand really what's the use of that if i'm going to all of that misery i will just use the real deal18:04
chris4585yeah... I thought they had it easier then that? I guess not.. thats a bit disappointing18:04
wrstwell i haev followed 5 different guides for broadcom wireless and so far no good18:05
wrstwith archlinux atlest you go to the doc you do what it says and it works18:05
chris4585archlinux wiki <318:05
wrsti should have went to the debian docs instead of the linux mint i think because it was all a combo of cli and gui stuff and i prefer to stay one or the other for the most part when fixing something18:05
cyberangerwrst: I agree (translation: wrst agrees, CLI Rules18:47
wrstwell cyberanger i have found usually when solutions involve both it gets confusing18:48
cyberangerif [ $confusing = $CLIsimplier ]; then; echo I agree ;-)18:49
cyberangerand yeah, gets to a point where you sorta go "At this point might as well finish in the CLI"18:50
wrstyeah cyberanger somethings like the wireless issue i had are better solved through the CLI18:53
cyberangerwrst: and I find the cli is more consistant19:44
cyberangerfor a number of things19:44
cyberangerwrst: do you like the cli more now, or at least getting more comfortable with it20:00
wrstoh i've been comfortable for some time cyberanger :) i still like my mouse :)20:15
* cyberanger set mousetrap20:16
cyberangerwrst: for IRC? seems like a waste of a cat toy20:18
wrstha ha cyberanger20:53
wrstno mouse on my Android cyberanger20:53
robertzaccourhey yall21:40
wrsthey robertzaccour, orias21:47
robertzaccourI wonder if there's something like Pinnacle Studio for LInux21:50
robertzaccourtrying to capture stuff with my dazzle21:50
wrsti have no clue robertzaccour, i'm not for sure what pinnacle stuid is or a dazzle :)21:51
robertzaccourdazzle captures audio/video from devices like a game console, dvd player, etc21:51
robertzaccourand you can capture the video with dazzle software or other software to the computer21:52
robertzaccourwrst, thats what I'm going through atm just asking if anyone knew of anything for sure :)21:52
wrstwell for just straight up video editing PiTiVi i think is good... kdenlive is good also21:53
wrstopenshot seems to have some promise i would just suggest trying several to find what works best for you21:54
robertzaccourwrst, I'm goint through the list to see if anything works21:55
robertzaccourvlc supposedly does, but tried it and it only captures my webcam21:55
wrstyeah i'm sure there is something that will do it21:55
robertzaccourmaybe if i could temporarily disable my webcam, or have it be used by another application when vlc is running21:56
chris4585robertzaccour, what is a dazzle?22:13
chris4585oh nvm22:13
chris4585robertzaccour, you mean a tvtuner?22:13
robertzaccourchris4585, i think22:13
robertzaccourchris4585, its an external usb capture device22:14
chris4585robertzaccour, in vlc you have to specify the device if its either /dev/video0 or /dev/video122:14
robertzaccourchris4585, a lot of people use it for recording video game play22:14
chris4585robertzaccour, ah you could do: ls /dev | grep video22:14
chris4585and see what there are22:14
chris4585my tvtuner is /dev/video0 while my webcam is /dev/video122:14
robertzaccourok vlc seems to work now, but its not in color22:15
chris4585hrm, that I'm not sure about..22:16

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