seattlegauchohttp://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-11-04-and-Ubuntu-11-10-Will-Support-Multiarch-191132.shtml <-- are we seeing a light at the end of the tunnel to get support for Java based VPN clients?00:37
seattlegauchomost of them run only on 32 bit systems00:37
seattlegaucho... and not w/o heavy library fiddling00:37
androidbrucehey hey folks how goes it 01:39
androidbrucewho's excited for gnome 3?!01:39
androidbruceand natty narwhal!01:39
valorieI'm about to try natty on my netbook01:44
valoriemore excited about my new phone than gnome anything though, tbh01:44
valoriestill figuring out how everything works on the tbolt01:45
valoriehow are you, androidbruce?01:45
androidbrucevalorie: pretty great, you got a thunderbolt?01:49
androidbrucegood for you01:49
valorieyep, ran out and got it the other night01:51
valorieafter talking to you01:51
androidbruceyeah, it's pretty much a great device01:52
valorietrying to learn how to use it well01:52
valorieit's complicated!01:52
androidbrucelol, tap and hold and the menu button are your best friend01:52
valorielearning to type on it is a thing in itself01:53
androidbruceare you using swype?01:53
valorieI'll get it within a couple of days01:54
valorieI'd rather type each char01:54
androidbruceahh ok well, then it should be easier 01:54
androidbruceto learn 01:54
valorieit's just getting used to the "keyboard"01:54
androidbruceright 01:54
valoriewhat are your favorite apps?01:56
androidbrucewell that sort of depends.01:56
androidbrucein what aspect?01:56
androidbrucegames,productivity,social networking 01:56
androidbrucei don't play many games 01:56
valorieme either01:58
androidbrucei can give you a list of what i have installed01:58
valoriewhatever is there is OK, so others can play01:58
valorieproductivity, I suppose01:58
androidbrucewhat's your email 01:59
valorieI would like facebook, identica01:59
androidbrucejust sent you a list02:00
valorieand is the built-in browser the best one?02:00
androidbrucefor th emost part yes it is 02:00
androidbrucebut you're running sense ui, which isn't vanilla 02:00
androidbrucei run vanilla02:00
androidbruceok gotta hit the road bbl 02:00
valoriethanks, bruce02:00
cj_testinghowdy homies21:29

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